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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 12, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EST

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so much tragedy and so much love. >> do not under estimate. >> we're never going to file sexual harassment discussing it with the media. >> are you ready for it? good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on november 12th. president trump is in the philippines this morning as he winds down a nearly two week trip to asia. a busy day already for the president as he now says he believes russia medaled in last year's presidential election. this just hours after he called the former head of cia, fbi, national intelligence, quote, hacked. he's referring to kim jong-un
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as, quote, short and fat. we'll get into all of it with chuck todd and later a sunday sitdown with a hollywood icon. michelle pfeiffer on 35 years in hollywood, from "grease 2" to "murder on the orient express," on the scandals of the movie business and the surprising handiness of a star. >> i went into home depot and said, i would like to refine fish the outside of my fireplace. how do i do that? and they of course look at you like you're nuts, because you are, but they did and i did. >> a sunday sitdown with michelle pfeiffer. plus, tom brokaw live in our studio with a story from the greatest generation this veterans day week. let's begin with president trump walking back comments where he first appeared to take the word of russian president vladimir putin on election meddling over the united states agencies. peter alexander has been traveling with the president
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across asia. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie. good morning to you from here in hanoi. president trump after showing restraint from much of the trip today trying to get a few things off of his chest beginning with a tweet storm about vladimir putin and kim jong-un. president trump touching down in manila, the final stop of his whirlwind asia tour. hundreds of demonstrators gathering at the u.s. embassy to protest his visit. police firing water cannons to disperse the clouds. he's meeting with the filipino president duterte. >> i believe in our intel agencies as currently led by fine people. i believe very much in our intelligence agencies. >> reporter: but it's mr. trump's relationship with russian president vladimir putin still trailing him after a warm welcome clearing up confusion
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whether he denies russian interference that with a swipe at the cia, fbi and national intelligence who only hours ago the president ridiculed as political hacks. mike pom pay yes has blamed russia. >> this was aggressive action taken by the senior leadership. >> reporter: trump's initial defense of putin's denial, he said he believes putin means it when he says he didn't medal drawing fire from republican senator john mccain. >> there's nothing america first about taking the word of a kgb kornl over u.s. intelligence. >> mr. trump today? >> i believe president putin really feels, and he feels strongly, that he didn't medal in our election. what he believes he believes. what i believe is we have to get to work. >> reporter: earlier tweeting when will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing and taking a jab at
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north korea's erratic dictator writing why would king jom un insult me by calling me old, when i would never call him short and fat oh, well, i try hard to be his friend and maybe that will happen. >> i think anything is a possibility. strange things happen in life. that might be a strange thing to happen, but it's certainly a possibility. >> reporter: and speaking to reporters after that news conference, the president's chief of staff, john kelly, telling us he doesn't follow the president's tweets and adding that he doesn't allow his staff to either. willie? >> peter alexander in vietnam with the president in the philippines. we'll let you go catch up. peter, thanks so much. back here at home national republicans continue to assess the fallout over embattled alabama senate candidate roy moore and the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him. on saturday moore held his first public event since the accusations came to light and he
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insists he is not dropping out of the race. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest from alabama. >> reporter: this morning roy moore is doubling down amid a growing firestorm. >> do you believe it's appropriate for a 32-year-old man to kiss a teenager, sir? >> reporter: he didn't answer questions as he arrived at a veterans day event, but inside he blasted the washington post. >> this article is a prime example of fake news. >> reporter: the post article alleges he fondled the 14-year-old girl in 1979 and pursued three other girls ages 16 to 18 when he was in his 30s. >> to think that grown women would wait 40 years to come before, right before an election to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable. >> reporter: moore says the allegations of his main accuser are completely false and he's never engaged in sexual misconduct, though he did not rule out dating other older teenagers at the time.
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moore's critics want him to drop out now. >> he should not be a candidate. he should not be in public office of any sort. >> reporter: under alabama law it's too late to remove moore from the ballot and the governor's office says there are no plans to delay the election set for next month. >> there is interest in a write-in candidate. senator lisa murkowski has admitted that she's been in conversation with senator luther strange who lost the republican primary to roy moore. >> reporter: but moore is now using the post report to raise money and his base is sticking by him. >> there is no proof. the timing is so suspicious. >> reporter: a growing scandal in a race that could help determine the success or failure of the president's legislative agenda. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, birmingham, alabama. >> chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." he's beaming this morning for reasons having nothing to do with politics. 41 to 8.
