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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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today about the future of t taxes. and -- of their taxes. and body camera test. the impact an extra set of eyes really has on police behavior. we have a lot to get to including breaking news, traffic. it's 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. before the breaking traffic news, let's talk about weather. meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. things starting out mild for most of us. >> temperatures are very mild this morning. you can grab a light sweater, but it's not terribly cold to start. we have a difference big time from yesterday. if you were hoping for the beautiful sky, not going to happen. the clouds are spilling in. today, mostly cloudy i do. we are looking this morning at some fog that's in place. the moisture in the air, it's on the rise all thanks to this. this is a big storm system and a cold front moving our direction.
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by tonight and into tomorrow, it will arrive here meaning you don't need the umbrella really today. if you're in the north or west neighborhoods, you soocould see sprinkle or two. rain chances improve by tonight. certain by tomorrow. visibility, a few spots with dense fog. wilmington, pottstown, a quarter mile. that's when it's very dense to the point where you use the low beams or even take a break from driving. things fine in atlantic city, dover. philadelphia, six-mile visibility. not bad. so we've got forks cloudy conditions. how about the temperatures? we'll talk more about those coming up in a few minutes. in delaware county, a rush it crashed at west chester pike in half hourtown this morning, bringing down flaming wires on the road. they were burning and sparking for more than an hour and a half
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while pi pico tried -- hour and a half while pike oh tried to get it shut down. we have more from jessica boyington. i think us up to speed. >> a little bit of an update. the overturned tractor-trailer, you can see it behind me, crashed into a pole back here. you can see it in here. that was earlier engulfed in flames. the string of wires that fell down behind it along the side of the street and headed to the next block over where there's a tree behind it. all of the flames looked like they've been put out. they have been working on this for some time. the accident reported at 4:15. manila being diverted around sycamore. not too bad especially in the
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general area. country line road is osteoporosiopen, route 1. septa buses being detoured. routes 104, 112, 120 and 123 so far. back to you. >> thanks. take action on tax reform or face political doom in 2018. >> that's the warning from president trump to house republicans this morning as they returned to capitol hill. and today, he's deploying one of his most trusted advisors to promote his jooverall plan. ivanka trump today will host a town hall. tell us more. >> reporter: she is known for presenting the softer side of her father's political agenda. ivanka trump will be here talking to supporters and talking about tax reform. now over the weekend, the president did say that if his plan didn't go through, that it would be dire consequences for the republicans come the midterm elections.
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the first will be in bucks county to push her dad's plan. ivanka trump supports increasing tax deductions for the childcare tax credit from $1,000, which it is now, to $2,000 a year. she's been making a pitch for the plan. the president held a conference call sunday, according to republican sources, to congressmen he says will lose elections if his plan is not passed. ivanka trump, the first daughter, to speak here later this afternoon. reporting live in richboro, bucks county, nbc10 news. in philadelphia's fairhill neighborhood, firefighter had an all-hands-on-deck kind of fire overnight near cambria and reece streets around 2:00 a.m. firefighters got it under control in a half hour. no word on what caused it. also new, a man shot in the leg in philadelphia climbs in a car and drives a block from the scene. the shooting happened around
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midnight on 29th and strawberry mansion. police found the victim in the car and took him to the hospital where he is listed in stable condition this morning. so far police have not made any arrests. police in chester county searching for a truck driver who hit a mother and her teenage daughter and kept going. the 16-year-old girl is in serious condition. it happened on art school road in west pikeland township. this blurry surveillance image is the only thing pleats have to go. the contract -- thing police have to go on. the truck is a contract-type contract with lettering on the back and red lettering on the driver's side drawer. five shootings and eight victims. that's the grim tally from a weekend of violence in chester, delaware county. most of the gunfire happened saturday night when someone started shooting on to a basketball court in the bennett homes development. four people who were playing basketball were shot. people say the shooter was perched above them on concord avenue.
