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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  November 15, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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51 in philadelphia. the suburbs and lehigh valley in the upper 40s. sunshine will make it feel warmer. 53 for delaware, low 50s for new jersey, as well. krystal klei will be up to break it down hour by hour and show what the day looks like and if it will get fwharm for the weekend. we'll be here all morning -- get warm for the weekend. we'll be here all morning. hope you join us. >> we'll be out at the wawa all morning long. the rest of the team will join bill after "nbc10 news today." coming up, the meeting behind the nickname the great northeast and how it has become one of the most culturally and religiously diverse areas in the philadelphia area. now we'll get a check of traffic with jessica boyington. what are you seeing out there? >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway to start. i mean, no surprise, we've been watching the construction project during your morning commute for several weeks now. now here we have the east and
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westbound side around 30th street that we're dealing with. lanes lost. one lane getting by in both directions. at least traffic is getting by. previously we've seen some of the closures on the eastbound side between the vine street expressway and south street. the blue route to the vine, a 15 minutes -- a 12-minute trip and 15 minutes from 95. back to you. new from overnight, three people are in the hospital after this car collided in montgomery county with two other in springfield around midnight. the three people were trapped inside. rescue crews had to pull them out. they have severe injuries but are expected to survive. this morning, roy halladay is being remembered so much more than for the ace pitcher he was. >> he's remembered as a husband,
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father, and teammate. the former philly died in a plane crash last week. yesterday family and fans gathered in clearwater for a memorial service. his widow says she doesn't remember his perfect game or his no-hitters. she remembers what he meant to their family. >> we had a huge life. we had a beautiful family. and we kept going. no matter what, we never stopped. it's just what we did. it's what we do in baseball, and it's what we're going to keep doing. >> former phillies second baseman chase utley had a message specifically for roy's sons. >> throughout the conversations that i had with him, he was more proud of what you guys accomplished than what he ever accomplished on the field. thank you for sharing him with
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us. >> after the service, roy's family released 66 butterflies into the air. 66 is the combined number of doc's number 34 with the phillies and 32 with the blue jays. former catcher carlos ruiz was in tears talking about his friend later in the day. >> we spent a lot of years in the clubhouse. we were a family. i know how the family feels. we lost a real special man. >> you can see more speeches and tributes from the memorial on the nbc10 app and 4:03. a day before a philadelphia woman was scheduled to bring a new life into the world, she came close to losing her own. police say an angry neighbor is responsible. she's expecting her third child
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today. yesterday her neighbor in oxford circle shot her in the leg, and the bullet traveled through one leg and into the other felt investigators say they have documented disputes between the women over the last two weeks. another woman who lives nearby says now she fears for the safety of her family. >> i have a 4-year-old. her safety comes first. that is what scares me the most. the safety for my kid. that's scary. >> the victim is in the hospital. she and her unborn child are expected to be okay. her neighbor is in police custody. today state police hope a blood drive in honor of the trooper who nearly died in the line of duty will help save another life. a suspect shot corporal seth kelley several times following a traffic stop in plainfield township last week. kelley has needed multiple blood transfusions since then. state police said the supply was when they the trooper needed it. they want to make sure blood is in the bank for others. you can donate blood in corporal
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kelley's honor at the troop m barracks in bethlehem today. today the judge could give jurors new instructions in the corruption trial of new jersey senator bob menendez. the jury finished yesterday without reaching a unanimous verdict. today the judge could instruct them that they can reach a verdict on some counts but not others. he could also give them the so-called allen charge that gives jurors time to reconsider their positions to avoid a months trial. menendez is accused of taking gifts from a wealthy florida damage in exchange for his influence. both say they are innocent. today the south street community will come together to help people whose lives were ravaged by fire. fire destroyed bridget foys restaurant. tonight the scramble will host a dinner to help the employees left with no way to make a peycheck. proceeds will also go -- paycheck. proceeds will also go to the nearby pet shelter that was
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damaged when the fire spread. 30 restaurants will bring their best dishes from 6:00 to 9:00 this evening. there will be live music and a silent auction. also today the salvation army greater philadelphia begins the annual red kettle campaign. >> we will be hearing that bell from now on through the holidays. the salvation army will hold a special event at the shops at liberty center city to launch the donation drive. jessica boyington will be there dishing up soup, possibly eating soup, as well -- >> sampling. >> soup's on is one of the many programs that benefits from red kettle campaign. the culinary arts training program has placed 90% of its students into jobs in the greater philadelphia area. we talked to one woman who's been in the program for two months. >> because of the program i had the opportunity to better myself and make a better life for me and my children. >> you can support programs like this by making a donation at one
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of the red kettles. there will be locations throughout the city and the area through december 23rd. today more than 100 volunteers will be at sites throughout montgomery county for the united way's annual north penn day of caring. at one location, volunteers will clean and paint a house. at another, they'll complete landscaping projects. early this morning there's fog in place. the best you'll see is visibility ten miles. seven to nine miles, not going to cause issues if you're driving out there this morning. the neighborhood planner and philadelphia, starting on the cold side. 30s morning. 39 through 6:00 a.m. watch this climb. we get to about 49 at 2:00 p.m. yesterday we officially hit 50. today i think we'll be close to that. around 51 is the forecast high in philly.
