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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  November 6, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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first alert traffic. >> thanks. starting on the blue route. the germantown pike onramp. here is the southbound side. no problems there. here, northbound, moving toward the mid county tolls. again, no problems. an easy drive. the schuylkill expressway doesn't have any construction that we've been dealing with for several days. 12 minutes eastbound. open once you get to the vine street expressway. from the blue route to the vine, speeds into the 60s. ending on mass transit, amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco currently with no problems. vai and tracy? hearts are heavy around the country and even overseas after a man gunned down more than two dozen people in a texas church. >> i cried so much. i don't even have any tears left. >> the guy only brought us closer by doing this. we're more unified now. it brings us even more together. >> the victims range in age from 5 to 72, and that includes the
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daughter of the pastor. 14-year-old annabel pomroy. it happened in the town of sutherland springs, a half hour from san antonio. the shooter opened fire during sunday services at the first baptist church. katy zachry has more from the digital operations center. the community is coming together to remember and mourn the 26 victims. >> reporter: as you said, there was an emotional vigil last night where much of the tiny town came together. the governor was there and helped people as they struggle to process the loss of so many neighbors and close friends. this is a community of less than 700 people, a half hour outside of san antonio. it is incredibly tight-knit. everyone knows everyone in some kind of way. even people not at the church were coming forward with personal stories about what they witnessed. >> i was like -- she's like, what's going on? i said, somebody is shooting up
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the church. and right at that, as i walked outside saying that, the bullet had come through, and gloss went everywhere. my son started crying. so i grabbed her and grabbed my son and just ran and hid as best we could. >> that's kevin jordan who lives very close to the first baptist church in sutherland springs. he was changing his oil in his vehicle when he heard gunfire late yesterday morning. that's when he ran inside, took -- helped his family take cover. when the gunfire stopped, he was brave enough to emerge from his home and run into the church. >> i just ran to the first person and just started trying to, you know, wrap up gunshot wounds, trying to hold pressure for people. one of my wife and best friend's mom was shot. >> reporter: coming up, hear from another of the brave
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samaritans. >> thank you. investigators identify the shooter as devin kelly. the service court-martialed him in 2012 for domestic violence. he got a bad conduct discharge in 2014. kelley was found dead near the scene after he was confronted by an armed neighbor. it's not clear if he took his own life or was shot and killed by someone else. an act of evil. that's how president trump is describing the deadly church mass shooting on day two of his visit to japan, vowing his full support for the state of texas and the victims' loved ones. >> all of america is praying to god help the wounded and the females of the victims. we will never, ever -- and the families of the victims. we will never, ever leave this side, ever. >> peter clinialexander tweetede president said this isn't a guns situation and blamed mental health for the shooting."
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we have complete coverage on the nbc10 app. hear more from witnesses and get the latest any time by signing up for breaking news alerts. a community discussion on gun violence is tonight in chester county. st. peter's episcopal church in phoenixville will hold the first of two forums. the goals are to educate the public, find common ground on gun issues, and forward items to lawmakers. new overnight in center city, a single bullet took the life of a 20-year-old man on katherine street. last night the gunman started shooting at the intersection of 13th street. the victim ran to a nearby gas station and collapsed. investigators haven't released the victim's name. the gunman is still on the loose. decision 2017 comes to a head tomorrow with election day and candidates from one of the highest profile races in the state are urging philadelphia voters to get to the polls. >> get out. vote on tuesday. >> d.a. candidate democrat larry
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krasner joined candidates running for other core positions to hold a rally in north philadelphia yesterday. krasner's opponent, republican beth grossman, knocked on doors and passed out campaign materials. despite this final push, people we talked with say this election is not as popular because there's no presidential candidate on the ballot. krasner and grossman are running to replace former d.a. seth williams who scienced this summer in disgrace after pleading guilty to corruption. a judge sentenced williams to five years in prison last month. in another high-profile race is the race for governor. phil murphy and kim guadagno spent the weekend making the final pitches to voters. as for today, we know guadagno will be at get out the vote campaigns in parsippany. murphy hasn't listed public events for the day. ten in is counting down to election -- ten in is counting
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down to election night. we'll have more on nbc10 coming up. and a jury is set to begin deliberations for bob mendez, accused of bribery and fraud. he's said to have accepted gifts in exchange for political favors. menendez did not testify during the two-month-long trial but says he's innocent. a guilty verdict could impact the balance of political power since republican governor chris christie would pick the democrat's replacement. the eagles grabbed another big win. you a believer now like we are and always have been? tracy and i, i'm talking about. >> wentz wagon all the way. >> eagles 8-1 after yesterday's win against denver. the eagles have the best record in all of football and gave the crowd of 70,000 plenty to cheer about. they went into the game facing
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denver's number-one-ranked defense. that just didn't seem to matter. the eagles' offense and defense came up big with the birds flattening denver 51-23. for the fans watching the latest eagles win was electrifying. check out the reaction from inside xfinity live after the birds scored one of their many touchdowns. even broncos' fans are impressed with q.b. carson wentz. >> he's on the wagon. announce it. >> i neither confirm nor deny. he might be a fantastic quarterback. that's all i have to say. >> why you holding back? why you holding back? >> can't confirm or deny. he might be a pretty good quarterback. no argument there. and carson, he's feeling the love. after the game he tweeted, "huge team win. nice way to head into the bye week. appreciate all the incredible support from you crazy fans. love it!" in the next half hour, we'll hear from wentz and his teammates about the win. the eagles now off until sunday, november 19th.
