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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the bottom moving. here comes kyle larson. side-by-side for the lead. larson trying to take it away from chase elliott. he has no help behind him. suarez back -- big wreck behind them! logano gets in it. trevor bayne also involved. ryan blaney of the 21. big hit for him again. and the 4 of kevin harvick also into the side. under 11 laps to go and, again -- >> reset the acu. >> childress talking to kevin harvick telling him how to reset because if he can't get cranked and nascar has to push him in,
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his day would be over. >> he gets it fired. he's going to try to drive it back onto pit road. continues to have trouble keeping it going. >> it won't recycle. >> put his hand out the window, hold on, don't take my window net down. he knows if he needs help, his day is over. it's fired up twice. he's just stuck in the grass, i think. >> and every time he tries to go forward it dies. >> you just never know what type of damage, whether it's drive line or the front of the engine could have -- at this point anything, the radiator, bumper. >> low oil pressure is kicking it off. >> so that right there means these engines have a system as the red flag comes out that if it doesn't measure oil pressure
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the electronics shut off. so it won't blow itself up. in this situation i'm sure kevin harvick would like to drive it around without oil pressure but the engine will not allow him to do that. >> maybe he needs to get it fired up and let it run for 30 seconds before trying to move it. it's getting close to not being able to get it done. almost. >> nope. that will do it. >> that's it. >> he tried numerous times. it's not going to work and so the day over for kevin harvick. and this is what just happened. >> you see the 21 and the 22 made a little bit of contact and pushed the 22 of logano down into the side of the 6 car.
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>> gaughan in the 75 made contact as well. >> so right here just contact, the air just moved him but just moved the 22 of logano down inside of the 6 of bayne. >> add to the frustration of kevin harvick he was on a lap of his own. you don't even see him in the picture because he was behind the pack. they don't stop right away. you see onboard he's slowing down, trying to slow down. >> easy. >> riding along with dale earnhardt jr. >> he had a little bit of contact. >> keep coming low. low, low, low, low. you're good. you're good. you made it through. back it down.
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you're good. >> i think he just barely touched him. >> that left front. >> i thought he did watching it live. maybe not. >> very close. and now let's go to kelly who is with jimmie johnson. >> and jimmie got released just in time to see the last crash. jimmie, i have to ask you, after your own incident i heard you say, that hurt. how are you? >> it slammed the right side of the car into the wall. the thing i'm concerned there was a cue begin to our spotter to start working on the cars and we made a lap and advanced, took quite a few spots as a result and it looks like nascar is trying to take that away from us. us and a few other cars heard the cue to allow the cars to work and the red flag had finished but we didn't get the cue on pit road. i'm unclear what went on but i think we're in a bad situation as a result.
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i hope nascar can look at it and get it rectified. >> that bad situation may be mediate add little bit by the stage points you picked up, ten of them. how valuable is that in hindsight? >> definitely valuable. that was the plan coming in here which i think the whole field had the same mind-set. even after a couple little incidents on the track we were mixing it up for the win. i just hate we're not on the track now and whatever is going on with the red flag issue can certainly hurt us. >> thanks for your time, jimmie. >> so many points matter and right now jimmie right above the cut line, nine points above the cut line in the eighth position in the standings. >> and what he's talking about they completed 172 laps. behind him he's in the 23rd position. everyone behind him is out of the race. from 24th to 31st all of those cars have completed 171 laps, just one less. so it seems like there's confusion. we'll have to find out from nascar how he will be scored
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because they parked him for working on it under the red but he drove around one lap, basically wrecked. we'll have to see where the scoring comes out. you just said it, rick, with points so valuable and that many cars behind him only one lap behind him, you're talking five, six, seven points. >> he was talking about they got the cue from nascar -- let's listen in to the radio of the 48. >> what happened? >> have to go to the garage. >> i thought he said we could work on the car. >> he said that, stopped, and then crank it up. >> that was earl and chad knaus. sounds like there's some confusion that will have to be worked through. >> so under a red flag condition the crews are not allowed to work on the car. they can look at it and they can assess any type of work they need to do as soon as it goes from red to yellow but they can't work, physically work, on the car.
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>> and i mentioned that i thought the 88 may have made contact with the 6, but it appears he made no contact whatsoever. so he should be clean and not have to pit. >> so another red flag. it's red flag number two here in the closing laps of this race at talladega. and quite a few cars involved in this one and it happens up front. trevor bayne in the 6, the 21 of ryan blaney, the 22 of joey logano all involved. meet the new leader in off-road utility. the completely reinvented ranger xp 1000. it's got the most power. the largest towing capacity. the highest ground clearance. and the best comfort and storage. this is the hardest working, smoothest riding ranger ever built. the all-new polaris ranger xp 1000. more rugged. more refined. more ranger.
