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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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a legend lost. former phillies star roy halladay dies in a crash. fans and teammates speaking out about their heartbreak. trooper shot. a gun battle erupts on a lehigh valley highway. a brawl and shoot-out. and looking to make a change. philadelphia elects a new district attorney who is promising a number of reforms for the city. 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. cool. i'm tracy davidson. >> yeah. i'm via sikahema. 41 degrees. we'll get details from meteorologist krystal klei. >> the highlight inside the buildings, not outside. a chilly day moving forward. you can peek at the neighborhood
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seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. a long stretch of temperatures that are feeling like fall. radar and satellite shows clousclouds in place. no rain or snow that we had yesterday. that has moved out. spots may be wet particularly in the north and west neighborhoods. slick spots on the roads. i don't think icing will be a big occurrence. still watch for puddles in areas where we are near freezing. let's talk about the feels-like temperatures. feels cold. not only cool air but a breeze. those two combined, and you get not-so-comfortable windchills. feeling like 35 in philadelphia. staying there until 7:00 a.m. getting to 36 for the feels like at 9:00 a.m. mostly cloudy first thing through the morning and i suspect the afternoon, as well. in the suburbs, feeling near freezing the next couple of hours. we'll be at 34 at 9:00 a.m. that's nearly the same in the lehigh valley.
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near freezing over the lehigh valley skrecurrently. the good side,some areas warmer. 37 at the shore. the trend, getting close to 40 by 9:00 a.m. still cool throughout the entire morni morning. coming up more on the weekend, but now to traffic and jessica boyington. >> thanks. starting on the schuylkill expressway. looks like a little movement eastbound with the construction vehicles in the camera a second ago out of the way. traffic isn't moving through yet. closed eastbound between the vine and south street. this is the camera at 30th westbound. this is where we're losing a lane, too, in between those points. a little bit of a different story this morning. at least if you're heading westbound. eastbound still closed in those normal spots. and until about 5:00. another half hour for that. and watch for a crash at 202 in
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both directions affecting lanes in both directions around township line road. another crash in loaner gwynned on dekalb pike around grasshopper lane. back to you. shock and heartbreak sweeping through philadelphia as one of the city's most beloved sports icons passes away. >> former pitcher roy halladay died after his plane crashed into the ocean in florida. now people are sharing memories of the legend. >> all-star pitcher. all-star person. >> nbc10's matt delucia joining us live from citizens bank park. tributes are pouring in. >> reporter: that's right. roy halladay had a lot of fans. some had come to citizens bank park to leave candles and flowers. halladay was the only one on board that icon a-5 single-engine amphibious plane that crashed into shallow waters yesterday off the coast of florida. halladay did have a passion for
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flying, as he made clear on social media as of late. doc, as he was known, was known for baseball. 40 years old, retired from professional baseball. he was in philly for four seasons pitching that perfect game and a no hitter during that time. more from cole hamels who called halladay a family man. >> i have two boys of my own and got to see what that meant to him every time he was able to bring them around the ballpark. that was something that really did leave an impression. hopefully i'll be able to do what he was able to do for his voice. -- for his boys. >> reporter: a tough time for fans and former teammates. roy halladay is forever etched into phillies' history and the hearts of baseball lovers who
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enjoyed watching him play. for now live in south philly, matt delucia, nbc10 news. one aviation expert says the plane that roy halladay is piloting is so dangerous that no one should ever be allowed to fly one. another expert says the plane is classified as a sport plane which means the regulations for the planes are not as stringent as for more sophisticated aircraft. there have been three crashes with the plane in 2017. two including this one with halladay were fatal. the sport says we can't rush to judgment about the plane's safety record. >> we just have to wait and see what comes out of the investigation. not necessarily the government investigation, but the investigation of others, lawyers, experts, and things, who will look at that airplane with greater scrutiny and find out what caused it to crash under such benign circumstances. >> icon, maker of the a-5, said
