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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 9, 2017 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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>> mike: 17 yards on the last catch from larry fitzgerald. he remains sixth all-time behind rice, t.o., tony gonzalez in the 15,000 yard club. a chance there to keep on moving up. behind jerry rice when all is
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said ask done. stanton down the field shot. that is another receiver who had a step or was a bit open that stanton wasn't able to connect with tonight. >> cris: the fourth chance for a huge play drew stanton missed on relatively easy throws. isn't as easy to see from that angle. he had a couple of steps on that one. wrong angle chosen from that show. over to troy niklas. and then that was wide open. wide open. >> mike: again, seattle secondary. no earl thomas to start the night. richard sherman, injured during the game. this pass is incomplete for jermaine gresham. the tight end with arizona's lone touchdown on the night. it will be third down. >> cris: seattle comes in with exactly the right game plan. carson palmer and richard sherman knows it. there was no way they were going to let adrian peterson beat them
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running the football. they stacked the line of scrimmage. shut him down all night. put the ball in the hands of drew stanton. he has made nice plays tonight. when he had big play opportunities they were missed. >> mike: you can see the numbers, peterson 21 carries for 35 yards. third and ten. stanton about to get hit as he throws it complete for the first down to fitzgerald. the drive will stay alive with 8:40 to go with a 12-point game. >> cris: carson palmer is going that is a good idea to throw this thing to larry fitzgerald. just got it off, didn't he. >> mike: freeney. >> cris: yeah. but we have seen -- remember the playoff game against the green bay packers. everything on the line. larry fitzgerald just took over the game. remarkable plays. he is that alpha male out there. you know that he wants the
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football right now. >> mike: from the 48. stanton. he got sacked by dion jordan. it is ruled a sack. jordan playing his first game in nearly three years. a former number three overall pick. violated the substance abuse policy, knee surgery and now coming back. >> cris: it has been the longest of long roads. he has been hurt. he has been suspended. he has been given up on. he has been everything. he was also the number three overall pick in the draft by the miami dolphins because he has talent. pete carroll believed in him. you can see how excited he was that he would get the chance. >> mike: stanton in the middle. caught at the 45. fitzgerald again. four shy of the first down. a big second down gain to make it third and manageable.
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>> cris: i always marvel at the hands of larry fitzgerald. you are getting hit from both sides, face down to the ground. you have to run down and turn around. watch him making an overhand catch here as he is getting drilled. the ball just sticks to him like it stuck to jerry rice and cris carter. >> mike: in and out of the hands of jaron brown. 6:43 left. they have to go for it here on fourth and four. >> cris: yeah. >> cris: this is where you have russell wilson playing quarterback, you know that anything is a possibility. >> mike: as we saw a few minutes ago. >> cris: >> cris: fitzgerald, in the
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slot. off to drew stanton's right. >> mike: looking that way. they got it. survives going to the ground. hang on. pick plays work. first down arizona with 6:38 to go. >> cris: that was a blatant pick play too. he is going to come back. he went up the field just a bit. then he jumped his way back. larry fitzgerald. you are going to get hit. if he were bumped out of bounds it would have been incomplete. >> mike: first and ten. gresham. inside the 20 yard line. you know what helped on the pick play, jaron brown put his hands up like throw it to me. >> cris: clever, how about that. >> mike: is that in the brady process for receivers? >> cris: that was on him. you know the pick is what made
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the play. they work on that as defensive backs in seattle all of the time. you know that it is coming on the third and the fourth and shorts. not much you can do about it. >> mike: down the middle. the pass is deflected. kam chancellor. last of the legion out there for a moment with the play. >> cris: i am going to tell you this. kam chancellor, when you are running a skinny post. you know number 31 is sitting there. you can be the bravest person on the face of the earth and you are go to still flinch. that guy is a monster roaming around in center field. wide receivers are not completely stupid. look at richard sherman. he is in to it. earl thomas.
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>> mike: stanton from behind is taken down by nazair jones who was injured earlier and has come back for this depleted seattle front. >> cris: i don't know what they are doing here. but there was no way for shipley to get back on that block. he has to come back to here to make the block off of the play action. he is going to get the guard pulling. that one is just not possible. >> mike: four-down territory. they need to get to the 7 to keep the drive alive. don't need it all here on third and 18. underneath with that in mind. ellington to the 16 yard line. fourth down and a long seven or eight. stanton 17 of 36.
