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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 8, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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new information on the pennsylvania state trooper shot during a traffic stop yesterday morning. we now know his identity. he is seth kelly. we are also learning more about what lead to that gunfire. here is what we know. good morning i'm rosemary conners. they say the suspect resisted arrest and started wrestling with the officers on the highway. it happened in north hampton county. the wounded trooper was rushed to the hospital. we are live with randy.
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we learned this morning that the trooper did something that may have saved his own life. fill us in. >> reporter: yeah. that i say he had a turnicat on his belt we also know he will need more surgeries. he is fighting for his life inside saint luke's hospital. it was a traffic stop that turned into a brawl and gun b t battle. just about an hour ago we learned more details about what happened along that highway. they say he was given a speeding ticket but then failed a sobriety test after failing to be under the influence of marijuana. he then began fighting with the troopers. he was able to run to his car and grab a gun and police say he
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then shot the two troopers. dash cam shows him fleeing the scene, leaving behind corporal kelly, bleeding out with life threatening injuries. >> he was greatly injured at this point. he fell over the guardrail. even through all of this he carrying a turnicat on his belt. he was able to pull it off of his belt and apply it to one of his wounds. more than likely saving his own life. >> we are told he was a 13 year veteran. he was able to return fire hitting the suspect. the suspect was identified as daniel clary. he will be arraigned at his hospital bedside and she charged with attempted homicide. we are live in fountain hill,
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lehigh county. >> we'll continue to stay on that. fans continue to pay tribute to roy halladay. he died in a plane crash in florida. many call into sports talk radio to share their memories. halladay's plane went down in the gulf of mexico. there were no distress calls. he was piloting a plane that can land on the water or on the ground. many former teammates described him as hard working and generous. he supported various veterans causes. matt delucia spoke to fans who say he will truly be missed. >> you're listening to wpen. >> filled with mem ris and grief over a phillies legend lost. >> roy halladay was 40 years
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old. he had his whole life ahead of him. >> he reminisced on what he called magic memories. >> when you can relate them as great people and those two come together that's what roy halladay was. >> it is great and other people and other players lives. >> outside citizens bank park a growing memorial, a two time winner and the ace who pitched a no-hitter and a perfect game in the same season. >> it started and all -- >> such a great player. he was untouchable. just like a great name for the sport in general it sucks to see this happen and completely ran d random circumstance. >> he was a great person and great pitcher too. >> he leaves behind his wife and
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two sons, long enough to make a lifetime of memories. nbc 10 news. we want to hear your memories and your tributes to halladay. a chilly wednesday across our area. this is a live look now. a light breeze out there. this morning when i was getting up and getting out there, yes, it is already starting to feel like winter. don't be afraid to do it. speaking of winter, it is severe weather week here. we'll be visiting shopping malls to make sure you and your family are prepared for this season ahead. he is meeting our viewers and
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shoppers. you have the hat, glenn. >> reporter: yeah. it's all out there which was a lot different than monday. yesterday we ended up in pouring rain. it was freezing cold. now it's cold but mostly clear. the sun is out. it's helping us out a little. you have a mix of clouds and sun. we'll be here until 5:00 this afternoon. we have storm ranger 10 over here. right now we have cold winds moving into the area. it is going to stay pretty chilly for the rest of the week. you can see the flags blowing. that is blowing the cold air in.
