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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> we know roy as a person, as aing husband who loved his wife. he loved his two boys tremendously. he coached their baseball teams. i can tell you when he spoke of his family, he spoke of pride. the entire family is so sad for your loss. i can tell you we are praying for you. we know you're a family of faith. our hearts and prayers go out to you. >> halladay was a philly for four. he's survived by his wife and two boys. he was coaching his son's little league baseball team just yesterday. >> live for us in the breaking news center. check in now with john clark. you've interviewed him a number of times. >> he was so professional and so classy. what i remember most is his work ethic. hay called him doc. roy halladay was one of the best pitchers in the last decade.
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he's survived by his wife and two boys. roy was 40 years old. he came to the phillies in 2010. he won the cy young award with the phillys and became the first pitcher ever to throw a perfect game and then a no-hitter in the playoffs in the same season. that was his first post season game. only one other pitcher ever had a no-no in the playoffs. roy, a future hall of famer. eligible to go in next year. and the tweets are pouring in from former phillies players. shane says, gone too soon. blessed to have shared the field with you as a teammate, friend and more importantly a brother. praying for the family. and mike trout in shock over the terrible news about roy halladay. a pitcher i grew up i admiring. pray iing for his family and friends. joining us now is phillies baseball analyst ricky bah tall
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koe. when you hear this news as a person, as a pitcher, what are you thinking of when you think of doc hal la? >> just sickening. it's one thing you didn't expect. i woke up this morning and didn't expect to hear that roy halladay died in a plane crash. he was one of those guys that within the community, within his teammates, within his peers, everybody, the press, he was always a good guy. and that's what's bothersome. the first thing i heard that it may be him. i go on to his twitter account and check out what's going on. i look and it's all about his planes and his family. that's the type of guy he was. he stopped playing four years ago. wanted to spend time with his family. i guess in a way he was doing what he wanted to do. >>s that tragedy. they were teammates on the same
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rotation with the blou jays in 2003. . when you heard teammates would fly planes, did it make you nervous? >> i didn't like to fly in the first place. i was always a little nervous about planes. once you hear that a tragedy happens to somebody in one of your passions, you should get a little cautious. this is what he wanted to do. he had a passion for it. he was going to do it. he waited until he was done playing. like i said, he went doing what he want ed to do. that's the bottom line. >> just an awful tragedy. thank you for spending some time with us. back to you. >> youen can't hear this enough. leaves behind two children and his wife. >> he was a good, good guy. his teammates continue to send messages. the phillies organization and halladay's former teammate will talk to the media tonight at
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6:30. you can watch them reflect on halladay's passing lye on the nbc 10 app. we're also following more breaking news. a pennsylvania state trooper shot at a traffic stop now fighting to live. tonight a suspect is in custody after the shootout. >> the troopers were in a knockdown fight along the side of the road. the vehicles were speeding by them. it got very violent. it was a violent fight. >> shots were fired around 11:00 this morning on route 33. that's near state route 191 in north hampton county. troopers pulled them over for a traffic stop and said he was free to go. e eventually he got into a fight with the troopers while traffic was whizzing by. the suspect went to his car, got a gun and shot the officer several times. officers fired back and hit him as well.
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we have live team coverage of this investigation unfolds. >> we begin with steven fisher in bethlehem. bring us up to date. >> reporter: the trooper who was shot was air lifted here to st. luks hospital shortly after that. state police arrived here and haven't left. we also understand the governor is on his way here to st. lukes. we want to show you what it looked like earlier here outside of st. lukes. nbc was here. even though this is shooting involved, state police still have an investigation to do. we saw them walk out of the hospital with evidence bags. you can see from looking at the troopers rolling in here, it's just been an emotional day. the trooper who was shot has not yet been identified by police. we have learned he's corporal state police and shot three times and critically injured. he did go through surgery this afternoon. just before 4:00, police told us they are encouraged by the progress he's made in the last
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few hours. he remains critical. >> right now, our guy is up there fighting for his life. he's a warrior. like i said, hen went through a heck of a fight out there along the side of the road. and he has the will to live and god willing he's going to pull through this. >> a on to of support has been pouring in throughout the day and evening. we asked that officer who gave us an update just before 4:00 how he was doing, how everyone was doing. he said simply roigt now, they are all optimistic. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. we're digging into every detail. brandon hudson will be live at 5:30 with new information from the scene. stay with nbc 10 on air and online for instant updates. download the nbc 10 app and have alerts sent directly to your phone. he had the umbrella, for good reason.
