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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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in the suburbs with fog. coatesville down to one-mile visibility. it's just gotten thicker in lancaster. zero visibility now. bluebell, you're seeing some light fog there. it's zero visibility for northeast philadelphia, trenton, and many neighborhoods into new jersey. atlantic city, wildwood, millville, toms river, all reporting zero visibility this morning. it's going to slow things down in the short term. take a few hours, but the fog is going to clear. we'll warm this morning as the temperatures go even higher. the fog will be out of here completely. 57 degrees now in the suburbs. 52 in new jersey. the lehigh valley, yesterday had the fog. this morning, this is the warm spot. clouds came in overnight. that prevented the temperatures from getting cooler. 60 degrees at 9:00. once the sun is up, we'll see the temperatures climb. notice the clouds increasing at lunchtime. there are clouds that will blow in this afternoon. and with those clouds will come a slight chance of a shower. most of the day will -- we'll
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just enjoy this. partly sunny, 70s from the lehigh valley through the new jersey area, suburbs, philadelphia, and delaware, too. i'll break it down and show how quickly temperatures will climb when i'm back in less than ten minutes. first to the traffic and jessica boyington with an update. moving so far, bill. we're on 422 now. the cameras around trooper road. the eastbound side, seeing more delays than the westbound side. that's because this traffic is moving toward the schuylkill expressway. that's where we typically see the delay. 29 to that point, a ten-minute trip. mass transit looking okay, on or close to schedule tleept for amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco. pretty much on time. and it has been all morning long, too. watching 295 and the cameras around the black horse pike. the work zone, looking okay. southbound headed toward the 42 freeway, to philly, you'll get there just fine. back to you. >> thank you. we have breaking news right now. sky force 10 has launched, and it is hovering over this house
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fire in north philadelphia. this is at 15th street and west oxford streets near temple. we've just learned the fire is now under control. randy gyllenhaal and crew are on their way there. we've got you covered in the air and on the ground. not clear if anyone has been hurt. we're working on that. and the scene will -- we'll get an update as soon as randy gyllenhaal arrives. meanwhile, in decision, 2017, the final weekend before voters in pennsylvania and new jersey head to the polls in this year's general election. one of the races we'll be watching is the battle for new jersey's next governor. the two candidates from the middle of a campaign blitz to try to win over voters. nbc10's matt delucia is live in mullica hill, one of the many places that is on their itineraries. tell us more. >> reporter: right. those candidates will be making their way around the state this weekend trying to get out the vote and get those last-minute votes before tuesday. and republican candidate kim guadagno is scheduled to make a stop here at this diner in
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mullica hill tomorrow afternoon. she will be making several stops across the state this weekend as she's scheduled to take her bus tour through parts of south jersey including stops in burlington, salem, atlantic, and cape may counties. the only scheduled stop for democrat phil murphy will be in trenton monday evening before election day i. most of his other stops are in north jersey. this will be the last chance to sway voters in the hopes to replace outgoing new jersey governor chris christie. for many of those who are not voting along party lines, this, of course, will be coming down to the issues. and those candidates will be out and about trying to push those voters to go their way so they can get that win on tuesday. for now, live in mullica hill, nbc10 news. meantime on tuesday, voters in philadelphia will decide on the next district attorney. that that race pits beth grossman against larry krasner for the seat once held by seth williams, who is serving time in
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prison for corruption and bribery. count on nbc10 for a pre-election coverage throughout the weekend. and then turn to us next wednesday morning for complete election results. following breaking news from chicago. one person is dead, two others hurt including a 12-year-old boy after a shooting at a starbucks. a masked gunman opened fire inside the coffee shop and then took off running. the shooting stemmed from an apparent drug deal gone bad between the gunman and one of the victims. the boy is in good condition at the hospital. the third shooting victim is in serious condition. 6:05. now to the latest on the terror in manhattan. isis is calling the suspect in the deadly truck attack along a new york bike path one of its soldiers. >> police say sayfullo saipov drove his truck on to the bike path killing eight and injuring 12 others.
