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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in that area. stephen paddock has been identified as the shooter. s.w.a.t. members found him dead inside the 32nd floor of the mandalay hotel where he fired the deadly shots. police say he did this a. >> he fired on 22,000 concert goers that took place across the street from paddock's hotel. more than 50 deaths have been confirmed. we learned the identity of three victims. one is from tennessee, another from florida and police say an off-duty las vegas officer was killed. more than 500 people have been injured and many in critical condition as several las vegas hospitals continue to treat the victims. we're staying on top of every angle. nbc 10 has a team of journalists from the delaware valley to las vegas covering the story. jacqueline london and matt
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delucia are in las vegas. >> president trump called the shooting a pure act of evil. what started out as a night of fun turned into the deadlyist shooting, a shoot that people will never forget. >> reporter: surprise -- >> it was like da, da, da. we thought it was fireworks. >> reporter: -- panic. >> people were running and yelling, there's a shooter, there's a shooter. >> reporter: bloodshed at a concert music festival. >> there was just dead people everywhere. it was horrible. >> reporter: authorities tell nbc news that 64-year-old stephen paddock opened fire from a nearby hotel room, shooting hundreds of people and then killing himself. police found at least ten rifles in his hotel room. >> when you heard the gunshots, you knew what was happening.
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>> jason aldean asked people to pray for las vegas. >> you go there for a fun time to listen to music and hang out with friends and never expect anything like this to happen and it did. it's crazy. >> now the attention moves to the wounded and the dead. gone are fathers, mothers, children. one canadian couple said we only had one child. we don't know what to do. i don't know what you say to that. live in the breaking news center, erin? >> jacqueline london just arrived in las vegas. her flight touched down in the last 15 minutes. her live reports will start coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00. police recovered at least ten weapons from inside paddock's room. nbc news has confirmed that paddocks had recently lost tens of thousands of dollars at casinos in las vegas in the past several weeks. paddock smashed out two windows
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from his 32nd story hotel room and fired across the street at the concert next to the tropicana hotel and cal seen know. records indicate at least an hour passed between the first call of shots fired and when police found him. paddock's brother who lives in florida reacted to news of the shooting and his brother's death and says the family is, quote, dumbfounded and there were no indications stephen was going to snap. >> i mean, our condolences to everyone. we just don't understand. it's like an asteroid just fell out of the sky. and we have no reason, rhyme, rationale, excuse. there's just nothing. there's nothing. >> when is the last time you talked to your brother? >> he texted me to make sure my mom was okay after the hurricane. we didn't have power for five
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days. i mean, there's nothing. i mean, the last time she talked to him, no indication of anything. i mean, nothing. he was in vegas and had gone on a cruise or something, blah, blah, blah. and -- i mean, he sent her a walker because she's having trouble walking. i mean, it's like i said, find out who sold him a machine gun. there's no -- i don't know what else to say. >> stephen paddock owned homes in mesquite and reno, nevada. police are searching those homes for any clues. >> and late this afternoon, philadelphia police responded to a shooter at an event like made in america coming up. deanna durante spoke with
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officers about their plans. deanna? >> reporter: investigators say that they have had a lot to prepare for. here along the parkway, surrounded by hotels and large buildings, office complexes, condominiums. police say that they spend a lot of time before events talking to the property owners and the hotels and send detectives and police officers inside every building. >> it scared me. like, i would not -- it makes me second guess about going to concerts because of the possibility of that happening. >> reporter: outside, students at philadelphia community college are eating lunch and taking a break from classes and are talking about the shooting that left more than 50 dead. >> i don't like to think that what happened around me affects my life. i'm very aware of my surroundings but that kind of thing can happen at any given point and you never really know. >> reporter: the concert goers wouldn't know what was about to
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happen, but police say typically warning signs are there and that's why every tip is so vital. >> they can be prevented and can be predicted. we need a little bit of information. if you see something, say something. >> reporter: philadelphia is no stranger to outdoor events with concerts, the nfl draft and pope francis' visit. they've all given the police a chance to practice from the air and on the ground as well as venues and where the event is gated, police say those gates will be open to allow for a faster escape. we asked if hotels need to add metal detectors to pinpoint guests that may have weapons. >> i don't know how far you can go. we'll look at that threat like we always do and look what we have to put in place. >> reporter: now, police say
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because of the large amount of tragedies that have happened over the years, they look at each and every one and their response changes. for example, now you don't wait and negotiate instead. they go and they follow the sound of bullets. they say that's to take out the shooter as quickly as possible. reporting live on the parkway, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> and lauren spent the day talking to passengers who just landed from las vegas. lauren? >> reporter: i spoke with people who were in various places on the strip and those who were right there as all of this was happening and those, i can tell you, you can hear it in their voices and see it on their faces. and i just spoke with a young woman who was there at that concert. she says she went to vegas to see that show and ended up hiding wondering how am i going to get out of here. safely back in philadelphia, stephanie is feeling lucky.
