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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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health care dlilemma. the president is planning to end government payments russia help offset the cost of coverage. shooting arrest. we're following new details about what led up to the death of a 19-year-old lehigh valley man who was shot and killed after a car crash. blasting through the obstacles. playing in a short week and on the road, the eagles notch a win over the carolina panthers. if you're not pumped this morning, you don't have a heartbeat. you weren't watching last night's game, i guess. >> it was a good win. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" effofirst look at 4.
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i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm via sikahema. we'll get to meteorologist krystal klei with most accurate weather forecast. >> radar and satellite is a much better picture than yesterday. cloudy and dreary. we're not going to have the type of rain that we had yesterday. it was steady in spots for a couple of morning hours. instead, cloudiness remains. sprinkles are trying to come up from the south. sussex, cape may county may see rain, light drizzle. overall, this is a drier morning than what we've seen the last couple of days. current temperatures, cooler, which depends on how you're feeling. this is closer to fall feeling. 53 in allentown. same for trenton. 55 at mt. holly. atlantic city, 62. philly at 58. the fall feel meter. we've moved from is it still summer to the morning chill.
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the question, when do we break out the flannel and sip on the pumpkin spice coming up in a bit. now to traffic and pamela osborne. i'm watching an accident in cineminsen. there was a pole knocked down, so there are poles down. north of the toll plaza, the right center lane is blocked. traffic is good nighting around although it is -- getting around slowly there. we'll look at the sthchuylkill expressway at passyunk avenue. no major problems there. everything's moving smoothly. one thing i want to mention before i go is some bridge replacement happening on the northeast extension on the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll talk you through how to get through that when i come back again. >> thank you. breaking news overnight. president trump will immediately
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end key obamacare subsidies that have helped millions of people afford to buy insurance. nbc10's matt delucia joins us now with an explanation. tell us who this will hurt the most. >> reporter: this particular move could affect upwards of six million people. mainly those who get health insurance from democrats call it a spiteful act aimed at obamacare. the cost reduction payments that reimburse your insurance company for lowering out-of-pocket costs. the white house says it can't legally make the payments adding that the decision was made based on guidance from the justice department and department of health and human services. the cost sharing mainly helps people with lower incomes. the nonpartisan congressional budget office said in the short term if this moves forward, health care premiums would go up. democratic senator bob casy from pennsylvania put his thoughts on twitter calling it a cruel act and adding that congress must
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act to reverse the sabotage if president trump is unwilling to follow the law, then congress must force him to. house speaker and republican paul ryan said last night that the house will continue work in to provide the american system a better option than obamacare. >> we'll be keeping an eye on it. thanks. 4:34 on this friday. a followup about a 19-year-old lehigh valley man shot and killed after a minor car accident. new details reveal that it started with what groups fighting over text -- started over text messages and fighting over a girl. officers say it began at a house in allentown. two groups met to talk about texts that some thought were inappropriate. it turned into an argument. everyone left the house in two separate cars. the cars crashed, and police say christian diaz de jesus shot the man. he is facing a murder charge.
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now to montgomery county. police are investigating a deadly crash. a dump truck and car collided near the intersection of front and bullock streets in west conshohocken yesterday morning. the car smashed into the guardrail killing one person inside. the victim's identity has not been released. and the identity of a man found dead in the schuylkill river in philadelphia is also a mystery this morning. sky force 10 over the scene at walnut last night. police say the body was found with a gunshot wound to the head. they have not released the man's name. john d. kelly elementary school will remain closed as crews continue to remove mold from the building. a worker sent pictures of what appears to be mold on pipes in the schools. officials say the cleanup is almost complete, but they won't reopen until all the mold is gone. parents will learn on sunday evening if the school will reopen on monday. the eagles are off to their best start in years following a tough win in carolina in
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thursday night football. >> they're winning even when they're underdogs. carson wentz had the birds humming. the office was humming. three touchdown passes including this to nelson ag layer to start the fourth -- aguilare to start the fourth. and the game is basically over. jeffrey laurie happy -- the 1-5 division lead. his players, they're feeling it. >> we stayed together the whole game. they did good things defensively. different pressure looks we hadn't seen. that's tough in a short week. we found a way to win. >> we're like a family. you know, for the d.b.s, we helped each other. >> i thought he was going to tear up there. >> yeah. >> how we're feeling here. the birds are off until a week from monday when they host washington. don't forget the eagles' game day final this sunday at 9:30 on
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nbc10, your official eagles station. >> keep those feelings coming, right? >> keep it going. as new sexual harassment allegations emerge against harvey weinstein, another actress speaks out. >> i mean, whenever i was in the room with him, he gave off the most appalling aura. >> another big story we're following this morning. we'll share more of what actress emma thompson is now saying about her encounters with the embattled hollywood producer. plus, pipeline problem. the new concerns over sunoco's pipeline project here in our area. all new at 5:00 a.m. another major data breach. this time targeting a popular hotel chain. what could be at risk if you recently checked in to a hyatt.
