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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 14, 2017 12:37am-1:38am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight carey mulligan, from "lady bird," actress beanie feldstein, cooking with chef danny bowien, featuring the 8g band with michel'le baptiste. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is fantastic. in that case, let's get to the news. it was reported about an hour ago that donald trump jr. carried on a 10-month-long secret correspondence with wikileaks during the presidential campaign and the months following. wow, it's going to be awfully hard to distance yourself from a
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guy named donald trump jr. [ laughter ] "he's not even related to me. my last name's not junior. everyone knows that." [ laughter and applause ] president trump attacked his critics on twitter yesterday saying, "when will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a relationship with russia is a good thing not a bad thing?" well having a relationship with russia will certainly never be as bad as having a president who uses the word "haters." [ laughter ] i'm surprised he doesn't wear his -- [ cheers and applause ] i'm surprised he doesn't wear his maga hat like this. [ laughter ] "the problem with haters is they're going to hate." president trump met with president vladimir putin on saturday and said he believes putin's claim that russia did not meddle in the election. that story again, bonnie believes clyde. [ laughter and applause ] senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said today that he believes the women who have
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accused senate candidate roy moore of inappropriate sexual contact, adding that moore should step aside. i'm proud of you, mitch. that took a lot of chins. [ audience oohs ] [ cheers and applause ] after fox news host sean hannity defended republican alabama senate candidate roy moore's allegations of sexual misconduct with underage girls, several companies announced they are pulling ads from the show. luckily, he has a new sponsor, wiss van monthly. [ laughter and applause ] white house chief of staff john kelly said this weekend that he does not follow president trump's tweets, as opposed to eric trump who can't follow them. [ laughter and applause ] researchers believe that women are less likely to receive cpr in public than men because people are reluctant to touch a stranger's breast. touch a stranger's breast? "i'll do it," said these men. [ audience oohs ]
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[ applause ] you don't even need the cpr. [ light laughter ] white house senior policy advisor stephen miller has reportedly been interviewed by special counsel robert mueller's team to figure out how he escaped from area 51. [ laughter ] toy company hasbro has reportedly made an offer to purchase it's rival mattel in a deal that would combine the two largest toy manufacturers in the united states. but the deal could be blocked to prevent a monopoly. [ laughter and applause ] sometimes it's nice to have a joke about toys! [ laughter and applause ] the news is very depressing! [ cheers and applause ] sometimes we just want to have a toy joke! [ light laughter ] a man in idaho known by authorities as the sushi bandit was recently arrested after multiple dine and dash incidents at asian restaurants in the area.
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but he claims his innoncen -- sorry. [ laughter and applause ] this joke is so good, i got excited. all right. dine and dash, sushi bandit, okay. here we go, here we go, here we go. you guys remember, here we go. [ laughter ] no, just the punch line, they're ready. they're ready. you guys remember. [ cheers and applause ] but he claims he's innocent. and said they'll sashimi in court. [ laughter ] the news is depressing! [ applause ] sometimes you just want a joke [ light laughter ] the first drive through marijuana store is open in nevada which is super convenient except for the eight hours it takes you to drive home. [ laughter and applause ] and finally, it was announced today that a new television series based on "the lord of the rings" will be produced for amazon prime. perfect for people who felt like
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the 6 3 and a half movies didn [ laughter and applause ] ladies and gentlemen we have a fantastic show for you tonight. she's starring in the new netflix movie "mudbound" carey mulligan is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] from the fantastic new film "lady bird" beanie feldstein joins us. [ cheers and applause ] and he is featured in the sixth season of "the mind of a chef." and here to cook up some spicy chicken wings for us. chef danny bowien is here. soou [ cheers and applause ] before we get to all that, president trump sparked one political firestorm over the weekend with his comments on russia's election meddling. as his party deals with another, allegations that their senate candidate in alabama sexually assaulted underage girls. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]urse has been out of the country on a 12-day trip to asia. and for the most part he's tried to stay disciplined.