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>> extremely lucky. somebody was watching over us and i've never felt so lucky to be safe. it's good to be here. >> reporter: she and her family were in the audience when the shooting started. >> it was just like, pop, pop, pop a bunch of times and he ran off the stage and the stage went dark and everybody started screaming and people were dropping to the ground and running so we all kind of grabbed each other. >> they were jumping behind the bar, trying not to get hit by the bullets. and then we just ran. >> reporter: others who arrived in philly say they saw it unfolding from a distance wondering what it was about. >> we were in a hotel and saw a lot of police activity and then 20 people were dead. then we got downstairs and they shut down the boulevard.
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>> reporter: some vegas travelers had to stay locked down at their hotel. >> from where we were, we could see it out through the windows. we could see them everywhere. they had the streets blocked off. >> reporter: even at the airport, there was shock. >> there was a couple that had clearly been at the event. the woman was covered with blood, her chin, both of their legs covered in dirt and we actually went over and asked them if we could help them in any way. >> reporter: and the woman that you heard from who was at that concert, she said one of the scariest parts was getting separated from one of her family members. they were trying to call each other but couldn't get through with so many people trying to use their cell phones. she said that lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. eventually, they were all reunited and they all made it out okay. live in philadelphia ipt
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nation international, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10. lester holt will be live in vegas. don't miss the expanded one-hour "nbc nightly news" after nbc news at 6:00. meantime, president trump heads to puerto rico tomorrow. he will meet with members of fema, the military and first responders. today, a barge filled with equipment arrived and the delivery will help fema workers access areas of the island they haven't been able to reach. meanwhile, residents are standing in line for hours for gas. others are driving hours for grocery stores that are open. you can pitch in to help hurricane maria victims by calling 800-596-6567. find more information on the nbc 10ç app.
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now to the weather, it turned out beautiful. this is a live look at the ben fran lynn bridge and a view of the poconos. nothing but blue skies up there. a beautiful day and nice, crisp day to follow. 70 in the philadelphia suburbs. 73 in new jersey. you know what they have in common, crystal blue skies. gorgeous out there. 75 in lehigh valley and 72 in delaware. clear skies tonight. it will be cool but not as chilly as last night. low 50s. outlying areas into the upper 40s. so across the area, we don't have clouds out there or rain. so this is how you wake up. 53 in philadelphia tomorrow morning. 53 in the pennsylvania suburbs
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and 53 in the lehigh valley. we're going to see similar temperatures elsewhere. so everybody is going to enjoy comfortable temperatures and unless you're along the jersey shore, cooler there because of the winds out of the east and southeast. full forecast in a few minutes. join me then. a former medicare official is on the stand today in the corruption trial of senator bob menendez of new jersey. >> he called medicare on behalf of a wealthy donor and friend. that donor is a florida eye doctor on trial with senator men d dendez. a former las vegas from our area describes last night's massacre. an emotional interview from someone who was the first to receive special security training to protect the las vegas strip. new at 5:00, how he says the
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officers found the killer, next.
