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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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touting tax reform. the president's daughter comes to bucks county to out to her father's plan. how it could impact your bottom line. separate but equal. twins who were conjoined at the head are making progress by leaps and bounds after surgery at the children's hospital of philadelphia. taking to twitter. justin timberlake announces he's heading back to the super bowl stage. see how fans can follow his adventure before the big game. i love the pictures of the twins
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that we have this morning. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. 4:30 on the dot on your monday. a lot to get to. let's start with weather. meteorologist krystal klei is in the weather alert weather center with what's to come today and the rest of the week. >> there's big changes moving forward. we're seeing some today. clouds rolling over the area. the last couple of days were gorgeous. if you did not get outside, you missed out. it was so pretty. today, not quite so pretty with more clouds, morning fog, and in the afternoon, winds cranking up. this is why the winds will be cranking up. the cold front is moving our direction. a lot of rain associated with the front. we could see a few spot sprinkles falling especially in the afternoon hours, mostly in the north and west neighborhoods. all of us will be seeing cloudier conditions. this morning, patchy fog in place. 1.5-mile visibility for philadelphia, down to a quarter mile in president obama. these are the areas where you'll need the low beams, drive with
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caution, half mile in lancaster. i wouldn't be surprised if, say, some of the visibility dips in south jersey through the morning hours. this is due to the moisture content in the air. so like a river it moves around throughout the day, and we're going to see the morning patchy fog conditions. in philadelphia, 61 degrees right now. 62 by 7:00 a.m. 66 at 10:00 a.m. not a big warmup. because we're starting mild, it will still be warm. we'll talk about that with the rest of the neighborhoods coming up in a few minutes. now to traffic and jessica boyington. starting out in new jersey, the new jersey turnpike here and near the delaware memorial bridge. the traffic is moving northbound. anything heading this direction, that's moving toward the delaware memorial bridge now. heading from jersey to delaware, no problems so far. also watching more roads in new jersey. the 42 freeway, the northbound side from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. this time to philadelphia, a four-minute trip. speeds in the 60s. both directions moving. mass transit, everything on our close to schedule for amtrak,
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septa, new jersey transit, and patco. >> thanks. ivanka trump is coming to bucks county this afternoon as part of the push to get her father's tax reform plan passed. she will hold a town hall to break down the changes expected for the middle class. nbc10's deanna durante is live in richboro, bucks county, with a look at changes aimed at families with children. >> reporter: good morning. during the campaign, ivanka trump was very verbal, even coming to a town hall here in bucks county during the election season talking about her belief that families need a childcare tax credit. a steeper tax credit doing what she calls what will allow them to make a decision to best suit their families as far as getting childcare while moms and dads are at work. her tone probably won't be as stern as the president's over the weekend. the president hosted a conference call in which he said there would be dire consequences for republicans in the midterm elections if they did not support the tax plan supported
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by the white house where they say that they will be bringing a number of tax reform issues here including tax cuts and different points to the president's agenda in order to increase support among the party. now a gop aide familiar with the conversation over the weekend says trump told lawmakers the party would have "a steep price to pay" in the midterm if his tax plan didn't pass. the president is talking about doubling or -- sorry, bringing the corporate tax rates to 20% and doubling the standard deduction that he says most average americans use. the president also said that the looming elections are coming, and his plan is the right thing to do for the country. in that conference call, trump urged members to adopt the budget quickly, and then move on to tax reform. now ivanka trump, as we said, talked to voters during the election season, holding a number of town hall meetings. those meetings where she would be whisked in through a side door, they would be moderated,
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and she would take a few questions and then leave again. we are expecting that that will be the process here, the space is limited. and again, she's going to be talking about specifically the childcare tax credit when she comes to bucks county later on. that's the latest. nbc10 news. >> from bucks county to delaware county now. tonight, radnor township's board of commissioners will elect a new president to replace this man -- phillip arr, he faces child pornography charges. he is accused of think is and downloading -- of sending and downloading hundreds of pictures showing young children. he has a court appearance on thursday. today in delaware, governor john carney will take a statewide tour to examine how neighborhood investment is benefiting the public. the day-long tour will take him to wilmington. he will look at new housing developments and hold a round table. the city will announce the
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first private student housing building. it will serve it stockton university's gateway campus. leaders hope it will ignite new development of the kind in the area. 4:36. the countdown is on to the eagles' game. the 5-1 birds boast the best record in the nfl now. tonight they'll play division-rival washington at 8:30. we will have live coverage from the linc here on nbc10, the official station of the fogs. trending, the sunday night football fog. look at the fog rolling in during the match in foxboro. the falcons looked like they were in a fog, greating trounced by the -- getting trounced by the patriots. jemele hill will return to the desk. she was suspended for violating social media guidelines.
