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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 17, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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that was a story trending. we'll get to that and see what you think. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. a chilly start to the morning. everybody wore coats this morning. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei with the most accurate weather forecast. >> yeah, today is sweater weather, send the kids to school, make sure they get the jacket on them. look at the numbers -- 30s out there right now. 35 in pottstown. 39 in reading. lancaster the same. trenton at 39. mt. pocono, freezing at 32 degrees. that's why there's the frost advisory for the upper suburbs and extending into berks, lehigh valley, and the poconos. when you've got temperatures in the low to mid 30s, that's about where the dew points are. so if something, say, a car or plants just are a little bit cooler than any dew that would typically form in summer, it's frost this time of year. 42 for philadelphia.
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millville, low 40s. the temperatures will warm up nicely in the afternoon. a 20-degree jump means only 60s later on. radar and satellite, clear. no rain, no clouds today. lots of sunshine in the forecast. check this out. today forecasting a high at 61, lower than average. there is a big rise in the temperatures as we go on through the next few days. we'll talk more about what causes temperatures to climb up in a few minutes. now we'll go to traffic with jessica boyington. >> thanks. we're starting on the schuylkill expressway. our cameras around 30th street. now earlier we had lanes blocked with the construction project. it looks like they're open now. still the westbound side right here moving up toward the vine street expressway you're good to go. eastbound has always been good. no construction there. watching route 202. both directions okay. 11 minutes on the southbound side from the schuylkill to route 30. average speeds still into the 60s.
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a fire rips through a camden county apartment building forcing people out in the middle of the night. several apartments are damaged. one person hurt. it could have been worse if it wasn't for someone's pet. nbc10's matt delucia is live in cherry hill. >> one person says their cat came to the rescue. tell us more about that. >> reporter: right. people and pets helping each other to get out of this apartment building here. any chaotic night for the folks at the colonials apartments on -- by route 38 and cooper landing road here. this is where this happened late last night. and right up there, you see five floors up is where a lot of that damage is right where it happened, the fire spread to the balcony and to the sixth floor. three apartments were damaged because of this. it did not spread beyond that. fortunately for the folks who live in the rest of this building. the investigators are still trying to figure out what started this. it started a little before midnight. one person had to be rescued and
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taken to the hospital. earlier we talked with residents here, and they talked about waking up to the firefighters and neighbors banging on their doors. one woman told us her cat was pawing at her face trying to wake her up. >> the firemen and neighbors knocked on the door and said there was fire. i waked up my sons and go out to see what happened. i saw the smoke around the lobby. >> when i opened my doors, mill issed smoke. i grabbed the cat and tried to go down the fire stairwell, i ran the other way and beat on her door because i know she has him in the wheelchair, to get her out. >> reporter: jamie said it was terrifying trying to get out of the building. the fire chief says they're investigating what started the fire. the good news is that most residents have made their way
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back inside. at least those not in the three apartments that were affected by this. live in cherry hill, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. grief, shock, and plenty of questions in wilmington where a mother's now charged with the murder of an infant and child. police say she called police to her house in wilmington yesterday morning where officers found the baby and 5-year-old dead in the bathtub. police suspect the mother drowned the kids but are awaiting autopsy results. the woman's name has not been released. pamela osborne will have more on how the community is coming together. students in the monroe township school district are heading back to class an officials closed all the schools in the district for a week because of mold concerns. the district spent the past week testing every building for mold after the fungus was found in holly glen elementary. students there are being moved to other schools while crews clean up the mold. the philadelphia school districts is grappling with mold concerns of its own. john b. kelly elementary will
