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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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two teenagers are gunned down in the streets. lo . >> losing her leg. the owner is commanding answers. >> it's inhumane. >> a young boy who survived violence in his neighborhood gets treated to a special night with the 76ers. right now at 11. shining a light against violence. good evening, jacqueline london. tonight a grief stricken community filled the streets of south philadelphia. two tarnl tarn two teenagers were shot and killed. this tragedy has affected so
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many people. >> about a thousand people easily filling up the streets. they closed down the streets for blocks where the crime scene once was. sitting a memorial for a friend taken way too soon. >> i know there are many of us tonight who are angry. >> reporter: the flame dances and burns. lighting hundreds of faces. eyes wet. arms tightly wrapped. >> we shouldn't be here. for a child 16 years old. >> reporter: hundreds mourning. a memorial glowing and growing. these two young faces. miller and -- his be friend called him tank. frank says he is sick to his stomach and hasn't eaten anything since the double shooting. police think it was sparked by an argument between two groups. >> i heard a shot. around the corner. i was on 13th and porter. i didn't know it happened.
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i thought it was fie works. >> reporter: it was a 45 caliber gun. they're hoping to identify six suspects. miller was a new student. and a jr. at st. joe prep. and a former member of the hockey team. >> he was a good kid. he didn't deserve this at all. >> reporter: about 1,000 people brought love and comfort. flowers and candles. hearts burning together. crime unsolved. >> rest in peace. our beloved tank. >> back live here. 12th and rit ner. one of the teens lives here where the memorial is. detectives are following up on leads and working to identify those six suspects. they believe many of them are teens. we're live at south philadelphia.
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keith jones nbc10 news. >> nbc10 took a look at the numbers today. there have been 253 murders so far this year. that's up 10% from last year. the number of shootings over all is down. about 4%. take a look at this. a pizzaedly ri man attacked outside a gas station. one suspect pulling out a gun and hits the dli ri man with it. knocking him to the ground. the group took off in the man's car. the victim was in a coma for three days. police believe some of the suspects are as young as 14 years old. a family lost their cat. now that cat has lost its leg. when the owner found out an animal shelter amputated her pets leg. she came to us for answers. nbc10 drew smith went to find them. >> this is a picture of her leg. >> reporter: it was a birth defect. her cat walked with limp her
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entire life. with a slightly crooked back leg. >> everybody in the neighborhood knows who stinky is. >> reporter: when she escaped a weekend. a stranger picked her up and took her to a shelter that doesn't turn away. they claim the paw was back ward and mangled. >> they took her leg off. she has to learn to live with three legs. >> it can't afford an x-ray machine. and doesn't put up animals for adoption with unexplained limps. and dded to amp tight. >> when she found out about the procedure. >> i lost it. >> reporter: the cat is home on medication. >> i understand why the woman is upset. certainly. >> reporter: she said they had known cat lived with her leg like that and wasn't. they didn't know.
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and in the high volume shelter that have to make quick decisions. >> we feel made the best possible decision for the cat. with the knowledge we had. >> reporter: there is a state law that dogs need to be held for two days. but none for cats without a chip. so the shelter didn't do anything illegal. now a petition to shut down the facility has 2,000 signatures online. >> it's inhumane. and they don't know what they're doing. >> reporter: the shelter asked her to come back and fwet get the stitches out. no way. she's going to a private vet. >> a local landmark goes up in flames. still standing but just barely. after flames tore right through the restaurant on south street. it happened this morning. crews were still on the scene tonight dousing the building with water. the rest raaurant and neighbori pet store suffered heavy damage. fire started in the basement. they believe it was accidental.
