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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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fraternity pledge's role. >> it's time to be accountable for your action. >> reporter: the suei recovered triggered the onslaught of new >> and i'm jacqueline london. >> timot az given 18 drinks in less than an hour at the fraternity. keith? >> 12 more frat brothers are now charged. a total of 17 overall. this is a result of video inside the frat house that was deleted. at first, detectives thought the security cameras didn't record what was going on but looked into it further and recovered deleted video with the help of the fbi. one of the frat brothers is being charged with deleting that videotape. it shows timothy piatza being
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handed drink after drink. no one called first responders until about 12 hours after he fell down the stairs. the 19-year-old sophomore suffered a fractured skull, a shattered spleen before he died. his father was choking back tears as he blamed the fraternity for his death. >> we're making holiday plans without or son tim because of your actions. if you did not commit the acts you did, we would not be here today and we would be anxiously awaiting tim's return home for thanksgiving break on friday. >> and as i've mentioned, a total of 17 frat brothers are now facing charges with some facing involuntary and hazing charges. all of the frat brothers who are accused and are denying all of those charges against them. live in the breaking news center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> all right, keith. you can read more about the new
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charges and what the d.a. says was exposed in the surveillance footage right now on the nbc 10 app. turning now to the weather stay dry as they should be. this is walnut street in center city where light rain has been falling all day. the sun is trying to peak through the clouds in lehigh county. a live look at allentown. a pretty picture, though. the worst of the rain from earlier is moving out. >> glenn hurricane schwartz is tracking conditions for your neighborhood and your most accurate forecast driz sdplzlede a little bit, glenn. >> bigger raindrops this morning tapered off to the tiny drops of drizzle in the afternoon and now we'll be seeing clearing tonight. we're still seeing cloudy skies in philadelphia but this is a brighter picture than it was a couple of hours ago.
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wilmington, delaware, still cloudy and you can see even when the radar echos go offshore, the clouds remain for the entire day and, of course, that kept the temperatures down. only 45 in philadelphia and now 42 in pottstown and 42 in red reading. it didn't warm up to the allows through we temperatures to drop down closer to the freezing mark and into the suburbs it's not a not expecting much wind. at least you're not going to wake up to the rain and the fog that we saw this morning. there is more rain in the forecast along with somewhat of a warmup. we'll get to those numbers coming up. 20 minutes of nonstop news begins with ivanka trump taking overhaul tour to new jersey today. >> the f tax credits that are
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will benefit families. lauren mayk spoke one-on-one with the treasury secretary. >> ivanka trump and steven mnuchin duo have done two events and the message here is a tax cut for the middle class. i asked whether it's what everyone will get. >> this is the hard of new jersey. >> reporter: in bayville, ocean county, political star power to make the case for tax reform. c mnuchin and ivanka trump. >> the objectives are the same. middle-income tax cuts and making business competitives. >> this stop in new jersey coming as tax talk in this state and adful of others could be key to getting a bill passed because of a possible deduction for state and local taxes is on
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the chopping blocks. the house bill would keep som of it in a compromise and in the senate, none. is keeping it on the table at all? >> keeping it entirely? >> keeping it entirely. >> no. keeping it entirely is no longer on the table. >> reporter: forred mit dell cl virtually everyone will get a tax cut. >> wve run numbers of people who make 75,000,pl200,000, peop0 and hav designed it so there are t cuts. >> reporter: everyone in the middle css will get a tax cut? >> i think as you know, the tax system is incredibly complicated. so it's hard to make a guarantee that literally 100% -- >> reporter: in the bayville fire hall, this event was moderated by a congressman who says he hasn't found anyone yet whose taxes will go down but wants the house property tax
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compromise to stay. >>. >> if they come back with elimination of property tax, it won't pass. >> the house will vote this week. i asked if it doesn't get done this year, can congress pass something retroactively? he says he's not worried about that because he thinks it will get done in december. jim? >> lauren, thank you. luke warm reactand city lea scam, harsh critic ly an anti coming from dwight evans. some say it will help keep jobs in america. evan says that's not true. >> we're sending a and th is a initiative.
