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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 22, 2017 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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your mom was introduced and this place went crazy. >> yeah. >> what did that mean to you? >> well, you know, i love her so much. i got to to spend some time with her the last couple days. just best mom in the world. my dad is here with her. my wife is here and kids are sleeping. so it was really special night. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right. let's turn to malcolm butler. you guys for the first six games had given up 300 yards passing. that was something that never happened in the nfl before. but to night you broke that. what finally clicked for this defense? >> we just thought of communicating better. started the first week of practice. so we had good week of preparation. and we knew this team was going to come in here fired up after two straight losses. so we just had to match the intensity. you did it in this environment with the fog that tom is talking about. it was okay. you know, it was kin d of blurr.
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you know, no excuses. just glad we get the win. >> didn't need any excuses to night. congratulations. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> thank you. so they gave up 41 against kansas city z that bring tony dungy in, this doesn't look like the defense that gave up 33 two game after. that new england is finding itself in atlanta's offense seems to be in search of. what did you see tonight, tony? >> well, i was definitely shock bid that, mike. rodney harrison is calling for weeks simplify, simplify. i think that's what matt patricia did tonight. no miscommunication, no guys open. but on the other side, i think the questions in atlanta are going to be what was our play calling like? they were aggressive. they came out. they went for it on fourth down twice in the first half. but there wasn't that imagination. they didn't mix formations. they didn't put people in motion. here's the third down play. first third down of the game. just line up, try to get sanu open. but you didn't see that creativity that we saw from kyle shanahan last year.
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i think that's going to be the big talk in atlanta. what can they do to get some momentum back in the offense? >> that will be the offensive coordinator. they average third down 3 a game, led the league last year. tony, thank you. see you next week. let's bring in mike florio now from pro football talk. we had a couple more quarterback injuries. jay cutler leaving the dolphins game overseas in london. carson palmer broke his left arm in arizona's game against the rams. so what is the latest on both of those situations, mike? >> mike, as to cutler, a couple of cracked ribs. they're in the proservicess of determining if there is any other damage. they have a quick game thursday night. i spoke to him after that come from behind win that he helped engineer. he said he's preparing as if he's going to be the starter. and asked him if he has a chip on his shoulder about the fact he was passed over for cutler when ryan tannehill is out. there he said it's hard not to think about it. we'll see if moore gets an
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opportunity to have what will be his 30th career start on thursday night. it's too carson palmer that, broken arm will knock him out for at least eight weeks, possibly the rest of the season. and coach bruce arians of the karld analyze said after the game that drew stainstant job l the starter and that gaborik will be the backup. >> cardinals have an off week and a couple of division games after. that mike, thank you. you can catch mike tomorrow morning on nbcsn, pro football talk live 7:00 to 9:00 followed by "the dan patrick show" from 9:00 a.m. to noon. both times eastern. dominant night for the patriots. they win 23-7. final word of this week from al and cris right after this. help from my friends" ] ♪ vw drivers have always put others first.
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>> plenty of time. the pass is caught. touchdown. juju shooster, third of the rookie season. it covered 31 yards. >> highlights from today in the win against cincinnati. detroit was off. so for pittsburgh, they sort of started the year a little slowly. you know, ben being ben said maybe i don't really have it anymore. but he was just half kidding, we know that. >> he was joking, right? >> of course. >> he is busting the reporters' chops. >> who knows? this is a guy that once walked into a production meeting and said i have a separated shoulder and we were like really? they went crazy. but what can i tell you? that's neither here nor there. they are -- they look good obviously right now. you have bell and brown and you have big ben and they're 5-2. >> yeah. and a long way from where they were just a couple weeks ago. but i think le'veon bell coming
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back and regaining form after missing all of training camp, you know, has a lot to do with the fact that they're turning it around here. and matthew stafford and detroit, they're in there wide open division with no aaron rodgers and the green bay packers. so anything can happen in this nfl season. we already know. this is just everybody mixed in one pile right in the middle right now. >> we say, we're not that far into the season. there is only one team with only one loss. and that's the philadelphia eagles who play washington tomorrow night. on to motown, man. >> on to cincinnati. >> wherever we're going. next week it's detroit against pittsburgh. there is your final score again here tonight in foxboro in the fog, 23-7. the reigning champions look like the reigning champions. so coming up next, except on the west coast quushgs local news. , your local news. for our entire crew, good night from foxboro. you've been watching "sunday night football."
