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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  November 12, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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are hurt. we are live from the scene with an update. hit-and-run getaway. a driver clips two women in mt. airy and speeds off. what we're learning from philadelphia police about the car involved. a chill in the air. for sure. cold conditions hanging around this morning, but a warm and we're doing better today than we were yesterday. what you can expect in your neighborhood coming up in the first alert forecast. we're in the 30s in most neighborhoods, right, we'll take that. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking this winterlike weather. it really is feeling like winter, krystal. not fall. >> very much feeling like winter. i knew yesterday, okay, it is time when i had to break out the gloves, the scarf, the big puffy jacket. today is still fairly cold but not as cold as yesterday at this time. take a. this is the 24-hour change map
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comparing temperatures right now to 24 hours ago. and we are nine degrees warmer in philadelphia and allentown as well as coatesville. we are ten degrees warmer in wilmington. six degrees warmer in atlantic city, and eight degrees warmer in vineland. so many areas are five to ten degrees higher than yesterday which puts many spots right near freezing instead of the low 20s. not bad. we're at 33 in philadelphia. 26 mt. holly and 30 in dover. allentown you're at 28. here's the best news yet. you might say there's nothing on the map, krystal, except for allentown. when a station is reporting calm conditions it doesn't show up on the board. so since areas are calm we don't have the chill effect this morning and it does make it feel a lot better off. on radar and satellite some clouds overhead today. i do think we'll see more sun later. we'll talk more about that with some of our planners for different neighborhoods coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. thanks, krystal. back to the breaking news out of
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philadelphia's felton hill neighborhood. bullets started flying outside of a nightclub only a few hours ago. one person is dead. two others are hurt and police are trying to put it all together. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is following the investigation as well. he joins us live from the scene. randy? >> reporter: police are investigating this triple shooting which is also a homicide investigation. as you mentioned gunshots happened outside of a nightclub. the a lounge nightclub. it happened just before 4:00 this morning. detectives and csi units stilling out the scene. we've been watching them go in and out gathering evidence. police say the suspect in this case, 27 years old, was outside the club when for some reason he opened fire killing a 37-year-old man, injuring another 24-year-old. and at some point during this gunfire police say the club security guard who was armed came outside, saw what was happening and shot the suspect in the leg and the groin effectively ending the threat. we do know the security guard is
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being interviewed by police and authorities tell us that the suspect is in custody. he's alive despite being shot two times. he was taken to temple hospital. we should note this 4200 block is pretty well known to philadelphia police. we have tracked at least three shootings here in the past three years which includes two homicides. so the investigation here continues. for now we're live in feltonville. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. this philadelphia police are using surveillance video to track down a masked gunman who shot a man at point blank range outside of a corner store. police were called in north philly just before 7:00 last night where they found the 24-year-old victim. he'd been shot three times. the victim and another man were standing just outside of the corner store when investigators say somebody wearing a mask walked up to the victim and started shooting. >> the video appears our victim was intended target from the
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door because the two males, the shooter only concentrated on the one victim. >> that victim remains in critical condition at temple university hospital. oh, my god. >> route 202 in chester county is back open following this fiery crash that killed one person, injured several others and caused a tractor-trailer to go up in flames. here is how it all started. it was a chain reaction with eight cars that ended with the tractor-trailer which, by the way, was hauling frozen turkeys to become engulfed in flames. witnesses were shaken. >> it's upset, very upsetting, and i feel very grateful that myself and my children are okay. but it's sad. >> police have not said how or why the crash happened. the wreck shut down that stretch of 202 for much of saturday forcing drivers to take a detour that lasted for more than 12 hours crews cleaned up the scene. again, the road has now reopened
