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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  November 8, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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more in a few minutes. now to first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. the schuylkill expressway, cameras around 30th. ongoing construction project still in place today. eastbound closed to south street. we're losing lanes which is a little different, on the westbound side. the westbound side is totally open. we just had that left lane locked here as traffic moves by which not a lot of cars are. you see they're to the right-hand shoulder here. westbound just lane restrictions, eastbound closed in between the vine street expressway and south street. watch for a crash on lower gwynned at grasshopper lane. activity there. 422, drive times, so far so good, eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. an eight-minute trip and speeds into the 60s. heartbreak as one of philadelphia's most celebrated sports legends dies in a plane crash. roy halladay pitched for the
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phillies and played his heart into the hearts of teammates and fans. his plane plunged into the water. he was just 40 years old. matt delucia joins us from the ballpark. former teammates and phillies leaders are sharing their grief. >> reporter: it's been difficult. outside citizens bank park, folks have left candles and flowers to honor roy halladay. the word of his death is hitting fans and former teammates pretty hard. hall day was the only one on board the single-engine amphibious plane when he crashed in waters six-feet deep off the coast of florida. halladay had a passion for flying, as he made clear on social media as of late. "d "doc" as he was known was retired from professional baseball. he was in philly for four seasons pitching a perfect game and no hitter during that time. fans and members of the organization remember him as a
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fine player and all-around good person. take a listen to what some of the folks here with the phillies had to say. >> very, very sad day for all of us in the phillies organization, and clearly a sad day for major league baseball. that's in comparison to our thoughts and prayers for brandi, brayton, and ryan right now. >> he means a lot to all of us. we're really, really going to miss him. >> reporter: former teammate cole hamels there. and roy halladay will be a legend in phillies' history. also a husband and father of two. a lot of folks heartbroken over the loss of a legend. matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> the details behind the crash that killed halladay are murky at best this morning. the sheriff says the only initial indication of the crash was a 911 call that came in just
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after noon yesterday. >> there was no mayday call or distress signal. when rescuers arrived, they found the icon a-5 plan upside down in the gulf of mexico. as roy halladay lived out his retirement in florida, he continued to be a standup guy that fans and teammates say he was. his recent twitter post showcased his love for being in the air. he coached his sons's baseball teams and had purchased a k-9 officer for the office. he was no stranger to the deputies. they named that dog doc in his honor. >> the fact he was 6'6", you would have never guessed this guy was a professional athlete by the way he talked, the way he spoke, he was the definition of a true humble being and defined what the word christian is. >> coming up at 4:30, we'll find out why experts say the plane halladay was piloting that's been referred to as a jet ski with wings is so dangerous that no one should be allowed to fly one. first, a look at reaction
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from his teammates who knew him best. >> this post is from chase utley. he says his heart hurts just writing about halladay, "first day we met was the first day of spring training, halladay's clothes were soaking wet. he said he just finished his workout." utley said he knew right then he was the real deal. this statement from halladay's former catcher, carlos ruiz, "when i heard the noise about roy, i was truly devastated. roy was one of the greatest pitchers i ever caught and an even better person and friend." he said, "i wanted to win more for him than for myself." from former teammate ryan howard, a tweet, "such a sad day. we lost a great ball player but an even better human being. many prayers to brandi, ryan, and braden, we will miss you, roy." post your comments on facebook or twitter. log on to the nbc10 app to see how other fans and teams are
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honoring him. this morning, a trooper shot. new video as the driver sped away. we're learning more about the traffic fight that stopped the gun fight. randy gyllenhaal with more. what are you learning about the trooper's condition? >> reporter: as you mentioned, the state police corporal is at st. luke's fighting for his life. doctors working for hours yesterday to save his life after this traffic stop for speedsing turned into a violent brawl -- speeding turned into a violent brawl and gunfight. nbc10 obtained dash cam video that shows the suspect accused of shooting the trooper, speeding from the scene, and swerving in and out of traffic. we've learned the suspect's name is daniel clairy. state police say the corporal initially let clary go after the speeding ticket, but clary came
