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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  October 20, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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northeast extension overnight. the crash forced drivers to take detours between the quakertown and lansdale exits. that section of road is now completely open. the crash injured three people. they are expected to be okay. with more, we'll check in with katy zachry. the crash has cleared on the northeast ex-sense of the -- extension of the turnpike has reopened. neighbors are in the green. no crashes, no incidents, no major delays. average speeds are where they should be. 76 at the expressway, a quick road, quick between southbound at the woodhaven and the vine. speaking of 76, this is a live look outside where it meets with the vine street expressway. no construction is forcing drivers off the road. no overnight construction on the vine. that's the good news. bad news, there is some overnight construction on 76
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westbound. you'll primarily hit that as you make your way between route 1 and the 476 interchange. i'll let you know when that should lift, around 5:00 a.m. looking at one of our majors in new jersey. around the belmar/haddon heights area, light traffic, no issues on any of the majors this hour. >> thank you. in gloucester county, some parents say they'll be keeping their kids home from school after racially charged violence broke out in the hallways. >> the fight was caught on video. you see it posted to twitter. it happened at washington township high school wednesday. students confronted classmates who they say texted racial slurs and hateful language. yesterday, dozens of students skipped classes and held a peaceful sit-in in protest. the school addressed concerns last night at a community people. >> i was offended and felt sick to my stomach that my township
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is showing this behavior strongly and openly. >> my daughter does not want to return to the school. this is her senior year. i don't feel safe, and i can't be at work worrying about hate. >> some students are facing suspensions. the fight at washington township high is just the latest race-related incident that we've seen at local schools recently. this morning in chester county, students from coatesville area high school will hold a silent protest in response to classmates caught posing with pumpkins, you see it there, that featured offensive carvings. in bucks county, two students from middle school are suspended for throwing rocks and yelling racial slurs at a bus. the man accused of a multistate rampage is out on $2 million bond. >> we have details on how it began. a witness inside the maryland granite company where this started says raydee prince
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started the day badmouthi ining workers and tried to fight a few people. later he forced a group together and started shooting. he ultimately shot five people, killing three. we now know law enforcement captured prince thanks to the mother of a rookie wilmington police officer. she spotted prince ditching his suv near glasgow high school in newark and called police who quietly surrounded the area, caught him after a short chase. news of the arrest was a relief of the -- relief for the family of jason ball. he was a family friend, and his brother is getting better. >> he's not well. he's hanging in there, he's kicking. he's talking back. he's able to respond. to see him respond, it's good. but to see him in bed, it's bad. >> raydee prince was arraigned in delaware. charges include attempted murder
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and illegally possessioning weapons. the charges come only from the shooting in wilmington where police say prince shot the owner of a car sales shop. it's unclear when he could be taken back to maryland to face murder charges. his record shows arrests, however the courts convicted him 18 times. look at this court document. it details one of prince's arrests. this was in maryland in march of 2015. police say they found a gun in prince's car. according to the document, precipitation was loud, he -- prince was loud, he would not stop screaming. he was a convicted felon and shouldn't have had a gun. despite that, he was never prosecuted for the incident. turn to our nbc10 app for a complete timeline of how the events unfolded and learn about the victims who was killed. today is the last day to take advantage of a federal
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disaster services center in north philadelphia. emergency officials set it up to help people displaced by hurricanes in puerto rico and the virgin islands. spanish interpreters are available. the center is on west allegheny avenue in the hispanic association of contractors building. most of puerto rico still doesn't have power a month after hurricane maria leveled the u.s. territory. schools are closed, food and water are still scarce, and traffic lights aren't working. the governor traveled to washington yesterday to lobby for more federal aid. president trump told the governor he's given his blessing to congress for a funding plan. the governor says trump reassured him no u.s. citizen will be left behind. help for puerto rico continues to flow out of our area. the fraterm order of police -- fraternal order of police hosted a fundraiser in northeast philadelphia. all of the proceeds will go to victims of hurricane maria. they had a similar event for hurricane harvey relief last month. you still have an ongoing