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in both directions. tomorrow prosecutors will announce the findings from an investigation into the erasing of security camera footage connected to the death of a penn state fraternity pledge. you may remember back in february 19-year-old timothy died after a hazing ritual. 14 former members of the now defunct fraternity face criminal charges. prosecutors say a frat member erased key footage from a basement security camera. let's head now to new jersey where the in the corruption trial of senator robert menendez will start deliberations from scratch tomorrow. here's the deal. jurors deliberated for three days last week before the judge dismissed one juror due to a previous commitment, a vacation, and replaced her with an alternate. if they had come up with their decision earlier in the week it would have stood but instead they had to find an alternate. that dismissed juror told a reporter that most of the other jurors were favoring acquittal, suggesting the case could end up deadlocked. senator menendez is facing
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charges he and a wealthy eye doctor engaged in a bribery scheme. republicans in western pennsylvania chose state representative rick sikone to run. democrats will get to pick theirs next weekend. murphy resigned after it was revealed he told a mistress to get an abortion even though he is an outspoken anti-abortion advocate. the congressman held the seat for nearly 15 years. talking more politics now, to the garden state where democrats are hoping to push through a wish list of changes when phil murphy takes over as governor. murphy promised to fund pensions, increase school aid, rebuild infrastructure, legalize marijuana and fund planned parenthood, promises made on the campaign trail. he says he plans to finance this list in part with a tax on millionaires. 7:06 right now on this sunday. coming up two women are hurt after a driver hits them in east mt. airy and then speeds off. what we're learning from police about the car involved in the
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case. plus, hollywood fallout. more celebrities accused of sexual misconduct. who is at the center of the latest allegations and what they have to say in their defense. and journey to the big apple, a christmas staple in new york city is now in place after a week trip from pennsylvania.
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let's go through some of our
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neighborhood planners. if you have plans outside today, it is still going to be a cold day but not quite as cold as yesterday. a little silver lining for you. we're at 33 degrees in philadelphia which is a vast difference from yesterday when in the morning hours we were consistently in the 20s so we're starting out above freezing. by a degree. we're cloudy now as we go through the afternoon hours. i think we will switch over to partly cloudy conditions around 2:00 p.m. it should peak right between those two hours. 48 is the forecast high. the pennsylvania suburbs we're still below freezing at this point. 28 degrees right now. about 37 at 10:00 a.m. 42 degrees noon. and then those mid, even upper 40s are possible in the afternoon. new jersey, very similar. 26 right now. that temperature trending in the mid and upper 40s in the afternoon. i think upper 40s for the official high throughout parts of new jersey. and we'll wrap up here in delaware, 30 the current temperature. the time is 1024 morning.
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43 degrees at noon and in the afternoon, 45 around 2:00. the high in the upper 40s. the sky is a gray picture over which will ming. you'll see more peeks of sun later in the day. more coming up in a bit. >> we'll see you then. thanks, krystal. ing the dots, why police believe two men who used a brick to beat and rob a penn grad student may have pulled off similar crimes in the area. plus, safety on the subway. we'll take you underground and hear from police about making sure you don't become a target for criminals.
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embattled alabama senate canned did i roy moore is vowing to stay in the race despite
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allegations of sooul misconduct. he made his first public appearance since an explosive "washington post" article. the report alleges moore fondled a 14-year-old girl in 1979 and pursued three other teens ages 16 to 18 when he was in his 30s. moore calls the allegations completely false. >> to think grown women would wait 40 years to come before, right before an election to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable. >> moore is running to fill the senate seat previously held by now attorney general jeff sessions. coming up at 7:50 this morning we'll talk live with moderator chuck todd of "meet the press" about the roy moore allegations. we'll be talking about why the special election in alabama, the race he's running for, is important to voters. george takei and richard dreyfuss are also both refusing claims of sexual harassment.
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a latest high profile of men caught in the scandal. dreyfuss says he never exposed himself to a female writer helping him with a tv script. and yesterday george takei of "star trek" fame denied he groped a male model in 1981. he says he doesn't remember the man and calls the accusations personally painful. the ucla basketball team is heading home from china right now without three of its players. this after authorities arrested them on shoplifting charges. according to espn the sports network says freshman liangelo ball, jalen hill and cody riley could remain in china for a week or two. police are reportedly questioning the about an alleged theft from a louis vuitton store. today amtrak crews will be back at work on signals near penn station. new jersey transit is warning riders about some delays heading into new york. the work should be done before tomorrow morning's rush.
