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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. a nice start, it will warm up nicely. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate weather forecast. >> a beautiful day. i'm watching fog role into the lehigh valley and -- fog roll into the lehigh valley and the suburbs. that's easton this morning. fog will thicken in the short term. once the temperature starts to climb, we will see any fog disappear. by 8:00 this morning, sunshine, 54 degrees. near 70 degrees at 11:00 this morning. that's in the lehigh valley. spots of fog in the suburbs. meantime, philadelphia will stay fog free. 59 degrees at 8:00. into the 70s before the morning is done. that's the normal high this time of year. sunshine, southwesterly winds. today we will go even warmer. looking for upper 70s for most of the area. delaware, lehigh valley, new jersey. the exception will be the shore. lots of sunshine. 74. i'll show you how quickly the fog will be out of here when i'm
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back in a few minutes. first we'll see how the roads are looking. pamela osborne with first alert traffic. we're watching a bit of an issue in atlantic city. the a.c. expressway. leaving atlantic city, those lanes are absolutely closed right now. there's some kind of accident there. you see the red here. you may want to take the side streets to get you to route 40 and route 30 this morning as a way around that accident. also keeping an eye on a situation on 95 and route 1. you see the backup here in the northbound lanes. from what we understand, there were road crews that were there. a little bit later than expected. things are slowed down quite a bit. again, in the northbound lanes approaching route 1. also want to update you on a chemical spill. this is in philadelphia. south columbus boulevard and oregon avenue. we know that that has been cleaned up. the scene should be clear, you shouldn't have trouble getting around it. >> breaking overnight.
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the gunman's girlfriend arrived back in the united states. fbi agents met marilou danley seen here at los angeles national airport where her plane landed last night. this is exclusive video of her being pushed through l.a.x. in a wheelchair with a police escort. it's unclear why she was in a wheelchair. danly was in the philippines at the time of a mass shooting. police are calling her a person of interest. we're seeing police body cam images from the scene of the shooting. it shows officers trying to save lives as gunfire rained down on the crowd. >> get out of here! there's gunshots coming from over there! go that way! go that way! [ sirens ] [ gunfire ] >> the video shows officers trying to trace where bullets are coming from as they rushed innocent concertgoers to safety. the death toll has risen to 59 in the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> one of the victims died in the hospital yesterday. today president trump will travel to las vegas to meet with
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first responders and survivors. authorities are learning more about paddock's plan of attack. they say it was obviously premeditated. nbc's matt delucia is live in las vegas again this morning where we're hearing more stories of survival as the city prepares for the president's visit. >> reporter: stories of survival and stories of resilience as the folks in this city try to begin the healing process. early this morning, what we can tell you is that las vegas boulevard is back open. a much different scene from yesterday when the entire area was shut down. you see folks in the median who have schett up candles -- have set up candles and a makeshift memorial. you may see the candles flickering there. people have been leaving flowers and messages and balloons, as well. take a closer look here. we've got video from that area a little while ago. we have seen this outpouring of support from both the residents and the tourists who have come to las vegas. there have been several candlelight vigils the past
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couple of days with hundreds and even thousands of people gathering to mourn and pray or really just to be together and begin that healing process. i spoke with some of them this morning about that goal of coming together. >> we're all one, vegas strong. we're out here supporting our community that takes care of us. no sense letting one family member fight by himself. we're all here as one. >> it's really beautiful and comforting seeing the community come together as one, helping each other out. >> reporter: at least one of the casino properties on the strip has put in new security measures at least for now at this wyndham encore. new bags checks and metal detection checks are underway for guests entering the property. this has sometimes led to long lines getting into the casino and hotels there. i walked the strip yesterday and didn't see any other casinos taking those kind of measures. there has been a noticeable police presence outside each of the major properties on the strip. as we mentioned, the president
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is expected to make his visit to vegas later this morning, just a few hours from now. and he will be talking with first responders. also some of the shooting victims. many of whom are still in the hospital recovering this morning. matt delucia, nbc10 news. we're getting a first glimpse into the shooter's hotel room. stephen paddock was on the 32rd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. he had 23 guns including a high-powered sniper fire. he had cameras in the hallway to watch for police. one of them was in a food cart. there was also a camera in the peephole on the door of his room. a lehigh valley man says he doesn't need a tv to see what happened in las vegas because he lived it. >> ben screeny is from salisbury -- sweeney is from salisbury township. he was at the mandalay bay two floors below the shooter who opened fire sunday. he was trying to sleep when a series of loud bangs woke him
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up. >> i was probably 30 feet away from this guy who was killing all these people. and all the shots i heard -- one in every three probably ended someone's life. it's -- it's just -- i don't have words to describe it. >> sweeney says he jumped in the bathtub for cover, not knowing what was going on. and our coverage will take you to the pennsylvania community coming together after learning a youth coach died in the attack. plus, new firepower in the growing gun debate. and turn on the nbc10 app any time for updates, a timeline of how the shooting unfolded, and the slide show of memorials. 6:06. 56 degrees outside. new details in bucks county. police say this shackled father left his son to die as he tried to run from police after crashing his car. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live in levittown where a father's petty theft cost a child his life. tell us how this happened.
