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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  October 30, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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coatesville, 36 mile-per-hour winds. we're seeing some of the heavier downpours this morning. lots of rain for most neighborhoods this morning with a few exceptions in south jersey and heavy downpours just moving back into chester county, nottingham, berks county, fizzling into lehigh county. rain, wind, and cool during the day. the temperatures way down. 40s now in the suburbs. 50 in philadelphia. and 40s for the lehigh valley and delaware. with the wind blowing and the rain ending this morning, we're not going to see much of a warmup. 55 in new jersey. at the shore, topping out at 57. 50s for the entire area this afternoon. i'll break the forecasts down hour by hour and show when the strongest winds are likely to occur when i come back in less than two minutes. now to first alert traffic. moving through center city, clearly rain's coming down here. the vine around 24th street, it is open. not seeing any of the
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construction that takes out the lanes on the westbound and eastbound side that we've had for some time. the schuylkill expressway, let's check the drive times. eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, 14-minute trip. not seeing the construction project and runs to the vine, closing it on the eastbound side which we've been watching for the last few weeks where it lasts until 5:00. that's good, a 14-minute trip. 14 minutes on the 95 side, woodhaven to the vine. no problems on the blue route. speeds into the 60s still. we'll end on 76. this is jersey, gloucester city at market. this direction headed northbound. watch for slippery spots with rain coming down still. >> thanks. we continue our team coverage with katy zachry live in kacamden. the storm could cause a headache for viewers especially in that area. >> reporter: this is one morning that you don't want to be in the
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elements. it's cold, the winds is picking up, and it's raining, though the heavy rain we saw earlier has subsided now. this weather also makes it difficult to drive. what you're dealing with on the highways -- look out for hydroplaning because of the pools of water and on local roads. wet leaves are as slippery as ice, according to travel experts. if you are taking the trains, here's what the river rink looked like when some of the service was suspended between the waterfront entertainment center and walter rand transportation center because of flooding. i have reached out to new jersey transit to find out if they have resolved flooding issues. across the river from where we're standing, septa is advising commuters to allow for extra time if you're taking buses, regional rails, or trollies. coming up, i will tell you what septa is doing differently this morning because of the high winds and the rains we're
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expecting. because of the threat of downed trees and lines. katy zachry, nbc10 news. over the weekend, gusty winds, atlantic county in particular experienced ponding and minor flooding because of the storm drains clogged with fallen leaves. look at this from delaware county. a large tree snapped and slammed into the back of a car in brookhaven. authorities shut down dutton mill road to clear the scene. no one was in the car. and turn to nbc10, our app, for continuing coverage of the storm's impact. track the weather to your neighborhood and get instant alerts sent to your phone. chaos at the king of prussia mall as an alleged two-state crime spree comes to a screeching halt. upper merion police say the officer was run over in the lord & taylor parking lot.
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the suspect is suspected in three robberies. in the most recent, he robbed a woman in the same garage. he was found parked in a stolen vehicle. he took off, intentionally ramming into a couple of patrol cars. police say he tried to hit two officers, and that's when they shot him. investigators tell us they did find a handgun while he was driving. we're working to find out the suspect's condition. police tell us the same man is a suspect in two armed robberies in new castle county. in fact, when police found him yesterday he was driving an suv, stolen during a robbery and kidnapping in claymont last week. philadelphia police want to know who shot a man in the head and left him to die in the street. last week officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound along north hancock street. he died a short time later. police are interviewing one witness and looking at security cameras in the area. today the judge in the bribery trial of new jersey senator bob menendez is expected
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to rule on a defense motion for mistrial. lawyers for menendez and his co-defendant filed the motion yesterday. they claim the judge has limited their case by not allowing them to present certain witnesses and evidence. menendez is accused of accepting gifts from a florida eye doctor in exchange for political favors. both men have denied that. the phillies found a new manager to led. gabe capler will skipper the team. he's led the minor league system for the past three years. he won a world series title with the red sox. he's 42 and will be the youngest phillies manager in 20 years. john clark reports the phillies will formally announce capler after the world series. taking care of business, that's what the eagles did yesterday by beating the 49ers and boosting their league-leading record to 7-1. rain soaked fans at the linc. couldn't wait to see carson
