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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nbc10 breaking news. on a day of prayer, a massacre in a small texas church. a gunman walked into the church and left a trail of carnage. and tonight at least 25 people are dead. it's now the deadliest shooting ever at a house of worship in american history. i'm denise nakano. the church shooting happened near san antonio, texas, about 12:30 this afternoon. lauren mayk has been following this for us. >> denise, the shooter is believed to be from a neighboring town and just seconds ago his name was released. it's devon patrick kelly, 26 years old. we've also just learned one of those killed was the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor and his wife who were both out of town
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during this shooting. the sheriff says approximately 25 people are dead, including the shooter. now, this all happened inside a small church in a small texas town. it's called sutherland springs. it's about 30 miles outside san antonio where some of the victims had been taken to be treated for their injuries. the victims were inside the first baptist church in sutherland springs. authorities say a man walked into the church and began shooting. at this point, the sheriff says there is no information about why. a witness who was at a gas station near the church heard the gunfire and said it sounded like semiautomatic fire. >> it was -- it was rapid fire. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. you could hear that there was impact and there was ricochet, too. >> reporter: same witness says this is a small close-knit community where people know families there for generations. we're seeing images of some people there comforting each other. she says the place where people don't lock their doors or bring
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their keys inside the house and that may change now. president has spoken with the texas governor today and tweeted about the shooting while on his asian trip. president trump said, quote, may god be with the people of sutherland springs, texas. the fbi and law enforcement are ú the scene. i am monitoring the situation from japan. federal officials say while the motive is unclear, there are no obvious connections to terrorism. children. i'm laura mayk live in the brooz center. denise, back to you. >> lauren, thank you. "nbc nightly news" is following this church massacre. stick around for updates on "nightly news" right after our news at 6:30. well, a north philadelphia family torn apart. a 16-year-old trip let was murdered outside his home and he wasn't the only young child
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shot. nbc10 reporter joins us live from north philadelphia. you're right where that happened. >> reporter: that's right, denise. the shooting happened further up the block. sadly so many young people were involved. again, a 16-year-old was murdered and a 12-year-old was injured. the police are looking for a suspect that they believe is in his early 20s. a group of teenagers were hanging out around midnight. >> there were about ten or 12. >> reporter: that's when police say someone approached them and started shooting. >> i heard the eight gunshots, looked out both windows. i didn't see anything first until i went to the other window and i saw him laying on the ground. >> reporter: family provided nbc nbc10 with this picture and identified him are marquise houston. >> i ran out, didn't feel his pulse. i didn't want to move him.
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>> reporter: medics announced him dead at the scene. a 12-year-old also came up to officers and showed him he was shot in the thigh. police rushed him to the hospital. >> this has to stop in our community. all communities. you know? all of these young people are getting killed. for what? >> reporter: and minutes ago, marquise houston's school sent out a statement that said in part he was a respectable young man and will truly be missed. our hearts and prayers are with this family at this most difficult time. they also said grief counselors will be at the school in the morning. now as for that 12-year-old, at last check he was in the hospital in stable condition. reporting live from north philadelphia. andrea cline-thomas, nbc10 news. in an nbc news exclusive, special counsel robert mueller says he has enough to bring charges against the president's former national security adviser michael flynn.
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scrutiny in the federal probe. flynn was fired after just 24 days on the job. nbc news reports investigators are speaking to multiple witnesses over the next few days. and just last week, investigators unsealed indictments of paul manafort and rick gates. they've both pleaded not guilty. eagles fans got to sing fly, eagles, fly. plenty of times when the birds win over the broncos. they put up 58 points on the way to victory. nbc10 is is the official team of the eagles. we start with john clark with nbc sports philadelphia. he is live at the linc. john, the eagles dominated. >> reporter: yeah, i'll tell you what, that is 51 points against a team in the nfl that is giving up the fewest yards per game, the broncos. unbelieve what the eagles have done. they're 8-1. best record in football.
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they've won seven straight. carson wentz has now thrown 17 touchdowns over his last five games. nobody has done that in the history of the eagles. hue about this beautiful one? 32-yard touchdown right there. very impressive. the newest eagle, jay ajayi, the j-train has rolled into the linc. how about that? gets the first touchdown of his season. had to leave miami to do it. birds all over broncos 51-23. the eagles are off for two weeks. they're on the bye. how impressed are you with your record? >> we're balanced. we spread the wall around the way we did both in the run game and the throw game. zach went down. we were going to be ready to play. we didn't miss a beat. we had sellic and trey step up and make some big plays. that's how we're wired and built, the next guy up and shooting. hats off to them.