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>> reporter: it started over a set of stolen speakers. the suspect went into this walmart in levittown, stole the speakers, and took off in his jeep with his 2-year-old son in the back seat, unsecured, without a child safety seat. he crashed a short time later. christopher kuhn ran a red light and rolled over. his 2-year-old son was thrown out of the suv on to the road. witness video obtained by nbc10 shows police officers trying to revive the little boy. but police say the child's own father, chris kuhn, ran from the scene, briefly pausing to look at his dying son but never stopping to stop ing to help. he was arrested moments later and is facing charges in the death of his own son. >> here we had a simple retail theft where we housewife had to answer to answer to charges. turned into a fatality, a traffic accident where multiple
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people were involved and a fatality. it's tragic. >> reporter: that boy's father, christian kuhn, facing murder charges. he had no comment for our cameras last night. meantime, police say the value of those stolen speakers was just $228 m. nbc10 news. >> thank you. >> 6:08. a look at kelly drive. dark now. a beautiful drive along the schuylkill. also boathouse row along there. >> uh-huh. a beautiful morning. 56 degrees. >> you see the water glistening there. >> it will be nice to take a run about now i think. sun about to come up in an hour. >> coming up at 7:00, right at the top of the hour. so we'll see bright sunshine. a clear view from center city, no clouds around. other than a bit of fog that's forming in some of the suburbs and into the lehigh valley.
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56 degrees in philadelphia. don't let that fool you. there's chillier weather in manayunk, chestnut hill, parkwood. warmer in society hill and port richmond, 59 degrees. the fog has really thinged up. now quaker -- thickened up. now quakertown getting into the act along with blue bell. light fog. it was down to zero visibility a few minutes ago. two miles in hazleton. i think we'll see more fog by the time temperatures come up. by 8:00, temperatures will come up. it's national walk-to-school day. you will probably need a jacket for that walk. if you're heading out at 8:00, you see still cool temperatures. the 50s won't last long. it's going to be a quick warmup. through the 1wr60s and then int the 70s. some neighborhoods with sunshine. nothing to show on the doppler radar and satellite. sunny skies, temperatures approaching the 80-degree mark in a few neighborhoods.
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a quick warmup to 71 at lunchtime in philadelphia. 77 at 4:00 this afternoon. fog will be burning off at 8:00 in the suburbs. then 70s for noontime and this afternoon. the lehigh valley, a few scattered clouds and a little light fog right now. 69 degrees at noontime. and near 80 this afternoon in the lehigh valley. delaware's fog free this morning. you'll see sunny skies, upper 70s this afternoon, and southwesterly winds will help boost temperatures in new jersey, too, 77 degrees. and 72 degrees at the jersey shore. we've been seeing a nice stretch of weather. you see it's going to continue a little bit longer. but it comes to an end this weekend with some wet weather. i'll show when you to expect that with the weekend forecast when i'm back in a few minutes. >> see you then. 6:10 on this wednesday. let's check traffic and problems on the atlantic city expressway. >> pamela osborne's been watching this since early this morning. yeah, talking about the westbound lanes. heading out of atlantic city,
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you see where the road closure is in effect now. we know that there was an accident there. all lanes heading out of atlantic city, heading west, are closed right now. you can take side streets and get to route 30 or 40 as a way around the situation that's happening there. elsewhere in jersey, hamilton township. the camera at 295 and sloan avenue. traffic moving smoothly in either direction there. earlier, we were telling you about a situation near the farley toll plaza -- service station, rather. there was an accident overnight. they were working to get that cleared up. that is no longer a thing. those road crews are out of the way. you shouldn't have any trouble there. before i go, i want to give you a look at mass transit. we are seeing delays. thorndale train running 30 minutes late. doylestown train running 11 minutes behind this morning. >> thank you. billions, not millions, billions with a "b." that's how many people are now a part of the hack on yahoo!. at 6:45, the best way to protect
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yourself. repairing catastrophes. president trump turning heads for what he said in puerto rico and what he said to victims there. looks like you found a better way to do this, dad. organic, non-gmo feed. 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two, i can raise anything. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. the old man's still got it.
