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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  November 12, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, road open. traffic is finally flowing on a major road in chester county after it was closed for more than 12 hours following this fiery and deadly tractor-trailer crash. victim remembered. a local eagle scout brings a community together to memorialize a victim in the so-called boy in the box case from 60 years ago in philadelphia. a little less chill out there this morning. the record cold is behind us as we head to a warm-up. we have you covered in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this sunday. thanks for being with us. let's start with the weekend weather. krystal klei is tracking
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slightly warmer temperatures although, krystal, when i got in my car i had that light pop on to tell me my tire pressure was low. >> it's that time of year because we're dealing with colder temperatures than we were less than a year ago. now below freezing mornings for almost everyone. these numbers are better off than yesterday. we were in the low 20s in philadelphia. now we're at 33 degrees. so while it is still quite cold this morning, it's not as cold. 26 in alleb town. the feels like temperature, yesterday they felt like they were in the teens, in single digits over mt. pocono. the winds have really died down. in fact, when a reporting station reports calm winds, it's just not showing up on the map.
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you can see everywhere it's totally calm. philly and wilmington are five less and that helps out with not having the windchill effect. these are high, thin clouds. so it's still going to look bright through today. we'll talk more about what to expect for your sunday and the warming trend as it goes into the workweek coming up. now to breaking news. one man is dead after gunfire erupts outside of a nightclub in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. two others were also shot. this all happened just before 4:00 this morning outside the a lounge. police tell us a 37-year-old victim was shot four times and later died. a 27-year-old victim shot twice, considered a suspect in the shooting. a 24-year-old man was shot in the neck. police are talking to a security guard they say shot the 27-year-old suspect. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is on the way to the scene.
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he will join us for a live report to break this all down coming up at 6:00. now to follow-up this morning. a major road in chester county is back open after this fiery crash that killed one person, injured several others and caused a tractor-trailer to go up in flames. >> oh, my god. >> this video comes to us from viewer amanda quigley. she and her two children were on their way home from the amish market when they witnessed the wreck on route 202. the chain reaction involving eight other cars led them to crash and become engulfed in flames. >> the black smoke started coming up. started to see people run from all directions, people were getting out of their cars. >> police have not said how or why the crash happened. it shut down that stretch of 202 for more than 12 hours forcing drivers to take detours well into the night. again, the road is reopen in both directions.
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new this morning two women are getting checked out at the hospital after being hit by a car in east mount airy. the driver took off. the hit-and-run happened around 3:30 on sten ton avenue. police say the women suffered back injuries and other bumps and bruises. investigators tell us they are now looking for a white van or suv that sped away. a crash killed one person in burlington county in willingboro. a driver apparently hit a tree. there's no word yet on what led up to this crash. this morning philadelphia police are searching for a masked gunman who walked up and shot a man outside of this corner store in north philly. officers were called to west huntington street just before 7:00 last night where they found the 24-year-old victim shot three times. this morning he is in critical condition. the gunman ran off. police think two men who used a brick to beat and rob a penn student are also responsible for other similar
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crimes. 18-year-old dajuan dantzler and lance ryan use add brick to beat a penn graduate student, fracturing his skull before robbing him. police think they did the same thing in two other robberies. an eagles scout has come up with a way to remember a little boy murdered and dumped on a philadelphia street. the boy is the city's longest unsolved but still open investigation. now there's a historic roadside marker where the boy in the box was found. it was unveiled just yesterday. the marker was the idea of an eagle scout from wilmington. in 1957 the unidentified boy was found dead in a cardboard box naked, battered and bruised. they hope this marker will lead to new clues to solve the case. today the museum of the american revolution in old city will wrap up its veterans day
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celebration. veterans in active duty and retired members can get free admission if they show their military i.d. every visitor to the museum today will receive a card with the name of a revolutionary war veteran. visitors can then follow that veterans story on their journey through the museum. others are honoring our veterans through community outreach. volunteers raked up leaves as part of operation legacy. the program gives veterans, families of the fallen, and civilians the opportunity to lead and serve others in the community. neighbors in philly's point breeze neighborhood put together care packages for our troops. 5:36 right now on this sunday. coming up, soldier surprise just in time for veterans day. a night a local high school student will never forget. also ahead, we'll take you to the annual rocky run in philadelphia where layers were the order of the day.
