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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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heavy rain and strong winds move in in time for the commute. we have team coverage of everything you need to know before you head out the door. soaring to victory. the eagles do something they haven't done in more than a decade. we're hearing from the team and fans over the moon this morning. and calling for change. several eagles players headed to the state capitol with a message for lawmakers. only nbc10 is speaking with malcolm jenkins about his chip trip -- his trip to harrisburg. we have a lot to talk about. 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors.
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we have issued a first alert because of strong storms that will be pounding the area. take a look. on the right, the first alert radar shows the heavy rain -- that's on the left. on the right, the damage the storm has left in the carolinas. the system caused flooding and ripped apart roofs in many neighborhoods down south. we begin our team coverage with a first alert -- with first alert meteorologist krystal klei and the neighborhood forecast. the immediate threat are the strong winds, remaining fairly strong through the afternoon. the front passage will hit us hard. dover, 52 mile-per-hour gusts. it's been like that for about an hour. those are strong winds, enough to knock things around in the front or back yard and as you're driving to tug on the wheel. we have strong winds in wildwood, gusts at 36. wilmington, gusts to 30. when that breezy to windy range,
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it has winds up to mid 30s. gusty conditions, threat number one. threat two is the rain. it's not terribly heavy now, but there will be pockets of heavy rain possible this morning. the likelihood is that it will strengthen in the afternoon over parts of south jersey. what we have currently is rain that's spread through the state of delaware and is entering south jersey. this is a light to steady rain. it's a fairly steady rain that's scattered over chester and burks county. they're next up for the rain. this will continue spreading across the board. we have rain throughout the morning hours. take a look. this is the hour-by-hour model showing the rain spread here through 7:00 a.m. you look at 7:00 a.m. and say it looks like it will die down. not so. we're going to have more periods of rain entering even into the afterno afternoon. that pocket of yellow/orange is a chance of severe weather in the afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up. now, we'll go to traffic and jessica boyington. we're watching the schuylkill with a closure
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because of a construction project. from the vine street expressway to south street on the eastbound side, watching this. you see they're diverting traffic off before the construction project starts or at least right after it because it starts back here. we're moving to the schuylkill or to the vine street expressway to avoid the schuylkill eastbound. still blocked here. it will be on the exit ramps for the next half hour or so. keeping our eyes on that for you, and southbound through woodhaven to the vine street expressway. a 13-minute trip. speeds in the 60s there, too. bridges are clear on the walt and the ben. no scheduled openings now over the tacony palmyra. as storms move in, they could make a mess in many areas. conditions already deteriorating in some areas. >> we continue our coverage with katy zachry in malvern, chester county. >> reporter: the big story is the wind. 45 minutes ago when we got to
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malvern, it was light to moderate rain. this wind is affecting everything from lawn signs to the street signs that are moving. the flower pots along king street to the flags. anything not sheltered from the wind is moving well. look across the street. i talked to an employee who's at this cafe, opening it up early. you see their outside furniture is pretty well secure. that's not all of it. down the street along king street, they lost two of their umbrellas. they were uplifted in the wind, and now they're clearly damaged well down the street, about 50 yards or so. and traffic is having to move around it. i lost -- so one of the things we also want to tell you about is the leaves. you see this tree above me. the leaves, well, it's lost some of the leaves over the past few days because that's what happens when we enter the fall season. but when you have leaves on the ground coupled with the wetness, the moisture, the rain that's coming, aaa advises treat that
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like it's nice. wet leaves on the pavement can be as slippery for cars as ice. a warning to drivers as you make your way to work or school, we're really going to see the weather moving in. nbc10 is on the ground throughout the area covering the weather as it comes in. we will let you know the hazards that come from this weather. we'll object throughout the morning. live in mall vern, katy zachry. >> you can count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of the storms all day long. download the nbc10 app before you leave this morning so you can track the storms to your neighborhood and get instant weather alerts sent to your phone when and if they happen. ♪ we love that music. the eagles are winning. fly, eagles, fly. the birds beat washington by ten points on monday night football at the linc to keep the best record in the nfl. the eagles put the game away in the fourth quarter on this
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carson wentz touchdown pass to nelson aguilar. wentz found receivers in the end zone four times last night. he leads the nfl in passes. peterson said the eagles are winning and having fun doing it. >> they enjoy being around each other. they enjoy practicing. they enjoy time together. >> talk about the resiliency and character of the team. >> it's been our calling card all year. you know, guys stepping into roles and moving forward, we're not going to comply, not going to make excuses. just going to get the job done. >> the eagles are off to their best start since the 2004 season when they went to the super bowl. this morning, the eagles 6-1 record tops the entire nfl and the nfc east. the vikings, rams, and three teams in the afc all lead their divisions with 5-2 marks. norm, tennessee follow with four winds apiece. here is this morning's front cover of "the philadelphia daily