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back and began acting belligerent. police suspected he may have been under the influence and called for backup. when officers moved to arrest him, authorities say he became violent, went to his car, and grabbed a gun. >> the troopers were in a knock-down, drag-out fight with vehicles speeding by. it got very, very violent. >> reporter: authorities say the driver shot the corporal three times. paramedics airlift him to the hospital. the driver, the suspect was hit by gunfire. he managed to get away and drove himself to another hospital. he's currently in police custody this morning. we are working to get an updated condition on the corporal, but we know doctors have been working nonstop to try to save his life. for now, live outside st. luke's in fountain hill. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> thank you. now to decision 2017. new jersey voted for change,
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electing democrat phil murphy as the state's next governor. >> murphy will replace republican chris christie. he defeated incumbent lieutenant governor kim guadagno. ♪ [ cheers ] murphy leaped for joy as he took the stage and hugged his family. he celebrated with his supporters and said his victory sends a message to president trump. >> this is one of the first major elections since donald trump was elected. tonight, new jersey sent an unmistakable message to the entire nation -- we are better than this! [ cheers ] >> we may have lost the battle, but we will win this war in the long run. >> guadagno thanked her supporters at her campaign headquarters in monmouth county and urged them to keep up her fight for lower taxes and a safe new jersey. after governor chris christie voted in yesterday's
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election, he got into a verbal battle with a woman outside the election precinct. she demanded to know why he didn't keep his promise to merge two morris county communities. >> the easiest thing in the world is to stand where you stand on the sidelines and critique -- it's serving folks like you that is such a unique joy. >> the governor urged the woman to run for office, try to make the change she's calling for. then chris christie told reporters the first thingly and his wife -- thing he and his wife will do after leaving office is to see the show "bruce" on broadway. he's a huge bruce springsteen fan. turn to the nbc10 app to learn more about the impact of the race and get results from across the area. 4:08. today philadelphia leaders will break ground on drexel square, the first project in the innovation project. the project at 30th and 31st streets will transform 14 acres into the first of its kind community on the east coast. it will include residential and
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retail spaces, businesses, educational and medical institutions, cultural venues, and open spaces. this is just the first step in a 20-year transformation project. part of the site is also being considered for amazon's new headquarters should philadelphia win the bid. philadelphia has submitted the sites of camden, mercer, new castle county, and the state of delaware has also made bids. 4:09. every wednesday we're taking our show on the road. >> come out and say hi, grab a free cup of joe and learn what makes a montgomery county community so special. all morning we'll be at the wawa in easton and horsham. we'll be there until 9:00 this morning. >> meteorologist bill henley is there helping people get their morning started in person. bill? yes, and i grabbed a cup of coffee, one for the coffee and
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the other to stay warm. it is chilly out here. we're looking forward to meeting a lot of people, saying hi to them when they're on their way to work or school. stop by. if you're heading out, bundle up, but leave the umbrella home. the rain is done. cape may, a live picture of cape may. you see the street is still damp. the wind is blowing, and temperatures are cold. check it out -- the wind, a pretty good wind blowing now. and dumping into the area behind the rain yesterday is the cold air. winds at 14 miles per hour in philadelphia. the windchill, hate to show this, but here we are, 32 degrees in pottstown. 33 in trenton and 35 in wilmington. 30s even at the shore for wildwood where the feels-like temperatures are. actual temperatures not much warmer. 41 in delaware and philadelphia. it is dry, though, for our area. it's going to stay dry through the day today.
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easton, dropping down to 35 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00, we'll get breaks of sunshine. then temperatures will be climbing. climbing into the low 50s. you'll have the breeze. if you're not holding on to a cup of coffee, you may need that jacket you had this morning. coming up, great stories to tell from the area. we want to see you at the wawa near 611. >> we'll join you shortly. thank you. the rest of the team will be joining bill after "nbc10 news today." >> yeah. coming up at 4:15, we're giving you a look at the unique network of trails that are helping keep people in horsham active. >> now to the schuylkill expressway. >> how's it looking, jess? dealing with a lot of stuff
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this morning. at ongoing construction project on the eastbound side. it's closed in between the vine street expressway and south street, closed there. westbound this morning, a little bit of a change here. lane restrictions aren't tying anybody up. that's something to give you a heads up for. moving through center city, they'll divert you to the vine. the closure here, you'll get diverted that way. schuylkill expressway, the second day now. the northbound and southbound side is closed. that's around 30th street station. you can't use the off ramp to get off the eastbound side at 30th either. that sdwron going prong will be there for -- that ongoing project will be there for some time. watch for police activity at gwynned. 95 moving through delaware, 11 minutes northbound from 295 to 495. >> thank you.
