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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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mournin mourning. >> president trump comforting survivors and thanking first responders after the deadliest shooting attack in modern u.s. history. good evening, i am jacqueline london, live in las vegas. the president left the city about 90 minutes ago. tonight, investigators are still unable to explain what drove the shooter, stephen paddock, to murder nearly 60 people. tonight the fbi is trying to figure out if the shooter's girlfriend shows anything about his motive. she returned frto the u.s. from the philippines today. she is being called a person of interest and is being questioned by the fbi in los angeles. tonight a closer look inside paddock's hotel room. he stockpiled 47 weapons before the shooting including two dozen
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weapons in this room and he set up three surveillance cameras in and around his hotel suite. tonight, president trump is thanking the police officers who found paddock before he could kill even more people. president trump, on the ground in las vegas. >> the message that i have is we have a great country and we are there for you. and they're there for us. >> first at the hospital meeting with medical workers and victims of sunday's massacre. then praising first responders at las vegas police headquarters. >> we are blessed to be surrounded by heroes. as one eyewitness recounted this week, while everyone else was crouching, police officers were standing up as targets, just trying to direct people and tell them where to go. >> now, a chilling look inside paddock's hotel room, in photos obtained by "the daily mail." guns in chairs. spent ammo littering the floor.
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authorities say they are investigating how the images were leaked to several news outlets, this as they released officer body camera video. the chaos as officers helped concertgoers to safety and a hail of bullets rain down. kristen bobbic was shot in the back but survived. >> i want to thank the people who risked their lives to stick around or run toward it. i don't know if i would be here today if i didn't have the help. >> strangers helping strangers, and the president today thanking first responders and others for going toward danger. i want to show you how vegas is paying tribute to the victims here. we told you about the marquees that all are paying homage. you see one right there. "pray for las vegas." others along the strip do the very same thing. we are at the far north end of this strip.
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the mandalay bay is at the far south end. people have been coming here in waves because of this. a make-shift memorial that's set up. all of the names you see here written in channellilk are them of the victims. people leaving flowers, teddy bears, candles that glow up at night. messages, phrases that they think are important. some standing out more than others. this one, darkness cannot drive out darkness. only light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate. people coming here in tears, people saying they feel helpless because they want to be able to do something. one woman i spoke to here earlier today is from levittown, bucks county. she was here in vegas the night of the shooting. she wasn't at the concert but she heard all of the madness that happened leading up to it, and she says this city has
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clearly changed since then. >> everybody, you know, is coming together, saying, you know, go ahead of me. we were at -- we were going to get tickets last night for a show. somebody handed us a pair of free tickets. for pen & teller. they were paying it forward. >> a community in central pennsylvania will gather shortly to remember a victim of the attack. bill wolfe was among the 59 people who died sunday. he coached little league and wrestling in shippensburg. he and his wife were in vegas for their anniversary. his wife was not hurt. a shippensburg church is inviting the members to pray for the family tonight. focus on a gun accessory that makes legal guns rapid fire like machine guns. today senate democrats unveiled a bill to make so-called bump
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stocks illegal. investigators found 12 bump stocks in the las vegas shooter's hotel room. that's how the shooter was able to fire so many bullets so fast. most democratic senators from our area are co-sponsoring the legislation. cory booker, bob casey, tom harper and chris coons all signing on. in the other chamber today, house democrats pushed for the passage of gun control legislation that would strengthen background checks. pennsylvania congress begman dw evans. >> we are not safe in this country. we need to face up to the realities of whether you be in the movie theater, a church or concert, you name it. >> house democrats say they want legislation strengthening background checks passed immediately. stay tuned for "nbc nightly
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news" with lester holt coming up right after this news cast. to the other headlines we're following at 6:00 with my co-anchor, jim rosenfield, in the studios. >> jacqueline we'll check back with you. we do have breaking news to tell you about. skyforce10 live over this scene in feltonville. this crash involved a police officer on a bike and two cars. it's happening in the southbound lanes of roosevelt boulevard near front street. the officer, we are told, has minor injuries. you see right there the car on its side? we are working to find out if anyone in that vehicle was hurt. we will update you with any information as we get it. this accident unfolding here in feltonville tonight. you see the investigators on the scene right now. tonight, a mother's anger over the death of her 2-year-old son. police say the boy was thrown from his father's car as the dad crashed, trying to get away with shop-lifting. then, officers tell us, the
