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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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this veterans day. that breaking news at 11:00, a deadly fiery crash is still shutting down a road in chester county. tonight one person is dead and others are hurt. and a chain reaction involving nine cars caused a tractor-trailer to go up in flames. nbc 10's andrea cline thomas is at the scene where cleanup continues tonight. ask you talked to a witness right by the crash. >> reporter: that's right, denise. but first i want to show you the scene. we are nearing the 11th hour. and take a look. a witness told me she heard a bang and everything happened so quickly. >> person's out of the truck. >> reporter: just before 12:30 saturday afternoon, amanlda quigley and her two children were on their way home from the
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amash market. she took this cellphone video on 202. traffic was at a stand still after a crash, a tractor-trailer hauling frozen turkeys was engulfed in flame. the aftermath of a chain reaction involving eight other cars. >> when the black smoke started coming up, you started to see people running from all directions. people were getting out of their cars. >> reporter: quigley said some people were running away from the flames, others running towards it trying to see if they needed help. she said she called 911. some hurt. >> i think the speed limit needs to be lowered. >> reporter: police have not said how the crash happened or if speed was a factor. >> i couldn't even get to my unit, and then i had to go through the university parking lot to get here.
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>> reporter: drivers were forced to detour with signs indicating that the route on 202 was close well into the night. >> oh, my god, this is really bad. >> reporter: just a few cars back quigley was able to make it home safely. hours later she's still shaken by the ordeal. >> it's upsetting. and feel very grateful myself and my children are okay. but it's bad. >> reporter: tow trucks are out here at the scene. so is construction and equipment helping to cleanup the road. progress is being made, but police have not said when the road will reopen. reporting live in west goshen township, andrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. braving the cold. nbc 10 here on the corner of 2nd and market streets tonight where people were all bundled up and still hitting the streets on a saturday night in old city.
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and cold is right. runners braving the bitter temperatures this morning for the rocky run. they had to bundle up. and thanks to a steady morning breeze the temperatures felt like the low teens. runners we spoke with says one thing is key. >> layers. just ton of layers. we doubled up on everything. >> now, these guys they missed the memo about layers instead showing off their patriotism in their short shorts. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist steve sofna joins us. >> these are temperature gains we've seen in the last 24 hours. so compared to this time last night, we're 7 degrees warmer in philadelphia, 2 degrees warmer in wilmington, and 4 degrees warmer in coastal. this is trenld, and we'll continue that trend as we come through the up coming workweek.
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live look out to center city. this is our broad street camera. the cold is not deterring many people from enjoying their saturday night. if you're heading out, just have the jackets and the scarves. 26 in allan town. the cold spot, 22 in mount poconos. what can you expect? well, the record cold is over. but you still need the coat and the gloves as we wake up to 20s on sunday morning and then we rebound to the 40s by afternoon. this is just the start of an impressive warming trend. >> steve, i'll see you soon. well, taking time to thank those who served. and new dedication at a memorial. it's veterans day and nbc 10's drew smith shows us the tributes from pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> to all the military, all those who give their lives for our countries.
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>> reporter: that prayer answered this weekend. jasmine went to the father-daughter dance but thought her dad was still in texas where he's stationed. >> your father is here. >> reporter: he surprised jasmine, a very special veterans day for them. and people spent saturday thanking people like him. in winfield he says it's heartwarming to be recognized. >> i truly appreciate, being a veteran. >> reporter: they dedicated a new flagpole. three decades since these vietnam veterans worked to create this memorial at pens landing, the memories come right back from their time serving. the cold weather did not stop a crowd from observing the holiday. and in delaware veterans gathered to hear from political leaders and to share their stories from krae and vietnam,
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soon to be part of a documentary. norman satchel, showed us a gift he got for veterans day. recognition from a younger generation. >> maybe it'll help bring everybody in this country together. >> reporter: their example of service is still inspiring today. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> new at 11:00, police are hoping surveillance video will lead to an arrest at a shooting today in philadelphia. they were called to huntington street, and that's where they found a 24-year-old man shot three times. the victim and another man were is standing outside a corner store when investigators say someone wearing a mask walked up to the victims and started shooting. >> the video that i've seen, it appears our victim was the intended target from the door. because the two males, they split and the shooter only contrated on the one victim. >> tonight that victim is in
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critical condition at temple university hospital. a 57-year-old man is in critical condition after he was shot by philadelphia police. it happened just before 2:00 this morning inside a home on south 29th street. the man inside the home had a knife, and police say they repeatedly told him to drop it. police shot the man once in the chest and he's in critical condition tonight. now both of these men seen here on surveillance video are in police custody. police say they used a brick to beat a u penn student last sunday fracturing him cull before robbing him. police say they might be tied to two similar robberies. a philadelphia neighborhood comes together to remember what remains one of the biggest mysteries in the city's history. on the defense.
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prum goes after what he calls haters and fools after meeting with vladimir putin. coming up, has saquon barclay lost his grip? and some trash talking. tonight with the sixers and warriors before and during the game. that is next.
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in chestnut hill tonight the i-institute is looking out for kids. it's raraising money for families who cannot afford eye care for their children. nbc 10's rosy conner served as tonight's mc.