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leaving behind a legacy. this morning, fans weighing in on the loss of phillies' icon roy halladay. >> great family man, great guy. sad honestly. >> why many say it's not just his actions on the field he'll be remembered for. plus -- [ cheers ] larry, larry! >> philadelphia elects a new top prosecutor, and he's speaking out about his hopes and the changes he plans to make. at 4:13, doubling up. twitter making a change that will give you a little more room to express yourself. actually, a lot more room.
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feast on one of longhorn's steakhouse cuts. 12 oz new york strip, center-cut flo's filet, for a limited time, 14 ounce delmonico. the feeling. the flavor. the place. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. 4:15. today we're on the road et
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cetera plo-- road, exploring horsham, montgomery county. >> meteorologist bill henley is at the wawa with one of our favorite people, deanna durante. good morning, guys. >> good morning. deanna was saying how happy she is to be in a warm wawa this morning. we were in the rain reporting yesterday. >> last night it was chilly. a little chilly this morning. my favorite line so far of the morning was when bill showed up and said, "boy, it's cold outside." >> that's my job. >> that's your job. >> that is my job. you know, you stop in, get hot co coffee. heather is made food. lauren is making coffee. where are you? making more coffee apparently. rudy's making everybody happy. >> trying to fill our long list of demands. we put in our soup order. >> soup is huge at wawa in the morning. i didn't know that until i started coming. >> pumpkin bisque in horsham today. >> sounds good. even gets rid of those memories of the rain i hear if you eat enough of it. >> hopefully. it will be chilly. i heard the forecast a while
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ago. >> it is chilly. feels like 30s. at least the rain has ended, we are done with the rain. >> let me tell you about horsham. when i was a kid growing up in conshohocken, we would visit relatives and friends and it was all farmland. now it's transformed into a place of business parks, homes, shopping, as well as wawa on 611. because the outdoor activity in the area is so huge, many people come to a big draw here. it's connected through a network of short and longer trails in the area. the centerpiece is the power line trail. it runs under pico's main powerline system that stretches the township. you can bike, walk, run. you'll even see people riding horses in the area. the trail goes through wooded areas behind homes and past tree farms. people say it's a unique use of
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an otherwise unused space. >> this is fantastic. there's organic farming by the trial. you don't see that very many places. >> the township says this is a great way to preserve the space. the area had so much green space but has changed over the years. it's a win-win for people in the township. >> i love it when they convert trails like that. it makes it a perfect idea. a great afternoon out. might not be the best time to go now -- >> maybe when the sun comes up. after you go to wawa. >> when the temperatures come up, too. >> right, when the temperatures come up. i guess there are layers on the trail for sure. thanks. here in studio, krystal klei is filling in while bill is at the wawa. find out how things are looking from your perspective inside. >> inside things are okay. on the short walk from the car to the building, it felt very
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cold. i'm not jealous of bill standing outside. we'll start with the wide view so we can see all of our neighborhoods. we've got a lot of 30s on the map. 36 what it feels like in the lehigh valley officially. 35 in delaware. 38 at the jersey shore. philadelphia feeling like 34 now. we've got cool air in place. but more importantly, a breeze has been picking up through the morning hours. when you have the two combined, it feels cooler than it is. look at the numbers more closely as we break down the neighborhoods. reading, 39 for the feels like. 39 in whitehall. allentown feeling like 38 currently. a lot of us feeling like the mid to upper 30s as we go north and west of the i-95 corridor. no wait for the track. showers offshore, otherwise the rain and snow of yesterday is out of here. we will keep the clouds, though, overhead today. tracking mostly cloudy conditions with a bit of a more thinning cloud over the
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pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, and berks county m. more sunshine there. the high is cooler than average. it is going to feel chilly all day long. 50 degrees in lansdale. 49 in allentown. again, you may see sunshine over the lehigh valley than cloud coverage at the shore. 52 at ocean city. smyrna, 51. wilmington, high of 53. that's as good as it's going to get. it is going to be chilly for us. clouds later, dense this morning. we'll talk about the temperatures as well as the chance of rain through the day. nonexistent for most of us. could we see a sprinkle over the shore or delaware? yes. this afternoon, a spot shower possible. that would be light at best. the clouds and thinning cloud line i was mentioning with the temperatures ranging in those low 50s. as we go overnight into tomorrow morning, still cool. talking more 30s on the board.