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rain and cold, two words you need to know. we're tracking showers across the region. just look at that green on first alert radar. then look at this. consider it done. snow flakes mixed with rain. i guess this means we have to talk about snow. >> already the rain coming down also in north philly. we caught a few folks out there with umbrellas rushing to get out of the rain. this woman carrying a baby that baby is covered up. conditions along the shore. this is the live look of the prom nad. chief meteorologist tammie souza is here now. >> she has your most accurate first alert forecast. there's a lot of rain out there. >> a little bit of rain/snow mix. some snow flying in the poconos. and the whole area is being affected. let's go to bethlehem. you just saw what was going on out there. you can see the darker shades of red. there's a rain/snow mix. we can hear it coming down. as i widen it out, you can see
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that's where we have the heaviest reflectivity because it's bit of a mix. we have steadier showers moving through as well. moving through reading and just to the north of atlantic city cape may is about to get hit with steadier showers. let's take a look back up here to the lehigh valley. we have actually seen some of that sleet, wet snow. off to the southern poconos, you can see the snow there. now if you notice, i it into motion. the cold air is pretty much trapped there. at least the air that would produce snow. we're chilly, but we are not down near the freezing mark. that's what you're seeing in pottsville and shenandoah. so we're going to continue to monitor what's going on. that snow should stay at the higher elevations. the rain should move through this evening. it gives us a good soaking. we're going to see maybe rainfall totals a quarter of an inch. somebody may get a half inch.
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it's going to be cold and slippery with all of these temperatures falling below freezing. we woke up this morning at 32 in all allentown. 32 in philadelphia. and right now we're looking at temperatures that aren't too much off that mark. 32 in pocono. and 44 in philadelphia. come on back and i'll let you know when the cold air arrives. >> that's a good tease. in the meantime, decision 201. the stakes are high in new jersey. these are the top contenders that want to replace chris christie. voters will let the new governor for the first time in eight years. nbc's lauren mayk is covering the race live in asbury park. many say this key race is a test of president trump's impact. >> reporter: they are dealing with soggy and windy weather to get voters out to the polls. democrats hoping phil murphy
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will help them take back. the governors office. republicans hoping kim will help them keep it. chris crist e tee casting one last election day vote as governor. this one for who should replace him. christie insists the race isn't about him. although his lieutenant governor is on the ballot for the top job. >> this just isn't about the people leaving. you're yesterday's news. >> both candidates voting in mammoth county. the lieutenant governor cast herbal lot in mam moth beach. she's running on her own record. the promise to audit the state if she's elected. phil murphy voting with his family. the soon to be outgoing governor known for tangling with opponents, press and the public did so again today when the woman about a local township and bureau. >> the easiest thing is to stand
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where you stand on the sidelines and critique. because that's too hard. >> reporter: the new governor victorious tonight will take over in january. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. philadelphia voiters are deciding the next district attorney. philadelphia's last elected da went from the top prosecutor to prison inmate earlier this year. williams resigned after pleading guilty to accepting bribes for political favors. a judge sentenced williams to fife years in prison late last month. be sure to count on nbc 10 for complete election results tonight at 11:00 and to watch the realtime results a they come in. just go to the nbc 10 app.
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we continue to follow two big breaking news stories. beloved phillies pitchers roy halladay has died in a plane crash. and a state. trooper clinging to life after being shot. stay with us as we bring you live team coverage on both of these stories. and it's a story that has a lot of people talking today. meek mils sentenced. why some in our city and music industry say he didn't get a fair deal.
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we continue to follow breaking news. a state officer was shot. the suspect managed to grab a gun in his car and got into aout with the troopers. the corporal has made progress but is still in the intensive care unit. we'll stay on top of this breaking news story. and more breaking news. tonight's philly fans and baseball players around the world are remembering the life of one of the best pitchers of all time. roy halladay died when his small plane crashed into the gulf of mexico this morning. the 40-year-old pitcher retired from the phillys in 2013. reaction is pouring into the normal tonight. we'll have updates every 15
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minutes. check out first alert radar. we are tracking showers. safe ta say, wherever you live, you're dealing with some precipitation. the rain should last throughout the evening. >> checking out boat house row, watch out for the slick roads on the drive home. a beautiful shot there. let's check in chief meteorologist tammie souza. >> she's tracking the latest conditions. >> it's not a great time. ed the rain should just go away. it is going to last throughout the evening. if you are in the southern poconos. ur owing some snow flakes. this was a picture from an hour and a half ago. you can see the snow has come down. that's the. temperature there now.
