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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  November 18, 2017 8:30am-9:31am EST

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good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark. it is just about 8:30 on this saturday morning. >> and dray's debut on weekend mornings. glad to have you with us. >> thank you, rosemary. i'm happy to be here. my first weekend with the new team here. rosemary and krystal. you guys have been kind to me. get me a nice warm welcome. >> we want it to be easy. and dray of course is from the philly area. >> born and raised in chester. hopefully it's now 8:30 everyone will be watching tuning in to channel 10, but my family's happy i'm back home. i'm happy i'm here. it's a new chapter, new start. i'm ready to roll. >> all right. let's go for it. >> cloudy and rainy on this saturday morning as we take a live look at broad street in center city from our kimmel center campus camera there. a little busy out there this morning. we're bracing for half marathon that's actually started at 7:30 this morning, right? meanwhile let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist krystal klei who has a check on your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> the weather is panning out really nicely for the half
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marathon runners. take a look at temperatures right now in philadelphia, 42 degrees, low 40s, wind not terribly breezy quite yet and the rain is not here yet. so a dry run. 32 degrees in reading right now. we're at 41 in wilmington and dover's at 39. check out rehoboth beach, the marina near atlantic city, these numbers near 50 degrees to start. with the warm air flow coming in from the southwest today, some of these numbers are going to approach 60 as we get into the afternoon hours. that's because we have warm front moving our way. this is the front side of the storm system that's moving our direction. and that rain is going to make it to us by late morning and then those early afternoon hours. and then it's going to be on/off moving throughout the afternoon, the evening, even early tomorrow. remember i mentioned that warm front? check this out, low to mid 50s this afternoon in philly, starts to cool a little bit, then there's the warm front. we start warming overnight. not your typical pattern. we'll talk more about it in a few minutes.
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thank you, krystal. investigators will be back at the scene of this massive fire that destroyed a senior living facility. >> right now some residents are still unaccounted for and nearly two dozen others are in the hospital. nbc10's matt delucia is near the facility. matt, what are you learning today? >> reporter: rosemary and dray, we spoke in the last half hour with the atf who say they're going to have two dozen agents going through this building once it's safe to go inside. that is their van right there and just above that you can see a firefighter ladder truck with a firefighter up there with a hose. they have been spraying water on this building still almost 36 hours after this fire started. they've been working all night trying to extinguish any of those remaining embers that are still smoldering. and we have also been told this morning that the atf and chester county detectives will be conducting interviews and they'll be able to go inside once it is secure. now, high level source tells nbc10 that some residents have not been located, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are
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still inside. the intense fire forced more than 150 people, many of them elderly and disabled, to escape into the cold late thursday night. we do know that more than two dozen people were taken to hospitals. but there is concern among the people who lived here and who escaped this fire just days before thanksgiving, they are thankful for their own lives but pray no one else was trapped by the flames and smoke. >> i don't want to know somebody died or somebody's missing. you're just happy to be alive. you can't believe it. you can't believe and you think this didn't happen, it's a dream. >> reporter: that woman there 92 years old. and many of the residents here at barclay friends were disabled or had trouble getting around. and at this point you see the fire trucks remain, but so do many questions. we're staying in touch with the agencies involved to let you know what they find. for now live in west chester, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you, matt.
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meanwhile nbc10 investigators have been looking into the records of the barclay friends community there in west chester. the personal care facility where the fire started is in fully licensed and in good standing with the state. but the nbc10 investigators found that state officials recently sanctioned and cited a nursing home on that same property. several of the citations involve fire safety concerns. authorities with the atf tell us they are now looking into whether fire suppression systems were in place and working properly. you can follow our continuing coverage of this fire right now on the nbc10 app. you can also sign up to receive breaking news alerts the moment we learn new information. new this morning, fire crews are dousing hot spots from a row home fire in philadelphia. flames started spreading here on west eerie avenue in hunting park around 4:00 this morning. one person injured at the scene is now at the hospital. we're working to find out that person's condition. guests had to spend some of the early morning hours outside after a fire forced a hotel to evacuate in montgomery county.