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miami put the whooping on notre dame. >> they sure did. that looked like old school miami especially on the defensive front. who knew -- i didn't expect that. >> no way. >> i thought they could beat notre dame but, you know, guess what? you get a little taste and now you want more. so now suddenly acc championship, who cares. give me the playoffs. give me the playoffs. >> it's funny how quickly you get greedy, isn't it, chuck? >> yes, it is. >> let's talk about what we were dealing with with gabe gutierrez. he seems to be taking a page out of donald trump's playbook. put your head down, plow through it. his supporters rallying to his side against what he says is an attack from the liberal media and from the establishment in washington. does he survive this in alabama, first of all, chuck? and if he is elected, what does it do to the senate? >> reporter: look, it's unclear whether he survives this. i know a lot of -- there certainly is a path. he's had an extraordinarily
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loyal following. he's been controversial his whole political career and those controversies haven't stopped him before. this is on another level though. and we're also -- i think we can't ignore the larger cultural moment that is taking place having to do with how men treat women -- how men in power treat women. so i'm not -- i'm skeptical that moore can survive this, quote, even in alabama and even the following that he has. i don't buy this idea that this cultural moment is somehow going to skip alabama, but we'll see. roy moore himself set his own line, the most damning accusation, the idea that he may have molested a 14-year-old. he claims he's never even met her. that seems to be a fact that can be proven or disproven rather easily. that, i think, is it something that hangs out there for him. but the bigger picture here, willie, is the impact it has on legislation.
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>> right. >> look, mitch mcconnell doesn't want roy moore in the senate. he hasn't wanted him there from the very beginning. he's made the calculation that roy moore is so toxic that it actually would be better for the republican party if he didn't win. that shows you how nervous they are. they think roy moore will be hung around the neck of every republican candidate running in 2018. they'd rather lose this seat, have it tougher to get tax reform through but they have other ways, you know, sort of fight and live another day. there are other democratic seats they can target where they can still hold the senate. >> they may end up getting a democrat in the senate. let's see what happens when they hold that election. want to go back to the president's trip, chuck, and his comments about vladimir putin and election meddling. this is from the president of the united states talking about vladimir putin. quote, every time he sees me, putin, he says, i didn't do that, and i believe, i really believe that when he tells me that he means it, but he says, i didn't do that. i think he's very insulted by it if you want to know the truth.
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don't forget, all he said is he never did that. he didn't do that. i think he's very insulted by it which is not a good thing for our country. the president had to come out later after he was basically rebuked by the cia putting out a statement saying, no, we believe our own conclusions and those of the intelligence agencies saying that russia did meddle. the president said, i was just saying what he said. does this repeated deference have any impact on the outcome of bob mueller's investigation? >> reporter: it only raises suspicion. it makes him defensive. there's a reason why the white house wanted to be pro active in saying oh, they're not going to have a formal meeting. they didn't want the, quote, optics of a trump/putin meeting two weeks removed from the first inindictmen indictments from the investigation of bob mueller. this isn't the first time he's
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talked about skepticism about the conclusion. this is going to cause him more heartburn on capitol hill because so many key republicans there believe the president has a blind spot. >> they've got a lot to handle, republicans in the senate right now. chuck todd, thank you very much. say it one more time, 41-8. >> reporter: okay. >> we'll look for more on "meet the press" when he's joined by pat tomb omey. two dozen children are recovering after the stairwell they were on collapsed at an indoor gym in san diego. 21 kids and two adults were hurt when it happened. none seriously, thank goodness. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. disneyland is investigating this morning after nine people contracted legionnaire's disease during a visit to the theme park. the bacteria was found in two cooling towers which had been shut down to be cleaned and disinfected while the health department investigates. and it was quite a sight on veterans day. an american flag arrived in c
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tampa after it was carried all the way from seattle. 10,000 people took part in the 4600 mile journey. warriors and civilians alike. the old glory relay raises money each year for veterans programs. well done there, guys. dylan is here with a look at the weather. hey, dylan. >> hey, there. little chilly. >> little bit. >> record breaking lows yesterday. the arctic blast pouring in the colder air from the north. some of the lows that we saw yesterday, springfield, vermont, 15 degrees. the old record was 18. 23 yesterday morning in boston the old record was 24. new york, 24 degrees, the old record was 28 degrees. alan town, pennsylvania, 18 degrees yet morning. currently we're running still about 5 to 10 degrees below average. we are still looking at some scattered record low temperatures this morning. as we go into this afternoon we are going to see temps rebound back into the mid even upper 40s. shington, wa