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the offending tweet was a response to jerry jones new york stock exchange an interview with tmz, hill said she deserved the suspension. it was hill's second social media incident in as many months. back in september, she called president trump a white supremacist on twitter. happening today, defense secretary james mattis is in the philippines praising the nation for its fight against isis. you can see mattis arriving in manila. bitter street fighting there cost more than 1,000 lives. mattis is on the first leg of an asian trip that will also take him to thailand and south korea. it comes ahead of president trump's planned visit to asia next month. japan's leader is committed to tackling the cup's two national crises -- the military threat from north korea and the aging population. at a post-election news conference, prime minister shinzo abe says he will pursue strong diplomacy to pressure north korea to stop its nuclear weapons development.
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he also promised to deal with japan's population issues including pension reform. terror in tampa. fear gripping a florida community as police try to solve a series of neighborhood murders. detectives are looking for this person of interest you see in the video. possibly connected to three shooting deaths over a ten-day period this month. each victim was shot and killed while walking alone. police believe the murders are linked. >> a twist, they say -- in a twist, they say there could be multiple shooters and not one serial killer. the development is not easing the tensions there. >> no rhyme or reason. we all feel a little shaken and concerned that we could be the next victim. >> this is like too close to home right across the street from, you know, your house. i'm up all night looking out the windows. >> police said the victims did not know each other. investigators linked the murders through similarities between the victims and undisclosed evidence. today at the white house, president trump will award the medal of honor to a vietnam
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veteran. the army says retired captain gary rose risked his life several times while serving as a combat medic. he raced through enemy fire to reach and treat wounded soldiers even after he himself was injured. paying off a bet in real style. this is not the way you normally see cardinals' quarterback drew stanton. look at that. what was he doing as a supergirl? nice. and do you ever think you'll get sick by simply going to the doctor's office? the new call to clean up those waiting rooms. and new at 5:00 a.m., haunted history. we are just days away from halloween, and nbc10 is taking you to spooky spots in our area. the spirits still inside a montgomery county mansion coming up.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you. starting in haverford township. a downed pole in the middle of the road. reporting now that it might be a few hours for a closure on westchester pike around country club lane. they're going to be detouring you around the scene. here's the boulevard. cameras at 17th. now both directions north and south look good. you see roads are dry for the most part. 422 looks good. we'll end with the drive time. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. average speeds into the 60s. an eight-minute trip. i'll have updates on the haverford township crash and more when i come back in ten. okay. let's talk weather headlines. the next three days will be distance from each other. what i mean is they all have different conditions. today, warm. increasing humidity. cloudy conditions. by the afternoon/evening hours, windy, as well. tuesday, the rain moves in. we could see thunderstorms,
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pongepong pockets of hain, and windy -- pockets of rain and windy conditions. friday, cooler. temperatures dropping to more seasonal temperatures in the mid 60s. lots of differences over the next three days which means different outfits necessary for each day. today is, plan for 70s and cloudy conditions. you can leave the umbrella at home. there's all the rain. that's the cold front tracking our direction. that will bring rainy conditions tomorrow. right now, 61 degrees in philadelphia. that temperature will stay in the 60s through the morning hours. into about lunchtime, 71 degrees. low to mid 70s at best for temperatures today. only warm sounding because we're starting in the 60s. winds cranking up to 15 miles per hour. gusts up to 30, 35 are possible. in delaware, fog in places, specifically over new castle county. 71 degrees at lunchtime.
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same as in philly, low to mid 70s for highs. it is going to be cooler than we saw over the weekend. we'll wrap up at the jersey shore now at 65. near 70 for the highest we'll see on the maps later today. >> thanks. new accusations of harassment. this time targeting a famous director. this as the future of the harvey weinstein company is up in the air. what could happen to the famous movie business. and a fresh start for twins who were joined at the head until life-changing surgery at children's hospital of philadelphia. how they are doing months after the final operation.
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more than 30 women accusing writer and director james toe action of sexual harassment. he's known -- toback of sexual harassment. he's known for "the pickup artist" and "bugsy." >> he came over when i was in a chair and started rubbing his groin against me.
