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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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today is the day. strayer university. let's get it. off the team. a college quarterback explains why taking a knee was worth the risk. foun in the woods. a woman's suspicious death has friends in shock. >> sharing her story. tammie souza talks about her sons medical crisis. to help keep your family safe. right now at eleven. taking a stand. by taking a knee. a local college quarterback has been kicked off his team for kneeling during the national anthem. good evening i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. this cops as the nfl considers a new approach for how it handles player protest. >> he was willing to kneel no matter the consequences.
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nbc10 has the story. new at 11. >> for the second game in a row, he took a knee during the national anthem. cell phone video shows he's the only one during saturday's game. but this weekend it cost him his lifelong dream of being a college quarterback. the north town native is a sophomore at al bright college in redding. kicked off the team for his actions. >> at some poent in life there's a point you have to take a stand. and to me it happened to be on saturday afternoon. >> the person says you got what you deserved. >> i respect their opinion. >> reporter: the back up quarterback family took to social media saying this is bigger than football. >> two of his former teammates,
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understand where he's coming from. but don't see it the same way. they believe he acted selfishly and broke the the trust. he agreed to stand. after the team came to a decision. >> time and time again he said he was goipg to stand. when you have a player you can't trust. you have to go. >> the fact he lied to everybody. >> they met this week. and decided they would kneel during the coin toss. and stand during the national anthem. of course he didn't do that. therefore he was kicked off the team for violating team unity. >> i was taught you fight for what you believe. and never back down. don't bow to anyone. >> he will continue to stand for what he leaves in and could consider transferring in the near future. >> meantime. nfl is saying the controversy over player protest will be
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front and next week owners meeting. commissioner sent a ler today to 32 team owners. it says the league will consider adding a rule that says players should stand for the national anthem. he added he believes the league needs to quote move passed this controversy. a chester county school is denying allegations of a hate crime on its campus. a viewer sent nbc10 this photograph of the incident in question. we blurred it. it shows a black baby doll hanging from the ceiling of a locker room. at coats ville area high school. it determined it was a foolish prank the and the students didn't intend racial intimidation. they are looking at discipline their action. video that was taken today before today's soccer match. between quaker town. it shows the players standing together during the national
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anthem. held signs apologizing to students. this follows an incident last week when two quaker town middle students threw rocks and yelled racial slurs at a high school bus. the school district says those students have been suspended. >> also tonight. a mysterious death in. the body of madison wall was foubd in the woods on sunday. police are calling her death suspicious. new at 11. brandon hudson shows us how friends of the victim are shocked. by her loss. >> we tracked down one of her best friends who she met here in high school. she's in shock after hearing someone discovered her body in the woods. ten miles from here. >> reporter: awe tim shared photographs of her and madison. >> she could height light a room up with her family. >> memories that help her get through the loss of her 23 year-old friend. >> you only think of the good memories of course. and that's really like what i'm
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blessed with. >> reporter: detectives say sunday someone found her body. doctors ruled her death a homicide. she got the devastating news on social media. >> when you see something like that, it's like no way. that's not true. >> she played sports. where the pair graduated in 2012. the two met in strength class freshman year. >> she rushed in the room. she was to late. and stepped on my hand. and i just looked at her like excuse you. are you crazy. say i'm sorry or whatever. and ever since then, she was my best friend. >> reporter: now she's hoping police close the case quickly. >> i was just mind blown. i hope that whoever did it is caught. >> reporter: police are waiting on her toxicology results. which could take several weeks.