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news." the headline reads "high and mighty" after the big win. how far can they go? >> how far santa barbara yeah. if there's any room left on the eagles' bandwagon, try and find it. birds' fans are tasting victory and smelling a post-season run. >> i'm looking to go to the playoffs. >>-1, baby. >> they're doing what they're supposed to do against the teams they're supposed to beat. >> i mess the up before -- >> nobody's messing around. >> nobody's messing around. the eagles' fans leaving the linc last night, not shy about expressing themselves to our nbc10 cameras. the eagles will be taking the fight off the field today, as well. several players including malcolm jenkins are headed to harrisburg to push for change in the criminal justice system. nbc10's dana durante joins us live from the linc. nbc10 spoke exclusively with jenkins. tell us more. >> reporter: as you take a look behind me, you see there is still activity here at the linc after last night's win.
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for players including jenkins, the activity is shifting toward harrisburg. they're taking a different battle to the senate chamber at the capitol. players including jenkins will talk with senators and state representatives about a number of issues including the clean slate act being pushed by republican candidate scott wagner. the act will seal criminal records of nonviolent offenders from public view. other issues they plan to talk about ending mandatory minimum sfens sentences and more transparency in policing. >> the ball has been rolling, and that's a good thing. we've seen other guys getting involved in their communities, other teams, other players. and a lot of that comes with just needing an example and being able to show how much leverage and influence we have as athletes. >> now, they're making the trip to harrisburg.
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one donating the remainder of his salary to organizations including ones that advocate for quality in education. reporting live, nbc10 news. >> as the eagles head to harrisburg, nbc10 is heading with them. you can see the live reports later today on nbc10 news at 4:00. taking the message on the road, ivanka trump comes to bucks county for a town hall. how people are reacting to her father's tax cut plan. residents demand answers about why a local commissioner charged with possessing child porn remains on the job. why officials say their hands are tied. delaware and soon enough for the rest of us. we'll talk about the timing. all new at 5:00 a.m., they say true love never dies. nbc10 is taking you to a local bed and breakfast where some believe a spirit is sticking
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around after a request from her husband centuries ago.
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welcome back. we're under a first alert due to stormy conditions that will develop in the afternoon. the entire area is under the first alert from this morning through about 5:00 p.m. this evening. why? we've got different rounds of weather that's going to pass through. this morning, it's steady to pockets of heavy rain. in the afternoon, that's when we'll have the chance of thunderstorms, possibly a few turning severe. that's when you start to get damaging winds. all of us because totals are looking to range about half an inch to an inch, could see localized flooding. this would be likely due to a storm drain, say, that's clogged by leaves and as a result cannot properly drain the water off. so even if you're not getting a huge collection of rain, a small
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burst could be enough to pond along a roadway. this is a look at radar and satellite. there's the cold front right up against the cold front where we have the rain. we may have a few spot thunderstorms that develop this morning. again, the chance is better in the afternoon as temperatures and the warm air surrounding us helps out the atmosphere. look behind it. we are looking at fairly clear conditions. we'll have clouds in the days to come and cooler conditions. today it's about the weather maker. there's a tighter look at the steady rain that's spread through delaware and south jersey and is moving into chester county with a little storm it looks like that's developed in the southwest corner. let's talk future wind gusts. this morning, gusts reporting around 35 miles per hour for many locations. a few spots closer to 50 miles per hour. these gusts may strengthen just a bit more through around 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning as the front itself starts to enter the region. gusts from 45 to 50 through the
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morning hour. the commute, you'll have to hold the wheel tight as you drive. into the afternoon, windy, 25 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts. the winds will start to calm aside from the shore. as we get into this evening, winds will die down, and things will clear out. we'll show you that with your futurecast model coming up. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking the roads. we're still watching the schuylkill expressway. here we are watching the construction project approaching the vine street expressway. on the eastbound side of the schuylkill, that's what we're looking at in here, this is the exit ramp to the vine. all traffic is being diverted off now to the vine street expressway. supposed to last until 5:00. and the extent of the construction moves from around the vine to south street. for now, that's blocked on the eastbound side. you can see the signs down here. police activity there on the scene, too. the p.a. turnpike looks good, as well. route 1 to valley forge, 22 minutes in both directions. speeds also into the 60s.
