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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  October 9, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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for philadelphia. i'll break it down hour by hour to show when the steadier rain will be moving in when i come back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting on the roosevelt boulevard, super quiet. the majors in and around the philadelphia area especially like the boulevard, around fox street, no problems or delays. both directions right here, you see northbound, southbound, toward the schuylkill, no problems. the schuylkill is free of the construction that closed it around 30th. 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine, 12 minutes. the same for the blue route southbound from the schuylkill to 95. a 14-minute trip, speeds into the 60s. good to go, awesome on the vine street expressway in between broad and the schuylkill, we're open. you don't have to worry about any construction projects that will detour you around this morning at least so far. back to you. now to our continuing coverage of mold concerns in a
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south jersey school district. the monroe township public school board is holding an emergency meeting tonight. >> it comes days after the discovery of mold in classrooms, hallways, and even the library of holly glen elementary. the problem is impacting hundreds of students already. nbc10's katy zachry joins us live from the school. what's the district saying? >> reporter: this morning we've tried to reach the superintendent of monroe township schools at his home to find out more about the nature of the emergency meeting that we're being told happens tonight. also in a twist, today is an in-service day. students are off for the columbus day holiday. staff and teachers were originally told to report to their schools. we are hearing that they have been no longer told to report, that they are being told to stay home. let's look at some video that we received last week after this environmental testing took place at this elementary school, holly
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glen school here in the monroe township school district. here are pictures of the mold that was found inside this school. this school, holly glen elementary school, will be closed moving forward until crews fix the mold problem. we're hearing the mold problem may be more widespread. a parent has reached out to us saying mold has been found in other schools in the district. again, back out here live, we're trying this morning to reach the superintendent of monroe township schools at his home to find out what the nature of the emergency meeting is tonight and also to find out if mold is present at other schools throughout the district. i'll be back with an update. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> thank you. in montgomery county, chilton ham high school students found out their library has a mold issue. a comment from the principal said they found mold in the air and on books in the facility.
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the library will be shut down. a renovation project that includes a new hvac system will also be accelerated. a philadelphia firefighter in the hospital following a home at this row home on cedar street is in the hospital. we're working to find out his condition. smoke and water damage to adjoining row homes. investigators are looking into conditions of hoarding conditions. police in gloucester township are investigating a crash they say killed multiple people and injured several others. it happened on sicklerville road at dunlands way. it reopened last night. the cars are a mangled mess. the sound and commotion caused by the crash brought out by people living nearby. >> we heard a loud sound. something like a transformer blowing. it's terrifying. it is. i got a kid that's getting ready to go on the streets to drive. >> neighbors complain about the speed on sicklerville road.
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as of now, police do not know how the crash happened. investigators are asking for anyone who has information to call them. it's 4:04 and 75 degrees outside. investigators of the las vegas massacre still haven't figured out gunman stephen paddock's motive for killing 58 people. yesterday federal agents again searched paddock's home, taking pictures inside. meantime, the owner of a vegas casino where paddock often gambiga gambled described him as "vanilla," saying he didn't drink or cause trouble, didn't run up debts or have a gambling problem. hundreds filled churches in las vegas looking for healing yesterday. at the service, participants prayed and cried for the 58 who died and the hundreds more who were hurt. the minister asked friends and family of victims to stand and prayed for comfort. these service dogs from cherry hill are in las vegas on a mission to help first responders and anyone who may need healing after the mass shooting. the six dogs and their handlers
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are staying at the mandalay bay. the site of the shooting. among those now in las vegas is a 4-year-old rottweiler named beguner it. his handle -- gunther. his handler is a police major, john hunt. >> a lot of times people will start petting the dog, then they start talking. >> gunther and the team have traveled to the scene of tragedy before. they were also in orlando after the pulse nightclub shooting. today is columbus day, and in philadelphia the sons of italy will place a wreath this morning at the columbus monument at penn's polanding. they'll -- penn's landing. they'll also hold a ceremony in philadelphia. the governor will mark the day by attending the annual columbus day communion mass and breakfast in wilmington. he'll join other lawmakers including senator tom carper. it starts at 7:30 at st. anthony of padua church. music played and italian flags lined broad street at yesterday's columbus day parade
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through south philadelphia. columbus day celebrates the explorer's arrival in the americas in 1492 and is seen as a celebration of italian american heritage. on this columbus day, this anti-columbus banner appeared in penn's landing on the walnut street bridge over christopher columbus boulevard. it says "columbus did not find" blank, we blurred the ofencive word. the museum of the american revolution will present a day devoted to native american history and culture. you can attend several presentations today and a film tonight. and the political controversy has made its way into celebrations in new york city. politicians at the parade in the bronx yesterday blasted mayor de blasio's effort to look at whether this famous statue of explorer at columbus circle should be removed. despite the criticism, de blasio is scheduled to march in today's columbus day parade in
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manhattan. 4:07. the 4-1 eagles are more than a passing fancy after they crushed the cardinals by 27 points at the linc. quarterback carson wentz launched four touchdown throws, three in the opening quarter. the birds' defense bent but didn't break. limiting the offense on a single touchdown on the day. we'll have reaction from wentz and the birds at 4:30. the eagles -- birds channeling their inner foils with this little -- phillies with this little home plate video that went viral. birds' receiver capping off the 72-yard touchdown in the backward plunge into the end zone. aguilar turned around on the 1 yard line before doing a trust fall for the score. there he goes. and if that looks familiar, that's because another eagle did the same thing back in 2010. remember this?