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we found another local connection to the vegas shooting. a retired vegas police officer now lives in south jersey. he's one of the first to receive training to protect the strip. nbc 10's pamela osborne shares his story. >> >> reached out to me. i don't know. i just -- -- it's just tough. >> reporter: it wasn't that long ago that norristown native joe duffy served in the las vegas metro police department. >> this isn't the first time that we've had somebody stuck in a hotel high rise shooting. >> reporter: it's something they've trained for but what happened last night was beyond
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anyone's worst nightmare. >> i mean, you're fighting combat at your house. you know, it's your tomorrhometd you're in a war zone. >> reporter: he's trained with s.w.a.t. and homeland security and became part of a specialized team created to protect those from attacks. >> it's a very soft target. it always has been. for years we've been talking about this situation. it's going to happen. you prepare for it. and if we haven't prepared for it, this could have gone on for hours and hours. >> reporter: their training enabled them to identify the hotel room where the gunman was shooting from and got s.w.a.t. to that room. he worries the strip will continue to be vulnerable. >> if we would have had an event like this in new york city, we
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would have had officers armed standing all around this and checked all of the upstairs and had snipers on the roof. why isn't this occurring in las vegas? and it's because it's a tourist town and the hotels don't want people to see it. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. >> you can continue to follow the latest developments out of las vegas where authorities are investigating the largest mass shooting in nu.s. history. jim rosenfield is joining us from the newsroom. you have new information? >> yes. his brother is described as a multimillionaire property owner. multiple currency reports show that he gambled more than $10,000 a day and in some cases more than $30,000 in a single day. several country music stars took
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to twitter in reaction, "this world is sick" and keith urban said, "stilled and speechless. our hearts and prayers are with everyone affected." chris young said, "i'm not going to say anything else other than i'm lucky to be alive and are many others and so many people are gone. this is heartbreaking." president trump called it a pure act of evil. he's expected to travel to las vegas on wednesday. jim rosenfield. erin, back to you. let's get a check of the weather. sunny skies. there we are. oh, my goodness. all right. let's head to the shore for a more steadied look. there we go. this is cape may. a couple folks there dipping their feet in the water. >> let's go to chief
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meteorologist tammie souza. >> rt wilall right. let's look at what is going on right now. beautiful clear skies. temperature at 74. that's as warm as it has been all day. visibility, ten miles, 32%. that's the humidity. it's very, very dry. winds out of the south and southeast to 3 miles an hour. 69 is the temperature in cape may. dew point at 49. winds out of the east and southeast at 10. calm winds and dry in wilmington. 34% humidity. we're looking at very dry conditions that will be all week long. overnight tonight, a comfortable night and sleeping weather. 51 for all of you in wilmington and 52 in atlantic city.
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a little cooler in allentown. mid-40s there but that's to be expected for this time of year. doppler radar sweeping the sky,s. all of the beams are picking up beautiful, quiet weather overhead. this is what we like about the fall. huge dome of high pressure that keeps things dry and crispy. if you've planted any fall plants, use the garden hose to keep them going because mother nature won't help until maybe late next weekend. storm system is trying to ride up and around this ridge of high pressure. it's keeping us gloriously sunny out there with clear skies. let's take you hour by hour. where are we going? we're going to have winds that will come in off of the ocean and making it cooler tomorrow out there along the jersey shore. 67 in atlantic city. 74 in philadelphia. i think we'll do better than that. i think we'll be into the mid- and upper 70s tomorrow. by the time we get into wednesday, again, mid- and upper 70s with winds in the southwest.
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this is interesting. thursday, rain starts to come in but it's not going to. we may get a few extra clouds in the lehigh valley and pennsylvania suburbs. 78 on tuesday afternoon. we could punch into the 80s on thursday across much of the area. that doesn't feel like fall, does it? your neighborhood weather is right there on our nbc 10 app. we'll break it all down for you just like this. 54 in philadelphia. 45 in pennsylvania suburbs and for tomorrow, our realistic sky, look at this, beautiful with blue skies and high, thin clouds here and there. lots of sunshine. 76 in philadelphia. 75 in lehigh valley. delaware, 74. 69 out along the jersey shore because of the winds coming in off of the atlantic. so your ten-day on 10, again, warmer than average. we should be 72 this time of year. we're above that. 76 tomorrow. 80 on wednesday. 82 on thursday. 78 on friday. we have a front that comes
5:23 pm
through and it comes through dry. drop this a couple of degrees on friday and 76 on saturday. 78 on sunday. if you're going to the eagles game, the shower activity comes in late if at all and then definitely a good chance of showers on a holiday, monday, and on tuesday. so we finally cool down into the 60s but not for ten days. so enjoy it while it lasts. still ahead, the new push to get people to come see the hidden gems in cumberland county. the message that this former teacher turned hip-hop artist is bringing to students in philadelphia.