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outside the infield care center at talladega superspeedway with kevin harvick who thankfully walked out under his own power. two incidents for you. are you okay and what did you see? >> i'm fine. the last one we slowed down. i got in the back of the 75, checked up and the 21 popped up on the racetrack and i couldn't get slowed down. just a bad weekend. busch ford was not running as good as it needed to.
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had to start in the back, went to the back a couple other times and couldn't make anything happen. just couldn't. we were on defense the whole time and wrecked twice. not a good weekend. >> glad you're okay. kelli? >> the silver lining in the disappointment for ryan blaney are the 18 stage points accumulated early. what happened at the end? it looked like it went three wide. >> i don't know what happened. we were at the wall and somebody got turned or something. i couldn't really see anything. we wreck. a really good day and now it's -- yeah. down the drain. >> and we heard the disappointment in ryan blaney's voice. wanting so much more out of the weekend. listen in on 88 communication as far as how close it was for them. >> get a chance to return the favor.
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don't forget. >> don't forget, return the favor. i'm sure dale earnhardt jr. is looking for any help he can get on this one. >> see what he's talking about. he turns left, puts himself on the very bottom and gives the 42 a shot. and you always want really good friends when it's this time of the race. >> will they return the favor? eight laps remain at talladega. two drivers on the front row have never won in the monster energy cup series. daniel suarez on the inside, chase elliott on the outside. back through the restart zone, back through the gears they go. the final eight laps at
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talladega. >> junior is doing a great job of pushing chase elliott. >> inside line working as well. kyle larson in the 42 pushing the 19 of daniel suarez. he's getting help from the 2 of brad keselowski. >> kyle larson just has cleared the 24 of chase elliott. he has to block, unable to get the block on. outside lane coming. we've seen this every restart. >> chase elliott stays up high. the 42 of kyle larson down low. coming up on seven laps to go. >> daniel suarez is going to try to control and block both lanes. larson crosses them over underneath the 19 into turn one.
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>> big move by the 42 of kyle larson. he leads now. suarez shoots up the racetrack. >> wasn't able to clear him but he slowed down enough to get some energy and help from behind. >> seven of the 12 playoff racers are out. huge possibilities in front of the five that are still on the track. larson, keselowski, chase elliott, denny hamlin, matt kenseth two laps down. larson just for the slight advantage but here comes suarez on the outside. suarez will lead that lap. six laps to go. >> the 2 two of keselowski. don't ever let that car get out in front. he has shown speed today. >> and with such few cars the 88 of dale junior is back in the
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third row stuck. everyone is two wide. there's not enough cars to force it three wide. >> small pack but this is it. all fighting, a huge opportunity for some drivers out here, suarez is going to go around. he got tagged from the back! right in front -- contact. >> yellow is out, be ready, guys. >> an attempt to make it three wide. >> well, guess who wasn't involved. the 88. it's an attrition race now. the 24 and the 19, both involved the 2 of keselowski, the winner of stage one. and you look at the damage to chase elliott. >> that was a big, big impact and a very tough angle turning up the racetrack. the damage on the right front. >> the good sign is the movement and the window net down for chase elliott.
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and he's climbing out of that car. also involved, though, the 37 of chris buescher and the red flag will come out for the third time today. chase elliott collecting himself. >> he's come so close to winning races. had another shot today. you see right here chase elliott tries to make it three wide and the 42 came up a little bit. the 19 came down a little bit. another big wreck. but the hole is there. so chase elliott -- why not make that move? it's there and then it just closed up. >> well, this is what we talk about, how aggressive do you want to be f. you're not going to go for that hole, you're not going to win this race. you can argue both sides of
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that. it's a good points day, don't try to take the hole but that's not how race car drivers are wired. when they see that gap open up that is green light, going for the win at talladega. >> it's not that the 42 or the 19 may have turned their wheels but when you have that many cars and they're that close the air moves you around. it's not like the cars go perfectly straight. >> let's ride along with the 88. >> there you go, buddy, the 11 is right on you. high, high, high -- low, low, low. come on, caution's out. >> the 31 will get back to you. come on, come on, come on. caution is out. >> how about that? >> and i think one of the fastest cars all day long is going to emerge out of this wreck with the lead, keselowski.