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good morning. we'll start things off on an accident that we're watching out in cinnaminson township. the southbound lanes of route
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130 at riverton avenue. we know that all lanes are closed again going southbound because of an accident. there's a downed pole as well as downed wires. you see how that's backing up and slowing things in the area. i'll keep my eye on that. looking at 476 and 76, everything is good. watching construction projects. roadwork projects clearing on the schuylkill expressway. that shouldn't be a problem for you this morning. i do want to get to a bridge replacement that's taking place. this is the northeast extension. it goes into effect at 9:00 tonight. it's going to impact drivers. if you're going southbound, you'll be forced off at the pocono interchange. going northbound, you'll have to get off at the lehigh valley interchange. the detours for that, route 22, route 33, and i-80. >> thanks. let's look at radar and satellite. nice, wide view to show there's not a big system that's going to be passing us. a cold front, a storm center
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would give us a lot of rain. we have the chance of a few sprinkles out there again today. and you see why. we've got moisture surging in from the south. we already have a good bit of moisture from the last couple of days in place. it will be cloudy. it's going to be still breezy, dreary out there. then particularly over parts of delaware and south jersey, some isolated showers are possible. for most of us, it's going to be a drier day than yesterday. especially during the morning hours. 58 this morning at 6:00 a.m. we'll bounce up to 64 at 2:00. it looks like we'll see some high 60s for our highs. but that's it. we will not make it into the 70s today. around mid to upper 60s where we cap out at. in the suburbs, 58 at 10:00 a.m. low 60s at 2:00. we'll be lucky to make it to the mid 60s there. the lehigh valley likely to stay right in those low 60s. only at 60 degrees at 2:00 p.m. nice all of us keep with the cloudy conditions. 59 at 6:00 a.m. goes to 65 at 2:00 in delaware. new jersey, you go from 50s to mid 60s.
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at the shore, we will see temperatures a little warmer. upper 60s by 2:00. that's where things will stop. again, that onshore breeze, and that keeps things down a bit. wednesday, we were at 79 degrees. much warmer than average. no complaints really. we dropped down yesterday. the afternoon high temperature was only 63 degrees. today we'll be close to average. very seasonal day ahead of us. then look at this warmup. right back to it again. saturday, 76. sunday, 82 degrees. if you are going to the uconn at temple game this saturday, there's a chance of spotty showers. it will be light if anything making it to the ground. 67 at 10:00 a.m. 73 by kickoff. 76 at 3:00. >> thank you. today president trump expected to take action against a nuclear agreement with iran. details from washington on whether he'll kill the deal or not. later, shopping for a job.
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two more major companies are hiring for the holidays. we'll tell you who's taking applications right now.
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u.s. allies and his staff are against it. >> president trump will certify the iran nuclear issue. tracie potts reports from washington. thank you very much -- >> reporter: president trump's made it clear he's no fan of the iran nuclear deal. >> it was one of the most incompetently drawn deals i've ever seen. >> reporter: if as expected he refuses to certify that iran is complying with the deal as he's done twice before, it will be against his own advisers. >> iran is not in material breach of the agreement. >> it is something the president should consider staying with. >> reporter: this from the white house chief of staff. >> the deal that was struck under the previous administration is a deal that in the long term even in the medium and long term will protect
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america. >> reporter: decertificate fighting would give congress -- decertifying would give congress 60 days to put in strategy. >> their activity and behavior has only gotten worse since the iran deal. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> they are not in violation of it. >> this is more a political maneuver than a strategic decision. >> reporter: america's allies anxiously await the decision. leaders in iran say if this nuclear deal fails it would eventually undermine u.s. credibility. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. emma thompson is the latest actress to share her reaction to the sexual harassment allegations against movie producer harvey weinstein. >> some of the agents said, look, he's a little bite -- a little bit -- he's a little bit this. don't worry. he might pester you a bit. go in because one of the big problems about the way in which our systems work at the moment is that there are so many blind
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eyes. >> thompson says she never could have worked with him. "the new yorker" magazine reported that 13 women have claimed weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them. his spokesperson has denied allegations of nonconsensual sex. 4:47. chester county parents say they're concerned, worried sunoco's pipeline project is too close to their homes and schools. sunoco will use the mariner east pipeline to transport natural gas liquids across pennsylvania. at westchester east high school, the school district held a hazardous materials meeting. the superintendent presented safety plans for students in the event of a pipeline spill or leak. it's still up to at least one -- it still left at least one parent concerned. >> i live 1,200 feet from the pipeline. my children go to school 100 feet from the pipeline. i work 1,000 feet from the palestine. >> one thing i -- from the pipeline. >> one thing i want to get is the communications protocol.