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opportunity to help hurricane victims. call the red cross at 1-800-596-6567 or go to our nbc10 app for more information. 4:06. beginning today, law enforcement agencies in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware will participate in the i-95 drive to save lives. the highway has been ranked among the top ten in deadly crashes the past few years. to make i-95 safer, officers will target speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and impaired driving. the campaign runs through tomorrow. now to decision 2017 and the race for district attorney in philadelphia. democrat larry krasner and republican beth grossman debated at lasalle university last night. immigration was a hot topic. grossman said she could not endorse philadelphia as a sanctuary city, one that does not cooperate with immigration authorities. krasner supports the designation saying he would resist president trump's policies. kelly hodge is the interim d.a. but not running for the
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permanent office. voters have just more than two weeks left to decide who to vote for. local and state elections are tuesday, november 7th. and philadelphia's former d.a. can no longer practice law in pennsylvania. officials disbarred williams yesterday. he's been in prison since june when he resigned and pled guilty to a corruption charge. he faces up to five years in prison at his sentencing next week. former president barack obama returned to the campaign trail in support of the democratic candidate for new jersey governor. he was in newark yesterday stumping for phil murphy. he told voters how important he believes in election is. >> and you can't take this election or any election for granted. i don't know if you all noticed that. [ laughter [ laughter ] but you can't take any election for granted. >> murphy is running against republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno to succeed chris christie. pennsylvania's budget cuts are leading to changes within
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the prison system. yesterday governor wolf announced the consolidation of parts of the department of corrections and the board of probation and parole. they'll remain separate agencies, but they'll combine overlapping functions including supervision of parolees and re-entry services. wolf says the consolidation will save taxpayer money while eliminating redundancies in the system. on the jersey shore after years of work, a facelift for the ocean city boardwalk is in the final construction. crews ripped out parts for the final phase of reconstruction on the boardwalk. the project costs nearly $10 million. the city says it's worth every penny. >> this is the first time in decades that we've replaced the entire boardwalk structure. through the surface, it's safer, there for everyone to enjoy for decades to come. >> the construction is expected to last until march. you may not want to say winter conditions yet, but penndot is making sure you'll be
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ready when the snow falls. >> penndot always gets ready early. the transportation department will have a new color-coded map to show if a street has been plowed. penndot has $220 million budgeted for this winter's operations and more than 652,000 tons of salt. wonder that what that looks like put together, ready to spread on the roads. the department wants to hire hundreds of seasonal workers for the operations. >> way too soon to see video of that. let's check in with glenn "hurricane" schwartz and find out what the day's going to be like heading into the weekend. >> it will get colder next week, but nothing close to the "s" word. it won't be close to 80, i'll tell you that. dry conditions now at i-95 and south philly. we also have dry conditions in wilmington and everywhere else across the area. it's going to be a beautiful day everywhere.
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56 degrees in philadelphia. we're starting off at a higher level than we did over the last few days. 48 in lancaster and in millville. those are the only places in the 40s. even mt. pocono is not in the 40s this morning. that's definitely a warmer atmosphere. 40s in delaware. glasgow 48. harmony hills, 49. reedy point is 57 which is mild for this time of day. bridgeville at 48. redden, 48. wilton, 46. and 57 degrees near rehoboth beach, 58 at bethany beach. the average this time of year is 66. got to 76 yesterday, and we're going up. saturday, sunday, and even monday, temperatures get a
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little bit higher each day. we don't have any significant moisture obviously. noter only in the eastern half of the country -- not only in the eastern half of the country, but we have to the west coast to see any significant moisture. you know it will be really nice for a while. center city, 73. westchester, 71. kutztown at 70. trenton, 72. atlantic city up to 74. a little more of a west to northwest wind later that will help the shore get warmer than yesterday. wilmington at 75 degrees. and over the weekend, nice. a lot of sunshine both saturday and sunday. may get a few more clouds on sunday. but not much at all. it looks like a spectacular weekend. as we go into monday, it looks like we're going to have basically dry weather for the eagles game. above average temperatures for this time of the year.
