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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side. 5:30. rain on the way. perhaps it's already here. we're tracking severe weather and how it could impact your
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commute. history of haunting. they say true love never dies. at a bed and breakfast, a wife is honoring a wish by her husband even in the afterlife. and birds at the top. the eagles flying high off another win this morning. how fans and players are celebrating this history-making season. right now tracking storms moving into the area. look at screen. you'll see what we're talking about. rain on the radar, and we can expect showers to hit soon if they haven't already hit in your neighborhood. storms have the potential to bring severe weather this afternoon. that's why we've issued a first alert so you can be prepared. this line of storms caused widespread damage in the carolinas. people cleaning up. the severe weather triggered flash flooding and a suspected tornado there. we've issued a first alert. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors.
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plenty to get to. we have team coverage as we track the severe weather and storms moving through. jessica boyington is keeping a close watch of the roads and how these storms could impact your morning commute. we have details on when the rain will pick up with clyklei c-- w cli krystal klei. i'm not seeing much lightning, i'm not sure if we have any thunderstorms right now. these spot thunderstorms developing is certainly possible throughout today. both morning and certainly in the afternoon hours. the deeper green is steady to heavy rain. the spots of yellow is a heavier pocket of rain. one rolled over our studios here. the areas of yellow that are most present, they were in southern delaware, now in south jersz and the shore through parts of cumberland, cape may, and atlantic county. it may appear that that will exit soon. more rain will generate
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throughout the day. as for our current wind gusts, near 40 mile-per-hour gusts in millville. 33 in atlantic city. we've dropped a tad to 21 mile-per-hour gusts in philadelphia. they may pick up again throughout the morning. especially in the afternoon if a thunderstorm passes your location, you'll feel some of the strongest winds move by. tlooeng model now through the next few hours. could there be breaks in rain? absolutely this morning. more to come later in the day. we'll time it out in a bit. now you to traffic and jessica boyington. thanks. we're out in downingtown watching the 30 bypass at route 322. still dark outside. difficult to see exactly what's going on. there's rain on the camera lens. you see when everybody's either direction, you see rain coming out from underneath the cars. that's something we'll be watching later, especially if leaves are fall iing and they g
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wet. there's a crash at horsham on blair mill at briarwood drive. dennis township, a downed tree, something we'll see later today, too. 647 at 550, paper mill road. we're watching both directions blocked off. we'll end on 422. drive times okay, eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill, 60 miles per hour. and an eight-minute trip. >> thanks. you can follow the storms as they happen, as they hit your neighborhood with the nbc 10 app. you'll get interactive radar and weather alerts sent to your phone. ♪ you know what that means. the eagles flying higher than some could have imagined before the season. >> now on the wentz wagon. they're a league-leading 6-1 after whooping washington in monday night football. the eagles put the game away in the fourth quarter on this
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carson wentz touchdown pass to nelson aguilar. wentz found receivers in the end zone four times. john clark of nbc sports philadelphia asked safety malcolm jenkins about injuries. >> it's not the first time we lost darren sproles, ronald darby, and had injuries in between there. we found ways to get wins and found ways to adjust and move forward. tonight was no different. >> count on nbc10, your official eagles station, to get update updates from the team -- get injury updates from the team later today. fans wearing midnight green -- a throwback kelly green, poured out of the linc last night. happy about the big win. >> carson wentz is amazing. everything we've needed. >> since 1986 i've been a season ticket holder, this is probably the most savory victory we've
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had. >> the eagles host the winless 49ers on sunday. today fight off the field. several eagles players are heading to harrisburg to fight for social justice reform. nbc10's dana dran tee is lied outside lincoln financial field. and nbc10 spoke with malcolm jenkins who is tackling the issue and will be on the state capitol. >> reporter: there's activity at the stadium even hours after the win. the focus for players will be in harrisburg. they will push for a bill that will seal records from criminals from public view. the clean slate act is being pushed by republican and candidate for governor for pennsylvania scott wagner. malcocolm jenkins talked about s efforts and why taking the trip a few hours after the game is so important. >> being able to show how much leverage and influence we have as athletes. so i'll continue to do that. it needs to be done. i believe wholeheartedly in what
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i'm doing. and trying to effectuate positive change in our community, in our country. >> reporter: jenkins isn't going alo alone. chris long and tori smith goigoing -- long donating a portion of his pay to charities. nbc10 news. as the eagles head to harrisburg, nbc10 will be there with them. lauren will be in the state capitol to hear what the birds tell lawmakers. you can watch her live reports later today beginning at 4:00 p.m. in other news, following breaking news in north philadelphia. police say someone stuffed a woman's body into a trashbag around 1:30 this morning on westmoreland street. police say the victim had facial injuries and they're having a hard time identifying her. in delaware county, overwhelming disgust in radnor township as a disgraced commissioner refuses to leave
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the board despite facing child pornography charges. phillip arr resigned as president. however, fellow board members can't remove him as a commissioner. one after another, people chastised the board for not getting rid of the commissioner. resident heard from him through a letter submitted on his behalf. the board says a constitutional issue keeps them from ousting their former leader. >> as sgufdisgusting as fil ini. >> the only options are a conviction and for him to resign. he's not done. the vice president is acting as the head until a new president is chosen. imagine trying to see a doctor when federal agents come charging through the door. that's what happened to some patients yesterday at a string of local urgent care centers.