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they take on -- ooh -- dallas cowboys on sunday night, football night. right here on nbc10, the official station of your philadelphia eagles. >> i'm so ready to talk smack about the cowboys. >> you know, and i saw -- i don't know if you tweeted it or you put it on instagram, but i saw -- maybe you showed me -- >> facebook. >> you with your wentz wagon jersey and -- after they scored a touchdown. >> had that for a while as we both have. boy, temperatures outside for a football game for everyone at the linc, sweet. the temperatures are sweet this morning, too. >> we'll check in with bill henley. the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> it doesn't matter the weather, they win. thank goodness vai announced the winners of the super bowl. good news. no rain yet, but you may want to grab the umbrella. showers on the way. here's something you don't see often -- all these temperatures
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are within a couple of degrees. 62 degrees in delaware. 63 in the suburbs, the lehigh valley, and foiphiladelphia. washington township cooler, but not much. even princeton, 60 along with hopewell township. this is typical for high temperatures, not morning temperatures. we should be in the 30s and 40s. staying mild as clouds move in this morning. ahead of a cold front. warm air is moving in. cleveland getting the cooler air that we'll get tomorrow. and in between, we'll get showers and possibly thunderstorms. this is on track for late morning and into the afternoon. starting the day dry. clouds over wilmington, philadelphia, northeast philadelphia. at 8:00, you might see a few raindrops moving into western berks county. at 11:00 this morning, the lehigh valley, berks county, could see a few showers. still dry and warmer in philadelphia and south jersey. showers are on the move by early in the afternoon.
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the rain coming down. doylestown, northeast philadelphia, philadelphia, reaching into northern new castle county and delaware and south jersey. later this afternoon, this is where our chance of thunderstorms comes in. the line of showers and possibly thunderstorms fast moving. by 7:00 this evening, showers are off shore. then look at the temperatures, 60 in millville. 40s for the lehigh valley into pottstown. this cooler air will take over during the day. it's going to bring our temperatures way down over the next several days. 70 this afternoon before the showers arrive. after the showers sweep through, 50s. in fact, low 50s on wednesday. chillier heading into next weekend. i'll break it down and look at the weekend forecast -- never too early, is it, to look at the weekend forecast? >> you know how much i like that. >> in a few minutes. >> tracy's disappointed when she doesn't get the two-weekend forecast -- >> the ten day. >> yeah. yesterday the eagles wore
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all black. this morning, look here what's going on. >> see? supporting. >> right? >> exactly. i know. that's it. we all -- we didn't plan that, you know. >> that's right. that's when it happens best. >> yeah. guys, watching the vine street expressway, around the cameras at 8th, both directions okay and open. usually in between broad and about the schuylkill expressway. sometimes anyway. the last week or so, we haven't had a closure. now, open. you're good to go out on the vine street expressway. route 202 looks good, as well. both directions here, north and south, ten minutes there for the trip from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway. speeds into the 60s there also. i'll end in new jersey. this is the 42 freeway moving through deptford around route 41. in here is northbound. that's moving up to 295 over the philadelphia area. so far, so good. >> thank you. the road to recovery. recovering addicts talk to us about the challenges of getting back on their feet. >> see that we're addicts, you know, we're looked at
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differently. >> why finding a job can become a huge hurd nell their battle to -- hurdle in their battle to stay sober. plus this -- all over again. >> a heartbreaking plea. why the parents of an 8-year-old killed in a hit and run say justice has not been served. at 4:12, shutting down. the busy route closing for more than a year starting today and how it could impact your commute. we've paid a big price for chris christie and kim guadagno. they gave out billions in corporate tax breaks. millions to whitewash the bridgegate scandal. millions more wasted on empty office space. we got stuck with the bill. property taxes up. train and bus fares up. college tuition up.