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. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> good evening i'm denis mcconnell. earlier tonight it have time for the entire family, in square park where you could see the merry go round was getting in a few trips for the final night. and at the brooklyn bay bridge, clear skies has set in. mortgages violet that with the forecast. >> we will see an increase into tonight and tomorrow. temperature wise that have come down quick. you will see some spots in upper 50s. that goes for philadelphia. and we will see clouds increase along with the potential for fog if you were watching the game you saw some of that other in fox borough. we have had some clouds here in
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delaware. visibility is still looking pretty good but expect more patchy fog to develop during the the over night hours and it can potentially impact your morning commute. so keep an eye out for tomorrow. there's our storm system heading into tuesday, that'll be the big weather maker. through tonight we're looking at clouds and fog getting the day started. 64 degrees in philadelphia, cooler towards some of the pa suburbs. meanwhile out towards the lehigh valley, 50 degrees. and fog in the low mid-60s for most areas. heading into monday it still looks warm. tracking rain and cooler air. details in my first alert forecast. three philadelphia police officers recovering after a mishap during a stunt show in the city. they were forming at the gathering of a police chief.
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the officers will be okay. nbc 10 spoke with the police commissioner about what happened and how the officers are doing. >> reporter: there were a couple hundred people out here. plenty of those attendees telling me their glad the officers will be okay and they'll be able to ride again. dozens of philly police officers rushed to the hospital to see how three members of their team was doing. it wasn't long before two of them emerged from the er, one you can see in a sling. it was around 6:00 when the team put on a show on closed down market street for the international association of chiefs of police convention. >> it's scary to watch. >> reporter: commissioner richard ross was in the crowd and the police chief took this photo of paramedics treating one of officers who ended up on the grounds. the officers had minor injuries on hands arms and legs.
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>> they had to crowd out pumping them up. making sure they know we're proud of them. >> reporter: it's been busy this weekend, the convention has drawn a large numbers of anti-belief demonstrates. two officers got hurt but will be okay. today the department taking a show of support for all the officers in uniform who got bumped and bruised this weekend. >> proud of them for what they do. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions will be here making an announcement monday morning. in sinner city i'm drew smith. nbc 10 news. the father of a 3-year-old boy accidentally shot by his older brother is facing charges tonight. tonight the little boy is in critical condition. he was shot in the head by his 6-year-old brother. the two boys and their 12-year-old brother was alone
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inside their area 18 street home when the 6-year-old got his hands on the gun. police in chester looking for the person who opened fire on a basketball court injuring four people. happened at the end of carlos lane in a bennet home development. police and shooter was perched above the crowd. whoever was responsible used a rifle, a pistol and a 40-caliber type weapon. iris white says it sounded like a machine gun. >> i didn't foe whether to run or what buzz my grandson was out here playing. >> we have to do something. it's been out of hand. >> the victims between the age of 18 and 24, no injuries that are life threatening. ivanka trump will be in bucks county tomorrow. the white house is hosting a town hall in richard burro. it will be on the tax child care which is said to put money back
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into the pockets of americans. ivanka trump has been working on expanding the tax credit to improve middle class family. the woman held hostage with her family in aflg is talking -- afghanistan is talking about the ordeal for the first time. she's originally from stewartown in york county. she wrote she wants to remain private and memories of her dark town helped her get through her darkest days in captivity. she and her canadian husband were abducted while delivering aid in afghanistan. she remains in a canadian hospital and hopes to be released soon. take a look at the damage to the cvs in rocks borough around noon. the driver of this car slammed into the avenue. you can see the broken glass from one of the stolen windows.