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officers raided four urgent care centers in philadelphia, montgomeryville, and willow grove. investigators suspect the offices in those locations are pill mills. that's when doctors or pharmacists provide drugs to people who do not need them. look at the stream of agents coming out with boxes of evidence. folks tell us they've noticed a lot of activity with people coming and going in recent weeks. the chain's owner is in federal custody. we'll talk about the first alert in place throughout our tuesday. the entire area under a first alert. neighborhood to neighborhood, different things are going to happen throughout our morning and our afternoon. let's start with the timing. we're beginning now and it lasts through 5:00 this evening. again, a wide range of time. we got different events for the morning than the afternoon. this is what we're looking at.
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thunderstorms turning severe, pollen over new jersey. that's -- possibly over new jersey. that's from 1:00 p.m. through 5:00. damaging winds have been occurring and will continue. i'm trying to look for storm alerts. we're hearing of power outages especially over parts of south jersey. local flooding is possible, especially zones that are prone to flooding when a storm drain gets covered by the leaves that have been falling. it's fall. this is typical that time of year. those are the issues we're looking at today. on top of, it we've been into what has turned into a minor drought. when we don't get a lot of rain, the ground is a little more sturdy. it doesn't absorb as easily. that can lead to some minor flooding, as well. here's the radar and satellite. the wide view. this is the cold front causing the issues. two air masses running into each other. you get a line of rain and spot thunderstorms. not a ton of development, but i think there are isolated spots embedded in the area of rain we're seeing.
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we're dropping down and turning on the sweeping radar. this gives more detail closer to the surface of what we're seeing. the areas of yellow over atlantic county, kent, sussex county, even over parts of the suburbs, those are the areas with the heaviest rain currently falling. we'll dive closer into that more coming up in a few minutes. i want to talk about the wind gusts. those have caused issues this morning. through our morning hours, wind gusts, reports have been near 40 miles per hour in spots. closer to 25 to 30 in others. they'll continue strong through 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. as the cold front approaches. that's when the strongest winds occur. up to 45 miles per hour gusts are possible. you see that on the board. they'll die down in the afternoon. still 25 to 35 miles per hour gusts. because it started west to east, it will clear west to east, as well. things will die down in the afternoon near the lehigh valley and burks. by overnight, everyone starts to see weaker winds in the forecast. we'll wrap up with this --
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yesterday, we hit 77 for the high. today, low to mid 70s that we're currently at. look what the cold front does to us -- boom. down to 60 by thursday for the high. 5:40 here on this tuesday. we know the rain is starting to fall in many neighborhoods as mentioned. the windshield wipers could be on -- >> could impact your drive to work. jessica boyington with more. >> hopefully you'll have those working later on. watching the 42 freeway at creek road. again, so far, so good here, too. not seeing a ton of volume. not seeing any major delays yet. a few things going on. horsham, a crash at briarwood drive. mass transit having minor delays now. thorndale train 514 running about 11 minutes late.