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free-range chickens. organic free-range chickens, non-gmo, 100% vegetarian fed - raised with no antibiotics ever! we should post this. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. hashtag organic. all the hashtags! puerto rico's governor says the number of people killed by hurricane maria has doubled. he tweeted the number jumped from 16 to 34. the number will likely continue to grow. part of the reason is that the situation is so chaotic. death certificates can't be signed and recorded quickly enough. the announcement of the increased number of dead came after president trump's first visit to the island since hurricane maria. the commander in chief spent his time meeting with officials and tossing supplies to people impacted by the storm. the president was involved in a war of words with puerto rican officials before he got there. he raised even more eyebrows
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with two comments. one about the recovery cost, the other comparing the number of dead to hurricane maria in 2005. >> you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and look at the tremendous republicans and hundreds and hundreds -- tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people who died. you've thrown our budget out of whack because we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico. >> before making those statements, the president shook hands with one of his most prominent critics, san juan mayor cruz. 6:16. we've been watching a breaking traffic problem on the a.c. expressway westbound. >> first alert traffic reporter pamela osborne with details. >> this happened right before 5:30 this morning. and this closure is still in effect because of that accident. i'm going to step out of the way and show you here. this is where things are shut down again. these are the westbound lanes near the a.c. convention center. if you're familiar with that
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area. if you can find a way to get to the side streets, get to route 30 or route 40, that's one way around that closure on the expressway. on the schuylkill, spring garden street, you see traffic moving smoothly in either direction. haven't really seen any major problems or delays to pass along this morning. if you're driving, but taking mass transit, there are issues. the thorndale train is running 30 minutes late. this came in on the warminster train. they're dealing with equipment issues, run being 4 -- running about 40 minutes behind. a look at new jersey roads when i come back. >> thanks. 6:17. 46 degrees outside. another cool fall morning. look at that -- beautiful picture, live picture of cape may. let's find out what's to come in your neighborhood today. first alert meteorologist bill henley tracking the warming temperatures. >> cape may is feeling the chill with temperatures in the 40s and 50s along the shore. cape may has dropped to the upper 50s. you see a few thin clouds. this is the view from center
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city. mostly it's going to be sunshine today after a bit of fog burns off this morning. we're seeing the fog in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. showers moving into michigan. the cold front will start to impact us tomorrow, not today. a slow mover. tomorrow we'll get some clouds this. is the futurecast hour by hour. look at how nice and clear it stays. we'll see a pretty good warmup into the upper 70s this afternoon. by 8:00 this evening, tracking some showers into northwestern pennsylvania. these showers will fall apart as they move into the area tomorrow morning. but we will get some clouds tomorrow morning. the result is it won't be as chilly tomorrow morning to start with. today, you can definitely feel the chill in the air. that ends with sunshine. 78 degrees this afternoon. the normal high temperature is 71. it will be way beyond that today. clouds come in overnight tonight. you see it's definitely warmer tomorrow morning. 61 degrees and warmer in the afternoon, too. partly sunny and 82 degrees.
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clouds building from the front that comes through on friday. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower. i think most of the area stays dry on friday. 79 degrees. still unusually warm for this time of year. warmer on saturday with lots of sunshine for most neighborhoods. completely dry. the clouds start building later on saturday. and come sunday, we've got scattered showers in the area. 78 degrees after morning low of 57. then steadier rain next week. could be messing with your holiday. columbus day, 77 degrees the high temperature. some steady rainfall possible monday and again on tuesday m. h both days in the 70s. once it clears out, it will be followed by cooler air. look at the temperatures. coming back down to normal for wednesday. then turning cooler next thursday and friday. the dry conditions and morning temperatures go even lower. come friday morning, 50 degrees in center city. 40s in the suburbs. tracy? >> thank you. 6:20. killed with frying pans.
