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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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anybody can be a victim. >> police found the woman's body in a trash bag on a north philadelphia street. we first brought you the story as breaking news this morning on nbc 10 news today. >> steven fisher spoke with neighbors about the fear this case has spread across their community. he's in another section of philadelphia. >> this woman's body was found in a trash bag. it happened right here underneath this train trestle here behind me. neighbors tell me it gets dark under there at night, now they are concerned. among all the trash, the litter, the graffiti, the sha goes dows train trestle.
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her face, head, legs and lower torso. >> it would make me think it was from somewhere else. >> reporter: she and her daughter walk through here a lot. >> every day on a daily basis. >> neing someone was left here to die has struck a cord. >> that's terrible. i feel horrible for her. >> the unknown has instilled fear. >> it's scary. don't nobody know who she is. anybody could be the next victim. >> i talked to police ta toad. they are unable to identify that victim. we also spoke to other people here in the community who told us even though they didn't know this victim, they are not letting this go. you'll hear from them at 5:00. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. >> e we broke the story today. you can wake up with our team to get breaking news, weather and traffic from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. now to breaking news out of washington, d.c. in the past 30 minutes a sitting
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republican senator bashed the president during an emotional speech from homicide the capital. senator jeff flake just announced that he's not running for reelection and in a speech on the senate floor, he criticized the trump administration and the flag rabbit disregard of truth and decency that's undermining america's democracy. flake has been critical of the republican party and the direction it's taken after trump took office. he took it one step further calling out the administration and the party's future. >> reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused as telling it like it is. i must say we have fooled ourselves for long enough. that a pivot to governing is right around the corner. a return to civility and stability right behind it. e we know better than that. by now, we all know better that be that. >> senator jeff flake there.
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new at 5:00, nbc 10 is reaching out to a congressman from pennsylvania who announced hen won't seek reelection. we'll hear what he thinks about the party and the developments. >> no wash to go anywhere with this weather. nbc 10 with a rain soaked rockford section. people were lingering and trying to stay dry after that rain pounded the neighborhood. things are more severe here in south jersey. the heavy rain and high winds downed these trees and power lines that left thousands in the dark. electric crews were busy all morning trying to restore power. and over here in delaware, it's a different scene right now. meteorologist tammie souza is joining us with your most accurate weather forecast. >> there's still a chance a storm could pop up later this evening. >> we're watching this. there's the potential of something isolate ed d to pop u. simply because we the got sunshine. it's so soupy we have a strong
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southerly wind. the components combined with the fact that the main bodies of the storm system is off to our west. something isolated could pop up. but right now, we're looking at mainly quiet conditions across the area. you can see that the heavier rain and thunderstorm its have moved out across the atlantic. that's good news, we have a few clouds out there. we just have a few showers and storms that are kind of exiting the toms river jar. you can see that big stretch of sunshine from south jersey all the way up into the lehigh valley. if you look further west, we have some more showers and storms all rotating around the big center of this huge area of low pressure. and this deep trough of cool air that's spilling in. take a look. they are getting snow up there in the up of michigan. there's much cooler air on the way. now this is away we're looking at temperature wise. right now, we have sun with a
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few clouds. 75 in wilmington with a southwest wind at 14 miles per hour. and even in allentown, 75 degrees with a south wind and some sunshine out there. here's where we're going. we're dropping down into the 60s. and a little fog. maybe an isolated shower and storm. when i come back, i'll tell you which day this week we're going to do all of this once again. >> don't leave home without the nbc 10 app. we'll send you severe weather alerts and the hour by hour forecast for your neighborhood. >> it's unbelievable. it's crazy. divisional game, got the win. that's all you can ask for. >> a nice chabt, nice hat. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with eagles excitement. the birds are sitting pretty with the best record in the ffl after carson wentz led his team to another dominating performance against the
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redskins. the birds are now 6-1. >>en can't get enough of that. the last time the team had a record this impressive this late into the season they went all the way to the super bowl. at this point in the season is. tim furlong is live at al's sporting goods in wilmington. >> you were there yesterday with the tailgaters. look how good green looks on you. >> it's tim. it's not the zach ertz. >> sorry, we were wrong. >> don't worry about it. they have move d a lot of jerseys. they have all the players you're going to want including carson. last night was as exciting as it gets. we're all a little tired today, but so worth it. >> this morning i packed up my lunch bag and got my $1 eagles coffee and swung into the bakery to count on cookies, cakes and cup cakes. it's a happy day, even for those
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up late watching the game or for those who were there and somehow made it into work. >> very tired. we got in probably at 1:30 in the morning. no voices. couldn't hear anything. >> a lot of the players and their wives. and you're going to talk eagles football whether you like it o or not. >> number one in the nfl. number one in our division. e he says what he saw from that team says this is something special. even more tackable than the 2004 super bowl team. >> i'm sniffing playoffs ask super bowl, all of that. >> reporter: i'm sniffing it too. it's a good smell. we have the carson jersey. look how close to the cowboys jerseys. there are a lot of cowboys engineer e sees, which nobody in our area should be buy that. ezekiel elliott should be suspended for a bunch of games.