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former bird sean jackson pulling off the same move on sunday night football. aguilar said he did the trust fall as a tribute to jackson. look at this morning's front and back confederates of the "philadelphia daily news" on the eagles' win, fall, and rise, and home run derby. the first-place eagles don't have much long -- that long of a wait to face cam newton and the carolina panthers. the birds will be in charlotte this week for thursday night football. eagles' game day kickoff will come your way at 7:00 p.m. followed by "eagles game plan" at 7:30. nbc10 your official station for the philadelphia eagles. we are continuing to track tropical depression nate which is now impacting our weather as more rain moves in. the storm made landfall first in louisiana late saturday, then in mississippi yesterday morning. didn't cause major damage like other recent hurricanes, but it did trigger flooding that washed over roads and caused power outages. also there were boats that
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washed ashore causing soil erosion. and nate sped ashore near biloxi, mississippi. it brought a storm surge that swamped low-lying areas of the city. these are images of water gushing into the buildings and parking decks, dunking cars and knocking out electricity. and the remnants of hurricane nate may have spawned a tornado near greenville, north carolina. no reports of anyone hurt. the national weather service will be looking at the scene to determine if it was indeed a twister that caused the damage. >> we count our blessings that we don't have to suffer that damage or flooding. we will, nonetheless, get remnants of nate. >> yeah. it started overnight. bill? yeah, rain is moving in. you'll need the umbrella today. clouds over camden. the live view across the delaware this morning. the showers are mainly north and west right now. light showers. we won't get flooding rains that you saw in the video.
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we'll jet gust rain today. -- we'll just get rain today. there will be downpours into the morning and afternoon hours. there is the main batch of wet weather moving our way. it's going through virginia now. on track to arrive this morning. and then we'll see it taper off this morning. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. 8:30, heavier rain moving through baltimore. rain will be falling in philadelphia, the suburbs, delaware, and into south jersey. the steadier, heavier rain will bring the chance of thunderstorms. mostly we're looking at rain, rainy morning, and lunchtime will be rainy. through the afternoon, that heavy rain moves on. it's 2:00 in the afternoon. the line of showers will be right along the coast. we'll see scattered, lighter showers in philadelphia. and as the day goes on, fewer and fewer showers. still a few showers in the area at 5:30. there will be breaks of sunshine for some of the suburbs and into central delaware. the clouds will be really thinning out later this evening. you see clearing skies by 11:00
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tonight in the lehigh valley. there still could be a light shower at the shore. all these clouds and the wet weather, they're going to keep the temperatures from climbing all that much. we're getting a really warm start. we're in the 70s right now. we'll maintain the 70s as the rain moves through. and then when it tapers off, we'll get breaks of sunshine in the clouds, the temperatures will climb into the upper 70s to low 80s again today. and even warmer for tomorrow. there are some cooler days ahead. i'll show you the trend when i come back in a few minutes. >> trying to get to ta-- to fal. almost there. >> we're there. >> we'll be there soon. 4:00, this monday holiday, let's find out what the traffic is looking like in cherry hill. >> yeah. maybe have to work. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. jessica? >> right. so far, so good. quiet, a lot of construction projects that we deal with probably because of the holiday not in place right now. route 70 in cherry hill, around kings highway, no problems right
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now. you see both directions are good. guys moving through the intersection east and west no problems. the 42 freeway looks good. 55 to the walt whitman bridge, speeds still into the 60s. moving toward philadelphia from jersey roads are doing okay. watch for some construction in wilmington on 95's northbound side at concord and marsh road between exits 8 and 9. that will be there until 6:00 this morning. a little less than two hours. we can watch that. for the most part, traffic is getting by. just lane restrictions there. >> all right. thank you. hoping for a miracle. the heartbreaking plea as a local university student in need of a kidney donation. >> keep putting one foot in front of the other. that's our motto. >> what the student has to say about his fight for survival and what his school is trying to do to help out. plus, a mascot message. how the philadelphia mayor is using the fanatic to address the immigration debate. and at 4:15, fire prevention
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week. what you need to know to keep your family safe in case of a blaze.
