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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 18, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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some rain the middle of next week. >> let's focus on what's in front of us, the next few days. that's our news. i am jim rosenfield. >> i am jacqueline london. see you at 11:00. tonight a multistate manhunt to catch a killer. authorities say he gunned down woe corks -- co-workers in the office, then opened fire in another state later. controversial controversy. what president trump said or didn't say to the widow of a fallen soldier. anlympic star's bombshell, revealing she, too, was haasar -- harassed by a team doctor. players should stand. a new turn in the nationwide debate. breaking his silence. the first person to confront the gunman in las vegas, the hero security guard speaks. a silent cancer epidemic striking men, triggered by a virus usually associated with women. knowing the signs could save your life. and those who
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serve. we're kicking off our new series with an extraordinary band of brothers. also tonight, an alert about one of most popular trucks on the road. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, and thank you for being with us. we begin with a story still developing this hour. the massive police dragnet along the east coast tonight. authorities tried to catch a career criminal who is suspected of shooting a total of six people in maryland and delaware today. three of them fatally. the violence began in a small town in northern maryland, but the manhunt tonight extends far beyond. the victims all known to the shooter, and police fearing he could kill again. our tom costello has the very latest. >> reporter: it started just before 9:00 this morning. >> advanced grantity. >> reporter: shots rang out at advanced granite solutions 30 miles north of baltimore.
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35-year-old radee labeeb prince shot the employees before fleeing. police found three of the five had died. the two survivors are in critical condition. >> there's a individual out there on the loose who committed, you know, one of the most heinous acts we've ever seen in our county. certainly we consider him armed and dangerous. >> reporter: police say radee labeeb prince who worked at the company for last four months had an extensive criminal background. 42 arrests in delaware alone, including 15 felony convictions. he was last seen driving a 2008 black gmc arcadia with delaware plates. nearly two hours later, another shooting. this one in delaware. police in wilmington say the victim and the shooter knew each other. police chased the suspect's car but lost it. >> the last time that we've seen this individual today was earlier this morning. >> reporter: for much of the day, police fanned out across the i-95 corridor from washington, d.c., to new jersey, watching highway exits and toll booth cameras, searching for prints. police don't yet have a motive for either shooting, but the
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father of one employee tells our nbc station in baltimore prince was a loose cannon. >> an armed killer out there. so certainly he is a danger to anyone he encounters. >> reporter: police emphasize that this suspect has known all of his victims. they do not believe he is targeting random people. they also admit tonight they do not know if prince is here in delaware or some neighboring state. lester? >> tom costello, thank you. now to the public back and forth that has injected politics into something normally seen as deeply personal and solemn. the controversy over what was or wasn't said during president trump's condolence call to the widow of a fallen soldier. one of four u.s. service members killed in action in niger this month. the president denying claims from a democratic congresswoman who says she overheard the conversation in which she says he disrespected that american hero and his family. nbc's peter alexander has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, honor and sacrifice. four families mourning
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loved ones killed in niger, including sergeant la david johnson, a father of two, whose unborn child will never meet his dad. the wright family has served in the armed forces for 200 years. 29-year-old dustin the first to die in the line of duty. >> the kindest, the most loving person you ever met. and that's the amazing thing about him. >> reporter: the pentagon tonight still investigating how the low-risk mission was blind sided. a deadly ambush by fighters affiliated with isis. during the attack, johnson becoming separated from the unit. his body found by nigerian troops two days later. tonight his family's pain compounded, they say, by the president's words. president trump denying a democratic congresswoman's claim he disrespected johnson during a call to his widow. >> i had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife who -- sounded like a lovely woman. did not say what the congresswoman said. >> reporter: that congresswoman, fredricka wilson, standing by her account of the call heard on speaker phone. >> he said, "well, i
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guess you know --" something to the effect that he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but i guess it hurts anyway. >> reporter: the president blasting the story as fabricated adding, "i have proof." that proof not a recording but according to sarah huckabee sanders aides in the room including chief of staff john kelly. the president invoking the name of his son, a marine, killed in afghanistan. >> you can can general kelliy if he got a call from obama. >> i think that general kelly is disgusted by the way that this has been politicized and that the focus has become on the process and not the fact that american lives were lost. >> reporter: tonight the white house confirms president trump recently sent a check for $25,000 to another grieving military father after his son, a soldier, was killed in syria in june. officials here say it was a generous gesture made privately by the president. tonight that father tells nbc news that he's yet to receive the payment.