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. . i'm going to put him over here. but as exciting as last night was, it wasn't all good news. we lost a couple key players. we're going to talk about that with we come back at 5:00. ff tim furlong, nbc 10 news. fs fstz. >> they asked if i wanted to take one with me. it didn't make it back to the nbc 10 vehicle when i left. put it that way. come here. i'll treat you to a cup cake. >> don't forget about me. >> nbc 10 is your official station of the eagles. there's plenty of excitement to
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go around and we have you covered at 4:30. like some of the flairs from the link to the state house today. lauren mayk is live in harrisburg with more on their message for justice. then at 4:45, a special relationship between carson wentz and a delaware family who lost their young son to cancer. and new at 5:00, the magician. john clark is join iing us to tk about the disappearing act that has everyone talking. >> other news to tell you about this afternoon. five years in prison, former district attorney seth williams learned that's the time he will spend in prison. what was surprising inside the courtroom was how harsh the judge was.
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>> williams admitted using his position to help friends who gave him gifts. he had took a trip to the caribbean and a couch. he's admitting accept issing tens of thousands of dollars in bribes and defraud iing a nursi home stealing money meant to pay for his mother's care. the judge said his statement sounded like a campaign speech. >> it's an emotional day for him. we all feared he might not be able to make it through it and didn't want to make it a spectacle so i thought it was better i read it. to get his words across, we
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thought it better i read. >> reporter: williams' lawyer did make the argument that seth williams should be released between now and federal prison to spend some time with his ageing and ailing murder. he stole from his mother and now wants to visit her. he starts his sentence today. we're live in oak city, mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> he had to listen to that admonishment from the judge. did he show any emotion during the hearing? >> reporter: i don't think any of this was a big surprise. that five-year sentence was pretty much expected. keep this in mind he's been in 23-hour a day confinement for four months all for his own protection.
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depending on where he goes, those conditions may let up. >> a will the of time for him to think about what he's facing. the candidates looking to reform the district attorney's office will face-off tonight. larry and republican nominee beth grossman will debate at 7:00 tonight. the event is free and open to the public. election day is two weeks from today. >> a war of words between president trump and bob corker. the two have been strading insults on twitter, but today it got more heated. this afternoon president trump did something he's never done before. e hen went to capitol hill to meet with senate republicans in person to talk about overhauling america's tax code. before the meeting, trump took to twitter. he said, senator corker is the inb competent head of the foreign relations committee and look how poorly the u.s. has done. he doesn't have a clue as the the entire world was laughing and taking advantage of us. people like little bob corker
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have set the u.s. way back. now we move forward. >> so what prompted the tweet? corker said he was skeptical about trump's efforts to meet with congress. he didn't expect much to come of it. >> i look at these things as more of a photo op. they are not really about substance. but more power to him. >> the president tweeted that corker couldn't get elected dogcatcher in tennessee and he's fighting tax cuts and is negative on anything trump. >> harvey weinstein scandal continues growing as another woman says she was victimized by the the movie producer. she was sexually assaulted by weinstein a at his apartment in 2006. she want wanted to have a good meeting, and once there, weinstein forced himself on her
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in a a child's bedroom. >> saying, don't you feel we're so much closer to each other now, to which i replied, no. >> the number of women accusing of sexual assault has grown to nearly 60. weinstein has reportedly entered a treatment center, but he's denied any allegations of noncon sen yule sex. a high school student who is is accuse d of stabbing 20 fellw students and a security guard pleaded guilty. this happened at a high school in murraysville. about 30 minutes east of pittsburgh. four students were seriously hurt, but everyone survived the attack. both sides agree it was best to avoid a trial, especially for the sake of the victim. >> e we didn't have much choice.