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speaking of public transit, thousands of people ride the bronx street line and market frankfurt line. staying safe on the subway is more than watching your surroundings. in our commuter safety series, matt delucia takes us underground to show us how to be secure on the sub. >> reporter: robberies, fights, and violent attacks all happening beneath the streets. the subsurface rails attract bad apples looking for an easy target. >> if somebody is looking at you, they may not be looking at you because you're strikingly gorgeous. they may be checking you out to make you a victim of crime. >> reporter: septa police chief in charge of reducing crime on septa lines, on the trains and off. >> we're always predicting where our might be and we have officers in the area. >> reporter: the biggest mistake he says are people just not being aware of what's happening around them. >> people put ear buds on.
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they're on their phones. we want people to pay attention when that bus, that train, that subway is slowing down, stop, look up. >> reporter: also looking are some 28,000 cameras, crime fighting eyes in the sky. >> if you commit a crime on septa we're going to have your picture and mom is going to see you on the news. >> reporter: that's not a good thing. >> not a good thing. >> reporter: you can use your cell phone for good. septa has a transit watch app. if you see something suspicious or a fight is brewing, you can alert authorities without drawing attention to yourself. >> we're able to intercept that train and stop the problem before it becomes a big. >> reporter: one more crime fighter riding the rails. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a true symbol of the holiday season is in midtown manhattan. this year's rockefeller center christmas tree completed its journey from state college in pennsylvania this week.
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the 75-foot norway spruce is the 86th tree to stand in rockefeller mra during the holiday season. a tree lighting ceremony will happen on november 29th and you can watch it right here on nbc 10. let's look at our weather headlines for today as we move forward into your workweek. today not as cold but still a chill one. we're talking temperatures that will not make it out of the 40s but, hey, yesterday we barely made it to 40 degrees so this will be an improvement. we have a warming trend. it starts today but you really are going to start to notice it in days to come. we'll make our way into the 50s. we do have isolated showers in the forecast for tomorrow but these are very spotty, light chances at best and i don't think they're going to stretch all of our neighborhoods. overall it's a pretty good forecast. look at some of our jersey shore neighborhoods. 31 degrees in cape may. and 24 in mays landing. egg harbor at 26. and that's the same.
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it's a pretty cold morning no matter where you are. the best spot right up against the water line and i can tell you why, water temperatures are at 53 degrees. it helps moderate even the land temperatures although this air mass has been so cold that even right at the water line in the 30s this morning. so cold across the. all of our locations throughout our viewing zone are in the 20s and 30s. so as we look at our delaware neighborhood temps you can see as well. wilmington is at 32. we're at freezing as well for odessa. a little above freezing, 34 degrees. we drop further southward, 27 in lynn. louis beach, 32. bridgeville, upper 20s and 35 for rehoboth beach. water temperature at 61 really helps out right against the shoreline. radar and satellite, some clouds across the region. today a partly cloudy forecast. so we're mostly cloudy this morning. they'll thin a little bit in the afternoon. forecast highs 48 degrees in philly. we'll get to 50 on monday and that warming trend continues to
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52. notice the overnight lows. finally they will only fall to just above freezing. so more and more mild over the next several days. in the pennsylvania suburbs, 46 degrees for us today. tomorrow 50. we'll stay about the same on tuesday. now in areas like the suburbs and the lehigh valley, very isolated which means i don't have high confidence in this but there is a small chance we could see rain/snow mix in the morning hours. if anything fell it would be very brief, short-lived and would melt once it makes it on to the ground. in new jersey, 47 for us today. 51 at the shore and 50 in delaware. isolated showers possible throughout our neighborhoods but that would be mostly in the morning hours and very brief, short-lived at best. some models are not giving us even a drop. on your tuesday 51 for new jersey and sunny. 50s as well for the shore and delaware. coming up, unsolved mystery, how a young eagles scout is
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hoping to breathe new life into the 60-year-old cold case of a boy found murdered in a box in philadelphia. plus, closing ceremonies, following the special olympics fall festival wraps up today at villanova university.