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>> yeah. that -- welcome news eagles nation for monday night. 4:12 on this friday. as we say a fry-yay. >> i second that. the bad news first, we have construction on stretches of minimum wage majors in -- on majors in pennsylvania. route 1, the outer drive is closed at walsh and redline roads. construction is on the road until 6:00 a.m. i'll let you know when it lifts. the inner drive fully operational. 76 westbound, you will encounter construction that will just force you to move into one lane as you make your way on the schuylkill expressway from center city to 476. be aware of that. let's look at the good news. 76 drive times outside of the westbound construction are really pretty good, especially eastbound. only 13 minutes as you go between the blue route and the
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vine street expressway. lastly, let's look outside. 95 at girard avenue, pretty aerial shot. you see a little overnight construction, but it's not delaying anything as you make your way on 95. >> thank you. mad over mold. students and parents now say a local school district tried to cover up a health problem. tough questions that they have for school officials as one student tells nbc10 the mold made her sick. and disturbing discovery. someone lceft a dead deer insid a football stadium. parents say it's not the first time it's happened. tracking your sleep. using technology to monitor your sleep.
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a feud that will be settled on the gridiron had investigators on the field yesterday. >> maintenance workers found a deer carcass hanging in a stadium at central high school west. the mascot is a buck. the school with -- will face off against rival central bucks east tomorrow night. one parent we spoke to said it's a bizarre tradition in years past. >> rivals. their fun game thing. they have a game coming up. i'm not saying that i like a dead carcass out there. i don't think that there was any harm intent. >> the central bucks school district says if the responsible students are identified, they'll be punished. in camden, construction is beginning on a first of its county joint health sciences center. the research and training space will house camden, rowan
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university, and camden county college. the center will open in the spring of 2019. philadelphia's considering installing public restrooms and showers across the city. the health and human services department wants to add the facilities in areas that would benefit commuters, tourists, and the homeless. right now the managing director's office is considering options for how to install and maintain the restrooms. we've been doing it all week. this week we're exploring the science of sleep to help you get the best possible rest. >> today we're looking at technology aimed at tracking your sleep habits. a sports fitness tracker monitors your physical activity and can collection information about your sleep. be warned, the results aren't always accurate. devices can overestimate just how long you're asleep, if they clock the time you spend moti motionless in bed. that's not me, i move around a lot. if you're just laying there still but awake. the tracker can't tell -- that's not me either.
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apps and phone features can help you learn about your body and how sleep is impacting your overall health. >> if you're someone that tracks your weight, your exercise, your calorie intake, even your mood, you could use the tracker, look at your sleep duration and how it relates to those other outcomes. >> no matter what a device tells us, monitoring your habits are key. one group advises to keep to a sleep schedule on weeknights and weekends so your internal clock stays consistent. yeah, right. >> we hit the streets and asked you on social media -- i did it this morning -- for your tried and true tricks for a better night's sleep. hear your answers ahead at 5:15. >> i posted one of mine. >> yes, i post mine yesterday on instagram and got a lot of feedback about the last public health. just saying. >> you've got young kids. your schedule is -- >> no, i know, right?
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i did this morning -- last night, this morning, i don't know. that's the thing, we're so missed up. our clocks are messed up. here's the thing because i've done stories for the series. experts say that if you're lying in bed and you cannot fall asleep, the worst thing it to lie there stressing about it, tossing and turning. >> i have a bowl of chili. >> right. >> sriacha sauce -- >> yesterday morning i thought you were going to die. >> i was hyperventilating. turns out it was heartburn. yeah. >> we digress. >> i'm sure you keep the same schedules on the weekend? >> no. >> i sleep in until 5:00 a.m. >> wow. >> that's close. we have another beautiful day out there. getting -- >> yeah. that will help you sleep. >> yeah. keeps going like, this we'll be in the desert. it's not going to keep going like this.