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isis has claimed responsibility but has offered no evidence to support the claim. police shot saipov. he's under arrest facing federal terrorism charges. the names of all eight victims have now been released. and you see them there. last night, people in new york came out to remember them. new yorkers marched along the path where they died. some of the marchers carried candles. others pushed bikes in a show of unity with the victims. just prior to the march, the city started installing dozens of concrete barriers to protect that bike path. new york police are stepping up security ahead of the new york marathon. extra security will be in place at more than 50 intersections across the city. minutes of fear followed by instant grief. we are hearing from the family of a camden police officer recovering from a shooting that could have killed him. patrick on, hanlon's loved ones are thanking his fellow officers for saving his life in camden. the rookie cop was shot in the leg wednesday night while wrestling a gun away from an armed suspect.
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here's how o'hanlon's cousin reacted after police told her the suspect's gun jammed when he tried to shoot the officer in the face. >> my jaw dropped. he -- i couldn't believe he actually tried to kill him. you can't argue that. when you hear he tried to shoot him in the face, you can't deny that he tried to kill him. >> officers quickly arrived to apply a tourniquet to the officer's leg and arrest the suspect. 6:06. activists in philadelphia say the cash bail system is broken. they want to make it more fair for people who can't afford to post the money. today city council is holding a hearing on the proposed creation of a community bail fund that would post bail for people who cannot come up with the cash. supporters of the plan say it's unfair for thousands of people who are locked up but have not been convicted of a crime. mayor kenney says the city of philadelphia wants its schools back, and he has no lack of support. check out the response yesterday when he demanded the state impose school reform commission vote to disband itself.
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[ cheers ] the city council chamber,ruptsed in cheers as -- erupted in cheers as mayor kenney demanded control of local philadelphia schools. he says now it's the time after a contentious 16 years. the mayor wants the city to have its own nine-person school board that he will appoint. while the community widelien braces the move, we heard -- wily embraces the move, we order that some fear it won't represent the entire community. president trump tweets his thoughts all the time, right? for more than ten minutes last night, his twitter account disappeared. and here's the message you saw when you tried to open the president's page shortly before 7:00 last night. it's now back up and running, and twitter is explaining how that page went down. now they're saying that it was an employee of twitter, it was his last day on the job. and he did it to make his last day important. twitter's conducting a full internal review.
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sky force 10 covering the fire in north philly. we asked the pilot to give us a shot of the moon. how big is that moon? >> how beautiful. dealing with fog in places fire the ground -- place near the ground, but clear -- >> the fog, if are you in a fog-free neighborhood, a nice view. not everybody seeing that this morning. the nbc10 studios, skies are nice and clear here. this is a live view from the studios. the view is going to be nice and sunny during the day. millville, this is socked in with fog this morning. it is not going to last through the morning. south jersey, 52. some of the cooler temperatures in south jersey. in the city, northeast philadelphia has had serious fog, reporting zero visibility this morning. not a problem for port richmond at 60 degrees. manayunk, west mt. airy, chestnut hill, in the 50s. like yesterday, warming into the 70s. we'll see a little bit of the warming at 8:00 this morning. 60 in allentown and quakertown. 58 in philadelphia.
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64 degrees in atlantic city. those areas see something fog during the 8:00 hour. trenton, for example, it will be gone by the ride home. in fact, sunny and warmer for the ride home. you saw people wearing shorts yesterday. it's going to happen again today. a few scattered clouds now. no rain from these clouds. this line of showers is going to try to move into our area. it's really going to thin out. a lot of showers will fall apart before they get to us. ry might see a brief -- we might see a brief shower. isolated sprinkles. hour by hour, 62, scattered clouds and dry during the 9:00 hour. into the noontime hour, there's a chance of scattered, light showers in berks county and the lehigh valley. looking at sunshine and 70 in millville. the fog will be gone by then. and at launchtime, low -- lunchtime, low 70s. goes warmer in the afternoon with a scattered shower possible. most areas will stay dry. that's 5:00 this evening. still nice and warm. once that line of clouds comes through, that's a cold front.
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so that's going to bring in colder air for the weekend. and you'll start to feel it late tonight. 55 degrees. and 40s north and west by 11:00 tonight. and with cooling air moving in, a cooler weekend. we'll show when to expect a warmup when i'm back in ten minutes. 6:10 on this friday. let's look at the schuylkill. spring garden. >> yeah. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. yeah. we're watching that around spring garden street. watching moving -- headed toward center city. you see the city back here. i like the shot for that reason. and over here, the westbound side, eastbound starting to see brake lights. everything's moving. that's the good thing. there's a fluid spill. pottstown, route 100's northbound side at shoemaker road, 95 looks good. at least if you're moving through delaware both directions. northbound and southbound, still ten minutes or at least ten minutes right there from 295 to 495. speeds into the 60s still.