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heavy smoke filled the sheraton valley forge hotel around 11:45 last night. crews found the fire started in a dryer in the basement. they put out the flames. guests were eventually allowed back into their rooms. also new this morning, in philadelphia, police are looking for the shooter who fired at a man just outside of the thunderbird lanes bowling alley in oxford circle. this happened around midnight. the victim, who was shot in the leg, is in the hospital in stable condition. police say witnesses saw two men running from the scene with one of them carrying a handgun. take a look at these new pictures. damage done by vandals at a police substation in center city, philadelphia. you can see the windows of a police car smashed and a hammer sticking out from a window. paint was also splattered all over the walls late thursday night. police tell us surveillance video shows about a dozen people causing the damage and then running away. on their mark. right now runners taking on the half marathon as philadelphia marathon weekend are winding their ways through the streets
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of the city. the full marathon, the 26.2 miles, that's set for tomorrow. you are looking at the start of the half marathon along the ben franklin parkway. a little bit more than an hour ago. as we start making the 13.1 mile trek in some cloudy and cool conditions this morning, but dry. they'll take it. here is the view from ground level. you can see runners pounding the pavement here in center city. the race route finishes back at akins oval. this is a live view of the race. oh, they're making their way back. looking good out there. the fact it's not raining, we've certainly had marathons before where it's been raining, so i think these runners are certainly appreciating it. and let's stay with this right now as i believe it's maybe the first place finisher, yeah, the half marathon. we'll stick with this for a minute because we are coming right up onto akins oval. you can tell by the background we're right near the art museum. >> and no one is trailing behind him. >> yeah. >> he's got a comfortable lead and a good strong pace there. >> he does. >> love the fact this camera is right there following him. >> it is. >> every step. >> this is a camera on the back
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of a motorcycle. this is part of our coverage for the event. i was covering this yesterday afternoon. >> right. >> and saw the setup. and we're bringing you as you can see live pictures of this event in motion. talking to some of the runners yesterday what they appreciate so much about this race is the scenery and the history. i mean, you're running right next to the famed philadelphia museum of art, they make their way into old city for the full marathon tomorrow. they'll be over near washington avenue, they'll come back up toward the art museum and head into manayunk and make a u-turn so to speak. so it's really an incredible event. actually, yesterday i spoke -- i was speaking to a woman who is from trinidad and she said we try to find my group, the runners she's with, they try to find a race in the city -- rather in a different country every year. they chose philadelphia. let's watch as this first place finisher comes in. >> he's coming in right there. yeah. good pace. just under an hour and three
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minutes. >> wow. >> that's it. look at that reaction. >> appears to be 1:02:21. >> that's awesome. >> his reaction, i don't know if you could see it, he immediately grabbed his face and just total, total happiness. second place runner right there. >> about 2 minutes 36 seconds, incredible. we a moment ago just had up some of the road closures. obviously ben franklin parkway closed and even along the vine street expressway those entrance and exit ramps you're not going to be able to get on or off. so right now if you're looking for more information about those road closures, they can go to the nbc10 app, dra. >> just tap the nbc10 app. we'll have all the information to let you know how to get around the closures because we have the full marathon tomorrow. many of those closures will still be in place. >> salutely. we'll be staying on top of that. 8:38 right now on this saturday morning. coming up, another famous name dealing with actions of inappropriate behavior. >> this morning ryan seacrest is
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responding to allegations against him. we'll tell you what he's saying about them when we come right back. dogged competitors. top canines faceoff today in our area. we'll have those details straight ahead. take a look at this rain now slicing right through pennsylvania heading our direction. we're going to track it out for you let you know when it will be in your neighborhood coming up.
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welcome back. let's talk about that forecast for your weekend. we got a lot going on. we'll start with this morning. clouds are increasing and we have late morning rain that we're expecting to start near lunchtime. that will linger into the afternoon. we will be breezy this afternoon. temperatures are going to warm up thanks to a warp front. as we go into your sunday morning, showers will linger but moving out. we'll start to get very windy and those windy conditions will last sunday afternoon as temperatures start to fall and the clouds start to clear. we're going to break all of this down for you with your
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futurecast model in a few minutes. thank you, krystal. well, a surprising announcement from the president overnight. >> that's right. the commander in chief is backtracking, it appears, on a trophy hunting decision. why he's decided not to allow people to bring african elephants shot for sport back to the u.s. >> and some prominent alabama women are showing support for embattled senate candidate roy moore. we'll have the latest on the sexual assault allegations against him.