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we're here at harry's. what are we making? >> polpetine, meatballs. we have ground pork and ground beef. right now we'll make a small batch, just frying off the meat. mashed potato gives it the silky texture and natural meatball, cream and bread will fold into it. we make a lemon and veal reduction sauce. a little bit of parmesan in it. so you cool this mixture and
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form it into whatever meatball. that's a small meatball. and then we deep fry them or pan fry. smells good, right? >> small shallot. >> and lemon. we're going to take a little bit of fresh rosemary. and bring it up there. just a little bit more. right over the polpetine. >> crispy on the outside, so much flavor and that silkiness of potato comes through. you are so dead on. i love the lemon with it. thank you, chef. >> thank you very much.
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the man who used to give haircuts to the homeless on the streets of philadelphia will now be able to do those cuts inside of his own brand-new barbershop. is the story. brandon jones has given free haircuts to the homeless for the past year. a fellow barber thought his work deserved to continue inside some place warm especially as the winter months approached. so he gave jones a shop. phenomenon perfection. he will set aside mondays to give haircuts and meals to the homeless. it was a night to be looking out for kids, advocates for
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children's eye care in chestnut hill. last night the eye institute hosted its annual charity fund-raiser that featured a special guest, a third grader of white hall elementary school in norristown. she's a recipient of the eye institute free in school vision screening and eyeglasses. >> 80% of what children learn comes from their visual, comes through their eyes. so unless they can see well, they're moving to their full potential when it comes to education. >> i was the proud co-host of night's fund-raiser. it was founded as one of the oldest optometry colleges in the country. turning now to wall street, cnbc's dominic chu with a preview of our business news. >> reporter: the senate's tough task, one last da vinci, and a big rig that may shock you all in the week ahead. the senate finance committee starts debate on the tax reform bill this monday.
7:26 am
the senate bill differs from the house version on many key points including ductability of state and local taxes and the size and timing of corporate tax cuts. tesla expands into the truck building business. the ceo elon musk will unveil an all electric semitruck on thursday. watch for key details like range and price and whether the trucks are equipped for autonomous driving. walmart, home depot and target head up a big week for retail earnings. also cisco systems and viacom, the parent company of mtv and paramount pictures. and finally the last da vinci painting in private hands goes up for auction. it is expected to sill for more than $100 million. for decades the painting was thought to be a copy. it sold for just 45 pound sterling in 1958 and wasn't authenticated until 2011.
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i'm dominic chu. get all are business news on cnbc. this morning we are following breaking news after a shooting just outside of a nightclub in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is on the scene. randy, a triple shooting there. >> reporter: three people shot including the suspect, but police say it was the security guard who ended the violence. that's coming up next. and let's talk temperatures. right now some of us in the 20s. others now just barely above freezing which means we're a little better off than yesterday. that warming trend will continue in the days to come. still a chilly sunday. a live view in cape may.
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right now on nbc 10 news today violence club. a triple shooting leaves one man dead and two others hurt during a confrontation outside of a
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philadelphia night. we are live on the scene. road reopened. traffic is once again moving on route 202 in chester county after a chain reaction crash turned into a fiery and smoky scene. what we're learning from witnesses about the deadly accident. chilly sunday. chilly and it's looking a little gray out there. it's all right. it's cold. the winds are dying down. we will eventually warm up and get sunshine today. we'll tell you what it will look like in your neighborhood in the first alert forecast. the calendar says fall but looking like winter and feeling like it, too. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:30 on this sunday. meteorologist krystal klei is keeping track of these changes in the weather. krystal? temperatures are still cold this morning. you said it. it looks a little gray, a little like winter when you see that live camera view. here is the good news, yesterday
7:31 am
feels like temperatures that were pretty much all in the low teens. today our actual temperatures are what it feels like outside because the winds are so light. so we're sitting at 33 in philadelphia. 27 in reading and 28 in allentown 31 in wildwood. at the marina 36 degrees. these temperatures still cold are nearly as bad as yesterday when we had those teens all over the maps. clouds blanketing the region. no rain in today's forecast. we're going to stay dry. some clouds will thin and break as we get into the afternoon hours. here is the temperature trend as we go into the afternoon. about 40 at 10:00 a.m., the same as the high that we saw yesterday. by 1:00 in the afternoon we're at 45 degrees and look at the icon.