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>> thank you. the time change is this weekend. experts say that we may be squandering the extra hour of sleep. next, the steps that you can take to make sure you feel more rested. and coming up in the next half hour, fear in the flames. the potentially deadly problem that has nearly 40 million fire extinguishers under recall, and the local tragedy that brought it to light. we've paid a big price for chris christie and kim guadagno. they gave out billions in corporate tax breaks. millions to whitewash the bridgegate scandal.
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millions more wasted on empty office space. we got stuck with the bill. property taxes up. train and bus fares up. college tuition up. women's healthcare funding eliminated with christie and guadagno we're paying more and falling behind. four more years of kim guadagno is unaffordable.
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6:15. this we end we turn back the clocks and get an extra hour of sleep. >> most people get less sleep during the change. we have more on the reason and what you can do for a smoother transition. pam? >> reporter: that's right. it turns out there's a lot you can do to get your body ready for the time change before you find yourself behind on sleep.
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as you said, even though we're getting that extra hour, studies show people get less sleep during the fall time change. aaa is reminding drivers to watch for sun glare monday morning and reduced visibility during the evening commute. they also warn that a disturbance in sleep patterns could result in drowsy driving. last year, penndot reported more than 2 5 fatalities caused by drowsy drivers. we sat down with the director of the sleep disorders center at jefferson hospital. he tells me most people who get up early in the morning tend to have the problem or the biggest problem adjusting. if you follow the guidelines, he says your body will adapt to the change more quickly. >> the problem is that although we'll be getting more bedtime during the night, we'll be effortsing our bodies to get up out of bed and expose ourselves to light later, an hour later.
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and if that light exposure time, the delay in time disrupts our sleep. >> the doctor said it hopes to expose yourself to as much light in the morning before you walk out. he says at nighttime, keep things dim. and if you find yourself feeling tired during the day, a short nap in the afternoon can really help. nbc10 news. >> i'm a napper. >> naps for everyone. we should have a nap room here. >> we do. we do. you don't know about it, but there's a nap room here. >> he doesn't tell everybody because he's also in the nap room. it happens. >> secrets. >> back in the day. wish i could go back to kindergarten where they would let you sleep for an hour because you get cranky and tired and cry or something. maybe one day. we'll get you to work one more time. route 73 at taunt ton avenue, i'm watching here. in berlin.
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pretty empty in both directions, northbound and southbound. not a lot of daers light. not seeing any delays either. there's a fluid spill in pottstown. watch for this on route 100 northbound. shoe maker road and route 1. the boulevard empty -- empty not the word but moving at least. the northbound and southbound sides, more volume heading southbound toward the schuylkill expressway. i checked in with the burlington bristol bridge and tacony palmyra for any openings, not yet. clear over the walt whitman bridge and the ben, too. back to you. >> thank you. 6:17. and 58 degrees. look at these people. not because they'll be one of the first getting the iphone, but because, my gosh, who would have thought it would have been 58 degrees at 6:17 in november? >> yeah i think there's an app for that. if you're going to pick a morning in november to wait outside, this is definitely it.
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yesterday was warm, too. this morning, fog free in center city. not everybody is seeing clear skies. the fog in avalon, a live view. any fog in new jersey, the suburbs, delaware, disappearing as the morning goes on. at this hour, the sun's not up. it won't come up for more than another hour. so there's still time for coatesville to see it thing r thicken up. zero visibility in lancaster. northeast philadelphia, trenton, zero visibility. there was thick fog to start in wilmington when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. it's eased. look at wildwood. zero visibility along with toms river, there's some fog in atlantic city and millville, too. the temperatures will climb. like yesterday, we're heading in the 70s this afternoon. so the fog disappears. we'll see enough sunshine to warm into the 70s. there will be some clouds around. and there's a chance of an isolated shower. you won't see it this morning.
