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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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beginning to bring us rain. what you need to know before you head out the door. mold concerns. a local school district will hold an emergency meeting after discovering a health risk to students and teachers. and pausing to remember. overnight, las vegas goes dark to mark one week since the deadliest mass shooting in american history. 4:30 monday morning. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. now what's left of hurricane nate is bringing rain to our area. on the left the radar showing the remnants of the storm heading our direction. on the right, you see the storm surge and flooding hurricane brought to mississippi. meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast, the most accurate weather forecast. >> good morning. causing a lot of problems along the gulf coast. this storm system coming in has quickly weakened. it's still coming together with rain for the area. we've seen a few showers, now
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mostly cloudy, the view from the studios. wilmington, philadelphia, trenton seeing showers. the steadier rain right now is in berks county. not heavy rain. this is just light rain that's moving through. the steadier rain and some heavy downpours are on the way for later this morning and early this afternoon. there you see it moving through virginia this hour toward d.c. and it aep's extending into wes pennsylvania. a rainy day for us. and we are not alone. the lehigh valley, 75 degrees right now. a warm start. rain has been falling in the easton area. the temperature will come down a little with rain this morning. 73 degrees. the rain should be tapering off later this afternoon. and that's enough time to get sunshine and warm to the turnpike 70s and low 80s. i'll break down the forecast for each part of the area to show when to expect the heaviest rain when i'm back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington is watching the first alert traffic. >> thanks. good morning, guys. and we're watching route 202 around route 29.
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so far, so good. both directions are okay. you see the roadwork signs on the ramps and off to the shoulder. lanes are open, a seven-minute trip moving from this point. moving from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, speeds there are still into the 60s. 422 looking great, as well on that eastbound side, 29 to the schuylkill. nine-minute trip, speeds in the 50s. no big problems through the work zone. speaking of the work zone, one of the few construction projects or big ones going on this holiday, wilmington, 95 northbound between concord pike and marsh road, exit 8 and 9, will be there until 6:00 this morning. 4:32. 75 degrees outside. school health concerns. a school district in gloucester county is testing the air and holding an emergency meeting after mold is found everywhere from classrooms to hallways at holly glen elementary school. now there's concern that other schools in the district are facing the same problem. nbc10's katy zachry joins us live from the school with the
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latest details. katy? >> reporter: over the last few hours, a parent reached out to us saying mold has been found in other school buildings in this district, not just at holly glen elementary school behind me. so there's a new concern for families as they wake up this morning. now on top of that, teachers and staff who were originally reporting to their individual schools for this in-service day today, they have been told not to report. there's a message on the website telling them to stay on, they will be paid for the day. the district is citing air quality testing going on inside the building. look at pictures of mold that were released to us after an environmental firm came into holly glen elementary school last week and did testing and found mold. are you looking at pictures of mold found inside the school. inside the school, the library, the hallways, places of that nature, we're told that's where
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mold was found. a big question looms today -- has mold been found in other schools in the monroe school district, and where will students go if so many buildings are now affected. this morning, we're trying to reach the superintendent at home to get answers to these questions and to find out the nature of this emergency board meeting that has been called for 7:00 tonight. reporting live in williamstown, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> thank you. police in north philadelphia are looking for a gunman who killed one man and shot another six times. the double shooting happened on arlington street yesterday. the dead man was found inside a car. medics took the surviving victim to the hospital. we're working to find out his condition. a hotel room-turned-armory. that's how officers who stormed the hotel room of the las vegas massacre shooter described the scene they found inside. on "60 minutes" last night the officers talked about finding stacks and stacks of magazines
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and rifles all over the room. the city dimmed the lights last night exactly one week after shots were fired at concertgoers. it was to honor the 58 dead and over 500 wounded. police combed paddock's home. no word if they found anything. so far investigators have chased down more than 1,000 leads and still can't figure out why stephen paddock carried out that mass shooting and killed himself. and the las vegas massacre has reignited the gun control debate. congress is still divided, but republican steve scalise who was shot in june at a congressional baseball practice, you'll remember, said he still stands for an unlimited right to bear arms. >> minority leader nancy pelosi said she wants it to be a slippery slope. she doesn't want to stop it on stocks. they want to go out and limit the rights of gun owners. >> look, how many events do we want to have happen with these devices now before we do
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something about it? >> the nra is calling for reviews of so-called bump stocks, that's a device at that vegas gunman used to make a semiautomatic weapon fire faster. two democrats have introduced a bill to ban the sale of bump stocks. 4:36. vice president mike pence is embroiled in the nfl's an then controversy. he was at the colts/49ers game yesterday to watch peyton manning's jersey retirement ceremony. pence walked out after several 49ers players took a knee on the sideline during the star spangled banner. he later took to twitter to explain his reasoning. he said that he and president trump won't dignify an event that disrespects soldiers, the flag, or the national anthem. he also tweeted, "everyone is entitled to their own opinion," but he doesn't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and anthem. 49ers' safety eric reed call the pence's early exit a publicity stunt.