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you can see the 24 never changed lanes. he stayed straight, the 19 came down just a touch. going into a hole that's just only big enough to get a car in if anybody moves a matter of inches you make contact. >> the 42 of kyle larson. >> watch his wheel. >> stay low, low, low. hold up there. yellow's out. be ready. right side damage. right front. >> that's why i'm up here, rick. >> chip ganassi responding. both cars out in wrecks. the 1 of jamie mcmurray early and now the 42, kyle larson late. >> normally we would talk the wrecks and the points they would lose but with so many cars out of the race these cars will still finish inside the top 20
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safely. >> marty? >> and, guys, dale earnhardt jr. did roll up a little bit so the team could get a better view of the damage and there's a little bit of damage on the headlight of the 88 car but greg ives said nothing we're concerned about. no hole in the nose. right front damage on the 88. somehow he's still in the ball game. the team told me earlier it's like a bubble around the car. he's made it through all of this mess this afternoon. >> we have the opportunity to chat with brad keselowski. looks to come out of this with the lead. >> guys in the nbc booth, you got a moment? >> i think we have a few with the red flag. what's going on? >> tell us what that was like. >> well, we're pretty lucky. the first thing you have to have is luck and then the skill to execute at the end. we've had the luck that has put
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us in position to hopefully bring it home by not getting in those wrecks. we'll see. >> we saw you had radio issues earlier. you came in and got those fixed, gave up track position. that clearly was the right thing to do. >> yeah. i give paul credit. i didn't want to pit but i listened, and i'm glad i did. >> sometimes that's the best thing drivers can do, do what you're told. good luck. we'll be watching. >> it's been a heck of a show. we hope we can bring it on home. >> well, history going for the ford drivers. they have won the last six plate races and right now out front for the restart will be the 2 of brad keselowski. take a look at the leader board and where they currently run and it's a very common theme from chase elliott on down, out. only four cars still involved but we don't know if kyle larson
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can continue. very hard hit for the 42 car on the right side. under red flag conditions they can't work on it. they can look at it but they can't work on the car. >> pretty big impact. >> what an incredible day it has been for brad keselowski. he was able to win the first stage. it was on a late restart. and joey logano finishing second. >> there was supposed to be an antenna on the roof. it just isn't there. they made the decision to come in and get it fixed. you can see the spotter saying we have a problem. >> you just talked to him, you have to be a little lucky as well. missed this accident right here. barely any damage and then the latest accident somehow through the smoke he appears as the race
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leader. this is onboard with brad. >> able to get through that one. we saw the 19 come down on the 24 and so the 24 not able to get through and hard contact with the outside wall. he's standing by with kelly. >> he's just been released from medical and just got a chance to see the replays. it looks like you saw a hole to go three wide and then where did it go wrong? >> it was definitely a hole. to the inside of daniel and kyle left me enough room to get there. i guess he didn't see me in time. i had a big run coming. told me to go so we went. >> the number of playoff contenders now out of this race. >> not really a silver lining and had an opportunity to finish one off there.
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had an opportunity and more disappointment about that. the car was good today and that means more than anything. we'll move on. >> thank you, chase. >> the opportunity to win. he is so close he continues to put himself in position to win these races but something like this just happens where it's out of his control and he gets caught up in an accident and is out of the car. >> just talk to chad johnson. they think if they can get a tire on they can get at least one lap maybe. can't work on the car but sit there and evaluate what you need to do to the car and make your best guess-timate, measure out pieces of tape. they have several pieces of tape ready to go.
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they're ready to work. >> they're ready to work and their goal isn't to go out and be competitive just to run fast enough to finish the laps, make minimum speed. to be honest, i'm not sure they can do that. you can run a lap, get black flagged, come in, run nor lap, that should get them to the finish. that should still put them in the top 15 or 16. >> matt kenseth is two laps down and that's who they're racing trying to stay in front of matt kenseth and that's their goal at the moment. >> and how big does kansas become, the final race in the round of 12. that's coming up next sunday at 3:00 eastern on nbcsn. it is an elimination race. four drivers will be eliminated if they don't have enough points. what a day it's been from here at talladega.