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but he just never seems comfortable with the customs and traditions that go along with these trips. and we saw that once again when he stood with world leaders at a summit of the association of southeast asian nations. the leaders lined up for the traditional group handshake and trump was clearly not prepared for it. >> and now for the asean handshake, right over left in one, two, and three. ♪ [ laughter and applause ] ♪ >> seth: look at his face. [ laughter ] there's something seriously wrong with you when that's your reaction to human contact. [ laughter ] ah, it burns! [ laughter ] also despite all that instruction, he just went for a regular hand shake as soon as it started. now, of course, on this trip, trump has been dealing with the tense situation surrounding north korea's nuclear program. perhaps the most important thing
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a president can do is deescalate the situation by projecting calm and reassuring allies. which of course is impossible for our emotionally stunted commander in chief. >> from here in vietnam, the president also tweeted about north korea. taunting dictator kim ng saying, "why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old, when i would never call him short and fat. oh, well, i try so hard to be his friend and maybe someday that will happen." [ laughter ] >> seth: jesus. did we elect a president or one of the "south park" kids? [ laughter and applause ] oh, well, i tried so far to be his friend. kyle jong-un. i'm just shocked he didn't start that tweet with "dear diary." if trump's behavior toward kim jong-un is catty, his relationship with russian president vladimir putin is clearly much warmer. the two met in vietnam during the annual asia pacific economic cooperation summit. and engaged in the apec tradition of wearing the same shirt as they shook hands during a photo op.
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huh? where have i seen that before? oh yeah, that's it. [ laughter and applause ] trump was asked during a gaggle with reporters on air force one if he asked putin about russian meddling in the 2016 election, and he seemed very eager to go easy on putin. trump told reporters, "he said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. he did not say what they're saying he did. every time he sees me, he says, 'i didn't do that.' putin said he did not do what they said he did and i believe, i really believe that when he tells me that, he means it." oh my god, you're so gullible. you're probably the easiest mark putin's ever had. you're like a guy at a magic show who applauds before the n . [ light laughter ] "oh, my god, how did he get that woman inside the box? that's amazing. [ laughter and applause ] she was out of the box and now she's in the box. that's unbelievable." of course trump's own intelligence agencies believe russia interfered in the election, so trump was later forced to clarify his comments. but what he said actually made things more confusing. >> what i said, that i'm surprised that there's any conflict on this.
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what i said there is that i believe he believes that, and that's very important for somebody to believe. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe that or not, i'm with our agencies. >> seth: trump is so desperate to avoid answering this just talking in circles. [ laughter ] "i believe he believes what he believes and he believes that i believe what i believe even though he believes what i don't believe. and now if you don't mind, i believe it's time for me to be leaving. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] of course, wit believing people, the story very much on the minds of everyone in the political world, are the allegations against republican alabama senate candidate roy moore. "the washington post" reported last week thatoms roy moore initiated a sexual encounter when she was 14 and he was 32. there are also three other women all on the record who say moore pursued them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18. and then today, a fifth accuser came forward in detail how moore, who was the county district attorney at the time, allegedly assaulted her when she was 16. she even presented as evidence a
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high school yearbook from that time in which moore wrote that she was a beautiful girl. and even signed it love roy moore d.a. and, of course, when you're a 30-year-old signing a 16-year-old's yearbook, the d.a. stands for dis asshole right here. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and yet, despite all this evidence, the paranoid right wing friends that supports moore would rather believe that a wide ranging conspiracy is a work to destroy him. take roy moore's chief political supporter steve bannon. bannon slithered out of his fever swamp this weekend to claim that "the washington post," which is owned by ceo jeff bezos, and which also broke the story of the infamous "access hollywood" tape last year is conspiring with democrats to destroy moore and trump. >> the bezos/amazon "washington post" that dropped that dime on donald trump, is the same bezos/amazon "washington post" that dropped the dime this afternoon on jge now is that a coincidence?
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>> seth: they drop the dime? when you're trying to claim your candidate is innocent, try not to use prison slang. [ laughter ] ouldn't be surprised if trump campaigned for re-election on a platform of "snitches get stitches." [ laughter and applause ] bannon and his cronies are so desperate to slime moore's accusers and find reasons to discredit their stories because their stories are extremely credible. meanwhile moore's attempts to defend himself have bethan pers. on friday, he sat down for a radio interview with an hannity and his answers were awkwag to say the least. >> but you know her, but you never dated her ever, is that what you're saying? >> i know her, but i don't remember going out on dates. i knew her as a friend. if we did go out on dates, then we did. >> do you remember dating girls that young at that time? >> not generally, no, if i did, you know, i'm not going to dispute anything, but i don't remember anything like that. >> and you can say unequivocally you never dated anybod in their late teens like that
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when you were 32? behavior, that's been out of my right. >> but you don't specifiy membe that was in her late teens even at that time? >> ion ny ithout the permission of [ audience oohs ] >> seth: i mean that whole time, se h just cnot answer a yes or no question. "okay, but you never stole a bus full of 16-year-olds and brought them to a secret lair, right?" "well, it certainly doesn't sounli [ laughter ] i mean, i don't remember being on a bus, but, you know, if somebody said i did then thaght two different memories. i remember a bus like vehicle." [ laughter ] not only are the accounts from moore's accusers credible and supported by more than 30 sources, but people who know moore have since come forward to corroborate the fact that moore
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liked to date teen girls. >> teresa jones spoke with cnn today and she told us it was common knowledge that roy dated high school girls. everyone we knew thought it was weird. we wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall. >> seth: and if this guy was at the mall, it wasn't to shop for clothes. [ light laughter ] i don't remember a lil' sheriff section at hot topic. [ laughter and applause ] and yet despite the evidence, moore's allies have gone to truly grotesque lengths to defend him. just take alabama state representative ed henry who argued tt the women should actually be prosecuted. henry said if women were for 40 years had protected a they should be accomplices to whatever crimes had been committed. henry tried to defend himsin a rambling, incoherent interview on cnn. >> you're saying she is as culpable as him because she didn't come forward for 40 years, if it's true? >> no, no.