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4:15. president trump is pushing new priorities for his immigration policy in exchange for extending protection for deportation for thousands of young, working, illegal immigrants known as dreamers. first the president wants the wall built along the u.s./mexico border. he also wants to overhaul the green card system and close loopholes that he says enable illegal immigration. philadelphia mayor kenney is using the philly fanatic. >> president trump has been teased for throwing paper towels
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to hurricane victims in puerto rico. here's what he had to say -- >> realize trump might not be the best president, but he would be the best mascot. let him go nuts like the philadelphia fanatic -- philly fanatic, throwing free stuff to fans. >> the mayor picked up on the "snl" theme saying, "the fanatic from the galapagos islands is one other example of how immigrants contribute to the city." the city has filed a lawsuit over the administration's proposal to further restrict grants for cities and states that don't provide immigration officials with access to undocumented immigrants detained by police. school administrators, teachers, and public safety officials from around delaware county will hear from a mother today who lost a child in the sandy hook school shooting. it is a safe schools summit they're holding to encourage collaboration between school districts and local law enforcement. this is video from a previous summit.
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national fire prevention week starts today. >> yeah, the annual observance could save your life and the lives of your loved ones. the theme of this year's campaign is every second counts, plan two ways out. first things first, the fire departments here at home and across the country urge you of to working smoke detectors on each level of your home. they also want you to have an emergency home escape plan and to practice it. that means two ways out of every room in case of a fire. usually a door or window, also your escape route should be a clear path to an outside meeting place a safe distance away. new jersey's latest bear hunt will draw archers, marksmen, possibly more controversy this morning. the week-long hunt begins at 8:00 in mostly north jersey counties. the first few days are reserved for bow hunting. hunters with guns will get their chance during the last few days. the annual hunt began in 2010. several years after a longtime ban on bear hunting was lifted. the state's goal is to reduce the bear population. but opponents of the hunt claim
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it can be done without killing the animals. 4:18. we'll get rain, but boy, 75 degrees. it's warm out. >> still warm. let's find out what's to come with meteorologist bill henley. bill? the wind is blowing, and that's pushing warm air into the area on this columbus day. the winds stronger above building level. that wind will come to the ground in philadelphia. wilmington, a 12-mile an hour breeze. important is the direction that's bringing up moisture from the south, bringing up the warmth that will keep us well above normal for this time of year. in fact, 51 degrees is the normal temperature for about this hour in philadelphia. we're at 75 now. 70s for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, delaware, and south jersey. nobody is cool this morning. 74 degrees at the shore. and normally you'll get some variation. with the clouds overhead and that wind blowing, just a couple of degrees difference from all the neighborhoods this morning.
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and we will see the temperatures warm late this afternoon. the best chance of steadier rain comes through during the morning hours, during the afternoon. could see some breaks of sunshine. upper 70s and low 80s for some neighborhoods. right now, we have a few sprinkles that have just moved through the trenton area. a few showers already in bucks county, as well. the mountain event is still to the southwest. the remnants of nate coming through the area this morning and early this afternoon. and then it will quickly move through our area, and we'll see clearing skies by late tonight. it's also going to bring along with the rain an additional wind that i mentioned. in fact, by noontime, winds up to 16 miles per hour. 18 mile-an-hour winds in pottstown and reading, a little bit stronger in lancaster and dover. watch how quickly the winds will taper off. by 6:00 this evening, they're dropping below ten miles per hour in philadelphia. the numbers will continue to come down. now, temperatures tomorrow, going up.