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wentz in action yesterday. the birds' quarterback found his favorite target, zach hertz. hertz so good. the touchdown. minutes later flag, jalen mills -- minutes later, jalen mills returned it for another score. wentz would toss the second touchdown. look at these guys. eagles nation soaked but celebrating. >> it was 100% worth it. so exciting. i don't mind getting wet for an eagles win. >> reporter: what was it like inside the stadium with the rain? >> still rowdy. still rowdy. still full. awesome. >> the birds stay home sunday to face the denver broncos. nbc10 your official cea-- offic eagles coverage. coming up more on the fifth straight win. today in philadelphia, the family of an 8-year-old killed by a hit-and-run driver will be looking for justice. paul woodland is set to go trial, charged with hitting and killing the girl as she was
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walking in west philadelphia last year and driving away. police arrested woodland after a tip led them to a body shop in chester county where the car was being repaired. the girl's mother and senator hardy williams are backing a bill to create an amber alert for child hit and runs. 4:07. delaware state police say the tractor-trailer driver who crashed his big rig and caused a fire along i-95 and i-295 was driving under the influence of alcohol. look at the pictures that police took from the overnight crash on sunday morning. police charged the driver with dui after he hit a construction barrier. the truck flipped and exploded into a ball of flames. the crash closed 295 northbound at 95 for seven hours. even caused a brush fire. police say the driver had three prior dui convictions. 4:07. today in new castle county, former vice president joe biden will headline an annual conference on education. biden will join a discussion panel at the university of delaware known as the vision
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coalition. the event brings together public, private, and civic leaders for an exchange of ideas. this year's focus will be on education and health issues. official will review progress on a long-term plan to improve schools across delaware. 4:08. we've been talking about rain, gusty winds, slippery roads because of the wet leaves. >> all of that. let's check in with bill henley and find out what's ahead. >> most of the rain is behind us. behind it, getting rain this morning. the winds are taking charge. look at the winds blowing the flags in center city, that's a live view from center city. the winds are likely to get stronger this morning. already seeing strong winds at the shore. look at the camera shaking at the marquis de lafayette hotel. the flags are blowing, and the winds that could top 50 miles per hour. the gusts already at 36 miles per hour in coatesville. 24 mile-per-hour gusts in dover. that's down in the last hour. they're likely to go up. 35 mile-an-hour gusts in
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wildwood. future wind gusts shows that the strongest winds are likely yet to come. winds potentially up to 55 miles per hour in parts of south jersey. into the afternoon hours, the winds will start to come down a bit. that's 2:00 in the afternoon. gusty winds around. now is the time to take action. i know the sun's not up, but if you have lawn furniture and garbage cans that seem to wander on days like this, take action. be careful on the roads. tree limbs down, possibly trees during the day. right now, heavier downpours, berks and chester county. rai rainy and windy morning to start with. showers coming to delaware and south jersey, not completely
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ending. not as heavy a rain as what we've seen lately. at 9:00, a few showers in the area. look at these temperatures -- 48 in philadelphia. 47 in allentown. 48 degrees in millville. that's at 9:00 this morning. we'll go up into the 50s, but not much more than that. about ten degrees below normal for this time of year. at noontime, 53. then even though we'll get sunshine this afternoon, clouds moving out, winds coming down. 55 degrees in philadelphia. 56 in cape may, and low 50s for allentown, pottstown, and doylestown. there are some warmer days ahead. a look ahead with the extended forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. >> 4:10. and katy zachry showing the early morning hours, you can't really see the leaves coming down. >> on the schuylkill expressway, if you're used to construction closing it between the vine
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street expressway and south street here, looking at spring garden street, both directions look okay. looks like a disabled vehicle. finally getting out of the way. the roads are definitely wet and open on the schuylkill at least. the eastbound portion is open now. we're not watching any big problems yet. tons of volume out there. on and off the ramp, we'll see slippery spots. we always see tons of accidents on the on and off ramps. to the turnpike, 25 minutes, speeds into the 60s. people are able to move. maybe you want to go slower just? case. watching -- just in case. watching lower pottsgrove at buchert and kepler. i'll have more when i come back. russia investigation charges. today the investigation into the russian election interference will take a major step forward. why president trump is calling it a witch hunt. five years later. how communities are remembering superstorm sandy and the work
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that needs to be done. police puppies. we introduce you to the four-legged officers in training that are getting a lot of attention. steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie