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immediately know if there's a breach in the pipe. >> in the event of an emergency leak, the school district has sets up these measures -- all students will be brought inside. the school will shut off the hvac system, and parents will need to pick up their children if an evacuation is necessary. time to go state by state and county by county for news in our region. >> in university city, the effort to lure amazon's second headquarters to philadelphia will take center stage. today students at penn's wharton school of business will deliver final presentations on philadelphia's mission to bring the online retail giant to town. wharton is partnering with the city to decide how to use the students' ideas in the pitch to amazon. the mayor will be on hand for the event. in montgomery county, penndot will be talking about plans to fix congestion on two major highways in our area. one portion of highway they'll discuss is the blue route from westchester pike to i-95. they'll also address the
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congestion on i-95 between the blue route and commodore barry bridge. in camden county, the board will hold another free flu clinic. the event runs from 11:00 to 1:00 at the collingswood senior center. flu shots are recommended to those in high-priority groups including senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with chronic illness. in bucks county, people suffering from opioid addiction will have a new place to go for help starting today. congressman brian fitzpatrick and other local leaders will join with the foundation in ben sailen this afternoon to help -- salem this afternoon to help dedicate a new opioid treatment facility. 4:41. still dark this hour. sun not up yet. whether it's cloudy, dreary, we'll find out. doesn't matter. >> we'll feel the sun and the warmth regardless. let's check in with krystal klei to find out more. vai and rosemary on a double
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high, friday and eagles win, boom. on radar and satellite, a night tight view of the area. -- a nice tight view of the area. unlike yesterday, we don't have a big blob of green. we don't have rain to track. i wouldn't be surprised if there's misting going on at delaware beaches and cape may beaches. there's a few sprinkles offshore. for the rest of us, it's cloudy. hard to tell because it's dark. we still have moisture in the air. there's a chance that we will tap into a few spotty showers today. mostly the southern part of our viewing zone. look at the weather setup here. this looks like a bunch of letters on the board. i'll explain what it means. high pressure center here. usually that keeps things dry and clear. low pressure center to the south, that brings moisture, storms, wind action. to the south here, these two rotation, funneling over us. we're going to be breezy. a bit cloudy. like i mentioned, an isolated chance of a shower developing out there. we're kind of just in the in
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between. hour by hour, cloudy throughout the day. that's the gray overlay you see. 2:30 in the afternoon, spots of green there, some of the sprinkles i'm talking about. i think sprinkles at best is what we'll get mostly over this area. could extend to the i-95 corridor and possibly later in the day, early evening spread north to parts of the lehigh valley. into saturday, notice the rotation. even into the afternoon. some showers are possible. not a lot of rain. most would be light. i wouldn't say it's ruining plans. do prep. you may get a raindrop on your head if you're outside tomorrow. as we go into tomorrow evening, things will dry out. here's the three-day trend for your weekend. today, get through work, 68 degrees, you'll be welcome to 76 on saturday. look at that, by sunday, 82 for the forecast high in philly with the scattered showers saturday. starting to dry out in time for sunday. in the suburbs today, 66. 80 by sunday.