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about where his career is. under 50% passer. >> cris: that is a very interesting play call. throwing it at the line of scrimmage. the center, a.q. shipley was eight or nine yards down the field. well timed i guess. >> mike: fourth and eight. got to have it. arizona. end zone shot is broken up. bradley mcdougald. in the middle of the field. wanted to get a third safety in the mix. they acquired mcdougald in the middle. >> cris: chancellor down and mcdougald has got to cover all of the ground in the middle right here. chancellor down there in the box to take away the first downs. makes him throw it over the top. doourg jumps it from the back
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side. >> cris: you saw pete jumping on the sidelines there. catch russell wilson on halloween? loved that. >> mike: priceless, dressing up as his head coach. 4:14 to go. thomas rawls the carry. he is going to lose a yard. coming up later tonight on nfl network, the postgame show. star of the game will join the guys on the set. mazda postgame over on nfl network. >> cris: one guy for arizona that stuck out for bruce arians tonight, i think, number 72 pierre. he made a lot of plays here tonight. >> mike: undrafted player.
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chicago had him and released him. arizona put him on the practice squad. inactive every game last year. mckissic. tyrann mathieu starts and finished off. deone bucannon. >> cris: one of the bizarre rules is that deone bucannon could have grabbed him by the hair. that is one that is allowed. they are not going to put restrictions on wearing the hair out of the helmet. if you want to take a shot to grab it, it stops most people. >> mike: it is third. arizona trying to preserve tonights. probably will take one here if they will get the stop. third down run with mckissic. he will get to the 19. that is it.
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the cardinals will take a time-out. 2:40 to go as seattle will punt the ball to them. 22-10. richard sherman going down and grabbing his right achilles. if you are reading lips on the sideline looks like he said tore my achilles. a lot of emotional hugs. the voice, the face and the heart and the soul for this seattle defense through this six-year run. >> cris: unbelievable what they have done. look at the quarterback rating. there have been legendary combinations of people playing
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the triplets for the cowboys. but defensively, you know, these guys are the legion of boom. the triplets on the defensive side. whatever you want to call them. there is something special individually and especially when they play together. >> mike: first down. jon ryan will kick it. kerwynn williams. decade or so ago. great kick by ryan. that will be 55 in the air. kerwynn williams oubld out of b shy of the 40 yard line. next stop for "thursday night football" week 11 is going to be begin in pittsburgh. marcus mariota and the titans. will they be a factor in the second half of the season?
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we will have that game covered for you predominantly from skycam. >> cris: le'veon bell and his unique style of running. i can't wait to watch tennessee. tennessee is one of those teams that not many people are talking about. but they are getting it done in nashville. >> mike: tennessee and jacksonville. big stories there in the afc south. no-huddle. pedal to the metal here. andre ellington, one shy of the first down. see if they can squeeze in another play here before the two minute. ellington came out. ellington shaken up. kerwynn williams comes in. that will allow them to get the snap off before the two. pressure comes. blitz in the middle intended for jaron brown. incomplete. we hit the two-minute warning. 1:58 to go. tough night for seattle.
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but they made a couple of big plays and lead it by 12. 3 c3
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t├ęcnico en otro equipo de la nfl and a lot of it is about who you have left standing here. >> cris: it is. it always is. >> mike: cardinals came into the game relatively healthy. but their injuries have come during the season. guys are out for the year at this point. jaron brown taken down hard by k.j. wright. david johnson, their best running back. carson palmer their quarterback turning 38 in december. >> cris: starting guard. golden. >> mike: double digit sack man. fitzgerald the catch at the 30 yard line. wasn't touched down. they wrapped him up and gave himself up at the 30 yard line. 1:25 to go.