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they say whoever started shooting used a rifle, pistol, and weapon they hadn't identified. i have neighbor said it sounded like machine guns. >> i didn't know whether to run or what because my grandson was playing, and i was calling for my grandson. >> it's been out of hand. >> the shooting victims from the basketball court are between 18 and 24 years old. we're told their injuries are not ladies and gentlemen. 6 -- are not life threatening. 6:06. new allegations of sexual harassment in hollywood. more than 30 women making accusations against director james toback. >> he came over to me when i was sitting in a chair. he started rubbing his groin against me. >> he also rubbed up against my knee and said that he needed to stare into my eyes. >> toback is best known for films like "the pickup artist" and "bugsy." he denies the allegations.
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the women said the accusations against producer harvey weinstein made them come forward. amid that scandal, the future of the weinstein company remains uncertain. it could declare bankruptcy or be acquired by an outside company. dozens of actresses have accused weinstein of sexual harassment or assault. he denies it. one of his accusers, actress heather graham, will appear on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. after "nbc10 news today." today espn host jemele hill returns to her sports anchor desk. the company sidelined her for two weeks for violating the network's social media guidelines. it was in response to cowboys' owner jerry jones new york stock exchange an interview with tmz, hill said she deserved the suspension. it was hill's second social media incident in as many months. in september, she called president trump a white supremacist on twitter. the pennsylvania woman held hostage with her family in afghanistan for five years is now sharing their ordeal for the
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first time. caitlan coleman is from stuartstown, york county. she e-mailed the local paper saying that the childhood memories she had of her hometown helped her survive captivity. the taliban abducted coleman and her husband in afghanistan. pakistani forces rescued the family earlier this month. coleman remains in a canadian hospital for an undiskboezed reason. of -- for an undisclosed reason. very mild. we take a look outside at the fog over the ben franklin bridge. let's find out what's to come. there are changes coming. krystal klei has your most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> yeah. lots of changes. some of the changes you'll notice today. some tomorrow. then some by wednesday before things start to calk down. today -- to calm down. today, miemd, temperatures in the low 60s for many of us. that is not bad at all. this time of year, i was looking at pictures from last year. some of us had big jackets on during different days in october. we haven't had to house that at
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all so far. cloudy day, as well. we are tracking moclouds spilli in ahead of the warm front. the warm chunk of air over us is starting to shrink up. still keeping temperatures in the 70s by this afternoon. more humid, that means the moisture content is on the rise. breezy to windy especially into this evening. let's go through the manner. 63 at 8:00 a.m. cloudy throughout. 4:00 p.m., 72 degrees. forecast highs will peak at best around 74 in philadelphia. because of the cloud cover, we aren't going to see temperatures get as high as we saw the last two days. yesterday, 76. the day before was 79. we won't be that warm. in the suburbs, 60 at 8:00 a.m. 70 by 4:00. low 70s for highs across the region. the same in the lehigh valley and berks county. mostly cloudy to cloudy through delaware, new jersey, and the shore, too. in the morning hours especially, might see a peek of sunshine out there. temperatures, 65 at the shore. low 70s through the afternoon. low 70s to mid in new jersey.
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about the same in delaware. you see about 72 degrees at 4:00. that's when the winds will start to crank up. how about for the eagles game tonight? a late game, 8:30 kickoff. if you're there ahead of game start, 71, mostly cloudy. mostly cloudy throughout the evening. notice, we don't cool a ton. we'll stay on the warm side. upper 60s. humid out there. we may see spotty showers by the second half of the game. not a ton of rain. the heaviest stuff moves in on tuesday. we'll talk about that and the windy conditions that you can expect for the game coming up. >> we'll see you then. 6:10 on your monday. drivers out there early have been battling quite an issue in half hourtown. >> an overturned tractor-trailer which you see behind me. the overturned tractor-trailer actually, it's being blocked now partially by the fire truck. downed poles in here. and once they hit one of the poles down, ault of the wires
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that were attached to the poles caught on fire and went up the poles, as well. we had a pretty big fire situation out there. just got the fires out. we're getting power turned on for the homes and businesses. we're watching the intersection being diverted around, as well. west chester pike at country club lane. they're diverting westbound traffic at manila road. the eastbound being diverted at sycamore. township line is an alternate. watching septa detours for routes 104, 112, 120 and 123 so far. back to you. >> busy traffic morning. thanks. a developer's dream of getting from d.c. to new york 30 minutes flat is closer to reality. the new step forward is coming up next. plus, pausing the christmas creep. target says its customers want to slow the pace, so it's listening. the changes that shoppers will notice coming up. alright, off you go.