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up in easton we have a mix of clouds and sun. it is not going to be raining or snowing up there today even though it is cold. pretty uniformed temperatures. with the wind it feels a little bit colder. look at the drop. we were 70 on monday. it was 49 on monday with the rain. 52 today, 55 tomorrow and it gets cold again. colder friday and saturday. forget about the 70 degree stuff. for quite a while we have more sunshine to the north and more clouds to the south to start the day. it looks like it is basically dry though. as we go through the rest of the day you can see temperatures not really changing very much. and by 9:00 tonight already down into the mid-30s in the lehigh valley. it will be a cold night tonight
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across the entire area. if you think that's cold wait until you see the forecast for the end of the week and at least part of the weekend. that's coming up. >> all right. we'll be looking forward to it i suppose. all right. thanks for that. you can meet glenn "hurricane" schwartz for severe whinter weather week. now to decision 2017. political say voted for change electing phil murphy as the state's next governor. he will replace christie. he defeated kim. murphy literally jufrpd for joy as he took the stage hugging his family. he celebrated aing it sends a
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message to president donald trump. >> it is one of the first major elections since donald trump was elected. tonight new jersey sent an unmistakable message to the entire nation. we are better than that. this -- than this. >> we may have lost the battle but we will win this war in the long run. >> she thanked her supporters and urged them to keep up her fight for lower taxes and a safer new jersey. now to philadelphia where larry is the city's newly elected district attorney. he will succeed williams that resigned in june after pleading guilty to federal bribery charges. >> supporters chanted his name as he took to the stage. she a long time defense attorney and promised a number of reforms
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including changes in practices and vowed to stop donald trump's immigration fight in so called immigration cities like philadelphia. >> this is a mandate for a movement that is loudly telling government what it wants and what it wants is criminal justice reform in ways that require transformational change within the philadelphia's district attorney's office. >> he also thanked his opponent for maintaining a standard of civility in the campaign he says the unfamiliar in trump world. in the race for mayor ed pawlowski survived -- he won a fourth term with less than 50% of the vote. regarding those charges it is an alleged pay to play scheme.
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his trial is scheduled to start early next year. atlantic city voters by a razor thin margin. he defeated guardian. he accused gilliam in the final dais. his campaign denied any wrong doing. let's head to delaware county. it was a historic election night. democrats beat out income wants. the last time a democrat served was in 1980. democrats had historic wins in bucks county as well. you can check out the nbc 10 app for a full list of races and you can hear from the candidates themselves. unlocking the mystery investigators are trying to track the cell phone in their desperate search for more clues into its past.
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all right. we are in new jersey. it looks kind of chilly. get some jackets and gloves and maybe some hats on. i'll let you know what it will be like for the rest of the week. colder air coming in. that's coming up next.
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investigators delve into the chur church shooter's pastment we have more from southerland springs. inside this texas church moments of terror. telling him the gunman moved methodically. >> stays at the door shooting everyone for quite a while and then he starts bawalk up and do the i'll shooting everyone laying tla laying on the ground. >> air force veteran and his wife had just moved from the pittsburgh area. >> go there to pray and get killed. >> they sent his home hoping to crack the pass code and was
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given a year detention. the air force failed to enter the crime into a national database allowing him to purchase firearms like the three found in his suv sunday. first responders spoke about arriving on scene and learning they have personal connections to the tragedy. >> so much tragedy and so much loss. a red carpet welcome for the first lady and president trump
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today. the president toured bbeijing's forbidden city. he will be in china for two daysment he plans to focus on the crisis with north korea. if you will come out and join us and you visit storm ranger 10 over there. look how crowded it is getting. steve is out there explaining how storm ranger 10 works. we have a crowd developing already. we have freebies to give out, some rain panchos, some ice
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scrapers. my winter forecast is coming at 11:00 tonight. plan for that. now right now we have temperatures generally in the mid-40s across the area and a mix of clouds and sun. right now in the chester county some wind on top of that and it was a couple of days ago it was 70 degrees. our bodies are not quite used to this. we have a northeast wind ranging from about 7 to 15 miles per hour. it's not a real strong wind but just enough to make it feel kind of chilly and especially after that 70 degrees on monday. it was only 49 yesterday with
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the rain. a lot of you probably stayed indoors with the rain. today high of only 52. it will get colder friday as you'll see in a minute. we have got clouds across the southern portion of the area especially and what you see on the radar there probably not reaching the ground across extreme southern delaware. there's a lot of moisture in the lower left. it looks like that is going miss the south. watch how cold it gets tonight. it is in the 30s. by tomorrow morning 33 in
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allentown and reading. then tomorrow a lot of clouds, temperatures in the 50s. here come some showers. tomorrow night that's with the cold front that will bring us the coldest air. look at that. friday morning in the 20s even into philadelphia. now tomorrow it is still chilly, not quite as cold as today. you see that rain drop? it is the beginning of a front coming through with really the only chance of showers for the rest of the week. more on how cold it is going to get later this week and how much into the weekend it is going to go coming up. >> you are certainly dressed for the weather. thanks for that. you can meet the nbc 10 first
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alert weather team. coming up fans of the serk cirque du soleil. the show flying into philadelphia just in time for thanksgiving.