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coming up at 4:-- at 6:45, the south jersey woman accused of beating her boyfriend at a convenience store. explosive evidence. never-before-seen video of the bomb blast in manhattan is revealed along with the 911 call for help. you'll hear it coming up at 6:30. and all new, patrick's patriots. a young cancer patient in montgomery county get a morale boost from local police.
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a group of people was holding enough fentanyl to kill half of montgomery county. local agents seized more than 300,000 doses of the deadly drug, the largest ever found in the county's history. the seizure is the result of a new effort between local, state, and federal officials. drug agents say fighting the opioid epidemic needs to happen on all levels beginning with treatment and education. nbc10 spoke with a mother who recently lost her son to opioid
6:24 am
abuse. she says the current treatment methods failed by design. you need a minimum of 90 days to change a habit. this 21-day nonsense is like a drop in the bucket. >> fentanyl is 100 times stronger than heroin. new, the abington township police department is showing support for a boy who's battling leukemia. these officers are patrick's patriots. and they made him an officer -- police officer for the day. the department posted these photos to facebook saying, "welcome aboard, officer patrick. you're in our thoughts and prayers. officer patrick, keep the faith. you got this." >> i love that. >> very nice. if you're getting the kitds ready this morning, before you grab the car keys, heading out the door, maybe walk to school is going to be good. >> today is walk-to-school day. more than 100 schools in the area are encouraging students to use their feet to get to and from classes. the principal we talked with says he's trying out at his school for the first time. he's been asking parents to join
6:25 am
in the effort because he believes it's promoting healthy lifestyle and care for the environment. >> do it, less cars the better. it makes the flow of traffic easier, better for the environment. better for everyone's overall health. >> if your kid is walking or biking to school, important to keep safety in mind. use bike paths, crosswalks. younger kids should always walk with a parent. >> reporter: good morning. pamela osborne in the first alert traffic senior for jessica boyington. we're start -- first alert traffic center for jessica boyington. we're starting in new jersey, 295 and route 70. you see traffic moving smoothly in either direction there this morning. there are some problems elsewhere in atlantic city on the a.c. expressway that i've been monitoring. i'll tell you more about that when i come back. ahead, we continue our live coverage of the massacre. sorry, bill -- >> that's okay. clear skies overhead. a live view of the linc. nice and clear today, but not so
6:26 am
clear for sunday's game. your first alert forecast just ahead. and we continue our live coverage of the massacre in las vegas with one man's escape plan. >> i was picking people up so they wouldn't get trampled on. and i finally said i had to do something. >> up next, a new jersey native shares how he put fear aside and rallied those near him to find a way to safety.
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back in the u.s., the las vegas shooter's girlfriend returns from a trip abroad where she's greeted by the fbi. [ siren ] [ gunfire ] heroes in action. body cameras show police in action as bodies fall from bullets raining from above.
6:30 am
and steps you can protect yourself against data breaches. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today" on this wednesday, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. we'll get you updated on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate weather forecast. >> look what has just rolled into the lehigh valley. some thick fog in easton. as expected, the temperatures have come down. the fog is now forming. that's not the only spot that's see something fog. one-mile visibility in reading, lancaster dropped to zero visibility. back down to one mile for bluebell and quakertown. a foggy start in many neighborhoods, but not all. allentown, pottstown, good visibility, also for doylestown and no problem at all in south jersey and delaware. fog free this morning. we'll see bright sunshine, you see the skies are brightening now in the suburbs. king of prussia, mostly clear. near 70 at lunchtime. the fog will disappear in the lehigh valley, too. 46 warming to 79 this afternoon.