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mongers there are out there on the left. >> well, i'm just reading your quote. are you saying that this quote is not correct? >> the left pretends to be a -- a flower child, oh we love peace and everybody, until you say something they don't like and then they're willing to kill you. i think anybody that tries to answer the question if something is a fool. [ light laughter ] >> i don't understand. >> that's the way -- your question should be -- look. [ laughter and applause ] if anything happened, my grandfather used to have a nice quib about a frog and if he had wings. but here's the thing, a frog doesn't have wings. >> seth: of course if a frog had wings, it still wouldn't be the creepiest thing in alabama. [ laughter and applause ] and then today, on cnn, a local reporter who wrote an op-ed supporting moore, explained his position with several truly insane arguments that left cnn anchor brooke baldwin stunned.
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>> if you go back and you don't elect anyone who's ever done anything wrong, yeah, we would have had barack obama, i think he did cocaine. bill clinton supposedly smoked marijuana. >> okay, what? [ laughter ] >> and if, you know, roy moore had stole a lawnmower when he was 21, that's bad, but that's not a reason 50 years later to all of a sudden, you know, throw him off the ballot or let mitch mcconnell pick the next senator of alabama. >> sexual abuse, stealing a lawnmower, let's not even go there. [ laughter ] >> seth: although maybe you should steal a lawnmower to cut those bangs. [ laughter and applause ] and by the way, if you think that was a sweaty performance, you should have seen his hair before the interview. [ laughter ]
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now today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he believes the women and that moore should step aside. but now the question, what specific actions will the gop take to stop moore? gop leaders met to discuss their tax plan and when reporters shouted questions about moore, they just sat there and didn't react at all. >> leader mcconnell, do you believe the women who have made these accusations against roy moore? >> can you guarantee that no one in the middle class will see a tax hike? >> thank you. >> leader mcconnell, leader mcconnell, do you -- on the record accusations against roy moore, sir? >> seth: they look like a bunch of lizards who think they're blending in with their environment but forgot they're not chameleons. [ laughter ] [ cheers and alause ] "can they see us? do you think they can see us? they're still here, i think they can see us." also, let's not forget, that even before these latest revelations, moore was deeply unfit for office. he disobeyed court rulings, said 9-11 was god's punishment for sodomy, believes homosexual behavior should be illegal and said muslims should be barred from serving in congress.