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radar and satellite are clear. the cold front will come in, bringing clouds this afternoon. we'll still see sunshine. a slight chance of scattered, light showers. once that moves through, cooler air moves in for the weekend. you see it's clearing out. nice and clear in the midwest. that's what we're going to see on saturday. the clouds moving through for the day. the cooler air will move in saturday. we will see lots of sunshine. that's saturday morning at 10:30. sunshine for most of the day. by late saturday night, look to the west. showers moving, in we'll start sunday with a chance of some showers. you'll get to see the showers but won't if you sleep long enough. that's my plan. 73 degrees. extra clouds in philadelphia at 4:00. into the low 70s. a brief shower this afternoon. most of the region is going to stay dry. for the lehigh valley, the clouds take over by 4:00.
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70 degrees there. the fog disappears in delaware and in new jersey. both areas warm into the low 70s at noon. middle 70s this afternoon. and it will warm up at the shore, too. not a lot of fog at the shore. it will be done by noontime. 69 degrees and plenty of sunshine for the jersey shore, as well. i'll look beyond today and beyond the weekend coming up in the next half hour. >> see you in a few minutes. thanks. carson wentz is racking up the accolades. coming up, our q.b.'s newest honor ahead of the match-up with the broncos. plus, on the mend. we have an update on a little boy whose story we've been following for years. next, the health victory giving him a brighter future. the nbc10 morning team is again getting ready to go on the road. we would love for you to see us. this is the latest stop. this is williamstown, gloucester county, wednesday. next wednesday, we're headed to montgomery county. stop by the wawa along easton
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now the story of a boy who got his first transplant 17 years ago from his dad. he went into kidney failure. lasalle put out a plea after his mother was not a match. someone came forward. we wish him a speddy recovery. >> hang in there. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, food poisoning h philadelphia has no shortage of things to keep you busy. >> the american heart walk steps off at 8:00 a.m. jacqueline london will return as if year's emcee. i think jacqueline's emcee ed
6:25 am
for a couple of years now. nationwide the walk raises $72 million for heart research and education. philadelphia will honor the men and women who defend our freedom on sunday with a veterans affairs parade in center city starting at 12:30. the route begins at jfk and north 16th street, continues around city hall, ends at north 5th and market with a veterans festival. and the eagles will continue their tradition of honoring our men and women in uniform as a part of the nfl salute to service. the u.s. army band chorus will sing the national anthem as a field-sized american flag is unfurled by members of all branches before sunday's game. malcolm jenckins and chris long are part of a psa on why the initiative is so important. >> i reflect on my grandfather knowing that i get to live my dream because somebody else is fighting for that. >> you can find out more on the "salute to service" when you check out the nbc10 "game day kickoff" at 9:30 sunday morning. foggy start in many
6:26 am
neighborhoods this morning. not in south philly. it's clear. and we're on our way to a sunny, warm day. right now, 58 degrees at 6:26. your neighborhood forecast ahead. >> reporter: i'm live on the scene of a fire near temple university where at least six people were rescued. next, the philadelphia police officers who ran into this burning building saving at least six. that's coming up next. plus, ticketing new jersey's first lady. governor chris christie's wife gets caught in an initiative started by his administration. we have the video that shows it go down. hey, girlfriend. how's your café au lait? oh, it's actually... (squeaking of balloon) it's ver... (squeaking) i'm being so serious right now. i really want to know how your coffee is.
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that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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rescued on the flames. breaking news in north philadelphia. police officers ran into a burning home to rescue six people. fire extinguisher recall. the device you bought to protect your family might not work.
6:30 am
we'll show you what to look for. and iphone excitement. the x is out today, and people are camped out to get the tech-savvy but pricey upgrade. 6:30. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm via sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. boy, have they had good temperatures to camp out. if you got to camp out overnight a november night, this is the night to do it. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. 58 degrees right now. >> it is a warm start. it's going to be a warm day again today. unusually warm for november. we are see something neighborhoods with some thick fog. not here, not in this video of center city. very light fog in easton. it's much thicker far to the south and east. harleysville, socked in with fog. zero visibility for coatesville and lancaster into new jersey, trenton and wrightstown, toms
6:31 am
river, reporting zero visibility, down to zero in wildwood, too. anybody with fog this morning, the next couple of hours will be considerably foggy. then we'll break out into some sunshine. delaware right now is 56 degrees. getting a break this morning from the fog. wilmington, sunshine, 56 degrees at 8:00. near 70 degrees. that's by 11:00 this morning. with southwesterly winds and sunshine, the temperatures will go even higher. scattered clouds, a slight chance of a shower. most of the area will stay dry. 70s across the board even at the shore. that fog disappears. up to 73 degrees with partly sunny skies. i'll break these forecasts down hour by hour to show how quickly it warms up in your area when i'm back in less than ten minutes. first jessica boyington and first alert traffic. >> starting on route 309 around the p.a. turnpike in the ft. washington area. and looking good so far. both directions, northbound and southbound, moving nicely. they're dry. doesn't look like a lot of fog.