6:31 am
upper 70s for new jersey. the exception, the shore. it will warm to 74 this afternoon. a few thin clouds visibility at ocean city. a live view. and up to 78 degrees in philadelphia. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you how quickly the fog moves out and the temperatures move up when i come back in just a few minutes. first, pamela osborne has your first alert traffic. still watching a situation on the a.c. expressway in atlantic city. this is right here. you see it on the map. this red area. we're getting reports that there was an accident involving a dump truck that's there. these are the westbound lanes that are affected. they're closed between baltic and exit 2. a way around this would be to take the side streets, get resources to route 30 or 40. want to look at the schuylkill expressway this morning. you see things are slowing down quite a bit. on the eastbound lanes approaching belmont avenue, there was actually an accident there. it's since moved out of the lane over into a shoulder. that's something to be aware of. it may slow you down just a bit
6:32 am
this morning. we're seeing average speeds in the low 40s there right now. before i go, i want to check mass transit now. we are seeing some delays with septa. thorndale running 30 minutes late. the warminster train is running 40 minutes behind because of equipment members. breaking news from overnight in the las vegas massacre. the gunman's girlfriend arrived back in the united states. fbi agents met marilou danley at los angeles national airport where he plane landed late last night. nbc cameras captured here being pushed through l.a.x. in a wheelchair. it's unclear why she was in the wheelchair. she was in the philippines at the time of the shooting. she's a person of interest. agents plan to question her as they try to figure out her boyfriend's motive for the premeditated attack. her sisters who live in australia tell local media there that they believe steven paddock sent -- believe stephen paddock
6:33 am
sent danley to the philippines so she wouldn't interfere with his plans. the death toll for the mass shooting victims has risen. >> one of the victims died in the hospital yesterday. that brings the number of people killed to 59. today president trump is expected to travel to las vegas to meet with survivors and first responders. authorities are also learning more about paddock's plan of attack. they say it was obviously premeditated. photos from his hotel room show crime tape on the door. one of the 23 guns police say was in his arsenal. >> nbc's matt delucia picks up our coverage in las vegas with new body camera footage that shows what police and concertgoers experienced. matt? >> reporter: right. first off i'll tell you that there are still police officers guarding the concert venue right now. it's still a big crime scene. just over here to the right, you see in the median of las vegas boulevard a large memorial that has been set up here.
6:34 am
people leaving candles, flowers, praying with one another. many find it hard to fathom what happened over the weekend. the las vegas metro police department did release the body cam video to give another glimpse of what it was like for first responders. take a look. [ gunfire ] you can see the frantic nature of what was going on as those bulle bullets coming down on conce concert-goers late sunday. many had trouble figuring out at first where the shots were coming from as they were all trying to run for safety. sean role was at the concert. the former ocean city, new jersey, resident. he told me he tried to gather people to help them escape, picking people up. he says the gravity of what happened is now beginning to hit him. >> i've seen people drop, getting shot. i realized we'll all get killed if we go that way. i called out, follow me, go this
6:35 am
way. i got cuts and scratches. there are people wounded, in critical condition, they need our prayers. we need to get them through it. >> reporter: and sean was injured during the escape. cuts and bruises on his hands. he is thankful that he and the people around him made it out alive. unfortunately, one of his clients who he works with in las vegas, his nephew, did not survi survive. sean like many others are mourning the loss of the victims and praying for the hundreds recovering from their injuries. even the marquees along the strip showing a message of solidarity, "vegas strong," they say. live in las vegas, matt delucia, nbc10 news. tonight a local church will hold a memorial for a youth wrestling and little league coach from central pennsylvania killed in the attack. bill wolfe was in las vegas with his wife celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. wamp was from shippensburg, a town about 6,000 people -- wolfe was from shippensburg, a town of about 6,000 people.