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your final chance to experience is almost here. it takes the audience on an uncredible journey. tell me about it. >> yeah. we had some changes in our sh s
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shows. >> colorful costumes, really impressive tricks. it is still here. >> and you perform on the russian swing, your native country, of course. tell us about the maneuvers and the training that goes into it. >> so we'll do high acrobatic streaks and that's going to be impressive for everyone, even for the kids and adults. >> we see of course some of the costumes, the head pieces we'll be wearing. is it difficult to do the maneuvers? >> at the beginning it was real challen challenging. this head piece for the first part and this one i'm wearing
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when i'm jumping. >> it is the last part of the show and it's really like really challenging. >> and the energy for the audience, i imagine it feeds into your performance. >> yeah. i feel like when they are standing up after the show i feel it. it's really good. >> as we said at the beginning, you have been to philadelphia before. i will put you on the spot here. any where you want to visit that you didn't get to -- when you were here three years ago? >> we were like so many cities. i don't even remember. >> i mean the rockies -- >> yes.
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those i remember. i want to visit the same places where i have been. >> all right. wonderful. thank you for being with us. good luck with the show. if you're interesting it flies in november 22nd through the 26th with seven performances in north philadelphia. we have all of the details right now on and on the nbc 10 app. coming up, authorities in the lehigh valley revealed new information on the breaking news of the police trooper shot. we first told you about this yesterday morning. we are continuing to get updates. seth kelly remains in critical condition after he was shot during a traffic stop. we are learning more about what happened before the shooting and what may have saved his life. also ahead, a brave new world for twitter users this morning, how you can take your tweet withes to a whole new level with twice the tweet.
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seth kelly was injured after a shooting. they are revealing about what lead to the exchange of gunfire with a dui suspect. here is what we know, another trooper pulled the suspect over for speeding on route 33. >> reporter: state police say corporal kelly was shot multiple
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times but was still able to not only return fire but also render first aid on himself using a turnicate from his belt. he has at least one more surgery to get rid of one of those bullets. this morning he got a few visitors. they were checking in on their injured colleague. we learned more about what happened along that busy highway. police say the suspect was given a speeding ticket but failed a sobriety test. authorities say he suddenly became violent fighting with the troopers wrestling in the middle of the road. he was tased but able to run to his car, grab a gun. police say he hopped on the roof of his car leaving behind troopers. >>. >> corporal kelly was hit several times as a result of the gunfire. even after being hit corporal
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kelly both returned fire shooting the actor multiple times. he was also struck multiple times. >> he is a 13 year vet of the force hired in 2004. meantime that suspect that was hit by gunfire drove himself to the hospital. he was arrested and we are told he will be arraigned at his hospital bedside some time this morning or later today. that suspect will be charged with attempted homicide as well as attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer. we are live at saint luke's, nbc 10 news. cold morning out there. get used to it. here is a live look at camel back mountain resort. you can see a dusting of snow from showers that moved through the area yesterday. that's how cold it is. nbc 10 is getting you ready for winter and this winter-like
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weather with our severe winter weather week events. we are visiting area shopping malls all weekend long. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is spending the day and certainly bundled up for it. >> reporter: yeah, it's chilly and a little breezy but better than yesterday afternoon when it was pouring rain. this is winter weather week. i have these weather bow ties. today a snow flake bow ties and i'm holding one of our give aways, an ice scraper. is that a sign for my forecast tonight? here is something else we are giving away. steve is modelling our pancho which would have come in handy. that's for sure.
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it is looking year around here. so quite a difference from yesterday. the temperatures are pretty low. it will be below normal not only today but for the rest of the week and into next week. we are mostly in the 40s at the moment. we are barely going to get into the 50s today. the average high close to 60. friday and saturday colder than it has been the last couple of days. some of the clouds mostly to our south and that's why central and southern delaware will have more clouds today. as we go into the night tonight look how quickly it cools down. as soon as that sun goes down it will feel 10 degrees colder. the sun is setting earlier than
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it did just a week ago. so if you think it's not going to be cold at 6:00 tonight you have got another thing coming. i'll tell you more about the weather for the rest of the week. like i said, it will get even colder. the first freeze of the season in philadelphia is on the way. that's coming up. >> say it ain't so. all right. thanks for that. >> you can meet glenn "hurricane" schwartz and our nbc 10 through 5:00 this afternoon. you can also check out storm force 10 and get nbc 10 freebies while you're there. now the decision 2017, voters here in our area decided one of the country's two closely watched races for governor. new jersey voters elected phil murphy to be governor. he defeated guadano. the other closely watched election, the race for virginia
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governor. democrat easily defeated. party officials kept an eye on this contest as an early test of the political climate ahead of next year's all important midterm election. president trump tweeted saying ed worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. republicans won four out of four house seats. with the economy doing record numbers we will continue to win bigger than before. find a complete list on the nbc 10 app. let's go to washington where right now a senate committee is grilling behind two of the country's biggest data breaches. they are testifying on capitol hill. the former ceo is also there. he was at the helm when the company got hacked. the hack involved about half the u.s. population.