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near freezing farther north. to the south, 30s. into tomorrow afternoon, mostly dry. temperatures in the mid 50s out there. as we go into tomorrow evening, a few scattered showers will roll by. by the weekend, things will get even colder, coming up. >> even colder. take note. attention south jersey, winter weather week continues. weird how it started to feel like winter week, and winter week is upon us. as nbc10 and the the first alert weather team heads to the gloucester premium outlet today. yesterday we were at philadelphia mills. today south jersey, 11:00 to 5:00, meet your weather team and learn about the tools they use to keep you informed. >> uncanny weather week. >> it was freezing yesterday. i was looking for gloves in the glove compartment. >> jess, what's happening on the schuylkill? >> yeah, a lot of things,
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schuylkill at 30th. across the way, that's the eastbound side. from the vine street expressway to about south street, we have them closed in between those points until 5:00. a little over a half hour for that. watching the westbound side, this is new today. we have lanes westbound around south street toward center city. you see cars getting by the scene. it's going to be a little bit different. it won't set you back considering it will leave around 5:00. and something just in. watch for a crash on route 202 around township line road. it's affecting both directions. that's right in this general area here. it's not even on the maps yet. affecting lanes north and eastbound. and lower gwynned at dekalb pike and grasshopper lane there's an
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accident. more coming up. >> thank you. a violent past and search for answers. new details emerging from the man behind the deadly church massacre in texas. the threats he made and what he was caught doing while in the air force. at 4:23, a message for north korea. what president trump says the rogue leader is doing that's putting his nation in grave danger.
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more details emerging about the texas church shooter's violent past. police records show that devin kelley escaped a mental health facility in 2012. that was just months after he beat his first wife and stepson at an air force base in new mexico. he spent a year in detention and was discharged for bad conduct.
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military officials said kelley made death threats against air force superiors, and they caught him smuggling guns on to the base. people who survived the sunday shooting said kelley showed no mercy. >> the lady, he started shooting her repeatedly. she held the lady's hand. she was crying. >> the fbi has kelley's cell phone and wants to get inside to see what clues they can finds about a possible motive. vice president mike pence and his wife are heading to sutherland springs today that meet with the first responders. u.s. attorney general sessions sessions will be there to thank them for helping victims. friends and former teammates paying respects to roy halladay. memories they're sharing about the icon on and off the field, and what we're learning about the plane he was in that crashed. and your first alert traffic
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now. watching the schuylkill expressway where we're closed on the eastbound side. lanes blocked on the westbound side. i'll tell you exactly where and for how long when i come back. right now, we have bill henley in horsham on easton road at the wawa. bill, how's it going over there? a great start this morning. people coming in, getting coffee. you were getting coffee a few minutes ago in the background. your husband calls -- are you at wawa? >> yeah, he said, babe, you're on tv. i said, okay, great. wow. wish i dressed for work. >> the coffee's on the house this morning. >> the coffee's great, and i came in to write a thank you letter for the veterans. this is amazing. come on out. >> wawa has an amazing program. they're teaming up with the uso. we'll learn more coming up. stop by, get coffee, and say hi. >> thank you. (alex trebek) seasons change.
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a legend lost. former phillies star roy halladay dies in a crash. fans and teammates speaking out about their heartbreak. trooper shot. a gun battle erupts on a lehigh valley highway. a brawl and shoot-out. and looking to make a change. philadelphia elects a new district attorney who is promising a number of reforms for the city. 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. cool. i'm tracy davidson. >> yeah. i'm via sikahema. 41 degrees. we'll get details from meteorologist krystal klei. >> the highlight inside the buildings, not outside. a chilly day moving forward. you can


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