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we've got a little wind this morning. we have clear skies, philadelphia toward the lehigh valley. nothing but sunshine during the day. temperatures 56 in philadelphia. 50 in reading, pottstown, allentown. even 52 in mt. pocono. the atmosphere warming up. the ocean is 65, not exactly chilly for this time of year. to the lehigh valley, berks county. some of the coldest places normally. sinking spring, 57. lenardsville, 51. blandon is 47. reading, 49. allentown, 52. walnutport, 48. whitehall, 48. easton, 48 degrees. we had some places closer to the 40-degree mark yesterday. up to 72 yesterday. going up through the next several days. not record levels, but this is
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still well above average for this time of the year. the average is 66. we've got virtually no cloud cover from philadelphia to chicago. we can go all the way to salt lake city and still not find significant cloud cover. we've got down in west texas there. as we go through the day, sunshine, temperatures into the 70s. already above average and then a degree or two above average. near 70 in the suburbs and the lehigh valley for high temperatures. even at the jersey shore, expecting temperatures into the 70s as the winds turn to the northwest during the day today. a massive area of high pressure at the surface and in the atmosphere that's locked in here. it's been locked. we have a dip in the jet stream in the west. that is going to start moving this way heading into the week
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but not this weekend. temperatures go up to near the upper 70s by sunday. after that it gets warmer on monday. then showers, thunderstorms, significant rain in the forecast for tuesday and into wednesday. it looks like it may hold off until after the eagles game. then we get much colder later next week. >> thank you. 4:22 katy zachry in for jessica boyington this morning. love having katy in with us -- >> we do. so far, so good on the roads? >> i love being here -- especially when the morning is coasting as well as it is so far. this is a live look in new jersey on one of our majors. the 42 freeway right where it meets up with route 41. free and clear of any issues here. if you're making your way on the 42 freeway between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge, it will take but five minutes. in the green light for that -- take you about five minutes.
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in the green light for that and for the majors. average speeds in the 60s to mid 60s. you have a good drive ahead of you. we have construction to tell you about, not on this stretch of route 1 at broad street. this is free and clear of issues. unfortunately, route 1 as you make your way northbound, the outer drive is closed between welsh road and redline road for construction that will be there until 6:00 a.m. i'll let you know when that lifts. >> thank you. now time to reveal the winner of our high school blitz game of the week. we are headed, thank you very much, to del-co, delaware county. the battle of the undefeated springfield taking on garnett valley. >> wow. >> we'll get in the others, as well. getting justice. a pennsylvania family speaks out after gm pays up millions of dollars over a deadly defect. >> the calm facade -- behind a calm facade is a mother that is totally destroyed. >> what i have to say about the problem that killed their
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daughter and their message for the automaker. threatening a charity. the new allegations against harvey weinstein as the fallout from his sexual assault scandal continues. coming up at 5:00 a.m., a new push on capitol hill to combat russian meddling in u.s. elections. questions for facebook and twitter.
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movie mogul harvey weinstein already faces dozens of sexual assault and harassment allegations is accused of threatening a board. >> he talented amfar. he explode friday ang-- exploden
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n anger because he believed a lawyer was looking into his sex life. the lawyer was looking into a deal with the chairman over the money raised from an auction. weinstein is facing more fallout. yesterday the british film institute stripped the disgraced producer of his 2002 fellowship award. the institute's highest honor. in recent weeks, the motion picture academy expelled weinstein, and the film company he co-founded fired him. in the lehigh valley this morning, there is uncertainty for hundreds of employees who work for magazine publisher rodeo. media giant hearst is buying the business. rodeo has been there for nearly 90 years. it publishes magazines such as "men's health," and "women's health prevention." the company will retain a presence but did not comment on whether any jobs will be cut. you can no longer buy tickets to fly jetblue on this lesser known ticket websites. the airline has stopped using a dozen lower tier travel sites in
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the hopes more customers will go to their website to book. they will remain on expedia and priceline. 4:28. a path forward. the senate approves a budget, and it could be the first step toward passing president trump's new tax plan. and taking on a school district. why parents and students say officials tried to cover up a widespread mold problem.
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cover-up claims. parents and students show their outrage at a school district they say tried to hide the evidence of a mold problem. passing a budget. the senate paves the way for president trump's tax plan that has sparked heated debate across the nation. flying high.


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