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the latest development in the russia investigation is putting more focus on president trump's senior adviser
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son-in-law jared kushner. sources tell nbc news kushner failed to disclose what lawmakers call a back door request by a russian banker who's close to vladimir putin. an e-mail suggested the banker wanted to meet with the trump campaign last year possibly to deliver a message from putin to then-candidate donald trump. the sources say kushner rejected the request. the senate judiciary committee accused kushner this week of failing to produce a series of requested documents. his lawyer insists kushner has responded to every request. speaking of the president, the president is delaying a new policy, new policy that he reenacted this week that would allow trophy hunters to import body parts of african elephants shot for sport into the united states. the president tweeted that the policy will not go into effect until all conservation facts can be reviewed. the u.s. fish and wildlife service said this week that it encourages wealthy big game hunters to kill the threatened species and that helps to raise money for conservation programs. animal rights advocates have
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countered that criticizing the decision. alabama senate candidate roy moore who's facing sexual misconduct allegations is getting added support from two very prominent women, his wife and the governor. yesterday moore's wife said her husband will not step down even though he faces allegations of molesting young women and trying to date teenage girls. also, alabama's governor said she would vote for moore after telling reporters she has no reason to disbelieve his accusers. the republican is running against democrat doug jones in a special election next month. this morning, ryan seacrest is responding to allegations that he behaved inappropriately toward a woman wardrobe stylist. the two worked together at the e-news network about ten years ago. seacrest released a statement saying he disputes the reckless allegations and he plans to cooperate with any investigation. well, a defining moment, the politics of sexual misconduct will be at the top of an issue here on "meet the press"
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tomorrow. join moderator chuck todd and his guests tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc10. this weekend more than 2,000 top dogs will compete in the national dog show. >> dog show's in town and judging begins today at the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks. more than 175 different breeds will try to win the coveted title of best in show. the event is hosted by the kennel club of philadelphia. >> and the dog show fun kicked off last night with a gala at valley forge casino resort. nbc10's keith jones emceed the celebration. the gala raised money for local charities including the philadelphia animal welfare society. and don't forget you can watch the national dog show on thanksgiving day at noon right here on nbc10. this week's wednesday's child is sponsored by mealey's furniture, just what you're looking for. >> and you're about to meet a 15-year-old with a very big heart, bright eyes and a big smile that would light up any place. darnell has plenty of love to
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give to any forever family. and nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to this week's wednesday's child. >> you like that? we first met darnell a few years ago when he was just a little boy. he's now a teenager, little older with some facial hair, but otherwise he's the same sweet little boy. darnell is nonverbal, but he feels all the emotions any other little boy might experience. >> he is for the most part very happy. he responds very well to sound, music. he loves music. >> darnell lives in a facility where he has access to care around the clock. an adoptive family might choose to leave him in the facility but come to see him on a regular basis, or if circumstances allowed you could take him home for his full-time care, or perhaps a combination of these options. here's what's clear, darnell's prospective forever family must be special people. >> somebody who's patient, interaction, he needs it. he loves it.
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it does make him the happiest. >> darnell's needs are many, but what he offers is enormous. i mean, just look at this angelic face. this little boy exudes love and yearns to be loved. he's soothed by a calm voice. feels security in the tender touch. smiles when he hears a sweet melody. >> he loves to be loved. and he gives it out. even if he can't speak. >> look at that big smile. yeah. darnell is this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you'd like to make darnell's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, just go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. all right. let's start with a look at our radar and satellite view. we've been watching this closely
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all morning long. i tell you, when i walked in this morning the rain had not made it yet to pittsburgh. now it's sliced through morn half of the state and we are up next for these showers to approach. what we're really focusing on is the deeper green. i think that's where the rain is actually starting to make it to the ground. and it's not too far out at this point before it's going to start making it to us. let's go through our hour by hour model here. this is going to show us winds, temperature and rain. i'm going to kind of break it down bit by bit for us. starting at 11:00 a.m., i think this model is a little slow to catch up meaning i think by 11:00 a.m. we may already have a few showers picking up over parts of north and west neighborhoods, maybe a sprinkle near philly. from 11:00 a.m. to noon it will certainly spread across the board and on/off showers in the forecast throughout the afternoon. meaning not a washout but you are going to see some rain especially i-95 north or west. notice temperatures as well. 40s north, but we're at 50 in philly. we're almost to 60 at cape may. this is what neighborhood forecasting is all about. we have this wide range of differences and you can tell because we've got rain north and a little drier south.