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welcome back. let's start with our philadelphia neighborhood temperatures. this should be a welcome look compared to yesterday when we were saying, hey, feels like in the low 20s, 19, 20, something like that. no, no, no. today we're saying more like 30s. this is a little better. still cold, though, as you step out the door. you'll still want the extra layers. we're at 30 at west mt. airy. 30 in fox chase. richmond running warmer at 35. we do have cooler spots. both checking in in the 20s. so a heads-up. layers this morning and as we get into the afternoon hours a little warmer than yesterday. 32 at 7:00 a.m. 42 degrees at 11:00 a.m. that's warmer than yesterday's high. yesterday we only hit 40 degrees. so this will be better off, about 46 at 3:00. forecast high is 48 degrees. in the suburbs 28 this morning. still quite cold. and then you see more sunshine breaking through in the afternoon, about 45 degrees.
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lehigh valley mostly cloudy this morning. mostly to partly cloudy. more sunshine breaking through. these are the higher thin clouds so not the thick, gray, ominous clouds that you may think of that will be in the forecast today. 28 at 7:00 a.m. in delaware. 26 in jersey and right near freezing at the jersey shore. 48 degrees, 3:00 in the afternoon. mid to upper 40s delaware to jersey. today we stay dry. tomorrow there's a spot chance of a shower in some of our neighborhoods. we'll discuss that coming up. are you ready? >> yes. >> cold? >> yes. >> cold is right. runners braving the cold temperatures for the rocky run at the philadelphia museum of art had to bundle up for sure thanks to a steady morning breeze. the temperatures felt like the low teens. runners we spoke to told us one thing is key -- >> layers. layers. we doubled up on everything.
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>> yeah, these guys, i think, seemed to miss the memo about layers, instead, showing off their patriotic spirit wearing red, white, and blue short shorts. still ahead, why comedian tiffany hadash stands out in the history of the long running show "saturday night live." coming up monday night at 11:00, texting and tablets at the dinner table. research shows four out of ten families can't remember the last device free meal. it's not just the kids who can't put their devices down. what children say about their parents' tech habits and the experts think of rules over cell phones and screen time. that's monday at 11:00 right after the "voice."
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this veterans day weekend was extra special for one young daughter of a serviceman who got a special surprise from her dad. drew smith brings us their story
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and a look at the other way veterans were honored across our area. >> i pray for all the military, all those who give their lives for our country. >> reporter: that prayer answered this weekend. jasmine vega at archbishop carroll school went to the father/daughter dance but thought her dad was still in texas where he's stationed. >> your father is here. >> reporter: wally vega surprised jasmine, a very special veterans day for them. herb winder says it's heartwarming to be recognized. >> i truly appreciate it. being a veteran. >> reporter: they dedicate add new flagpole at a monument dedicated to service members from the neighborhood. >> here we are today 30 years later. >> reporter: three decades since these vietnam veterans worked to create this memorial at pens landing. >> i almost died from my injuries. >> reporter: on the deck of the
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battleship "new jersey" the cold weather did not stop the crowd from observing the holiday. veterans gathered to hear from political leaders and to share stories from korea and vietnam soon to be part of a documentary. norman showed us a gift he got for veterans day, recognition from a younger generation. >> maybe it will help bring everybody in this country together. >> reporter: their example of service is still inspiring today. drew smith, nbc 10 news. today a veterans day parade will march through lower mayfield at 1:00 this afternoon at edgewood and long acre lane. a commemorative ceremony will follow at the nearby veterans square monument. all right. let's start with the live camera view outside in center city. this is an important view because you might remember we showed the flag whipping around in the wind. now the flag is totally still
