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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  October 28, 2017 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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street streets in what's becoming an annual tradition in philadelphia. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. thank goodness the weather will cooperate for those folks out and about for philly free streets. for the eagles game, that's a different story. it will be a sunny saturday followed by a rainy sunday. this is a live look from our eagles nest camera at lincoln financial field. by the time the birds take the field here tomorrow wet weather may be moving into our area. and getting worse before it gets better. that's why we've issued a first alert to make sure you're prepared. nbc10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei has those details. krystal. >> yeah, rosemary, this is from sunday to sunday night we are under first alert. it's going to ramp up through the daytime hours and peak late day into the night. so throughout the whole day we're going to feel the effects of this really just wet forecast. the whole area under a first alert for heavy rain, some spot
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thunderstorms in the afternoon, strong wind gusts that last into monday morning, and some localized flooding possible i think especially late-day sunday. radar and satellite view shows us today it's just a very mild day. mostly sunny conditions, a few spotty clouds in the afternoon, possibly an isolated shower in the overnight. really most of that rain is going to hold off until tomorrow. and take a look at what we're watching here. a, a cold front. that's moving our way. b, tropical moisture that's sitting well to our south but it's going to start riding the east coast. and ahead of the actual center that moisture's going to plunge over us and give us that chance of really just heavy rain for your sunday. here's a look at the temperatures we're at currently, 41 in mt. holly. 50 in coatesville. mild this afternoon, some of us make it to the 70s this afternoon. we'll talk about the changes in the forecast through the next few days coming up. thanks, krystal.
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remember, you can always stay ahead of the storms wherever you are by downloading the free nbc10 app. the app has interactive first alert radar. you can also have neighborhood weather alerts sent right to your phone. new this morning, one person is hurt following this fire in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood. it took crews more than an hour to get the flames under control. they had to fight the fire in two row homes. neighbors tell us one house was vacant, but there may have been squatters inside over the past few days. the other row home was occupied. those folks were evacuated. >> saying get out, fire, so i got up. i left and ran out the door. >> the woman tells us she didn't even have time to put her shoes on. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. a woman is in the hospital following this row home fire in
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north philadelphia. this blaze began just before midnight on north eleventh street. crews rescued several people from the roof of the front porch. the fire marshal is now investigating what caused this blaze. this morning a 16-year-old boy is in jail waiting to go before a judge for the murders of two other teens in south philadelphia. brandon olivieri seen right here surrendered to police last night. the teenager did not answer questions as he was led into police headquarters. investigators say olivieri shot and killed caleer miller and sal dinubile on tuesday night. people who know the victims tell nbc10 they were not friends. early sunday morning the suspect's house was the target of gunfire. neighbors there have been on edge. >> it almost seems scarier that there's these kids going around, these kids with guns. >> police are still trying to determine a motive for the shootings. witnesses say there was an argument before the gunfire started on tuesday.
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sal dinubile will be laid to rest today. a viewing for the 16-year-old begins right now at 8:30 in south philadelphia. a funeral mass will follow. dinubile was a junior at st. joe's prep. the first arrest stemming from the investigation into russia's interference in the presidential election could happen monday. cnn is reporting a federal grand jury has approved the first charges because a judge has sealed those charges it's unclear what they are and who will be under arrest. according to cnn the charges are a result of the federal probe into russian meddling and possible collusion with the trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election. special counsel robert mueller is leading that investigation. president trump has called it a witch hunt. and happy valley prosecutors are not backing down in their case against members of a penn state fraternity. they re-filed manslaughter and aggravated assault charges in the death of timothy piazza. prosecutors claim he was a victim of a deadly hazing at the
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beta theta pi fraternity in february. last month a judge threw out the most serious charges against eight frat brothers but prosecutors have re-filed all of those counts. we now know what caused 13 football players to get sick inside a delaware county high school locker room. skyforce 10 was over the scene at penncrest high school last night as the six players left in ambulances. fire investigators say an air purifying machine in the boys locker room appears to be the cause. it irritated the victims, they were coughing, had watery eyes, some of the players went to the hospital while others were treated right there at the high school. they will all be okay. crews pulled the fire alarm to make sure that the building was clear so that they could figure out what caused the problem. no parking? no driving. a stretch of philadelphia streets from old city to fairhill will be free of cars until this afternoon. goal is to get more people out and about walking on those streets and connect neighborhoods together.