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also note that our icons change. scattered clouds, partly cloudy to in some areas i think more mostly cloudy in the afternoon hours. increasing clouds comes ahead of rain that moves in tonight. in the suburbs, about 47 at 2:00, same deal in the lehigh valley. how about in delaware, 37 to begin. about 45 at 10:00 a.m. this morning. up to 49 degrees at 2:00. low 50s possible throughout delaware. new jersey, you're around 50, 2:00 p.m. low 50s possible. at the shore going to see low 50s thanks to the water temperature. temperatures are a little higher inland, as well. about 52 at 2:00 p.m. quite cloudy as we get into the evening hours. radar and satellite view. right now clouds are thinning. rain coming from illinois overnight and into your thursday commute, as well, i think we'll see showers. monday, we hit 45. we started the climb tuesday at
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50 degrees. wednesday, today, looking at a high of 51. by tomorrow, we'll finally be around average, and then we will see a dip starting on friday. that average temperature of 57 degrees on thursday, like i mentioned, comes with some morning showers and also comes with windy conditions especially in the afternoon tomorrow. 15 mile-per-hour winds, breezy tomorrow. cranking up in the afternoon, gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour. talking tomorrow and the weekend, even possibly next week for thanksgiving, we'll talk more about all of that coming up in a few minutes. >> see you then. about 4:09 on this wednesday. a look at the roads. >> jessica boyington has a look at 95 for your ride to work. we're watching a new crash on 95's southbound side. just around the betsy ross bridge. we only have the shoulder blocked here and part of the off ramp. you see the southbound lanes are still moving through and heading
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toward center city just fine. again, this is over into the shoulder>> we' shoulder. we'll keep an eye on this in case it gets sticky there. watching construction on 295, the southbound side. at the black horse pike, crews are getting out of the way. there could still be construction crews in the area. you see the flashing lights up here, too. watch for southbound 295 around the black horse pike, too. and also watch the schuylkill expressway. westbound around cityline avenue, there's construction there. there's also some construction around 30th street. moving toward center city, eastbound and westbound, you'll see lane restrictions there. 13 minutes eastbound now from the blue route to the vine. >> thank you. search for a killer. a father's gunned down inside a local restaurant. >> great person, a great friend. a great partner. >> what his friends and family are saying as investigators try to find answers. culture of fear. what investigators say played a role in the death of two amtrak workers. at 4:10 now, nbc10 is on the
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road. this morning we're in northeast philadelphia. next, why people living here say the great northeast is about much more than a slogan.
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4:13. 37 degrees. today "nbc10 news today" is on the road in ronhurst. >> the great northeast, one of the most culturally diverse sections. one in every five people was born outside the united states. entire streets and neighborhoods are home to people from eastern europe, russia, from ukraine, and india. italian and irish communities now share the area with people from across the middle east and asia. and much of today's northeast is a mix of row homes,
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stores, and busy roads. just about 74 years ago, it was still farmland and open space. check out the intersection here of cottman and bustleton now versus back in 1950. how about that? >> wow. >> vastly different. the northeast was one of the laugh sections to develop when -- last sections to develop when population booms forced people to move north. people say the nickname "the great northeast" is about more than location. >> i've been here 65 years, came here as a bride right from my honeymoon, right to my house. >> good neighbors. >> everybody's there to help you. all you need to say is "i need help," and somebody's there to help you. >> as far as the neighbors and area. >> how exciting to meet other people from other countries and to be helpful to them. >> people are nice and friendly. i like it here. >> this morning we're learning
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firsthand what makes the northeast so great. >> if you live in the area, let us know, talk to us on social media. tell us why it's so great there. or come out to see us at the wawa on roosevelt boulevard. meteorologist bill henley is there now in ronhurst. bill? >> yeah, we've had great crowds at all the wawas we've been to. and usually it's slow to start, and then as the morning starts going, it gets busier and busier. there's always one person who is first. let me introduce you to the first person to come in to greet us this morning. his name is phoenix. good morning, how are you doing? >> good. >> are you up early to come to wawa this morning. >> yeah. >> this -- wow. it is -- it's just after 4:00 in the morning. do you normally get up at this hour? >> no. >> no? you got up to do what? >> school. >> school. you -- you are going to be a great student.