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that "d" line, that front seven, i hear all about them and that's a great defense. our "o" line handled some business today. it was a great team win. >> reporter: yeah, the eagles are 8 and 1 for just the fifth time in their history. the other four times they went to the super bowl or the nfl championship game. we'll hear from jay ajayi coming up in sports. for now, i'm john clark live in t the linc. >> check out the reaction from inside xfinity live during one of the first quarter touchdowns. the party is continuing tonight and nbc10's drew smith caught up with fans who watched the eagles earn the best record in football. plenty of excitement out there, drew. >> reporter: people are really enjoying this. still packed with fans enjoying this moment. it was a moment of joy and an electric atmosphere. >> it's time. it's happening. it's happening.
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e-a-g-l-e-s. >> we put a whopping on them. that's all i'm saying. going into the bye week. >> i think the eagles are super bowl bound. >> if you can buy the super bowl tickets now, you can get them cheaper. >> don't tell everybody. >> this guy is on the wagon. >> i can neither confirm nor deny, but he might happen to be a fantastic quarterback. that's all i have to say. >> reporter: and we're glad that people recognize that our quarterback is pretty good. still got some broncos fans out here. they're living in a little bit of shame tonight. we're live at the linc. i'm drew smith. nbc10 news. don't miss our exclusive interviews tonight on eagles game day final. the eagles widon't play for couple of weeks. watch the game right here on nbc10, the official tv station of the eagles. they play on "sunday night football" on the road against the cowboys.
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next on nbc10 news at 6:00, making marathon history. tonight, this woman's face when she crosses the finish lane. breaking news. a deadly rampage inside a church. we continue to follow this developing story out of texas tonight. and turning stormy. with this line of severe thunderstorms to our west will do to our temperatures this week.
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the men and women who serve our country were honored today during the philadelphia veterans parade. 3,000 people took part in the parade and after a loop on jfk boulevard around city hall down market street, participants and the crowd enjoyed the veterans festival on north fifth street. a beer garden with local breweries and a big screen tv to watch the eagles win. well, special delivery today
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at sugarhouse casino. hundreds of mote cyclists paraded into the casino parking lot at the 37th annual toy run. they brought tons of toys to waiting members of the u.s. marine corps. it will be part of the toys for to the program and delivered to kids all around the delaware valley during the holiday. 50,000 people ran the new york city marathon today, but it was this woman who made history. and today sharlene flanagan became the first american woman to cross the finish line first in 40 years. the 36-year-old from massachusetts ran the race in 2:26. jeffrey of kenya placed first in the men's race. well, breaking news, we are learning new details every few minutes about the massacre inside a texas church. an update right after this break.
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because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of texas. where a gunman entered a church this morning and opened fire. the wilson county sheriff says approximately 25 people are dead including the shooter. now about 15 minutes ago, police identified him as 26-year-old devon patrick kelly from a neighboring town. police still do not know why he did this, but police are going to be searching the home. sutherland springs is a small town of just a few hundred people not far from san antonio. the pastor of the church was out of time at the time, but he says his 14-year-old daughter is among the dead. this is the worst mass shooting at an american house of worship. "nbc nightly news" will have the latest in about 15 minutes. a camden county police officer shot in the line of duty is already out and about in the community. yesterday, we showed you this video of officer patrick o'hanlon leaving the hospital in
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his philadelphia sixers jersey. they tweeted this picture. officer o'hanlon is front and center in his jersey with joel embiid. he was shot in the leg thursday night after during a struggle with a suspect. thousands took place in this fund-raiser for cancer research. people raised awareness about lung cancer, which kills more people that colon, breast and prostate cancer combined. i was honored to take part having lost my mother to lung cancer five years ago. now to the first alert weather and tracking rain for your mondays. let's go to our middle eaeteoro and track. that's good news. and the good news also worked the out for the eagles game here today for many reasons. the victory obviously but also the weather remained dry the entire game. squichg the weather will stay here during the overnight hours. the only issue we may deal with
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is some patchy fog. that would be the worst of it here. give yourself a little extra time on monday morning. you definitely notice the mild air as you walk out the door tomorrow morning. temperatures, waking up in the 60s, but it's that's afternoon round of showers and storms between 2:00 and 7:00 you'll need the umbrellas. after that, we open the gates for some cooler weather. that comes in here starting tuesday. then you really start to feel it. i'll show that do you here in the ten-day forecast. right now, it's a nice mild afternoon. average high in philadelphia is 6 oh, today we reached 68. 62 up in allentown. not a big spread in temperatures tonight with the nice blanket of clouds that we have overhead. temperatures aren't going very far. we're going to be looking at some overcast skies. the best chance of fog will be to the south and the east. the live sweeping radars, we're dry right now. nothing to worry about in terms of that. here is some fog forming down to our south and east. we'll have to see if that comes up along the jersey shore from