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not reopen until tomorrow. the school in germantown has been closed since thursday when traces of mold were found in the ventilation system. temple university is trying to heal following the death of three students. classmates, faculty, and staff gathered at the student center last night to comfort one another. they remembered these three students -- jenna burleigh was murdered last month. a man faces charges in her case. richard dalcourt died when he fell from a dorm window this month. and police in miami shot and killed carriann hithon after she hit an officer while trying to drive away from a crash scene. hopping tomorrow, convicted child sex abuser jerry sandusky will find out if he will get another chance to try to prove his innocence. a pennsylvania judge says he will announce his decision on wednesday about whether sandusky deserves a new trial. sandusky claims he didn't receive adequate legal representation during his original trial. the ex-penn state coach was found guilty and is serving a 30 to 60-year sentence in state prison. a u.s. soldier who walked
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away from his post in afghanistan will find out next monday if he'll spend life in prison. bowe bergdahl was captured by the taliban and held for five years. yesterday he pled guilty to endangering colleagues and admitted his actions were inexcusable. a judge next week will sentence him. the debate over philadelphia's sugary drink tax heads to harrisburg today. businesses and workers against the tax will testify before a senate committee. they're expected to tell the panel about how the penny and a half per-ounce tax on soft drinks to distributors has cut into their sales and caused pay cuts and layoffs. the extra money helps pay for pre-k education and other city services. yesterday the city revealed the results of a survey on the tax's impact and found more than 50% of businesses reported a loss in revenue. in many cases, sales dropped by at least 10%. the majority of those losses were reported in the city's poorest neighborhoods. the mayor's office is disputing the analysis from the controller
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saying coca-cola reported this year that sales of their 7.5-ounce mini cans and 1.25-leader bottles were up nearly -- liter bottles were up nearly 10% in philadelphia. a new septa bus route will bring more service to parts of philadelphia and beyond. a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the service happens today. it will offer more stops between the frank ford transportation center and the mall. happening today in old city, philadelphia officials and a developer will bright the grand opening of 500 walnut. the city's newest highrise tower. it looks down on independence hall. someone really has to want that view. they bout the penthouse for $18 million. spectacular if you got the cash lying around. >> absolutely. we are looking at conditions out there that are chilly this morning. we've got a cold morning ahead. then a sunny day moving through which is going to lead to a cool
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afternoon. very much so a fall day. today is sweater weather. throw on the boots. it will feel like the middle of october. we'll be chilly again tonight. for some possibly even a little cooler. there is a frost advisory in place for parts of south jersey. and then we have warming in the next few days. if you want to get the peek, there it says at the bottom of the screen with the rolling neighborhood forecast. you see temperatures will gradually start to climb. radar and satellite right now. we are clear. that's going to lead to a sunny day ahead. not like the last few days. no clouds to worry about. no rain like yesterday. we are dry for our tuesday. current winds, they're spilling in from the north. helping to pump in that cool air pattern that we've been talking about. that's keeping us cold, chilly into the afternoon hours. in philadelphia, 43 this morning. 59 by 3:00 in the afternoon. there's what i was talking about -- sunshine.
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clear picture for us through the morning, through the afternoon. clear overnight, as well. for the suburbs, 38 degrees. chilly. 7:00 a.m. we'll get to about 50 by near lunchtime. 57 at 3:00. close to 60 for highs. many spots there in the upper 50s, close to 60 degrees. the lehigh valley, 37 up to 57 by 3:00 p.m. how about in delaware -- 39 degrees, clear start out there. we're also clear to start in new jersey to the shore. and most of the temperatures are in those upper 30s now. we're checking different neighborhood maps. delaware, 58. the same in new jersey, even the shore, mid to upper 50s for the forecast highs later today. these all change with the warming trend. we'll discuss that in more detail coming up. 5:09. we'll find out what the roads are looking like as you head to work. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching 76. >> watching 76 in jersey, though, watching it moving
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through gloucester city around market street. here at northbound side. this is moving toward the philadelphia area for the walt whitman bridge or heading to 676, moving through camden. also watching a crash in montgomeryville, new into the system here on countyline road at richardson road. mass transit, we'll end here. all great, on or close to school for amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco. back to you. i'm the luckiest guy on earth. >> an honor for a longtime senator. john mccain accepts a medal in philadelphia and weighs in on our country's future. at 5:10, a high-stakes meeting. the eagles' player that plans on attending a discussion about the national anthem protest. say good-bye to sleepless nights. what one expert says you should do if you lay awake in bed.