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>> he knew -- i've seen this happen, most players protest. he knew that we were probably going to do it again. >> most players who tyke a knee during the anthem say they're showing unity against social injustice. a hall of fame nfl owner is now weighing in on the anthem controversy. jerry jones of the dallas cowboys says any player who disrespects the flag will pay the price. jones told the "dallas morning news," "if there is anyone disrespecting the flag, we will not play. there's no question in my mind the dallas cowboys will stand up for the flag ." it's been a while since we said eagles dominate, but that's what the birds did in the romp over the cardinals at the linc. carson wentz launching four touchdown throws, three in the opening quarter. the birds' defense, they bent, they didn't break. limiting arizona's offense to a single touchdown. wentz and his head coach spoke
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with confidence afterwards. >> we're hungry. we're never going to get too high after wins. we're never going to get too low after losses. we're going to keep plugging along. we know we're a special team. we've got to prove it every week. >> the sky's the limit. you know, the key is just staying grounded and staying focused on our job and focused on the next game. >> and that next game is going to come up quickly this thursday night at carolina. nbc10 is your official station for the philadelphia eagles. we'll get you ready for the birds and the panthers with eagles game day kickoff thursday at 7:00 followed by "eagles game plan" at 7:30. if you take 95 northbound in the wilmington area, look for delays because of construction. crews began work last night on the bridge on northbound 95 over tally road. they're removing and replacing the pavement on the concrete bridge. 95 northbound between u.s. route 202 and marsh road is cut down to one lane. that work should be done by november.
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dozens of workers in chester county could be losing their jobs. animus corporation plans to stop making and selling insulin pumps. about 200 employees who manufacture and market the devices work in chester brook at a plant in westchester. tens of thousands of democratics who use -- diabetics who use the pumps will be referred to another company. plea for help. a lasalle university student is waiting for a miracle. he talks about not giving up hope for a kidney donation and how his school is helping spread the word. halloween warning. how you can make sure the costume you buy is not a scare to your wallet or your health. and new at 5:00 p.m., gas prices dropping. what you can expect to pay for your commute and why costs are going down.
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with a check on the roads. good news to report out on the vine street expressway. our cameras around 24th street show traffic is moving nicely. both directions are open. that construction project is out of here so far for this morning. right here westbound toward the schuylkill, no problems. eastbound toward 95, doing the same. also watching the blue route and drive times here look good. 15 minutes on the southbound side from the schuylkill to 95. speeds into the mid 60s still in both directions. also watching new jersey, quiet here, as well. route 73 around 295, the northbound and southbound sides. this can change, but not yet. so far quiet. i'll have updates for the rest of the morning when i come back again in ten minutes. 4:42. a dry start in the city, but showers are not far away. you see them moving through trenton, allentown, and reading, getting light rainfall. a little bit of a moderate shower, just west of the allentown. this is the first batch of
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showers. the main event coming through later this morning and this afternoon. we'll be seeing the remnants of nate roll through during the day. seeing umbrellas going up on this columbus day. 75 degrees right now, 75 at 10:00. this is when some of the steadier rain will be moving into the area. it will still be here at lunchtime. and early this afternoon, it will start to taper off in philadelphia. could even see breaks of sunshine late in the day. the suburbs, cloudy and rainy start this morning. we already have a few showers in the area. the steady rain late this morning and early this afternoon. by later this afternoon, fewer and fewer showers. a little bit of sunshine, the temperatures will warm into the 70s, possibly into the low 80s. the lehigh valley, this is where the most rain has been so far this morning. it's only been light at this time. we could see heavier downpours later this morning, early this afternoon just like the rest of the area, by later this afternoon, seeing breaks of sunshine. new jersey, 72 degrees now. not a huge temperature difference this morning.