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6:15. terror in tampa. police trying to solve a series of neighbor murders. detectives are looking for this person of interest, possibly connected it three shooting deaths over the last month. in a twist, police say there could be multiple shooters, not one serial killer. each victim was shot and killed while walking alone. the victims do not know each other, but police believe the crimes are link eed through similarities in the victims and evidence. a report on the use of body cameras after a string of unarmed shootings of citizens. the devices might not be that effective. the study done by a team of
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washington, d.c., police and scientists tracked hundreds of district officers for more than a year. half the officers wore body cameras, half did not. the research found those with body cameras used force at about the same rate as those without the cameras. also the number of complaints from citizens against the officers was not any different. the findings are in sharp contrast to a previous study that found body cameras did change police behavior. >> people really want to know that your police department is being transparent. it's nice to have an accurate record of our interactions with the community. >> and d.c.'s police chief explains the results by saying perhaps his officers were doing the right thing all along. the east coast is a step closer to a possible transportation revolution. tesla founder elon musk has peshmerga mission now to -- has permission now to dig a tunnel for his high-speed hyperloop transit system in maryland. it's for a ten-mile stretch under interstate 295. he ultimately wants the system
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to run between washington, d.c., and new york. he says travel time could be under 30 minutes. speaking of travel, new this morning, gas prices are plunging. aaa report gas prices down a nickel a gallon over the last two weeks. right now in the philly five-county area, the average is $2.61. in south jersey, $2.35. in delaware, $2.38. nbc10 is gassing up and getting back on the road this week. you remember that we toured the tri-state region visiting community wawas in the spring. we're starting to do it all over again. beginning in upper darby this wednesday, we'll be at the wawa on west chester pike this wednesday. come out and say hello to us as we explore what makes that community unique. we love -- we love shining a bright on communities, and jessica loves to eat meat ball subs. >> this is my thing. myself -- vai gets a big -- he miraculously ends one one of the big meatball subs. >> yeah. >> he gets parmesan cheese on
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it. he toasts it, and we split it. happens every time. >> come out. >> really excited to see you, as well. >> they are. >> tell us what your favorite wawa is. maybe we'll come and see you this fall. >> a few days for that. we're excited for that. we have a few more days of getting you to work first. >> this morning might be challenging. breaking news, we've been watching this all morning. an overturned truck here in havertown. so again, you see this is actually a live picture of what's happening on the scene. you see the truck is overturned. looks like stuff has spilled out. earlier it crashed into a telephone pole. the pole caught on fire. the wires fell down that were attached to the telephone pole. they stretched along the street. you see part of the light and the pole that's crashed here. all of this was on fire, too, earlier. they just put the fires out a while ago. and west chester pike, the road here. a lot of power outages being reported in the homes around the area. some of the businesses, as well.
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creating a mess. the eastbound traffic is being diverted off around sycamore. you're starting to see a delay in the surrounding area before that point. route 1 over here, the township line road, an alternate. manila road will get you by the scene, as well. you will see a delay when moving through. septa detours are being reported, as well. route 104, 112, 120, and 123, as well. moving toward center city, this side here. that's eastbound. you can see the city up ahead over here. we are approaching the beginning of the rush for monday. i'll keep my eyes on that. we'll check in with half hour ted kennedy when i come back -- with havertown when i come back. >> thanks. a live look outside, low clouds. you can hardly see the tops of the buildings in philadelphia. krystal klei is watching today and the mild temperatures, 62 degrees to start.