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nbc10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live this morning for the philly free streets event. randy, see a few people behind you. >> reporter: hey, rosemary, a lot of people up early here. a rare opportunity to walk philadelphia streets without any pesky cars getting in the way. you can do a lot of things, but a lot of people out here are playing pokemon go out here. what are we doing today? catch them all? >> going to try to. >> reporter: pokemon's a big thing going on. a lot of people are going to do yoga in the streets, do some handball, basically an opportunity to explore philadelphia neighborhoods from old city all the way up to north philly. we got a schedule here. we just did the ribbon cutting. mayor kenney is going to do a power walk along the entire seven-mile route. we have the street commissioner, carlton, what's it like to close down all these streets and what does it allow people to do? >> well, it takes a tremendous amount of effort collaboration between the street department and police to make sure it's safe for people to engage in
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active transportation, we want people walking, jogging, engaging in programs. you see all of the pokemon activity, that's one of the bigger events. it takes a lot of effort but it's definitely worth it. it's a chance to show philadelphia off as a great place to be as it is. >> reporter: people can explore some of these neighborhoods. they might not never get into. goes all the way up into fairhill. >> yes, goes all the way up into fairhill. so many neighborhoods and people will be out with programs and different activities. so you'll get a chance to meet your neighbors. this is what philadelphia's all about. it's the city of neighborhoods and free streets is an opportunity to connect them together. >> commissioner, thank you very much. have fun. so the free streets event underway now. it goes to about 1:00 and urging everyone to come outside and take a stroll on a beautiful day. we have a lot of pokemon -- i don't know if this is a pokemon or not. it's ted the teddy bear. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: all out early today. for now live in old city, randy gyllenhaal, back to you,
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rosemary. >> making a lot of friends, randy. see you later. new this morning, tough talk, defense secretary james mattis visits south korea this weekend and what he insists the u.s. will not do. that's coming up. and a raging fire out west could be seen for miles away. this is in arizona. we'll explain what's fueling these flames. take a look at our first alert radar and satellite and you can see we've got two things we're tracking, a cold front and tropical moisture both for sunday. means big changes to the clear conditions you see this morning. there's a live view outside looking over penns landing at the nice saturday calm before the storm.
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with our temperatures, clear sky overhead. you can see this is a live camera back there. and the time right now is 8:39. so we're going to quickly warm up. we'll be about 67 at your lunchtime. look at the afternoon right near the low 70s for our high temperature. mostly sunny conditions. the winds will start to pick up a bit from the south though. a little breezy as we get into the afternoon. that's today. little breezy, that's the biggest of our concerns. this is tomorrow for your eagles forecast. unfortunately right around noon to about 3:00 p.m. when it looks like some of the more steady to heavy rain will fill in across the area, which means right in time for game time. 1:00 p.m. is kickoff at the linc, 65 degrees. a spot thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. that's not a guarantee but something they'll have to watch for. as we go throughout the game time better chance of more steady rain later in the game. breezy to windy conditions as well. not the best conditions, i still think they're going to pull off the win. we'll talk more about the timing of the rain coming up in a few
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minutes. take a look at what it looks like when dozens of bales of hay catch on fire. this is near phoenix. fire officials say no residents, no buildings were threatened. 8:41 right now on this saturday. a driver turned dangerous using his car as a weapon. it's a case of road rage caught on camera. what police say led up to the confrontation. and a community hit hard by hurricane harvey now has a reason to cheer, to believe, as the world series comes to town. game three highlights are still ahead.