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74 at lunchtime with steadier rain coming in. later in the afternoon, showers taper off. at the shore, not an all-day rainfall. a chance of scattered showers at 10:00. showers, possibly a thunderstorm as the wind picks up at noontime today. and then drying out this afternoon. for delaware, rain moving in this morning and for this afternoon. the steadier rain will be late morning and early in the afternoon. by later in the afternoon, showers will be moving out. the temperatures will peak in the low 80s. i think we'll get breaks of sunshine and see the numbers move up a bit. and then we're in for a warmup tomorrow. things change later in the week. when i come back in ten minutes, a look ahead with the ten day on 10. >> see you then. small eagles fan send a big message. the girl who is gaining national attention for her message to cam newton. what her father told us about the viral video. costume concerns. what you need to know before buying your halloween outfit that could protect your wallet
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and your health.
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keep on scratchin'! . breaking news. a search is underway for a driver who hit an 85-year-old and took off. this happened a half hour ago in the fox chase neighborhood of philadelphia. the woman has fractures to both legs and was rushed to the hospital. we have a crew on the scene looking for live reports and updates coming up at 5:00 a.m. while college students prepare for med-terms, one student has been juggling his studying with dialysis. >> matt delucia with a look at how this young man tries to do it all while he waits for a miracle. >> reporter: among all the students at lasalle university, there's one that stands out. you would never notice what kevin brider has been going through. >> he doesn't skip a beat. he keeps putting one foot in front of the other. that's our motto.
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>> reporter: his mother can't help but admire what kevin can do. his bedroom looks more like a hospital room. his kidney dialysis machine, frankly, keeps him alive. >> pretend like nothing's happening. i mean even though it's hard doing dialysis every night and it's -- it's difficult. >> reporter: we first met kevin 17 years ago when he had his first kidney transplant. back then his dad was the donor. last december, kevin went into kidney failure. so his mother stepped up. >> i had tests done, was ready to do it. five days before the surgery, we had testing. when they put our blood in a petri blood, his blood attacked my blood. >> reporter: doctors say when kevin had gotten sick earlier in the year, he developed antibodies that took away the match along with other potential matches. >> everything fell out from under us. >> reporter: now only one in ten potential donors will be able to give a kidney to kevin.
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this summer lasalle put out a plea asking for someone, anyone who could help. >> we realize is a big deal. it's not like giving blood or having a tooth pulled. >> it's a matter of waiting and being patient and persevering through this hard time i'm at now. >> reporter: so far, no match. hope is alive as kevin heads to class every day that he can so that he may one day work to help others just like him. >> you see so much bad in the world. it's nice to see that there are good people out there that are willing to help. >> reporter: matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> a great young man. fingers crossed. a little boy grateful for what he has decided to give back in delaware county. >> that boy in the light blue shirt is sammy burns. just turned 5. instead of getting gifts on his birthday, sammy decided he wanted to give. check this out -- he collected $370 in gift money and donated
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it to the county's hero fund. it helps send firefighters to college. everyone sang "happy birthday" to sam. good job. happy birthday. marketing experts have a new warning for you as halloween approaches. >> while you're looking for that scary costume, make sure it's not a scare to your finances or to your health. brand protection firm mark monitor says counterfeiters take advantage of online shoppers by using terms like cheap or discount which can steer more people to their sites. if the price looks too good to be true for that elaborate costume, it probably is. red flag. other items to be on the look out for are novelty contact lenses and make-up that can lead to painful and lasting damage. we like looking at the kids, right, jessica? >> i know. >> i have to confess, i feel more generous to the kids who make their own costumes. >> it's true. i always give big props. >> you hold back if it's a
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store-bought costume -- >> halloween, they're worried about the health of the kids because of the costumes. really we're giving bags of candy, too. >> right -- >> that's not the part that's unhealthy. that's what i think. >> mother nature's giving us rain today for this holiday, columbus day. a lot of people have the day off. people going to be using their umbrellas as they head out the door. and we've already seen rain this morning. the rain has been falling in whitehall township, clouds overhead. more rain on the way. this is a full view of whitehall township this morning. it's going to be a rainy morning, and then late this afternoon, i think we'll get some breaks of sunshine. right now, no sign of the normal cool weather for this time of year. 74 at the shore. 75 in south jersey, philadelphia, low 70s for delaware. the suburbs and lehigh valley at 75 degrees. you'd normally get school spots, but not this morning. not with the clouds and breeze
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blowing. the winds will be picking up. temperatures will be moving up. late this afternoon, that's when i think they'll peak in the low 80s today. we were in the low 80s again yesterday. showers, not much happening in abington, philadelphia, washington township. look to the northwest, you see the showers that have already been streaming through reading and into the lehigh valley. and this is what's to come. this rainfall is going to be moving into the area late this morning and this afternoon. the remnants of nate will produce a few heavy downpours, and a chance of a thunderstorm. this is 10:00 this morning. this is just updated information. you see the bulk of the rainfall is going to be heading into the lehigh valley, berks county, some of the suburbs. while it's quiet, the 10:00 hour. no showers for delaware and south jersey. those showers will be swinging in during the noontime hour. that's 12:30 this afternoon, moving through philadelphia. showers into new castle county and salem county at that time. still quiet at the shore. a few showers will swing through
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late this afternoon and this evening, that's at 6:30 this evening. then we'll be drying out heading into tomorrow. and warming up, too. so columbus day, 80 degrees this afternoon. clearing skies for tomorrow, 84. the chance of showers, though, comes back tomorrow. that's going to drop temperatures for wednesday and look at thursday and friday, highs in the 60s, finally below normal. briefly. just a couple of days. another warmup coming into play for next weekend. 77 on saturday. low 80s on sunday. still mild on monday. another cold front moves through with some showers monday. that's dropping temperatures to autumn levels next tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. 4:53. if you are working today, let's check the roads. >> let's look at route 309, the p.a. turnpike. what are you seeing? >> so far, so good.