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>> two women facing charges in atlantic city after police say they tried to sell a high powered rifle and home maid explosives to under cover police. police say they tried to sell a rifle like this along with 300 rounds of ammunition and five pipe bombs. the suspects also offered to teach the cops how to make improvised explosives and inflict maximum damage. new information about a crash involving a stolen car that sent one man to the hospital. two 16 year-olds are in custody. it happened around 5:30. police tell us this van that crashed head on into a pole was the stolen car. a man crossing the street was hit. but he's expected to be okay. the race to become the next governor of new jersey moved to the debate stage tonight. democrat murphy squared auz it
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republican. he tried his best to link the lieutenant governor to christy. and pressed murphy on policy. >> we need to sit down and talk about what we can afford to do and how we can afford to do it. and talk about it honestly. >> this newfound compassion. i'd ask where you have been. alongside christy every step of the way for 2821 days. >> a packed house filled the center for the debate. election day is november 7. president trump is bringing his push to over haul taxes right here to pennsylvania. he'll be in harrisburg tomorrow. he promised americans the largest tas cut in the nations history. however the tax policy center says the plan would save low income families only about $60 a year. while most of the cuts would go to the wealthy americans. >> death toll is rising tonight as wild fires continue to burn on both ends of california. at least 17 people died and
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thousands of structures have been wiped away. firefighters work to save entire neighborhoods. 17 large explosive wild fires are burning in northern california. more than 115,000 acres scorched in the heart of wine country. there are still 150 reports of missing people. and in southern california, at least two dozen structures have burned in orange county. flames are fanned by santa anna winds. 5,000 families have been evacuated. federal government declared a state of emergency. close before you go. it's a fire lesson that could save you and your families life. set a house on fire today to show how simply closing your doors can help stop the spread of a fire. nbc10 was at the delaware county emergency service was training center. for today's demonstration. historically december, january and february are the most fire prone months in our area. hundreds of local red cross volunteers were honored today in
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west philadelphia. the annual celebration of volunteers event. tonight those in attendance also paid tribute to ceo judge hues. she is stepping down after six and a half years with the organization. hard to imagine if your whole life changed in the blink of an eye. >> that's what happened to tammie souza. this summer she and her husband learned their 8 year-old son had a brain tumor. tonight the family shares their story to help keep yours safe. also coming up. harvey winesteins wife speaks for the first time about the ak accusations of rape and sexual assault against him. officers release a secret recording of the hollywood moguls behavior. the airline deal you need to take advantage of. fast. have that umbrella ready. rain in the neighborhood forecast. next.
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tonight the fall out for hollywood movie mogul continues. winesteins wife is telling people magazine she's leaving her husband. her heartbreaks for the women who quote suffered from the unforgivable actions. also today the new yorker published an audio recording from a sting operation. involving winestein. and a model. >> also today. stars said they have been harassed by winestein. joining his growing list of a accusers. >> knowledge is power. nbc10 was part of the conversation. to help raise min and awareness
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to help fight financial domestic abuse. >> honoring the life of fallen state trooper. a local boy scouts group presented a plaque. the wife of corporal steven ball lard was at the ceremony to accept the plaque. corporal was shot and killed in april at a convenience store. the gunman was killed in a stand off. tonight in bucks county bringi bringing hundred of people together to celebrate the police athletic. recognizing all the coaches and officers who keep the league running. it lets kids take place in basketball, hockey and football. arts and crafts all year round. >> perfect night for grass fight. that's where the little kids had the energy to run around and throw grass. on a cool and clear night.
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>> having a good time there. >> rain is returning to the forecast. >> let's get the latest from chief meteorologist. >> before you loef the house tomorrow grab the umbrella. maybe the rain boots and the ugly shoes. the rain is on the way. outside still a beautiful night out there. anyone who has the chance to get out and take a walk, enjoy yourself. 84 was the high today. we didn't get any rain. we could see sprinkle coming in over night. best chance lands in here tomorrow afternoon. look at these temperatures. 72 right now. 68 dover. 68 wile wood. 66 for trenten. this is mild. we should be 69 for the high this time of year. we're way above that. and now it's about to end. umbrellas, ugly shoes and long understo undis. this time on thursday will be 20 degrees cooler than we were
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today. we'll see the 60s moving in. we'll see rain on the way. this will be for tomorrow mainly in the afternoon and evening. showers thursday and it looks like possibly even on friday. and a sun and clouds mix for the weekend. we'll warm up again too. if you like 80s hang on we're not done yet. there's nothing showing up but very nearby we have the clouds moving in. and here comes the rain. associated with this big storm system. it rained out the game in chicago. between the nationals and the cubs. and behind it some very cold air will stream into the area. in the norm of 60s vs. 80s. kept it cooler along the shore still we did have 80s in some places along the shore. we'll see it cooler tomorrow akroz the entire area. spotty showers on thursday. we have an east wind spotty showers die back to delaware. and new jersey. here they come again on friday.
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potentially we could lock at showers on and off for the nebs three days much how much rain? this point it looks like maybe an inch to maybe three tenths. somewhere in between is where you'll fall. 63 tonight in philadelphia. 62 delaware. for tomorrow, the clouds move in. we'll see the rain mainly in the afternoon. 75 philadelphia. in the lee high valley 70 and 72 delaware. ten day on ten. it gets cooler. it does warm up again. welcome at this. 75 tomorrow. 66 thursday. 69 friday. then 78 for the temple game on saturday. and 82 for your sunday. >> all right. now for very personal story we're sharing tonight involving tammie souza. in july her 8 year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. >> his symptoms were so subtle the tumor went unnoticed until is became a crisis.