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the driver was taken to the hospital, no one inside the story was hurt. a police officer in recovery tonight after crashing his patrol motorcycle in northeast philadelphia. happened just after midnight on roosevelt boulevard on leather street. we're told he's expected to be okay. no word on what caused the crash. a driver under arrest after daching his car on train tracks in south philadelphia. nbc 10 on columbus boulevard on washington avenue. that's where police say the driver abandoned his car after the chase. officer caught him nearby. expected to be driving under the influence. better and more frequent service. that's what's said about the new bus route to northeast philadelphia and beyond. nbc 10 was there as the boulevard bus start rolling this morning. it goes through a frankfurt transportation center and a
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mall. there's nothing like taking a long walk with a friend, that's what these foelks did in bring mar. it was all part of the annual friendship walk. it's the brain child of the friendly friendship circle. it creates for children to socialize and interact with older teen. the walk raises money for the group. a truck driver in new york takes out a dozen cars in manhattan but it's what he did after has everyone scratching his head. body cam, more and more officers wearing them but are they making a difference. coming up. after a beautiful week we're tracking for heavy rain. we'll see how much the temperatures will drop later in this upcoming week. details coming up in your full forecast.
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a man driving a box truck kareened into several cared and attacked a firefighter in manhattan today. this is a video of the crash that left nine people hurt. a number of cars involved there. this is the visual of the driver in a fire truck, police say she jumped into the cab and started attacking a firefighter. police say they think the man was trying to steal the fire trucks. no order on what charges he'll face. police in south texas trying to identify the boy in this sketch. his body washed up on a beach in
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golfston. he's between the age of 3 and 5-year-old but they don't know who he is, where he's from or how he died. we're hoping someone recognizes this picture and contacts police. president trump not letting go of a fight with a florida congresswoman after she criticized his words of condolences to a widow. he went after her again today tweeting, wacky congresswoman wilson is the gift that keep on giving for the republican party. the president is quoting democrats in an attempt to get a tax reform passed by the end of the year. jemele will be back on the air tomorrow after a two-week suspension for violating the network's social media guidelines. the offending tweet was a response to comment made by dallas cowboys owner, jerry jones. it was held second social media to them and back in september
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hill called president trump a white supremacist on twitter. two philadelphia college students with a passion for cars. drexel and temple student put 25 classic and modern sports cars on display today for people to enjoy. students teemed up with preservation alliance. >> we're looking around, looking at the fascia of all the buildings, the anticity of it and architecture. it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't here. >> some of the proceeds were donated to the cause. 10,000 people came to the art museum to help raise money for diabetes research. the foundation actually started in philadelphia 20 years ago and now there's a global leader in
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type-1 diabetes research. for the dill family the walk is very personal. >> we started about five years ago. our father is diagnosed over 20 years ago, his father before him, so it grows in our family. it's for a good cause. >> the organization has raised a billion dollars nationwide. body cameras are used by more police departments in this country now news studies questioning their effectiveness. more than 2,000 officers in washington, d.c. were tracked happen with body cameras half without. complaints against the officers were also no different. it's a direct contrast to a previous study that found body camera did change police behavior.
