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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 8, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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victory. >> a lot to cover and chilly temperatures. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we'll get right to meteorologist krystal klei with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> we'll start with the radar and satellite map. yesterday, rain through a good portion of the day. for this in the poconos, we had snow, the "s" word. that's out now. clouds overhead this morning. i mentioned earlier if you are in the northernmost part of the viewing area, because temperatures are in spots near freezi freezing, watch for slick spots. i don't think icing will be a big problem but a heads up. temperatures now, winds sweeping in from the northeast. breezy, making it feel colder than it truly trultruly is.
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slick roadways or icing possible where you see temperatures below or at freezing. right now, 41. 43 at 9:00 a.m. 50 at 1:00 in the afternoon. here's what it will feel like. mid 30s all morning long. now to jessica boyington. >> there's a crash taking out lanes in both directions of 202 at township line road. that's just in here. still being reported there on the -- both directions of 202. watching that with police activity there. also 95, a 12-minute trip from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. speeds into the 60s. i'll end on the blue route around the on ramp. no problems southbound. northbound under the graphic here. that's headed toward the mid county toes. everything looking -- tolls.
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everything looking good so far. roy halladay has thrown the second perfect game in philadelphia phillies' history! >> right now mourning the loss of a legend who lives a legacy behind. phillies pitcher and baseball great roy halladay died yesterday in a plane crash off the coast of florida. this morning the sports world and fans are remembering his role on and off the field. >> nbc10's matt delucia is live now at citizens bank park. halladay's former teammates are sharing memories of the impact he had on them. >> reporter: right. it hasn't been easy trying to digest the news -- especially for teammates who played with this star pitcher at citizens bank park for several years. behind me in front of citizens bank park, the third base gate, you see fans have left hats and
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flowers. one person left a photo of roy halladay here. the fans and former teammates are taking this pretty hard. halladay was the only one on the icon a5 single-engine amphibious plane when he crashed into shallow waters about six-feet deep off the coast of florida yesterday. he had a passion for flying as he made clear on social media as of late, getting that plane just last month. doc, as he was known, was more known for baseball. 40 years old, retired from professional baseball now. he was in philly for four seasons pitching a perfect game and no-hitter during that time. a lot of fans remember that. a lot of memories and also memories for the phillies organization who remember him as a fine player and all-around good person. >> very, very sad day for all of us in the phillies organization and clearly for major league
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baseball. our thoughts and prayers for brandy, braden, and ryan right now. >> he means a lot to all of us. we're really, really going to miss him. >> reporter: the two-time cy young winner, a legend in phillies' history m. we'll leave you with the photo of roy halladay outside citizens bank park, remembering him. also a husband and father of two. >> as roy lived out his retirement in south florida, he continued to be the standup guy that fans and teammates say he was. his recent twitter posts showcased his love for being in the air. he also coached his sons' baseball teams and had purchased a k-9 officer for the pascoag sheriff's office. the sheriff said halladay was no stranger to his duties, and he was about as down to earth as they come.
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>> a lot of times people talk about athletes and hear about egos or money and cars. that was not roy. >> halladay left an imprint on fans across the area. tweet us your favorite memory of the pitcher. 5:05. check out this dash cam video. it shows the driver accused of shooting a pennsylvania state police corporal. the man sped away after the gun and was seen racing along the shoulder of the road. >> active shoot on the highway. >> that's the emergency call as it happened. the corporal had pulled over a driver, gave him a speeding ticket, but suspected him of dui. he called for backup before making the arrest. that's when he wrestled with the man who shot him. >> right now our guy is up there fighting for her life. he's a war -- fighting for his
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life. he's a warrior. >> the man was arrested after driving off. governor wolf saying, "this senseless act of violence is a reminder of the sacrifice made daily by all our brave men and women in uniform." here's st. luke's hospital where the corporal is being treated. coming up, randy gyllenhaal will give us more details about the investigation and trooper's conditio condition. voters elected phil murphy as the state's next governor. murphy defeated incumbent kim guadagno. the democrat will replace republican governor chris christie. ♪ murphy was exuberant as he took the stage and hugged his family. he celebrated with supporters and said it's time to turn the
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page. >> starting here, starting now, and starting with us, new jersey is coming back! >> never forget what we were fighting for here. we were fighting for her families, and we will -- for our families, and we will continue that fight. >> guadagno told supporters the fight is for lower taxes and a safer state. after governor christie voted, he got into a verbal battle with a woman outside the precinct. she demanded to know why he didn't keep his promise to merge two morris county communities. >> the easiest thing in the world is to stand on the sidelines and -- and i are teak. it's serve -- and critique. it's serving folks like you that's such a unique joy. >> the governor urged the woman to run for office herself to try to make the changes that she's calling for. then christie told reporters the first thing that he and his wife will do after he leaves office in january is to see "bruce" on