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the yahoo! breach involved all user accounts. the confirmation underway for the nominee for the department of homeland security. he was the top deputy before john kelly when he became chief of staff. her supporters describe her as a straight shooter with relentless work ethic. they say she does not have enough to run a major department with almost a quarter million people happening today this afternoon in our area former vice president joe biden will host a discussion on innovations in the fight against cancer. the event is called future shapers, a new era in cancer care. it takes place right in old city philadelphia. the doors open at 3:00 this afternoon. biden is head of the national cancer institute's cancer moon shot initiative to find cures. you may remember he became
11:39 am
involved in the moon shot certainly after he lost his son to brain cancer. new this morning former president barack obama is doing something many americans try to get out of, jury duty. he reported that the pay a little bit less than what he is used to at a little more than 17 bucks a day. he is certainly the only would be juror with a secret service detail. he is a teen who lu to have fun and make others smile. michael is hoping to find a lifetime of love and laughter with his forever family. vai sikahema introduces us to michael. >> we are at the fun plex on route 38. it has been a popular spot for
11:40 am
teenagers like michael. tell me what your favorite thing to do is. >> go bowling, go on vacation and go play on water slides. >> he has lerping disabilities. i explained i'm putting him on tv to find his forever family. >> everybody is watching? >> yeah, there will be a lot of people watching. wh who would you like to say hi to? >> i want to say hi to my unit. hey unit, it's me, michael. >> michael lives in a group home. he is the kind of person that gives shout outs to his boys in his unit. >> he likes to tell you about the funniest thing he just saw. he is perceptive and she able to talk about his feelings and his emotions. he is doing really well in
11:41 am
school. >> he is a good listener and he pays attention to others needs. when do you ever hear that about a teenaged boy? >> he is open and he is interested in having other siblings. it is anybody who is going to support and love him. that's really the most important to him. >> michael is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make his dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. twitter is doubling your tweeting power. people using the social media site are getting to use 280 characters. twitter says the old limit deterred people from tweeting at
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all. it is being rolled out and if you don't have it yet you soon will. it may be a bye week for the birds but nbc 10 is getting you set for thursday night football. coming up next vai sikahema talks about the big win against the broncos and the comparisons between carson wentz and peyton manning. >> reporter: and we have a nice looking day out here in new jersey just across from the bridge but it is chilly and windy. if you're going to come out and say hello wear a winter coat. i recommend gloves as well. we are not used to it. i'll tell you when it will get colder than this coming up.
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for ten years readers young and old readers have been laughing at the antics in books and on the big screen. it is diary of a wimpy kid series. it is called the get away. it is part of the tenth anniversary. author jeff kenny joins us this morning. >> thank you for inviting me. >> for those who aren't familiar, but at this point many
11:46 am
are very familiar. tell us ability tout the series. what made you decide to focus on this character? >> it is about a weakling in middle school. i was a little bit like greg as a kid. >> i was going to ask you that. i didn't want to be too presumption. >> i bet you could tell by looking at me. it started out as a dream for me to become a newspaper cartoonist. i spent about three years trying to break in and then i decide id didn't have the talent. i pretended to put my comics into books. >> and in terms of the response? >> it has been a wild ride. these books have taken me all over the world. i have gotten to meet presidents and world leaders and athletes and movie starts. i guess it's kind of like your job here, right? >> not exactly. you will embark on an even
11:47 am
bigger journey. >> we are about a quarter of the way through. i went to russia, singapore and taiwan, new york yesterday and philly today and on and on and on we are going all over the world. >> and real quickly you're going to be right around the corner from our stud yeahs later on. >> i'm excited to meet the fans here. it is a big moment for me. >> you and i were recalling we did the interview six years ago and you saw a bus go by with the advertisement for the movie. >> yeah. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you! we do have the information if you would like to meet him he talks about the new book the get away. it is not too far from city app. it is happening from 5:00 this afternoon until 8:00 this evening. you will need a ticket. we have all of the details on or check out the app.