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and now he's accused of molesting a ch this should be a no-brainer. and yet many republicans are ca wing base and basic human decency. and being caught in the middle looks a lot like this. ♪ [ laughter ] [ applause ] this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with carey mulligan, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ thanks for coming everyone! we found this special house... ...for a super uh, where's the special part? that's where you all come in! [ cheering ] here, i see a big tree. and a closet filled with holiday outfits! dream houses do come true!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome back, everybody! give it up for the 8g band right over there. also, all this week we have the fantastic drummer from fifth harmony with us. whose latest self-titled album is out now. for more information head over to michel'le baptiste is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for being here. our first guest tonight is an oscar nominated actress, you know from films like "an education", "drive," and "the great gatsby." she stars in "mudbound" which is streaming on netflix and in select theatres friday. let's take a look. >> henry -- >> i'm putting you out. >> when you told me that you were bringing me to this god forsaken place. i barely said a word. when you informed me he was coming to live with us i went along. and when our stokes told her you rented the house from i kept my mouth shut. but i'm telling you now, we're not getting rid of that piano,
12:59 am
it's the one civilized thing in this place. so, your father can either sleep in the lean-to or he can sleep in the bed with you because i am not staying here without my piano. >> you're over tired -- >> no, i'm not. >> seth: please welcome to the show, carey mulligan, everyone! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: how are you? >> i'm good, i can't walk in these shoes. >> seth: oh no, did you just find out? >> i just found out. >> seth: oh, that sucks. i'm so sorry. >> i was standing back there and i was thinking, do i run and just -- just go for the run? or do i do a very, very slow walk. >> seth: well, i think people forget that the unfair burden when a woman has to go on a talk show, is often they wear things they've never had to wear before. >> ever -- until like three minutes ago, yeah. >> seth: yeah, and then you think to yourself, wait. it's only like, a -foot walk, how bad can b and i will sayhere are times where e
1:00 am
omvery bad. [ laughter ] >> seth: i want to ask, about this though, this a -- this film is a wonderful film. it takes place on a farm, mud is in the title, but it also seemed like there is a great amount of mud in the film. >> yes. >> seth: you are walking, in mud. job as an actress stomping through mud. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> thanks, i trained for that. >> seth: well you do have some -- but you do live on a farm, sometimes? >> i do actually. >> seth: so you actually -- >> so, i actually have trained for it. >> seth: did they say when they read the script, they said, you know who's really good at mud walking?yeah, we got to get car. >> call her up. call her up, yeah. >> seth: did -- was it helpful to have your farms experience for this farm experience? i mean, i know your farm is in the uk -- this farm is in the south, did they -- were they similar at all? >> my farm is colder. >> seth: yeah. >> british and cold and wet and miserable. this was miserable in a different way. >> seth: oh, that's nice. [ laughter ] >> so, um, this was very hot. >> seth: okay, i got you.
1:01 am
>> and lots of bugs. no, not, not much. i mean i've -- i've shot a gun before. >> seth: that's -- it's great because the way you'oi haven't. [ laughter ] or it makes me think i would not go shooting with you. do you want to go out? shoot some -- we'll shoot up. we'll do this way. but you, so when you say you have shot hounouh,h, so like, >> seth: well, now it makes more sense, 'cause that i'm assuming is a loading. >> i'm loading. see, yeah, i know what i'm talking about. >> seth: yeah, yeah, i still would have thought you would load like that, but you're loading up like this. >> let's not get into details. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, i would assume the pheasants on your farm are completely safe. >> yes, they're living a long happy life. >> seth: they're all like, we should go to the mulligan farm. it's that she shoots, but she doesn't really do it particularly well. >> no, no, no. >> seth: this takes place on a farm after world war 2? >> uh-huh. >> seth: do you enjoy doing things that are period, do you
1:02 am
like going out and dressing up from that era? or not even just the costumes, which are beautiful in this film, but just playing people from different times? >> yeah, i think -- this is a period i didn't know anything about. i thought it was so -- i mean it's bizarre and fascinating. so, we're used to the idea of soldiers being lauded when they come home from war and being celebrated and, you know, paraded through the streets. and this story was about, well, two families but -- in one of the families there's a black soldier, and he goes to war and he comes home and he's treated with complete disdain because he's living in mississippi in the '50s. and i just found that so fascinating and terrible but that happened and so, that's sort of what, you know, where the film is. >> seth: you've -- obviously you've been doing this a long time, you're a very well known actor, but you do not like to, know that you are an actor, is it true that you used to tell people when they asked you what you did that you were a geography student? >> yeah. >> setha specific, what was the thought process behind that? wknow, people would say, h,