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to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc, cut take-home pay for teachers, and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
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4:14. we've issued a first alert for damaging winds. still raining in parts of the area. the biggest threat now is for downed trees which may cause power outages and traffic troubles. here's a look at broad street from the kimmel center campus camera. it is a wet, wet, wet, wet morning. let's find out more about what's to come with first alert meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast coming up in two minutes. in long beach, ocean county, it's not hard to find homes wrecked by superstorm sandy that are still under construction. >> yeah. this weekend marked five years
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since the historic storm made landfall for the community. memories remain fresh for them. the work is as far from over. neighbors attended a commemorati commemoration ceremony yesterday. they thanked first responders and embraced each other. the community vowed to focus on the road ahead. one woman who spoke with nbc10 said for her the gathering was a chance to finally grieve. >> i said to my daughter maybe i got so emotional because i don't remember ever crying over sandy. >> five years later, with new homes being raised, the community feels each is a story of resilience. officials in puerto rico plan to pull the plug on a controversial contract with a montana company hired to restore electricity knocked out by hurricane maria. that decision could delay work by weeks as 70% of the island still has no power. concern about the $300 million deal with whitefish energy started after allegations that u.s. interior secretary ryan zinke, also from montana, had
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something to do with the contract. he denies that. also, disappointment officials say they never -- fema officials say they never fully supported the deal and voiced concerns even though the contract said they signed off on it. puerto rican officials admit the contract was signed too quickly. >> it's interfering with everything and doesn't go toward the best interests of the people of puerto rico. >> whitefish officials are disappointed about the contract. the deal has a 30-day cancelation notice which means work with continue for the next month. after that, repairs could be delayed by 10 to 12 weeks. >> our thoughts and prayers continue for the people in puerto rico. >> wow. >> the five-year anniversary of superstorm sandy. remember that vividly. >> i get what that woman was saying. she was probably so busy getting her life together that she didn't have time to take it in. we'll check in with meteorologist bill henley and find out about the weather. >> a rainy and windy start. the rain will be tapering off.
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the wind, i expect it to be increasing. h this is looking across delaware. winds out of the west in philadelphia, 23 miles per hour. the winds will be steady. the gusts will be going higher. 51 degrees at 10:00. look at the difference between 7:00 and 10:00. rain will be ending during the time period. the wind will not. that won't settle down until later this afternoon. this is a live view from center city. the winds gusting to more than 30 miles per hour in the area. it's keeping things cool. 40s now for the lehigh valley and the suburbs. south jersey at 50 degrees. 49 now in philadelphia. cooler suburbs include west callen township, sadsburiville, 48 at bedminster and falling. the rain is still coming down in gladwin and new hope. rainy, windy start at the bus stop. the wind may taper off by 8:00,
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but winds will be going. you'll need the heavier jacket for allentown, exton, atlantic city, wilmington, everybody is going to see the wind and cool weather. as far as the rain is concerned, you can see the heavier downpours in chester county, moving toward coatesville now, already seeing some wind gusts of more than 35 miles per hour. that line of showers is moving steadily through berks county and into lehigh county, as well. the rest of the area is seeing lighter rain but a steady rain. it's feel heavier thanks to the wind. this is going to be moving out, pushing out of here. you see clearing to the west. that's what we'll see this afternoon. some of it will be around for tomorrow, too. temperatures, 50s for philadelphia and the suburbs. the winds strongest will be tapering off some this afternoon. sunshine during the afternoon for allentown, 54 degrees. not much warmer in new jersey. hammondton, 57. the wind, rain, clouds this morning, then breaks of sunshine
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this afternoon. at the shore, up to 55 mile-per-hour gusts. in delaware, 50s this afternoon with the rain ending and sunshine not making a big difference, thanks to the winds. we'll linger in the 50s for much of the week. the end of the week, a warmup. upper 60s, into the 70s on friday. i'll look ahead with the ten day on 10 in the next half hour. >> i love how it's monday and bill's looking forward to next weekend. 4:19. we'll check the blue route. >> we'll find out from jessica boyington how it's looking now. what are you seeing? >> we'll keep watching the cameras, especially the on and off ramps. i wanted to show you this on purpose -- completely covered on the camera lens with water and rain. you see ponding in the roads when cars move through. water spraying out from underneath them. a slippery and wet commute to deal with. this is the blue route and the germantown pike.