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it has nothing to do with jobs. >> a on the tax plan is expeed jersey, one person is dead after a crash late last night. crews were out for hours cleaning up this crash on hartford road and summerville drive. we learned the driver of the car that crashed is in custody on outstanding warrants but is not facing criminal charges right now. a water main break in yeardley borough bucks county is repair crews worked overnight and by 6:00 a.m. they were able to get water pressure back to normal r parents trying to sendhe high school to their choice in philadelphia, 5:00 is the deadli for eighth grade students who want to choose a high school. it's the deadline for students in any grade looking to change schools next year. there's an application you need to fill out online. students and parents will out the results of their
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applications in january. in spring garden, the middle college students had a special visitor. this offers stubility to enroll in college classes while they are getting employe -- diploma. erin coleman has more about what the vice president biden is saying about the idea of running for president. >> he said he couldn't accept the nomination if it was given to him right now. biden appeared on the "today" show with a new book called "promise me, dad." he says he's not closing the door on a white house run. >> and who knows what the situation is going to be a year and a half from now. i don't have any idea. i'm in good health now, i'm in
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good shape, knock on wood, as my mother would say. but i don't know. honest to god. that's the true. >> his book is about his son beau, t former delaware attorney general. beau died after battling brain cancer in he opened up aboutow it s to writeit. >> in your diary you wrote, may 30th, 7:51 p.m. you knew the exact time. "it happened, my god, my boy, my beautiful boy." so hard to read those words, vice pside abiden. how'd you writ was muc tha was. idiary, whichp kept more during that time and e hnd myself late at night, i couldn't write. it was -- i -- .
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>> biden says he still wears the rosary beads his son was wearing when he died. his book comes out tomorrow. >> unimaginable loss. former vice president biden will be promoting his book in our area. you can go to sto see him. on wednesday afternoon, he'll be in north wilmington. that's at 2:00. wednesday night, he'll be at the kimmel center. you'll need a ticket to get in there. the death toll from the devastating iran/iraq border is going up even more. the magnitude 7.3 quake killed 475 and injured even more. the area is one of the most seismically active places on the planet. the effects of the quake were felt as far as t coast. take a look here.
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a reporter doing an interview and on tv when the earthquake hit, you can see that look on his face as the camera jolts around and eventually he gets up and leaves there. president trump is wrapping up his extensive trip to asia with an international summit and one-on-one meetings. there was a l controversy over his meeting today and whether the president brought up human rights in his one-on-one meeting with president duterte. the president also met with the prime minister of india and another key ally, malcolm turnbull, of australia. another woman has come forward to accuse roy moore of sexual misconduct when she was a minor. beverly young says that she was molested by moore when she was
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14. meantime, the top republican in the senate today said moore should give his race because of all these accusations. >> do you believe these allegations to be true? >> yes. >> that was mitch mcconnell when out holding a tax event. he said moore should step aside. moore "the person who should step aside is mcconnell. y saying, "mcconnell has failed conservatives and must be replaced. #draintheswamp." pennsylvania senator pat toomey says moore should drop out of ce. this afternoon, we have new details about the man accused of shooting a pennsylvania state trooper last dani daniel clary is now out of the
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hospital and is being held in north hampton county ishe's cha homicide. state police say he was pulled over last week andhen shod corporal seth kelly after a fight in plainship township. kelly is in stable condition in the hospital. a study is out explaining how septa's rail service could affect the area. years and cost a s estimated to billion dollars. the plan calls for extending the norristown gh-speed lane to upper marion township. tonight, septa is holding a hearing at the doubletree hotel at 6:00. olympic gold medalist a aliraisman spoke on the "today" show. she said dr. larry nasser abused