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near new jersey, a check on 295 near 168. near the black horse pike. watching construction. we might have somebody disabled or might be a construction project here over into the ramp. other than that, everything looks great in both directions. >> thanks. 4:46 on this tuesday. an inflatable message. the giant rat that has popped up in center city foilds aphiladel the significance of where it's located. on patrol, police help a little boy with a special gift. why it means so much to him and his family. (alex trebek) seasons change.
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your premium never goes up, and your benefit will never go down due to age--guaranteed. what's more, you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. you cannot be turned down because of your health. seasons change. life can be unpredictable. provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones by calling now. you'll be glad you did. (gentle music) ♪ 4:48. we have issued a first alert. this is why -- looking at radar, you see we have heavy rain headed our way. there could be some minor street flooding in neighborhoods.
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>> that's right. coming up meteorologist krystal klei will tell you how much rain to expect and how windy it will be. there is overwhelming disgust in radnor township as a disgraced commissioner refuses to leave the board. >> phillip arr resigned as president. but there's nothing fellow board members can do to remove him completely as commissioner even though he faces child pornography charges. one after another, residents openly chastised commissioners for not getting rid of arr during the meeting. residents heard from him through a letter submitted on his behalf. the board says a constitutional issue keeps them from ousting the former leader. >> i'm hearding the word "disgusting." disgusting it is to keep that man as president if you were told he was being investigated for child pornography. >> the only two options to remove arr from the board would be a conviction on the charges. remember, he's under arrest at this point in time.
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or for him to resign on his own. for now the vice president of the board is acting as head until a new president is chosen. to politics, and ivanka trump pitching her father's tax reform plan to people in bucks county. >> she held an hour-long town hall-style meeting yesterday. she told the crowd changes to the tax code will benefit eve everyday americans. >> i like the death tax of it. i like the s.t.e.m. program. >> i'm against this tax plan. it helps the 1%. >> trump said the tax plan puts priority on middle-class families. critics worry about cuts to medicare and medicaid and thought could as more than $1 trillion to the national deficit. critics of president trump used an inflatable rat to protest him yesterday in center city, philadelphia. the giant balloon of a rodent
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morphed with a caricature of president trump appeared in front of the frank rizzo statue. yesterday would have been frank rizzo's 97th birthday. critics have caused rizzo a racist. if you are an eagles' fan, this could be your year. do i even have to ask that? the birds used four touchdown passes from carson wentz at the linc to beat washington and boost their league-leading record to 6-1. the birds got into celebration mode pretty quickly. take a look. it's the baseball display complete with pitcher, catcher, batter, and umpire. and moments earlier, matt collins did this. looks fun. this is called the backpack kid. the kid doing the backpack did the dance, went viral. now you have matt collins do it. >> that would be great to say
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put your caption under this. what would call this dance? >> a boomerang. like the boomerang on instagram. the boomerang dance. let's switch gears and talk about the rain. you got to be ready for it as you head out the door. krystal klei with more. you see the rain spreading into the neighborhoods. it's scattered in center north and then more steady, even pockets of heavier rain passing over delaware and into south jersey. cape may county, too. take a closer look at the spots. the little speckles of yellow you see, those are pockets of heavier rain. these are the areas that may cause issues during a commute and also like i've been mentioning those leaves piled up on the drain. the water will flood out a roadway instead of going through the drain. minor street flooding is possible. east nottingham, skedier rain, west chester -- set ie steadier west chester, as well. more heavy rain passing over southern delaware and into south jersey.