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>> i think they are happy about the fact that they can see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> school is out for the day in darby because of a murder investigation. police sources tell nbc 10 a man was found shot to death in the backseat of a car. the school was delayed while they worked, but they decided to cancel classes when detectives took longer than expected. there's a push to strengthen the hate crimes law this afternoon. here's a look at what's protected under hate crime laws. race, color, religion and national origin. but the new bill would include an s ancestry, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity. >> we as a society need to show that treating someone unequal z
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pz. >> the bill is still in the early stages and has to pass committee before it make it is to the full house for debate. the native captured by the taliban and held for five years along with her husband is setting the record straight about what happened. coleman says she's certain she was held in both afghanistan and pakistan and reports she was rescued just after she crossed the border are false. she and her family were in pakistan for more than a year at that point. they took our life from us. this captivity with no end in sight. i felt it was our best choice at this time. we didn't know if we would have that opportunity when we came back. coleman had three children while held cabtive.
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her husband's native country. a fund iing package to provide disaster relief money to puerto rico. once passed the bill will send $40 million to the hurricane ravaged island. more than half of that money will go to restoring power and water services. the bill provides millions of dollars. they are mostly truck drivers and maintenance workers to help distribute supplies. they will stay in puerto rico through the holidays. coming home the day after christmas. >> you'll have a chance to donate to victims during the broadcast. that's tonight at 7:00 here on nbc 10. to our first alert weather.
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a few clouds still hanging out. the sun is really trying to come through. here's a live look from one of our cameras on top of the comcast center. you see the the clouds hanging around behind us as well. the sun feels good today after that downpour that we saw this morning. >> it was a mess this morning, but it turned out to be a gorgeous day. >> it felt. tropical. there was so much rain coming down at times. and then it just cleared out. it was steamy and warm and looking at the mid-70s right now. there could be a little something that comes through tonight, but the bulk is gone. you have cleared. a few scattered showers. we still have some cloud cover that's clearing the jersey shore. we still have some activity to the south. it may clip south jersey. we have some wrap around showers and storms making their way into the western part of the state.
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we'll keep an eye on those. this entire thing is associated with this huge area of low pressure. it's very deep trough. this is a strong system that's going to pull down cold air and move it in our direction. we have snow in the u.p. you see the clouds down here across parts of kentucky. that's very, very cold air that's being pulled south. unseasonably cold from the temperature yesterday. we'll keep an eye on all that. the real warmth isn't anywhere except southern california in the southwest. look at this. everybody has cooled down. it's 49 in minneapolis. 47 in chicago. that's the cold air being pulled down right now. move into pittsburgh, it's 58. 55 in cincinnati. we're still hanging on to our warmth. this is going to be the last day that we see this for awhile. 73 right in philadelphia. 75 in vineland. 71 in atlantic city. 74 in trenton. we should be 65 degrees on this
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date. we're above normal. we have a big cold front and area of low pressure. ahead of the cold front, we have the showers and storms that developed this morning. the cold front progresses eastward, our winds will turn west for tomorrow and northwest ushering in the much cooler air. and instability shower could swing by here on thursday. we'll see a few extra clouds on thursday. but again, cooler air in place. and cooler on friday as well. we get another brief warm-up for the weekend. and then guess what, rerack and do it all again. here comes the next one in the pipeline. saturday night and sunday. it will be headed in our direction. so your three-day outlook. 67 in philadelphia. we'll drop to 60 on thursday. 68 on friday. we will have bright sunshine on friday. in the pennsylvania suburbs, you'll be at 66 tomorrow. 59 on thursday. you'll need the jacket on thursday. 58 on thursday. let's go to new jersey. you'll see 6 tomorrow. 61 ob thursday.