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>> people, they really want to know that your police department is being transparent. it's nice to have an accurate record of our interactions with the community. >> the federal government has given more than $40 million to police departments, and some 95% of large police departments in the u.s. are investing in the technology. the heart warming pictures tonight of a success story from the children's hospital of philadelphia. this is abbey and arin they were conjoined twins attached at the head. a little over a year ago the little girls underwent their first surgery to be separated. the 15-year-old girls and her parents are from north carolina, and while arin is at home with her family, abbey is still in the hospital. check the nbc 10 app to see a full story of their progress. >> announcer: now your nbc 15 first alert weather. >> a beautiful weekend coming to an end. we had plenty of sun shine the
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last several days with above average temperatures. we are going to keep things warm as we get the workweek started but there are changes later in the week. currently in philadelphia, 59 degrees, you can see cooling down much faster for pa suburbs. graduate hospital in the low 60s, further north mid-50s. chest nut hill 55. fox chase area at 62 degrees kurnlt currently. i see fog over night so keep an eye out for poor visibility in the morning in your commute. looks like the humidity will be returning. that's going to be gradual over night and through your monday. that's going to usher in cloud cover again. we see that happening here coming out of the south and west and a lot of it is head of the cold front. we will start to see things happening out ahead of that on your monday. you can see that front is
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spreading two very different air masses, very warm out ahead of that, very cool to the west. it's that cooler air that will head our way for the second part of the week. as we head into your monday and tuesday we'll still be an the warm sides. we're looking at one, maybe two days of temperatures into the 70s. clouds on the increase over night and throughout monday. a sure or two heading into monday afternoon. doesn't look heavy or widespread so i think we'll be fine for that eagles game. here's 11:00, the game probably about half over if not closer to over. temperatures 70s with humidity so very warm by october football standards. i can't rule out a shower but the best chance will be after the game. here's 4:00 a.m. tuesday, heavier rain and perhaps some thunderstorms moving in from the west. that's going to continue eastward through the course of the morning. here's around noon, the showers and potentially thunderstorms continue and it looks like this
11:58 pm
is going to linger longer for some of our shore points. here's tuesday, 8:30, you can see that hanging around. we're looking for heavy rain fall, especially towards the shore. i think we have a chance, about an inch with heavier amounts there in between tuesday into wednesday morning. tuesday's going to be the most active day of the weekend in terms of wet weather. and heading into wednesday, things start to improve a lit but looking like a bit of a transition day. monday we keep things cloudy and warm on the humid side with clouds developing over night. tuesday is when the heavier rain starts to move in. tuesday we transition into the mid-60s and there's the cooler air sliding into the area. we'll see sun shine, but again with cooler temperaturest and all of that before our next -- arrive once again heading into sunday and into monday. excuse me, sir do you have
11:59 pm
the time? >> i was going to ask you sir if you have the time. >> i do have the time. >> you do have time? >> i do have time. >> justin timer blake performing at super bowl. you can watch it right here on nbc 10. that should be a great half show. danny. >> i hope he comes out with his "saturday night live" stuff that'll be great. half of the nfc east play tomorrow and the rest today. it's the second sunday in the row with know eagles football. carson wentz comments, next.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will close the way you experience t.v. >> pleasure to sea you as always, danny palmetto from nbc sports here. the eagles haven't played more than 10 days. carson wentz will try to lead the birds to a third division win. one thing we discovered this week was that wentz and doug pedersen stick down every week to discuss football and not football items. >> it's just that time where he and i can just sort of, you know, take a deep breath, exhale and really kind of get he and i on the same page going into the game basically. i think it's important we to do that. >> coming into week seven, wentz
12:04 am
has the eighth most passing yards per game. wentz said that's one of the the key to the eagles success. >> just being able to spread the ball around and find your mismatches, whether it be from the tight end position, even our backs on the backfield, i think that makes it dynamic and tough to defend. >> so what's going on in nfce, dak prescott hosting the win, here's dak with -- and two is gone. one of his career heights, three touch down with elliot with 219 yards. prescott -- cowboys. 40-10. keeping the giants from back-to-back victory, seahawks get fancy. wilson connects the fall, breaking for 38 yards.
12:05 am
td cash field goal all in the second half. seahawks win 4-7, giants 4-6. huge first half on his game in general. the fumble of 75 yards on the touch down. 76 yards for another td, another player to score multiple touch downs for 75 more in the game. despite the quarterback only throwing four passes. >> cardinals and rams, quarterback carson palmer suffered a injury. dobbs called his own number. threw a conception, threw a touch down as well. cardinals, 32-0. rams 5-2. state penn number two in the nation. college football poll confirms that.


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