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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 7, 2017 11:34pm-12:38am EST

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song? [ laughter ] lin, do you mind? okay, yeah. ♪ ♪ how does a sweet super sweet sweeter than sweet and low ♪ ♪ and stevia grow up to be a sassy gal olivia
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♪ oh yeah i've loved her ever since she showed up like adele ♪ ♪ wearing those floral prints ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ everyone will want her to be their wife but she showed up too sassy to be your sassy wife ♪ ♪ i live that sassy life i live that sassy life ♪ ♪ oh yeah the price is steep as she's rollin in the deep it's olivia ♪ ♪ olivia olivia olivia ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: my thanks to lin-manuel miranda and thank you to the roots. we'll be right back with ricky gervais. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is an emmy and golden globe winning
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actor and writer. he's currently in the midst of his wildly successful stand-up comedy tour called "humanity world tour." he'll perform tomorrow night at the theater at madison square garden, right here in new york city. please welcome the hilarious ricky gervais, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: ricky gervais, oh my goodness. ricky, what's up? we love having you here. welcome back. >> oh, lovely to be here. >> jimmy: you have a million things happening. you have movies. you have tv things. stand up things. but you also have now another radio show. >> yeah. >> jimmy: on siriusxm. >> started today. i'm just doing a -- a few series a year on sirius. just me -- >> jimmy: it's called --? >> "ricky gervais's deadly serious." >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> it's just perfect for me. it's just fun. it's just pure fun.
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>> jimmy: and how's the stand-up comedy tour? this is like crushing it. >> my favorite. it's my favorite. >> jimmy: you're going around the world? this is nice. i saw you did a show in copenhagen? i don't know if you remember doing that. >> my new favorite place in the world. >> jimmy: it really is? >> of course. so liberal and -- it's just great. it's brilliant. >> jimmy: i saw this photo you posted, and i go, "oh, when in copenhagen." >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: and this is the photo i saw. >> yeah. what i do -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is everything okay? i mean is everything --? >> i know. yes. i like -- i like taking bath pics. yeah. >> jimmy: bathtub pictures? [ laughter ] i have seen these, yeah. >> and so i started -- i started doing a sort of relevant bath pic wherever i was. like in scotland, i have a a little ginger hair and a a little kilt on. and then in canada, i have a a moose outfit. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> and then in iceland, i was a a viking. but that was because -- >> jimmy: but this one. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but how do you even get a costume like this? >> wow. i planned it, right? [ laughter ] so -- so me and my girlfriend went to a sort of a fancy dress shop, right? to get that.
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>> jimmy: yeah. >> and i was too embarrassed to ask, in case he recognized me. so i sent jane up, right? and she said, "have you got a a mermaid outfit?" and the bloke said, "is it for you?" right? and she went, "yes." right? [ laughter ] and then she thought, "oh no." "yeah, not for me exactly, but an adult bigger than me, right?" [ laughter ] and the bloke went, "okay." and she was looking and she goes, "yeah, that one is fine. i got the wig and -- picked out." and then he went -- and she bought it, right? and he went to her, "someone is going to have a good weekend." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and it wasn't true? no, no, this happened. this is what came out of it. yeah. i want to talk here more about your stand-up tour. is this your -- jerry seinfeld told you to do more stand-up? >> jerry seinfeld can't -- he doesn't understand why me and chris rock do other things when we can do stand-up. he doesn't understand why we do movies. and i sort of -- i agree now, because stand-up was always like the second or third thing i did. i always thought i was a writer or director or actor and now on this tour, it's my favorite
11:59 pm
thing i do. now it comes first. i can't wait to do another tour. so, yeah. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, i think -- >> jimmy: why do you love it so much? >> i don't know. i think -- i think i've reached the -- i've got old people's rights, so i can say what i want now. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: old people's rights. >> it's just such a privilege. you know, the people coming out. i have so much to say, and i've don't -- and also -- and i called it humanity, because i thought it's time i let the world know what an awful species we were. so -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wait, you don't like humanity? >> it's basically -- no, it's basically me whinging about the world from the most privileged position imaginable. [ laughter ] i think -- i think -- no, but i think people think i've got a a perfect life. and i sort of have, but it doesn't mean i don't moan about everything every day. everything annoys me. a letter comes through the door and i think, "oh, what is that?" i don't want to do anything but play so everything -- and when i say "everything," i mean people. i've -- i've -- honestly. [ laughter ] everything about people annoy me. >> jimmy: people annoy you? >> oh, oh, they are the worst. [ laughter ]