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68 along the jersey shore tomorrow. 61 on thursday. finally in delaware, 66 tomorrow and 62 on thursday. i'll have your ten-day on 10 coming up in a few minutes. come on back for that. leading off the field. >> some eagles went from the link last night to the state house in harrisburg today. still ahead at 4:00, nbc 10 is live at the capital with more on the message some of the birds are sending about social justice. plus an emotional night off the field. a special relationship between carson wentz and this delaware family cheering had him on from the sidelines. and the game of hide and seek. the takedown of a stolen car suspect is. that's next. first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. another record day for the dow in all three major stock indexes end iing in green this afternoo.
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he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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a high speed chase to show you here. take a look. this is through the streets of downtown los angeles. the driver of this pickup truck wes his way through the city. he was on the wrong side of the road barely missing other cars right there. the driver e eventually ditched the truck and ran off. police wept after him through a neighborhood and caught him. an icon restored. this tourist attraction has been repainted by local artists after being damaged during hurricane irma. it's one of the southern moebs points of the u.s. and most of the photographed in key kes west. hurricane irma roared through the keys in september. 65% of the homes in the keys suffer issed major damage. visitors were given the okay to return earlier this month. heavy rain through much of our area this morning. >> a big change in temperatures
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along with it. >> we have a cooldown coming. you're going to need the coat. but we'll rerack. more rain on the way. we'll talk about that when i come back. a glimpse into the future for parents to be. the app to reveal genetic information about a couple's unborn baby. i'm lauren mayk in harrisburg. three eagles players spent the day at the state capital what they are tackling now. and ahead at 5:00, a crispy critters that could be the future of food.
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steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things.
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but the truth is, he's not on our side.
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the eagles have landed at the state capital. >> their message to lawmakers, social justice reform. a few of the players headed west after the win all the way to harrisburg to advocate for change. that's where we find lauren m k mayk. not your typical day at the capital. >> reporter: a lot of things you don't usually see here today. i saw lawmakers posing for photos. somebody tossing around a football. there was a school trip here who got quite a thrill when they ran into these football players. but these guys were here for some serious business today trying to get lawmakers to listen and act. less than 24 hours ago they were at the link for the best record in the nfl. >> how are you feeling? >> tired. >> reporter: not too tired though for malcolm jenkins and tor resmith to swap uniforms for suits at the state capital.
4:31 pm
three eagles taking on criminal justice reform. they hop ped a train hours afte the game to be here. there's a sense of urgency. >> politics shouldn't slow it down. that's what we're here to do. use our voices and our influence to push things along in the right direction. >> do you feel like politics is slowing it down? >> most times, that's what it comes down to. >> politic and the nfl have collided on the field during the national anthem. jenkins scene with his first in the air. the anthem controversy drawings the air. the anthem controversy drawing a spotlight. >> has it distracted? >> i think it's done a little bit of both. i think certainly it's drawn a lot of attention to these conversations that need to be had. >> today they are hopeful conversations will help to seal criminal records for people who don't have other offenses. potentially opening more doors
4:32 pm
for employment. state representative jordan harris is one of the sponsors. >> what kind of an exact does it have when those guys come here. >> i think it makes a tremendous impact to show my colleagues on both sides of the aisle this is not just an issue we're talking about in a silo. >> he says that it shows their support in the community. and that lu maker says after today he is optimistic they will be able to pass something and get it to the governor. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> back to the business of football. a quick turn around for the birds as they take on 49ers this sunday in south philly. nbc 10 is your official station for the eagles. our coverage begins sunday morning with gameday kickoff followed by game plan at 10:00 and join us at 11:00 for eagles game day final.