6:36 am
>> it will impact the community. it already has dramatically. he's very involved in youth sports and coaching. from all indications, everything i heard, he was a good coach. good with the kids. you can't have enough people like that. >> wolf leaves behind his wife and two sons. meantime, prayer vigils have been taking place in las vegas itself. >> last night people came together to remember the victims of the mass shooting. people in our area are also paying respects to the victims. this was the scene in center city as a group came together to remember those killed in the attack. some of the people have connected to las vegas. others have connections to other mass shootings including marisa anderson. she went to college in colorado. her five roommates while in college were inside columbine high school during the mass shooting there in 1999. >> they had this experience that they went through that made them
6:37 am
strong. they taught me so much. >> marisa is going to las vegas next week to help in the aftermath of the shooting. the massacre has touched countless people in our area. we are putting all of their stories on our nbc10 app. from victims to survivors to advocates. you can read their stories on line right now. 6:37. in other news making headlines, a car crashed into the woods near the farley service plaza in south jersey around midnight on the a.c. expressway in hamilton township. we're working to find out the driver's condition. keep an eye out for crews working at the scene. pamela osborne will keep us update. in philadelphia's logan neighborhood, a father and son are reunited after someone stole the man's car with the 8-year-old inside. the father got out to check a property that he owns near broad street. a man riding a bike jumped in and drove away. he drove a half a mile before getting out and running off. the father and sop are doing okay. new video evidence presented at the trial of amad rahimi
6:38 am
shows an explosion caught on tape. this is what the jury saw yesterday. 30 people were hurt by the explosion in new york's chelsea neighborhood last september. debris shattered glass windows along the block. prosecutors also played this 911 call. >> there's like a pot that's taped shut and has wires coming out of it. if goes -- it goes into another bag. it looks like it -- i was afraid it was like a bomb. >> that device never exploded. era reamy's also accuse -- rahi rahimi's also accused of setting off a bomb in seaside heights that went off just before a charity race began. if you're just waking up in philadelphia, the suburbs, pretty clear. bill was showing easton, p.a., had fog rolling in. >> kind of where the fog is. bill? >> not the only spot. suburbs, too, seeing thick fog as temperatures have cooled down. haven't come down that far in philadelphia. now 56 degrees.
6:39 am
still a little above normal. with sunshine, we'll see the numbers take off. lunchtime, perfect weather for the women against abuse "i pledge" events. the 10th anniversary. a great, inspiring event at noontime. at city hall, love park undergoing renovations. great for the suburbs. fog to start, but it disappears quickly as temperatures climb from 49 at 8:00 to 71 at noontime. then into the middle 70s this afternoon. a nice boost compared to yesterday thanks to southwesterly winds. there you see the fog at lehigh valley. 47 degrees now. still in the 40s at 8:00. it's going to take time for the fog burn off. once it does, it's sunshine for the day. and you can ditch the jacket this afternoon. you'll be ream rehoboth bea-- y for it this afternoon in new jersey. 40s at 8:00. fog free in new jersey. the air drier, 71 at noontime. 76 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. a beautiful day at the shore, too, from a cool start in the
6:40 am
40s this morning through the 50s. past the 60s and into the low 70s with plenty of sunshine today. for delaware, stand by for sunshine. we're just 20 minutes away from sunrise this morning. 51 degrees now. 52 degrees at 8:00. not much different. then the temperature comes up as that sun climbs in the sky. bright sunshine today. we've been on a roll weatherwise. there's wet weather due in. it looks like it's timed for some neighborhoods over the weekend. i'll show you when to expect it when i come back with the ten day on 10. >> see you then. 6:40. breaking news throughout the morning. the atlantic city expressway. >> nbc10's first alert traffic reporter pamela osborne has that. yeah, i have new information. this could be closed for several hours because it's a hazmat situation in addition. these are the westbound lanes of the a.c. expressway right around
6:41 am
the convention center there. that's closed between baltic avenue and exit 2. if you can find your way to the side streets and get on route 30 or 40, that's one way around that. as they said, it could be a while before it's cleared and you're able to get through that way. we'll look at drive times on 95. everything's looking good now. average speeds in the 60s. i do want to point out the northbound lanes near the betsy ross bridge. there is a disabled vehicle in that area. something you want to watch for. as we know, it's not causing any major problems or delays at the moment. >> thank you. 6:41. penn state wants to force students to make a healthy change. >> we'll tell you up next the ban that could be coming there. also ahead, fans disrespected. a radio host says philly's the dumbest sports city in america. his reason and the eagles' snarky response.