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but working to determine how it started. new at 11 a deadly crash started on the turnpike in chester county. it didn't end there. a tractor trailer collided with a car on the turnpike. the truck over turned and landed on the road below. the driver of the car was killed in the crash. a montgomery county school is detounsing a video made by students. the racially charged video was posted on social media monday night. and included students from pope john pall the second high school. using racial slur. the school says those students will be appropriately disciplined. turning to first alert weather. the wind is picking up. as you can see from the live camera. atop lincoln financial field. the win turbine is going. let's go to tammie souza for a closer look. >> we have mainly clear skies
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across the area. unless you're out along the jersey shore. we have clouds. beautiful night. 66 was the high today. 64 where we should be. we were above average. didn't pick up any rain. and the highest wind gust 19 miles per hour. now we're watching rain that's been streaming north ward all day long. off of the east coast. and a lot of this is creating flooding in new england. we have cleared out. main body of the system is well to the west. that will bring clouds. maybe even some sprinkles tomorrow. for tonight, we'll dip down into the low 40s outd in the out lying area. mid-40s in the city itself. maybe close to 50 along the jersey shore. i'll talk about the rain possibility this weekend. halloween forecast and pumpkins to share with you. he says he is still in shock. a local father speaks only it with us after his two boys were drowned in a bathtub. in wilmington last week. victory says if he had been in
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the house, this never would have happened. he was in a detention facility in york pennsylvania. when his boys were killed. according to to police his fiancee admitted to drowning the five year-old and 3 month old boys. she was the youngest boys mother. the father said she was inexperienced and could get overwhelmed. >> my five year-old is very act i have. and i didn't think that she could handle those two children by herself. one is crying and the other is active. it's just wasn't going to happen. >> that father was being held on a probation violation for moving his family out of state to delaware. hes on probation for leaving one of his sons at home unattended when the child was 3 years old. >> police want your help to put awi a serial burglar. his latest crime was caught this morning. at the chinese sun restaurant. even though his face is covered police are hoping someone will
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recognize his clothing. his sneaker or mannerism. >> a victory for students who fought to start an antiabortion club at school. the students reached a settlement out of court with the school district. the district says the club will be considered non-curricular for the first two years. then it would be eligible for full curricular status. the mystery continues in south jersey. after rest rents report feeling the ground shake today. despite no report of earthquake activity. residents reported some sort of rumbling. in the past, sonic booms caused by drills from military planes have led to rumblings like this. it's unclear if that's happened this time. here comes hollywood. where you can spot some big movie stars mingling and one of our local towns. also coming up. count down to christmas. new tools to get your holiday gifts shipped quickly and
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safely. plus. escaping the violence. a young boy shot in philadelphia is treated to a special night on the basketball court. tomorrow on nbc10. channelling her pain and sharing a message of strength. >> i can hear it mom. and you're wearing your sweater so the bruises don't show. >> how a woman touched by domestic violence is working to empower the youngest victims. tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.
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cigna healthspring. right now at 11. showing his strength. a young boy who survived violence in his neighborhood was treated to a special night with the sixers. we have been following him since he was shot right outside his own house. live. the team made him the strong kid of the game. >> it was great night tonight.
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the sixers did lose. it wasn't all about the game. on the court a whole bunch of big guys. but it was a little guy that left a lasting impression. >> reporter: it was a night filled with moments for a boy just lucky to be dancing inside the wells far go center. his night. and the sixers made sure they rolled out the red carpet. >> only if you win the championship. can you take it out. >> a look at the sixers championship trophy from 1983. of course all he wanted to do was touch it. like any 6 yoerld he wanted to run around and see if i could catch him. a for different scene from a month ago. he was shot until the shoulder while standing on the corner. less than ten feet away from his house. the curious boy wanted to talk about me. more than that night. >> where are your family
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pictures? >> you want to know about me? i want to know about you. >> reporter: the tonight the boy who his grandmother says missed death by a few inches was the strong kid of the game. aier see with his name on the back and photographs can't capture what the night meant to him and his family. >> i'm hear because i got shot. >> are you feeling better? how do you feel now? >> good. >> that little boy is doing just fine. it's great to see him in good spirit. he favors his left arm a bit. but continues to go through physical therapy. i think he has a new friend. in our own aaron bas kerr ville. thank you for that. the goal star father who clashed with president trump during last years election returns to philadelphia tonight.
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to unvail his new memoir. the muslim american spoke at the democratic national convention here last summer. telling the story of his army captain. who was killed in iraq. and offered to give his copy of the constitution to donald trump. the president has been accuse of being incensive to gold star families. most recently to a phone call of a widow to a soldier killed. added to the tragedy. >> he knows that this president is inarticulate. he doesn't know how to utter a correct sentence or word. he should have told him do not indulge in this. >> he said we should remember the sack faes of the soldiers when died and families they left behind. >> a gathering in northeast
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philadelphia. as the city gathered to remember a fallen hero. nbc10 was there for the plaque dedication for officer thomas bray. laid in rest in november of 2001. he drowned trying to help the coast guard free a stuck booe in the river. what the plaque means 16 years after losing their father. >> it's heart wrenching. it's something i'm proud of. and i feel like my dad is up there smiling down. >> officer bray worked for the police department for 23 years. staying in the northeast. fraternal order of police hosted the award and dinner tonight. along the recipients. were part of the cay noon unit that helped find the bodies of missing teenagers in bucks county. a teacher is one of the top
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educators in the country. those tears say it all. she learned she is the latest recipient of the elgt educator award. the or cars of teaching. and comes with a $25,000 cash prize. the first teacher in state of delaware to win award. congratulations to her. one of hol woods top film makers is returning to roots to shoot his latest film. scenes for the new movie called glass at at allen town state hospital. expected to start monday and last a few weeks. his 2016 movie split. don't panic. the post office is already planning for your holiday gifts. to help the process goo smoothly the agency announced sunday delivery will start november 26.