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>> this is not the warmest morning that we've had. we have changes in the air thanks to the cold front that we've been watching for days. it's coming together. moving our way. look at that line of storms slicing through tennessee. yikes. that will put strong to even severe storm potential into our neck of the woods by tomorrow. today, cloudy conditions, higher humidity. temperatures still on the warm side. that high pressure that was taking over the country, that's booted out. warm conditions today and tomorrow, the cool air has been digging across the country and is moving our direction in the form of a cold front. change ahead in many forms, rain and temperatures included. today, we're fairly dry. i think an isolated sprinkle over the lehigh valley, the suburbs possible. mostly cloudy, low to mid 70s possible. 74 in philadelphia. only about 70 in the lehigh valley and shore.
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and 72 in delaware. those are the highs for today. by this afternoon. now let's talk about the hour-by-hour model. cloudy conditions. sprinkles north and west at 11:00 a.m. that chance continues through 6:00. how about tonight -- going to the linc for the eagles game? there could be a spot shower rolling by. it will be windy. it will certainly be cloudy. the temperatures will be mild. the chance of showers is a little more iffy. we could see just a brief shower pass by. the steadier rain and the pockets of heavier stuff, that's that comes in tuesday early in the morning. . it wh-- tomorrow when we go on 4:00, you'll want to track that. pockets of heavier rain will continue on and off throughout the daytime hours. he could -- we could see a thunderstorm, as well. the commute continues through lunchtime on and off and starts to move out at 5:30, 6:00 at night. lingering showers possible overnight especially by the shore. wednesday morning things should start to shift out of here. by tonight, winds will crank up.
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looking at breezy to windy conditions tonight. this is 8:00, 9:00 in the evening. tomorrow, gusts up to 45 miles per hour possible. through 10:00 tonight, a sprinkle, ...01 inch. spots higher in the north in the forecast. 6:22. the time too book your holiday flights is -- the time to book your holiday flights is now. when airlines are expected to start hiking fares. plus, the eagles in primetime. see the pregame ritual between carson wentz and coach peterson.
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more development of this kind in the area. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you now with breaking news and an update, too. we're watching this out in havertown, we have an overturned truck on west pike. finally cars are moving through country club lane. the traffic moving there is the westbound traffic. they're finally allowing cars to move through. eastbound, still shut down. fire department activity on the other side. i'll have updates on this and check in with the roads when i come back. also ahead, a driver on the war path. police say he crashed into a line of cars, then went on attack. his next move that brought rescuers running coming up at
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6:45. plus, saving a slice of philadelphia's history. still ahead, how two college students are working to preserve jewelers row. what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools.
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this morning, a trail of fire on the road. talking tax reform. ivanka trump comes to pennsylvania today to promote how she says the president's plan will help middle-class families. slowing the christmas creep. target reveals how it's going to change the shopping experience for customers as the holiday season approaches. a lot to get to. thanks for spending part of your day with us. nbc10, 6:30 on the dot. >> tracy davidson. >> and katy zachry in for vai.