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today lawmakers will bring the gun debate to the house floor in washington, d.c. minority leader nancy pelosi and congressman john lewis are expected to demand immediate passage of a bipartisan bill to strengthen background checks. people who want stricter regulations say it would help prevent these types of tragedies. others argue that tougher gun laws would not make a difference. many people we spoke with say they'd back any proposed law that would make the country a safer one including background checks for gun buyers. >> i think that someone gets something in their head, they're going to find a way to do it. whether it's with a gun, a bomb, a car, whatever. >> all we have to do is provide you the money, and you give them the gun. could be a felon. could be somebody with a mental illness. something like that. and those are the kind of people
6:46 am
that we need to keep the guns away from. >> in june, a quinnipiac university poll showed 94% of americans supported background checks for gun purchase. also this summer, a pew research poll showed 89% of gun owners supported restrictions for people with mental illness. 6:46. one thing that will change immediately in the wake of the massacre is security in las vegas. certain resorts on the strip have no bag checks and -- have new bag checks and sweeping security changes. this morning, victims with long roads to recover resharing their -- recovery are sharing their stories of survival from their hospital beds. >> that and more coming up on the "today" show. savannah guthrie and matt lauer have a preview of what they're working on. hi, guys. >> hey, guys. good morning. >> hi. good to see you both. coming up from las vegas, more on this dramatic new police video revealing a firsthand look at the terror as it unfolded. we have new information on the investigation as the
6:47 am
gunman's girlfriend arrives back in the u.s. overnight. what light can she shed on a possible motive? matt? here in scheduled 1a, a special pink power "today" live event. we have a team of experts on hand. they will have your questions about breast cancer. we've got those stories and much more ahead as get started from las vegas and new york right here on a wednesday edition of "today." back to you. >> we'll look forward to seeing you. thank you, guys. yahoo! says someone hacked every single user account in 2013 as part of the largest data breach in history. that's three billion accounts. triple the number the company estimated last year. yahoo! says it's already notified users directly, telling them to change passwords and take other security measures. experts say even if you didn't get an alert from yahoo!, assume the breach affected you and take action anyway. the stolen information included names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and security questions and answers.
6:48 am
we'll take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories in our area. >> in south jersey, prosecutors charged a camden woman for beating her husband to death with two frying pans. in woodland, officers rushed to the scene after getting a 911 call. the victim was able to tell police that his girlfriend chased him from his home to the store and beat him with the pans. he died weeks later at the hospital after feeling pain and dizziness. to new castle county. police release video of a man they suspect of exposing himself in public. investigators say this man is linked to eight different incidents. police say he flashes women, usually strikes in downtown middletown or along north broad street. in atlantic county, the old revel casino could have a new owner. the press of atlantic city reports that mile high dice has agreed to buy the closed property from current owner glen
6:49 am
straub. mile high is based in denver. the revel closed the building in 2014 after declaring bankruptcy. the president of penn state university is reviewing recommendations from a task force that suggests the university go tobacco and smoke free. a decision will be made by the end of the semester. the task force suggests a soft rollout of the ban in the spring semester and full enforcement in the fall of 2018. 11 minutes before 7:00 a.m. new, philadelphia sports fans under attack again. a national radio host has stirred up controversy after he called philly, get this, the dumbest sports city in america. >> are you people crazy? your andy reid out of town, terry francona out of town. jay wright, one of the top five coaches in college football, you're on him constantly. by the way, philly was originally the nation's capital, and you blew that, too. >> oh, my, my, my, my, my.
6:50 am
do i have words for him. >> if you don't know him, his name is colin cowher. taking philly fans we don't respect the coaches and managers here. now it didn't take long for the eagles to challenge that rank. they tweeted back checkmarks next to the points he made that were factually wrong. he got points for mentioning when fans threw snowballs at santa and our love for "rocky." they said those so close to the racial stereotype, yahtzee. he has a reputation for doing that. and especially with fish and wildlife -- with philadelphia. >> he should come to a game. come and wear the jersey of -- >> the favorite team. >> we'll welcome him with open arms, i'm sure. >> absolutely. >> tom cowherd. remember that name. >> he might have to bring a umbrella. showers over the weekend. we'll will be giving him stuff. absolutely. now mother nature is giving us clear skies for most areas.
6:51 am
that's resulted in some spots. cape may, clear view. clouds offshore. not as clear from the nbc10 studios, no fog there. check out easton, socked in after being clear for most of the night. the last hour we've seen the fog roll in. that's not the only spot. temperatures in the 40s, you will find spots in the neighborhoods and suburbs in fog this morning. especially in berks county with 40s for leesport and blandon. 40s for bethlehem and easton. none of it lasts. it burns off this morning. fog around at 8:00 at the bus stop in quakertown. sunshine for philadelphia, wilmington, atlantic city. definitely need the jacket. a national walk-to-school day, a perfect morning for that. radar and satellite shows we are in the clear this morning. come tomorrow, there's a change. look at the showers moving through into michigan, iowa,
6:52 am
into kansas. that's a slow-moving front which will move our way for tomorrow morning. i don't think we'll get the showers, but we will get some clouds. these clouds will help to keep us warmer tomorrow morning. a chilly start this morning. this evening, 8:30 this evening, you see showers. tracking them in northwestern pennsylvania. they fizzled. the chance of showers arrives over the weekend, and if colin cowherd shows up over the weekend, he could be met with showers for the eagles' game. scattered showers, 77 degrees. that will bring the temperatures down a little bit. until we get there, nice and dry. a beautiful, sunny day. 78 this afternoon. 82 degrees on thursday. a little bit cooler, but not by much on friday. extra clouds around. there's a slight chance of a shower on friday. really a better chance of showers over the weekend. most areas will be dry on saturday. a chance of scattered showers late on sunday. steadier rain for columbus day.