7:32 am
now a mix of clouds and sun and very light wind. things get better for the forecast high the workweek. we'll talk about that temperature trend on the rise coming up in a few minutes. and now to that breaking news we're following of philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. three people were shot outside of the nightclub. one person dead. another is in police custody. randy gyllenhaal has been following the investigation since early this morning. he joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: the bullets started flying just before 4:00 outside the a lounge nightclub according to police. you can still see an active scene behind me. we've been watching crime scene units and detectives gathering evidence. police say the suspect is 27 years old, he was outside the club when police say he opened fire, injuring another 24-year-old.
7:33 am
police say the club's armed security guard saw what was going on, came outside and shocked that suspect in the leg and groin ending the violence. that security guard is being interviewed by police. the suspect is alive despite being shot two times, taken to temple hospital. the 4200 block of mcallister street based on nbc 10 reports we have tracked at least three shootings here in the past three years and that includes two homicides. for now live in feltonville. >> two women are getting checked out at the hospital after being hit by a car in east mount airy. philadelphia police tell us the women suffered back injuries and other bumps and bruises. investigators are looking for the driver of a white van or suv that sped away.
7:34 am
it happened just after 1:00 this morning. there's no word on what led up to the crash. a major road is back open after a fiery crash. it cause add tractor-trailer to go up in flames. >> oh, my god. >> this video comes from viewer amanda quigley. she and her two children were on their way home from the amish market when they witnessed the wreck on route 202 near south mat lock street. a tractor-trailer was hauling turkeys. >> you started to see people run from all directions. police have not said how or why
7:35 am
the crash happened. again, the road has now reopened in both directions. responsible for other similar crimes. 18-year-old dajuan dantzler turned himself in friday night. police say they use add brick to beat a penn graduate student last sunday fracturing his skull before robbing him. the boy in the box case is the city's longest unsolved but still open investigation. and now an eagle scout has come up with a way to remember the little boy murdered and dumped on a street. a marker was unveiled in fox chase where the boy in the box was found 60 ago. the marker was the idea of
7:36 am
nicholas, an eagle scout from wilmington. in 1957 the unidentified boy was found dead in a cardboard box naked, battered and bruised. he hopes the marker will help lead to new clues to solve this cold case. today the special olympics will wrap up at villanova university. more than 1,200 coaches and athletes competed at the largest student-run special olympics in the world. villanova's head basketball coach jay wright will be part of closing ceremonies and so will founding of spread the word to end the word. coming up an emotional homecoming for a high school student and her father serving our country. we'll show you how it all played out at this father/daughter dance in delaware county. and "saturday night live's" host made history on the show.
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ask your doctor about eucrisa. all right. let's look at the planner for our neighborhoods today. we're talking temperatures that are going to warm up a bit more than we saw yesterday. good news here. so 37 degrees the temperature around 9:00 a.m., we'll get to 45 at 1:00 in the afternoon. forecasting the high today at 48 degrees it'll already be on the decline by around 5:00 p.m. you know the drill, that's when
7:40 am
the sun sets so we will see the temperature fall off. we're going to see more sunshine break out in the afternoon than the mostly cloudy conditions we're currently dealing with. in the ysuburbs, 34. we're all dry today so that's the good news. and winds are light to calm so we're not going to have that windchill effect. 38 at 9:00 a.m. in delaware. already 40s at the jersey shore. warmer than yesterday in some spots by five to ten degrees. still cold, though, mid and upper 40s in the afternoon, the shore, some spots may make their way into the low 50s. the temps are trending higher, though. yesterday we only had a high of 40 degrees in philadelphia. that was 18 degrees lower than average. today we'll be ten degrees lower than average. and then watch us keep going up. 50 on monday. mid-50s by wednesday bringing us to near seasonal for november. we'll talk more about these
7:41 am
temperatures and if keep going up into the weekend in just a bit. also ahead, we'll be talking to "meet the press" moderator chuck todd who will join us live for a preview of today's show discussing this week's election wins for the democrats and what it means for the republicans moving forward. again, that's ahead in just a few moments. we'll also be talking about the sex allegations surrounding gop senate candidate roy moore and the significance of next month's special election in alabama.