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the winds are calm. that was an hour ago. right now in will ming to be, 42 degrees. it's rain coming down there. how about we make it to cape may. an hour ago it just was socked in and cloudy and misty. the ocean water is keeping that air along the shoreline a little warmer. 44 in philadelphia. winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour. and a feels like of 37 degrees. you'll see 39 in wilmington. 39 in philadelphia. we're going to get much colder than this. we have heavier showers through the you shall ises. so let's see avenuing on to getting quite a bit of rain.
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a steady rain. philadelphia, north philly a little heavy on the rain, but not so much toward the airport. let's move up now in the lehigh valley. it's allentown that you're seeing the pelting kind of snow. that's where we're seeing the snow coming down in patches. it is a light snow. it is a wet snow. it is snow and finally we can talk about the season. you can see the cold air is acu off there at the poconos. the rest of us feel chilly, but don't have the air that's down into the freezing mark. this is where we're going to be going over the next couple days. it's going to get colder. so we're going to see these rain showers continue through the night. they will be out of here tomorrow morning. you're going to wake up around 39 degrees in philadelphia.
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low 50s in philadelphia. 40 nz get to thursday morning, there it is. philadelphia into the mid-30s. now let's watch what happens. we're going to go on through thursday. we'll warm up to 55 degrees. it's thursday night into friday morning. that's our first chance to see our first freeze in philadelphia. much of the area will likely be in the 20s, low 30s, even the teens in the poconos. even colder as we head into saturday. friday at noon, we're only 30 degrees in philadelphia. so for tonight, your ten-day is not a warm and fuzzy one. it's a go get that big puffy because we're going to need it. 52 for tomorrow. maybe an isolated sprinkle in the morning. 55 on thursday. we start chilly in the morning. then on friday, it's down right cold because we're not used to the 40s.
5:20 pm
45 on friday. we'll start at 30. saturday even colder. plenty of sunshine. sunday we cloud up and start the day at 29. we make it back to the 50s. rain redeveloping on monday. no warm-up in sight. >> winter is just around the corner. don't miss glen's long range winter forecast tomorrow night. he'll show you what to expect this year to keep you prepared. that's wednesday at 11:00. now to new information in a deadly workplace shooting. >> we have learned two shooting victims are out of the the hospital. a former employee with ties to our area is accused of opening fire on five people in a granite company in maryland last month. three died. after the shooting police say he drove to wilmington, delaware. he shot a man he's had gripes with in the past.
5:21 pm
he was found near newark. authorities arrested prince. >> we are learning more about the victims of the deadly church shooting in texas. they ranged in age from 18 to 77 years old. one mother and two children were killed. her two other children, her son was shot five times. he is now fighting for his life. her daughter hid under a pew. a bullet shattered her glass, but she survived. another family lost three generations all gunned down at the church where they worshipped together. >> we have had a long night with the children we have left. >> the pastor and his wife were out of town, but they lost their 14-year-old daughter anna bell. new information continues to come out about the gunman. a 2012 police report shows
5:22 pm
delawadevin kellie was caught trying to sneak guns on to an air force base where he was stationed. it also says he escaped from a mental health facility where he was committed. he was caught in el paso, texas, where the facility deemed him a danger to himself and others. court records show his attorney asked in court to drop the suit. the former assistant coach sued the university in 2012 and lost his job following joe paterno's firing. he later testified against jerry sandusky during his child sex abuse trial. how long will you have to wait in line to get a seat in the arrest or through the line at a grocery store. >> there's an app for that. we'll tell you at 5:00. plus you have to see this video. a woman dragged in a carjacking. how the suspect targeted her at a gas station.
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we continue to follow our breaking news. roy halladay is former teammate just tweeted, heart is broken to hear about roy halladay. great friend, teammate, father and husband. one of the best teammates ever. he will be missed. we'll have live coverage of his
5:26 pm
death in a plane crash at 5:30. moving on, take a look at this, video shows a woman being drag ged by a purpose who stole her car at a connecticut gas station. the woman left her car running and while inside that gas station, the suspect got in her car. the woman ran out, confronted the man and hanging o on when the suspect sped up. . police are still searching for the suspect. manhattan's district attorney is expected to present his case against disgraced executive harvey weinstein as early as next week. the emmys just announced banned weinstein for life. the television academy voted for the ban last night following numerous allegations following sexual harassment. it's the latest step by hollywood to distance itself from weinstein. we are staying on top of two breaking news stories. >> phillies pitcher roy halladay dies in a plane crash.