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new video appears to show a dangerous case of road rage. this is out of hawaii. the footage shows the driver slamming into a truck not once but twice. a witness says the truck cut off the car. the driver of the car says the truck had been tailgating him. he denies intentionally ramming the truck. no charges have been filed, but the truck driver told witnesses at the scene he intends to press charges. defense secretary jim mattis is warning north korea that the u.s. will never accept a nuclear north. we're covering news from overseas now. mattis is in seoul, south korea today to talk about the north saying nuclear threat is accelerating, but vows to defeat any attack. president trump will be in south korea next week as part of his 12-day trip to asia. back here in the u.s., prayers against violence. hundreds are hoping their tennessee community will not be the next to see violence during
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today's white supremacist rally. members of white lives matter will be in shelbiville for protest. last night a prayer service was held in the freesboro calling for calm and unity. today is the 14th annual prescription drug take back day. more than 4,000 tons of prescription drugs have been safely disposed of since the effort first began. the goal is to get old or unwanted medications out of the house so they cannot be abused. there are hundreds of secure locations all across the country, all across the region to drop off the drugs including police stations and libraries. this week's wednesday's child is sponsored by mealey's furniture. just what you're looking for. he is a die hard eagles fan who already had his career plans lined up, but the young guy you're about to meet needs the love and support of a forever family to help him make all his dreams come true. nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to this week's wednesday's
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child. >> dave & buster's on delaware avenue is sensory overload. he loves dave & buster's but also has other interests. >> i like sports. i love school. and i like playing video games. and i like going outside and doing stuff with my family. >> he's very laid back. he likes to, you know, hang out, just be himself, play video games. he's up for going anywhere. so like going to the park, play football, basketball, he loves the philadelphia eagles. >> so a big eagles fan, that's just the beginning. >> how polite he is, how respectful he is, how appreciative he is. when you take him something, he says thank you to you, he really appreciates what you're doing for him. and the smile on his face is 24 hours a day. >> a young man who has a plan
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for his life, but he needs the support of a forever family. >> he has dreams to be a welder, so he's focused on his career. and i'm sure all good things will happen to him. >> when we ask him about his dream family. >> i would like a respectful, responsible family. >> zamir is this week's wednesday's child. >> i got to tell you that is my favorite part of our newscast. if you would like to make his dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, please go to our website, search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. all right. let's begin with a live view looking out from the marquee delafayette hotel in cape may. we have a blue sky overhead. don't see a cloud in sight. sunny. looks like this is going to be a gorgeous weekend. the first half really will be.
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it's the second half things get bumpy for us. radar and satellite shows us there's the cold front we've been talking about slicing right on through ohio as we speak. and down here tropical moisture, this is a potential tropical cyclone is what they call it. that's when it hasn't come together well enough, doesn't have strong enough winds to be a named storm, nonetheless a lot of moisture with it. and these two, they're going to meet right over our neck of the woods. so there's the cold front i was talking about a moment ago. it's pretty obvious on this side of the front leaves us in the 50s this morning. look at all these 30s and 20s behind the front. that cold air is moving our direction just in time for the workweek. but it won't affect us quite yet over the weekend. today 71 in philadelphia. 70 in new jersey. tomorrow still going to be about the low to mid 60s. it will be a little cooler because of the rain cooled air, the cloud coverage, but still fairly mild air in place. steady rain at times, spot thunderstorms possible, let's track it out. this starts 9:00 a.m. sunday morning. showers are going to start