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>> and krystal klei with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> it's not august? 61 in philadelphia. it is very mild out this morning. 53 allentown. low 60s atlantic city. the water temperatures at 66 degrees, as well. does not feel like the end of october with mild temperatures. cloudy conditions building over us. the last two days, we had plenty of sunshine. yesterday, so pretty. not going to be that kind of pretty today. the cold front is starting to approach. a lot of rain associated with it and moisture. today, the humidity is going to tick up a bit. we could see a few sprinkles out there. really, i think the focus today is on the cloudier conditions and winds that will increase in the arch hours. temperatures not warming a ton. because we're starting mild, it will still be-year-older than average. we'll talk about the forecast highs for the day and the timing of the rain coming up in a few
6:32 am
minutes. >> thanks. now to breaking news that's beenimity fa -- been impacting all morning. a crash at haverford this morning bringing down flaming wires along the road. they were burning and sparking for more than an hour and a half. the westbound lanes reopened. eastbound lanes still closed. and power is still out to about 500 homes and businesses in the area. jessica? >> yeah. we're seeing an update. the westbound traffic allowed to move through the area. west chester pike at country club lane. they were diverting traffic off. a small portion that was shut down. because of the fire, by the way, that is out, the truck is still overturned there. the eastbound side closed, but
6:33 am
westbound seeing some relief. you can sake route 1 to get through or follow the detours they have posted there. also checking out a crash on abington at horace avenue at old york road. back to you. today ivanka trump is coming to pennsylvania to promote her father's tax reform plan that she says will help middle-class families. nbc10 has more from richboro where they will host a town hall. >> reporter: over the weekend the president had a conference call and warned republicans that 2018 would be a political failure for the bp to and a disappointment -- for the gop and a disappointment apparently for the nation if his tax plan isn't passed. one of the first daughters, ivanka trump, will be in bucks county later today. she's known for the softer side of the presentation of her father's plan.
6:34 am
she will be here to talk to supporters. see supports increasing the childcare tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000 per family. she's been making a pitch. according to republican sources, he said the president -- the president said republicans would lose the midterm election if the plan was not passed. ivanka trump here talking to reporters later today. that's the latest, nbc10 news. >> thank you. new from overnight, fire damages a food plant in berne township, burks county. this is video of the fire that broke out at evans food distributors last night. you see from the video thick, black smoke rising from the building. we're working to find out if anyone was hurt in that. doctors in philadelphia are trying to save a 3-year-old boy who was shot in the head by his older brother. it happened this weekend in philadelphia's tyoga neighborhood. the boy's father, sir haven
6:35 am
williams, was not home when the 6-year-old boy got hold of the gun saturday and pulled the trigger. investigators say the boys were home alone with their 12-year-old brother. williams is facing child endangerment charges. the 3-year-old is in critical condition at temple hospital. today in delaware county, radnor township's board of commissioners will elect a new president to replace phillip arr who faces child pornography charges. mea here's a look as he headed to arraignme arraignment. the board of commissioners asked for his resignation. he's not stepped down willingly. arr is accused of sending and downloading hundreds of pictures involving young children. his next court appearance is thursday. the soldier who deserted his post in afghanistan was captured and spent years in captivity is facing life in prison at a sentencing hearing today. sergeant bowe bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion last week. the taliban captured sergeant bergdahl shortly after he took off in 2009.
6:36 am
in 2014 the obama administration engineered a prisoner swap with the taliban for his freedom. bumped and bruised but okay. three philadelphia highway patrol officers are out of the hospital after they were hurt in a motorcycle assistant show. you can -- stunt show. you can see one coming out of the hospital in a sling. the international association of chiefs of police convention hosted the precision riding show in center city last night. septa's police chief took a picture of one of the officers who was injured on the ground. richard ross was also in the crowd. >> had the crowd out there pumping them up and making sure that they know we're proud of them and to put this behind them. >> the motorcycle mishap capped a busy weekend. the convention is drawing a large number of anti-police demonstrators. two officers will be okay. happening at the convention center, attorney general jeff
6:37 am
sessions will return to make an aamendment. he spoke at the -- an announcement. he spoke at the mean and spoke about how law enforcement officers are forging new relationships to reduce crime in communities across the country. switching gears, the wait is almost over. after a ten-day break, the league-leading eagles will take the home field against washington. >> here's a look at carson wentz at practice yesterday. tonight he'll try to lead the eagles to the third division one of the season. they only had two last year. the offense is looking comfortable. head coach peterson credits his weekly sit downs with wentz. >> it's just that time where he and i can sort of, you know, take a deep breath, exhale, and really kind of get on the same page going into the game basically. i think it's important that we continue that. >> working so far. birds and skins kick off monday night football tonight at 8:30.