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because the winds are calm. and that makes a big difference. our temperatures are at 33 degrees but with those calm winds, it feels like 33 degrees instead of yesterday when temperatures were, a, a little cooler but those winds were strong enough that it felt like we were at 11, 12, 13 degrees outside. brutal morning. today is not quite as bad. still cold. i was outside a bit ago and it's still chilly but not quite as rough. take a look at radar and satellite. no rain or snow heading in our direction. the closest action is well into ohio and then moving north towards areas like detroit. so that's not going to be affecting us for today. we're going to stay on the dry side of things. that gray layer, the clouds rolling over us. these aren't thick rain making clouds that will make for a dreary day. like yesterday when you had the milky sky, high, more thin clouds spread across the region, they'll spin out in the afternoon. look at the regional
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temperatures. we're still under that cold spell that dipped right over us yesterday. that temperature sits at 33 in philadelphia. that cold air will start to lift a bit with the jet and that means temperatures will become more mild in the next handful of days so not as rough as it was yesterday. today here are the forecast highs. 48 degrees in center city. westchester looking at 46. the same in doylestown. allentown, 47 degrees. that's the same in trenton. upper 40s near 50 along the jersey shore and upper 40s near 50 as well over delaware. note the icons. that mix of clouds and sun. while we are starting mostly cloudy i think we'll turn partly cloudy in the afternoon hours. we're tracking just the possibility of some rain and showers as we move along. watch as we go through your sunday. today is dry. you'll have more peeks of sun throughout the afternoon hours and then we go overnight into
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monday morning. this is an isolated chance of showers. showing you this model for the potential, a few light rain showers along parts of southern delaware, the jersey shore, and an isolated chance of burks and chester county for rain/snow mix to briefly fall. this would be no accumulation, a dusting at best. by around lunch time this will move out and we will be drying out as we go through your monday afternoon and evening. those temperatures will be able to rise. the forecast high 50 degrees. we're at 52 on your tuesday. by wednesday into thursday almost average. average being 58. instead mid-50s. the next shot of rain comes saturday. tiffany haddish is now the first black woman comedian to host "snl." she had the audience laughing about her wardrobe choice. take a listen. >> like this dress, i wore it and my whole team told me,
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tiffany, you cannot wear that dress on "snl." you already wore it. i said i don't give a damage about no taboo. this dress cost way more than my mortgage. this is an alexander mcqueen, okay. it's a $4,000 dress. i'm going to wear this dress multiple times. [ applause ] you might see this dress in two sketches tonight, okay? >> she was true to her word. she popped in on the weekend update crew in that fabulous dress. ♪ nobody heard from me for months ♪ >> taylor swift was last night's musical guest. she performed songs from her newly released album "reputation." 5:49 on this sunday. still ahead, penn state and
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flyers highlights. we've got you covered. trash talking with the sixers and warriors before and during the game. that and more up next in your sunday morning sports. count on the nbc 10 morning team to get you ready for your week. first alert weather and traffic starting first at 4:00 a.m. plus this week we're protecting your personal information. >> i think we're all targets these days. >> from our pass words to our smart phones to an emerging threat on social media. tomorrow and every morning at 5:45 we're taking on the information war to help you live more securely.
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i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. sixers facing the champs last night. the sixers had lost eight straight to the warriors. and joel embiid did some trash talking going into the game with draymond green.