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jamie mcmurray trying to get to pit road and when he wasn't able to get down on the racetrack moves up and gets clocked by the 33 of jeffrey earnhardt. >> we saw a lot of cars coming on pit road during that incident and they were committed to pit road. the red light comes on. pit road is closed. they all came in and pitted and got penalized. >> they chose to pit which was the right call. we saw the 24 pit, the 42, the 88. stops in their box and gets service. >> i think one of the best cars all day long winning the stage. and then it wasn't just jamie mcmurray who had trouble, the 48 of jimmie johnson, hand out the window trying to signal to all the drivers i'm coming to pit road. the 13 doesn't know it, gets into the right rear quarter.
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i thought the 48 could have been done. and then it wasn't just the cars coming to pit road but right here the crew members contact between the 23 and the tire in the tire carrier's hand, thankfully he was okay. >> and ryan blaney won stage two and this crash happened behind him. the first of the big wrecks, a lot of cars. >> yeah, the 14 was caught up in it and frustration between the 14 of clint bowyer and his crew chief. i'm not sure if it was about pit stop or their performance. i think it's a season of frustration boiling over. >> the 23, big contact. joey gase, the safer barrier absorbing the energy. >> now, rick, we've had a lot of big ones but this is the big one, 17 cars involved.
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it started right up near the front. you'll see here contact between the 78 and the 38 sends david ragan a little to the right. he corrects, catches the right rear of the 41 and you could see from here nowhere to go 17 cars involved. so many playoff competitors, the 18, 48, tons of cars. >> and another wreck that would have been a bigger wreck but all the cars got eliminated in the first one and so here is blaney trying to squeeze in a hole and a little bit of contact, the 22 in the side of the 6 of blaine. another multicar wreck. >> and kevin harvick already had damage. he was cruising in the back and he said he was slowing down. popped up the track in front of them and there you see it. >> dale earnhardt jr. narrowly avoiding the spinning trevor bayne and this was most recently, the 24 trying to take a spot moved into the middle and down came the 19 of suarez when
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that opening was there. he tried to close the gap. not in time. >> when chase elliott goes back and watches this, he did nothing wrong. he made the move that you needed to make to win this race and the hole was there and it got closed up. so chase elliott, as we've always seen, he evaluates, he determines. in that case i think he just needs to chalk it up to bad luck and move on. he made the right move. >> and it's the third red flag of the race. and getting ready to go back to caution. display the yellow flag so the car could roll once again. some cars will have to make their way to pit road to attend to the damage. >> i think that's the 38. the valiant effort but it has
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come loose. they're going to want to cut that off. at this point it's about managing. we have a group of cars trying to win the race f. you're the 42 or the 38 with that damage understanding the situation you don't have to get back to minimum speed if you do repairs right, you'll get a couple laps to be warned, come in and go back out. that's all we're going to see in the race. not even about minimum speed. it's just about scoring laps. >> what has keselowski been doing, hamlin, dillon? they've been thinking about what move can i make? so the first decision has to be made, keselowski has to decide on the restart who does he want behind him. does he want earnhardt junior or denny hamlin behind him? that's the first decision that has to be made and i promise you this entire time during this caution that's what's been on his mind. after you get out of the front four, keselowski, newman, earnhardt junior and hamlin. behind him ty dillon, kasey kahne, aric almirola. those guys are thinking, you
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know, what are our chances with this few cars. do the front cars get together, slow each other down, is there a chance to make a move coming to the finish? >> and not many people have left though there's not a lot of cars left. >> i think a lot of people are waiting to see can earnhardt junior do it again. can keselowski get a win here and punch his ticket into the round of eight. how about denny hamlin still in the mix. another one of the playoff drivers that has a shot. >> i still think ryan newman who has not had a year, they got the win earlier this year. they haven't had the year they wanted to have. ty dillon, aric almirola. these are guys that have an opportunity, an opportunity right in front of them and they will do whatever it takes to win this race. >> we've talked in that big pack how hard it was for teammates to help one another but in the smaller group, jeff, of 13, i'm
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sure he would choose to do that. the 5 of kasey kahne if he doe line up with the 88 i'm sure would try to help his teammates. the opportunity now will have to line up because with so few laps there's not going to be any strategy involved. rick, by dumb luck, if they line up that's the guy you want to push. >> and once again the 88 team has been very generous in giving us their time. let's chat once again with dale junior. >> junior, it's burton. we're going to talk to you again if we can. >> yes, sir. >> not many times we talk to the same driver twice in one day but it's been pretty eventful. >> lucky just to still be out here. >> man, what is the strategy now with this few cars left? how do you play this? >> it's easier to race and be just five of them than 30 or 35 of them. so i think it's got ann lot easier for all of us as long as


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