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amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco on or close to schedule. in dennis township, a downed tree blocking both directions of route 47 around 550, paper mill road. drive times still doing okay. even with some storms coming in. eastbound, 14 minutes center city. speeds up into the 50s. 95 southbound, center city, looking good. same for the blue route. southbound from the schuylkill to 95. speeds there, into the mid 60s with a 15-minute trip. a husband's request reaches into the afterlife. >> honey, i want you to live here forever. we believe she's still here. >> nbc10 is taking you to a local bed and breakfast where some say a friendly spirit still stays. from the group effort to the solo dance, we have a look at the best moves in the end zone following the eagles' victory over the washington redskins.
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here's another fun eagles fact. with a 50-yard field goal last night, kicker jake elliott tied the franchise record for most field goes from that distance or longer in a season with four. steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers,
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and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
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first alert weather. >> it's raining in parts of the area. gusty winds, as well. those winds are already causing power outages in south jersey. right now there are more than 13,000 outages in gloucester county. scattered outages in cumberland, camden, and salem counties. nbc10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei will have all the details of the storm coming up
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in a few minutes. >> we are looking for sneaky spirits. >> the time is right. close to halloween. randy gyllenhaal takes us on a hunt of the haunted bed and breakfast at the jersey. >> reporter: long before the jersey shore had casinos and boardwalks, settlers like dr. jonathan pitney fell in love with the salt in the air. >> when he got here he loved the ocean. he thought it had a redeeming medical quality. he wanted to bring people here and heal them. >> reporter: the doctor is considered the father of atlantic city. crucial in bringing the railroad to town. he sparked development and lived here alongside his loyal wife, caroline. >> he had told her, hon, i want you to live here forever. and we believe that she's still here. >> reporter: today the pitney house is a bed and breakfast. you can rent the rooms, but be
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warned -- >> room two? >> yes, caroline's room, the wife of dr. jonathan pitney. >> reporter: guests here often report strange currencies in the night. >> it's -- currenoccurrences in night. >> it has weird stories. >> reporter: slamming doors, shuffling footsteps, and the faint sound of a flute as you lay in bed. sometimes strange movements at your feet. >> tugging on the covers is about it. that's the common thing. a tugging at the feet. maybe she's making the bed a little cozier. >> reporter: the innkeepers say the ghosts are friendly. guests are skeptical. >> you believe in ghosts, do not believe in ghosts. we believe enough to not want to be in the room. >> reporter: in a house full of history, not much has changed since 1799. >> it's just as it was built years ago. >> reporter: with the original
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owners still stopping by. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. tomorrow a ghost story that begins during the revolutionary war. we'll take you inside a museum that's hay hotbed for -- a hotbed for ghost hunters looking for the paranormal past. 5:50. the eagles are flying high after a win over the redskins last night. birds now 6-1. the best record in the league. that's prompted end zone celebrations from the players. we've seen this before. the baseball display complete with pitcher, batter, umpire. moments earlier matt collins did this. did you see this? that makes me laugh. the dance is on social media. if you're an eagles' fan -- and who isn't right now -- we want to know your favorite celebration of the thoughts. tweet us your thoughts. our twitter handles are on the screen. >> excuse me for yawning just a bit. >> we're all tired.
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a little late. >> everyone still happy about it. but you know who wasn't happy? me at 1:00 in the morning when the boyfriend comes home after watching the game and being out. >> you're like, i have to get up -- >> that's great, but i have to sleep. >> my bedtime was the start time of that game. >> we had to prep for the weather. >> we did. >> a lot going on. we have periods of heavy rain passing through. we'll look at the radar, satellite view. the gray is the clouds. all cloudy. the green is the rain. the yellow is the heavy rain passing by. and notice how it's scattered in nature. that's what we were calling for. not going to see rain all day. we'll see periods of rain with some areas having pockets of heavier stuff. that's what's on the board now. let's take a tour of what we've got going on. we'll begin with parts of bucks county and into mercer county. the areas of yellow are the heavier spots of rain falling through near warring ton. just clipping mercer county. a spot of this was moving over
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bala kin wood an hour or so ago. it was loud on the building but five minutes at most. this is a quick system moving by. the front will take a while to pass through the region. the storms will regenerate, pumping in from the south. we're not done with it after what you see currently on the map. here's an area of nice and steady rain over parts of south jersey, mill vilville, galloway egg township. you see atlantic city to bass river, these areas have heavier rain. and that continues farther south near delaware. starting to move out of delaware and over the bay. that means next it will be into kay may and cumberland county if it holds its strength which i think it will. areas like cape may, you guys ready to get hit with another round of heavier rain moving through. we'll go through the hour-by-hour model. this is where the rain is currently. you might go, oh, the rain is almost done. not bad.
