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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 8, 2017 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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13-year quarterback. >> with 5:19 to go. >> it's no surprise to his teammates. smith is the biggest competitor on this team and always been accurate. he said i am not the same tight end without him. he said we have different personnel. we have taken the vertical shots now. alex can throw deep and he didn't just develop that this season. he had it all along. >> we show so many interesting things about him. in 12 years in the league, he had a total of six 300 yard
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games. this is his second already this season. all of them coming on nbc for what it's worth. and the flag for what that's worth. >> really smart guy. >> offense number 65. after this goal, replay first half. >> 3.74 grade point average. alex smith was very up front and felt like he was getting to have a bigger role in this offense. they have three offensive coordinators around here. childress and brad childress and andy reed. they get together and andy's offense after andy draws up all the plays we showed earlier. they came out and there is the
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game plan. he did nothing for a quarter and a half. he is a 100 yard knight. 24 carries for 100 yards. a 23 yard scamper there. >> a savvy young man. not only does he do that. he gets down and understanding. this is about team football. how many guys do we see? it has been happening all year. you almost get to the point you expect people to bounce off of them. now he is going to get down and get that clock moving. two from triple figures and an opportunity i'm sure. the 28 yard line. and he barely gets into triple figures. he takes it to the 32 yard line. kansas city in the fourth quarter this season. they had that tremendous round
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in the opener against the pacers. they scored three touchdowns to win the game going away. that 14 in week two against the eagles. the chargers to seven to win that game. against the redskins on monday night. 54 points in the fourth. plus 60 tonight. 70 for andy reed.
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>> who are you listening to and he said npr. i asked him and he said last night, you still listen to npr, he said all the time. >> he's a bit unflappable. having been through it once in my career. where we drafted it gets you fired up and the first thing you top the do is go straight to the gym. i'm sure alex smith was going to be the heir apparent at the quarterback position. he got himself ready to play in a hurry. >> third and six. this is west. two touchdowns tonight. to the 33 yard line.
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that will be fourth down. >> it's time to grow up now. it's on you. >> the same draft in 05. they earned a couple of super bowl rings. this is fuller. up and down the sideline and it's coke that knocks him down
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to the 40 yard line. >> how did he get him on the ground like that. he gave him a punch to the head. he is 4-3 and bill o'brien knew all about this young man. watch him here at the end of this getting blocked. >> 49 after a 53 yard punt. 3:21 left in regulation. the low snap. he is going deep and out of bounds. marcus peters and hopkins. figured to be a good battle tonight. hopkin has been living there no matter who is covering them. >> he tried to get a little out and not move like that and i think that watson would have
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been happy to settle for a jump ball. peters squeezed them into the boundary and know where to go. caught by miller. the short gain. third down. third and 6. >> defensively now had it just been the hammer and that was the one thing you could count on here. to watch two of the star players go off early in the game.
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>> the three-man rush and field and it is a touchdown. hopkins in a ton of traffic. beach mitchell for the score. >> he's a beast. 34 yards. >> if you just throw up the jump ball to d' andre hopkins. they said the heck with it. just keep it in front of you. being in front doesn't work when you had to get to the rim for the college basketball player. playing football and basketball.
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and that's incomplete. intended for ellington and remains in 13 points with 2 time 57 to go in the fourth. >> that's looking bigger and bigger for that. he knocked it out of his hands. got it on the way down. >> you wouldn't see that many fantastic catches. you see like 10 a week. >> stick em.
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it's not as good as the gloves. >> you wear gloves. the super bowl is bizarre going my whole career and not wearing them. and the super bowl was too easy to catch the ball with the gloves. >> why don't you come back for another year? >> that's 10 yards. you now have chris conley coming away with it. he was off to the end zone. he is down and he's reaching for his hamstring. the back of his leg. maybe that's why he could not gallop any further. obviously that's the case. we have seen much too much tonight. >> they don't need to lose any more of their wide receiver type weapons here. conley is one of the guys. it's under appreciated i think
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on the team. he's like the one receiver side and the tricks with hill and with kelsey and all those guys.
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>> what it is issue was her her conley watches his left calf. >> you will see a ripple right there. something popped. he went down. i don't think i have ever seen that before.