1:03 am
what do you do for a living?" and i'd say, "oh, i'm and actress" and they would be like, "what have you been in?" and then you're like, "uh, 'never let me go,' far from --" and you're speaking to someone you know. >> seth: yeah. [ laug ]heir face just glazes over, you i . [ laer >> seth: no follow >> no follow up ha>> seth: no o" >> no, nothing likthat, so, thenhe convxrs you can just move on.u still do that? is that still something that you -- >> i did it the other day. and i was do meet, dee rees. >> seth: the director. >> a brilliant director. so i was going to go meet her and this uber driver picked me up. and hee you doing?" and i said, "oh, i'm going for a meeting?" and he said, "oh, why what do you do?" and i thought, "oh, i can't be bothered." so, i just said, i said "oh, i'm
1:04 am
a documentary filmmaker." [ laughter ] >> seth: that's too much. that's an interesting role. >> i know and then i was like, why did i say that, 'cause that is genuinely interesting. and he was like "oh, what's your documentary about?" [ laughter ] and i was like, "oh, it's about vietnam." [ laughter ] i don't know why. so then he was like, "who are you meeting?" and i was like, "well, i'm meeting a financer." and by the end he was wishing me luck, you know. >> seth: yeah. >> and tt get my budget. for my documentary. >> seth: although, i bet, like, you got out, and he immediately was like, one star sounds like a liar [ laughter ] >> yeah, probably. >> seth: i had that too. there was -- i remember when i was on "snl," somebody would ase a driver once asked, and i was like, "oh, i'm a writer." 'cause i figured that would like, put the end to it. and then when he ask -- he was like, "oh, cool." and then i felt like, i was insulted that he hadn't asked more. and so, i said, "oh, on saturday night live." >> right. >> seth: and still nothing, and i was like, well, i blew this. [ laughter ] did you obviously, this was not
1:05 am
your accent in the film? are you one of those people, do you put a lot of time into getting an at especially -- >> i t i mean, i try an put it's hard.h: are you someone wh stayent when the >> no. no, you don' >> seth: right. [ laughter ] wellhe pif >> if it's just you, then like -- >> seth: yeah, that's insufferable. >> everybody hates you if you do that. you know, and you want people to like you. >> seth: yeah, you know, when you're not lying to uber drivers, i think you're very likable. >> thank you. yeah. thinbetter if i did. i would be better at my job, but people would like me less. >> seth: oh, interesting. so, you're sacrificing the work for the friendship. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's great. >> i like the crew to like me. i don't want them to think i'm really pretentious. >> seth: oh, you should -- that should be in the credits. just like, you should say like, carrey well liked by crew. >> yeah, best review. >> seth: thanks so much for being here. fantastic film and it's always so lovely to see you. [ cheers and applause y to see .
1:06 am
>> everybody! "mudbound" is streaming on netflix and in select theatres friday. we'll be right back with beanie felnd applause ] ♪ we getd dad. and every year, we split it equally. except for one of us. i write them a poem instead. and one for thatours.e ucto many, words are. last i checked, stores don't take "words." noeran be that poetic voice of a generation. i know right? such a burden. the bank of america mobile banking app. the fast, secure simple way to m
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is currently playing minnie faye in the tony winning broadway musical "hello, dolly!" alongside bette midler. she also stars in the new film "lady bird," which is in select theaters now. let's take a look >> i'm sorry that you're jealous. >> jenna is a moron, you know. >> she's not. she's in ap calculus. >> she's a moron in a deeper sense. >> you don't even know her. >> miss patty assigned you a role, by the way. you just never showed up to claim it. >> what role? >> the tempest. >> there is no role of the tempest! >> it is the titular role. >> no, it's a made up thing so we all can participate. >> you can't do anything unless you're the center of attention, can you? >> yeah, well you know your mom's tits, they're fake! totally fake! >> she made one bad decision at 19! >> two bad decisions! [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome to the show beanie feldstein, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:11 am
♪ >> seth: hi, beanie. >> hi, seth! >> seth: i'm so happy you're here. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> seth: now, i did not know this. beanie, a name given to you by your nanny. is that correct? >> yes. >> seth: how did it come about? >> i had a nanny when i young. my mom was working. and my given name is elizabeth. and she called me elizabeanie, because that's a popular british nickname. >> seth: oh, okay. >> and my brothers are much older. they're like, let's just call her beanie. that's so funny. and it totally stuck. >> seth: wow. >> yeah. >> seth: so you had no decision in this at all? >> no, but everyone was like, at 10 you'll want to be elizabeth. at 16 -- everyone had a different age, they were like, you're gonna outgrow it. and i was like, no. i love it. >> seth: oh, good. well, that works out good. so your brother is jonah hill? >> yes. >> seth: and he has been here before and talked about your mother being a very funny character. >> yes. >> seth: a wonderful mother as well. but you stayed with her recently. she made you stay with her while you were shooting this film. >> yes. sharon, shea, as we call her.