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its goal was to make a cost-effective plane with amphibious capability. icon says they will do everything they can to support the investigation and won't make any more comments until investigators release more information. from the moment of the announcement of halladay's death, there was no trouble finding fans with fond memories of the pitching legends. >> he was a quiet leader. he instantly messed with philadelphia because he was so tough. he wanted to finish every game he started. >> oh, my god. are you kidding me? it's horrible. >> in addition to his role as a legend in phillies' baseball, halladay is being remembered as a family man who wasn't a typical athlete. those close to him say he was always more than willing to help people in need. share your memories and tributes to halladay. post him on the nbc10 facebook page or twitter. 4:36. in other news now, a
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pennsylvania state trooper, his colleagues call a warrior, is in critical condition after a car stopped turned into a violent struggle and shooting. >> trooper's vehicles, active shoot-out on the highway. >> state police say the corporal pulled over a driver, gave him a speeding ticket, and asked for backup before making an arrest. moments later, state police say the driver suspected of dui got aggressive. >> troopers were in a knockdown, dragout fight along the side of the road. the vehicles were speeding by. it got very, very violent. >> reporter: state police say the drive shot the corporal three times. the gunman was shot but drove himself to the hospital where he was then arrested. here's a live look at st. luke's hospital where the state police corporal is being treated. ahead in the next half hour, nbc10's randy gyllenhaal will join us live with more details about the shooting investigation. governor tom wolf released a statement, you see it there, "this senseless act of violence is a reminder of the sacrifice made daily by all our brave men
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and women in uniform." now to decision 2017. voters in our area decided one of the nation's two closely watched races for governor. >> new jersey voters elected democrat phil murphy to be the state's next governor. he defeated republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno and will replace her boss, governor chris christie. in virginia, democrat ralph northham easily defeated ed gillespie in the hard-fought race. pundits and officials closely watched the contest as an early test of the political climate ahead of next year's midterm elections. and president trump tweeted his reacted to the republicans' defeat say, "ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget, republicans won four out of four house seats. and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before." now to philadelphia where larry krasner is the newly
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elected district attorney. krasner beat republican beth grossman. he will succeed democrat seth williams who resigned in june after pleading guilty to federal bribery charges. [ cheers ] supporters chanted krasner's name as he took the stage in center city. he's a longtime civil rights attorney. he's promised a number of reforms including changes in bail practices and has vowed to stop president trump's immigration fight against so-called sanctuary cities like philadelphia. >> this is a mandate for a movement that is loudly telling government what it wants. and what it wants is criminal justice reform in ways that require transformational change within the philadelphia district attorney's office. [ applause ] >> krasner thanked his opponent, beth grossman, for maintaining a standard of civility in the
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campaign that he says is "unfamiliar" in trump world. in the race for noir allentown, incumbent ed pilowski facing a federal indictment on corruption charges survived challenges by republican nat hyman and several other candidates. pilowski won a fourth term with less than 50% of the vote. regarding charges in an alleged pay-to-play scheme, pawlowski says he's not done anything wrong. his trial will start early next year. atlantic city voters elected a new mayor by a thin margin. democrat frank gilliam jr. defeated don guardian. he accused gilliam of voter fraud in the final days of the campaign. gilliam's campaign denied any wrongdoing. turn to the nbc10 app for the results and hear from the candidates themselves. 4:40. heading to prison, fans outraged as a philadelphia rapper learns his sentence. why meek mills' attorney says the decision was a miscarriage of justice and why the judge
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says it was deserved. new limits. the change being ahead that will give you extra -- change being made that will give you extra space to tweet. new at 5:00 a.m., there's one mistake you're probably making during your commute that's putting you and others at risk on the road. we'll tell you what it is and how to fix it.