6:38 am
we have live coverage from the linc right here on nbc10. the official station of the philadelphia eagles. about 6:40. we'll take a live look before we head to weather down the shore. look at that. >> beautiful sunrise. you'll get a good one down the shore today. now to first alert meteorologist krystal klei with a look at the temperatures. mild, but things are change, right? >> that's exactly right. i check the cameras every so often, and wow, that's pretty from the last 30 minutes. we'll start with philadelphia and talk about the shore in a moment. 61 degrees. 6:38. we'll be at 66 at 10:00 a.m. 72 by noon. w the peak will hit at 74 in philadelphia. winds will crank up, as well. cloudy to mostly cloudy. not as beautiful as it was over the weekend. this is the beginning of the
6:39 am
changes in the forecast. let's go from philadelphia to parts of new jersey. 52 right now. again, mostly cloudy throughout the day. 71 degrees at lunchtime. also in the low to spot mid 70s possible. windy by late afternoon and into this evening. gusts around 25 to up to 35 miles per hour more so tonight ahead of the cold front moving in. now we'll talk about the jersey shore. 66 degrees now. 69 at 10:00 a.m. 71 at noon. as is typical around lunchtime, we pretty much cap out our temperature at the shore. in the afternoon, some of that air from the water will keep temperatures down. we won't pick up wereup more th 70, 71 degrees. today, conditions, cloudy, windy to tonight. it will be a windy evening. temperatures, 7 at 7:00. kick -- 71 at 7:00. kickoff, mild, fairly warm this time of year. you see that. there may be a spot shower
6:40 am
passing. a lower chance. the best chance starts after midnight. you could see a shower if you're at the eagles game. temperatures the last couple of days have been in the mid to upper 70s. warmer than average. today, still looking to be warmer than average. on the decline thanks to clouds. and by tomorrow, plenty of rain. once the front passes, back to fall. we'll talk about the changing conditions more coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. 6:40. things have been picking up on the roads in the 5:00 hour. >> we'll update you if you're ready to head out. jessica boyington with first alert traffic. >> moving through center city, the vine and our cameras around 8th. if you look here, this is the traffic coming off the ben franklin parkway at that light there. we're seeing a little backup there. no surprise. a lot of the traffic that has to get into center city from jersey backs up around this time anyway. here westbound, a second ago i was watching a stop and go. everything seems to be moving. really no problems on the vine street expressway that are at least abnormal.
6:41 am
and him will be, a crash on -- lymerick, a crash at cemetery at north lymerick road. police activity there. route 202 locks okoks okay for most part. ten on the northbound side from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway. speeds also into the mid 60s. back to you. >> thanks. 6. -- 6:41. the super bowl halftime show. the announcement next. rethinking holiday shopping. target says it will slow the christmas creep. what it means for customers coming up. also, it's time again to vote for our nbc10 high school blitz game of the week. your choices --
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in new york city, police arrested a man who crashed his box truck into cars and assaulted a firefighter. nine people were hurt. the driver got out, jumped into the car of the fire truck, and started attacking the firefighter. witnesses believe the driver was trying to steal the fire truck. the crash victims and the firefighter are all expected to be okay. two philadelphia college students with a passion for classic cars and history joined forces to try to save jewelers row. one is from drexel, one is from temple. hay they handpicked 25 cars to display along the street and used the show to point attention to a construction site that is planning to demolish buildings to create condos. >> looking at the architecture,
6:46 am
antiquity, it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't here. >> the students plan to donate part of their proceeds to the site to stop the demolition. while you might be thinking halloween costumes and parties, travel experts say right now is the time to start thinking about flights for the end-of-the-year holidays. >> thanksgiving and christmas trips will cost you more. right now air fare fare is $229 on average. it will cost but $404 to fly for christmas and new year's eve. aim fare prediction app -- air fare prediction app hopper says fares will rise after halloween about a dollar a day. spices will spike dramatically two to three weeks before each holiday. now, target says its customer vs have put out the ca that they want to pause the christmas creep. they're responding. the retailer says isn't instead of jumping -- says instead of