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lester? >> all right. peter alexander tonight. thank you. and there is wavering this evening from the white house on a health care deal all but sinking a bipartisan effort to stabilize obamacare insurance markets. just yesterday the president said he was open to the measure. today he called federal subsidies to help low-income americans pay out of pocket costs a bailout to insurance companies. experts say the uncertainty could result in higher premiums on the obamacare exchanges. now to the shocking allegations from a gold medal-winning oblivilivn, olympian. mckayla maroney has publicly accused a team doctor of sexually assaulting her. the latest turn in a scandal rocking gymnastics. she said she service inspired by the wave of women speaking out about sexual assault. here's nbc's national correspondent, miguel almaguer. >> reporter: she won gold and silver at the 2012 games in london. [ cheers ] >> oh, my gosh!
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unbelievable! >> reporter: but mikayla maroney took perhaps her most important platform on twitter. the on, limit limpyon -- olympian sharing her story, inspired, she says, by the reaction to the harvey weinstein scandal and the "me, too" movement. maroney accusing former team doctor larry nasser of molesting her. "this is happening everywhere," she writes. "wherever there is a position of power there seems to be potential for abuse. i had a dream to go to the olympics, and the things i had to endure to get there were unnecessary and disgusting." maroney says the abuse began when she was 13 and continued during trips overseas. "he'd given me a sleeping pill for the flight, and the next thing i know, i was all alone with him in his hotel room getting a treatment. i thought i was going to die that night." >> when you hear somebody else tell their story and be so brave, it gives you the strength to come
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forward and say "this happened to me, too." >> reporter: dr. nasser is accused of sexually assaulting more than 100 patients. he's awaiting two trials. he's pled not guilty and offered no comment tonight. maroney says it's never too late to speak up. the champion in the gym, your an advocate outside of it. miguel almaguer, nbc news. a new turn tonight in the national anthem debate and the nfl. the league's commissioner says players should stand when the national anthem is played before games, and he also responded to questions about why the nfl declined to change its policy to require that they do so. nbc's ron mott has the new details. we believe that our players should stand for the national anthem. >> reporter: today nfl commissioner roger goodell explained why the league is encouraging but not demanding its players stand for the national anthem. >> what we try to do is deal with the underlying issue and understand what it is that they're protesting and try to
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address that matter. >> reporter: goodell said he has not talked about the players' efforts to bring attention to social issues with president trump who has kept the controversy in the spotlight with tweets and comments. late today the president tweeted again, "too much talk, not enough action. stand for the national anthem." >> we're not looking to get into politics. what we're looking to do is continue to we'll -- continue to keep people focused on football. >> reporter: goodell hopes to keep the number of people protesting to zero. he did not offer special olympics on how the nfl hopes to get there. >> i don't think the nfl will achieve anything with some kind of mandate. the president is tweeting something or saying something about this issue, you know, every few days. and that ensures that it will become a very, very emotional issue every few days. >> reporter: the next game, the next protest perhaps, tomorrow night. ron mott, nbc news, new york. tonight we are hearing for the first time from the hero security guard, the first person to encounter the gunman inside the mandalay bay hotel in las vegas, sounding the alarm about a shooter on the loose even
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after he was shot and wounded. nbc's joe fryer now with his story. >> reporter: jesus campos is breaking 2.5 weeks of silence, speaking with ellen degeneres. >> i'm doing better each day. >> reporter: the mandalay bay security guard said he was called to check on a door alarm near gunman stephen paddock's suite. he took the stairs, but the door to the floor wouldn't open, so he took a different route. >> there was a metal bracket holding the door in place. it was out of the ordinary. >> reporter: campos said he called for an engineer, then started walking down the hallway when a barrage of gunfire came from paddock's room. >> at first i took cover. i felt eye bua -- a burning send sagsationsensatio. i lifted my pant leg and saw the blood. >> reporter: then stephen shock showed up, unaware what was happening. >> jesus leaned out and said, "take cover, take cover," yelled at