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atlantic city down to ra hbois beach tonight. this cold front is really active at this hour. this line of showers and storms. tornado watches through areas of ohio and indiana. that's the cold front that will bring us the major temperature change. you can see it right here on the map. behind this blue line, look, it's 31 in minneapolis right now, 51 in chicago. this warm air that we get tomorrow and then after that we'll be seeing the cooler temperatures continue. it looks like my clicker -- all right. so we have some showers on the way here for tomorrow afternoon. 2:00, that looks like the best chance, maybe even an isolated rumble of thunder. by 8:00 tomorrow evening, the rain is out of here. it's all about the cool, crisp air that will be headed into our direction as we get into tuesday and most of next week. let's take a look at these temperatures. 70 tomorrow, springlike with the p.m. showers and storm. as we head into tuesday, a 15-degree drop at 55. 52 on wednesday. thursday is not a bad day, but looks like some clouds later in
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the day. a cold front that passes through. look what happens, the bottom falls out by saturday. veteran's day. you want your jacket and the works. i'm sorry, and it's severe weather week. tomorrow at the oxford valley mal. the nbc10 first alert meteorologists will be there from 11:00 to 5:00. you can't forget about weather. nbc sports philadelphia. if you needed a calculator to keep up with all the points the eagles put up today. jay ajay showed why the birds traded a draft pick to get him. his dash to the end zone just one of the many for the eagles. john clark has reaction from the locker room next.
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it's worth mentioning simply for perspective the denver broncos entered today's game with the number one defense in football. certainly didn't look like it. after giving up a field goal in denver's opening possession, the eelles come out looking like a first. place team. thanks to jay ajayi. that was just the beginning. later in the first, patrick robertson picked off of the whiler. eagles in witness again inside the red zone. same rule results. a beautiful screen this time. corey clement doing the honors for a touchdown. eagles rolling 17-3. clement with a little linc leap if you will into the crowd. second quarter, if you didn't know, eagles with more weapons
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and the good schwarzenegger flick. trey burton as the front sideline and 24-6 eagles. the route is on. under two minutes to go in the half, it's ajayi. he breaks off a big run. ajayi 46 yards and gets it across the plain for 6. eagles up 31-9 at the half against the best defense in the league. third quarter, eagles still lighting up the scoreboard. wentz to ajayi for the second tdo game. 149 yards with four touchdown passes on the day. clement calling again. finds the end zone. eagles all over the broncos, 51-23. john clark has more from the linc where i think the fireworks may still be going on. >> reporter: i think they ran out of them, danny. it's interesting because the eagles' offensive line heard all week about how the broncos had the best rushing defense in the
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nfl and overall the best defense in the nfl and some of them took it personally. jay ajayi, the newest eagle, that 46-yard touchdown. listen to him coming from miami talk about what a sports city philly is. >> it was special. first off, it's my first touchdown of the season and it's exciting to have been in philly and my first game as an eagle. i don't think it could have been ran any better than that. >> he picked up on things pretty quickly. he's a smart kid. so it was sweet to get him on that long run, get him going early. >> electric. great football town. it was exciting to, you know, see it for myself. >> and before it was absolute to service day. jose martinez came in from california, brent sellic and la garrett blunt went over to hugged him. he lost his legs and arm serving our country. some broncos defensive plays
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said the eagles offense seemed to know exactly what they were running. great coaching and great quarterback play. i'm john clark live at the linc where the 8-1 eagles rolled again. back to you, danny. >> all right, john, thanks. eagles heading into a bye before the cowboys loom afterward. we'll be right back.
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three takeaways from your ten-day forecast. warm tomorrow, then turning stormy in the afternoon. then we have that cooler weather here towards the rest of the week and a 24-hour cold shot on veteran's day on saturday. 48 degrees. get ready, you're going to need the jackets and all the works. >> the 70s for tomorrow. coming out of nowhere. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight after s d "sunday night football."
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the deadly church shooting in a small texas town. a gunman walks in and opens fire, killing up to half the congregation and wounding many more. ties to russia. how one of president trump's cabinet secretaries has kept his investments in a company with business connections to vladimir putin's family. nbc news exclusive, new developments in the russia investigation involving the president's former national security adviser, michael flynn. political shift. the big increase in the number of women running for office in this tuesday's elections and what's driving it. and built to last. the mail-order homes still gracing america's neighborhoods almost a century later. ♪ >> this is


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