6:32 am
watching in pottstown, route 100's northbound side around shoemaker road. mass transit, looking okay. ten-minute delays. minor delays for septa's thorndale line. 501 actually, p.a. -- the patco, new jersey transit, and amtrak all running on or close to schedule. >> following breaking news. police and firefighters rush into a burning home in north philadelphia and rescue at least six people. the house went up in flames hours ago. >> randy gyllenhaal, you talked to the rescuers. what are they saying? >> reporter: this fire broke out just a couple of blocks from temple university's main campus inside a row home filled with apartments. it's not student housing, it's next to student housing. the firefighters were able to put out the flames in less than
6:33 am
30 minutes. three people were transported with injuries, including one with burns to the arms. two people with smoke inhalation. six people who were inside the apartments were rescued by philadelphia police officers who were the first on scene. at least six of them ran into the burning building. six officers going upstairs. they heard there were people trapped including an elderly woman and 8-year-old girl. they got those people out safely. take a listen. >> we heard screaming coming through the third floor. i tried to make entry. the first floor was engiulfed i smoke and flames. the back was the only way. the back wasn't on fire. that was the easiest way for none of us to get hurt. i got a fire extinguisher and put out the mattress as best as could. we had to take immediate action to get everybody out. >> reporter: crews rescued pets, a handful of cats, there were turtles and other animals, as
6:34 am
well. there were three injuries including one person with burns to their arms. the fire under control. crews now still on scene working to figure out a cause. for now, live near temple university, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. 6:34. new details in the deadly shooting of two people in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. a man and woman found shot to death in a car appears to be the case of a murder/suicide. nbc10 at amber and venango in the kensington neighborhood last night where people say they found a gun in the man's hands. the couple lived in the neighborhood and had a history of domestic violence. this morning, inspectors are checking a vacant row home in philadelphia. take a look. it collapsed. no injuries reported. the house on west fisher avenue gave way just after 10:00 last night. l&i is looking for problems with neighboring problems. president trump leaves this morning on his first official visit to asia. this is video from a previous trip. his ten-day tour will take him to japan, china, south korea,
6:35 am
vietnam, and the philippines. the president's top focus is the north korea nuclear threat. he'll also talk about trade. a heated debate is underway on the republican tax plan unveiled yesterday. it cuts the corporate tax rate and eliminates the estate tax. how it affects your wallet could depend on where you live. the bill will affect every american family by doubling the standard deduction, increasing the child tax credit, and preserving 401(k) retirement savings plans. the proposal would also end deductions that many families rely on for medical expenses, student loans, and state and local taxes. the high-tax state of new jersey is closely monitoring proposed changes. people who live in new jersey depend on being able to deduct state property and income tax. also, not being able to itemize medical expenses to bring down federal taxable income could have a huge impact on older people. >> people in a nursing home won't be able to deduct it.
6:36 am
they'll be paying tax that they're not currently paying. >> if you have a home here, you're getting wed.scre this is terrible. >> under the proposed plan, you would still be able to deduct property taxes but only up to $10,000. gop leaders on capitol hill talked about the benefits of their proposed changes. >> we're getting rid of loopholes for special interests and leveling the playing field. >> there's relief for american workers and there's tax relief for hard-working job creators. >> over 90% of americans will be able to fill out their taxes on a postcard. >> the proposed bill heads to hearings on capitol hill with president trump saying he expects to have it done by christmas. log on to the free nbc10 app for a breakdown of how the tax plan would impact you and your family m family. in the lehigh valley, a mother is responsible for the death of her 2-year-old son.