5:27 pm
reaction is pouring in from fan and the major league baseball community. we'll show how he's being remembered, tonight. and a pennsylvania state troop er is shot during a traffc stop. we'll tell you more about the struggle on the side of the highway that ended in gunfire. she never let anything slow her down. even now. and aetna is moving medicare forward right along with her, starting with the medicare rx select prescription drug plan.
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feast on one of longhorn's steakhouse cuts. 12 oz new york strip, center-cut flo's filet, for a limited time, 14 ounce delmonico. the feeling. the flavor. the place. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. we continue to follow breaking news. roy halladay died when his plane crashed off the gulf coast of
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florida. john clark explains what he meant to the community. we'll begin with drey clark. what are e we learning about the crash? >> information is still coming in. he was just 40 years old when his plane b went down into the gulf. he was a flying enthusiast after he retired from major league baseball in 2013. halladay's bold body was recovered from the gulf. he was the only person on board. police still have not figured out why it went down. just over an hour ago, the sheriff talked about halladay's impact on the community as a player, husband and father.
5:31 pm
>> he was a personal friend of our sheriffs office. right now, we're going to be working with this family to provide any assistance we can. he loved his family tremendously. he coached his boys' baseball team. >> halladay pitched four seasons with the phillies, but quickly became a legend after a cy young award a perfect game and no-h no-hitter in his first playoff game ever. live in the breaking news center, drey clark, nbc 10 nouz. our coverage continues with nbc sports john clark. >> this is just heartbreaking news. >> kenny chesney tweet ed a picture of him saying he lost a good friend. my thoughts and heart are with randi and the boys.
5:32 pm
future hall of famer. he was an avid flier. and roy loved to fly planes. he just bought this new plane last month. and on the baseball field, the gm that brought him here said the biggest regret was not getting roy a world series ring. his work ethic was extra o extraordinary. >> we actually believed that he was working a little bit too hard. >> roy and chase, nobody worked harder. he's one of four to win a cy
5:33 pm
young. >> heartbroken, roy was the guy i looked up to in little league and high school. it's going to continue all day today. you got it. >> another breaking story we're following right now at 5:00. the police trooper is fighting for his life following a shootout this morning. it happened during a traffic stop in north hampton county on route 33 near state route 191. brandon hudson joins them. >> the trooper left after a speeding ticket. the driver called that trooper
5:34 pm
back and that's when things took a violent turn. they obtained this facebook live video and shows the trooper air lifted to the hospital. this started when a state police corporal pulled the driver over for speeding on route 33 in plainfield township this morning. as the trooper left, the driver wanted to talk about the ticket. that's when the trooper noticed the driver might be under the influence. arrived to help arrest the driver and got aggressive and fought back. >> as corporal was hit three times, the other driver took cover and fired from a car as that suspect got away. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. we're following other big stories today including a major
5:35 pm
weather change as we have seen just in the last 24 hours. >> take a live look at all of that green on first alert radar. promise there's a map under that blob. that's your neighborhood. it's a slippery, wet commute home. this is a live look tr our camera in will ming overlooking i-95 which you're having trouble seeing. be careful if you're heading out there tonight. >> just briefly, it hit 70 degrees. let's look closer. philadelphia, steady rain in aven avenuington. and steady rain. we're watching all of this move
5:36 pm
off to the east. how about if we go further to the north. we just saw brandon up there in the lehigh valley. we have seen sort of a rain/snow mix. the pellets coming down. that's now move through bethlehem and will head off to north. a little bit further off to the east, we're watching some snow come down. hazleton, pottsville, that's where we're seeing some of the snow and into the pocono. we're going to continue to watch this system. we knew it was coming. 37 in coatesville. 45 in vineland. 42 in trenton. 45 degrees in dover. we're going to drop even further. >> thanks. new at 5:00, a search underway for the suspects police
5:37 pm
say beat and robbed a grad student in university city. police are look iing for two people. they were captured on surveillance cameras after the attack sunday night. police say they attacked and robbed the 26-year-old victim walking along south 43rd street. the victim suffered a fractured skull. straight ahead at 5:00, police say they have arrested a man who attacked several college students. the campus that's feeling a little safer tonight. he's one of philly's biggest stars. now some people are upset after learning rapper mill could spend several years behind bars. the story ahead at 5:00. the nbc 10 morning team to get you ready for the day. one mistake that's putting you and others at risk on the road. that's how to fix it. >> nbc 10 is on the road again headed to the washingtwa.
