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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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panic turned to prayer tonight. as our country mourning the worst mass shooting in its history. the investigation has just begun. tonight we're live in las vegas. with people from our area. >> nobody deserved what happened. >> plus. local hops and hotels show us how we can be prepared should tragedy strike again. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield live in the nbc10 studio. >> and i'm jacqueline london live from las vegas. nearly 24 hours ago accident just behind me the mandalay bay hotel is where tralk di struck from the 32nd floor. since we arrived we have been talking to people from our area
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who were here at the time of the shooting. they will share stories of terror. and heroism. we're following the latest from investigators as they try to piece together what happened before, during and after the massacre. police just gave an update minutes ago. they have four more guns in the shooters hotel room. that number is up to 23. the associated press is reporting tonight that two of the guns were modified to make them fully automatic and the number of dead remain at 59. with more than 500 others injured. tonight, the biggest question has yet to be answered. why did this happen? it is a question investigators are working around the clock to answer. >> reporter: tonight, remembering the lost. hoping to forget the violence. that started at 10:08.
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22,000 crouching for cover. running for their lives as the gunman, steven paddock armed with 23 weapons unleashed hell out his windows at the mandalay bay. >> i didn't realize i was hit. i couldn't move my legs. >> among the more than 500 injured. >> i looked around for him and couldn't find him. >> reporter: law enforcement swarmed. ambulances as far as the eye can see. more than an hour later. at 11:20. >> breech, breech. >> swat teams enter the hotel room and found him dead. his motive a mystery. >> my brother just killed 50 plus people. there's nothing. we have nothing to give you. he was just a guy. >> police raided his home. and found 19 more guns. several how rounds of ammo and explosives. they learned he had gambled away
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tens of thousands of dollar ins the days leading up to the shootings. still don't know why. >> reporter: as the country com comes together, after another mass shooting. ♪ amazing grace >> more about the 59 people killed in the massacre. they include a commercial fisherman from alaska. a registered nurse from tennessee. and a special education teacher from california. just a short time ago i sat down with the woman from montgomery county. who is at that concert when the shooting started. >> it's horrifying. i hate every second of it. i do. i hate people that are like this. don't ruin everybody els life because yours isn't right. it's not our fault.
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we were there to have a good time. and we were. nobody there deserved what happened. and it's a disgrace. and it's disgusting. he's a coward. >> what would you say to him? >> i wouldn't say anything. my hands would talk. there are no words to say to somebody loik that. i have not slept. we just can't. you play the scene back in your head. the whole time you close your eyes. you turn the tv off it doesn't matter. you hear the sirens. it's hard. right now it's hard. >> the rapid succession. like he was on such a mission. >> he was there to do more destruction than i think we have seen by any shooter.
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>> and she has a sprained ankle. it will take one or two weeks for it to heal. she knows other peoples wounds will last so much longer. if they ever heal. we have more firsthand accounts from people in the area. who witnessed this massacre. there was a concert goer who ran away from the waves of bullets that reigned down on the crowd. happy to be back in her husband's arms. also there was the man who took this phone out right at the heart of the shooting and called his mother. telling her he loved her. as the gunfire surrounded him. also there was the gaming executive visiting the gaming capitol of the world with tens of thousand of others only to witness dozens of victims get rushed away from the scene. this is what they had to say about their experience. >> we're hiding under the bar. jumps behind the bar trying to hide. trying to not get hit.
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you could hear going off. over your head. and we just ran. >> i called my mom. shots are being fired. told her i loved her. and i said i'm going to run. i'm okay. >> it's a terrifying feeling to run backwards. shots right mind behind you. >> this lay did next to me said i know my boyfriend is dead. he didn't make it. >> you start crying. why did this happen. >> the security guards were bringing wounded people. that had come in the back door. and bringing them out in office chairs lick carrying them. instead of stretchers. >> i never felt so lucky in my life. to be safe. and be here. >> tending to the victims was overwhelming for first responders. there were so many of them. the injured were taken to five different hospitals. all hospital emergency personnel was called in to assist. the number of casualties pushed doctors and nurses as you can
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imagine to their limit. doctor michael has been a trama surgeon for 30 years. he works at lee high valley hospital. he says with dozens of dead and the number of injured in the hundreds, organization becomes key. >> that is a huge number of casualties to have to deal with. are they expired? are they critical? can they wait? so there's a tag system that you use. >> doctors will use the situation as a teaching tool in the future. they will look at what worked and what didn't. >> take a look at the lines in las vegas. all people waiting to give blood. tonight the red cross is asking for donations. hospitals used most of the supply to help the injured. your donation is important. in case there's another tragedy. it could be one of the most haunting images from the massacre. take a look. two windows of the mandalay bay
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broken. the openings the shooter used to fire his gun. there's a lot of questions about how he managed to get so in guns into the hotel. and then went unnoticed for days. >> tonight we spoke with a security expert who showed us what hotels do to keep guests safe. and the signs they're looking for the that someone could be suspicious. i'll have that story in a few minutes. right now let's go back to jim rosenfield live in studio. >> so much to ponder. in the meantime tonight, rock and roll icon tom petty remains hospitalized if near death. found unconscious in his home in full cardiac arrest. >> fans requested petty's songs at radio stations. long time dj says the station was one of the first to play petty's music in philadelphia. and over the last 30 years,
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petty performed at a number of venues in the area. his last philadelphia performance was at the wells far go center in july. >> there was not a single thing that looked unhealthy about him. the band was playing great. several of the younger staff here are going, i could have seen him last summer. >> his grave condition has peeked interest at main street music and the store owner said tonight not long after hearing he was off life support. a customer walked in and bought half the stores tom petty vinyl collection. also tonight, war criminal turned out to be your neighbor. the nbc10 investigators found one living as a refugee in delaware county. hiding an unspeakable past. the single piece of paper that could bring his allege td crimes to light. plus our live coverage from the massacre in las vegas. continues next.