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nbc 10 at the foundation automotive museum, that event raises money for the ivy legacy foundation, which funds scholarships and mentoring programs for local students. and in camden, the hope under the sea gala was held at the adventure aquarium. it benefits the quality of life for cancer patients. nbc 10's sydney long hosted tonight's event. next on nbc 10, remembering one of the oldest mysteries in philadelphia's history. next, the one neighborhood honoring the boy in a box. and easing out of the cold. while temperatures tomorrow morning start out in the 20s, in my ten day forecast, i'll show you when temperatures get close to 60 degrees. that's coming up.
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a historic roadside marker was unveiled today in fox chase marking where a boy in the box was discovered. in 1957 the unidentified boy was found dead in a cardboard box, naked, bruised and battered. now, this case is still active, and it's the longest running open investigation of the philadelphia police department. embattled alabama senate candidate roy moore doubled down against not just democrats but his own party today. he made his first public appearance today since an explosive "the washington post" article accused him of sexual misconduct years ago. the report alleges moore fondled a 14-year-old in 1979 and
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pursued three other teens when he was in his 30s. moore called the allegations completely false and his intent to stay in the senate seat. >> to wait 40 years to come right before an election to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable. >> roy expected to fill the seat previously held by jack sessions. they were side by side in vietnam today, and later speaking to reporters on air force one the president appeared to take putin's word over u.s. intelligence assessment. the president saying he believes putin when he says russia had nothing to do with russian meddling. and after that the president tweeted about the haters and fools he says are questioning hiss efforts to improve
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relations with russia. he accused critics of playing politics and hurting the country. switching gears here. live look from new york. it is saturday night. here's look as "snl" as the cast and crew get ready there. tonight tiffany haddish, the first black comedian ever to host "snl." fur lined hoods were popular today as spectators took in the uniy cup. with today's high reaching only 40 degrees, it was a cold day for soccer. nbc 10's meteorologist steve sofna joins us now. temperatures in the 30s, but that changes tomorrow. >> we're looking at a warm up tomorrow afternoon into the 40s, and don't even get comfort with that. we're going to go into the 50s here over the next couple of
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days. so the chilliest weather is out of here, but it was an impressive round of cold weather this morning. and in fact we set records. 18 enallan town this morning, 18 for a record low in reading, 20 in wilmington, and even 20 in atlantic city. these were some really impressive morning lows for the month of november. 13 in mount poke no. 22 down in millville. and we recovered somewhat today, but it was still a brisk day. 40 in philadelphia was your high today. 41 in trenton and even parts of new jersey staying in the 30s this afternoon. average high, by the way, that hurts when you see that. 58 degrees. we'll get closer to that here as we head through the up coming workweek. breaking down today. in the suburbs, 45, 47 up in the lee high valley. 50 jersey shore and delaware. so we'll tack on 10 degrees from
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about where highs were today. breaking down your headline. so it's another chilly night tonight, but not quite a as bitter and that's because of the wind. and that certainly makes all the difference stepping outside. but still have the hats, the gloves, the scarf. the warming trend is through most of next week. so it's not just monday or tuesday but probably lasting through thursday. so breaking down some of the neighborhood temperatures in south jerds south jersey, already below freezing. other area temperatures right now mid to upper 20s. as you're stepping out in the overnight hours, it will be quite chilly. we had a gathering of clouds to the west. what this indicates milder air is trying to pump its way back through here. already milder temperatures off through the south and west. let's break down the day tomorrow. at 6:00 in the morning we'll have 32 degrees in philadelphia,
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temperatures in the lower 30s. but then we'll bump up temperatures to mid to upper 40s. it'll show you we do have that nice warming trend as we head into next week. hey, i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. sixers facing the champs tonight. sixers lost eight straight to the warriors. >> i saw draymond this summer, and i told him i was going to kick his [ bleep ]. >> all right, first half. looks like a block right here by joel. now durant gets fouled. sixers great first half, down by
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one. third quarter joel testing a sleeve on his knee. sixers said yesterday it was sore. warriors dominate the first quarter. steph curry, sixers leave a lot of room open for threes. behind the back twice. clay thompson wide open 3. warriors 14 three pointers. joelen b gets his knees iced and brown says he's still trying to get in game shape. let's see that game, 135 -- fliers, rookie center nolan patchtric misses his eight straight game tonight. but the fliers hoping he can return to practice monday. fliers pregame wearing camouflage injuries to honor our veterans on veterans day.
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third period, no score. minnesota shot from the near point. goes to the other side right to jac jac jacob zuker. fliers lose 1-0. that is the fourth time they've been shutout in 17 games. rematch tuesday in minnesota. penn state's saquon barclay had been been the favorite to win the heisman, but baker the favorite tonight. in the last three weeks he has really been held in check. trace mcsworly going to take it 21 yards by himself. sets the all-time penn state record with 68. penn state, they're getting cute. taws it to barclay. say what? saquon. leaps over the defender. and two plays later barclay
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finishes the job. lines now 8 and 2. how about after the game? chance sworal with the team right around him, he proposes to his girlfriend. don't worry, she says yes. so at least somebody is getting the ring for penn state this year. first play from scrimmage, trey solomon, 77 yards untouched. quakers win 23-6. marlins, they have started exploratory trade talks involving their star. that's according to things are expected to heat up next week at the winter meeting. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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thanks for joining us. "snl" is next with your host tiffany haddish.
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mr. vice president, alabama senate candidate roy moore is here. >> oh, great. send him in. [ applause ] >> how are you doing? >> roy, i don't have to tell you that the senate hangs in the balance. we are trying to pass a tax reform plan this year to bring


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