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you showed me you have a nice autograph inside this book. would you show it again? you just got this the other day, didn't you? look at that, had glenn "hurricane" schwartz to phoenix. you went to the mall for the big -- >> yes, franklin mills. >> testifies fwas it fun? >> yeah. >> you got to see storm ranger cnn. >> yeah. -- storm ranger 10? >> yeah. >> what grade are you in? >> kindergarten. >> do you drink coffee? >> no. >> how about hot chocolate? >> yeah. >> i think i can hook you up. do you want some now? >> no. >> okay. will you be here a while, or you heading to school? >> i'm heading to school. >> that's good.
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do you like -- what classes? >> music, art, and gym. >> all today? >> no. >> okay. all right. have a great day today, okay? >> yeah. >> thanks for stopping by. it's a pleasure to meet you, phoenix. how about that? >> holy cute alert. >> first person here is a kindergartner. i don't want to hear any complaining about getting up early. >> my gosh, so cute. >> don't let him leave without autographing his book. "hurricane" schwartz is on there. sign the book. >> i know glenn autographed your book, but what did you ask me when you came in? >> autograph my book. >> and -- >> you did. >> i did. there you go. >> do me a favor, put my x on there. >> it storms and hurricane, i'm the storm. >> that's so good. thank you. >> impressive.
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>> thank you. >> up before 4:00 a.m. amazing. >> sweet. we're in the 30s again. let's check in with meteorologist krystal klei. >> that's a telltale sign you have a good student when they're up at 4:30 a.m. ready for school. temperatures out there, we are tracking temperatures on the chilly side. especially in areas like january door amman yunk, and the -- andora, manayunk, and we've been dealing with this morning after morning. grab the jacket as you head out. we're at 40 at graduate hospital. 38 degrees right now in bustleton for the philadelphia neighborhoods. here's the forecast highs for us today. we're at 51 in center city. afternoon high, upper 40s for the pennsylvania suburbs and for the lehigh valley, berks county. notice the icons. we'll start partly cloudy this morning. as we go into the afternoon, i think we're going to see increasing cloud cover. might start to shift over to mostly cloudy conditions. new jersey, voorheis at 51 this afternoon. low to even mid 50s possible at
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the jersey shore. in delaware, smyrna, 51. rehoboth beach, better off at 54 for the forecast high today. temperatures below average for this time of year. we should be closer to the mid to upper 50s. here's the hour-by-hour model. remember a few minutes ago i told you we were going to have showers rolling in tonight and tomorrow. going through lunchtime. just the clouds hanging around. more clearing north than south. we go lunchtime to this evening, now we've got cloud coverage across the entire region. a few sprinkles starting to form across the area, as well. the best chance of rain comes overnight. say around 10:00 to midnight. spotty showers. past midnight this line will showers will roll through. nothing dangerous, terribly heavy. it is going to be rainy through the nighttime into the early morning. from 3:00 to about 9:00 a.m., i think the rain will move off. it does mean the morning commute tomorrow may be wet. this moves out, fairly dry for
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the andersfternoon. once the morning rain moves through, drier on thursday. we will be windy in the afternoon on thursday. so today, fairly calm, increasing clouds, tomorrow morning, rain, then afternoon wind is what we are expecting. let's jump to the weekend. this is a 50/50 weekend. saturday, rainy conditions start at mid morning and lasts into the afternoon. temperatures will be fairly mild in the 50s. sunday, cooler, 40s for the highs. we will be dry and windy, as well. we'll talk about the marathon and temple game coming up. >> a big weekend for activities. >> 4:20. let's look at 95. >> jessica boyington continues to watch it. remind us where you're watching. >> we're watching 95 southbound just around the betsy ross bridge. we are watching an accident here. now it's not too major now. you see it's into the right-hand shoulder. the southbound lanes also getting by. just watching the shoulder.