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they are the worst. >> jimmy: people are the worst. >> they're absolutely worst. >> jimmy: well, what happens -- >> this world would be better without them, right? [ laughter ] so no, honestly. >> jimmy: but you are a people. >> yeah i know. i don't like me. [ laughter ] i don't like me. >> jimmy: but what about a a restaurant or something? >> if i go in a restaurant, it's got to be empty. if someone comes in, i go, "oh, why are they here?" [ laughter ] no honestly, i want -- even the waiter annoys me. because he's sniffing. sniffing really annoys me. but someone next to me eating loudly. why does he --? [ mimics loud eating ] i want to go, "oh, what is wrong with you?" [ laughter ] why has no one ever told you, jamming, sniffing, this -- [ farting noise ] oh you pig, you absolute pig. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what is that? >> i don't know. people do that. they chew with their mouth open. whistling. why do people whistle? why do they whistle? it's the most amazing, look -- [ whistles ] why are you whistling. even people emptying my bins at 6:00 in the morning, like that's not loud enough, they've got to add whistling to wake me up, right? [ laughter ] and in changing rooms. men whistle in changing rooms. men walk around in whistling in changing rooms. they're sort of going, "i'm not looking, right?" they're just sort of -- [ whistling ] -- like that, and then they -- then they walk around naked,
12:01 am
right? for ten minutes. they've had their shower and then they walk around naked. why do men walk around naked? i know it's a changing room. but they do their hair, they're still naked. [ laughter ] they weigh themselves naked. i want to go, "put some pants on and then weigh your --" it doesn't have to be that accurate. you're not a boxer. you know what i mean? [ laughter ] it's just like, put some pants on, weigh yourself and take off an ounce. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but the worse thing is they just do their hair in the mirror naked, so i can see their arse and their offal in the mirror, right? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> they do their hair like that and then some of them even do the -- >> jimmy: oh, no, no. they don't -- no, that's not -- >> why are they styling that? that doesn't need to be styled. it's fine, right? everything annoys me. people annoy me. >> jimmy: but do -- does anything not annoy you? >> dogs. [ cheers and applause ] dogs don't annoy me. dogs don't annoy me. >> jimmy: dogs are the only -- you love dogs? >> a dog can eat as loud -- if a dog is going -- [ mimics dog eating ] i'm going, "aw, bless it, he loves his food."
12:02 am
[ laughter ] he can eat as loud -- if a person was to eat like that, i'd take him to -- i'd go, "something is wrong. put it down. it's wrong -- it doesn't -- just put it down." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you guys, ricky gervais. [ cheers and applause ] go see him perform stand-up on his "humanity world tour." >> ricky and i are playing the "face-it challenge" when we come right back. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's a small finger...a worm! like, a dagger? a tiny sword? bread...breadstick? a matchstick! a lamppost! coin slot! no? uhhh... 10 seconds. a stick! a walking stick! eiffel tower, mount kilimanjaro! (ding) time! sorry, it's a tandem bicycle. what? what?! as long as sloths are slow, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. grooves in your sandwich? do you always put cheez-it of course! they're chips.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. i'm here with ricky gervais. [ cheers and applause ] you can see him doing standup at madison square garden tomorrow night as part of his "humanity" world tour. ricky and i are about to do the "face-it challenge." here we go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ face it face it challenge ♪ >> jimmy: now here's how it works. each round we will draw a card which will tell us what face we both have to make. we'll look in our mirrors, make
12:07 am
our faces and then reveal them on the count of three. [ light laughter ] we'll stare at each other for ten seconds while trying to hold our faces. the first person to crack a a smile, laugh or break the face loses. let's see what our -- stop that. here we go, let's see what the first -- don't say it. >> oh, no. >> jimmy: here we go. let's see what our first face is. the first face is -- trying not to vomit. [ laughter ] >> right. okay. >> jimmy: trying not to vomit. okay. we'll take a moment to make our faces. are you ready? >> i'm -- i'm going to vomit, so i can -- >> jimmy: three, two -- >> wait -- wait a minute, what about -- >> jimmy: rick, three, two, one, try not to vomit. [ laughter ] >> when you reveal? >> jimmy: one -- oh, sorry. yeah. ready? >> yeah. >> jimmy: one, two, three -- [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, oh. >> jimmy: that's insane. >> feel like i burst a blood vessel --
12:08 am
>> jimmy: did you do something? did you pop something? >> i pulled a muscle. i pulled a muscle. >> jimmy: you did? on that -- >> oh, god! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. just doing that? >> i was going to say, "don't know how you do it." i go, well i do this -- oh, oh. >> jimmy: ricky you go out -- i'm sorry i laughed at that. >> okay. >> jimmy: got to make sure. >> okay. >> jimmy: that's how you do trying to vomit. alright, here we go. >> oh, this -- oh, this is mine. double chin -- c'mon. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i can do that. i can do it. >> easy. easy. >> jimmy: yeah, here we go. alright, ready? three -- [ laughter ] two -- one -- [ laughter ] [ laughter and applause ] [ buzzer ] >> right. right. right. what i did, right? this is -- this is my downfall. right? so it was sort of a -- and it was blurred. but then i saw a photo. and all i could see was the chin. so i laughed. >> jimmy: it's a tied game. >> oh. >> jimmy: alright, well, let's take a moment. here we go. >> okay. >> jimmy: oh, creepy smile. >> okay.