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in the lehigh valley, nearly the same. 64 today. 78 for your sunday. and fairly dry by sunday, too. let's go to new jersey. 68 today. at the shore, the same. and delaware. tomorrow, mostly in the low to mid 70s. spot showers possible. again, not a washout. sunday, low 80s possible. the temple game on saturday, could see an isolated shower. 76. the cooldown starts again in the next workweek. morning monday, we could see a shower, down to 60s for tuesday and wednesday, as well. >> thank you. 4:52. there's a road closure we need to tell you about. and let's update the situation in cinnaminson. >> pamela osborne watching traffic. >> this is impact being the southbound lanes. an accident caused a downed pole
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and wires. earlier some of the traffic getting by on route 130 near riverton road. now you can see it's completely closed down. my advice would be if you can take the side streets, depending on which way you're going, you can either do river road up here or west broad. that will get you around the accident spot where things are completely slowed down now. want to look at route 202 this morning. you see drive times there looking good. average speeds in the 60s, and drive times right on time. also want to show you the pennsylvania turnpike right now. as we know there are changes coming later this evening. in the effect of a bridge replacement project, this starts at 9:00 tonight. it will stretch until 4:00 a.m. this morning. i'll tell you how to get around it and more about what area is impacted when i come back. >> thank you. the big brothers, big sisters independence region is recognizing people in philadelphia investing in children and communities. the organization held the inaugural building big awards in
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northern liberties last night. our own jacqueline london hosted. sports fans will soon see a new statue outside of the wells fargo center. comcast next thursday will dedicate a nine-foot statue of the late flyers' owner, ed senator. the first game dates back to 1967. snyder died in april, 2016, after a battle with cancer. he was 83. 4:54. ahead, on the mend. former eagle and fan favorite jon dorenbos gives us a look at his recovery as he heals from heart surgery.
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a car seat recall is trending. diono says when seats are secured using a lap belt without the top tether, children over 65 pounds may not be adequately protected in a crash.
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you can go to fo full list. tesla is recalling 11,000 suvs worldwide because the rear seats may not lock into place. it involves model-x vehicles built between october of last year and august of this year. the company says the problem could cause the seats to move forward during a crash. tesla believes only a fraction of the recalled vehicles actually have the issue. a few minutes before 5:00 a.m. people looking for a job will soon get new opportunities. two of america's biggest companies are hiring for the holidays. amazon announced it will be hiring more than 120,000 seasonal workers. the online giant is looking to fill jobs at its sorting centers. more than 4,000 openings are available in delaware. amazon is hiring in pennsylvania and new jersey, as well. and target is kicking off its holiday hiring push today. the retailer's holding job fairs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at all of its stores across the region. in all, target is looking to
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fill about 1,000 seasonal positions. this morning, actress christina applegate is revealing she recently had surgery to prevent a second cancer diagnosis. applegate had her ovaries and fallopian tunes removed. she tested positive for the gene that causes cancer. the "bad mom" stars had surgery in 2008 after learning she had breast cancer. a petespecial post on insta last night. it's been a month since jon dorenbos had lifesaving open-heart surgery. he thanked his wife and the hospital staff at the university of pennsylvania hospital and included a video of himself taking his first shower following the operation with some words of relief. take a listen -- >> unbelievable. oh, my gosh. >> doctors and the new orleans saints made a lifesaving
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discovery of the aortic aneurysm after he was traded in august. think about silver lining. you think the worst day of your life is when you're traded. and you think during the physical, a routine thing, they find the problem and you need surgery. amazing. >> now he's on the mend. it will be a road to recovery, but he's on his way. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed and prayers with you. now for more of the stories on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> cost-sharing cut. the president will cut premiums that help low-income meshes americans pay -- americans pay for health insurance. and detours on the pennsylvania turnpike that you need to know. ♪ nothing but the dog in me. that's the next line of that song. i know it, too. flying high. the eagles clench another win. we take you inside the locker room for the post-game celebration.
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they're acting like a family. >> there's nothing when you win a national football league, and especially with the eagles. >> you would know. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm tracy davidson. >> -- i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm via sikahema. it is friday the 13th. we'll get to meteorologist krystal klei and the most accurate weather forecast. 13th. >> it's not that scary in the forecast, i promise. >> good. >> it could be a little better. let's look at radar and satellite. with the cloudy conditions across our area, a little hard to see. the satellite overlay shows the clouds rolling through. the difference from yesterday is we don't have the big area of green indicating rain over us. there's not rain falling except for maybe offshore. sprinkles possibly making their way to cape may, the delaware beaches. i wouldn't be surprised if it's misting occurring out there because this is just going to be


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