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>> he also rubbed up against my knee and said that he needed to stare into my eyes. >> toback denied the allegations. the women said the accusations against producer harvey weinstein made them come forward. amid that scandal, the future of the weinstein company could declare bankruptcy or be acquired by an outside company. dozens of actresses have accused weinstein of sexual harassment or assault. he denies any nonconsensual relationship. today one of his accuser will appear on the "today" show. actress heather graham will discuss her experience with weinstein. that's beginning at 7:00. the u.s. house will reconvene, and president trump has a warning for the republicans in charge. pass the senate-approved budget and move on to tax reform or risk losing power after next year's middterm elections. more from washington. >> reporter: congress is back with a thanksgiving deadline to overhaul how america pays taxes.
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something that hasn't been done in over 30 years. >> the goal is to get middle-class taxes down, to get -- to prevent job exportation. >> reporter: step one, get the house to pass the senate's budget that raises the deficit but paves the way for a $1.5 trillion tax cut. >> if the economy is stuck in the same track over and over, you've got to be able to bump that to get it going. >> reporter: still unknown, will the middle-class pay more? >> that's the fork in the road. so far, the jury's out. >> reporter: president trump tells fox he's hoping to use health care as leverage. >> i will say the fact that health care is so difficult makes the taxes easier. the republicans want to get it done. >> reporter: democrats aren't willing to renegotiate. >> you're asking me to negotiate against myself. i've been around long enough, i don't do that. >> reporter: the white house budget director says the president may be willing to reinstate subsidies for low-income plans. >> i would be okay with making this payment if i get something
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for people in exchange. >> reporter: health care and tax reform both center stage this week. the president was on the phone over the weekend with republicans talking about tax reform. he'll be here in person on capitol hill for a strategy session tomorrow. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. just about 4:50. we have a serious crash in delaware county to tell you about. >> yeah, closing down part of the westchester pike. jessica boyington with the details. >> right. specifically in haverford township. an overturned tractor-trailer was partially involved in this scene here. you can see police activity there on the scene, as well. and what had happened is it actually hit and ran into telephone poles. that's what we're seeing right here with the fire on the scene, as well. so downed poles, obviously tractor-trailer needs to be back on its feet, too. not hearing exact words of injuries yet, but what we can
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see is this is a dangerous area. we won't be letting people through until they get the fire on control and the truck up right and out of the way. watching in hoverford township, westchester pike recent county club -- country club drive, excuse me. the westbound traffic now, they're diverting it around plan illa road. eastbound, diverting around sycamore. that's an active scene. i'll have updates on detours, how to get around unless you want to take the detours around the scene. degrees when i come back. >> see you then. the academy of pediatrics is calling on doctors to take extra steps to keep their waiting rooms clean during cold and flu season. that means keeping handed and g rid of stuffed animals. it's suggested that all office employees get the flu shot. lookal these heartwarm -- look at these heartwarming images. that's abby and erin.
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they were conjoined twins attached at the head when they were born 15 months ago. a year ago they underwent the first separation surgery. look at them months after the last surgery in june. one has gone home to north carolina, and 9 -- and the other is still recovering. we have a full photo gallery of the progress on our app. sweet. >> doesn't get much better than that. awesome work being done. 4:50. let's talk about weather. krystal klei is in the first alert weather center. >> tell us what's going to happen today. we've got a lot of changes over the next few days. today will be the start of those changes. still warm for us today, that warm air path that's been over us for days and days now, still kind of stuck. now it's a little sliver, just barely over us. the rest of the country and the cooler air digging in. and that cold front is moving our direction. it's going to pass tomorrow throughout the day. that will change up our temperatures by wednesday. because we're still into the warm air influence, we've got
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very mild temperatures to start. these are the philadelphia neighbor temperatures. 61 west mt. airy, 62 graduate hospital. 61 officially at the airport. pretty much the same, 63 foss chase. port richmond at 63. we're all right in the low 60s this morning throughout philadelphia. our radar and satellite, wide view. we've got the clouds that are pumping in as we speak. we were expecting this. and now we've got it. we've got patchy fog this morning, mostly cloudy conditions the rest of the day. yes, increasing humidity, too, to go along with the 70s we expect in the afternoon. then we've got this cold front. that's going to continue moving our way. into overnight tonight and much of tomorrow, we will experience rainy conditions. you don't really need the umbrella today except for a sprinkle here or there over parts of the lehigh valley, berks county, pennsylvania suburbs. could you see a drop here or there in philly? sure. for the most part, dry and cloudy. 70 in allentown.