6:37 am
they found the boy unresponsive wednesday in a bathtub full of water. the faucet still running. his mother, 32-year-old michelle wallace, was passed out in the apartment building. the sound of running water there another room alerted officers that something else was wrong. police tried to revive the boy, but he was already dead. investigators found a spoon and a syringe when they searched the apartment yesterday. wallace is currently in the north hampton county jail on a half million dollar bond. and new this morning in bucks county, police need help to track down a man who tried to get a 10-year-old girl into his car as she walked home from school. this happened along glen rose avenue in west bristol yesterday afternoon. the girl ran off. neighbors are being asked to check surveillance camera footage for clues. a good samaritan remains in the hospital after he was critically injured trying to break up a violent domestic dispute. witnesses say that calvin wiggins of sicklerville was hitting his girlfriend at a bus stop along routes 40 in -- route
6:38 am
40 in hamilton township yesterday. a man yelled at wigtowns stop and tried to interven-- wigons stop and tried to intervene. >> as he walked to help, the guy suckerpunched him. he went down, you could hear his head crack all the way over here. >> witnesses say wiggins stayed at the scene until police got there and took him into custody. the man who tried to help is in critical condition. 6:-39. still dark out there. these folks headed out sometime yesterday afternoon i believe. >> yeah. they're waiting for -- to get their hands on that new apple iphone. when you think of this plan, this plan sounds cold if you think of november. not this overnight. 58 degrees. >> they lucked out. >> we'll check in with bill henley and the first alert forecast. >> fine in center city, but in millville, nobody camping out here. you can't see anything because
6:39 am
the fog is so thick. and because nobody's catching out there. 58 degrees now in philadelphia. no sign of fog in this view of the center. looking across the delaware and city, 70ality lunchtime. temperatures will climb into the low 70s, the middle 70s this afternoon. unusually warm. clouds, extra clouds this afternoon. later the fog will disappear. in the near term, 57 degrees. still looking at fog in the suburbs this morning. 55 in the lehigh valley. a few spots with fog. easton is not one. you can see high clouds that have moved in. that's helping to keep temperatures warmer. 60s. once we get sunshine on, the way to the low 70s in the lehigh valley. in new jersey, yeah. this is where we're seeing more fog this morning. 54. middle 50s at 8:00. through the 70s this afternoon. there will be extra cloud cover during the afternoon hours. a slight chance of sprinkle or
6:40 am
brief shower. most neighborhoods will stay dry. likely to stay dry and sunny at the shore. once the temperature climbs past the 60-degree mark, we'll get the bright sunshine at the shore. delaware, not as much fog as yesterday. there was some at 4:00 a.m. in new castle county. we could see some in the view from frawley stadium. now it's clear. sunshine, into the 70s this afternoon. 74 with winds out of the west at nine miles per hour. blowing a few clouds in later toda today. you won't find too many clouds on saturday. temperatures near 70. then a warmup on sunday. it will come with some early morning showers. most of the day, mostly cloudy skies. will be warmer sunday afternoon. and going even warmer for the beginning of the workweek, a look at that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. we'll look at your commute to
6:41 am
work this morning. jessica? >> i'm watching the plat bridge, the camera is frozen. 26th and pennrose, there's the plat bridge. this is coming into south philly. everything is fine. just a little bit of a delay. other than that, everything's moving along. that's the intersection. a crash at west main and north montgomery avenue. and another crash in cheltenham on cheltenham avenue at ogontz avenue. a few accidents there. and this happened yesterday -- septa's regional line dealing with ten-minute delays due to slippery rail conditions. pretty much all before you head out the door. check there before you go. back to you. a new recall might mean your fire extinguisher won't work when you need it most. >> next, what to look for to see if yours is included, and a local family's tragedy that sparked the investigation. also, no love. the return of philadelphia's iconic statue is getting pushed back again. the new date and when it could be back on display.