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her. this is an attempt to make sure happened to her doesn't ever happen again. >> i really didn't know it was happening to me. was a doctor and told me his treatment would help heal all of my injuries and i was so young, i had never really worked with e and everyone said he was the best. >> nasser has been accused of assaulting at least 140 girls and women. he's denied any inappropriate "we are appalled of which larry nassar is accused and we are very sorry that any athlete has been harmed during his or her gymnastics career." the children's hospital of philadelphia is working to bridge the language barrier and help more families access the health care they need. the hospital recently conducted a community health needs assessment and found patients face a lot of challenges in accessing care. so chops language services department partnered with the
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pennsylvania literacy health coalition. during today's event, experts addressed the common challenges minorities face when they seek medical treatment. >> if you he a chronic disease, the right prescription and is so important. so if you don't understand it or you received incorrect translation, that could t interpreters n death for many say they received more than 100,000 requests for interpretati on staff. nbc 10 is official station of the eagles and it's the cou to tay and ready to take on the rivals in dallas on sunday night football. it's a matchup you'll only see here. john clark is joining us live. john, the eagles/cowboys rivalry has some of the players'
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families divided. >> as we know, eagles fans hate the dallas cowboys and when it comes to going to philly, they findç out pretty quick how muc birds fans cannot stand cowboys. how about right tackle lane johnson, he's from texas. they were all cowboys fans and he says he's trying to convert him, including his grandma. >> all my family is from texas and a lot of them say they are eagles fans and i think deep down, even like last year, theg you knhey ow, tre rooting for dallas. i said if you're going to live up. just messing with her. it is what it is. a lot of people back home are dallas cowboy fans. it means a whole lot to us.
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>> smack talk on grandma. he was just kidding around for the record and i guess you're 6'6" and 310 pounds, you'd get away with that. that is how deep this eagles/cowboys rivalryruns. >> still shouldpe elders, john. >> i know. >> he's kidding around. >> yes, all tongue in cheek. >> you'll be able to watch the showdown with the do you boys at 8:30 p.m. it's sunday. and then stay withs, game day final after the game. all right. to this now, taylor swift is coming to philadelphia. >> the popular singer from reading is bringing her new reputation wher, too.
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♪ >> taylor swift right there performing on "saturday night live." she'll perform july 14th. so how can you increase your odds? find out by tapping the 10 app. a live look right now at lincoln financial, a there and this sunday all not b. thçfey will be on jey's house in a dome. so they don't havabout the elem. let's go over t "hurricane" schwar. i going to sunny and 60 degrees in dallas for those of you travel endown there to stir things up. cloudy skies everywhere now. ev morning into the early af has gone up. ten degrees
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below average for this time of the year. it's still only 39 in west callan township. that was the coldest spot this morning. st. david, chester heights at 42, and a lot of 43s. bed newtown is 45 degrees. asou can see here, the average high is 57. we're not exactly having a big warmup. last monday, it w70 we have nothing approaching 70 degrees for a while. the warmest may comen saturday. well, the rain has moved off, certainly the significant rain but clouds lingered a area this afternoon and
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generally low clouds and tha prevents any sunshine from coming through. and that's why the temperature . as we go hour by hour through the night tonight, clearing conditns of sunshine tomorrow, kind of a mix c that's a lot nicer than today. later wednesday night, we can see some showers from a weak syem coming in from the west. you can see this and a couple of drops on the radar along with the clouds. so it's a relatively dry here. tomoow for example, in reading. and along with avalon and 
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newark, go up a little b the rest of the week. and lehigh valley on wednesday, that's the most likely places to get anything and then parts of new jersey warm up towards the end of the week and then we have big changes coming into the weekend. >> we'll see you soon. suiting up with the team. >> a 12-year-old boy with a life-threatening illness is making history inside the famous roster. also, a picture worth a thousand words. and dollars. the local rare jfk docume his assassination. plus, airport panic. the smoking evidence inside a backpack that set passengers here running. that's next. bell on wallre's a look at the
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stocks closed slightly to start the week.
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quite t saw, b smoking. travele to get ayro was lithium. everyone had to be rescreened. a real hassle ry for anyone whong acer whegeant vincent has.