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good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. today still a cold day but not quite as cold as yesterday. in the afternoon we'll see temperatures nearing 50 degrees. at 48 in center city and 46 lansdale. 47 in easton. we're going to go for mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions in the afternoon. trenton's forecast high today is 47. we'll be near 50 cape may. near 50 rehoboth beach. wilmington forecast high also at 50. and that's your latest forecast. forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week including all the action from the new capitol hill scooter drag racing league led by the congressman who survived the shooting on a baseball field five months ago. and the dog struggling with the concept of a mirror. he keeps running into his evil twin and it's freaking him out. and later, tom brow kau kaw here to talk about a guard unit
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being in love with your best friend... everything. ever us one diamond for your best friend ... one for your true love. for the one woman in your life who's both. ever us. available at kay, jared and zales. dylan and i are ready to whip through the highs and the lo lows. the first high goes to virginia. did you hear about the mayor's race in tinton falls, new jersey. 93-year-old world war ii veteran veto perillo was elected. he defeated the well-known incumbent mayor who also had been the town police chief. veto was annoyed by some of the burdens placed on the people. he wore out two pairs of shoes as he went door to door covering
8:19 am
200 to 250 homes a day selling his vision for the town. pirillo served in the pacific theater and now 70 some years later -- >> i'm mayor-elect vito perillo, and i want to thank all the good people that voted for me and even the ones who didn't vote for me. >> he's got politics down. we have to come together. we were divided but we have to come together for tinton falls. >> he did it the old-fashioned way. >> 93 years old. he looks great. congratulations. our first low, comes to one of the many hazards of hitting your golf ball into a sand trap. getting yourself out of the trap. president trump played with shinzo abe. tv tokyo captured the play. the red circles are by the tv
8:20 am
area. president trump begins his walk up the fairway. what the president cannot see behind him is that the ball got out of the bunker a little more easily than did the prime minister. president trump heads up to find his ball, he does not notice that his host is rolling around in the sand trap there. prime minister abe was just fine. president trump was asked aboard air force one about that tumble. the president said he didn't see abe fall but later, i'm very impressed, because you're better than any gymnast i've ever seen. given him points. >> i've slipped getting out of the sand trap. i've never done the full on back role. >> i don't think so. one side can be very steep. >> you need to go around. >> look how many times we've been in there. >> i've been in them a lot of times. >> i live in the sand. proud of that. our next high goes to the sight of louisiana congressman steve scalise who was shot and nearly killed on a baseball field in june racing through the
8:21 am
halls of the capital on his scooter. congressman scalise challenged 87-year-old representative sam johnson of texas to a scooter drag race. ♪ ♪ >> scalise began to use that scooter during his recovery. he returned to the halls of congress in september. as you can see, there was no match for the veteran speed demon sam johnson this time. they'll get after it again. by the way, 91-year-old congressman john dingle tweeted at the pair, quote, don't make me come back there. love seeing that and love seeing steve scalise in the halls of congress. >> absolutely. our final logos to the poor dog who just cannot get his paws around the concept of a mirror. boson is a 2-year-old french bulldog. he's become an instagram star because he's plain freaked out
8:22 am
by the other 2-year-old french bulldog who could incidentally is named boson who keeps popping up in his mirror. boson has his own instagram handle, boson the frenchy if you want to check it out where it shows his ongoing battle with the mirrors. sometimes he readies himself for battle with the other dog. sometimes he wants to party and play with him and, yes, you could watch this all day. you might if you go to his instagram page. >> i wonder who will eventually win? >> on the learning curve does there come a moment where you go, oh, that's me. does that moment ever come? >> i'm not sure. >> we'll check out his instagram handle. coming up next, the sunday sitdown with michelle pfeiffer. she talks about the truly unbelievable list of roles she's turned down. wait until you hear it. hear about her own experiences in hollywood with the ugly stories we're hearing later. later, military veterans
8:23 am
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 8:30 on this sunday. first alert meteorologist
8:27 am
krystal klei is keeping track of the cool conditions outside. krystal, fill us in. >> rosemary, the temperatures are still cold this morning although a little bit better than we saw yesterday. we're at 27 in reading. allentown, 28. and we have 30s philadelphia, 35 millville the same. and 32 at the atlantic city airport. the numbers are better off than yesterday morning. what's even better than that the winds are calm and they're going to remain that way as we go throughout the rest of the day so we don't have to worry about the windchill effect. we're mostly cloudy now but will see sun break through. temperatures picking up to the mid and upper 40s. now to breaking news we're following out of philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood, one man is dead after gunfire erupted outside of a nightclub there. two others were also shot. it happened just before 4:00 this morning outside the a lounge. police tell us a 37-year-old victim was shot four times and later died. a 27-year-old man was shot twice. he is considered to be the suspect in this case. police are also talking to a
8:28 am
security guard who they say shot the gunman. new this morning two women are getting checked out at the hospital after being hit by a car in east mt. airy. the hit-and-run happened around 3:30 on stenton avenue. they say they suffered back injuries and other bumps and bruises. investigators are now looking for the driver of a white van or suv that sped away. that's it for now. i'm rosemary connors. krystal and see you at 9:00 for a half hour of news and weather. now back to the "today" show.