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picking up. more spotty in nature. light to steady at best. following leads to slick roadways and mild temperatures. then breezy to starting to get windy at 1:00 in the afternoon, for the eagles game grab the rain gear because now the rain's more steady and widespread. notice we're kind of filling in the entire region. but here's the real issue as we get into the late day say about 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. some heavier rain is likely, soaking rain could cause that localized street flooding across the area. some of the heaviest going to hit right around here, lehigh valley, possibly bucks county and areas farther along to the east of us. the rain will start to weaken, just light lingering showers by monday, but monday morning we're going to have strong winds howling across the area. could lead to some downed tree limbs or power outages for our monday morning as well. how much rain are we talking here? let's look at one computer model, this is the american computer model showing close to two inches for philadelphia,
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more farther north and little under right around parts of the shoreline. most models are between 1 to 3 inches of rain. that's what we're expecting between 1 to 3. here are the wind gusts as we get into the afternoon and evening, around 25 miles per hour, so breezy this evening. as we get into tomorrow about 30 miles per hour in a few spots, tomorrow morning. but look at tomorrow afternoon, now up to 35 to 45 miles per hour. and then finally we'll wrap it up here, your monday morning gusts around 50-plus are possible, which is a concern leading into the beginning of your workweek. as the search continues this morning for a carjacking suspect in wilmington, his victim has some surprising words. >> probably the most friendly kind of a person to hijack your car you could meet. >> you heard him right, he said friendly. the carjacking victim speaks out about the time he spent with the man. that's ahead in our next half
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hour. big test today for penn state. why their playoff picture could look a whole lot clearer once it's over.
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start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. the world series has moved from the glits and glamour of los angeles to a city trying to get back on its feet following hurricane harvey. the astros and dodgers squared off in game three of the fall classic in houston, and the hometown crowd had a whole lot to cheer about right from the start. the astros jumped out early putting out four runs in the second inning. that's all they would need to win this one. houston holds on 5-3. they are the only second team in major league history by the way to win first seven games in the playoff, the other team to do that, the 2008 phillies. astros now lead the series 2-1. game four tonight. hate to say it not all good news for astros. major league baseball says it will be investigating an incident involving a racist
8:54 am
gesture made in the dugout after hitting a home run off of darvish after the game. cameras caught him making a gesture. gurriel says he'll be making a statement later today and he will apologize. let's talk football now. penn state big game today, nittany lions on the road to take on ohio state in the battle of big ten titans. penn state is second in the nation, ohio state is sixth. this game could decide who wins the big ten and could have playoff implications as well. we'll be following that. coming up on monday morning, all new on "nbc10 news today," a local woman watched her mother suffer through breast cancer and she vowed never to go through the same thing. the difficult decision she made knowing that breast cancer ran in her family and how it just may have saved her life. we've got that story plus join the nbc10 morning team weekdays from 4:00 to 7:00. we've got breaking news, first
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alert weather, traffic, everything you need to start your day right. and we are on the road, be sure to stop by the wawa in williamstown, gloucester county, on wednesday to meet the nbc10 morning team and pick up a free cup of coffee from 4:00 to 9:00 a.m. it's 8:55 right now on this saturday. drivers will need to take a detour around a seven-mile stretch of road in philadelphia today. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live in old city where officials have cleared the streets. randy. >> reporter: get the cars out of here, rosemary, what brings pokemon enthusiasts, joggers and runners, people who like yoga and so much more all to one place? it's the philly free streets festival. the roads are now closed. much more coming up in just a few minutes. so glad it's today instead of tomorrow because by tomorrow this cold front, that tropical moisture they're combining right near us, that's going to lead to some heavy rain in the forecast. we'll track it all out for you, the timing coming up in just a bit.