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now he's getting help f an unlike partner. the lilett boy is by as he directs traffil rush y afternoon. sawyer helps lay out the traffic cones and his whistle. they have grown close. >> he does everythinghat i do. , mockery is the biggestorm of attery. >> it really is. "nbc nightly news" with lester sweet. very. >> he' going to be a g officer. hame that is getting hype ahead snday showd birds' gaming skills off the field. and second harvest is a food
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bank here in lehigh valley. they aim to put season.e's table this holiday coming up, why could be a loca headed back to philly afterhead. how they helped victims find peace after the tragedy. that's next at 5:00.
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thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years?
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is that what you wanted to mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a ch. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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right now at 4:00, running on empty right wfr the holiday rush food banks in the lehigh valley helped neighbors earlier in need after three major hurricanes. >> but the storm has impacted their donations at the busiest time of the year. steven fisher found out how you can help. >> reporter: the second harvest food bank is one of the largest of its kind here in the lehigh
4:31 pm
valley. and this year has been a struggle because so far donations have been down. inside the 65,000 square foot food bank, there's a lot to do. >> november and december are the busiest months throughout the food bank year. these volunteers can only be put to work as long as the donations continue to pouring in. >> we are seeing a slightly slower donation of food. >> reporter: three hurricanes hit earlier this year and has impacted food banks across the map. >> a lot of the food that is donated throughout the network of food banks around the country has gone to the hurricane-affected areas of florida and puerto rico. >> they worry, will they have enough? and base the need is so great, they'll be here to give people a hand up, not a handout.
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>> no matter what goes on, good, bad, crazy, when i look the building at the end of the day, somebody ate because i showed up. >> reporter: steven fisher, nbc. >> to the weather and a gray cold day in new castle county. >> let's look down the shore in cape may. glenn? >> nobody really saw it today. looked like this all day or worse. couldn't even do that a couple hours ago. and totally overcast and the main rain is well off shore. we have drizzle drops left over. and the clouds, low clouds, they
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will remain. 45 in philadelphia now, and 42 in pottstown and 43 in dover or 44 in wilmington. these temperatures are more than ten degrees below average. as we go through the night tonight, we see the skies clear. that allows the temperatures to drop into the 30s. it will be chilly when you get up in the morning and will not be raining and will not be snowing or icy and will not be windy. a little on the chilly sidend then with the sunshine, some places at least to get into the 50s. and when the next rain is coming it could affect part of the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn, here's a look at the stories we're following county-by-county at 4:00. port officials are reviewing three proposals that would expand the port of wilmington and privatize the existing port
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on the river and add a new container dock. they will present it to the attorney general in january. in chester county, high school students and their parents can shop for higher education at the exton square mall. it's the 2017 chester county college fair. admission is free. the fairç runs from 7:00 9:00 tonight. let's go to bucks county. relief supplies are on their way thanks to a local church. in less than seven weeks, they have collected more than 900 pallets of first aid, food, water, generators and basic items of necessity. that's enough to fill more than 80 containers. >> and cam bden county, after serving in the revolutionary war, recognized as the first
4:35 pm
patriot of gloucester township. a piece of history is headed to the auction block. the last picture signed by john f. kennedy is going to be auctioned off. next week marks the 54th anniversary of jfk's assassination. we all like dr. seuss' rhymes. the we speak for the trees groups wants to convince congress to help save our planet and rejoin the paris climate accord and each had a personal nd message by school children for lawmakers to read. >> dr. usabout, you killing and destroying everything in the lorax and beingeft with and if we're doing, we could end up
4:36 pm
going down that very same path. >> and over the weekend, a coalition of states and 50 major citiesad pledge reduce cemissions. into well, protecting your kids from dangerous diseases. next, philadelphia's report card for childhood immunizations tout how well parents make the grade. a south jersey kid is bursting with joy and love tonight. meet our soon-to-be next. she has a new friend. accommodating parents of young kids. the change septa is making in the near future, at 5:00. a
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kids who play more than one sport are more likely to be active tnagers. researchers in canada looked
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the sports participation of children ages 5 through 7. just 9% of boys and 2% of girls worldwide get the recommended per day. new data shows phad's children are well protected from diseases. philadelphia's health care providers immunize children at very high rates meeting or exceeding goals. the trade that saved his life. >> an eagle player is speaking out about how his move to the saints saved him. he said, you have a heart murmur but it's not good so we're going to send you to the >> next at 4:00, what the magic man is saying about his road to recovery and the doctors at penn medicine who performed the
4:41 pm
life-saving surgery. a bit of a warmup this week before another big cold snap. i'll have a sneak peek at what to expect for thanksgiving. you're most accurate weather forecast. >> carson wentz is preparing to play against the cowboys this sunday but also he's planning a competition against his own eagl to benefit a local charity. that's next at 5:00. looks like you found a better way to do this, dad. organic, non-gmo feed. 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two, i can raise anything. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. the old man's still got it.