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>> you can see it. quivering. conley who would have had a touchdown in all likelihood had that not happened winds up going to the locker room on a cart. >> kansas city and houston has one time out and also they can stop it with the warning. here is hunt. the 30 yard line and leading the league in rushing by a mile coming in. and now he is going to put a lot of space between him and anybody else. 107 yards. a third and a fourth and a seventh.
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a trade on the other side. they could have gone for watson. he visited with him. that gets taken down and gets taken to the two-minute warning at nrg stadium in houston. with the kansas city chiefs are 120 seconds away from going 5-0.
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>> coming up at the conclusion of the game, the post-game report with the stars of the game. wrapping it up. chris and i will have a preview night in the rockies. the broncos coming up after the game. only the second rookie in the two-game span. he did it for washington. he was 4-4. and watson right now with four
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in the game. four in the game plus a rushing touchdown third down and eight at the 33 yard line. >> a few updates from the sideline. he is questionable with a calf injury. chris conley, the wide receiver you saw karcarted off the field out with a an kill ease injury. he has not played since the first half being evaluated for a concussi concussion. we have not seen him come back out. >> he is out and they have a tough schedule coming up.
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kansas city goes home and they made pittsburgh next week and they go to oakland where the raiders have to be pretty hungry. tough ahead for the kansas cityians. pittsburgh losing to jacksonville today. denver of course figures to be a big one obviously in the afc west. denver next week. down to arlington before the bye week. >> right after the first two games. >> maybe that was a throw out
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game. they found a gem in this. they won the game last week. 5-5. 49 yards right here. >> it was waved by the panthers. kansas city had their eye on them all along. they knew exactly and it just worked out. he was available. >> yep. only won that game with four seconds. and justin houston won the game for a lot of other people. the fumble recovery changed a few. >> it did. return for a touchdown. last night should we get e-mails and texts.
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oh, yeah. so to kickoff and thompson to run it back. 68 seconds. 42-26. half their weapons in the locker room. >> if you think about what they did in the off season, they got rid of a big play guide. jeremy mac lynn was surprising. they wind up with hunt and then they have hill and they will work him into the offense which they have done. and kelsey of course. and we will see about conley in his immediate future. week six will be kicking off on thursday night and how about the panthers. they hold off detroit 4-1. philadelphia hot and eagles on top. in the nfc east kickoff as they
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tell us is 8:26. be there or be square. any tie breaker over them. the irony is in the off season when everybody thought new england had gotten better with the super bowl champs, a lot of the talk is could it be a perfect season. kansas city ended in three hours. >> i'm assuming they get all healthy and everything is good, then they have a lot of different ways to win a football game. very underrated is the secondary and the way they can cover a passing game. they are very aggressive with it.
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>> hopkins out of bounds. the secondary and you think about opening night as great as it was for kansas city. what a battle he had going on with gronk. remember that back and forth? the premier guy fills in for berry and plays as a linebacker. excellent cover guy. >> anderson is the number two tight end. the tackle by peters and under 40 to play. >> i tell you, deshaun watson has russell wilson and the way he can escape and make plays. what i like about what he does, he keeps his eyes down the
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field. he is looking for big plays out of him. he is making it. impressive young man. impressed with him on the field. obviously. very humble. a guy that did great things and taking care of the cafeteria workers. >> and watson launches one to the end zone. a jump caught at the one-yard line. that's anderson, the tight end just caught the last pass and now it's first and goal. nothing else to try to get it into the end zone and clock ticking down for 42 yards.
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seven seconds. spike ist here with five second. >> i think i know what the offense will turn into. they go up and sky over. you know how hard that catch is right there? and then land? it got above everybody. ron parker thought he had a game ending interception and it was steven anderson over the top of him. >> time runs out and that is going to be a fifth touchdown past tonight. for watson. for hopkins tonight, three
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touchdown catches. >> just a great route. set it up and to be so patient, wide open against terence mitchell. on the back end of that play, it was scary and i think watson got rolled up on it as he let this thing go. here they go. the rookie record. >> so the game is over and it turns out to be a one-possession game. the eight-point differential. kansas city goes to 5-0. houston goes to 2-3. 42-34 is the final score. big, big night again for alex smith. 324 yards. three touchdowns and no picks. coming up with the post-game report after these messages from
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your nbc station.