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right now on "nbc10 news today" a teen suspect surrenders in connection with the murder of two other 16-year-old boys. what's next as he's behind bars this morning? see it there on first alert radar, we are tracking heavy rain on the way for the second half of our weekend. we'll show you what to expect in
8:59 am
your neighborhood. and one man's attempt to be a good samaritan cost him his life. this morning we're hearing from a woman who knew him well and said helping others was his mission. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being with us. it's just about 9:00 on this saturday. all right. let's take a live look outside. sunny saturday, soggy sunday. that's the headline. here is a live look at lincoln financial field from our eagles nest camera. fans going to tomorrow's eagles game definitely bring the rain jacket, have the hood up, the whole nine yards, ha ha, pun intended. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has details on a first alert that we've issued to make sure you're prepared. krystal. >> you're exactly right. we're looking at a nice day today. and then followed by just such a dreary sunday. we call it sunday soaker. sunday through sunday night we are looking at the entire area
9:00 am
with the potential for periods of heavy rain, especially in the afternoon and evening hours, some spot thunderstorms possible across the region, strong wind gusts will actually last even into monday morning. and localized street flooding as a result of some of that heavier rain moving through. look at radar and satellite. this is a great picture. clear right now. some spotty clouds likely in the afternoon. but you can see there's nothing that's immediately moving our direction. it's only when you really pull this radar out that you see our problems here. this is the cold front right now moving our direction. that's the tropical moisture. and it's going to brush through florida and then ride the east coast. but even on the storm center or what's potentially a storm center is going to be a little to our south by tomorrow the moisture will come all the way up to us. so those two combined that's going to cause the problems. but we're at 54 right now, we'll be right around 70 by 3:00 in the afternoon. notice not a drop on the board for today. we'll talk more about the rest of our neighborhood day planner
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for today coming up in a few minutes, then we'll get to the sunday details. thanks for that, krystal. our team of first alert meteorologists are all hands on deck today and tomorrow, so right here on the air you will get all of the details, but remember you can always stay ahead of the storms wherever you are. maybe you're not in front of your tv or computer. maybe you're on the road. you can download the nbc10 app, you can check the interactive radar on your phone. you can also get neighborhood weather alerts sent right to your inbox. this morning a 16-year-old boy is in jail waiting to go before a judge for the murders of two other teens in south philadelphia. brandon olivieri, you see him right here, surrendered to police last night. investigators are still trying to determine the motive for these deadly shootings. here's what we do know. olivieri did not answer our questions as he was led into police headquarters. police say he shot and killed caleer miller and sal dinubile, both 16 years old, on tuesday night. people who knew the victims tell nbc10 they were not friends. early friday morning, just
9:02 am
yesterday, the suspect's house, olivieri's house, was the target of gunfire. we're going to continue to watch that story. in other news this morning, police in delaware are searching for a man and a car after a shooting and two carjackings. one of those carjackings involved a wild ride for the victim. let me explain. investigators say kalen jackson first shot into the wall of this wilmington apartment building during a fight. he stole keys and then took off in a white chevy. then the next morning police tell us jackson carjacked richard bird in claimant. bird says he rode around with the wanted man for nearly two hours. >> i just followed his directions and tried to be as friendly with him as i could. i suppose probably the most friendly kind of a person to hijack your car that you ever want to meet. >> bird eventually got dropped off, but the suspect stayed with the car and took off. bird says jackson told him his behavior and the crimes stem from a fight with an ex. here are some more details on bird's stolen car.