6:53 am
and 75 degrees with rain continuing on tuesday. then we'll clear, dry out. temperatures come down. highs in the 60s next thursday and friday. 6:53. let's get you to work if you're heading out. >> pamela osborne, you were telling us there's a hazmat situation in atlantic city? >> yeah, a hazmat situation on a bridge. the westbound lanes heading out of atlantic city are completely shut down, closed now. i checked in with the office of emergency management. they're expecting the closure to be in effect for several hours. the good news is you can take route 30 or 40. the westbound lanes around the area of the a.c. convention center is where the closure is taking place. we've been watching for more than an hour. another problem on 95. this is the camera approaching bridge street. some of this is just the usual traffic that you see around this time of morning. i do want to pass along a problem spot on 95. the northbound lanes approaching
6:54 am
bridge street, there was a disabled vehicle that was in one of the center lanes. definitely slowing things down there as well. i'll take another look at this and keep my eye on it for you. i'll let you know as soon as things clear up. >> thank you. the eagles traded their helmets and pads for yoga mats as a way to kick off breast cancer awareness month. >> the birds hosted the yoga session at the nova care complex. about 75 breast cancer survivors participated to help promote early detection and screenings. >> my mom is a breast cancer survivor. so you know, it's a personal issue. yeah, i've worked with living beyond breast cancer before. it's a great foundation that does a lot for breast cancer survivors. and i think it brings together a sense of the community that i like. it's great to be part of. >> personal for me, too. thanks for that. after the yoga session, the players took pictures with the women. rewe're back with first ale weather and traffic. paulsboro's a very proud community.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
6:58 am
breaking news in the las vegas massacre topping our headlines this morning. the las vegas shooter's girlfriend, marilou danley, returned to the u.s. last night where she was met by fbi agents. investigators will now try to learn more about paddock's motive from her. and today president trump will head to las vegas to meet with survivors and first responders. new details emerged overnight from a deadly crash in bucks county that killed a 2-year-old boy. investigators say the boy's father, christopher kuhn, left the boy to die in the street after crashing in tullytown. he's accused of stealing from a nearby walmart just before the crash. he's charged with third-degree murder. i'm still keeping my eye on the situation in atlantic city.
6:59 am
we're talking about the a.c. expressway which has been closed for more than an hour now. you see where the closure is taking place here between baltic and exit 2. these are the westbound lanes heading out of the city. basically there was an accident. we are seeing reports that it involved a dump truck and a fuel spill. that's a situation that they're taking care of on a bridge now. they're expected that area could be closed for several hours. just before 7:00. seeing the thick fog in easton. that is not the only neighborhood. now there's zero visibility in quakertown, and down to a mile in bluebell and reading. fog will disappear as these temperatures climb. really no fog in philadelphia, wilmington, south jersey, and delaware, fog free this morning. look at the chill in the air. 40s for most neighborhoods. 55 degrees in center city. and 51 in delaware. everybody will see a similar warmup, into the upper 70s this afternoon. bright sunshine and low humidity today. >> looks good.
7:00 am
>> thank you. we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can always get realtime news, weather, and traffic on the nbc10 app. good morning. inside the chaos. ♪ [ gunfire ] chilling, new video of the las vegas massacre, captured on police body cameras. >> go that way. go that way. >> also, new images from inside that hotel room, used to launch that attack. the investigation intensifying. >> we haven't ruled anything out in this investigation. >> as the gunman's girlfriend returns to the u.s. overnight, escorted by federal agents at the airport. investigators hoping she can shed some light on what led stephen paddock carry out


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