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from the football field to an emergency heart surgery in just days. >> he's opening about the procedure that saved his life and the football move that really helped make that discovery. during a routine physical, doctors found out that he had a serious heart condition that caused one of his arteries to swell up to the size of a coke
4:45 pm
can. he had the surgery and is doing much better now. you may remember he was honored earlier this year at an eagles game in front of 70,000 roaring fans getting a standing o. people here in our area knew him as the eagles long snapper but they found out about him on "america's got talent." so ellen gave him a gift for jon and his dog. >> this is for saint. it's mate out of cards since you're a magician. >> this is the coolest thing ever. >> you can't get in there. no, you can't. >> watch out. he also thanked the doctors at penn medicine for the procedure that saved his life. some eagles players tested
4:46 pm
their virtual football skills today. the birds played madden football against soldiers stationed overseas. it was thanks to a partnership with pro versus g.i. joe, a nonprofit organization organizers virtual gaming with military personnel. and nbc is the only place you can watch the showdown with the cowboys. texting and tablets at the dinner table? yes or no? >> four out of ten families can't remember their last device-free meal. hear what kids are saying about th tech habits. yes, we can be guilty. and what experts think about screen time rules.
4:47 pm
that's on nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> do you allow your family to use their devices at the dinner table? we posted this poll. you may be surprised by the responses. tweet us to share your opinion. let's take a live look down broad street from our kimmel center campus camera. there it is. a beautiful shot. quality family time. we all need to pay and live in the moment, right, glenn? and in the moment, it's kind of dreary. >> only look at the weather app, right? >> that's right. we've got an nbc 10 app on there and the radar and forecast neighborhoods and everything in there. you don't have to do you're eating dinner. 44 degrees with cloudy skies. everybody is reporting cloudy now. nobody is reporting a drizzle that we saw a couple of hours ago. steadier rain. this morning, the temperature has not risen because of all of
4:48 pm
those low clouds. in delaware and newark, glasgow, a lot of 44s. milton, 44, too. dover, 44 degrees. pretty uniform when it's cloudy like that. tomorrow there will be a little more of a separation. temperatures going up a bit tomorrow. we're not bumping up to average. maybe close to it on thursday. so the week as a whole, below average temperatures. that's for sure. we have a lot of clouds left over but there is somek to the will be coming in during the night tonight. the rain is moving that way and at comin back. tomorrow, fair amount of sunshine compared to 50 in shanksville and in allentown, still below temperatures despite the increased sunshine.
4:49 pm
alon, 50. now, as we tend, things are reag to change. saturday is warmer but the weather day. so we've got the half marathon on saturday. we expect at least some rain. increased winds in the afternoon. sunday, windy. 15 to 25, gusting to 30, at least. but dry and chilly. so you're going to be dealing with windchills on sunday. so we have some frigid air. up in canada, not that far up in canada. now let's go -- start it on friday here. we have milder air in the middle of the country and look at that frigid air coming in. that's on sunday, okay? there's that hit for the marathon. and then we warm up a little early next week and then here comes thanksgiving. frozen turkeys.