9:03 am
it's a 2012 maroon kia sorento with delaware license plate pc 422283. a crash along an atlantic county road takes the life of a good samaritan who was trying to help strangers having some car trouble. here's the story. the crash happened early yesterday morning in galloway township. kenneth stopped to help a man and his mother, their car had broken downright on the road. they were trying to push the car off the road when both were hit. the other man suffered only minor injuries. chivilette died right there on the scene. his ex-wife told nbc10 that was his calling. >> i was always getting mad at him for stopping, helping, helping, helping, i guess his mission in life to help others. hard to believe tomorrow
9:04 am
marks the fifth anniversary of superstorm sandy hitting the shore. 36 people killed. governor chris christie says 85% of the recovery is complete but admits about 1,000 families are still not in their homes and so the work continues. do you remember when the pope came to town two years ago? streets were closed off, but it let people riding their bikes, pushing strollers, walking, have free reign. that is the idea today of philly free streets. seven-mile stretch of road open to the public and free of cars. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live with more. >> reporter: hey, rosemary, it is pretty unique to be able to stand in the middle of third street here in old city without any cars. they got all of those out of here, replaced with a bunch of pedestrians and bicyclists, part of this philly free streets event. seven-mile round trip starts here and goes up to fairhill and
9:05 am
north philly and back. part of the reason is for folks to kind of explore the neighborhoods around them on foot and be active. we have a group of cyclists including dina. tell me, what's it like doing these free street rides having no cars anywhere to be seen? >> it's a great opportunity for families in philadelphia to experience their streets in a new way. this is a time where closed to cars and open to families to ride their bikes, to walk and play in the street. it's a whether or not he will new experience for us. >> reporter: so tell us about exploring. >> absolutely. a lot of us in this group live in southfi philly so this is a chance for us to get to ride up north and experience another neighborhood for all our children who are growing up here. >> thank you, guys. getting ready to head off, mayor jim kenney's going to start a power walk through the entire seven-mile course. they're going to head up north in a little bit. you can join them. this goes until about 1:00 today. traffic might be a bit of an
9:06 am
issue if you're coming keep that in mind, a big festival today. a lot of people out already this morning. for now live in old city, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> and the weather cooperating. thanks, randy. 9:06 on this saturday. it's a relationship that's moved many to tears. coming up, this special bond between carson wentz and the family of a local boy who died after a brave battle with cancer. how wentz's story is now helping more families coping with the debilitating disease. looking to adopt a pet? we'll show you how this weekend you could get a great deal on a new four-legged friend as we help to clear the shelters. that's coming up. and back to a look at our first alert radar and satellite, it is a clear picture across the whole region right now. but by tomorrow i think this is going to be lit up as heavier rain moves through for sunday soaker. here's a live view outside now though. enjoy the sunshine while you can.
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
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welcome back. let's talk about those conditions as we go into this afternoon and early this evening. 63 degrees temperature around 11:00 a.m. in philadelphia. be about 70 though at 3:00 this afternoon. 71 is the forecast high temperature. really nice mild day. and down to 66 at 7:00 p.m. possibly by around 7:00 that we are looking at some clouds increasing and a little sprinkle may be possible across the region. this is ahead of that main line cold front moving through.
9:10 am
62 at 11:00 a.m. in the suburbs. and right back down to the same at 7:00. but peaking in the upper 60s. we'll also peak in the upper 60s in the lehigh valley and berks county by later on this afternoon. 66 at 11:00 a.m. in delaware, about 68 at 3:00, same deal in new jersey although spot 70 is possible there. jersey shore mid to upper 60s, as the cold front starts to edge in. we have a flash flood watch now in place sunday afternoon through sunday late overnight into the early hours of monday. this is for lehigh valley and up into the poconos. wouldn't be surprised if this extends into possibly areas like bucks and mercer county as well. this is something we'll be watching due to the heavy rain moving in. we'll talk about that coming up. we'll also talk about a record setting night on the high school gridiron. a local high school quarterback makes history. we'll show you what he accomplished just ahead in the high school blitsz.
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honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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nbc10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. and joining krystal and me this morning is amy with acct philly. >> hi, how are you doing? >> good. and you have muligan with you. >> he is a cute little spider man. we think about middle age, 4 years old. he was a stray so we're not 100% sure but he's a cute terrier mix. a little scared right now. >> we get it.
9:14 am
>> yeah. he just came in. little scary at the shelter for a little guy. i think he's going to warm up really quick. >> well, speak to i think some of the people might see a dog here at the shelter and think i don't want a timid or mild dog at home, i can speak for experience this is exactly how my dog was and now he sprints laps around the house. sometimes it's just a scary atmosphere. >> they just need a chance and need someone willing to give them time to decompress and give them lots of space. don't introduce them to too many things at once. that will freak them out. but almost 99% of the time they're going to relax and be awesome family pets. >> and he said he was a stray? >> he was. yeah. he was in the shelter a couple days. these little guys usually get adopted pretty quick. we have a couple available for adoption right now at our main adoption center. and we have a halloween howl-owean adoption spooktacular. that's today through halloween.