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arizona needs to take a few end zone shots here to have any hope. stanton. takes an end zone shot. it is out of bounds. john brown intended receiver. >> cris: you know what is difficult for the arizona cardinals tonight? their game plan was to come in here and pound the football. if they had gotten adrian peterson going and you have the speedsters on the outside and larry fitzgerald working inside, everything works off of the play action. when you don't get the running game going, all of the other stuff sounds great but two deep safeties and it is hard to get the ball down the field. >> mike: 1:15 left. stanton in the middle. gresham. third and short coming up. >> cris: defensive players call
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this target practice time for receivers. there is nothing that you can do. >> mike: fitzgerald gets the first down. >> mike: kam chancellor a moment ago going over to this at the two-minute warning. he went over to the tent to be examined. >> cris: wow. >> mike: how many times have you seen, probably none, over the last six or seven years seattle playing meaningful snaps. none of those three on the field. here you are. >> cris: yeah. i haven't seen any. >> mike: sherman played every game here the last 99 starts. always there. bradley mcdougald is out there.
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hill. jeremy lane. >> cris: he is in the middle of the field now. >> mike: arizona has to take it to the end zone. stanton does and it is off of gresham's hands. >> cris: you know, sometimes you have to as a quarterback have guys make plays for you. we saw j.j. nelson drop a big one. and this is a touchdown. relatively routine catch for a tight end. that is all in the job description there, right. that one you have to have. >> mike: not enough for arizona. still 49 seconds and a time-out. this is caught by brown. down at the 8 but a lot of time
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is wasted. they have the one time-out and choose not to use it here. takes a few more seconds. gresham has to get in here. he doesn't. flag is down. he is down at the 1 yard line. >> cris: if it is against arizo arizona. >> referee: offside 72 defense. lined up in the neutral zone. penalty is declined. the result of the play is a completed pass for a first down. the clock will start by rule on the snap. >> cris: you have to be ready. it would have been a ten second run off if it were against arizona. >> mike: they tell stanton to start on the snap. gets it. they run it. they run it in for the touchdown. andre ellington backs his way
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in. 22-16, excuse me. a six-point game. >> cris: just go to try to take all of these guys down inside and they end up making a play. but for dwight freeney, that is not what he gets paid to do. phil dawson. that is blocked off of the edge. not as damaging in this situation. seattle had to give a fifth round pick back to the texans to get him back and complete the duane brown trade. >> cris: i want to go back to a comment bill belichick said to
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me about the seahawks one time. he said they never take a play off. never. if you think back to the super bowl when the malcouple butler play was made and they end up with the ball at the 1 or the 2. they were fistfighting. game on. pete carroll, he is a passionate guy. i know they have a lot of people hurt. but that passion shows up every single day whether you are watching them practice or whether you are watching them in a meeting or playing a game out there. there is a guy there with a lot of passion about a lot of things right now. >> mike: michael bennett. all right. you saw pete carroll making points there about the formation coming up here. arizona for the on side kick. six-point game to the executing by dawson. time-out taken before.
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arizona showed you their best option on the on side kick. pete carroll waits until the last second to call the time-out. chance to look at what they did and set up accordingly. does arizona go to plan b and not give them the same look again? >> cris: probably. but this is a really tough formation. i used to be on the hands team. i was the guy they blocked for and then you had to make the catch. >> mike: they put you on the throne and said take care of us. >> cris: there was nobody that was cheering harder for a defense than i was to not have to go out there. on that last play down there you just go oh, no. here we go again. now you end up with -- who is
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that luke wilson over here on this side. they will try to protect the guys as best they can. >> mike: dawson to the vacant area in the middle and lockett gets on it at the 32. we have a flag down. of course we do. >> referee: offside 21, kicking team. five-yard penalty from the end of the kick. it was a dead ball. first down. >> cris: i love the play. i really do. i have been preaching that somebody should take a shot at it a long time. i think i would do it differently. i would do one of those bouncing kicks shooting straight up in the air and more at the same angle. they are go to hit the spot and give the guys a chance to run at it. it is difficult for that guy to handle.
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that was difficult to handle as well. >> mike: this one will end 22-16. seattle gets a victory and a big price. arizona at 4-5. now they will get ready to go to houston. richard sherman and his injury will be a significant part of the post story. seattle keeps the pressure on the rams. they won five of their last six. if it comes down to it, it comes down to russell wilson's magic. up next the volkswagen postgame report. this has been "thursday night football."