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>> reporter: well, severe winlter weather week. we are in a different mall every day tomorrow lehigh valley. come by and say hello. different weather every day. monday was really warm. i was wearing short sleeves. today is dry but chilly. we had storm ranger 10 coming where ever we go. newest meteorologist explaining how storm ranger 10 works. come on out and meet him. we have got some free stuff to give out. some of it is related to winter weather. remember, 11:00 tonight my 21st annual winter forecast, i have been working on this thing for weeks and revealing it tochblt
11:49 am
we have temperatures in the mid-40z despite sunshine and it feels a little bit colder, of course. farther to the south we are mostly in the 40s as well. it teals even colder. radar showing moisture is to the south. we do have a cold front coming through. we are in the low 50s today cht i tomorrow morning temperatures down near 30 degrees in the area. then we warm up aly l bit
11:50 am
tomorrow. a cold front moves through by friday morn we are in the 20s across the area. it is the first hard freeze across the area. well, the eagles are now enjoying their bye week. you can get your football fix right here on nbc 10. thursday night football returniretur returning for the next five weeks. head coach joins us. welcome. thank you for taking a few minutes with us. >> thank you. it is always good to be on with you and especially now with the eagles playing so hot. the city has to be exciting.
11:51 am
>> we'll talk about thursday night football in a second. we have to get your take on the eagles after their performance over denver. >> i keep waiting for them to fall tear little bit. i say they are got a lot of energy but carson wentz, i love the speed they have, energy they are playing with. they are receivers making plays. zach played yesterday and you still get production from other guys. it's pretty exciting to see. >> i think you know mike and i have known mike far long time. he might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone i have ever seen. obviously they are 8 and 1. he is proving that wrong. what did mike and lots of other people miss about doug? >> you know, i think people look
11:52 am
at outward demeanor. he knows the game. his players believe in him and trust him. he has been excellent. i don't really know what the question was. >> you have coached against other great quarterbacks, what are you seeing between carson wentz and peyton manning back in the day. >> the biggest similarity i see is the ability to elevate your teammates play. we had a thursday night game in philadelphia last year. i was there and just watching how the guys relate to carson, how he relates to them, the things that i read about just the closeness that this unit has, that's the big thing. he is talented. he is a better scrambler. he is more athletic. he can't maybe make all of the
11:53 am
throws yet you can't bottle it and that's what's driving the eagles right now. so tell us about one of the thursday night teams, the cardinals. >> i was thinking we will have a hot seattle team playing a team that's a little bit down and lost their quarterback. it got reversed, 37 carries. he carried the arizona offense. they are not used to it blowing leads. they lose a game at home. there's not a lot of.
11:54 am
you have to get out. >> we appreciate your time. thank you, coach. thursday night football comes to the peacock. our coverage begins at 7:30. i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house.
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severe winter weather week continues. we'll be live in white hall along with our team of frs alert
11:57 am
meteorologists. you should see us there from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. how snowy and woeld will this winter be? with have your winter forecast tonight at 11:00.
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>> gabi: yeah, i'd better get going. >> abigail: well, we were just about to have breakfast. you should join us. >> gabi: you know, i would, but i got to get back to work, so... >> abigail: i hear you. today is the last day of our stay-cation honeymoon, and then i'm gonna jump back into the fray. >> gabi: oh. i didn't think you'd be heading back to the station. >> abigail: oh, actually, i'm not, i got a new job. i got a... well, i got a new old job. i'm going back to dimera. >> chad: yep, head of public relations. >> abigail: mm-hmm. >> gabi: whoa, wow. that's--congratulations. >> abigail: thank you. >> gabi: yeah, when i was talking to kate, she mentioned she'd be bringing in a new spin doctor, but i didn't think it would be you. >> chad: you were talking to kate about dimera? >> gabi: yeah, she offered me a job too. >> chad: um...i didn't realize that you were looking for a job at the company. >> gabi: i wasn't.
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