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"usa today" calls it the best octoberfest in the country. it included live music, food trucks and sampled of fall craft beers and ciders. cumberland county hopes that this billboard will help bring
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in more tourism. there was music with a message in northeast philadelphia today. ♪ former middle school teacher turned hip-hop artist brought his tour to george washington high school. he's also a motivational speaker and talked about the importance of planning for college. one lucky student went home with a $5,000 scholarship from sallie mae. good for him. the nbc 10 investigators breakdown the laws of pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware to show you the differences between the states. that's all new at 5:00. ♪
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switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪ 58 people are dead and more than 500 injured in what is being called the deadliest shooting in u.s. history after a gunman opened fire in las vegas. jim rosenfield has the latest on
5:31 pm
the investigation. >> jim, we're learning new information about the weapons found in the gunman's hotel room. >> staggering number, listen to this. within the last 15 minutes, authorities say 17 guns were found in stephen paddock's 32nd floor room at the mandalay bay hotel and casino. 17. authorities said ten guns were found, mostly rifles. authorities in mesquite recovered ammunition and weapons there. shots fired started around 10:00 last night and witnesses described the chaos that ensued. paddock had large gambling transactions in the weeks leading up to the shooting. keith, back to you. this is leading to the debate about gun regulation,
5:32 pm
especially when it comes to automatic weapons. with that in mind, we looked into current laws in our area and also across the country. >> mitch blacher talks about our laws. >> the deadliest shooting in u.s. history has no law banning assault weapons in our area. only new jersey has an assault weapons law. there is a firearm registry in new jersey, magazine restriction and assault weapons ban. that ban also included any parts to make an assault weapon. pennsylvania does require a permit to carry a firearm but only in a city with more than 1 million people. the only city that that applies is philadelphia. delaware has the most lax laws.
5:33 pm
no magazine restriction and no firearm registry and openly carrying a firearm is a fundamental right. while you can legally own an automatic weapon in u.s. states, it's tightly regulated. congress passed an amendment to the gun control act and bans buying and selling automatic weapons made after 1986 i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. president trump will visit devastated puerto rico tomorrow as its administration defends its actions trying to get that island back on its feet. about 95% of residents still without power and running water. the white house is defending the president and says that the u.s. is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to help. members of new jersey's emergency services task force are already on their way to the virgin island. they are joined by members of
5:34 pm
the state police and disaster mental health counselors will be there for two weeks. you can pitch in to help hurricane maria victims. just call the american red cross at 800-596-6567. you can find more information on the nbc 10 app. >> turning now to our weather, as we look at boathouse row, just a beautiful view as the waves roll in against the sand in avalon. perfect. >> chief meteorologist tammie souza is joining us. anyway, beautiful out there. i'm watching what is flying around in front of the camera. i think we had some gnats flying
5:35 pm
around and somebody with wire sprinkling around because it is dry and clear. there's no rain. it's interesting to see what is happening. queer going to drop down to 56 tonight. winds out of the southeast from 3 to 5 miles an hour. at times, it's calm winds out there. southeast winds will keep it cooler along the jersey shore. more importantly, clear skies to enjoy tonight. nothing showing up on the doppler radar and you can see off in the north and west, moving through the great lakes, another storm system. it's going to stay to the north of us and brings in a few high, thin clouds. it's not until the second half of the week that showers make their way into the area. there's the temperature trend for tomorrow. look at this, 72 in
5:36 pm
philadelphia. the breeze is coming off of the water and 68 there. let's go to reading where it's in the 70s. wilmington, low 70s. here's a look at stories making headlines county-by-county. in bucks county, this man is charged with killing his girlfriend in tullytown. anthony of east green field shot and killed helen farr. he said that farr took his gun and shot herself and later said that he did it during an argument. delaware could become the first state for another reason legalizing marijuana for a recreational use. a state task force is looking at the idea. it's already legal in eight states and the district of columbia since delaware doesn't
5:37 pm
have referendums. it would be the first to use the legislative process to make it legal. and there is more competition tonight for amazon's second headquarters. atlantic city is now submitting a proposal. the mayor boasted that the city is a great location with easy access to philadelphia and new york and washington, d.c., and camden and delaware have all expressed interest now. it's the sisters of st. francis golf tournament today. today's tournament raised money for the sisters retirement. a man accused of war crimes is on trial in philadelphia. why checking a box on his form got the feds on his trail. and a closer look at the deadly las vegas massacre. a former fbi special agent breaks down the security
5:38 pm
tragedies to keep people safe. ♪ it's here. the first night your teenage daughter stays out way too late. but after three years of specialist cancer care, to guide her into remission, you couldn't be happier about it. aetna. you don't join us, we join you.