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>> little league, fishing with dad. riding a bike. the life of typical 8 year-old woi. life of a happy family of three. but eight weeks ago that life flickered. struggling to stay agrow through headaches. their only son was suddenly figing for his life. >> you had to make the phone call. who is back in philadelphia. >> even today it still chokes me up. it was tough. >> greg fts still holding down the fort in chicago. while he finished the school year. this sea of boxes tells the story of the big end of summer plan. the move to a new house in philly. that plan changed in an instant. after phone call from greg
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between the evening newscast. >> you had to tell her what exactly? >> that he had a brain tumor. i said it just like that. and she just kind of said, i knew it. and really strong bold voice. i didn't know what else to say after that. >> i lost a sister to brain tumor. and the probably why the mother instinct said brain tumor right away. >> there's a large lesion occupying a lot of space. where it shouldn't be. >> turns out. her instincts were right. sdwl this is part of brain that controls what? >> this controls spine motor programs. balance coordination, muscle memory. >> a tumor. about the size of a lemon. was surrounded by fluid and growing in his brain. causing life threatening pressure. >> it made my head feel like it
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was shrinking. >> awful. >> how important was it to get the tumor out quickly? >> it was impair tifr. >> a team of doctors in chicago devised a game plan. scheduling surgery to remove the tumor within 36 hours. enough time to allow her it fly to chicago during a crucial window. >> children unlike adults with brain tumors can sustain and stay healthy for a long time. and rapidly decline. >> mom and dad camped out and waited in his hospital room. his condition took a sudden turn for the worse. before the surgery was everyone set to begin. >> toward the end, he would sit up and scream from the headache. it was like nothing that we have been through. >> reporter: suddenly all hand on deck emergency. >> when he collapsed and they hit the button. and said code.
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i think my head was spinning. >> if we had to wait for an ambulance and get here. he might not have made the trip. >> that's how close it was. >> yeah. >> when they were wheeling him off to surgery i didn't have a chance to say i love you, good-bye. don't worry. the truth is i didn't think i would see him again. >> your heart goes out to him. and you. sdp your husband. and what you went through. how is he doing? >> from the worst moment to the best moment to be able to say he's doing so well. he really is. first of all i want to thank you during all of this. they were there with me. texting and calling. he's doing well. he has another mri in two weeks. and eventually he will transfer here to children's hospital. and they'll be monitoring him. he is remarkable. it's like a miracle. >> they take over this case. and continuing the monitoring
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right here at chop. >> they will. he'll be part of the research program in chicago. but he'll have a new doctor assigned to him. don't know who it is yet. hope you're watching. he's doing really well. and we really want to sell this story. this isn't our story. it's his. we want parents o know. we don't want anybody to be blind sided. there's a blog online i'll be adding every day. and facebook. so you can follow along. with my journal what we went through. and know the warning signs. >> we'll talk about that coming up in the next part. he was rushed into seven hours of surgery. we'll show you the amazing results of the surgery. see that tomorrow morning at 5:45. and we'll also take a look at those warning signs. that every parent needs to know. we'll be right back. oh, you brought butch.
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after trying to get away a popular airline is back with the famous 72 hour sale. >> southwest is offering up flights for less than $100. the days you can travel are limited from october to december. and january to february. >> fletcher cox return for the eagles thursday night. we'll hear from carson wentz. and joel embiid talks about his $148 million deal. wild finish for the fliers in nashville. it's all next.
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ridiculous crazy fliers game. down 3-0 in nashville.
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fighting for puck here. first nhl goal. just turn td 19 years old last mornt. the fliers score five unanswered goals. third period. break away. first of the year for him. fliers have the lead. up 5-3. but the predators score three late goals. two, two man advantages. penalties and craziness. fliers lusz 6-5. eagles probably without lane johnson and smallwood thursday. cox did. carson wentz has been taking more control. ch changing plays. he saw the way the defense was set up to stop the run. and audibled to this. good call. doug has shown more and more trust with carson giving him for responsibility. >> coach pederson and i. we talk at least once day. i go to his office and sometimes
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we have mutual respect for each other where we can have the open dialogue. >> how about joel embiid. signing his five year, $148 million deal. and today at practice he hits a half court shot. the sixers reportedly has gotten significant protections in his deal if he suffers a serious injury. he says he wants to play the rest of his career here in philly. >> i was happy, i was amazed. i didn't know what to say. i have to thank the fans a lot. the support and love they show me. it pushes me every day. >> joel should make his preseason debut tomorrow night. we're right back. like this. and this. (ai device) welcome home, gary, how was your day. and like this. introducing specifi, our digital investing platform that's built around you. just answer a few questions,
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we are looking at a cool down. 70s tomorrow. 60s thursday and friday with rain so grab the ugly shoes and the umbrella. look at the weekend. it sparkles with 70s and 80s again. buy some cute rain boots. they out there. >> thanks so much for watching. the tonight show is next. with man di more from this is us. good night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mandy moore, shaquille o'neal, musical guest, noah cyrus.


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