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7:44 right now on this sunday. here are this morning's headlines. breaking news out of feltonville where a shooting happened just outside of a club that left one man dead, two others wounded. police took one of the wounded men into custody. investigators say the club's security guard responded shooting the suspect twice. police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who hit two women in east mt. airy. police tell us the women suffered back injuries and other bumps and bruises. investigators are now looking for the driver of a white van or suv that sped away. trump is in the philippines this morning for his final stop on his 12-day trip to asia. he and other world leaders are
7:45 am
arriving in manila. discussing the nuclear threat from north korea will a top priority. today a veterans day parade will march through lower makefield. others are honoring our veterans this weekend through community outreach, volunteers raked up leaves in philly's point breeze neighborhood as part of operation legacy. the program gives veterans, families of the fallen and civilians the opportunity to lead and serve others in the community. neighbors in point breeze also put together care packages for our troops. an emotional homecoming at a delaware county father/daughter dance. take a look. >> your father is here. she thought she was going to be
7:46 am
there solo. u.s. army warrant officer wally vega surprised his daughter jasmine after she led the prayer to begin the evening. it all happened friday at the father/daughter dance. vega is a veteran of the war in afghanistan and is currently stationed in texas. he hasn't seen his daughter in six months. very nice. all right. did you catch "saturday night live" last night? if you did then you may know tiffany haddish is the first black comedian to host the show. take a look. >> like this dress, i wore it on the red carpet and my whole team told me, tiffany you cannot wear that dress on "snl." you wore it. it's taboo to wear it twice. i said i don't give a dang about taboo. this dress cost way more than my mortgage. this is an alexander mcqueen, okay. it's a $4,000 dress. i'm going to wear this dress
7:47 am
multiple times. you might see this dress in two sketches tonight. >> telling it like it is and staying true to her word, she popped in on the weekend update crew wearing that gorgeous dress. ♪ all the liars are calling me one ♪ ♪ nobody's heard from me for months ♪ ♪ i'm doing better than i ever was ♪ >> taylor swift was last night's musical guest. she performed songs from her newly released album "reputation." >> are you ready? are you cold? >> yeah. >> definitely. down right cold out there. runners braving the bitter temperatures for the rocky run were bundled up thanks to a steady morning breeze. temperatures were in the low teens. all right. let's talk about our conditions
7:48 am
outside. starting with wilmington, delaware. a camera view, a gray picture right now. we do have a good blanket of clouds that will stick at least through the morning hours. in the afternoon mostly cloudy to partly cloudy, maybe a few breaks in the cloud, more sunshine busting through and that will make for a fairly nice afternoon. it will still be cold throughout our neighborhood. just not as coal as yesterday this is a live view of philadelphia and even hazy out there but really what we're focusing on here not so much the clouds but this, look at the flags. yesterday flapping in the wind and that makes it feel so much colder than it was. today winds are totally calm and that is making it a little more comfortable. nonetheless that big area of cold air, that arctic plunge, it's still over us. so we're at 33 in philadelphia. look at our neighbors to the north. sear is at 20 degrees. that's where many of us were yesterday. so the coldest air is already starting to retreat a tad.