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me. within milliseconds if he didn't say that, i would have got hit. >> reporter: at one point a female guest came out of a different room. >> i told her to go back inside, it wasn't safe. >> reporter: investigators say paddock had rigged the hallway with cameras. seconds later he opened fire killing 58 and injuring more than 500. degeneres called campos a hero. >> you being shot in the leg saved so many people's lives. [ cheers ] >> reporter: announcing a sponsor is donating $25,000 to the victims' fund in his name. nbc news, los angeles. in houston today, hundreds of residents lined up to receive disaster relief more than seven weeks after hurricane harvey hit. harvey and other recent storms caused tens of billions in damage including an unprecedented number of flooded vehicles. now experts warn some of those cars may be ve for sale in your state, and the damage may never be disclosed to you. nbc news national investigative correspondent jeff rossen tells you how to keep from getting
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scammed in tonight's "rossen reports." >> reporter: tonight the numbers are still rising from hurricane harvey to hurricane irma. more than 637,000 cars flooded out and damaged. and some of those cars ended up here in this flooded car graveyard. just how many? let's show you. we have our nbc drone up. we'll bring you up and give you some perspective. believe it or not, in just a fraction of the flooded out cars from hurricane harvey and hurricane irma. these are only the people that turn their cars in to their insurance companies. around here, over 60% of the people don't have any car insurance, and experts say they could try to resell these flooded cars on the open market across the country without ever telling you there's a problem. >> it's obvious from the dirt and debris this car has been in a major flood. somebody could come along and for a couple of thousand dollars, clean it up, sell it to an unsuspecting
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buyer. everythi everything's great until they're driving it down the road in a few weeks and the electronics go out, and boom, you have a bomb on your hands. >> reporter: robert lawrence is with the national crimes bureau. >> that's how high the water came up. it got the engine, and it also got the anti-lock brakes. >> reporter: how can you tell? because chances are a seller would clean that up. how can you tell? what should i look for when buying a used car? >> be on the lookout for condensation. >> reporter: the lights? >> it has water in there. yeah. >> reporter: he says there are other clues, too, that a car was under water like rust or corrosion on the engine. brand-new upholstery in a used car or sand and dirt in unusual places like deep under the seats. and here's another big tip -- >> so if you are looking to buy a used car, take the vin number from the car, run it through our data base, vin check, at it's free. if that car was flooded and insured, it will show up in there. >> reporter: if it wasn't insured? >> buyer beware. >> reporter: for every
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car in this graveyard, experts say there are thousands more dangerous and on the market. jeff rossen, nbc news, texas. >> that's a lot of cars and some important information tonight. it was another record day on wall street. the dow closing up 160 points and closing over 23,000 for the first time finishing the day at 2,3157. still ahead, silent epidemic. a virus most often linked to cancer in women now spreading at an alarming rate among men, too. why you may not know you have it until it's too late. also, police officers striking a chord with kids in their community. chord with kids in their community. our series "th i can't wait for her to have that college experience that i had. chord with kids in their community. our series "th the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss
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we're back now with a warning about what doctors call a silent epidemic among men. the hpv virus is most often linked with cancer in women. a new study shows an alarming rise in hpv-related cancers among men, too, especially oral cancer. the symptoms are often silent. nbc news medical correspondent dr. john torres has more on the risk factors and what you can do to prevent it. >> reporter: when married father of three jason mendelsohnn felt a strange lump on his neck a few years ago, he got it checked out right away. >> when i got diagnosed are stage-four hpv-related oral cancer, my life stopped. all of a sudden, i had to worry about who was going to take care of my wife and kids. >> reporter: jason's cancer was caused by hpv. the human
6:48 pm