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good evening. i'm jacqueline london. live in las vegas tonight. one day after the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. this shooting happened thousands of miles away. but police back in our area are making sure something like this never happens at home. the ben franklin park way is the main spot for any major out door event. like the nfl draft. or the pope visit. it is surrounded by high-rises. and tonight, police tell us they always send detectives and other officers inside each one of the buildings and for any gated event they create emergency exits. so people can get out easily. local hotels are also responding to the tragedy. nbc10 shows us the security measures they take to keep
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guests safe. >> is there any real way to stop a guest from bringing in a weapon to the hotel? >> no. simple answer is no. >> reporter: hotels are dealing with this reality. chris should know. he's a hospitality consultant. dealing with issues of security and safety for years. he says hotel workers should be loik first responders. on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. starting with bags. >> if one or two bags or no bag. and you're there for a long stay, it always is a problem. if you have a heavy amount of bags and you're only staying for a new nighs and you're by yourself. that is the main red flag. >> reporter: joseph and maria stayed at 3 hotels during the last week. from new york to dy to philly. only officers made them feel safe sfl you don't rely on hotel workers to be your eyes and ears if r your safety? >> no i don't. >> another major red flag is when a hotel guest doesn't want
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you to go inside your room. some cases it's state law for workers to enter after two days. >> he was there for throe days. no service. add that with the heavy bags. and you might have prevented this. >> bottom line. engaging the hotel guest in conversation is always best for security. >> and so many people wonder how they were able to carry out this incident. how the shooter was able to complete this with so many surveillance cameras. lining this strip. and security that is in place here. they of course are going to work to get to the bottom of that. and the couple i spoke to, they say they cringe every time they hear this is the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. they say they didn't want to be a part of that type of history. nbc10 will continue to follow the very latest developments on this massacre. and help people from our area
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were involved or affected. we have posted those local stories on our web site. >> i'll have more live reports tomorrow. look for his update from over night. starting at 4:00 a.m. new tonight. accused war criminal among us? >> people were being killed. >> for two decades living at refugee. investigators say hiding an unspeakable past. from thousands of miles away. and a war too horrific for survivors to forget. >> you saw him living the american dream? >> yeah. >> today, federal prosecutors began presenting their case against. they came he was one of the most violent leaders in liberia civil war. since then, he's been living quietly in delaware county. investigative reporter george spencerer shows us how a paper work technicality led to his
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arrest. >> what's in the folder here? >> reporter: in the folder we find a time capsule. where john keeps evidence of his past life. a career in the ministry of health, a family he left behind in his native liberia. when he fled the bloody civil war. led by a rotating roster of war lords. >> the war lord didn't care for life. they didn't care. they killed children. >> children even? >> pregnant women. >> reporter: when he fled. he might not have gotten as far as his past as he thought. federal investigators say this block a couple miles away became home to one of liberia's most violent commanders. better known as jungle java. prosecutors plan to present testimony for more than two dozen liberia nationals.
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who say they witness jungle ja baa torturing and murdering civilians. enslaving and raining womping w. and bringing child soldiers into his army. >> reporter: allegedly ordered to be place td in tires. doused the tires in gasoline and set them aflame. the prisoners of war burned to death. >> chaos is too kind a word. >> reporter: a professor of history and global interdisciplinary study. who studied liberia's conflict. he says few people have entirely clean hands. in a war full of close range combat. shifting loyalties, and violence against women and children. >> the main target becomes the coercion of civilian population. as opposed to the engagement with other combatants who are as heavily armed as you are.