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6:45. a young new jersey police officer had been on the force for three months when he pulled over a woman who was well known in the state. >> can't have it in your hand at all. no, ma'am. >> according to, the officer had no idea he pulled over the first lady of new jersey for distracted driver. she had a phone in her hand even though she wasn't making a call. mary pat chris christtie did no mention she was the governor's wife. she pleaded guilty and paid the $250 fine. this happened in the somerset county in april. the video was just released. her ticket was part of a statewide distracted driving crackdown that was ordered by
6:46 am
her husband's administration. you have to wait a little longer to see philadelphia's iconic love statue. and when you do, it may look a little different. >> the city is delaying the return to public view until next year. contractors found out the statue was originally painted red, green, and purple when it was installed in 1976. not the red, green, and blue that it's been for many years. the extra time is needed to make the proper restoration. love park will reopen for the holidays with its christmas village later this month. this morning, a new apartment tower adorns the philadelphia skyline. nbc10 was at the grand opening of the new 32 building at 32nd and ray streets in university city. it costs $56 million to build. 160 apartments are for rent ranging from $1,700 to $5,000 a month. a camden baseball stadium will soon become history. south jersey power broker
6:47 am
northern norcross says campbell's field will be demolished to make way for a new one. it opened as home in 2001 as the river sharks. the minor league team folded two years ago. if you've never taken a close look at your fire extinguisher, now is a good time to check it. kidde extinguishers is recalling more than 40 million after a death in our area. that i have plastic handles or push buttons on them. hundreds have reported failing fire extinguishers. the only death happened in chester county. a young man crashed his car in east whiteland township in 2014. the car caught fire. when first responders tried to put out the flames, the extinguisher didn't work. >> it new extinguisher will have a metal handle. all of the problems, our scientists and staff believe have been addressed in this new design. >> the company is offering free replacements. go to or tap the nbc10 app for recall information and how to get a new fire extingu h
6:48 am
extinguisher. happening now, techies have been anxiously awaiting this day. now the new iphone x goes on sale today. here's a live look at people lined up to buy the $1,000 phone. some have been waiting since yesterday afternoon. they have nice weather for it. we spoke to one person willing to wait overnight for someone else's phone. >> reporter: do you do this every time a new iphone comes out? >> absolutely went. i'm getting this for my boss. if you're watching, you should be here next time, a great opportunity to meet new people. $1,000 is pretty expensive for a phone. to be honest, i don't know why these people are out here. >> doing it for your boss? you're so in. if you are looking at the phone, you know it costs $1,000. and we've heard two main selling points that some people are using to justify that price.
6:49 am
it's worth it, it's worth it, because of the edge-to-ending screen or the 3d facial recognition. so are you getting the newt iphone? i've been talking to people on twitter about this this morning. or is it just too pricey? you were saying not at $1,000. what would your price be to get the new, cool phone? join the conversation. >> i'll get the new iphone when the company decides i get the new iphone. >> when it's f-r-e-e. >> right. ten or 11 minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> we join matt lauer and savannah guthrie in new york with a preview. >> hi. >> good morning you to. coming up on a friday, we've got a lot to cover out of washington. from the president's trip to asia to his briefly deactivated twitter account. plus, what the new gop tax plan might mean for you. also, dr. oz's take on an alarming study that raises questions about a popular procedure for millions of heart patients. and on "brain power today,"
6:50 am
the food that could give you brain power and boost your brain. >> i wanted to believe it was friday, but i wasn't sure. >> it's been a long week. >> a long week. >> yeah. >> for sure. >> yes. >> thanks. >> see you in ten minutes. >> all right, guys. we'll take you down the shore, beach avenue, cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. >> look at the color of that sky. beautiful. let's find out what's to come with bill henley. 42 minutes from sunrise. cape may in the clear, but not everybody has that nice view this morning. avalon, the live view of fog. it's thickened up. much of new jersey is seeing fog. not alone, bluebell, coatesville down to zero visibility. fog in wilmington is thickening up again. northeast philadelphia, an improvement from earlier. trenton, socked in with zero
6:51 am
visibility along with wrightstown and atlantic city. the airport, flying out of atlantic city, that could slow things down this morning. the temperatures -- they're in the 50s right now. still unusually warm for this time of year. this is our starting point. sunshine breaking through the fog. clouds out of the picture for most of the morning. temperatures in the 50s, warming into the 70s this afternoon. warm in the mountains. 57 to start. 76 for philadelphia, scattered clouds later. 75 degrees for summerton. nice and dry in chestnut hill. the suburbs in the 50s. warming in the low to mid 70s this afternoon. dyestown, 7 -- doylestown, 72. easton, clouds around. there's a slight chance of a shower during the day in the lehigh valley. i think most of the day will be dry. the fog will disappear from trenton with sunshine, 76 in voorheis. middle 70s for ocean city and cape may. look at wilmington, 75 degrees
6:52 am
this afternoon. a nice, unusually warm november day. radar and satellite. in the clear. to the west, this cold front will bring a sprinkle. behind it, cooler air that's sweeping in for the weekend. temperatures come way down. 76 today. 45 tomorrow. near 60 tomorrow afternoon. we'll see a lot of the sunshine on saturday. then clouds come in saturday night. and early on sunday, there's a chance of some light showers, no big storm here, and then mostly cloudy during the day. it will be warmer, up to 68 degrees. even warmer still on monday. later today, another cold front, 73 the high. the cold front bringing a chance of showers and thunderstorms on monday. then steadier rainfall and cooler temperatures for tuesday and wednesday. wednesday, 50 the high. the rain takes a break. cooling for thursday and friday.