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good morning, everyone. boy jessica boyington you and checks of first alert traffic. in new jersey, 42 freeway at route 41. right here is the northbound side. that's moving up to 295. if you head to trenton or the philadelphia area, so far, so good. no problems there. a few other problems. one in east norriton, 202, lanes blocked in both directions. also a crash in lower gwynned on
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dekalb pike and grasshopper lane. we've been watching problems, too, on the schuylkill expressway all morning with the construction project. when i come back, i'll tell you where it is and for how long. we'll talk about the feels-like conditions in philadelphia neighborhoods. chilly out there now. you'll grab the big jacket as you head out if you want to be warm. 34 degrees. west mt. airy, 39 in parkside, also 34 at the airport. that means the official feels-like for the area is 34. a little better off, 40 parkwood, 41 torresdale. a cup of warm coffee, maybe wawa in horsham to make sure you're nice and warm. once we hit 50 or above, feels-like conditions are no longer calculated. today and tomorrow we will feel like in the afternoon temperatures are 52 today, 55
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for tomorrow. we'll have highs in the 40s friday and saturday. even in the afternoon, thanks to breezy to windy conditions, it will feel like 36 on friday and 38 on saturday. that's the warmest it gets. cold now, colder to. come we'll have the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. nbc10 news "news today" is taking our show on the road. we want you to come by and say hi. meteorologist bill henley is at the wawa in horsham, montgomery county. bill? yeah, we want you to come out, say hi, grab some hot coffee. walk inside and get warm. out here, cold. the feels fell like they're in the lower 30s with the wind blowing. we have a heartwarming story for you. a project wawa and the uso have teamed up together on. and you can help. and help this morning, too. we'll check it out coming up. (alex trebek) seasons change.
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13 minutes before nbc10. on the road at the wawa in horsham. >> shining a light on horsham. meteorologist bill henley joins us. you're joined by someone who's helping join in the mission to provide care and comfort to military families. >> yes. wawa has teamed up with liberty uso to provide care packages to our military all around the world. they're getting ready for a big shipment later this week, and you can help. let me introduce you to kate mcleod. thanks for being here today. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a relationship with wawa that goes back more than ten years now. >> over a decade. we're very, very lucky to have this relationship. wawa's incredibly supportive of the uso as well as our military. great partners. >> this week, must be packing the packages now. it's a big shipment. two times a year the shipments go out. >> yeah.
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friday we'll meet up at wawa and put together 5,000 care packages and send them all over the world. to africa, afghanistan, anywhere where we have service members. >> sounds like you need a small army. >> and we have one. if you ever met anyone at wawa, you know we're very lucky. >> you're encouraged to stop by -- not just a care package, food and candy. there are mostly notes to get packed inside. what we're doing is encouraging people to stop by and write a night. a nice note saying, thanks, here's little something from home, enjoy. >> i think it's important to note that in addition to getting care packages which is nice, you get a care package in the mail, makes you feel good. it's a way to show we're thinking of our service members while they're away, especially over the holidays. a little note goes a long way, especially if you're feeling homesick or discouraged.
4:50 am
>> linda is a big part of making this happen. how long have you been involved in this, linda? >> for about 2.5 years. >> what do you think? >> i think it's amazing. it's one -- probably my favorite events is the taste of home event. getting the care package together and everything. it's awesome. we had so many volunteers last year. 100 people. it was great. >> sounds like you could use people pitching in for great project for the uso. >> if you're stationed, deployed overseas, and get a care package with a handwritten note and also some crumpets -- >> means everything. >> that's what i'm talking about. very nice. thank you very much. while we're on the road in horsham township, we're learning more about the community. >> in the hatboro horsham school district, there's a special focus on making sure students get the outdoor experiences.
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an old farm plays a role. the 13-acre jarrett nature center is a place where students with focus on understanding native plants, birds, and animals. students spend time in a variety of ecosystems like wooded areas, wetlands, and meadows. fifth graders recently wrote to officials about the need to preserve local natural resources. hue cool. >> the picture take -- how cool. >> the picture taken in the spring when they were out in t-shirts and shorts. not so much today. krystal klei, tell us more. >> do you know what i did for the first time so far this season? i broke out a scarf. that time of year. scarf, maybe gloves. the puffy jacket. look at the feels-like temperatures. we all feel like we're in the 30s. mt. pocono feeling like 26 degrees. due in part to the snow they saw yesterday. 33 in reading. 34 in philadelphia. millville, 38. the big jacket a good idea. we'll be on the cool side, below
4:52 am
average for this time of year. average is 59. we're at 52 for the forecast high. peeks of sun in the afternoon but mostly cloudy. lehigh valley, 49. 53 in delaware. many of us around the low 50s. we'll go through the models. mostly cloudy to start. showers just outside of the jersey shore. at 2:30, we'll see more cloud breakage as we go north and west of philadelphia. more of a mix of clouds and sun. mostly cloudy farther south. we'll go into thursday morning. again, mostly cloudy conditions that will linger. breaks of sun are possible. into the evening, a cold front will move through. that may spawn at least a couple spotty showers. at this point, more spotty than isolated in nature. not a ton of rain. nothing like what we saw yesterday as we go thursday overnight to overnight. tomorrow, 50s in the afternoon. cool but not terrible. then the weekend forecast. friday, 45 in philadelphia. saturday, 44 degrees.