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father ran away, leaving his own son to die. >> he was only worried about himself. and i can't believe he just looked at my son and ran off. >> that father is now charged with third degree murder and the mother tells nbc10's deanna durante she never wanted her son with his father in the first place. >> he was a good boy. he was a perfect child. he is really missed. >> reporter: this picture is one of mckenzie's favorites. it was taken saturday just before she dropped her 2-year-old son off with his father. christopher kuehn. >> disgusting human being. >> reporter: police say he took his son to walmart to steal a $228 speaker. he took the time to cover his license plate but not strap the child in the car seat. there was one in the car. he sped away, blowing a red light and hitting other cars. his son was tossed from the jeep and kuehn, according to police,
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looked at the boy's body before taking off. for those who stayed and tried to help her son -- >> thank you for giving my son's last couple of minutes maybe to live. >> reporter: she says kuehn had a history of not using a car seat. >> they'd taken my son with no car seat to hamilton. >> reporter: the couple's son was 9 months old. she said she fought to get sole custody of her son and lost and today she is urging the courts to do more to protect children. >> it took my son to lose his life for maybe somebody to raise awareness to do something with these courts to maybe take the precautions to look into their backgrounds. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc10 news. a park attack in bucks county. a woman says two men grabbed her, tossed her into a car, and then raped her. the woman told police this happened last night about 5:00
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at the state park. she says she was at the fishing pier when two men forced her into a four-door sedan and drove her to another area of the park where the sexual assault happened. pennsylvania police are researching for the two men. tonight an update on a pair of suspects. police arrested men from queens for placing a skimming device on the atm an a bank in august. they were wanted for other cases in montgomery county and new york. potentially dangerous situation in franconia led to an evacuation at the police department and township building that lasted a few hours. this was after a concerned father found what he thought were live explosives inside his home and took them to the polic station. his son is in the military overseas. turns out the items were not live. a closer look and a call to the son confirmed they were training devices.
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now to the latest on the crisis in puerto rico. the official death toll on the island has jumped from 16 to 34 now in the wake of hurricane maria. puerto rico's governor made the announcement shortly after president trump's visit to the u.s. territory. during the top mr. trump raised eyebrows after highlighting puerto rico's relatively low death toll compared to a, quote, real catastrophe like katrina. nbc10 in center city as this group called on congress to provide more relief for hurricane ravaged puerto rico. the rally was held outside a bank. the organization is asking banks to eliminate puerto rico's $72 million in debt. it says rebuilding will be impossible if the island has to first pay back banks. >> now we're asking them to forgive the debt because how can puerto rico ever rebuild. right now it's probably going to cost way more money than the debt that's actually owed to
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rebuild puerto rico. >> today's rally in philadelphia was one of ten held across the country. up next at 6:00, a massive barge taking more than a million meals and hundreds of trucks and suvs from south jersey to puerto rico. we get an exclusive look inside and show you how it will all get all the way to san juan. it's going to be a mixed weekend ahead. are you headed to the eagles game? i'll let you know if that's the day you need the rain slicker and the umbrella.
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welcome back to las vegas. i am jacqueline london. the attorney for the gunman, stephen paddock's girlfriend spoke to the media moments ago. he says paddock bought her a ticket to the philippines days before the shooting. she arrived back in the u.s. overnight. here is what her attorney had to say. >> he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. >> fbi agents have spent the day questioning her. she has been labeled a person of
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interest but not a suspect. we, of course, will have more tonight an nbc10 news at 11:00. here on the streets in las vegas, people are saying they are seeing more thoughtfulness, more kindness. of course, we saw that at the concert as well. the regular civilians became first responders to strangers. they say it was their natural instinct and their desire to do it. one gentleman i met tonight said this time what happened in vegas has spread out to the entire world. helping hands and hopefully soon healing. live in las vegas. jacqueline london, nbc10 news. >> one of those moments that puts life in perspective. jacqueline, thanks. see you at 11:00. new right here at 6:00, a massive undertaking to get life-saving supplies from south jersey to puerto rico. nbc10 got a look at this barge filled with a million meals. two million liters of water and almost two hundred trucks.
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cydney long takes us to petty's island in pennsauken. >> reporter: giant metal containers. >> we have about 85 containers of water for this barge in particular. around the clock. >> reporter: they are packed with supplies, food to the tune of 1.4 meals ready to eat and water for people who are starving and still thirsty in puerto rico. >> they will definitely extend the amount of food and water on the island for the survivors who need it. we have barges just like this leaving from facilities all over the united states. >> reporter: much like legos, containers are locked into place on three tiers. from skyforce10 you can see the enormity of the vessel. 980 tons empty. 190-bucket trucks, six jeeps, suvs and vans to travel roads washed away by maria.