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turning to our first alert weather. you see it on the lens. a light shower down at the shore. you can see the blue skies. finally a lot of sun out there. we could see a chance for another pop up shower later tonight. >> the changes are afoot. that game next weekend won't be anything like the game last night which was balmy. you'll need your rain slicker for next weekend and heavy coat to put underneath it. it's going to be completely different weather than what we saw yesterday. look at the winds still hitting all the bushes out there. we have a southerly wind and that's taking us to the 70s. we have blue skies, with just a few clouds out there. but we could see an isolated shower still popping up later tonight. now the bulk of the activity has
4:34 pm
moved offshore. that's good news. the heavy rain is gone. however, we dou off the to the west have wrap around showers and some may hit this juicy atmosphere we have now with all this sunshine. and all this moisture in place and it could pop up. e we could see something being drug up from the south. so just heads up that that could happen through the evening hours as we wear through midnight and into the early morning hours we're probably safe at that point. 75 in allentown. 75 in vineland. 76 in dover. philadelphia at 73 with a 71 at wildwood. now let's take a look at where we're going tonight. 55 in philadelphia. 49 in coatesville. 54 in atlantic city. 51 for mount holly. southwest winds turning to the northwest. an isolated shower early on. tomorrow i think we get a mix of sun and clouds. but we'll heavy on the sunshine and much cooler by 10 degrees. locate your fall jacket. 65 in philadelphia. maybe 67 in some of the center
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city areas. 64 in stone harbor. 61 in reading. and we'll go to the mid-60s in wilmington as well. we'll get even chillier. come on back for your ten-day. bring your hot cocoa. you're going to need it. a look now at some of the stories we're following county by county at 4:00. in new kcastle county, 100 storage units burglarized and ransacked. . it happened at the self-storage last night. units were left open and cars were broken into and belongings left scattered across the lot. they are still contacting victims. the va medical center is hosting his veteran town hall meeting. in two hours veptives from the hospitals and regional office and washington crossing national cemetery will be available to answer questions. the purpose of the meeting is to provide updates about health care and benefits and get fe feedback from local veterans, family members and the public. in camden county,
4:36 pm
philabundance were given free produce and healthy dishes prepared. they teamed up to put on the free teaching kitchen. similar events are planned in upper darby. a sideline reunion from a group of fans from delaware. >> the special connection between the star quarterback and the family. why their pregame meeting was so emotional. plus botox for your babies. the medical benefits doctors say children can receive from those injections. lin-manuel miranda is a labor of love benefitting hurricane sur vievivorsurvivors. that's new at 5:00.
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botox makes wrinkles disappear and. can help kids make migraines go away. doctors gave children and teens botox injections. the kids said they had fewer monthly migraines afterwards and were less painful. they warn it was a small study. botox is only approve d to trea migraines in adults. a new twist on dna testing getting in ob your baby before e he or she is born. it's called allowing participants to learn their future baby's hair and eye chlorine if they will be lactose intoll rapt. they download an app to get the results. the creator says parents learn what happens when their genetics combine. >> this can be both fun and informative as well as medically valuable. our hope is that we can show people the brighter side of
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genetics. >> it's not designed to uncover inherited diseases. for that be sure to talk to a doctor. >> we have a cooldown coming. locate that warmer jacket. you're going to need it for the remainder of the week. e we could see another warm-up. i'll tell you when. a blast from the past here. why this iconic video game character was playing games with fans at the philadelphia museum of art today. now you see it, now you don't. how thieves managed to steal a car without turning it on.
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he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us.
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chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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before last night's game, carson wentz reunited with the family of lucas. >> he became friends with the boy before he died of stomach cancer in june. last night wents was wearing the
4:45 pm
bracelet he gave him. we're going to show you a photo of him during his treatment here. his one wish was to thank wentz for a video message he sent while in the hospital. he died two week was a meeting his hero. after last night's game he's been blessed to be in the lives of lucas's family. >> this is a special family. >> i e bet he will. you can get a destroyer bracelet yourself. your purchase will benefit childhood cancer research. >> fischer price is recalling a
4:46 pm
toy because of the fire hazard. it involves certain soothing motion seats and smart connect soothing motion seats. the company receive issed 36 reports of the products overheating including one report of a fire contained in the motor housing. nbc 10 at the philadelphia museum of art where mario trade ed in war pipes for a decked out trailer. you'll be there until. 6:00. throwback and taking a live look at the museum of art. the sun coming out today after all the rain. >> isolated showers in delaware. maybe even the lehigh valley.