4:50 pm
we've got temperatures in the 50s much of the rest of the week. we have rain, thunderstorms on saturday, wind and colder on sunday and then whole next week, colder next week than this week and, remember, thanksgiving even colder than that and that is about ten degrees normal for the temperatures. we might have wind next week as an issue as well. but aside from saturday, not a real wet pattern. >> i know. and it's cold for people going out and doing the black friday shopping, a really cold night for them. >> yeah. but we're not talking about maybe sustained cold but next week we'll have more cold days. remember how cold it was on friday? >> yes. >> tcouple of days. >> all right. that time of year. thanks, glenn. next at 4:00, draft day for the penn quaker's top recruit. how they are making a south
4:51 pm
jersey boy's dream come true. the reason this legendary restaurant is up for sale again. she never let anything slow her down.
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even now. and aetna is moving medicare advantage plans forward right along with her. we offer $0 monthly plan cost. call aetna today and we'll send you a $10 reward card with no obligation to enroll..
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south jersey man is being honored tonight. >> cydney long has tommy's story from mt. laurel. >> reporter: he's a seventh grader with a big heart and infectious smile and once tommy johnston finishes his homework, he'l become an
4:55 pm
honorary draft team player. >> i have to say that it will be pretty good and i wish penn luck. >> reporter: we got a look at his zest for life as he did cur and showed us his jersey. that is nice. did they give you this at practice? he was born with a left heart syndrome. >> the left side of the heart has never developed. >> reporter: he's had mul surgeries before the age of 3 and balances high-functioning autism. >> i think he is so resilient and just a trooper all the time, even when he was an infant. you can't believe how easy he bounced back and recovered and a smile on his face. >> reporter: he's being afforded the special opportunity through children's hospital of philadelphia. their specialist referred the family to a program called team impact. >> he was recruited and tonight
4:56 pm
he'll be drafted before penn's home opener. >> this resilient 12-year-old may express his excitement in two languages. >> high five. >> reporter: with the newest penn quaker, cydney long, mt. laurel. >> basketball broadcasting maybe. he's got a bright future. >> he's going to have the best night tonight. >> he sure is. our 5:00 team is suited up and ready to go with another hour of news. >> here are keith jones and erin coleman. athletes and activists will rally for the rapper in center city. deanna durante will join us live as dozens demand justice. back to the 50s. that's where we're going. it's not going to last long. i'll tell you about your holiday
4:57 pm
week as long as what happens after that. come back for that.
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a show of support in center city while he sits behind bars. new charges in the penn state hazgdeath. just how much alcohol a paternity pledge was given to drink before he died. and we're talking to superfans and business owners
5:00 pm
gearing up now for sunday's big matchup. happening right now, a rally for meek mill. celebrities and athletes and other superintendenteporters ga center city. they want justice for the philadelphia rapper. just a week ago, the judge two four years for violating probation. many say the punishment is too harsh. >> all new at 5:00, deanna durante is covering the rally. >> people are throwing their safety behind the rapper including malcolm jenkins. >> reporter: he's pledged on social media to attend this rally as have others from philadelphia and around the country. take a look now, the rally is gearing upset for 5:00 in front of the criminal j center.