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8:30 am
lies. it's all lies. i'm not that guy. >> perhaps, roy, perhaps. but it's hard to convince people that you're not into young girls when you dress like woody from "toy story." "saturday night live" with first time host tiffany hattish and musical guest taylor swift. michelle pfeiffer is a hollywood icon. since she jumped off the screen in "scar face" 3 1/2 decades ago, pfeiffer has had a long run of unforgettable runs interrupted by the occasional break she's taken to be with her children and husband, tv producer david kelly. she has been an icon of beauty. she was on "people" magazine's first ever beautiful people issue. she's getting checks in bruno
8:31 am
mars's uptown funk. we got together at cafe carlisle here in new york to talk about her latest movie and much more. >> man was rummaging around my cabin in the middle of the night. >> in the new film adaptation of agatha christie's "murder on the oriental express." >> eyes linger any longer, i'll have to charge rent. >> this book ended the year that began with pfeiffer's emmy nomination in the bernie madoff movie. >> what's a ponsi scheme. >> and it continued in "mother" in which she starred alongside jennifer lawrence. a busy year of work don't call it a comeback. >> do you view this as a comeback? >> it's strange. i never felt like i went away.
8:32 am
i've always had a tendency to take long periods of time off in between pictures, even when i was working more. i guess i am maybe a little bit picky. my agent -- my agent's nickname for me is dr. no. and i think that when the kids were younger it made it really hard to say yes. they were in school and i didn't really want to interrupt their routine. >> there's legend in hollywood about roles you've passed up. >> legends. >> you can tell me if they're true. pretty women? >> yes. >> thelma and louise? >> yes. >> silence of the lambs? >> ginger and casino? >> yes. >> basic instincts. >> yes. >> you've done your homework. >> what's the one you watch and you go, man, i wish i was in that one? >> all of them. >> pfeiffer was born and raised in southern california. she first began to turn heads professionally in 1978 when she entered a beauty pageant while
8:33 am
working as a supermarket cashier. >> 19-year-old michelle pfeiffer. >> after her pageant success pfeiffer took up acting and soon was cast in tv shows like "delta house" where she played the blond bombshell. >> just a ball. >> in 1982 pfeiffer landed her first lead role in the musical sequel "grease 2." she sang her heart out but the movie bombed. this is 35 years, i don't know if you know that, since "grease 2" came out. 35 years. >> did not know that. >> yes. when you look back at that role today what do you think? >> i would never go back and look at it in a million years. i don't look at my work after i've done it. >> you never do? >> never. >> "grease 2" may have been a flop but a different director ryan did i pal ma was convinced pfeiffer had the chops to do something bigger. he cast her as al pacino's wife elvira in the classic movie "scarface."