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joins i for a free cup of joe at 4:00 a.m.
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new castle county, one person is dead, two more are hurt. fire krurs were able to pull two
5:41 pm
people from the burning home. third person escaped. crews tell us hoarding inside the house made it harder to put out the flames. they are trying to figure out how the fire started. police are looking for a man who is shirtless when he burglarize the home. you can see them in the surveillance video. he broke into a home on sunday morning. two other men in hooded sweatshirts were seen in the video. fbi needs your help finding a cereal bank robber who hit two banks. the man seen here has robbed fife banks in all in the past two weeks. police say he either shows a gun. or threatens tellers saying he has one. there's a reward for helping to find him. if you recognize him, call police or the fbi. a delaware teen is under arrest charged in a pair of assaults near the university of
5:42 pm
delaware. 19-year-old attacked three delaware students on saturday. one of the men had serious head injuries. they also linked him to another incident back in september. after 20-year-old andrew coffee died. alcohol played a role in his death. all students. >> our students and their organizations on campus. must step up. >> coffee
5:43 pm
. >> two months ago maxwell grooufr died at lsu. pledges there were forced to drink if they couldn't answer questions about that fraternity. to this now, a show of support for a philadelphia rapper. >> the sentence handed down that has a lot of people talking. why some say the punishment was too harsh. and i'm tracking showers and cold weather. it's here. plus a big coat. going to need it. we'll have your full forecast for your neighborhood coming up.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
he's one of the biggest stars, but meek mill is sitting in jail and may be years before he's back on the streets. a judge handed him a sentence he
5:46 pm
was not expecting for violating his probation. >> chart topping rap artist now facing up to four years in a pennsylvania prison for probation violation. a philadelphia judge telling the 30-year-old rapper whose real name is robert williams that she's given him break after break and done nothing but thumb her nose. >> they are dominating the airwa airways. >> that's too much. it's too harsh. >> meeks legal problems began in 2008 with a conviction on drug and gun charges. he served eight months and was given five years probation.
5:47 pm
but repeated violations landed him back in jail in 2013 and his probation was extended. in march he was arrested after fighting with a fan at a st. louis airport. the charges were eventually dropped. and last month he pleaded guilty to drive iing a dirt bike on a manhattan street. still meeks probation officer and the prosecutor did not recommend prison time. but the judge disagreed. >> drey clark, nbc 10 news. turning to the weather. it's a cold and wet day. this video was shot this afternoon. a live look at the ben franklin bridge. if you're hitting the road tonight, definitely want to take you to see this.
5:48 pm
>> a big warm coat is necessary. we slid to the back end of fall now. this would be the start of winter-like temperatures now. doppler radar show that quite clearly. we have heavier rain moving through philadelphia. that's where we're going to see the steadiest rain. still looking at steady showers. off to the west, things are starting to quiet down. in berks county, starting to quiet down. reading and allentown, starting to quiet down but not quite the case for pottsville and moving into the southern poconos. light snow. here's a wide look at this system as it pushes through the area. you can see the cold air is confined to the upper
5:49 pm
elevations. so not from this system. but this is a reminder now that the cold air is starting to invade. we really need to prepare ourselves for all the winter weather because it is definitely on the way. so here's what you can expect. the big chill is here. this is what is looked like earlier today. we have seasonably cold air in place. it will be here ten days at least. several shots of rain showers when we move through the area. we could see some sprinkles again perhaps tomorrow and maybe thursday. then sunday into monday. each time it's cold enough to see a little snow in the polk knows. chilly and sunny a little nicer on sunday. still is it's going tb below average. so today's high, 49. we should be at 59.