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now, that southwest wind is going to continue to bump up temperatures south and continue to keep some showers churning through 7:30 along those areas like allentown to doylestown, philly's in here at 50 degrees. here's the interesting thing, a warm front's going to move through overnight. that's actually going to raise the temperatures for some of us throughout the night. at midnight we're still in the 50s in philly, may see breaks in showers but some of the heaviest rain will hit in the early a.m. hours of sunday. this is 3:30 a.m. you see a little pocket of heavier rain for millville. look how warm these temperatures are. almost 60 cape may and millville. we're at 55 in philadelphia. that's going to be what we start with. but once the warm front exits, a cold front is going to come in. that's going to push the rain out right around i think between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. and then we're left with drier conditions and falling temperatures in the afternoon. so we are looking at just kind of wicked weather here for the next 48 hours. if you're going to the temple game, noon is kickoff. it will be about 50 degrees. but showers will be on and off so maybe grab the poncho if you're going to be heading out
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to the game. how about for the marathon, that full marathon tomorrow 51 for the start time at 7:00 a.m. could see a spot shower. and the temperature will fall into the upper 40s through noon. 8:51 right now on this saturday. coming up, newly surfaced video shows a fight just outside of a school. [ bleep ]. >> the on-camera clash showing a fight between a student and school officer. this morning find out why the video is now launching a lawsuit. and the eagles' last trip to dallas, well, didn't turn out too well. how are they preparing to make this visit a little different or big difference? coach pederson is talking coming up in sports. >> i ask god every night give me the strength to fight this. >> bill ludwig was dying before he was the first to try a new cancer treatment right here in our area. it worked for him. and then it worked on 9-year-old austin. now the question is, who's next to beat cancer? we'll tell you about this new treatment that's offering so
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much hope monday night at 11:00 on nbc10. stepping into the unknown. it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and security of independence blue cross, obstacles become openings. as we have for nearly 80 years, we'll continue to light the way, with the card accepted in all 50 states. giving you the power to shine forward to whatever awaits tomorrow. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, hope you're enjoying your saturday. danny pommells from nbc sports philadelphia here. the eagles trying to make it eight straight sunday nights in dallas. how is this for contrast though? last year in week ten the birds lost the first of five straight games. doug pederson was asked about that experience yesterday. >> you don't dwell on the past, but you remember and you reflect from time to time. so, yeah, it's -- i think it is a direct correlation to where the team is today learning how to, you know, finish games and learning how to play together and understanding that they are good football team. >> well, it is on like the hot lights at krispy kreme on sunday. pregame fun starts at 9:30 a.m.
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and then eagles, cowboys, where else right here at nbc10, stay nbc10 news and eagles game day final after the action. sixers make it official friday announcing robert covington four years $62 million with his new contract extension. the team also said justin anderson will miss at least three weeks with shin splints. we return to the college ranks number five playing nova, first half nova sitting comfortable as you might expect 16-point lead. brunson catch and shoot. he had 19. then nova turned defense into offense. bridges the steal and he had 24, all five starters in double figures. nova cruises 104-57. how about temple and auburn in the charleston classic. nice turnaround jumper here, 19 of 20 rebounds. drexel also won on friday.
8:56 am
flyers defenseman radko godas has waived his right to an in-person hearing for the nhl to the slash to the back of an opponent's head. a phone hearing will be conducted sunday. he could be facing a suspension of five or more games. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from nbc sports philadelphia. enjoy your saturday. 8:56 right now on this saturday. and we're closely watching the investigation into a fire at a senior living facility in chester county. the investigation will take another big step forward today. >> yeah, nbc10's matt delucia has been following the story this morning. matt, i know the atf planning to resume their investigation probably some time today once they can get inside that facility. >> reporter: right, but first they have to be safe in that building for them to go inside. right behind me you can see firefighters are still there keeping an eye on the situation here putting out some of those smoldering spots when they pop up. we're going to give you another live look and hear from someone who was inside the building at the time the fire started.