7:49 am
a good sign for us this is going to continue a trend, retreating cold air and mild, seasonal temperatures returning to the forecast. here's a look at radar and satellite. another to watch here is in our area we have clouds, but you do see directly to our west, well to our west, a little bit of snow, a rain/snow mix falling. that will not impact us today. i do expect we'll stay totally dry just with some of the clouds breaking apart. 48 degrees, the temperature will be 46 in lansdale. all of lus go for mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions. you will see the clouds throughout the afternoon. 49 ocean city. i think a few spots right up against the jersey shore may see low 50s thanks to the water temperatures beinger. delaware, wilmington at 50. let's go through our hour by hour models. we have the clouds in place right now. as we get into the afternoon at 1:00 p.m. we may start to see a few breaks or some spinning of
7:50 am
the includes. they're not going to be totally sunny in the afternoon. nice and dark, you may not notice but the clouds will start to thicken back up again. so by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, at least a few models want to give us isolated showers from the i-95 corridor south. we're talking spotty, light, short-lived at best. some models want to give us right around chester to the poconos a very brief icing mix or wintry mix. now i think that chance is fairly low but it is a small possibility. it will start to move out about lunch time and we'll see more clearing conditions monday afternoon. we'll talk about the ten day coming up. this morning republican senator john mccain is slamming president trump for saying he believes vladimir putin when it comes to russian interference in last year's election. yesterday the president said he believes putin is being sincere when he denies the election interference. in response mccain says, quote, there is nothing america first about taking the word of a kgb
7:51 am
colonel over that of an american intelligence community. end quote. this morning mr. trump clarified his comments saying he supports the u.s. intelligence agencies. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd will be discussing all of it later this morning. he joins us now for a preview. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> so let's start there. the president seemed to be contradicting some of his answers about russian meddling in our election. explain where we are and what's the latest. >> i don't think there's a con dix. if you just look at a pattern of president trump's comments on this, you whenever he's in an unscripted setting, he always expresses skepticism about the conclusion of the intelligence agencies, skepticism about the people that ran those intelligence agencies, and he always expresses skepticism about continuing punishing russia. and so, to me, that was the more consistent answer. obviously you read john mc's
7:52 am
strong rebuke of him. he wasn't alone in rebuking what the president said about putin on that impromptu back and forth with reporters. so he lands in vietnam and seems to express support in the conclusion, but even that was unclear. he simply expressed -- certainly did express support for who runs the agencies now in the incommunity. look, i think, again, as lindsey graham said on this show three weeks ago, president trump, to a lot of republicans on capitol hill, appears to have a blind spot when it comes to putin and russia. >> and this all happening as the mueller continues, which i'm sure will be part of the discussion today. also you're going to be talking about the elections earlier this week on tuesday. democrats sweeping a lot ofs across the kun in new jersey, in our neck of the woods. and we're also talking about the republican candidate for senate in alabama, roy moore, accused
7:53 am
of sexual misconduct one month before the special election. what does this all mean for the republican party? >> it's quite the cumulative effect this month, rosemary. tuesday was bad enough for the gop. confirmed the fear, their worst fear, that he would be a drag for any republican who tries to run for re-election . roy moore situation puts that special senate election in play and suddenly you change the map in the senate even by one seat, you give the democrats one more seat, that gives them not only a better shot at winning in 2018, control of the entire body but it really reshapes the debate on taxes, for instance. it reshapes the debate on health care. that's one fewer vote. if republicans are going to continue to try to govern via party line vote, that means they can't afford to lose but two
7:54 am
senators on any given issue. this has been a problem for them and they've had 52 senators throughout the last nine months of governing in this one-party rule. now they may only have 51 and a threat that none of them might be in power come the end of next calendar year. that really will make governing that much more difficult and it isn't as if he's gotten a lot done anyway. >> we'll have to see how it all develops. meet the press" moderator chuck todd, thank you. coming up, pennsylvania senator pat tumi will be among the guests coming your way on nbc 10.
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it is 'mmmm', is good! it all adds up to a mouthful of joy. honey bunches of oats. have you tried it yet? so we've been telling our viewers it is going to warm up. we hope, we think, and as you said it's in the forecast. >> it's already a little bit better than yesterday. it doesn't look any better outside. it looks dreary. this gray sky overhead. the flag is not flapping in the wind because the winds are calm and that will help us out a lot. we'll be up to 48 degrees. 50 monday and that warming trend continues to the mid-50s on wednesday/thursday. rain returns next weekend. >> i'm not seeing 20s for any of the lows. >> it gets better. it does. thank goodness. >> nothing really below freezing. so we're in good shape. >> we're in good shape for now. things will get more seasonal. we were like january the last couple of days. >> tell me about it. that will do it for us for now. we will be back at 9:00 with a
7:58 am
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so much tragedy and so much love. >> do not under estimate. >> we're never going to file sexual harassment discussing it with the media. >> are you ready for it? good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on november 12th. president trump is in the philippines this morning as he winds down a nearly two week trip to asia. a busy day already for the president as he now says he believes russia medaled in last year's presidential election. this just hours after he called the former head of cia, fbi, national intelligence, quote, hacked. he's referring to kim


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