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no problems recearound ft. washington. so far, so good. everything moving fine. a crash, potts grove, farmington at north state, that was just into the system in the last 20, 25 minutes ago or so. also watching the schuylkill expressway, 13 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway, speeds are still up, into the high 50s, too. a 13-minute trip. no problems so far. homecoming week being celebrated with sock-tober week. school and staff will try to break the record for most pairs of socks donated in eight hours and the largest gathering of people wearing mismatched socks. they'll be donated to the joy of socks which distributes new socks to the homeless community in philadelphia. taking a stand. a young eagles fan's message to an nfl star goes viral. have you seen it? what she has to say and her father's reaction.
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ranchlt rain yesterday does d not stop people from auto -- did not stop people from volunteers working for puerto rico. >> in puerto rico, famous chef jose andres cooked up a recipe for recover for hurricane victims. he used his world central kitchen organization created after the haiti earthquake to bring relief to puerto rico. kitchen volunteers served up hot meals and smiles to people needing a break. gave them a chance to relax. for the first time in nearly a decade, penn state football is ranked among the top three teams in the country. the new associated press poll moves the unbeaten nittany lions up one notch to third. penn state beat northwestern saturday. the lions climbed higher after previous three oklahoma lost to iowa state. penn state is a perfect 6-0 on the season. they're off until october 21st, when they'll host michigan. >> they're good. have you seen this -- a young eagles fan is getting national attention for her video
4:58 am
that responds to a comment that panthers' quarterback cam newton made about a female sports reporter. >> nbc10 caught up with the fan. >> you know, we're eagles fans. we like to talk a little smack, right? right, baby? yes, we do. >> yeah. >> we decided to put the video together just to show cam newton that the female fans here in philadelphia do know their football. >> yes, they do. reese's dad said he appreciated that newton apologized for the comments. >> okay, cam. pay attention because i'm only going to say this once. this is a coroner out. this -- corner route. this is a slam route. >> that is awesome. 7-year-old reese tailgated with her family before the eagles game. as you saw, she showed her knowledge of the game including pass routes run by receivers. last week, cam newton laughed and said it was funny to hear a fell reporter talking about routes. we -- hear a female reporter
4:59 am
talking about routes. we asked reese's father about the video. you tweeted out that the father eric learned -- >> from his mom. you have to see the entire video they put together with reese. it's hilarious. she's totally sassy. i did tweet it out, so you can check it out. >> she is knowledgeable, too. fun. now for more of the stories we're following for you on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> mold impact. a school grappling with a mold issue that's causing cancelations and emergency meetings. now parents are pushing for answers. social media firestorm. a soap company apologizing this morning after people call this online ad racially insensitive. and flying high. the eagles clinch another win. the unique celebrations from the birds on the field. when i saw that feed, i was laughing. >> we'll see that again.
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right now we're tracking the remnants of tropical depression nate as the storm moves our way bringing rain to the area. thanks for being with us today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. there are already showers in the suburbs this morning. the storm made landfall first in louisiana late saturday and then mississippi yesterday morning. look at this -- didn't cause major damage like other recent hurricanes, but it did trigger flooding that washed over roads and caused power outages. also small boats washed ashore causing soil erosion. and nate brought with it a storm surge in biloxi, mississippi, that swamped low-lying areas of the city. these are some of the images of water gushing into buildings and parking decks and garages, dunking cars and knocking out electricity. now the remnants of nate are headed our way. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate weather forecast. >> fortunately we're not going to see scenes like that in our area. we'll only see rain. at the shore,


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