4:47 pm
a little bit of stuff left to the west of us. at this point, we're not going to see the heavy stuff we saw earlier this morning. let's take a look across the shore. you can see still cloud cover and a few rain drops hanging on to the lens there. so it really hasn't fully cleared off the beaches. at least the cloud cover and moisture hasn't at this point. let's take a look at what's going on with doppler radar. you can see the showers now that will clip the jersey shore as they move northward. the rest of the area pretty quiet. you can see that corridor right here of cloud free conditions. just the clouds hanging on to the jersey shore. this is what i'm watching is is the showers here at the bottom of the screen coming north ward. they may clip and move through avalon and atlantic city. off to the west, we have some wrap around showers coming around the huge storm system which is right over the great lakes. this is pulling down some very cold air from canada. and even some snow in places like the u.p. that's not shocking, but any
4:48 pm
time we see snow on the radar. even in allentown, it is still warm. 75. the winds are still out of the south. we have not seen that shift to the west and northwest bringing in the cooler air that we have been advertising. here's the front. what we're watching is it progresses to the east and it will scour out. it will usher in the west to northwest winds. and it will be cooler here that winds up in place of what we have now. we see a few extra clouds and a sprinkle on thursday. friday looks very sunny. it's going to be chilly. we're going to be looking at the low 60s by the time we get back
4:49 pm
to saturday. behind that, we're going to do it all again. there's the next storm system pipeline to move in here saturday night and sunday. the breeze will die down from the southwest. it will turn northwest to 10 miles per hour. 67 tomorrow in philadelphia. 65 in the lehigh valley. 68 along the jersey shore. here's your ten-day on 10. we're looking at a drop. 67 tomorrow. only 60 if we're lucky on thursday. we're looking for 68 on friday. and then we'll bounce. to saturday with that magical 71. we could see rain developing at night and maybe some thunderstorms and rain for the eagles game. look at how you start your workweek next week.
4:50 pm
>> ouch. >> exactly. you'll need the sturdy jacket for a little bit of rain. only the 50s. >> and tuesday is halloween. so maybe okay so far. it's early. so far looking dry for the kids dressing up for halloween. >> we want the storm system to come in early. you have to pick. eagles game or halloween. >> one of them is going to get to it. >> thank you. carrying the torch, nbc 10 counts down to the 2018 winter olympics. the concern behind a pageantry in pong chung. >> a local group is trying to find the owner. that's new at 5:00. nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney.
4:51 pm
he stood up to north jersey special interests to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
4:52 pm
why are south jerseyans so angry headlines at sweeney? up. sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side. giveyou're finished!
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curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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let's go to greece. the flame that will burn at the winter games was lit today. >> we have a look at the start of the flame's famous relay. >> reporter: it was an important moment for the 2018 winter olympics in south korea. months before the world's athletes enter the stadium. the iconic flame was lit in greece today, homeland of the. olympic games. ready to be carried by lay runners to its final destination. torch barerser is moanously hand over the flames to the first of many runners. a courthouse country skier who knelt as he received the flame outside the ancient stadium. behind the pomp and pa january
4:55 pm
t pageantry, keeping the games secure. the president of the olympic organizing committee assured the world his country is ready on all fronts. >> we continue to work very closely to ensure we can can can deliver a safe and secure games. >> reporter: the flame will complete an eight-day tour around greece before being flown to south korea for another 101-day relay that leads to opening day in february 2018. nbc news. >> our exclusive coverage of the winter olympics begins february 8th. you can watch all of the olympic action with keith jones live from ponk change. all new at 5:00, we are
4:56 pm
taking a closer look at the moment carson wentz went from quarterback to magician. more storm this is week. it could affect the next eagles game. i'll tell you why. plus we'll tell you how a community united to restore a vandalized secemetery in philadelphia.
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two breaking news story. the trip home from work. there are major transit delays because of tree debris because of the weather this morning. this is 30th street station. here's what you need to know. septa trains on the regional rail line are running on an hour delay. new jersey transit to and from are on a 20-minute delay. there are delays between new york and washington, d.c. stay with nbc 10 for news on this story. live in the breaking news center. >> this republican senator from arizona has been a long time trump critic and he did not mince words today. >> he did not. senator jeff flake using words like reckless and outrageous to describe the trump administration's behavior before he turned his attention towards
5:00 pm
the future of the entire gop. the senator delivered an emotional speech on the senator floor after announcing he won't run for reelection. the trump administration's flag rant disregard of truth and decency is undermining america's democracy. flake has been critical of the entire republican party and the direction its taken after president trump took office. he warned about a grim future for the party. >> the impulse to scapegoat and turns us into a back ward looking people. the case of the republican party, those things also threaten to turn us into a fearful, back ward looking minority party. if i have been critical, it's not because i relish criticizing the behavior of the president of the united states. if i have been critical it is because i believe it is my obligation to do so. >> in the past 30 minutes, the white house responded th w


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