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broadway as he's a huge fan. and look at the numbers -- democratic city council president frank gilliam jr. defeated republican governor don guardsan. gilliam's campaign -- guardian. gilliam's campaign denied wrongdoing. and frank moran cruised to victory. the city council president had the endorsement of the outgoing mayor, dana redd. he decided ton seek a thirm -- she decided not to seek a third term. we have more results at the bottom of the screen including philadelphia district attorney and local races for mayor. see a full list of races and results on and our nbc10 app. today philadelphia leaders will break ground on drexel square as the first project in the development in university city. the project on market street between 30th and 31st streets will transform 14 acres into a first of its kind community on the east coast. it will include residential and
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retail spaces, businesses, educational and medical institutions, cultural venues and open spaces. this is just the first step in a 20-year transformation project. part of the site is being considered for amazon's new headquarters should philadelphia win that bid. philadelphia has submitted three potential sites to amazon. camden county, atlantic county, mercer county, and new castle county and the state of delaware have also made bids. 5:09. 31 chilly degrees. we're shining a spotlight on one community in our area this morning. >> we're stopping at the wawa in horsham. come say hi, grab a cup of coffee, bottle of juice, and learn what makes horsham so special. we'll be there until 9:00 a.m. meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast got there early this morning.
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helping people get the day started. how's it going? >> going fine. it's chilly outside. wally, you're shaking it's so cold. and he's a sweatshirt on. that's his problem, one layer. did you get chapstick for your beak? i think vai mentioned this yesterday, we're running low on chapstick. when vai gets here, hide it, or these will be gone. we have plenty of these to get your day started right with an nbc10 mug. the coffee on us in horsham. please stop by. you'll need something warm. hot coffee, hot chocolate, layers, more than wally. the temperatures are cold. still have clouds, but fortunately the rain is gone. cloudy in easton. and temperatures that have been falling. not only the temperatures falling this morning but the
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wind is blowing, making it colder. dropping into the 30s this morning. west bradford township, 39. st. david's is 38. 30s warring ton. bundle up. windchills in low 30s in philadelphia. feels like 32 in pottstown. at the shore, feels like 30s. we're getting a dry start with clouds overhead. we'll warm into the low 50s this afternoon. i'm not here alone. deanna durante will join me in a few minutes. stick around. >> by the way, it's not my fault that we're running low on lip balm. it's the weather team. hopefully they'll replenish before i get out there. i am running low. thank you. >> we love meeting everybody. coming up at 5:45, bill is back
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talking about letters to home. the effort to get personalized mail to troops. you can participate in that as our troops fight for us overseas. 5:12 a.m. the vine street expressway open? >> jessica boyington -- >> yeah. >> she said "yeah." >> i have a guilty conscience. i take a chapstick every time i go, lose it, and i don't know where it is. sometimes rocky, my jack russell terrier, takes it, too. then i have to replenish myself with another one. rocky likes to eat it because it's vanilla flavor. that's my confession. now i have to redeem myself. around 8th street. no problems. westbound toward the schuylkill expressway, good to go. the schuylkill expressway back open, too, following an earlier construction project. eastbound toward 95, okay, as well. east noriton, around township line, looking in both directions
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here. that's township line road. route 202. the northbound and southbound sides seeing problems. i'll end with the drive time of the blue route. 15 minutes in both directions now. northbound and southbound from 95 to the schuylkill, and speeds into the 60s. back to you. >> thank you. 5:13. too dangerous to fly? one aviation expert says the plane the phillies' legend was flying when he crashed shouldn't be in the air. and locked out. investigators trying to get into the texas church shooter's cell phone. the answers they hope to find inside. and all new at 5:15, fun for all. today we're highlighting a montgomery county community where a playground catering to all kids is making a big difference. ♪
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♪ start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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5:15. nbc10 news on the road at a wawa in eastern montgomery county. >> we're highlighting horsham where people get to take advantage of the grout outdoors.
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the -- great outdoors. the township has 17 parks and a special playground. nbc10's deanna durante has more on that. >> reporter: this is popular on the mommy circuit. it's everybody's playground. it was designed in 2003 for children of all needs, especially children with physical challenges. everything there has needs of the children in mind. the areas are wide enough for wheelchairs. leaders are proud this is one of the area's first totally ada-friendly places. >> whether you had cerebral palsy or spina bifida or some disability, you could come and play with everyone. friends and peers. >> a feeling of community.