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this is from morrisville to sea isle city, cape may, lewis beach, to parts of millsboro, looking at that pocket of heavier rain moving through. this will spread east through 7:00 a.m. i think the model is too low grated with the steadiness of the -- grade with the steadiness of the rain. i expect pockets still of the heavier stuff falling this hour. i know it looks like, hey, it's all out after this, you see clear behind it. not so much. more will generate through 10:30 in the morning. we could see isolated thunderstorms. the better chance, strong to severe, in the afternoon. you see the line of storms. tell move through south jersey to the shore. 6:30, :. tomorrow morning, many of us will be dry. spot showers against the shoreline are possible.
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let's talk about the severe thunderstorm risk. the areas in green you see which include pennsylvania and delaware neighborhoods, philly, some strong winds or spot storms are possible. a strong to severe storm over south jersey and central jersey extending to new york. those are the areas where an isolated tornado could develop. when you see the area in yellow from the storm prediction area, this is the criteria. the storm potential short lived, a spot here or there, not everyone getting this. you could see an isolated tornado, scattered wind damage, gusts above 60 miles per hour, or spot hail. i do not think the hail is a big threat. more a wind event than anything else. forecast rain totals, a half inch to an inch in philadelphia. the european model gives three quarters of an inch around philly and more farther south. we'll wrap up with this -- temperatures in the low to mid 70s. they'll stay that way in the
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afterno afternoon, as well. we'll talk about the ten day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. and a check of the schuylkill expressway. >> that's right, jessica boyington keeping an eye on the traffic cameras. so far it is dry. >> so far. >> it's going to be fleeting, i think. >> exactly. that's why this is changing minute by minute. we're watching the schuylkill where it was closes eon the eastbound side with construction in between the vine street expressway and south street, just opened during the weather report. we're back in business on the schuylkill expressway. headed eastbound, you don't have to worry about being diverted. blue route looks good, 15 minutes schuylkill to 95. speeds also into the mid 60s. "nbc10 news today" is going on the road tomorrow morning. mark your calendar. plan on it. remember when we went on the road back in may, in the spring
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some we had so much fun meeting everyone. we're doing it again. tomorrow we'll visit the wawa on west chester pike in upper darby. jessica and i will join bill henley. come on by, get free coffee, get your day started, take pictures with us. we love meeting everyone. a special surprise by police for a little boy.
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a camden county boy fighting cancer has his own police cruiser. >> 3-year-old ben graham got a visit and president from the camden county k-9 unit at his home in elmer. they gave him his own miniature police suv to cheer him up. he's been fighting near blast oma since he was -- neuroblast oma since he was 18 months old. his family is hoping an experimental treatment will help him beat the odds.
4:59 am
>> she's strong and braver than any of us here. he inspires us as much as we're trying to inspire them. >> they met ben during the touch-a-truck event. the police paid for the suv out of their pockets and named ben an honorary officer. we'll be saying prayers for ben. >> absolutely. here are more of the stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. -- >> tracking storms. rain and strong winds are moving into our area. the potential for severe weather. mysterious and gruesome discovery. breaking right now, a murder victim found on the side of the road. now the investigation is on to figure out exactly what the victim is. and flying high. are you tired this morning? the eagles coming off another win. how players and fans are celebrating the victori. right now, tracking storms. look at the screen. you see rain is on the radar and moving in right now bringing
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showers and strong winds. it has the potential to bring a storm this afternoon. we've issued a first alert so you can be prepared. the storm is being blamed for serious damage in the carolinas. people cleaning up all morning after it triggered flash flooding and a possible tornado. a lot to get to. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. nbc10 has team coverage as we track the severe storms. katy zachry with a look at what's happening outside and jessica boyington with a look at the roads. we begin with first alert meteorologist krystal klei here to tell us who will see the rain first. some of us are seeing the rain as we speak. here's a look at first alert radar and satellite. the deeper greens you see is steady rain. the yellow, heavier rain. during the morning hours, i don't expect there will be much in terms of severe weather. the potential hits, as you mentioned, later in the afternoon. many of us could see a pocket of heavier


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