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it will take roughly 19 hours to load this barge. then it will shove off before dawn tomorrow morning and will be at sea for seven days. it will arrive at san juan's port by next wednesday. >> we are shipping the actual personnel to man the trucks in flights. >> reporter: team members here have been more than willing to answer the call. >> i said, listen, i have containers coming in all night. i need you to say until midnight. >> reporter: for andrea the mission it personal. she and her family lost everything during hurricane katrina. >> this is my life's work for the rest of my life and career. >> reporter: from petty's island to an island in ruins to help puerto rico rebuild. cydney long, nbc10 news. now, your nbc10 first alert
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weather. >> what a spectacular day it's been out there. we started with a little patchy fog this morning. we've had blue skies and 76 for a high in philadelphia. no rain. and if you want to catch a pretty sunset that's at 6:38 this evening. looking at the radar. nothing out there. we have the beans sweeping the sky. all quiet here. not far away, scattered showers across the northwestern portion of the state and moving through parts of the ohio valley and upper midwest. will we get much needed rain? we're in a little bit of a deficit. there is a tiny possibility for the outlying areas. pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, burks county, poconos on friday. the best chance starts up here on sunday. right now the warm air, look at it, 81 in cincinnati. 80 in nashville. it's ahead of this cold front. behind it, chilly air. 59 in minneapolis. it won't cool down until the
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latter part of next week. 75 in philadelphia. 70 in atlantic city. if you are in allentown, 75 degrees this hour. so, here is where we are going hour by hour. southerly winds keep it cooler along the beaches. for the rest of us, we have enjoyed the 70s. tomorrow we bounce into the low 80s. could see an isolated shower in the southern poconos. it looks like the models want to keep everything away from the city on thursday night and friday. i think that's what will happen. we'll be looking at possibly near 80 degrees on friday. look at this. on saturday a mix of sun and clouds. by 1:00 we're already at 79 degrees. that means we'll be quite warm out there. a look at what's going on in the tropics. possibly nate forming. two areas of interest. one north of cuba. this one in the western caribbean is now invest 16. it's a tropical depression. expected to become a tropical storm. it will be nate if it is one. by saturday, maybe a hurricane. may be making landfall near
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tallahassee has a hurricane. moving through atlanta and bringing us the chance for rain here in philadelphia sometime perhaps next tuesday or wednesday. 82 tomorrow. 79 friday with isolated showers in outlying areas. 83 on saturday. 78 on sunday. bring that rain slicker if you are going to the eagles game. you may need it. could see showers then and as well on the holiday, columbus day. back right after this? hey. i am john clark live at the wells fargo center. it's the sixers' preseason opener coming up. the players talk about playing here in a sixers uniform for the first time. carson wentz, wait until you hear what he says about the eagles. that's coming up next. ♪
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. hey. i am john clark live at the wells fargo center. it is the sixers' preseason opener. no joel embiid. he won't play tonight. he hasn't practiced fully. a look at ben simmons warming up. ben simmons and markelle fultz both making their debuts tonight at the wells fargo center. both are ready and have been waiting for this moment. >> we're excited to get out there and play. we're looking forward to getting out there and competing. >> give it my all. my first time getting to compete against somebody else who is already in the nba. giving it my all so i can see where i am at. >> the last two number one
6:25 pm
overall picks for the first time in a sixers uniform. this will be one to watch. the eagles are getting ready for the cardinals. no fletcher cox or jim jernigan at practice today. the running game for the eagles, the ground and pound. rushed for 407 yards the last two games. it's interesting because the running backs and the offensive line are glad that doug pederson is finally leaning on them and trusting them. carson wentz, as you know, is very religious. you can tell he is pretty excited. >> the whole o-line is playing unbelievable right now. they're playing kind of pissed off. they have an attitude about them. it's awesome to see them play, to have them in front of me and lead the way for the running backs is pretty special. >> that's the saltiest language
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you'll hear carson wentz use. we'll have the highlights tonight at 11:00. flyers season opener tonight in san jose at 10:00. jim, back to you. >> jim clark, thanks. a beiimagine waiting two yeo find out if your family will be ripped apart. nbc10 investigators uncover a government mistake that almost deported this veteran's wife and shows us why millions of others are at risk at 11:00. meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise
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final look at weather here. beautiful evening along boat house row. temperatures in the mid 70s. >> it will be in the 80s tomorrow. it will feel like summer. lovely weather. 82 tomorrow. 79 on friday. could see an isolated shower in outlying areas. a bit more cloud cover that day. a mix of sun and clouds on saturday. 83 there. that feels like summer. and then showers begin on sunday, and we could actually see tropical rain from the mixed system developing by monday or tuesday. >> thanks for watching here at 6:00.
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i am jim rosenfield. up next, "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. see you tonight at 11:00. have a great evening. tonight, into the gunfire. harrowing new video from the first moments of chaos and carnage. officers running toward the danger. and tonight some of the most powerful stories of heroism we've heard. a father and son who both took bullets while working franticall to save others. >> he kept telling me that he loved everybody and just wanted everybody to know that he loved everybody. >> plus, new details on the investigation. the gunman's girlfriend back in the u.s. now being questioned by the fbi. also fallout from the nbc news exclusive that has rocketed across washington. rex tillerson's boiling point. sources say the secretary of state was on the verge of resigning. so fru


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