1:12 am
she's the best. >> seth: the nanny -- did the nanny give her shea? >> no, i did. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> she's truly the best woman on planet earth. but she's a character. and i was basically told, the day i stay in a hotel over staying with her would be like the worst day of her life. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> and so when we were filming "lady bird," i was staying with my parents. and i came home one day and she was, geschrei, which is yiddish for like screaming her face off. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> turning purple, like -- and i hear, and i'm like running into her office, and she's like screaming on the phone. she's like, "i am my dog's advocate! okay?" she's -- i'm like, what's going on? i realize she's talking to the vet. [ light laughter ] and she's like -- she's like, "my dog can't speak english! my dog can't tell you when he's upset, so i speak for him." she's screaming. [ light laughter ] and i'm like what is going on? she hangs up. i'm like, "what's going on?" she's like, "i'm mad at the vet." and just like, walks out of the room. i'm like, what? the next day, my parents get a
1:13 am
registered letter, which is like one step under getting served. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> it's basically getting served. >> seth: in this day, if it's too much for an email, that's a huge deal. >> exactly. [ laughter ] you have to sign for it. so they get a registered letter to our house that says in not so many words that my parents are never welcome at the vet ever again. >> seth: never again. and we have the letter -- and this is my favorite thing, because it's so clearly from the vet, because at the end it says, if your next veterinarian has any questions regarding brewski's care. [ laughter ] please -- >> you have made it impossible for the doctors and staff here to communicate with you. >> seth: it does. i mean, also like i have to assume the vet doesn't know how to do that. i feel like they talk and they're like, what should we do? and they're like, i think there's a thing, like, in the legal profession where you send a registered letter. >> exactly. i think they were able to do that. >> seth: yeah. oh my god. that's really really great. so this -- tell us about the part you play. because you are -- you're a student in a catholic school.
1:14 am
as we can tell from the clip. >> yes. yes. >> seth: did you have any background in that? >> certainly not. feldstein, quite jewish. >> seth: yeah, right. [ laughter ] yeah, "geschrei" didn't seem like something that you heard a lot in catholic schools. >> exactly. and it was amazing, because i learned so much. saoirse, she's not american but she is catholic. or she was raised catholic. and -- so she was teaching me the hail mary and i was teaching her the pledge of allegiance. >> seth: oh, perfect. >> because we had, like, all these classroom scenes where we had to both of those things. and i was like, okay i pledge allegiance. she was like, hail mary full of grace. i was okay. i'm good. sort of feeding each other lines band forth. >> seth: and what drew you to the part you play in this? >> i love this movie so much. greta gerwig is a genius. >> seth: she's wonderful. >> and she wrote the most amazing script. and it's said when i got the script. it said julie, 17, chubby, gets the lead in her high school musical. and i was like, excuse me? [ laughter ] sounds great. it just felt like such a perfect fit.
1:15 am
and the story of a young girl. we just don't have enough of these complicated female roles and female movies and specifically julie just like felt like a very good fit for me. >> seth: so you're on broadway right now. you're doing "hello, dolly!" with bette midler. >> yes. >> seth: you also -- you went to theater camp. you knew you wanted to do this for a long time. >> yes. >> seth: what's it called, stagedoor? >> stagedoor manor. >> seth: stagedoor manor. and you -- is that where you meet ben platt? >> that's not where i met ben platt. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> ben and i have been best friends, and we met at a bat mitzvah. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> actually. of course. >> seth: a catholic bat mitzvah? [ laughter ] >> yeah, i would. i was wearing my uniform that i wear in the film. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> and -- >> seth: it would be really funny to do a catholic themed bat mitzvah. [ laughter ] >> i mean, i'm so in. no, of course, ben and i both had, like, theater's themed bar mitzvahs. >> seth: gotcha. >> and so -- but we met at a bat mitzvah and this was before cell phones. so we didn't have any way to, like, stay in touch. he joined my school in 9th grade and we instantly became best friends. and sort of the way that, like, he knew we were best friends was like the second week of school. he got his braces off and he texted me, like, i got my braces off.