6:47 am
jumping into christmas decorating, it will ease into signs and disdisplace. it will add kiosks and add weekend deals. did you see this video? a foggy super bowl rematch in foxboro last night. the video is trending this morning. >> the mist rolled in on the patriots and falcons on sunday night football here on nbc10. one thing was clear, though. we know who will headline the super bowl li halftime show on nbc. >> excuse me, sir, do you have the time? >> i do have the time. do you have the time? >> i do have the time. >> justin timberlake posted this video on twitter to announce he's performing at the game. the rest could join him on stage for at least one number. this will be his third super bowl performance at halftime. last night he shrugged off the infamous wardrobe malfunction in
6:48 am
2004. >> that -- that -- that won't happen this time. there was little bit of that, but yeah. i think -- no, mike. that's not going to happen. >> you can follow his journey to super bowl stage on line. keep it here on nbc10 for super bowl li on february 4th. >> clean slate. >> yeah. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. coming up at 7:00 this morning -- >> matt lauer and hoda kotb have a preview of what's on. good morning. >> hi, guys. >> good morning, ladies. coming up on a monday, a disturbing story. the hunt for a possible serial killer in tampa, florida, that has residents and police understandable on edge. we're live with developments. ahead, the american woman held hostage in afghanistan finish five years breaks her silence. what she is revealing to nbc news. we've got those stories, and we are transforming rockefeller plaza into chock-feller plaza hoda picked the name.
6:49 am
we'll get you ready for halloween. we'll tell you how to put all that candy to good use when we see you in a couple of minutes. >> can hear you drooling from here. >> salivating. >> totally. thanks, see you at 7:00. >> all right. ten minutes before 7:00 on your monday. there is fog over the ben franklin bridge as we take a live look outside. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has your most accurate neighborhood weather forecast for your neighborhood. how are we waking up this morning? >> like you mentioned, some us have fog, some have low clouds, slicing the tops off the taller buildings out there. all of us have cloudy conditions that we did not see yesterday. here's the good news -- if you've been enjoying 70s, we have that warm air over our region. we're at 61 in philadelphia right now. very mields start. does not -- very mild start. does not feel like the end of october, almost november outside. take a look to the west of us. we've got cooler air moving our direction. the cold front will be passing by tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, the end of your workweek, the temperatures
6:50 am
are finally going to fall back into the fall pattern that they should. radar and satellite currently, we have clouds that are passing through. we have some patchy fog. a big area of rain. strong storms slicing through tennessee. this will pump this direction and take time to get to us. today, mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles possible. we'll start with monday so i can explain the front. this is 2:00 p.m. monday. spot showers possible mostly north and west. farther south, an isolated shower. i think we'll stay fairly dry until this evening and into tomorrow. now we're at 2:00 a.m. on your tuesday. there's the front pushing that rain in. the poconos, tomorrow morning, during the commute, pockets of heavier rain as well as thunderstorms are possible. strong to severe storms, not ruling them out.
6:51 am
warm air in place. that's what we're going to be watching out for tomorrow. and it's from tuesday morning all the way until late day tuesday into tuesday night. this rain will exit. we could see lingering showers through wednesday morning on the jersey shore. what are the stats? gusts, 30 to 40 miles per hour tomorrow. up to 45 in spots. windy. rain, a half inch to an inch in total by the end of tuesday with localized spots up to an inch and a half. specifically, i think some of our northern neighborhoods could see a little more. temperatures still in the low 70s. we'll start very mild due to the cloud coverage. we will stay mild in the afternoon. the three-day outlook, 74 today, mostly cloudy, a spot shower at best. tomorrow, rainy, heavy at times, 72 degrees. then down go the temperatures. by wednesday, high of 65. average for this time of year. in the suburbs, 73 for your monday. 70 on tuesday. 64 on wednesday.