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first apartment 60 second rotini ah, here we go. hi, honey! hey mom! are you eating well? umm...yeah i'm actually making something right now. new barilla ready pasta. deliciously al dente in just 60 seconds. simply add your favorite ingredients... that looks amazing! ...and enjoy. hey, there you go. i can almost smell it. new barilla ready pasta. 60 seconds to wonderful. um, elbow! oh, sorry mom! last of the unbeaten stays that way. impressive performance. they put up 42 tonight to beat houston. not indicative of the dominance
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by the kansas city chiefs on two different fronts. one the chiefs remain undefeated and the injury to jj watt. let's first deal with kansas city and the impressive performance by alex smith and company. no doubt, alex smith leading on eight. 10 possessions. solid effort and they got it done and stand by. >> this offense continues to be so efficient and effective. third down conversions on the medium third and long, how are you able to handle the multiplicity as well as you do? >> i think it credits two things. the coaches are putting in good plans and guys sticking to the details. they have a bunch of play makers and everyone has a piece of the pot. everyone coming out and executing him. the attention to detail.
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showing up on game day. >> no interceptions. the only time they are suffered on the first play of the season when he fumbled. none since. how come? >> that streak is not going to go on forever. it's to play good sound football. it's going to happen. you want to come out and make the shots. you want to have good fundamentals. >> congratulations. >> 5-0. a lot of buzz coming into the game deshaun watson. what part of the game plan worked? >> you know what, they ran the ball on us pretty good in the first half. the second half we had to get them up a little bit more. i had hats off to the coaching staff. the second half, we didn't blink. 5-0 was pretty good. >> the way this offense is
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playing, how much is that energizing you guys on the defensive side? >> this is the ultimate team game. we need the offense and they go through for us all the time. part of that doesn't turn the ball over. >> congratulations on 5-0. >> they are rolling with 27-4. j.j. watt suffering that tibial plateau fracture that could sideline him for the rest of the season. if at all this year, they were down this row last year. where do the texans go this year? >> this game is so much psychological and emotion and energy. that's what they have to do. they are losing a great football player and losing their later. what they have to realize is they did this last year and we
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have to regroup. everyone else has to do more. they can be fine. their offense is so much better. deshaun watson gives them hope. they have to say we have to forget it and play like jj is here. get ourselves going. if they do that, they can be okay. >> good point. so deflating when you saw the scenes. thanks. let's bring in mike florio. two big stars with major injuries. watt here and earlier today, o'dell beckham, jr. what are the ramifications. he had the spraped ankle in the preseason and there had been a desire to get the contact. he wants to be the highest paid player in the league. the giants want to see that he is healthy before they would make a long-term financial commitment. he wants that before he goes on
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the field. that's what they would be moving forward. >> the human and the football side. look at the great stars getting hurt both on this day. catch mike tomorrow morning from 7 to 9:00 and the "dan patrick show" from 9:00 to noon. he will join dan. final word on this sunday as we come back after this. [ "livin' thing" by electric light orchestra ] ♪ sailin' away on the crest of a wave, it's like magic ♪ ♪ rollin' and ridin' and slippin' and slidin' ♪ ♪ it's magic introducing the all new volkswagen tiguan. ♪ higher and higher, baby the new king of the concrete jungle.
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i'll have the langoustine lfor you, sir?i. the original call was for langoustine ravioli. a langoustine is a tiny kind of lobster. a slight shellfish allergy rules that out, plus my wife ordered the langoustine. i will have chicken tenders and tater tots. if you're a ref, you way over-explain things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. sir, we don't have tater tots. it's what you do. i will have nachos! >> okay and a quick look to next week with the broncos off to a good start and bringing in joseph as the coach. he has got the defensive pedigree. trevor is playing really well. a nice piece on him with sports illustrated. a good defense.
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all the way to the wire with kansas city. >> that division obviously looks so tough. if you flip it over on the other side and told me the new york giants would be winless at this point in the season, i wouldn't have believed. i thought they were a legitimate super bowl threat this year and it's remarkable how this lead can humble anybody at any time. >> for sounds like hype, but the giants were about as down and out as a team can be. >> maybe the defense can help turn it around for the giants. >> come out fighting. it's going to be a tough one. >> the giants and the broncos. we will see you next sunday night. our crew, we thank you for watching sunday night football. for now it's our entire gang saying good night from houston


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