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listen to this. >> i saw draymond this summer and i told him i was going to kick his [ bleep ]. >> first half is joel embiid and kevin durant. joel with the block but they actually called for a foul. joel is telling him, hey, it's a block. he gets a technical. interesting. sixers staying close. ben simmons the steal and a slam coming up here. 13 points for big ben. good first half, sixers down one at the break. third quarter joel embiid testing a sleeve on his right knee. sixers said his knee is sore. the warriors just dominate the third quarter. steph curry for three. brett brown kind of disgusted. the sixers were leaving a lot of warriors wide open for threes. shaun livingston, behind the back passes. klay thompson wide open. warriors 14 three-pointers. sixers lose 135-114. joel embiid had his knees iced towards the end of the game and brett brown said he's still trying to get his conditioning and get in shape. before the game markell fultz working out trying to get that
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shooting shoulder right. taking some shots. don't know when he's going to be back. we will see. flyers' rookie center patrick missed his eighth straight game. the flyers hoping he can return to practice on monday. the flyers hosting the wild last night and actually trying to win two straight for just the second time this season. nice touch here, flyers wearing the camouflage jerseys in warm-ups for veterans day. third period, no score. minnesota the shot from the near point goes to the other side. jacob zucker got six goals in three games. final seconds, flyers scramble in front of the wild net. how about a wild finish. can they score? no. flyers lose 1-0. that's the fourth time they've been shut out in 17 games. rematch tuesday in minnesota. penn state's saquon barkley had been the favorite to win the heisman. now it looks like baker mayfield. bake her a big night last night. saquon shut down again, only rushed 35 yards. the last three weeks he's really been held in check.
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second quarter against rutgers, trace mcsorley, hey, i'm going to keep it myself here. sets the all-time penn state touchdown record right there. third quarter trace mcsorley and the nittany lions getting cute. hamilton and saquon barkley, say what? saquon leaping over a defender. super saquon to the air again. two plays later, he finish the job. two touchdowns for barkley. penn state rolls rutgers 35-6. nittany lions now 8-2. and after the game former penn state offensive lineman chance sorrell proposes to his girlfriend and, yes, she did say yes. somebody's getting a ring for penn state this year. nice. how about penn football all over harvard, first play from scrimmage. that is solomon. 77 yards untouched. career high 181 rushing yards for him. the quakers win, 23-6.
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the marlins have started exploratory trade talks involving their star giancarlo stanton according to they reportedly talked with several teams including the phillies. things are expected to heat up next week at the winter meetings. some college hoops for you, st. joe's opening up their season in toledo. they just couldn't stop jalen sanford. 31 points. the hawks lose to the rockets, 98-87. la salle hosting st. peters, good ball movement here. it will end with b.j. johnson, three of his 15 points. la salle never trails again. second half, you're going to love this name. pookie powell leads all scorers with 18 points. the explorers win 61-40. that is your sports. i am john clark with nbc sports philadelphia. the special olympics at villanova wraps up today. more than 1,200 coaches and athletes competed yesterday at
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the largest student-run special olympics in the world. villanova basketball coach jay wright will be part of the closing ceremonies this afternoon. so will the founder of the spread the word to end the word. today in an effort to help clear the shelters, folks won't have to pay adoption fees at three locations in pennsylvania for the spca. those locations include the pennsylvania spca headquarters on east erie avenue, fishtown center and the spca staernt on prince street in lancaster. more than 100 pets are available for adoption today across all those locations. 5:57 right now on this sunday. we're following breaking news, a deadly triple shooting just outside of a philadelphia nightclub. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in feltonville following the investigation. randy? >> reporter: rosemary, we just arrived on scene, a triple shooting leaving one dead. up next, what police say the security guard here at the nightclub did to prevent even more carnage.
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and this morning temperatures are in the 20s and low 30s. a little better off than yesterday. still chilly. we'll talk about when the temperatures really warm up during the workweek and a live view looking out over avalon. a chilly start to the morning. some clouds overhead.
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right now on nbc 10 news today we're following breaking news. philadelphia police are on the scene of a triple shooting just outside of a nightclub. one man is dead, two others are wounded. we're live following the investigation. final stop. president trump is now in the philippines on the last leg of his trip to asia. this amid fallout from his comments about russian president vladimir putin. and cold but improving. you will still need a heavy jacket this morning. there is a warm-up on the way. we have those details in the first alert neighborhood forecast. it felt warmer this morning, i suppose. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being with us. it's 6:00 on this sunday. i'm sure you have plans on this veterans day weekend and plans for this sunday. we check in now with followings krystal klei who is tracking the


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