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>> jimmy graham with two touchdowns on the night. the second capping a two-play sequence that will be on russell wilson's highlight reel for the 2017 season that now has the seattle seahawks at 6-3 with a six-point win here in the desert tonight. rich eisen getting set for a postgame show with russell wilson visiting our set on the field. up to the booth now for the
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gentlemen that called the game. >> mike: it has been a pretty big highlight reel russell wilson has. this is one of the nights with the celebration of greatness on the field and the reality of the game. we saw a lot of the best players for seattle get hurt and injured and richard sherman the headline of that. >> cris: yeah. so absolutely tough. there were great reactions after the game. you can see patrick peterson saying a prayer there for his friend, richard sherman. they have been two of the absolute best. josh mauro one of his teammates at stanford over there for a big hug as well. not just the seattle seahawks showing concern. everybody in the national football league. you have a great appreciation for what he has done. richard sherman has been one of the true stars, one of the real voices of the national football league. >> mike: yes. >> cris: through controversial times. he will be missed this year. >> mike: injury to his achilles
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by reading his lips he said it was torn. we will hear more after the game. to the one play that rich eisen talked about. the play we will talk about. one of the plays of the year and vintage russell wilson, a game-winner. >> cris: and the reason that russell wilson is always in the mvp conversation. you know, he is never going to have unbelievable stats, but he makes plays that win games. and this pump fake here, the arizona cardinals practiced it all week. it beat them. and then doug baldwin on the back end of it. if he does not make the incredible play this is just a bit of a forgotten moment. but they do that time after time. those two guys. and then tonight it was the other star, jimmy graham, coming in there to finish it off with the touchdown. so that is what seattle does. that is what russell wilson does. doug baldwin. jimmy graham. the reason they are always a contender to win a super bowl.
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>> right in front of bruce arians, oh, man. russell wilson here standing by with heather cox. >> heather: the cardinals told us all week in preparation they were planning for backyard football. boy did we see that, especially in that third quarter with that play to doug baldwin. from your perspective how did that play evolve? >> i was trying to keep the play alive. saw guys moving trying to get open. i had big old chandler jones chasing me. he is as good as it gets. just trying to get space and get open. i saw doug. he made an unbelievable shape. >> heather: the win did come at a price. richard sherman did get hurt. we saw you talking on the sidelines. what would it mean to keep going without richard sherman the rest of the season? >> he is one of the best you can ask for, one of the best teammates, one of the hardest working guys you will meet.
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he will do anything for everyone. it is unfortunate with him. he is as good as it gets. he is a hall of fame corner. guys will have to step up. you can't replace richard sherman. you just can't do it. but guys can step up. shaquill griffin played a great game. he battled and battled. he is a superstar over there as a young corner. we will have to find a way. >> heather: tonight's win comes on what would have been your dad's 63rd birthday. how are you inspired by his memory? >> i was pretty emotional before the game. i don't get emotional too often but it was emotional before the game. i think about him all of the time. how much he gave me and how much hard work he gave me and my mom. he is in a good place, in heaven. you know he was here tonight though. i could feel him. i think that play to doug. i think that was old school. that was for him. >> heather: russell, congrats on the win. >> thanks. go hawks. >> mike: somebody out in
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somebody in california. somebody somewhere is doing a little bit extra today. a little bit extra from his dad's spirit and memory. we will continue from arizona right after this. vw drivers have always put others first. now we're returning the favor, with the people first warranty. america's best bumper-to-bumper limited warranty.
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thank you for watching the volkswagen postgame report. >> "sunday night football" comes to you from denver, tom brady and the patriots taking on von miller and the broncos. see you for football night and tennessee at pittsburgh covered mostly from sky cam. 7:30 eastern time. our final score tonight, seattle 22, arizona 16. coming up next on nbc, except in the west coast stay tuned if are your local news and for those on nfl network it is the mazda postgame show. thanks to our team down in the truck. thanks for watching "thursday night football" from arizona. all smartphones are more or less the same, right? but this is the moto z. hello moto. can your phone turn into a projector? because a 70 inch projection beats any phone screen.
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