8:57 am
take a look at first alert radar. you can see we're tracking showers and they're getting closer and closer to us. i'll let you know when they start to make their way into berks county versus how long it will take to get to the jersey shore coming up.
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searching inside. today, atf investigators will go inside the ruins of a chester county senior living complex as
9:00 am
some people remain unaccounted for. >> get ready for a rainy saturday. a live look outside shows it's a bit breezy out there. the entire weekend won't be a washout. we've got you covered though with what you can expect in your neighborhood in the first alert forecast. >> and marathon weekend is under way as we speak. several races are crisscrossing the city today. and this is only the beginning. good morning and welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm dray clark. >> and i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this saturday. dray, already half an hour of the 8:30 to 9:30 show under his belt. >> feels good. nice to say that. welcome back, new team, new beginning. >> yes. >> all excitement. the team here, the weekend team they've embraced me. >> hey, you're a philly area guy. >> i am from chester. happy to be here, guys, thank you. >> that video of the half marathon runners coming in incredible video. and they're still out there.
9:01 am
some of the runners still pounding the pavement after a cold morning we are in for a cloudy rainy saturday. but as you can see from this live view of the ben franklin parkway where some of those runners are wrapping up crossing the finish line, it's dry out there so they are going to take that. we'll have more on the half marathon coming up in just a few moments. >> let's get a check on your most accurate neighborhood forecast meteorologist krystal klei is here with more. hey, krystal. >> hey, guys, yeah, we are looking at temperatures finally starting to warm up. we started with many locations below freezing. no longer the case. check this out. this is just been a great example of neighborhood weather, in fact the whole weekend is going to be a great example because here in allentown you're barely above freezing, but if you're in vineland, you're at 50 degrees right now. and throughout today you're going to notice much warmer temperatures south than north. we're also looking at temperature at 44 in philly about the i-95 corridor is where the line is going to separate from the more rainy forecast to the drier forecast farther south. let me show you. radar and satellite view this is a tight view of our area, we've all got the clouds, but now harrisburg starting to get looks
9:02 am
like some good steady rain that's moving through. and some of those pockets of steadier rain are going to move into parts of the lehigh valley, berks county, even upper suburbs. there's the wider view. this is a lot of rain tracking our direction. so as we get into the late morning hours all the way through tomorrow morning we have chances of rain, different chances for different neighborhoods though. we're going to break that down for you coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, krystal. and today investigators will be back on the scene of a massive fire at a senior living facility in chester county. >> in addition to the cause they'll be trying to determine the whereabouts of some residents who are still unaccounted for following the evacuation of the facility. that's where nbc10's matt delucia is live for us this morning to tell us more about the investigation. matt. >> reporter: hey, rosemary and dray, there are still unanswered questions this morning. how many residents are unaccounted for? and what started this fire that spread through this complex with such ferocity? more than a day later fire hoses still line the streets and smoke
9:03 am
still rises from the burned remains of the barclay friends senior living facility. >> you're just happy to be alive. you can't believe it. you can't believe. and you think this didn't happen. it's a dream. >> reporter: 92-year-old martha, more than 150 residents forced out into the cold late wednesday night. a high level source involved in the investigation told nbc10 that some people are still missing but also said it's unclear if they left shelters with family or friends. >> no, i don't want to know that somebody died. or somebody's missing. >> reporter: emotions still strong as federal investigators try to find a cause. firefighters spent this morning still trying to drown the smoldering embers. >> and i think of what people here have lost now, you know, it's their photographers, it's their things that they cherished so much. >> reporter: and we have been in touch with the atf this morning says that those agents about two dozen of them will be here on site to begin going through this
9:04 am
building and trying to find the answers to those questions. the atf says their first priority is to make sure that everyone is accounted for. again, their hope is to make their way inside for the first time today once it is safe to do so. now, we do know that more than two dozen people have been taken to hospitals, but folks like martha who you just heard from who did get out, they are thankful for that. live in west chester this morning, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you, matt. and stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for continuing coverage on this fire investigation. see the latest photos of the damage and sign up for breaking news alerts so you'll be able to be the first to know when new developments happen. this morning, a manhunt is under way in western pennsylvania after someone shot and killed a police officer. police say officer brian shaw had been with the new kensington police station or department for only a year. he was trying to make a traffic stop just outside of pittsburgh last night. the police chief says that stop then turned into a foot chase. at some point shots were fired
9:05 am
and officer shaw was hit. he later died at the hospital. today, loved ones and friends will gather to remember a prominent figure in chester county's democratic party. swope died a week ago in a crash near route 202 in west chester. a tractor-trailer hit his car after flipping over and bursting into flames. police are still investigating what caused the crash. a visitation and memorial service for swope are scheduled for this afternoon in west reading. you are looking at the winner of this year's philadelphia half marathon. he won the race in record time for the event. i was just checking social media. he has been identified as panuel makongo and looks like he finished in an hour, two minutes and 20 seconds. we'll of course get the official time as the day goes on. this was the view from akins oval not too long ago. now let's take a live look outside this year's philadelphia half marathon nearly finished.