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chris brown: a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and standing up to chris christie's takeover of atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos. and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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former vice president joe biden was in philadelphia last night to present a prestigious
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award to a friend, living patriot and longtime senator. several people recalled john mccain's career of service from his time in the navy to his current status as a statesman. however, for the former vice president, the honor was about celebrating decades of friendship. >> i personally benefit from having john mccain both as a confidan confidante, counselor, and a friend. for even longer, our nation has benefitted from john's selflessness and unwavering service. >> after an embrace from joe biden, senator mccain received the liberty medal. then he used his platform to chastise the way relationships have become on capitol hill. he left little room for doubt on where he stands. >> to fear the world we have organized and led for three quarters of a century, to abandons the ideals we was advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last, best hope of earth for the sake some
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half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems -- [ cheers and applause ] >> those cheers went on for several seconds before mccain went on to declare the behavior he described as unpatriotic. the liberty medal honors people of courage and conviction who strive to secure liberty to people around the globe. sick of sleepless nights? you're not alone. more than one-third of americans have trouble sleeping. if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you might be tempted to just lie there for hours. dr. phil gearman at penn sleep center says that actually works against you. >> if you can't sleep, take a break. one of the worst things is to lie there tossing and turning for long periods of time. that adds fuel to the fire. >> okay.
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i've got a problem there. he says get up, get a drink of water, read a book until you get tired. you probably heard it's better to sleep on your back. but there are people with certain sleep conditions that should sleep on their side. we'll explain the benefits of side sleeping coming up at 6:00 a.m. if you do get up, do not look at your phone or any computer with the blue light message to your brain. and you shared your routine before bed. >> krystal klei is my name on twitterme twitter. and i try to have dinner fairly early. i make sure the dress is picked, the jewelry is out -- >> it looks blue. >> people say it looks like we have a dress controversy. >> oh, no. >> i also pick out my breakfast. pretty much always the same thing -- fruit, yogurt, granola bar. it's my style. make sure everything's ready so in the morning i don't have to worry about grabbing things before i get out the door. i can literally roll out of bed
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and roll into work. you've seen me when i roll in. a little scary when i first walk in the door. let's talk about conditions this morning. cold out there. if you're going out the door quick, grab a jacket. by the way, if you want to know what the rest of the guys on the team do to get ready in the morning, we'll share those on social media throughout the next evening. check for those. here are the temperatures, 42 in philadelphia. 35 in the suburbs. 42 in south jersey. the numbers in the 30s and 40s will pick up some but it's going to be a cool day regardless. morning, afternoon, we are going to feel very much like fall. starting in berks and the lehigh valley for the neighborhood temperatures here. warnersville, 39. lenardsville, 38. and we've got some of the upper 30s, as well, as we track over into the lehigh valley. bethlehem at 35. whitehall, 35. allentown, 37 degrees. remember, these are areas under a frost advisory this morning. we'll look at that in a moment. let's go to new jersey. some of the temperatures also have slipped into the 30s. 37 in piney hollow.
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39 for lumbertown. 38 for pemberton. many spots in the lower 40s this morning. princeton down to 33. typical that princeton runs a little cooler. berks county, low to mid 30s likely. widespread frost possible. sensitive plants could be killed as a result. tomorrow, wednesday, 1:00 to 9:00 in the morning. parts of south jersey also under a frost advisory. lower burlington, cumberland, and atlantic counties under that advisory. how about temperatures for this afternoon? chestnut hill, you're at 61. upper 50s in the suburbs. low 60s, sunny in the lehigh valley. 59 in trenton. 61 ocean city. and wilmington at 60 for the forecast high. what's going to happen the next 24 hours? we're clear and cool. as we progress here, so does the warmer air. so by tomorrow, high pressure will start building in. that's going to warm up the temperatures. and as we warm the temperatures up, well, we are talking 70s,
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mid 70s, and how about upper 70s. we'll get to that with the ten day on 10 coming up. >> thank you. about 5:19. if you've been up with us, you may have noticed that jessica boyington's voice not at its best. bless her heart, she's here with us for the morning. >> feeling okay, just sounding rough? >> i was not feeling okay thursday into friday into saturday. but now i'm doing better. just lingering forever. i don't know why. we're going to start on 95. our cameras around cottman avenue into center city here on the southbound side. actually looks good so far. so from woodhaven to about the vine area, about a 12 to 13-minute trip there. no real problems reported. there's montgomeryville, a crash countyline at richardson road. if you're in west philly, watch for road paving. this will last until 6:00 this morning. lane restrictions on parkside avenue between west girard avenue and north 52nd street. so far, so good there. again, that's going to clear in the next 45 minutes or so. back to you. >> jessica boyington, thank you. online outrage. a retailer is pulling this
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costume from shelves after some said it was insensitive. change of heart, a berks county college is asking football players to come back after they were kicked off the team in an anthem protest today. and black friday looking bleak. a new survey shows that shoppers are skipping stores after thanksgiving. now companies are working to win back your business.