papillomavirus. most commonly linked to cervical cancer in women. a new study veels men are increasing -- reveals men are increasingly infected with the virus. more than 11 million men have oral hpv, and like jason, don't even know it. >> when we have hpv infections, whether they're genital infections or infections in the throat, the infection itself with the virus doesn't cause symptoms. >> reporter: in some people, the virus can progress to oral cancer years later. rick factors for oral hpv may include the number of sexual partners, performing oral sex, and smoking cigarettes or marijuana. jason has since recovered from his cancer and is determined to raise awareness about the virus. >> let me tell you why i love your mother -- >> reporter: he's gotten his kids vaccinated and wants everyone to know it is preventable. doctors say boys and girls should be vaccinated starting at about 11-years-old. they should get two doses at least six months apart. those who get the shot
6:49 pm
after age 14 need three doses. after age 26, doctors say it's too late. >> let's talk about adults right now who think they may have come in contact with this virus. anything they can do? >> and unlike pap smears for cervical cancer, there is no good test for oral hpv now. prevention is the best course of action, meaning quitting smoking, and limiting sexual partners. >> all right, dr. torres, thank you very much. >> you bet. coming up, the major s pretty amazing. it can transform a frog into a prince. but it can't transform your business. for that you need dell technologies. we are transforming jet engines into turbo powered safety inspectors. dairy cows into living, breathing, data centers. and though it seems like magic, it's not. it's people and technology working together. magic can't make digital transformation happen. but we can. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve.
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and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. finally tonight, a story that is literally about the brotherhood of police officers, siblings in this case, with over 30 years of law enforcement experience between them who brushed off some talents they thought they had put behind them to help some new orleans high school ki kids' march to success. it's part of our new reese of stories i look forward to sharing with you about those who serve. before he ever walked a beat, officer james care learned how to keep a beat.
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♪ >> remember in high school, college, i started in middle school, and just stuck with it. ♪ >> so when asked by a friend to help out the cash-strapped band program at mcdonough 35 senior high school, this new orleans policeman stepped in line. when does your day stark start, and when does it end? >> generally 6:25 in the morning when i report to work, and it ends roughly 7ish. >> came to our practice one time with his uniform. i was like, you're a police officer? he was like, yes, i am. >> so is mr. greg, colorguard instructor, also known as greg johnson of the new orleans police. he is also james' brother. >> had a kid last week say, "is mr. greg really your brother?" "yeah, really my broth brother." what drives their passion is getting the kids to college. >> a lot of these kids, they have the
6:58 pm
talent and ability to have a college pay them to be there. >> and as cops, they have even more to teach. >> we sit down and talk to them about real-life issues, things that are going on in the world like how to interact with the police. >> band practice is after school. a period these lawmen know can be risky for teens. >> most of the crime that's occurring are from kids that's high school ages. so if we could take these kids and keep dealing with us as long as we can, it gives them a better chance at succeeding and getting in any type of trouble. >> in band of brothers leading, protecting, and building trust. >> everybody take care of everybody who needs someone. he got you. >> we're like a family. just bun wig family. >> do you get -- just one big family. >> do you get attached to the kids? >> definitely. defici
6:59 pm
definitely, you do. >> if you know someone who serves and is doing something extraordinary that you think we should know about, we would love to hear from you on our facebook page. we appreciate you spending part of your evening with us. that is "nightly news" for this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching, and good nigh ♪ now on "extra" -- j lo beyonce take over brooklyn. j lo redhot in fishnet. a.j.'s inside their star-packed concert for hurricane relief. plus, the new clues jennifer
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and alex are moving in together? new photos scarlett johansson stepping out with celebrity chef bobby flay, just friends or has she moved on from snl's colin jost. gretchen carlson weighing in on the harvey weinstein scandal. oprah on the clock. we're with queen o for her new york morning tv show. then, mark sitting down with chris hemsworth talking about getting ripped for "thor." plus, modern family goes the full monty. and tonight's empire paying tribute to prince and look who has a cameo. >> a.j. flashing back to his days on 106 and park. can't get enough of those dread and this is not coming back. ♪ "extra"


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