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80s today. 84 degrees tomorrow. we'll see sunshine, another warm, summer-like day. you see the trend into the middle of the week. temperatures come down. looking at a couple of days in the 60s before we get another warmup heading into next weekend. i'll look at next weekend and beyond with the ten day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. >> see you then. 4:20. we've already looked at cherry hill. let's look at the lehigh valley. >> 78 at lehigh street is what we're watching. so far, so good. everything's pretty quiet. i'm going to say that on this day, on monday, of course, after a weekend and into a holiday, as well, we're going to see pretty light volume for the most part. 78 around lehigh street is here. westbound and eastbound, dealing with no problems so far. speaking of no problems, the vine street expressway is open, too, both directions in between broad and the schuylkill. you don't need a detour there. not going to set yourself back moving through center city. the p.a. turnpike looks good, too. right here, we're eastbound and
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westbound, 22 minutes, 23 at the most on the eastbound side from valley forge to route 1. speeds in both directions are still moving into the mid 60s. i'll end here out for mass transit. septa, amtrak, patco, new jersey transit on or close to schedule. you're looking at a star spangled battleship, "uss camden," lit up with stars last night. it's part of a show called "the light art grand tour usa." artists traveling to all 50 states to project their artwork at different monuments. 4:21. war of words. why one senator is comparing the white house to a daycare center. out of a job. the decades of allegations that led to the firing of a famous movie producer. vegas remembered. how the city is marksing one week since -- marking one week since the deadliest mass shooting in history. and controversial ad. trending, a well-known soap company is apologizing for an ad some are calling racially
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president trump went on a twitter tirade against a tennessee senator from his only party only to have him fire back. >> bob cooker, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee accused trump of treating his office like a reality show and making reckless threats toward other countries that could set the nation on "a path to world war iii." here's how the president responded. the president tweeted senator bob corker begged me to endorse him for the election in tennessee. i said no, and he dropped out. he said he could not win without my endorsement. he also wanted to be secretary of state, i said no, thanks. he's also largely responsible for the horrendous iran deal. hence, i would fully expect
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corker to be a negative voice and to stand in the way of our great agenda. didn't have the guts to run. corker fired back in this tweet, "it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning." corker's support will be critical to the president on tax reform and the fate of the iran nuclear deal. we'll be keeping an eye on the twitter feed this morning to see how the president responds to corker's latest comments. president trump has until october 15th, next sunday, to decide if he will certify the iran nuclear deal. there is growing speculation that he will not certify. if congress agrees, that could trigger the reissuing of sanctions on iran. a top iranian leader warns new sanctions would prompt them to possibly target u.s. military bases in the region. and movie producer harvey weinstein is out of a job. the company he helped found fired him. friday, weinstein took a leave of absence. he made the move after "the new york times" published an article detailing decades of sexual
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harassment allegations against him. the article mentioned legal settlements weinstein made with eight women. weinstein produced silver lining's playbook, shot in and around philadelphia in 2012. officials in charlottesville, virginia, want to clamp down on white nationalist rallies after another torch light march took place over the weekend. about three dozen people carrying tiki torches and chanting "we will be back" gathered around the shrouded robert e. lee statute saturday. police said no laws were broken. it was the first rally of its kind since a woman died during a clash between right nationalists and counterprotesters in august. the city says it's trying to give police more investigative tools to prevent future white supremacist rallies. and the message from president trump to the league. and testing the air. concerns over mold growing in a local school district. the emergency meeting being held tonight as parents worry about the threat to their children's health.
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we're tracking showers. you see the clouds in this view from center city. still warm, 75 degrees at 4:27. your neighborhood forecast is just ahead. first, jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center on this columbus day. what's the holiday traffic looking like? so far, so good. i imagine it's going to be light all day. just look at the schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive. east and west, no problems. moving into center city, looking good so far. we'll have updates in case that changes for the morning.
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nate's impact. the remnants of a hurricane are
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beginning to bring us rain. what you need to know before you head out the door. mold concerns. a local school district will hold an emergency meeting after discovering a health risk to students and teachers. and pausing to remember. overnight, las vegas goes dark to mark one week since the deadliest mass shooting in american history. 4:30 monday morning. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. now what's left of hurricane nate is bringing rain to our area. on the left the radar showing the remnants of the storm heading our direction. on the right, you see the storm surge and flooding hurricane brought to mississippi. meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast, the most accurate weather forecast. >> good morning. causing a lot of problems along the gulf coast. this storm system coming in has quickly weakened. it's still coming together with rain for the area. we've seen a


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