5:50 pm
well below average. 39 in philadelphia. 37 in trenton. 34 in allentown. 43 for all of you in stone harbor tonight. we're not climbing too much. 52 tomorrow. 55 on thursday. and look at this. highs in the 40s for friday and saturday. back to some 50s. the cold air sticks around. let me walk you through it. we have 40s in place. we have our winds that are coming in out of the north. the rain clears out of here. you'll wake up to 39 in philadelphia. 31 in mount pocono. 38 in wilmington. only the low 50s with clouds maybe an isolated shower. we wake up thursday. 34 in philadelphia. 32 in mount pocono. 30 in allentown. look what happens by the time we get into thursday afternoon. mid-50s. but friday morning, here comes the cold air. 29 in philadelphia. 24 in allentown. looks like we will see our first
5:51 pm
freeze by happen saturday or sunday morning. 39 in south jersey. 44 along the shore. 39 in delaware. tomorrow, we will see a mix of sun and clouds. maybe an isolated shower. 53 in south jersey. and 5 in delaware. your ten-day on 10, it doesn't get warm. it stays on the cool side. 55 on thursday. 45 on friday. 4 on saturday. colder with the wind. 52 on sunday. and 55 on monday. guys, back to you. remembering a phillies legend. >> the sports world in mourning tonight after the death of roy halladay. the former star pitcher killed in a crash. how fans are paying tribute, that's next.
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welcome back. lester holt joins us from new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> details of the texas church shooter's past including an escape from a mental facility. plus a warning about how little amount of alcohol can increase your risk of cancer. when we see you on "nbc nightly news." back to you now in philly. if you are just tuning in,
5:55 pm
we have heartbreaking news for phillies fans. roy halladay was killed in a plane crash just a few hours ago. >> deanna durante has been talking to fans who just heard the news. >> many of them didn't know. i started talking to people. e she just heard it on the radio. one philadelphia area father so distraught hen couldn't even talk to us once he found out. >> get out of here. really? >> he's only 40 years old. >> such a great player. just a great name for the sport in general. it's tough to see this happen. completely random circumstance. it's really tragic. >> it reminded me of music when the big bopper and buddy holly died in the weird plane crash. it's one of those things these strange things happen.
5:56 pm
they can be dangerous sometimes. it's a shame for phillies. there's a lot of fans that really liked him. it's a tragedy. >> he was a big part of the philadelphia community when he was here for the world series team. i remember the games that we had. just an untimely death that brings the whole community down. >> he was only 40 years old. he was the only person in the plane when it crashed. tonight the sports world is in mourning. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here are jim rosenfield and jack yak. >> we'll keep following this it breaking news of roy hal laday' death. we're getting details about the crash from an investigator who was a good friend.
5:57 pm
then a state trooper shot when a speeding ticket triggers a shootout. we have team coverage as we learn how things escalated to violence. and it's a soggy night ahead. it's cold enough that some of us are having a snowy night ahead. i'll explain with your neighborhood forecast.
5:58 pm
every day, technology becomes much more personalized. ♪ ♪ like this. and this. (ai device) welcome home, gary, how was your day. and like this. introducing specifi, our digital investing platform that's built around you. just answer a few questions, and specifi will provide a tailored investment portfolio. it continually manages it, so if the market changes, it adjusts accordingly. ask us how specifi can help you reach your potential. ♪ ♪ right now at 6:00, we're
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following two major breaking news stories. a a state trooper critically injured after get iting shot several time when is a traffic stop turned into a vie. leapt fight and shootout. >> but first, remembering phillies superstar roy halladay. the all-star pitcher killed in a plane crash in the gulf of mexico. thank you for being here. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. hol la day was flying his plane in florida just north of clearwater before it crashed in the water. >> george spencer has everything we need to know about the crash so far from an investigator who was also halladay's friend. >> it's sad to say it's a friend of ours. >> reporter: you could hear the quiver in the voice of the florida sheriff late this afternoon. a personal friend of phillies great roy halladay on this day forced to tell the world that the beloved baseball star had died in a plane crash off the county coast. >> they said the plane had gone
6:00 pm
down. at that moment your heart sinks. >> they only knew him smiling as his team, one of the greatest pitchers. the sheriffs team knew him personally. they knew he had taken his love of heights to another level. what's more, halladay had donated a service dog to the sheriffs deputies and helped the office with a charity fundraiser just this past friday. >> he was a part of our sheriffs office. his kids went to school with our kids. he was there whenever we needed him. he was one of the most humble human being you'll ever meet. >> he was described as a man who loved his wife and two sons inten intensely. a man whose loss will hit hard for florida's first responders, for his family and for a


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