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that's not exactly the case. may take breaks certainly. this morning, 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. i think one the suns comes up there will be branches on the ground because of the high winds we've been experiencing. 11:00 a.m., next pulse of rain moving through, could see a spot thunderstorm here or there. the better chance will be in the afternoon hours as the line sets up. there is especially for jersey through about 2:00 to, say, 5:00, 6:00 p.m. as we go from 6:00 to 8:00, everything should move off shore. that will make for a better wednesday forecast. the storm impact scale. to 5:00 in new jersey, a four out of five. leaning toward the high end of impact especially in the afternoon. we could see a severe thunderstorm develop. one spot could turn severe with an isolated tornado. northern delaware through 3:00, pockets of heavy rain. localized flooding, and damaging winds are possible.
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>> all right. we'll be ready for that. let's talk about the morning ride to work. >> we'll check the boulevard with jessica boyington. a common thing to see in the cameras now, the boulevard around wissahickon avenue is where i'm watching here. seeing the southbound delay, roads are wet. that's what we have to be careful of. leaves making it a slippery drive. a crash at harbor ham at blairwood and briarwood drive. route 202 looks okay. ten minutes northbound and south from 30 to the schuylkill and speeds into the 60s. rosemary? a story that goes beyond football. the touching reunion between one local family and eagles' quarterback carson wentz. and a terrible loss when a woman suddenly loses her
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husband. then he encountered troubling trying to cancel his gym membership. at 6:00, how nbc10 responds fought her battle and what others can learn from her experience. let's take a live look down the shore in cape may. a wet beach avenue. difficult to see through the camera. a little bit windy out there. we are tracking the severe weather that's going to be with us throughout the morning. stick with us. before we go to break, the eagles are the only team in the nfl this season to score 20 or more points in every game.
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we are a first alert for thunderstorms that will bring strong winds and heavy rain to our area throughout the day. >> we're starting to see power outages in south jersey, the majority in gloucester county. we could see minor street flooding especially in areas where leaves may be blocking storm drains. keep an eye out for that. a touching moment before last night's game. carson wentz reunited with the
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family of lucas custers who died in june of stomach cancer. >> the 10-year-old was such a huge fan from wilmington. he was buried in his wentz jersey. last night wentz was wearing the green rubber bracelet that lucas gave him. he's actually been wearing it for every game. the bracelet says "dutch destroyer," which is lucas' nickname when he played football. >> a special family. a special family in that -- yeah. it was definitely -- impacted me in a big way, all the way back in the spring. that story yesterday. yeah. it was moving. i was thrilled they could be here. the youngest one, that was his first game. i told him he better keep coming back. >> when lucas was sick, wentz sent him a recorded message. he went to visit during his treatment. another tumor surfaced. doctors said he wouldn't live long. lucas' one wish was to thank carson for the video and to give him that "dutch destroyer" bracelet. you can get the bracelet, as well. here's what they look like.
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your purchase will benefit childhood cancer research. you can buy the bracelet and see the story which is so, so special. it's on, or tap our free nbc10 app. >> carson wentz certainly a leader on the field and definitely off the field. >> so touched by the story, the little boy and his family. now for more of the stories we're following at 6:00 -- >> first, breaking news in philadelphia. a woman's body found stuffed in a trash bag why. why police are -- trash bag? why police are having trouble getting the investigation. and helping prepare you for potentially severe storms that could bring strong winds and flooding today. eagles on top. the rising star shines again. we have all the winning moments that fans will be buzzing about today. butler county to cover on this tuesday -- plenty to cover on this tuesday including that green blob on the screen. we'll get to that. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today," i'm


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