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tonight after nine years o.j. simpson is a free man. he walked out of a nevada prison early sunday morning. o.j. served the last nine years in prison for a sports memorabilia heist. for now simpson will be living in nevada. he's already talked about possibly moving back to florida. many wonder what is next for
5:41 pm
o.j. >> he's a 70-year-old man and i think he's going to do what 70-year-old men do, live a retirees life, golf, and lay very, very low. >> simpson will be on probation for the next five years. new details a the a church in tennessee one week after a deadly shooting during a sunday service was back on at the chapel of christ. despite being shot, the minister says he can't find it in his heart to hate the gunman. >> i hate what happened. i'm just finding it hard to hate him. i hate what caused him to do what he did. >> reporter: police say he shot and killed one woman and hurt six others last week. he could have done it out of revenge following a deadly church shooting in south carolina where nine african-americans were killed.
5:42 pm
still ahead, an accused war criminal fights for his freedom. why his case is attracting from all across the world. and at least we're going to have a fabulous fall week. details coming up. well, i was sound asleep and got the call that no parent ever wants. >> coming up at 6:00, a delaware mother terrified for her daughter who was at the las vegas concert last night. first, her daughter tells us how the impact of her experience is just sinking in tonight.
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at least 58 people were killed and more than 500 injured in the las vegas strip after a lone gunman rained down bullets at a crowd of thousands.
5:45 pm
stephen paddock has been identified as the shooter. police recovered 17 guns from his hotel room inside the mandalay bay hotel room and casino. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack but the fbi says no connection between paddock and the islamic state has been found. switching gears to new at 5:00, a criminal case with international implications is set to unfold in philadelphia tomorrow. a war criminal has been living in delaware county for years concealing his past from immigration authorities. george spencer is joining us now live. you were tracking this case and you were in federal court for jury selection? >> that's right, erin. more than two dozen witnesses from the country of liberia will be traveling here to philadelphia to take part in this case. prosecutors say the man committed heinous war crimes during the lib be liberian civi
5:46 pm
and this includes supporters. >> we know that justice will be served. >> reporter: this man is dialed in to the justice system as his uncle begins the court fight for his freedom tomorrow. they say that he was among the most violent commanders during liberia's civil war, raping and enslaving women and even forcing young children to fight. but on the eve of his trial outside the courthouse, a group of family and friends insist prosecutors have it all backwards. >> this is somebody whose parents were killed when he was young. both parents were killed and he had to flee for his life. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, we explain the liberian civil
5:47 pm
war who lived it first happened and we'll show you the successful business in ourç ar that friends say made him an example of the american dream and the pillar of the local liberian community. >> the guy is innocent. >> and he has formally pleaded not guilty to the charges against him but at 11:00, we reveal the technicality that allowed investigators to nab him all of these years later here in our country. thousands of miles away from where that civil war occurred. keith and erin, back to you. >> george spencer, live in the breaking news center, thanks. let's get a check of the first alert forecast. a live look at the sunny skies over center city. you see a slight breeze. it's the slightest breeze.
5:48 pm
just slight. it looks like a brisk walk along the promenade. >> chief meteorologist tammie souza is here. it turned into a great day. >> and the light wind helped. you didn't feel the bite of the cooler air early on. it's a gorgeous fall day and slightly above where we should be. that's okay. we'll always take more. >> yes. let's take more. >> let me show you. outside right now, beautiful blue skies and look at that barge going down the river there. 75, the official high. low was 51. highest wind gust was 12 miles an hour. if you want to see the sunset, that's at 6:41. it should be a pretty one with clear skies. i typically don't show you pictures all the way into the a dakotas. it's 81 in chicago and 83 in
5:49 pm
omaha. although we're in the 70s today, we're in the 80s later this week before the cool air arrives next weekend and early next week. we get a full week of glorious weather. so enjoy. let's be excited about that. 74 in philadelphia and 74 in wilmington. 72 for you. 73 in trenton. 68 in atlantic city and a 69 in wildwood. so just very pleasant conditions everywhere. it's going to be a fabulous fall week out there. we're going to see mostly sunny skies out there. cloud cover coming in on thursday and into early friday as the front comes through dry. we expect that to come through dry. it's going to be warm with above average temperatures. 70s and 80s all of this week. low humidity, the next chance of rain perhaps next sunday or
5:50 pm