6:53 am
looking good for veterans day, 53. chillier next sunday. jessica boyington is will help out. looking at 76 and city avenue. >> yeah. delays on the westbound side. watchi watching, stop and go westbound. moving toward king of brush a. conshohocken area, seeing delays from the boulevard moving forward. here, a little slow. getting up the research isn't a big deal. a few accidents to talk about, too. one in lymerick out on cheltenham avenue around ogontz avenue. another crash that we're watching in cheltenham -- cheltenham, that's the one we were talking about here. and another crash, earlier we had some vehicle fires. now one on towamencin. still watching mass transit, the regional rail lines dealing with ten-minute delays due to slippery rail conditions. this happened yesterday morning, as well. just give yourself a little more time before you head out the door or you might have to change
6:54 am
some plans if ten minutes affects you. either way, plan before you go. >> thank you. the eagles will try to improve to 8-1 this weekend as they take on the broncos at the linc. >> fingers crossed. carson wentz hoping to stay hot after being named nfc player of the month for october. wentz threw for 14 touchdowns while leading the eagles to a 5-0 record last month. this is the first time he has won the award. and we are helping you get ready for this weekend's game. starting at 9:30, "eagles game day kickoff" followed by "eagles game plan" at 10:00. >> e-a-g-l-e-s!
6:55 am
6:56 am
what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
6:58 am
sky force 10 is live over breaking news just in. in delaware county, a car just hit someone on chester pike in colindale at the intersection near cherry street. we don't know how seriously the person is hurt. drivers should expect delays. we'll keep you updated later this morning. breaking in north philadelphia, police officers and firefighters ran into this burning home to rescue at least six people. there are several officers that got to the scene first and saved an elderly woman and an 8-year-old little girl. the fire is under control. one person has minor injuries. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington and a check on the commute. we're watching the vine street expressway, cameras at 8th street. moving through center city, no big problem. you can see the volume. brake lights moving from the westbound side approaching the schuylkill expressway. there's a crash at west main and north montgomery avenue. another one in cheltenham on
6:59 am
cheltenham avenue around ogontz avenue. watching a few slowdowns. no major problems on the blue route. just before 7:00, a cool start but not chilly. a little bit foggy. seeing a little fog return to wilmington right now. once that temps starts to climb, we'll -- that temperature starts to climb, we'll see the fog disappear. sunshine, 11:00, 68 degrees. a similar warmup for philadelphia. 58 degrees. a breeze out of the south. will increase a bit to help boost our temperatures. nine-mile wind at noontime. 70 degrees. then into the 70s this afternoon. lots of sunshine and 76 at new jersey. at the shore, we'll have the fog that will disappear. 73 degrees this afternoon. we'll enjoy 70s today. cooler for the weekend. the good news, this is going to be a longer weekend because we get an hour back. >> we like all of it. mid 70s, extra hour. we'll take it.
7:00 am
we'll have legal updates throughout the morning. you can always get local news, weather, and traffic on the nbc10 app. good morning. breaking overnight, shutdown. president trump's twitter account mysteriously disappears for 11 minutes. the company blaming a rogue employee on their last day of work. this morning what twitter is doing to make sure that doesn't happen again. under fire. attorney general jeff sessions facing new scrutiny in the russia investigation. just what did he know during the campaign? and did he lie about it under oath? as washington gets set for the battle over the republicans' new tax plan. growing scandal. shocking accusations against kevin spacey tied to his behavior on the set of "house of cards." the oscar winner dropped by his agent and publicist.


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