6:52 am
about the same in the lehigh valley and berks county. rainy conditions and spot storms by tuesday. just the shore really that wednesday could see lingering showers with the temperatures down into the 60s. >> thanks. 6:52. we'll get you to work on this busy monday. >> things look jammed as i peek at jessica's traffic camera. showing us 95. >> yeah. watching 95 at cottman, nothing reported that cass news -- that's causing this. 26 minutes woodhaven to the vine. average speeds there into the 30s. you can see stop and go moving toward center city now. upper marion, there's a crash. a new one at valley forge at north park road. 422 eastbound seeing delays, as well. typically a seven-minute trip. 16 minutes eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill.
6:53 am
speeds dropping and into the 30s. >> thanks for that. take a look at these heartwarming pictures of a success story from the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> abby and erin were conjoined at the head when they were born 15 months ago. a year ago, the little girls underwent their first separation surgery. look at them months after the last surgery in june. one has been allowed to go home to north carolina. the other is recovering. go to or them our a aapp -- or check our app to get a full report on their progress. nice. coming up, the top headlineg to pennsylvania today with a message for middle-class families.
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6:57 am
now to stories including this in bucks county. presidential advisor ivanka trump will be in richboro for a town hall on tax reform. the first daughter is pushing her father's plans including the childcare tax credit and how increasing the deduction will help middle-class families. to chester county. this blurry image is one of the only crews have in a hit-and-run investigation. they're looking for a driver who hit a woman in west pikeville township. it's a contractor pickup with red letters on the driver's side door. today in delaware county, radnor's board of commissioners will elect a new replacement to face phillip arr, who faces child pornography charges. so far he's not stepped down. investigators will try to learn what caused the fire at a food plant in bern township,
6:58 am
berks county. thick smoke poured from evans food distributors last night. we are speaking with authorities trying to find out if anyone was hurt. now a live look at the linc where the stands will be filled tonight as the league-leading birds take on division rival washington in monday night football. the kickoff at 8:30. we'll have live coverage from the linc here on nbc10. the official station of the philadelphia eagles. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a last check of the roads. watching the schuylkill expressway. you can count on this westbound here around city line avenue. stop and go. they're moving off of the west side. heading toward center city the other way, you'll see the traffic, too. a crash west township line road at whitehall. watch for police activity there. also checking in with new jersey roads. here's 295. just around the black horse
6:59 am
pike. here, this is northbound. toward trenton, sticky spots are southbound. that's where when you're headed -- actually looks like we might have a situation here, too. i happened to come across that. might be construction vehicles if place. looks ache little bit of flash -- looks like flashing lights. trying to get to the 42 freeway, slow but moving. we'll take a last peek at radar and satellite. mostly cloudy, just a spot shower or sprinkle possible. this is the line of rain and storms that will move in by tomorrow. we have a chance of strong to severe thunderstorms developing on our tuesday. tonight at the eagles game, it will be windy. it will be cloudy and humid. overall, i think we'll stay fairly dry. just a spot shower. the heaviest rain that's on tuesday into the early hours of wednesday. it starts to dry out. notice the temperature falls, 65 wednesday, 62 thursday, and there's the sunshine by friday. >> fall creeping back in. we'll have local news
7:00 am
updates throughout the morning. you can get realtime newscast, weather and traffic, on the app. good morning. hunt for a serial killer? a florida community on-edge. three murders in the same neighborhood in ten days. the race to find this person of interest, captured on surveillance video near one of the scenes. speaking out. eit years after deserting his post in afghanistan, a senten sentencing hearing for disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl under way today. bergdahl taking on his critics. >> people saying just shoot him. you'll never convince those people to change their minds. deadly mistake? congress demanding answers on the attack in niger,


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