9:06 am
you can see those runners coming in now. hour and 30 minutes, take that. participants in the half marathon are still crossing the finish line, the full marathon 26.2 miles is tomorrow. philadelphia marathon began in 1994, had 1,500 runners. >> oh. >> yes. now we're up to 30,000 people. they're going to be hitting the streets from center city to south philly out to manayunk all weekend long. nbc10 is a proud sponsor of marathon weekend. and for more information on the marathon, the road closures, how to get around it, just go to the nbc10 app. >> oh, my god! >> [ bleep ]. >> a philadelphia teenager is now suing a school officer after this video surfaced. the teenager claims it shows the officer punching him repeatedly for no reason. this all happened outside the kensington health and sciences academy back in 2015. the officer says the teen grabbed and punched him. 9:06 right now on this saturday. coming up, the final five
9:07 am
divided. >> when one member of the latest u.s. olympic gymnastics team spoke out against sexual abuse, it started a clash between teammates on social media. see who's taking sides coming up. and when fire broke out outside a new york city apartment building, one dog owner was afraid she'd never see her pet again, but that was before her prayers were answered. we'll show you an emotional reunion coming up. monday morning on "nbc10 news today" starting first at 4:00, alternative sports. we're taking the competition to the skies for a bird's eye view of drone racing. the educational benefits you may not expect. oh, did we mention you can actually make money doing this? again, that's "nbc10 news today" monday morning at 4:00.
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welcome back. meteorologist krystal klei here. we e we are looking at a mixed bag in the weekend forecast. coloration the red where your eye goes that's the warm air moving in with a warm front our direction. and then cold air will be impacting us tomorrow. so let's break down what we are expecting in terms of conditions as we go through the weekend. temperatures like i mentioned today we'll be warming, in fact, even overnight the temperature will continue to climb. then as we get into your sunday interestingly enough it will actually fall throughout the daytime hours. that's not typically what you'd see. how about for rain? it's going to start in the next few hours and last through early
9:11 am
sunday morning. and those winds already breezy today but they'll be much windier tomorrow. we'll talk more about those wind gusts coming up in just a bit. >> we'll see you shortly, thanks, krystal. a family thought they would never see their dog again when the pet was trapped inside this burning apartment building. can you imagine? this is in new york. but then this happened. >> oh! >> reunited. firefighters were able to rescue the dog, bring the dog back to its owners. nine people were hurt in the fire including seven firefighters. the cause is under investigation. 11 minutes past 9:00 right now on this saturday, coming up, the best high school football teams from our area did battle under the friday night lights. >> and we have a special playoff edition of the high school blitz coming up.