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women's healthcare funding eliminated with christie and guadagno we're paying more and falling behind. four more years of kim guadagno is unaffordable.
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4:15, 63 degrees. now to the terror in manhattan. loved ones will attend the funeral of this man killed in the north jersey attack. darin drake was 32 years old, riding on a bike path, when a
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speeding rental truck killed him and seven other people. the truck attack happened tuesday. police shot the suspect, then arrested him. he faces federal terrorism charges. isis claims the suspect as one of its soldiers. investigators are working to see if he acted alone. the parents of an 8-year-old girl from overbrook killed by a hit-and-run driver say a young life was snuffed out and justice was not served. >> they are reacting to a mixed verdict reached in the case on friday. last fall a driver hit and killed jaona powell as she and her brother walked home from school. the jury convicted paul woodland of manslaughter and reckless endangerment in the crash, but not the most serious charge, vehicular homicide. jaona's parents are heartbroken about the verdict. >> no prom, no graduation, i get no grandkids, i don't see my baby walk down the aisle. i don't get none of that, but he gets to see his son. >> woodland told the court he did not see the children and tried to stop, but it was too late. he will be sentenced in january.
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happening today in north philadelphia, the office providing disaster relief to people displaced by hurricane maria has a new location. the disaster assistance services center will move from the hispanic association of contractors building where it's been set up for the last month. the new location, five blocks away, at the rivera rec center. so far the center has helped 361 people in puerto rico. renewable engineer pioneer elon musk is making good on his offer to help the island rebuild its power grid. his tesla company got power restored to a children's hospital in san juan through the installation of 700 solar panels. musk says it's the first of many solar and battery projects going live on the island. power is still out for 60% of the u.s. territory. time again to stop the bus in delaware. d.a.r.t. and the state food bank will begin the week-long thanksgiving food drive today. you're looking at video from last year. today you can donate non-perishable items at the acme
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in rehoboth. the bus will work north. for a list of all locations, tap the nbc10 app. 4:17. you can help philadelphia become waste and litter free by keeping your yard waste out of landfills. >> you can bag it for the city's leaf recycling service. the program begins today, runs through december 16th. in areas known to have a lot of leaves. the city will add mechanical curbside pickup. you can just rake your leaves to the edge of the yard for collection. bagged leaf drop-off sites will be offered citywide on saturdays at 23 locations. keep in mind that if you set your bagged leaves on the road for collection, they will go to trash and not recycling. >> today might be a good day, certainly warm enough. i think we're expecting rain later this afternoon. >> yeah. before it gets wet. let's find out about the timing of that with meteorologist bill henley. rain and thunderstorm.
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a warm wind is blowing this morning. we're in the 60s now. this wind will be with us before the showers move in. the southwesterly wind helping to keep things warm this morning. that's why temperatures are in the 60s now instead of the 30s and 40s. low 60s for the lehigh valley. some cooler neighborhoods in the suburbs. but not by much. west callen township is 59 degrees. exton, malvern, st. david's, in the low 60s. and 62 in newtown. while it is 61 in milford and st. david's, gladwin about the same, 60 this morning. a mild start. you won't need the heavy jacket. an umbrella is a good idea. showers are not here yet, but they're not far away. there's warm air surging ahead of the cold front. behind it, there's colder air. look at snow falling in south dakota and nebraska. the chilly air will be sweeping into the area. you'll feel it tonight and
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especially tomorrow. today, warm, 70 this afternoon. that happens before the rain moves in. summerton up to 67. also 67 degrees in the suburbs, lansdale, the lehigh valley, allentown, 66. the showers getting an earlier start in the lehigh valley than they will in new jersey or the shore. a chance of thunderstorms for both areas and a good chance of thunderstorms popping up for delaware, too, with the high of 68 in wilmington, warmer in smyrna. cooler weather, it's going to be moving in this week. yes, it will be here for the weekend. the coldest day of the next seven coming in on saturday. 48 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in the lehigh valley. the low 50s for new jersey, the shore, and delaware. sunday, a bit warmer, but there's a chance that you'll get to use your umbrella once again. watching a chance of showers for the suburbs, the lehigh valley, new jersey, and possibly philadelphia, too. afternoon temperatures moving into the middle 50s.