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the post office recommends you ship online. they will send the box and label for free. and pick it up from your house. if your waiting for a package. sign up for informed delivery. so you can be home when it arrives. >> it is getting cooler out there. chief meteorologist is here with our neighborhood forecast. >> we'll have to wait quite bit later for the holiday weather to arrive. it feels fall like right now. temperature in chicago is 42. it's 39 right now in cincinnati. 38 in pittsburg. 50s in philadelphia. there is warm r air to the west. we'll get a bump for the first half of the weekend. until then we'll be chilly. right now it's 54 in trenten. 54 philadelphia. 50 wilmington. and 58 wild wood. 52 in dover. so comfortable thus far. no rain across the area. there is a large band of showers that's been streaking north ward since last night.
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bringing flooding conditions to parts of new england. cloud cover has been clipping the jersey shore and the philadelphia area all day long. the main body of the storm system is further off to the west. we'll continue to watch for that. and hopefully that whole system is going sto skirt through the area. bringing us what looks like this is not the right graphic. what is going to be cloudy day tomorrow. with a few prin kls that are out there. here and there. we do have to be prepared for cooler temperatures. and again some sprinkles. this is what we're watching. this front. and this frontal boundary has passed us already. we'll continue to watch the skies clear. and the winds will be out of the north and northwest. it's chilly conditions. we'll wake up in the low to hid 40s tomorrow. and looking at temperatures that is are in the upper 50s to low
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60s tomorrow. again with a midday sprinkle. the chill goes away. and it looks like the temperatures will be very cold on friday morning. we'll get up into the 60s once again. by saturday we have south winds that will take us into the low 70s. very warm. but it's a one day wonder. here comes the next storm system. this will bring us rain sunday during the eagles game. i asked you to send me your pumpkin pictures. you sure did. this is my son's set. send me your pictures i'm rm wanting to share them on air. eagles game temperatures will be in the 60s. bring the rain gear. it will be chilly and wet. 47 in philadelphia tonight. tomorrow we're going to be looking at temperatures only
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close to 60 degrees. only the 50s in the lee high valley. >> temperatures go down the number of house fires goes up. the way you decorate your home could be fuelling the flames. we got a look at how quickly a fire can spread. and why curtains, couches and dressers can make it harder for your family to escape. what you need to lock for to make your home safer. it's an nbc10 exclusive tomorrow on the news at 11. right after chicago fire.
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you could be looking at a football star of the future. more than 100 kids came out for free clinic. philadelphia parks and recreation teamed up with the eagles to teach kids the fundamentals of football. the boys and girls learn basic drills, skills and rule of the game. looks fun out there. >> the eagles have to make a
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decision on the offensive line. where does lane johnson want to play. how long are the sixers shutting down markelle fultz. >> and joel embiid took nasty fall. why he wants everybody to stop worrying. that's next. joseph, i'm steve. how are you?
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nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you.
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i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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the sixers had an eight point lead with three minutes let. they didn't score the rest of the way against the rockets. what happened? the to joel embiid. 21 points in 25 minutes. second half. ben simmons all over the court. the steal here. takes it down the other end. this is what he does.
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14 points nine assists for big ben. final minutes of the game. rockets driving. look at joel embiid out of nowhere. makes the block. they call it goal tending. look how hard he comes down on the floor. sheems tock okay. six seconds down. heartbreaker. this is at the buzzer. the three from gordon. sixers lose 105-104. sixers fans are stunned. how about joel embiid's fall? >> man, just praying he came down safely. and unfortunately it scared everyone. >> i think many e and 20,000 people held their breath for a bit. >> everybody has to stop being scared. i'm not made of glass. it's basketball. >> he says i'm not made of glass. markelle fulgts sat out. he'll miss the next two as well. they'll rest his sore shoulder. there's no structural damage.
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they want him to clear his head and get this right. >> no one is panicking inside. the sky not falling. markelle is going to be a great basketball player for the organization. and we're confident we'll get this resolved. >> all right eagles back to work today. wentz the offensive player of the week. how will the eagles protect him? they lost jason peters. lane johnson is at right tackle and sound like he wants to stay in his lane. at right tackle. and not move to left. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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america runs on dunkin'. well it looks like we'll be quite chilly tomorrow. it will feel like the 50s. we'll see sprinkles. and 66 friday. 71 saturday. saturday night late a storm system comes through. bringing rain said possibly for the eagles game. and chilly monday night and halloween. the kids have to be bundled up. >> thanks for watching much the tonight show is next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jessica alba -- j.b. smoove -- ha


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