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nbc10 continues for our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. >> and time right now is to meet a dog looking for a fnew family. this is momma bear, amy joins us this morning. momma bear loves her tennis ball. >> yes, she does. she's a chewer. which is good to know for her new family so you can make sure to get her all kinds of -- >> toys. >> exactly. so she's not chewing your shoes and all kinds of stuff. she loves the tennis ball. she's about 3 to 5 years old. she came in as a stray. one of our animal control officers actually picked her up
9:15 am
running with another dog who we named papa bear. papa bear's found a home and now it's mama bear's turn. >> awesome. >> i know you have a lot of special events and exciting this week talk about catacopia, tell us about that. >> yes. sure. so all of our cats, adult cats are $10 and kittens are $50, which is a nice discount off our normal rate and that runs through tomorrow. and then we also have barksgiving, yes, all of our adult dogs -- >> good names for these events by the way. >> we have fun with it. our adult dogs are $15 and puppies and small dogs are $75. >> well, and going with the barksgiving theme, thanksgiving time you've got your best friend sitting watching you eat at thanksgiving. >> right. >> there's some foods the dogs should not be eating at thanksgiving even while we're eating stuff ourselves probably shouldn't be eating. >> yeah. some turkey's fine. sweet potatoes are good for dogs. i would be careful about bones.
9:16 am
they cannot eat cooked bones and chocolate of course. no go on that. you know, lots of other things are okay for them to eat. onions are not good in large quantities. >> some nuts as well, right? some have a bit of an issue with? i think i read that. >> i have not heard that. red grapes, they're a no-no as well. and gums actually as well, sugar free gums. >> wow. mama bear is relaxing. she's so calm and cool and collected. this is her normal, right? >> yeah, she's a bit of an independent girl. she would prefer to be an only pet. >> okay. >> she is not a fan of kitties, although we believe she lived with another dog. so she might be kind of selective about who she hangs out with, which i think we can all understand. she's very sweet and lovable, loves to give kisses, a great girl. >> thank you. if you'd like more information about this or any animal, call the animal care and control team at 267-385-3800. you can also check out their website
9:17 am
>> all right. thanks for that, dray. they won olympic gold together in rio, but now some of the final five appear to be divided on social media over a controversial issue. it started with a post from aly raisman. recently she accused the usa gymnastic team doctor of sexually abusing her. this following dozens of allegations against him. last night raisman tweeted when a woman dresses sexy does not give a man a right to sexually abuse her, ever. that was followed by this post from teammate gabby douglas who tweeted, however, it is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy. dressing in a provocative sexual way entices the wrong crowd. douglas has since apologized for that post, but the critics are still calling her out. in fact, another teammate simone biles said of gabby, quote, i expected more from you, end quote. hey, hey, it is the very
9:18 am
best time of the year for the high school blitz. last night what amounted to a city championship between cardinal o'hare and ihomtemp let's have a look. ain't wasting no time. first quarter penn state commits young romps for a huge 29-yard pick up on a fourth down. that sets up sampson from three yards away. he finds pay dirt. imhotep rolls. district one class 6a semis. penn ridge at garnet valley. release the hounds. garnet valley's d with a gigantic stop deep in their territory helps gv advance 28-20. pennsbury and coatesville, coatesville's ricky ortega takes the handoff and keeps it himself. that's a four-yard. coatesville dominates 42-2. and strike up the band for the district one class 5a semis. marple taking on unionville.
9:19 am
firing to the end zone where he finds one of his four tds on the night. unionville needed them. they win 36-21. we go to the sky for class 4a playoff matchup between bethlehem catholic and pottsgrove. catholic hits drayton end zone party of six your table is ready. bethlehem catholic moving on. district 11 6a final, parkland and freedom. parkland heading for sixth straight district title, and they get it. worth rumbles into the end zone, parkland wins 30-6. class 3a final, landsdale catholic and one of our area's very best players, patrick garwell to the house. garwell gliding for 196 and three tds carries to the next round. let's show south jersey some love. fired up as they took on howls.
9:20 am
all lenape in this one. one of six tds for the senior, lenape dominates. 63-28. the other undefeated number three millville taking on number two rancocas valley. millville up seven, late in the game always a mistake to punt to a guy named iverson. and watch him work. kid has more games than xbox. taking it to the house. a punt return that gives rancocas valley an improbable 16-14 win. group four semifinals number four shawnee and morristown. best carson wentz imitation, somehow comes out of that. leads to a shawnee t.d. they cruise 40-7. south jersey group two four semis. west deptford, more moves than a u-haul truck, get off me. stiff arm, dives in for the score. they hang on for the 28-20
9:21 am
victory. time now to reveal our choices for our thanksgiving game of the week. they are on your screen, central-northeast classic matchup. of course quakertown at penn ridge and shawnee at lenape, that would be a great one. that's it for the blitz. i'm danny pommells. meteorologist krystal klei here. let's look at our radar and satellite map to begin. because we have been tracking very closely that area of rain all morning long. i'll tell you what, this morning when i came in i was watching it about to enter pittsburgh. now it is all the way almost to us. we're going to start seeing just a few little sprinkles falling in berks and lehigh valley here, i would say by 10:00, 11:00 at the latest. let's go through hour by hour model. this is going to show winds and temperatures as well because they're important. the winds when they come from the southwest they boost up the temperatures. when they start coming from the northwest, that's going to take our temperatures down. and that will be when the front has passed.