beyond. if you planted any fall plants, mother nature is not going to get you out of this one, not this week. serving quiet on the doppler radar. we widen it out and have an area of high pressure in place. the storm systems are having to be rerouted to the rest of us. so here's where we go hour by hour. overnight, we see the winds out of the east and southeast. that's going to keep it cooler along the jersey shore. tomorrow while we're in the low and mid-70s, it's in the 60s along the jersey shore. wednesday, mid- and upper 70s, maybe a few 80s in the area and then into thursday, look at the rain that tries to come in and falls apart. extra clouds in lehigh valley and perhaps the pennsylvania such bushes but by 3:00 we're at 78. we could make it well into the 80s. let's break it down for the next five days. philadelphia to the shore, why
5:51 pm
not, still pleasant weather. 69 along the jersey shore. 80 in philadelphia. 70 along the jersey shore. 82 on thursday in philadelphia. 76 along the jersey shore. friday, 78 along the jersey shore and on saturday, 76 in philadelphia with 69 along the jersey shore. you notice, it's all rain-free. a very dry and pleasant fall week. guys? we continue to follow the latest developments in the las vegas shooting. >> we're talking to a former special fbi agent giving his insight into the investigation and the shooter. that's all new at 5:00. and at 6:00, jacqueline london is live from las vegas. she tells us how the strip is operating now hours after the dead deadlyist shooting in modern u.s. history.
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as we continue to follow the deadly shooting in vegas, there are still unanswered questions. the biggest question is why. national security analyst clint watts is joining us to talk about the investigation. police have found 17 guns in his hotel room. he gambled away tens of thousands of dollars in the days leading up to the shooting. with regard to the shooter stephen paddock, where does this
5:55 pm
investigation turn next? >> well, i think the first thing that investigators did and sort of quickly came to the conclusion was look for connections to a network or other violence and that doesn't seem to be the case, thankfully. the next part isn't the why. electronic surveillance, when you look at even social media, there's no real indicators that this activity was coming up. and then parallel that with the behavioral indicators that we tend to look for, which is surveillance, reconnaissance of the site. maybe this individual went there. we don't see that either. moving forward, finding the motive for why this person would do this. were they just down on their luck and suicidal and wanted to take people with them or was there a connection that we haven't seen maybe to crime or some other nefarious activity. >> the question of why always
5:56 pm
lingers overhead. this is a large crime scene not only the concert but the hotel and casino. what type of challenge does that present? >> i think the challenges are really just in terms of space. if you think about how many rounds were fired. you're going to want to take all of those angles in and see what kind of weapons were used and then track that back to the actual location of the shooting, where the ammunition came from. so it's an expansive area but of any of the police departments capable of handling this, las vegas is very good at this. they have great capacity. they showed great response last night and they're really good at handling mass events. i think we should be very thankful and lucky that we had such an excellent force to deal with it in the last it 4 hours. >> earlier we spoke with a south jersey man who echoed your point right there. special agent clint watts, thank you for your insight. >> thank you.
5:57 pm
nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jim rosenfield. >> first at 6:00, we continue our team coverage live from vegas. my co-anchor jacqueline london just arrived there. >> reporter: i'm live in vegas with the latest on the shooting that happened here right here on the same strip. a gunman changing lives in a matter of seconds. a live report next at 6:00. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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there were shots going everywhere and there was dead people everywhere. it was horrible. [ gunfire ] >> machine gunfire. >> the scariest time of my life. i thought it was over. >> people were dropping left and right. >> my brother just killed 50-plus people. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. tonight at 6:00, the search for why after the largest shooting in u.s. history. there are so many connections to our area. but first, let's get to the very latest on the victims. here's what we know right now. at least 58 people have been confirmed dead. and we've learned that more than 500 were injured.
6:00 pm
police identified this man as the lone gunman. investigators say stephen paddock fired hundreds of shots into a crowd attending a concert below. he killed himself just before police found him in his hotel room. nbc 10 has a team of reporters covering every single angle of this massacre from the las vegas strip to our area tonight. nbc 10's tim furlong and ted greenberg are talking to local people who were in las vegas last night. one was at the concert and another ran into terrified people running for their lives. but we begin our coverage live from las vegas and my co-anchor jacqueline london has just arrived there. jacqueline? >> reporter: i'm live in las vegas where people are trying to come to grips that a deadly shooting happened here. it happened at the mandalay bay resort. restrictions on mgm's


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