1:16 am
and ft come see his teeth. [ laughter ] and i'm such a goodie goodie and i love school. so he was like, i must mean a lot to you. >> seth: oh, my gosh. >> because you left to see my teeth. >> seth: what did the teacher say when you just got up and left? >> i mean i think i was like, i have to pee or something. [ laughter ] i played it off, s >> seth: that's good. because you're so successfully now, i can't believe you just would of burned down high school for -- to see a pair of teeth. well, thank you so much for being here. congrats on the film. >> oh, my gosh, i'm so honored. truly. >> seth: it's a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you, guys! >> seth: beanie feldstein, everybody! "lady bird" is currently in select theaters. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ (boy makes siren noise) ♪ i'm watching that. eew. every christmas is memorable. but a gift from kay jewelers... makes it unforgettable. because it's more than a gift, it's a memory she'll wear forever.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] seth: welcome back, everybody. now i'm not sure whether or not you guys know about these dog shaming websites. what they are is people take a picture of their dog looking guilty next to a sign that says what the dog did. for example, "i ate my daddy's $300 sunglasses." pretty cute, right? here's another one, "i enjoy digging the flower beds up and eating mulch because i'm bored." adorable minor offenses. so after searching around the internet we found some websites featuring dogs that have done
1:22 am
much, much worse things. we like to show them to you now in a segment we call "extreme dog shaming." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: extreme indeed. so let's take a look at our first dog. oh, he's adorable. i can't imagine he'd do anything too bad. "i bring bud lite to parties and then drink the sam adams in the fridge." bad dog, don't do that. who's next? oh, what did you do, little guy? "i retouched photos of my baby to make him look thinner." [ laughter ] terrible, that's a terrible thing to do. who's up next? look at this little feller, here we go. "i believe life begins at humping." [ laughter ] what do you do, sir? let's see. "when i watch 'this is us' i feel nothing." [ laughter ] i don't know how that's possible. who do we have next? okay, what could this little guy have done? "i explain hip-hop to my black
1:23 am
friends." [ laughter ] way too white for that. you are way to white for that. who is our next dog? awe, i love a golden retriever. what did you do big guy? "i say i'm the dog from 'air bud' to get into clubs." [ laughter and applause ] n't blame him. got to use what you have. who is next? what did this guy do? "i colluded with russians and now i'm serving 10-15 years in this kennel." [ cheers and applause ] got to be careful. mueller got him. who's next? awe, this guy. can't believe he did anything too bad. "if i could have dinner with three people it would be bill o'reily, harvey weinstien, and that's it." [ laughter ] bad dog. who's next? wait a minute! this is my dog frisbee. frisbee, what did you do? "seth may be a dog person, but i'm definitely not a seth person."
1:24 am
[ laughter ] oh, wait, wait, wait, sorry. looks like there's more. "when seth takes me for a walk and only brings one doggie bag, i poop twice just to make it interesting." [ laughter and applause ] i like your style. oh, wait, wait, i'm sorry, one more. "seth can't go to the bathroom, unless he's wearing a leash." [ laughter ] that was between us. ladies and gentlemen, that was "extreme dog shaming." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ go slow. ♪ come on mom! ♪ let's go! ♪ mom! slow down! for the ones who keep pushing. always unstoppable.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. we're here with chef danny bowien. founder of mission chinese food. >> hey, now. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: he's also featured in the sixth season of the series "the mind of a chef." the first three episodes are available on facebook watch. thank you so much for being here. >> so stoked to be here. >> seth: and what are we making tonight? >> okay, so i, you know, i cooked in restaurants for a long time. i actually grew up in oklahoma city so i didn't actually -- i didn't know i wanted to be a chef. >> seth: uh-huh. >> i wanted to be an optometrist for a long time. >> seth: okay, gotcha. [ light laughter ] >> but anyways. i went through this career path of cooking in restaurants and thought i wanted to be a fine dining chef. and then i had this dish at this sichuan restaurant. have you had sichuan food before? >> seth: yes. >> has anyone here had sichuan? do you like spicy food? spicy food. [ cheers and applause ] so i was 26, i thought i wanted to quit cooking. and i was like, i was over it. then i had sichuan food for the first time. and this is one of the first dishes -- >> seth: where did you have that? >> in san francisco. >> seth: okay, great. >> i have this favorite restaurant called spices ii on the avenue. >> seth: okay, great. >> so anyways, i'm going to make a dish called chung ching chicken wings. and it's like a very spicy, numbing, tingly, chicken wing
1:31 am
dish. and it's usually hammered under a big blanket of chili peppers. >> seth: very excited about this. >> i'm gonna fry up some chicken wings. >> seth: okay, great. >> and the secret to -- you know chefs like to be know it alls. we want to -- one day there was a debate about of who has the best chicken wings? how do you make the perfect chicken wing? and one of the guys in our kitchen chimed in and was like, well my mom use to work at anchor bar in buffalo. buffalo new york, where the buffalo chicken wing is created. so we're like, okay well what is -- how do they do it? and they fry their wing twice. so -- and so what we've done here is we have a wing that's been fried and then frozen and then now we're frying it again. it's kind of like french fries. that's why mcdonald's has great french fries is they're fried, frozen, and refried. so -- >> seth: wow, so you're making us mcdonald's food. >> yeah, basically. [ laughter ] you know, i did grow up in oklahoma. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> so where did you grow up? where did you grow up? >> seth: i grew up in new hampshire, so -- we -- the way we make our chicken wings is we -- we don't fry them at all. >> really? what do you do? is it like rotisserie style? >> seth: my mom, actually the way -- we don't even -- like they're -- my mom would just get frozen chicken wings, put them on a pan, and just throw them in the oven. >> okay, well that's -- that's -- that works too. >> seth: it -- i think nutritionally it doesn't work.