5:01 pm
this is shut down and been chanting to free meek mill. why family members say he should be released from jail. >> what's wrong? double parking, jaywalking? anything can happen with somebody on probation. you're going to run into the law eventually. >> reporte t
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7:30 pm
7:31 pm
7:32 pm
7:33 pm
7:34 pm
7:35 pm
7:36 pm
7:37 pm
7:38 pm
7:39 pm
7:40 pm
7:41 pm
7:42 pm
7:43 pm
7:44 pm
7:45 pm
7:46 pm
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
8:01 pm
8:02 pm
8:03 pm
8:04 pm
8:05 pm
8:06 pm
8:07 pm
8:08 pm
8:09 pm
8:10 pm
8:11 pm
8:12 pm
8:13 pm
8:14 pm
8:15 pm
8:16 pm
8:17 pm
8:18 pm
8:19 pm
8:20 pm
8:21 pm
8:22 pm
8:23 pm
8:24 pm
8:25 pm
8:26 pm
8:27 pm
8:28 pm
8:29 pm
8:30 pm
8:31 pm
8:32 pm
8:33 pm
8:34 pm
8:35 pm
8:36 pm
8:37 pm
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
9:01 pm
9:02 pm
9:03 pm
9:04 pm
9:05 pm
9:06 pm
9:07 pm
9:08 pm
9:09 pm
9:10 pm
9:11 pm
9:12 pm
9:13 pm
9:14 pm
9:15 pm
9:16 pm
9:17 pm
9:18 pm
9:19 pm
9:20 pm
9:21 pm
9:22 pm
9:23 pm
9:24 pm
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
9:27 pm
9:28 pm
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
9:31 pm
9:32 pm
9:33 pm
9:34 pm
9:35 pm
9:36 pm
9:37 pm
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
9:41 pm
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
10:01 pm
10:02 pm
10:03 pm
10:04 pm
10:05 pm
10:06 pm
10:07 pm
10:08 pm
10:09 pm
10:10 pm
10:11 pm
10:12 pm
10:13 pm
10:14 pm
10:15 pm
10:16 pm
10:17 pm
10:18 pm
10:19 pm
10:20 pm
10:21 pm
10:22 pm
10:23 pm
10:24 pm
10:25 pm
10:26 pm
10:27 pm
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
10:31 pm
10:32 pm
10:33 pm
10:34 pm
10:35 pm
10:36 pm
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
11:01 pm
11:02 pm
11:03 pm
11:04 pm
11:05 pm
11:06 pm
11:07 pm
11:08 pm
11:09 pm
11:10 pm
11:11 pm
11:12 pm
11:13 pm
11:14 pm
11:15 pm
11:16 pm
11:17 pm
11:18 pm
11:19 pm
11:20 pm
11:21 pm
11:22 pm
11:23 pm
11:24 pm
11:25 pm
11:26 pm
11:27 pm
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
11:30 pm
11:31 pm
11:32 pm
11:33 pm
11:34 pm
11:35 pm
11:36 pm
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
12:01 am
12:02 am
12:03 am
12:04 am
12:05 am
12:06 am
12:07 am
12:08 am
12:09 am
12:10 am
12:11 am
12:12 am
12:13 am
12:14 am
12:15 am
12:16 am
12:17 am
12:18 am
12:19 am
12:20 am
12:21 am
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
12:25 am
12:26 am
12:27 am
12:28 am
12:29 am
12:30 am
12:31 am
12:32 am
12:33 am
12:34 am
12:35 am
12:36 am
12:37 am
12:38 am
12:39 am
12:40 am
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
12:44 am
12:45 am
12:46 am
12:47 am
12:48 am
12:49 am
12:50 am
12:51 am
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
1:01 am
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1:06 am
1:07 am
1:08 am
1:09 am
1:10 am
1:11 am
1:12 am
1:13 am
1:14 am
1:15 am
1:16 am
1:17 am
1:18 am
1:19 am
1:20 am
1:21 am
1:22 am
1:23 am
1:24 am
1:25 am
1:26 am
1:27 am
1:28 am
1:29 am
1:30 am
1:31 am
1:32 am
1:33 am
1:34 am
1:35 am
1:36 am
1:37 am
1:38 am
1:39 am
1:40 am
1:41 am
1:42 am
1:43 am
1:44 am
1:45 am
1:46 am
1:47 am
1:48 am
1:49 am
1:50 am
1:51 am
1:52 am
1:53 am
1:54 am
1:55 am
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
1:59 am
2:00 am
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2:06 am
2:07 am
2:08 am
2:09 am
2:10 am
2:11 am
2:12 am
2:13 am
2:14 am
2:15 am
2:16 am
2:17 am
2:18 am
2:19 am
2:20 am
2:21 am
2:22 am
2:23 am
2:24 am
2:25 am
2:26 am
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