8:34 am
>> hello. >> have you ever seen "scarface"? >> not since i made the movie. >> really? >> i'm getting to the point where i may not see them ever because i think i am much happier because i'm much critical so what's the point? >> you're never sitting at home with david, flipping through the guide and -- >> no. >> let's click on "scarface." >> if we're flipping through the guide, i can't get past it. >> you're quite good. >> am i? thanks, willie. >> "scarface" put pfeiffer on the map. the witches of east wick put her on the map and she began to feel like changing around her. >> i just felt like people were more aware of me all of a sudden. >> what did that feel like to a young actress? >> it was a little scary to me. >> you've been open about this. you don't love the celebrity aspect of you're an actress who is famous by virtue of the movies you've been in but you don't love that celebrity side
8:35 am
of it? >> no. >> not comfortable with that. >> privacy? >> yes. >> a year after "witches of eastwick." pfeiffer earned her first nomination. >> that is what i mean when i say i love you. >> i think we should end this conversation. >> pfeiffer went on to earn another nomination for her sultry role in "the fabulous baker boys." >> and one for best actress in 1992's "love field." but it was another character she played that same year for which pfeiffer will be better remembered. >> you're the second man who killed me this week but i've got seven lives left. >> out of cat woman's latex off screen, pfeiffer began dating tv producer david kelly. they were married in 1993 and have two children, claudia and john, now both in their 20s. much of pfeiffer's periodic time
8:36 am
away from acting was spent raising her kids and doing a little work around the house. >> is it true, you can tell me, as part of this normalcy you're very handy with power tools. >> i'm very handy. >> you can feel my callouss. >> you walked into home depot? >> i walked into home depot and i said, i would like to refine fish the outside of my fireplace. how do i do that? and they of course look at you like you're nuts, because you are, but they did and i did. >> you did it? >> i did it. >> how did it turn out? >> good. >> pfeiffer's latest shift from family life back into the spotlight comes at a time when the movie business is under intense scrutiny. harvey weinstein, james tobak and kevin spacey are a among the big names accused of sexual harassment and assault in an ugly hollywood that's being exposed. when you heard those stories did you say, yeah, that sounds familiar or were you shocked by them? >> i was shocked, and i think more shocked by how systemic the
8:37 am
issue is. >> is it something you've experienced over your career? >> i've had situations, yeah. you just didn't talk about it. >> you just put it away somewhere? >> uh-huh. there's so much shame involved in it, you know? i was with a friend of mine and we were just chatting -- oh, i shared something with her. oh, he hit on me. but then you -- kind of now you're sort of reframing it and you're saying, what does that mean, oh, he just hit on me? does it cross over into somebody who's a predator, you know? the other thing that's been really eye opening for me is that i have yet to speak to a woman who hasn't had an incident. >> who hasn't? >> who has not. >> on the range of he hit on me to sexual assault, somewhere in there? >> i'm saying some incident. yeah. >> so what changes from here? >> i think that it will cease to be normalized and that it will change. >> even after 35 years in hollywood, michelle pfeiffer says one thing hasn't changed.
8:38 am
she still gets nervous when she arrives on a set, and she did get for "murder on the orient express." >> i think people hear that and go, this is an iconic, accomplished actress, how could she possibly be nervous? >> imagine whenever you start a new job you're alzner vows your first few days, your first week. always afraid you're going to be fired because you messed up. >> you still feel that way? >> i don't think i'm that unusual. i'm one of the people who shares it. >> "murder on the orient express" is in theaters as well. michelle's comeback that's not a comeback goes into next year. it comes out next summer. to hear more from michelle pfeiffer and all of our sunday sitdowns check out our web extras at next week, wonder woman herself on her rise from being miss israel to serving in the israeli military and now her spot as an
8:39 am
iconic super hero in hollywood. dylan is back with another look at the weather. >> i just watched "wonder woman." >> how was it? >> i can see what all the hype was about. it was good. >> pretty nasty in the pacific northwest. heavy rain, mountain snow. we can see gusts up to 65 miles per hour. that storm will start to move into the midwest. another storm makes its way into the pacific northwest. dry wednesday up and down the east coast. then by the end of the week we'll see a spotty shower or two and then even a wintry mix across good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. today still a day but not quite as cold as it was yesterday. in the afternoon we'll see temperatures nearing 50 degrees. 48 in center city and 46 lansdale. 47 in easton. we're going to go mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions in the afternoon.