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a place for everybody. >> reporter: it is very popular for people here in the horsham area, as well as other to come and bring their children. the horsham rotary raised $400,000. no people rent the -- now people rent the space so children can enjoy the park. that's one of the many places we're highlighting in horsham as we are at the wawa on easton road south of county line. come see us, we're all here including jessica and vai beginning at 9:00 this morning. >> can't wait to see our viewers saying good morning in person. we look forward to that. and heading out, a traffic report before we leave. we deserve to know what the roads will look like then. we want to check 76. >> everybody uses me when they have a flight to catch. it will happen later, too. 76 at market and gloucester
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city. the jersey camera here northbound. this is traffic headed toward the walt whitman bridge or heading right to 676, luther camden, or the ben franklin bridge. no problems. east norriton, a closure on 202, northbound and southbound near township line. here's township line road here. watching that for an accident scene there, the accident at dekalb and grasshopper. coming up, i'll check transit. amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco on or close to schedule so far. >> thank you. 5:19. 41 degrees outside. krystal said earlier she just found her scarf. i pulled out my gloves yesterday when we were at philadelphia mills. >> scarf, hat, everything coming in handy. krystal klei with the first alert. >> we may freeze, but at least we'll look good doing it. this morning, the feels-like temperatures in the 30s. we're talking the entire region feeling like 30s.
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35 in south bradfield township. feels like 38 in glynnwin. warring ton feeling like 37. spots feeling like 30s. kyles grove at 37. voorheis the same. 35 pemberton. 34 in florence with the feels-like conditions. some spots lucking out, feeling more like 40. cinnaminson a smidge better, but you'll need the jacket as you head out. radar and satellite, clouds rolling our way. don't mind the speckles of green. that's just a return on radar. we'll remain mostly cloudy through the day with more sunshine breaking through in the afternoon near parts of the suburbs and lehigh valley. lanetown, 49. -- allentown, 49. 52 voorheis, ocean city. most of us in the low 50s, cooler than average. we'll go through the hour by hour. into the afternoon, low 50s,
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upper 40s. 2:30, spot showers. mostly offshore. but an isolated shower possible. isolated being the key word. overnight, clouds may thin, but it's going to start mostly cloudy thursday. cold again. talking locations near the 30s, near fr near freeze. at 2:00 in the afternoon, up to 57 in philadelphia. tomorrow evening, a few spot showers. the cold front moves through making us even cold er for the weekend. more coming up. >> wow. winter weather week thinks it as we head to the gloucester premium outlets -- continues as we head to the gloucester premium outlets. learn about our weather team and the tools they use to keep you informed. fatal mistake. the bad habit many drivers have behind the wheel. the flaw to fix to stay safe your commute.
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and smartphone mystery. investigators are trying to break into the texas church shooter's cell phone in the desperate search for answers.
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5:25. the fbi is having trouble getting into the cell phone that belongs to the texas church shooter. >> officials took devin kelley's phone in hopes of finding a motive for the massacre. right now, technology is preventing officials from cracking it open. more details are emerging about the texas church shooter's violent past. records show devin kelley escaped a mental health facility in 2012. that was just months after he beat his first wife and stepson at an air force base in new mexico. kelley spent a year in detention, was discharged for bad conduct, and should have been barred from legally buying guns. coming up, a franchise in mourning. >> we're really going to miss
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him. >> the life of a phillies legend cut short with a plane crash. we're remembering the legacy of roy halladay. and new governor for the garden state. "nbc10 news today" is taking a look at phil murphy's path to victori. >> cold outside. we're in horsham with free coffee and a birthday. a few cupcakes. stop by and wish her a happy birthday. here until 9:00 this morning. the coffee is on us.
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legend lost. a phillies great is lost in a plane crash. traffic
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stop-turned-shooting. a trooper shot on the highway. show shows dangerous -- video shows dangerous footage before the struggle. and mistakes behind the wheel. experts share how you can have a safer drive to work. . we're on the road today, that's fun. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. 5:30 this wednesday morning. if you have mittens, a scarf, a good day to take it with you. >> i would. >> we'll get to krystal klei with the krut krmost accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> today a good day, tomorrow, and friday. we could keep it going. a cold friend. we have clouds in place, but the rain and snow of yesterday, that has since moved out. that's no longer a struggle. you will need the extra layers. this morning at 6:00 a.m., not too far from now, sti


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