12:09 am
>> jimmy: creepy smile. here we go. >> creepy smile, okay. >> jimmy: creepy smile. three -- [ laughter ] three -- [ laughter ] >> the thing is, right? >> jimmy: sorry, what -- >> i'm doing it to myself in the mirror. >> jimmy: i know. i know. i know. >> it makes -- it turns me on little a bit. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: creepy smile. >> countdown then? >> jimmy: three, two, one -- [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] >> one more. >> jimmy: no, no. you pulled it -- you pulled it away funny. >> alright. >> jimmy: you pulled it away funny. 'cause i forgot that's also a a thing you can do. alright, the last one is up to you. you can read this one, yeah. >> getting caught in a zipper? [ audience oohs ] does that -- does that mean this zipper? >> jimmy: yeah.
12:10 am
yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> well, that's never happened. that's one of the advantages of having a very small penis. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's not something you brag about. no, you don't brag about that. >> i can boast. but it's pretty tiny. >> jimmy: oh my gosh. that's not -- you don't brag about that. alright, getting caught in a a zipper -- [ laughter ] three, two, one -- [ cheers and applause ] [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: ricky gervais, everybody. he's the champ. [ laughter and applause ] ♪ lin-manuel miranda joins us after the break. stick around everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ music playing ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is the creator of one of the biggest musicals of all time, "hamilton." he's written a new song called, "almost like praying" which is available now. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the hispanic federation to benefit the puerto rico recovery effort. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome lin-manuel miranda. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪
12:17 am
>> jimmy: c'mon, you know. we love you. [ cheers ] lin-manuel. >> wow. >> jimmy: thank you so much for coming back. thank you. >> thank you for playing me out with big -- legends! >> jimmy: yeah, they're the best. all right, come on. >> that made me really happy. >> jimmy: you are the best. everything -- thank you so much. first of all, i just want to say for everything you're doing for puerto rico right now. [ cheers and applause ] hurricane maria happened, you still have family there, correct? >> yes, that's right. my aunts and uncles and my cousins are all still on the island. and in a lot of ways, you know, it's going slower than anyone wants. 75% of the island is still without power, 25% still without water. we're making -- >> jimmy: i'm so sorry. >> yeah, we're making up for this sort of slow initial government response. but what's been amazing is the reaction and the outpouring of support from everyday citizens like you guys. from i mean -- we -- just the hispanic federation we've raised $20 million. that's small donations from
12:18 am
you. [ cheers and applause ] that's from you. thank you for the $2.5 million -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's the least i can do. i mean -- >> so like it's this weird paradox of wanting to jump up and down about the government response, but being so overwhelmed and hopeful about sort of everyday people. >> jimmy: i mean you are -- that's the thing that i love about you, is that you're very hopeful. and you spread that message. we were saying -- talking backstage -- we were talking about even children that are giving their baby-sitting money. >> yeah, kids sending their allowance money. kids breaking piggybanks -- parents matching what their kids raise at lemonade stands. i mean, it's been incredible to see that outpouring of support. >> jimmy: that's what we can do. that's what we are. yeah, exactly. and then, "almost like praying," how did you come up with the song? how did you come up with the title? and how did you put it all together? >> yeah. >> jimmy: 'cause it's amazing. and 100% of the proceeds go to the hispanic federation. >> yeah, you know, i'm like everyone who has friends or family on the island. i was waiting for words from my
12:19 am
family. and i needed something to do. so i started writing this song, trying to kind of -- and the challenge became, you know, what lyrics can you say? we didn't even know the immediate aftermath was going to be. so i said, "if i could name all 78 towns in the lyric," which in many way is the dorkiest possible response. "i'm going to name all 78 towns." [ light laughter ] but it was important to me. you know, there were a lot of towns that don't feel heard and don't feel like they're getting the same relief. and so i wanted to sort of elevate them. and then i called every latino superstar i know. and i tweeted at the ones i didn't know. and we got -- it was from writing the song to releasing the song it was about two weeks, which is really fast. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> so it was really incredible. and everyone said yes. j-lo and mark anthony, fat joe -- >> jimmy: yeah, i saw that. >> it was this kind of incredible -- everyone said "yes" without having heard the song. so that was really amazing. >> jimmy: it's an amazing song. but you played it for your son.