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most of us in the 70s through new jersey, the share, delaware. wilmington, high of 72 degrees. let's go through this hour by hour. we're cloudy to start. fog in place. here are the few sprinkles i was talking about on the board. ment and again, like -- and again, like i mentioned, could see a drop into central and south jersey. i don't think we'll see much through 6:00 this evening. 10:00 tonight, a shower is possible over philadelphia for the eagles' game. temperatures will be mild, but the winds will be kicking up, too. this is why -- around 3:00 a.m., the rain moves in. that's the cold front. showers develop. pockets of heavier rain throughout all of tuesday are possible. spot thunderstorms through tuesday morning are possible. and you see this continues, pockets of heavier rain here. this is at lunchtime tomorrow. the rain starts to exit by late day tuesday. this is around 5:00, 6:00 p.m. lingering through south jersey and the shore. overnight into wednesday, a shower is possible over the
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shoreline wednesday morning. wednesday is when temperatures will cool down. and the winds will die down, too. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> see you in a few minutes. thank you. justin timberlake is coming back to the super bowl halftime show. how he announced his return and what fans can expect in the months leading up to the big show. plus, a close shave for a good cause. see how tossing an axe can get men thinking about their health.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you checking on the roads. we're watching out in haverford township now where we have breaking news where part of the road on westchester pike is shut down around country club lane. diverting track around the scene because of an overturned tractor-trailer. what you're seeing, it's fire, as well. there's a downed pole involved in this accident, as well. there's a tractor-trailer there. fire not put out yet. we're going to keep our eyes on this. this is going to be a traffic problem for some time. i'll have updates on this and
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how to get troopd wharound it we back. >> all right. ♪ don't want to talk over that. big stuff. the philadelphia orchestra string quartet will play at the jefferson, suburban, and elkins park stations this afternoon. this is part of the orchestra's annual day of music featuring free performances across the city. >> i like the t-shirts that say "got strip gostringgot strings?" and doylestown center's cancer institute will host a pink party to raise awareness about breast cancer. the health fair and lecture begins at 5:30 tonight. tonight, a fundraiser you can probably call cutting edge. the foundation, one of the groups behind no-shave november will hold an axe throwing event to raise awareness. $40 gets you in the door for axe throwing, beer, and prizes. a familiar performer will
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headline the happitime show -- the halftime show in minneapolis. >> do you have the time? >> i was going to ask you do you have the time? >> i do have the time. >> you do have the halftime? >> i do have halftime. >> you do halftime? >> justin timberlake posted this video on twitter to announce that he's performing at super bowl lii. the rest of n'sync could join him on stage for at least the number. this will be timberlake's third super bowl appearance. at halftime last night he shrugged off the infamous wardrobe malfunction in 2004. >> that -- that won't happen this time. there was a little bit of that. yeah, i think -- yeah. no. mike, that's not going to happen. >> you can follow timberlake's journey to the super bowl stage on line. keep it right here on nbc10 for super bowl lii happening february 4th. trending, peek at backup
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quarterback drew stanton. he came out on the field before the game. in a supergirl costume. stanton paid the price after losing a team skills competition last week. >> yeah. >> last year when he lost he dressed up as the stay pufft marshmallow man from "ghost busters." now to more of the stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. -- >> touting tax reform. the first daughter is in our area today. we are breaking down the proposal that could impact your wallet. highway shut down. a crash closes westchester pike. how to get around the mess. and christmas creature the big-box store that says customers want to put holiday shopping on hold. 5:00 a.m. monday morning. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. just a few seconds before 5:00 on your monday. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei. she has your most accurate
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neighborhood weather forecast. things are starting out in the 60s. pretty mild to start. and it's going to continue. >> for a while, and then the changes are coming. >> we have a lot of changes in the forecast. if you were expecting today the beautiful blue sky that you saw over the weekend, not going to happen. we've got already clouds spilling across the area. this cloud cover is going to continue to spill across the region as we go throughout the day. mostly cloudy conditions. we also have fog, a bit dense in areas like new tassel county though -- new castle county this morning. on top of that, temperatures still warm, but not as warm as they were saturday and sunday. here's the wider view to show why we've got the clouds spilling in. big cold front system, storm center about st. louis, moving our direction. that will bring us rain by tomorrow. today, a few sprinkles at best in the forecast. let's talk about the fogginess right now. philadelphia's looking better than it was, say, an hour ago. pottstown down to three quarters of a mile visibility. stocked in over wilmington. a quarter o


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