9:15 am
all of our adult pets are free and puppies and kittens half price. >> awesome. >> wonderful. of course you are on honey park avenue right off the boulevard. if you're looking for something to do, this is the place to go. remember, you can always give them a call 267-385-3800. visit them online if you can't visit them today. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. welcome to another installment of the high school blitz. history on the line as timber creek's devin leary had a chance to set the all-time for passing touchdown and passing yards. he's also playing with a heavy heart after losing his grandfather. wasting no time going to work. how about this 92-yard connection. just one away from tying the all-time record. timber creek up 14-3. he would tie the record easily
9:16 am
here. it's not quite 92 yards, but it gets the job done. a 42-yard strike to mike johnson, leary would end up tying the t.d. record set in the all-time passing record timber creek wins 35-10 and he did it all in memory of his late grandfather. >> september 23rd my grandfather passed. and he used to come to all my games, support me and everything. talk to a lot of people about me. and i knew coming into this game i was in it for him. >> great stuff there from devin and great game tonight in camden. rancocas valley, opening kick, matlock takes it 82 yards to the house. despite heroics camden would fight back, force overtime and pull off a huge win 30-24. back to the city, public league playoff action, kensington and central and all central in this one. milton james running through the
9:17 am
defense like lebron james running through the lanes. central cruises 44-6. game of the night philadelphia archbishop wood welcoming lasalle. bik pickup there. wood hangs onto win 31-17. suburban 1 national league on the line. nech neshaminy and pennsbury, going deep into their bag of tricks. on the end around wideout hits qb mcandrew for the game winner. neshaminy wins a thriller. and at the end of the half, chris edwards connects with calvin for the score. they win 45-20. senior night at north penn as they host abington.
9:18 am
senior kj cartwright with plenty to celebrate, heads around the outside and dives in for the touchdown. one of four for him. north penn all over abington. time to take it to the sky for some skylights. downingtown east visiting avon grove. this one run in for the 20-yard score. but downingtown east battles back for a 25-35 win. unionville going for it on fourth and two, alex calls his own number but he's hung up. it wasn't enough unionville wins it 41-14. rivalry game between council rock south and council rock north. close game until south hauls in fourth touchdown pass. south runs off 21 straight, they win 38-14. good one in chester county. bishop taking on coatesville. all coatesville in this one.
9:19 am
aaron young cashes in from five yards out. coatesville wins the national division beating shanahan 55-13. to the lehigh valley, all parkland in this one. first quarter michael ruwish and he dives into the end zone for the score. eventually he gets there, i promise. parkland cruises 42-7. let's head to delaware. woodbridge hosting st. mark's. this is the play of the night. watch woodbridge's michael brewer. not once, but twice, hang on. woodbridge rolls 42-0. that's it for the blitz. i'm marshall harris. have a great saturday. let's get back to our forecast. a 50/50 forecast for our weekend. today's the good day and you can tell because we have lots of sunshine on our icon board here. 55 south jersey, 54 in philadelphia. and also in now the upper 50s
9:20 am
over the jersey shore. 49 in the lehigh valley. let's drop into our philadelphia neighborhoods. if you're getting out early today, 55 society hill, 48 still in andora and right at 50 in parkwood. going to be a very comfortable day moving forward. in fact, light jacket in the morning you might not need in the afternoon as 70s return. radar and satellite for us, there's the cold front we've been watching, very closely, and that's tropical moisture down to the south. got a 90% likelihood of forming into a tropical storm. so it's very likely that this is going to come together and get a name. but so far it has not been named. this is going to run right up the east coast and the moisture is going to shoot out ahead of it. so that tropical moisture combined with the cold front equals very bad news for our forecast tomorrow. today like i said mostly sunny conditions out there. 71 in philadelphia this afternoon. 70 in the lehigh valley and 69 in delaware. today's certainly the day to get outside because then things just go downhill for tomorrow. let's track the rain. so there it is. this is certainly a cold front. it's got snow and even a little