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>> reporter: investigators nabbed him on a technicality. they say he lied on his immigration papers from 1999. when he swore he'd never engaged in genocide. he pleaded not guilty. and his defense is planning to question the credibility of certain eyewitness accounts. his attorney writes that he is peaceful, deeply religious, and intensely loyal to the united states of america. >> reporter: the african cultural alliance shares a last name and distant lineage with the defendant. who he described as a pillar among liberia immigrants. defendant owns this shipping company. the center of our regions liberia community. he says he wouldn't defend anyone's war crimes. but he's concerned that jungle ja baa's case muddle the line between immigration enforcement
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and war crime prosecution. >> it will open a box. that people who have score to settle will begin to pinpoint people who have a history of participanting in a war. >> the upcoming prosecution is only limited comfort. because he leaves a number of immigrants from his native country may have shameful pasts and still be living among us. >> so many here. there are so many. >> his trial will be heavily secured. it should last about three weeks. now to your first alert weather. another pleasant fall evening. broad street and center city. tammie souza is here. >> what a week we're going to have. if you want a fall warm up this is the week for it. beautiful night out there. look at the city.
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glistening a reflection in the water. mainly clear skies. temperatures hovering generally in the low 50s. 75 was the high today. we didn't get any rain. we're not expecting any rain until perhaps the second half of the weekend. if you manted new plants, grab the garden hose. mother nature is not going to help you out. everything is quiet on the radar. we have the big dome of high pressure in place. it's coping everything off to the north and west. look at what's coming out of canada. there's a significant fall almost winter like storm system bringing snow to montana. snow to the front range. and the rockies. out of colorado. and some severe weather out ahead of that. across the central plains. we don't get any of this other than a cool down until we get into the second half of the weekend. seeing snow out there kind of gets you ready for what's ahead. we have east wind coming in off of the at lanic. it will keep it cooler along the jersey shore. mainly sunny skies tomorrow.
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the same thing for wednesday. on thursday here comes a little batch of the rain. really doesn't make it into the area. instead we get clouds. winds turn to the southwest. and really boost the temperatures. 54 tonight. 52 in south jersey. for tomorrow look at the realistic sky. blue sky out there. plenty of sunshine. 76 philadelphia. jersey shore at 69. and that's because of the cooler winds coming in off the water. here's your ten day on ten. we are looking at a big warm up. 76 tomorrow. 80 wednesday. 82 thursday. 80 friday. 76 saturday. maybe a chance of showers on sunday. and on columbus day a chance of showers as well. we'll be back right after this. at carmax, we buy all the cars.
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route of a charity race you'll recall last year. also charged with planting two bombs in manhattan ta injured two dozen people. the south jersey man coordinated a huge relief drive for hurricane victims in puerto rico. troy green was able to fill two, 50 foot tractor trailers with supplies donated by local businesses and friends. they donated a tractor trailer to haul it. look at that. take a look at these faces. all from puerto rico survivors of hurricane maria. 40 dogs arrived tonight at the spca. they'll be available for adoption in the coming days. i'm danny pommells. thank you very much. fletcher cox was unable to go sunday against the chargers. if he's any closer to returning to the field. eagles fans turn the stub hub center into a sea of green yesterday. the players certainly took
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notice. hear from coming up next in sports.
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danny pommells with you once again. california traditionally a blue state. eagles fans turned it midnight green yesterday. a birds fan filled the stands cheering for their squad. dallas sucks chant. the sights and sound were lost in the players either. the spectacle. >> it was amazing scene. i have been in the league nine years and i don't think i have been on a road game where i can throw my hands up in the crowd actually gets as loud as it's been. it was a home game for us. it was amazing to see fans come out here on the west coast. >> head coach doug pederson addressed the media today.
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and had a positive update on fletcher cox. who left with a calf injury. he could return to practice this week. reports cox will miss a couple games due to the injury. that's all for me. nbc10 news coming right back. doctor. doctor. i played a doctor on tv, but now i'm helping save lives for real. starting with my own. i'm partnering with cigna healthspring to remind everyone how important preventive care is for people my age. see anything, doctor?
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refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back. . i'm jacqueline london live in las vegas. where just about 24 hours ago, the massacre took place here just behind me. the mandalay bay hotel.
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32 stories up. interestingly it wasn't the 911 calls that were coming in that alerted swat to the shooters room. it was all the smoke from his rifle shots. nbc10 will continue to follow the very latest development on this massacre. here and people from local area were involved or affected. tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. nbc10 will be live with the reports as well. back to the studio. >> the tonight show starring jimmy fall lon is up next. it begins with a special tribute to the victims in las vegas. thank you for joining us and have a good night. >> jimmy: this morning, we woke up to the news of another senseless shooting. this time in las vegas. in the face of tragedies and acts of terror, we need to remember that good still exists in this world. we're here to entertain you tonight, and that's what we're going to do. ladies and gentlemen, with a a little from adam sandler, miley cyrus.


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