1:32 am
>> yeah, well you know. [ light laughter ] so -- >> seth: should we have a cocktail too while we're here? >> sure, so this is probably -- this is probably best to eat after -- drink after we eat the wing. but let's put it together. >> seth: okay, great. you're in charge. >> i'm gonna let you do everything, actually. >> seth: okay, great. >> so you should -- well we should shake this up first. this is called a phil collins. it's one of our signature drinks at the restaurant. it's basically coconut milk infused with gin, lemon grass -- coconut milk, gin, lemon grass, ginger. and we let it sit overnight. you want to scoop some ice in there? >> seth: yeah, sure. in the -- >> in these little holes. >> seth: why do you call it a phil collins? >> well, i mean i like phil collins a lot. >> seth: gotcha. [ laughter ] >> and i was like, and our beverage director when opening, i was like, his name is sam anderson. i was like, let's make a drink that's like, just name it after phil collins. and he was like -- he was like, okay let's make something that's like a tom kha soup. like a thai soup. >> seth: wow. that's a lot of -- >> so you can pour this into those little cups there. >> seth: if you -- you should call it a phil collins because you get drunk enough that you see someone that you think crossed you in high school. >> exactly. [ light laughter ] >> seth: it's a very specific joke for nobody. >> okay, i was like -- all right so we'll pour that in there. >> seth: okay, great. >> and that's happening, i will
1:33 am
take the wings out. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i'll help you. >> thank you. well you hold, i'll pour. >> seth: okay, great. >> is there any pouring music? could we have a little pouring music? >> seth: could we just get a pouring -- a light pouring drum roll? >> phil collins? is there a phil collins pouring? >> seth: yeah, it should be drumming. [ drum roll ] there we go. >> all right cool. [ light laughter ] so we garnish this with some kaffir lime leaves. >> seth: okay. >> and a little bit of dried chili. >> seth: okay, great. >> and this a little bit of chili oil. >> seth: gotcha. wonderful. >> and this is wrap -- this is -- but i'm going to wait to drink mine until after. >> seth: okay, good. well so am i! >> because you know. [ laughter ] so the good thing about cooking the wings twice is they get super, super crispy. so like, you can look at these. they are really super crispy. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and we're gonna drop them in here. and then these are all the spices. you know sichuan food, it really prides itself on having things that are like, there's like sweet, salty, spicy, like tingly. and that comes from this. it's sichuan peppercorn soup. sichuan peppercorn, fennel seed, cumin seed, i forgot to grind up the black cardamom so we'll just -- you know, we'll just
1:34 am
throw those in their whole. >> seth: okay, great. [ laughter ] >> cayenne chili pepper. and i have all this stuff premixed together for the magic of television. so -- here i'll let you do this. you can just -- you can shake and i'll just dump this in here. >> seth: i'm very -- this is -- this is for those who are watching on tv and can't smell, kind of like overwhelming. >> it's intense. it's intense, yeah. you can just dump that on this plate here. >> seth: okay great. >> very good. and then the beauty of this dish is -- you can dump all this on there too. >> seth: okay. >> the beauty of this dish is that it literally is -- it literally is under a blanket of -- >> seth: are we gonna -- are you gonna let me eat the premade ones? >> you can that. either -- either -- either or. >> seth: can i try one now? >> yeah, sure. >> seth: how spicy is it? >> try one of these. these are the best. it's pretty hot. it's very tingly. >> seth: okay. >> and i think that's from the sichuan pepper. >> seth: okay. >> you ready? i can only eat one of these by the way at the restaurants. let's just see how long it takes. let's take a drink of that. [ coughing ] all right. [ light laughter ] when -- what are you feeling right now? [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: he's having -- oh my god. whooo! >> anybody want one of these?
1:35 am
no, yes, yes. pass them back. pass them back. pass them back. all right i need a drink. anyways. cheers. >> seth: cheers, that was fantastic. thank you so much danny bowien, everybody. head to facebook. follow "the mind of a chef," series. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:36 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to carey mulligan, beanie feldstein, danny bowien, everybody! michel'le baptiste and the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow! i have the hiccups. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪
1:38 am
>> carson: what's up, everybody? carson daly here. it is "last call" coming to you tonight from hyde in west hollywood. coming renowned street artist


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