8:40 am
trenton's forecast high today is 47. we'll be near 50 cape may. near 50 rehoboth beach. wilmington your forecast high also at 50. >> and that's your latest lates forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you very much. we'll see you in a minute. next on "sunday today" tom brokaw is here. the world war ii national guard unit that found itself at the pivot point of 20th century history. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the only electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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♪ here comes the man, ♪ here comes the man, ♪ here comes the man, ♪ here comes the man, ♪ here comes the man, ♪ here comes the man, on saturday there were parades and ceremonies across the country for veterans day. the annual recognition of the sacrifices made over generations by millions of american military men and women. there are some 18.5 million living vets, the oldest of which served in world war ii. in our sunday spotlight nbc correspondent tom brokaw tells the story of a group of young men who stood up to hitler and still are waiting to get their
8:42 am
due. >> reporter: 91-year-old frank diaz still goes to work in his austin law office every day. surrounded by mow men tows of what he treasures most. his alma mater, the university of texas, and his time as part of one of the most effective fighting units in world war ii. >> i had the privilege and honor of being awarded the silver star on four different occasions beginning in july the 17th of 1944. >> reporter: diaz is one of the most highly decorated members of the 30th infantry division nick named old hickory. in a nod to president andrew jackson. it fell to the 30th to stop hitler's blistering counter attack just weeks after d day. here in the small town of mortain, france. i visited mortain in 2006 in the companies of wayne downing and monty migs to learn how the 700 men dug in on this hill, flocked
8:43 am
from tree to tree, and rock to rock. >> interesting thing about the 30th divisional hickory, national guard division, not a regular army division, one of the green divisions when it hits the beach. battalion commander tries to get up on the hill, gets captured. so what you have on this hill. >> national guards. >> are national guards, soldiers from tennessee, north carolina, that part of the united states. >> against -- >> dss. >> the best. >> reporter: and they routed the best losing nearly half their number but holding off four german tank divisions, two of them hitler's elite ss tanzers and joining the drive to france the battle of the bulge all the way to berlin. 73 years later frank diaz still feels a deep kinship with his fellow soldiers. >> the love we have for each other, it's so deep and binding that it's really hard to describe. >> reporter: but one thing still
8:44 am
bothers him. while individuals were recognized for their exceptional bravery and heroism, the unit as a whole never received the presidential unit citation, the highest honor a fighting force can receive and one for which they had been recommended. major general gregory lusk commands the north carolina national guard. >> some say i don't know that we're ever going to get this because we were a national guard division back in the time. >> reporter: whether it was an over sight or something more, lusk isn't the only one hoping to get old hickory recognized timely. filmmaker lou adams began collecting their stories 11 years ago. >> how can a division of national guards men that did what they did and fought all the way through europe and conquered all of these and beat the germans in so many key battles not have any recognition? how come i don't even know about them? >> reporter: adams documents the
8:45 am
70th anniversary commemoration of the battle at mortain in his film "heroes of old hickory." the elderly people embraced by the town that they freed. >> we entered those countries. they gave us flowers and apple pie so we gave them candy chewing gum. >> and tom brokaw joins me now. it's still fresh there now, tom. 73 years later. what has taken so long for these guys to get their due? >> a lot of it has to do with the inergs shah of recognition. i won't be surprised if after all of this attention that they do get it. i want to give a shout out to justin bolding, one of our producers. he was there with me on the mountain. we were both so moved. he stayed with the story and made sure that we continued to cover it. national guard units often don't
8:46 am
get the attention they deserve. they're going to the middle east all the time now. my father-in-law was in the 34th red bull division. there are guys from south dakota, minnesota, nebraska, iowa, they were thrown into north africa against rammal. as someone said, it was a war in training. by the time they got to italy they were one of the best fighting units there. we need to give the guard the honor that it deserves, willie. >> these are farm boys, essentially, a lot of them out fighting and defeating adolph hitler. >> the other thing is they knew how to shoot. they had grown up in the woods and they could run and hide and do what they did. on that mountain they ran from rock to rock, tree to tree and took on the panther division. >> nobody tells these stories better, either. tom brokaw, thank you very much. >> okay, willie. >> good to see you. coming up on "sunday today." another group of veterans jumping into a big tank with some of the biggest sharks in the world. how does what you just did here apply to what you're fighting every day? >> it showed me even though i'm
8:47 am
terrified that i did it. >> we'll tell you why they're doing it. later, a life well lived. the astronaut whose career ranged from orbiting the moon to running an nfl team. stress sweat. it can happen anytime, to anyone. hey! stress sweat is different than ordinary sweat. it smells worse. get four times the protection... ...against stress sweat with... ...secret clinical strength.