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here, it's southbound. here is northbound, heading toward the mid county tolls. pretty much this is what we're seeing no matter where you're going. a crash, too. no surprise. we'll see a lot more of these later in the morning. buchert at kepler. the gaerden state parkway, not bad through the cape tea toll plaza. you -- cape may toll plaza. you can see the roads are wet out the door. i'll keep my eyes on it and mass transit, too, when i come back. >> thank you. we need your help picking the teams for the nbc10 high school football games of the week -- to vote, go to, or if it's easier, check out our nbc10 app. walking out. referees boycott a north jersey football game. the reason they decide to leave the field before the game started. also, actor allegations.
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what one man says kevin spacey did when he was just a teenager and how the oscar winner is reacting. and new at 5:00 a.m., there is a privacy risk lurking beneath the shiny, new iphone. why it's written all over your face.
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nfl owners will not meet with players today discuss social injustice issues. >> malcolm jenkins helped found a group to address the issues. the league did not accept the invitation to the meeting in philadelphia today because of scheduling conflicts. the nfl and players met in new york earlier this month to discuss player demonstrations during the national anthem. the league spokesman said sunday
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the nfl is eager to continue the dialogue with the players. it was just a week ago when jenkins and some of his eagles teammates took the fight for social injustice reform to harrisburg. he told lawmakers the players need to use their leverage and influence as fleets to bring about -- as athletes to bring about positive change across the country. most of the houston texans team took a knee before the game in seattle yesterday. the texans were responding to a controversial remark made by their owner, bob mcnair. it's widely reported that mcnair said "we can't have the inmates running the prison" during an felt n discussion about players -- during an nfl discussion about players' right to protest. he apologized saturday. and the anthem issue sparked the referee boycott. a father and son were part of the high school officiating crew, walked off the field after members of the home team knelt during the national anthem. two referees in training replaced them. the father and son told officials of their intentions ahead of time. school district policy allows
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players to peacefully protest. and new this morning, actor kevin spacey issued an online apology after a fellow actor accused him of sexual harassment. >> actor anthony rapp said spacey made unwanted ad vapss toward him after -- advance the toward him after a party at spacey's apartment in 2004. he was 17 at the time, spacey was 36. the actor said he was drunk at the time. rapp said he decided to come forward after news of the harvey weinstein scandal came forward, "i came forward with my stories standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out to shine a light and hopefully make a difference as they have done for me." spacey says he has no memory of the alleged incident and wrote, "i have a lot of respect and admiration for anthony rapp as an actor. i'm beyond horrified to hear the story. i have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life and choose now to live as a gay man.
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i want to deal with this honestly and openly, and that starts with examining my own behavior." 4:25. for the first time this morning, pop star selena gomez will talk about the surgery that she says saved her life over the summer. >> i guess i got to the point where it was -- it was really kind of life or death. >> gomez has lupus and got a kidney transplant from her close friend. hear about the health scare and how the tragedy made her stronger. hear about it on the "today" show. washington on edge. charges being filed in the russia investigation. how president trump is reacting as former campaign officials deny any wrongdoing. windy and wet this morning. the winds will be increasing as the rain comes through to an end. a first alert for damaging winds today. right now, 49 degrees at 4:26. got your neighborhood forecast coming up. jessica boyington is watching
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traffic in the first alert traffic center. good morning. good morning, bill. that's right. we're watching slippery roads and watching for problem spots. 295 at the black horse pike, no problems. the roads are wet. we'll have our eyes on them for the morning.
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dangerous conditions. our area is facing damaging winds and rain as a storm moves through. team coverage of everything you need to know before heading out the door. filing charges. the first indictment in the russia investigation is set to be announced today. now president trump is calling it a witch hunt. sniffing out danger. the police puppies that are getting a lot of attention and will soon be helping to keep you safe.
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they're super cute. i heard jessica laughing out loud. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we've issued a first alert as damaging winds are set to lash the area. heaters the radar showing the -- here's the radar showing the rain isn't finished with the area yet. the combination of wind and rain will impact your morning commute. here's broad street in center city. you see the wet roads that drivers will be facing. ponding on the roads. we have katy zachry and jessica boyington tracking concerns for the commute. we begin in the studio with first alert meteorologist bill henley and conditions you'll be facing. >> i'm guessing the puppies and a lot of others will want to stay inside on a day like this. the rain is coming down, but that ends this morning. the wind will get stronger. that happens for the entire region until noon today.


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