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a little pickup by sunday, 52 degrees. friday and saturday, low 40s, upper 30s on friday for the lehigh valley. these are the highs. sunny to mgs. because of winds -- to mostly sunny. because of winds picking up, many spots will feel like 30s all day long. we'll wrap up with the ten day on 10. 40s friday into saturday for veterans day. 52 on sunday. a chance of rain for your monday and tuesday as temperatures move back in the mid to upper 50s. >> thank you. layer up, get in the car, crank up the heater. my a.c. kept trying to come on this morning. no. >> not today. 4:53. eastbound lanes of the vine not open, right? >> the schuylkill expressway around the vine. don't get people confused. >> okay. >> starting on the schuylkill -- he's close, at the vine they're diverting everybody to the vine street expressway here. eastbound, they're starting to
4:54 am
remove some of the construction project on schedule. it typically moves around 5:00. they're trying to get this out of the way. if you're in the kitchen, making coffee, trying to get out the door, by the time you get here, this should be gone. watching now on the eastbound si side. from there to norriton, both sides taken out on township line road with a crash. in lower gwynned, watch for the crash at dekalb and grasshopper lane. there's police activity there, too. right now president trump is in china, his third stop in his two-week trip to asia. >> he arrived around 1:30 our time. today he's visiting china's forbidden city and will spend time with china's president. the two leaders are expected to discuss putting pressure on north korea. before leaving for china, president trump addressed south
4:55 am
korean leaders and had a direct warning for kim jong-un. >> do not underestimate us, and do not try us. now is the time for strength. if you want peace, you must stand strong at all times. >> president trump planned a surprise visit to the demilitarized zone that divides north korea and south korea, but it was canceled due to bad weather. demanding justice. why the attorney for a popular philadelphia rapper says his prison sentence is too harsh, and why the judge said she was fed up. at 4:55, how snowy and cold will it be this winter? hurricane maria has the answers in his -- hurricane schwartz has the answers coming up.
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fans are outraged over a
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judge's decision to send philly rapper meek mill back to jail. the judge ignored a suggestion of probation violations and instead sentenced him to two to four years. many say it's too harsh. one of mills' attorneys said the sentence was a miscarriage of justice. >> this judge has had him under her thumb for ten years. >> the judge told the rapper she gave him break after break, and he did nothing but thumb his nose at the court. his lowers say they will appeal. twitter is doubling your tweeting power. >> people using the social media site will get to use 280 characters instead of the original 140 limit. twitter says the old limit often caused people to edit tweets or deterred users from tweeting at all. the new 280-character limit is now being rolled out. if you don't have it yet, you
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will soon. we would love to know what you think about it. do you need the extra words? i like scrolling and seeing quick statements. let us know on twitter. our handles are at the bottom of the screen. >> forces you to limit and self-edit. >> right. >> i get in trouble all the time putting in words that don't really -- >> krystal klei, you remember when he made that -- yeah. >> you're right. now for more of the stories on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> legacy left behind. a phillies legend's life is cut short in a plane crash. this morning, teammates and fans remember his impact. struggle and shooting. a pennsylvania trooper is shot during a routine traffic stop. what the suspect was doing moments before the violence. new leader. the garden state has chosen its next governor. nbc10 news is looking at phil murphy's public health to
5:00 am
victory. >> a lot to cover and chilly temperatures. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we'll get right to meteorologist krystal klei with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> we'll start with the radar and satellite map. yesterday, rain through a good portion of the day. for this in the poconos, we had snow, the "s" word. that's out now. clouds overhead this morning. i mentioned earlier if you are in the northernmost part of the viewing area, because temperatures are in spots near freezi freezing, watch for slick spots. i don't think icing will be a big problem but a heads up. temperatures now, winds sweeping in from the northeast. breezy, making it feel colder than it truly tr


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