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last month marked 16 years since the beginning of the war in afghanistan. for more than a decade and a half less than 1% of americans have carried the burden of war. most of them returning for repeated deployments to the most dangerous places on earth. a question for the other 99% of us to ponder this veterans week is how do we take care of those men and women when they finally come home? in our sunday closer kerry sanders finds a program that has one unique answer to that question for vets from the wounded warrior project. >> reporter: at first glance the beauty and serenity here would seem a world apart from -- the battlefields of iraq and afghanistan. but today those worlds converge as veterans of both wars muster at the georgia aquarium. >> you will have a mask and a
8:51 am
snorkel. >> reporter: surprising in their civilian lives there's comfort in those old military routines, like threat assessments. >> he likes to take masks. >> find your name over here. >> i had a brain injury so i kind of don't remember a lot of it. >> reporter: sargeant first class u.s. army retired shares with each of these vets a bond that is an invisible wound, post traumatic stress disorder. >> i am really freaking out. i'm telling you. oh, my god. >> reporter: ever present fear, doubt, suspicion. >> oh, don't touch me. oh, my god! >> reporter: it all traces back to flashes of terror. >> there are sights that you cannot see. >> reporter: bill leg, sargeant first class retired, two tours iraq, one afghanistan, more than four years now with ptsd. >> how do you define that to those who have never been in the military? >> like a bad experience. you never forget it.
8:52 am
>> reporter: never forget. but swimming with the largest fish in the world, the gentle whale shark, a new memory that hopefully transcends the water. >> reporter: we're about 20 minutes now into the dive in the tank. hearts have slowed down and minds are wandering. >> what we're asking people to do here is experience the whole thing, the excitement and the anxiety. to see it, maybe that anxiety will go down and have the excitement and fun that's left over. >> reporter: for robin, success. >> awesome! >> reporter: how does what you just did here apply to what you're fighting every day? >> it shows me even though i'm terrified that i did it. >> reporter: still, ptsd is never cured. triggers never far away. >> whenever i would be out fishing, try to relax, i step on a root, it's like, there it is. those are just things when ptsd comes around. things up can't unfeel. >> reporter: but for a moment in a fish tank in georgia those
8:53 am
painful flashbacks are all but forgotten. for "sunday today," kerry sanders, atlanta. >> that is so cool. kerry, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. richard gordon was an accomplished astronaut who orb t orbited the moon but never did get a chance to walk on its surface. >> 3, 2, 1, liftoff. >> in september of 1966 gordon flew the gemini 11 mission to practice the docking. he and his partner charles conrad flew 850 miles above the earth, a record for a manned flight. gordon performed a dangerous space walk that had to be aborted. in november of 1969, four months after neil armstrong and buzz aldron walked on the moon, gordon and his team led the apollo 12 mission to do the same. gordon a former navy aviator
8:54 am
orbited the moon and took photographs. his two fellow astronauts walked on the surface. gordon did not. he expected to get his chance on the apollo 18 mission but it was canceled in 1970. gordon retired from nasa two years later and accepted a wild job offer from a friend who owned the nfl's new orleans saints. without a hint of experience outside a year of high school football, gordon was made the saints executive vice president and general manager. at his first press conference gordon said, quote, if anybody here has any suggestions on how to run a football team, i'll be glad to listen. dick gordon, an early pioneer of outer space, died this week in san marcos, california. he was 88 year
8:55 am
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we close this morning with a look at what's next this week. on tuesday former vice president joe biden releases his memoir called "promise me, dad." a year of hope, hardship and purpose. the year was about the emotional year when his son bo was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he will appear on all four hours of this program, the "today" show, tomorrow morning here on nbc. >> wow. and it's a big week for major league baseball fans. the cy young and mvp awards will be handed out wednesday and thursday. among the players up for mvp, astros jose altuve and yankees aaron judge. and we'll stand by for all of your picks on those rewards. i'm a yankee fan. i think altuve will win and he deserves it. thank you very much, dylan. >> thank you for spending your morning with us for the men and
8:59 am
9:00 am
right now on nbc 10 news today nightclub shooting. a man is dead, two others injured after bullets fly just outside of a lounge in philadelphia. we are live at the scene. president trump has arrived at the last stop on his nearly two-week-long tour of asia and this morning is making headlines about russian meddling and u.s. intel. cloudy and cool but not as cold as yesterday. this is a live look over center city where the sun is starting to come up, burn off some of the clouds. temperatures will climb towards 50 ahead of a warmer week. we're talking 20s yesterday. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this


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