4:21 am
show delays because of that. that could change. we'll keep our eyes on that. watching the schuylkill expressway, too, for construction around 30th street. both directions dealing with lanes lost and partially blocking that ramp from 30th there, too. also watching 422, ending with the drive time. both directions are okay. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill, speeds into the 60s and an eight-minute trip. >> thank you. viagra, xanax, lyipitor, an more, fake pills sold on line. >> counterfeiters are getting better as more people skip the pharmacy to buy drugs. >> it's going to be very difficult if not impossible for a consumer to detect that this is fraud. >> homeland security agents are opening their doors to nbc10 to show how big a problem this has become. tonight at 11:00, investigators reveal the phony pharmaceuticals that could put your health at risk. 4:21. crying foul. republicans make a last-minute switch in their tax bill. >> that's why this is like a thief in the night.
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>> how it could impact health insurance for millions of people, plus this -- can't mess with us, no! no! >> fired up. what michael strahan says he would do if he was facing the birds this season. and is your information safe? new at 5:00 a.m., another data breach. this time targeting a teen clothing store. (alex trebek) seasons change.
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three employees including the two victims and the train engineer tested positive for drugs. the ntsb said a culture of fear and retaliation kept workers from speaking up about safety concerns. amtrak says it's been making changes to its protocol ever since the crash and that safety is its number-one priority. six years of work and a billion dollars. part of the current proposal to get high-speed rail service to king of prussia. septa is looking for your input on the plan. it starts at 6:00 p.m. in the norristown municipal building. riders could get on the train at the 69th street station and would take the high-speed line to norristown and drop down to king of prussia. taking on a judge. what lawyers for rapper meek mill now want to see done as they try to get him released from prison. deadly rampage. a gunman targets everything from cars to a school in california. how fast thinking helped save the lives of students in the school. we're also watching first
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alert traffic for you this morning. watching 95 and cameras around the betsy ross bridge. a crash taking out the shoulder of the southbound side. i'll check in with this coming up. we are on the road today. at least the morning team is. and bill's already halfway there. bill, what's going on? >> it is starting to ramp up. people coming in for the morning coffee. that's the first decision of the day. you have to make a choice what flavor you're going to. and the person trying to keep up with all of it, daekwan and dawn. how are you doing? >> hi, how you doing? >> so many flavors. which one moves the fastest? >> colombia moves the fastest and pumpkin. pumpkin is seasonal. but it's really great. customers love it. >> those are the two i've tried this morning -- >> yes. i think you did. >> i have. they're both excellent. so come on down. grab your coffee and say hello, we're house floor until 9:00 theerng -- we're here until 9:00 this morning. some people have gotten an early start on. your way to work, howard?
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>> yes, i am. >> enjoy your coffee. on us today at this store. this store. roosevelt. see you.
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a gunman shoots a father sitting at a bar. now police and a family searching for answers. last-second switch. a surprise addition to the gop tax bill takes aim at obamacare and reignites debate over health care. biden in town. where you could have a chance to meet the former vice president today and what he's doing in philadelphia. good morning, we're glad you're with us today. this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema.
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every wednesday, nbc10 is taking the show on the road. all morning long we'll be at the wawa on east roosevelt boulevard and ronhurst. a neighborhood in northeast philadelphia. perhaps you're in the area, come by. get free caoffee. we'll even serve it to you. you can serve yourself, probably the best way to go. we'll let you know what makes the community so special until 9:00 this morning. >> meteorologist bill henley is there saying good morning to everyone. hi, bill. yes, if you wait for somebody to serve you coffee, you'll be waiting for a long time. and as long as you're inside, it's okay. waiting outside, if you have to wait for the bus, you've got to walk to work, it is chilly. you'll need to bundle up. the skies cleared nicely. we were in and out of the clouds yesterday. they're out of the picture this morning. that means that this hour the temperatures are really coming down. we're in the 30s right now. it is clear. look, a nice, clear view, too, across the delaware. that's the view from the adventure aquarium this mog.


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