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anthem protests and the quarterback who launched them are expected to be up for discussion at today's nfl owners meeting in new york. you're looking at some of the owners earlier this year. the nfl and its players union will be trying to find a way to move on from the issue of players kneeling during the national anthems. free agent quarterback colin kaepernick, number 7, was the first to take a knee to protest social injustice. he filed a grieve's saying nfl owners plotted revenge to keep him out of the league. safety malcolm jenkins will
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also be at the meeting in new york. he told nbc sports philadelphia he'll be in on a discussion to try to solve the anthem issue. he was the first eagles' player to tell colin kaepernick's lead on anthem demonstrations. in berks county, albright college in reading is offering to reinstate three of its football players after they were cut from the team for pregame demonstrations. one player took a knee during the national anthem at a recent game. two others refused to follow a team agreement to kneel during the coin toss in a show of unity. albright's president says the incidents highlighted issues of social and racial injustice that must be addressed. new this morning, costume controversy. we want what you think about this. an online retailer is apologizing after this ann frank costume sparked outrage. the anti-defamation league says it trivializes frank's memory. ann frank, as you know, wrote a diary while hiding from the nazis during world war ii. the retailer says it sells costumes for things like school plays and projects and did not mean to cause any offense.
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"stranger things," "orange is the new black," "house of cards," netflix is streaming popular original content, and that's streaming in cash. landon dowdy with more in the cnbc business news. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, tracy. good morning. you want to watch shares of netflix today. they traded at a record high last night after the service reported earnings that beat wall street's forecast. netflix added more than five million new customers in the quarter and plans to spend upwards of $8 billion on content next year as it continues to build its lineup of original shows. >> now let's talk about malls. they're getting ready for this year's black friday but may not be as crowded as in years past. >> reporter: that's right. it's not even halloween, and we're already talking christmas. especially black friday. retailers say they may see less green in fact object this black friday. a survey by consulting firm accenture says that more than half of consumers say there's a
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good chance they'll skip scouting for presents. black friday has become less of a force in recent years as many retailers are open on thanksgiving and offer door buster deals just throughout the entire weekend. about two-thirds of consumers say holiday shopping is a year-round event. let's check the markets on wall street. we'll see new highs today. the markets closed at record levels yesterday as investors await the bulk of earnings reports that will come out over the next two weeks. they could set the tone for trading ahead. back to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. thank you. breaking now, forced out by flames. a light-night fire tears through a cherry hill apartment complex. a pit is being credit -- a pet is being credited with saving a woman's life. and murder charges after a pair of brothers are found dead in a bathtub. police say a mother killed them.
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when you're a double-dipping like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle.
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that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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mother charged with murders. a pair of brothers found dead in a bathtub. police say a mom is to blame. the president pointing fingers. the accusations made against the president's predecessor that's causing controversy. flying above the competition. the most popular jersey in the country now is an eagles' player. how about that? >> 5:30. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. it's windy out there. we'll get to meteorologist krystal klei with the most accurate weather forecast. >> good morning, everyone. yesterday you might remember we started with temperatures in the mid 60s, low 60s for some. we said that tomorrow was going to be a lot cooler. take a look. this is the 22-hour change map. it is 20 degrees colder than yesterday at this time -- 22 de


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