9:21 am
mix falling with it currently. now, that's not going to happen by the time it maimkes it to us now over pennsylvania, and as we go overnight into tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. this model kind of shows it wrapping near us. i think we'll have some scattered showers falling over the area. but more scattered light to steady in nature. nothing terribly strong quite yet. look how quickly though that changes as we get to the afternoon between 1:00 and 3:00. now we have more steady rain and more widespread rain in the forecast. pockets of heavier rain. they hit starting about 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. with the heaviest likely between 6:00 and 9:00 in the evening. and that's when the issues may roll in. you've got a storm drain that's clogged with leaves, this is going to lead to some localized street flooding. totals could be between 1 and 3 inches. so that's what we're looking at here. and then still some light showers are possible by your monday morning. how about that eagles forecast? about 65 degrees for kickoff at the linc if you're heading tomorrowme tomorrow. unfortunately a spot thunderstorm is possible, windy to breezy and temperatures
9:22 am
cooling in the game with a possibility by late in the game heavier rain moving through. you're going to have to pack the rain gear to root on the win. review first alert here, heaviest rain hit from sunday afternoon into sunday night. 1 to 3 inches in total by monday morning as this starts to exit. so right in that range is what most models are going for. strongest gusts sunday night into monday morning. and those gusts should hit between 45 and 55 miles per hour, which may cause some damage. we'll be right back.
9:23 am
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hackers, stalkers and people trying to steal your identity, they're all online looking for a weak spot in your life, maxing out your privacy controls isn't enough to keep them from your information. you need to know more. monday night in special report we'll show you the secrets to online safety. you can watch that report monday evening on nbc10 at 11:00 right
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after "the voice" and "the brave." now to a follow-up about the touching story of eagles quarterback carson wentz and his special connection with a young boy from delaware. earlier this year wentz formed a bond with lukas who was battling stomach cancer. the 10-year-old died in june. wentz now wears a bracelet in honor of lukas and still keeps in touch with the boy's family. in fact they attended monday night's game against the redskins. wentz proudly displayed the bracelet before the game. lukas's mother says because of his support they've sold more than 23,000 bracelets and raised more than $140,000. the money goes to organizations that help families coping with childhood cancer. the philadelphia navy yard will be the backdrop for a major cancer fundraiser tonight. earth, wind and fire among others will be part of the fundraiser. it benefits the abramson cancer center at university of pennsylvania. it packs a powerful punch, we're talking about the
9:26 am
pennsylvania commonwealth court. this week on nbc10 at issue we'll discuss the elections that may have more of an impact on your life than any other. sunday morning you'll hear from the local candidates running the court that -- running for the court that affects everything from civil rights to unemployment appeals and collective bargaining decisions. >> any way that the government can touch your life could eventually end up in the commonwealth court. >> certainly tax assessments and issues involving nonprofits and so on. >> don't miss nbc10 at issue sunday at 11:30. join me right here on nbc10. before we get going on this saturday, we get one last check of our weather. i'm looking behind us, clear skies look great. >> for now. for now. today's the good day. 71 degrees this afternoon. and mostly sunny. but overnight the clouds will thicken up, we'll see sprinkles possible. tomorrow heavy rain especially afternoon to evening. 65 and then the cooldown 56 monday. it will be very windy, especially monday morning.
9:27 am
halloween will be cool, but dry. 58 in the afternoon, that means for the trick or treaters in the evening looking more likely to be in the low 50s. so trick or treat you'll need a jacket. >> there have been so many halloweens in our area, especially the kids when it's raining. >> if it's dry we're good. >> that's going to do it for us. i'm rosemary connors, for krystal klei and everybody here at nbc10 have a good one. see you back here tomorrow.
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