12:20 am
that's when you knew it was going to be good. because he's a very harsh critic -- >> yeah. yeah, my son doesn't like "hamilton." >> jimmy: he doesn't like "hamilton?" >> no. he's sort of the one -- he likes "dear theodosia" because he thinks my wife wrote it. because she sings him to sleep with that song. if i try to sing it, he goes, "you did not write that song. [ laughter ] mommy wrote that song." but -- so he's a harsh critic. i play him stuff. and he says, "i don't like that song." but i played him "almost like praying." and he got up and went, "i am puerto rico. you are puerto rico. we are puerto rico. we are puerto rico." >> jimmy: puerto rico. >> puerto rico. >> jimmy: puerto rico. >> puerto rico. >> jimmy: yeah and how big is he now? >> he's like this big. >> jimmy: he's a baby. yeah, i love him. that's so cute. we have to hang out. we were out east and we got to hang out over the summer. >> we did. >> jimmy: with the baby and your wife -- we were having fun. >> we were at your house. yeah, it was awesome. >> jimmy: do you remember -- do
12:21 am
you remember a moment where we were at one point in a a basement? >> i remember leaving our wives to go to the basement to listen to vinyl music while our wives were upstairs talking about probably real-world issues. we were listening to every polka track that weird al yankovic has ever done, on vinyl. [ laughter ] because jimmy has them all. >> jimmy: and you said to me -- he goes, "aah." i was like, "oh yeah i got -- cause i have a comedy section of vinyl." and you go, "you have weird al? oh my god. i love weird al." >> jimmy: i go, "me too." and he goes, "do you have 'polka party?'" >> yeah. >> jimmy: and i go, "do i have 'polka party?'" [ cheers and applause ] [ rim shot ] i have -- i have "polka party," which has you know, "living with a hernia" on it. it has -- "polka party" is the song we -- >> we sang it at the top. i think our wives came to see what the matter was with us. >> jimmy: we cranked it. we sang it at the -- i have never met anyone since -- i don't even know if i met anyone in grade school or high school. >> no.
12:22 am
>> jimmy: that knew this -- >> it was special. >> jimmy: and we sang every single part of that song at the top of our lungs. and we were laughing. and i was crying laughing. >> we were crying laughing. >> jimmy: because i couldn't believe you knew -- i just thought if you wouldn't mind, i kind of like to -- wanted to re-create the scene. >> oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ] this should never have left the basement and here we are on national tv. >> jimmy: it really should never leave the basement. and we don't have parts. it's not rehearsed. we just both sing. so, we just both sing. right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i'll do -- we'll do the end the last, like -- >> i mean, it's your show, man. >> jimmy: yeah. okay. good. all right, good. here we go. okay, all right. i know where it starts -- i know, exactly -- >> weird al. >> jimmy: weird al. alright ready? ♪ ♪ oh rock me with this oh rock me with this oh rock me with this ♪ ♪ oh shout hey shout hey ♪ ♪ let it all out these are the things i can do without ♪ ♪ c'mon i'm talking to you c'mon ♪
12:23 am
♪ please papa don't preach i'm in trouble deep papa don't preach ♪ ♪ i've been losing sleep but i made up my mind i'm keeping my baby ♪ ♪ ooh i'm gonna keep my baby i'm gonna keep my baby hey ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: lin-manuel miranda, download "almost like praying" right now to help recovery efforts in puerto rico. we'll be right back with a a performance by sabrina carpenter, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ all smartphones are more or less the same, right? but this is the moto z. hello moto.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: she is a rising singer, songwriter, and actress, who's new single is quickly climbing up pop charts. performing "why", please welcome sabrina carpenter. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ we don't even know why
12:30 am
you like new york city in the daytime ♪ ♪ i like new york city in the night you say you like sleeping with the air off ♪ ♪ i don't, i need it on and you like the light coming through the windows ♪ ♪ i sleep late, so i just keep 'em all and you ignore the music on the radio i don't, i sing-a-long ♪ ♪ but i don't ask for you to change, baby no no no and you don't ask for me to change tell me how we're not ♪ ♪ alike but we work so well and we don't even know why funny how the stars crossed right ♪ ♪ 'cause we work so well and we don't even know why you can call it fire ♪ ♪ and ice but we work so well and we don't even know why we don't even know why ♪ ♪ no no we don't even know why no no no no no no no we like it in the ♪
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
>> jimmy: that's fantastic. thank you, thank you, thank you so much. sabrina carpenter. [ cheers and applause ] "why" is out now. we'll be right back, everybody. ♪
12:34 am
hey, girlfriend. how's your café au lait? oh, it's actually... (squeaking of balloon) it's ver... (squeaking) i'm being so serious right now. i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... (squeaking of balloon, laughing)
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i had a second balloon! goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, it happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good, right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. and now, try our real sour cream. it's delicious.
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