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today, starting nbc10's severe winter weather week. we'll be on the road visiting local malls and meeting with you. i'll be there, glen schwartz will be there. we'll be there from 11:00 at the oxford valley mall until 5:00 this afternoon. speaking of weather week, you and i will be joining the weather team tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> at franklin mills mall. >> yes, a great time. >> we'll have a great time. wednesday, we're headed out to a wawa. >> yeah, in horsham. i was there on saturday because i had an event in horsham. >> stopped by there -- >> i did. any opportunity to get wawa coffee is a winner. >> jessica boyington is looking at the boulevard. >> they didn't invite me to the mall, probably for a reason. the boulevard's 17th, doing okay. you see the roads are empty so far on the northbound and southbound side. not seeing any problems or delays. the roads are dry. a good drive there. 95 looks good, too. 13 minutes now on the southbound
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drive time, woodhaven moving to the vine. speeds into the 60s, too. also checking in with the bridges. we're clear over the burlington bristol bridge and tacony palmyra. i just checked for scheduled openings on the way. not right now. the walt whitman bridge and ben are good moving into philly, too. the nbc10 morning team is two days away from hitting the radioed again. >> here's -- hitting the road again. >> here's video from our stop in wawa williamstown. this week we'll be in montgomery county. stop by watt what along east -- by the wawa along easton road, meet the team, gab a free cup of coffee. we want to meet you and shine a light on communities and the good things that are happening. >> we bring jessica and bill. it's a party. >> music and dancing. that's all i'm going to say. beaten and bruised. a man attacks a u.s. senator. the moments that rand paul was tackled to the ground and who
4:22 am
investigators say did it. honored on the court. a special moment for a local officer shot in the line of duty and the star who helped out. and tv lovers beware. all new at 5:00 a.m., the new scheme aimed at stealing your cash as you stream your favorite show.
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former congressman anthony weiner is expected to surrender this afternoon in a federal prison in massachusetts. weiner will serve 21 months for sexting with a 15-year-old girl on line. during his sentencing in september, the disgraced politician said he was undergoing therapy and that he's been a very sick man for a very long time. he was blind sided, bruised, and battered.
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this morning, new details about the attack that injured senator rand paul. the republican senator suffered five broken ribs in the friday afternoon attack. police say paul was mowing his lawn when a neighbor tackled him from behind. that man was arrested but quickly posted bail. there are reports that the two had ongoing problems with each other. yesterday paul thanked supporters twitter. his office says it's not clear when he will return to washington. meanwhile, "tonight show" host jimmy fallon says he's lost his biggest fan. >> the tapings of the show this week are canceled following the death of his mother. gloria fallon died at a new york hospital with her son and family by her side. she was in the audience for her son's first "tonight show" episode in 2014. jimmy has featured her in the show's hash tag segment. gloria fallon was 68. repeat episodes of the "tonight show" will air all this week. 4:25. jumping into action. a good samaritan chases after a man behind the deadly church
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attack in texas. how he was able to help stop the shooter minutes after he gunned down dozens of people. clouds are overhead, and those clouds will bring us some rain during the day. that's a live view from center city. 63 degrees at 4:26. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. good morning. good morning, bill. watching the lehigh valley now. 78 and lehigh street. looks good so far. roads are dry. pretty empty. we'll check in with some more drive times when i come when we come back. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and
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our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward. ♪weee! today's the day! wahoo! there's the second-most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. phew, am i late?! nah, just in time. nice. holiday scratch-offs from the pennsylvania lottery. aww. things just got very merry. keep on scratchin'!
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chasing down a killer. a man shares a harrowing story as we learn more about an attack at a church. and a philadelphia road shutting down for more than a year and how it could impact your ride to work. soaring to victory. the eagles grab another win as they pummel the denver broncos. what carson wentz is saying about his newest teammate. 8-1. how about that? >> a trade this week worked out well for them. >> how about that? every time i turned around -- >> holy smokes. this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. and we'll go to meteorologist krystal klei for the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. -- meteorologist bill henley for the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast, a little rain later today? >> the first spots to get rain, lehigh valley and berks county. a live view. the first raindrops will be here this morning in neighborhoods. easton among them. now it's dry through allentown,
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philadelphia, wilmington, dover. to northwest, the first light showers in central pennsylvania. farther to the west, heavier downpours and a potential of thunderstorms this afternoon. unusual for november. it is a possibility today. part of the reason -- it's so warm outside. a huge contrast in temperatures today to tomorrow. much cooler tomorrow. in the 60s now. the lehigh valley at 63 with a southwesterly wind at eight miles per hour. staying in the low 60s. by 10:00, here comes the first rain in the lehigh valley. the rest of the area will have to wait a little bit longer. showers and a possibility of thunderstorms. the lehigh valley and new jersey, at the shore, 72 this afternoon. showers later on at the shore points. delaware, 68, showers and possibly thunderstorms this afternoon. i'll break the forecasts down hour by hour to shohe


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