9:22 am
you can watch those. also take a look at temperatures here we get to around 4:30 in the afternoon. again, i think we'll start seeing showers in the late morning north and west. and by lunchtime that rain will have made it to philly. it will continue in and out kind of scattered in nature throughout the afternoon hours. and parts of new jersey and delaware maybe a little drier until tonight. also note those temperatures. we're in the mid 50s south around 50 and philly and 40s farther north. these temperatures will be interesting though. while they may dip a little around 7:30 in the evening, overnight they're actually going to pick up some as a warm front passes the area. that warm front is literally going to warm us overnight, a time when we would typically be cooling. also may see some breaks in rain overnight, but some of the heaviest stuff may actually hit in the overnight hours past midnight. so this is at 3:00 a.m. you see a little pocket of heavy rain, millville nearly 60 degrees, 55 in philadelphia. this is at 6:30 a.m. so this is close to that 7:00 a.m. mark for the start of the philadelphia full marathon. look at that. mid 50s to start, nearly 60 in millville.
9:23 am
i think the rain should be exiting close to 7:00 a.m. and we'll dry out and cool down only 40s as we get into the afternoon and evening on sunday. here's a look at the philadelphia marathon forecast tomorrow. 51 at start time 7:00 a.m., dropping to upper 40s 10:00 a.m. through noon. and we'll start to dry out but it will be quite windy. let's talk about those windy conditions for our sunday. 30 to 45-mile-per-hour gusts. temperatures that are falling throughout the day means you'll have that windchill effect. don't forget you can tie down outdoor decor and might have to watch out for any downed tree limbs as a result of these windy sunday conditions. we'll talk about your ten-day on ten coming up.
9:24 am
9:25 am
a holiday tradition will have families smiling later today. macy's in center city will unveil its annual holiday window. the star of "empire" will perform and world boxing champ
9:26 am
danny "swift" gray will also be there today. festive fun for the whole family starting today at 3:00. well, he's a legend on the streets of philadelphia. >> yeah, we're talking about pete kane. he's a photo journalist here at nbc10 and now he's a member of the broadcast pioneers hall of fame. >> the legendary pete kane. >> he is legendary. he really is. pete was recognized during an event last night. he got his start at nbc10 working in the mail room. he wanted to become a photographer so he went tonight school, a few years later he did just that he became a photo journalist. he's covered many major events in the city, most notably he filmed video of the -- pete legend in philadelphia, legend with the broadcasters pioneer hall of fame. >> check on the forecast, krystal. >> we have rain, winds, all in the forecast as we move forward. here's ten-day on ten, 54 today in the afternoon, temperatures pick up to 50, mid 50z, upper
9:27 am
50s overnight and sunday temperatures will fall in the daytime. breezy today, rain overnight and early sunday morning. the rest of sunday quite windy and those windy conditions last monday too. forecast for thanksgiving, 45, little thil e chilly on thanksgiving. >> that's all for today. i'm dray clark. >> and i'm rosemary connors. for krystal klei and all of us here, have a good day.
9:28 am
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and this is "open house." this week, we're in the bronx. we're taking you inside a mediterranean-spanish revival and a charming tudor style house in queens, new york. plus, the creative director of calvin klein shows us around his midtown apartment. but first, we check out a home that is the epitome of west coast living. we have the fireplace and the chandelier. i think that chandelier has seen a lot of things. [theme music] welcome to "open house." today, i'm coming to you from this impressive three-bedroom property in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. this is a true new york loft, filled with perfectly preserved classic details that hearken back to the building's industrial past, including brick walls, columns, and beams.


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