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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  November 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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al sharpton said it's the right thing to do. >> nbc10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00 the food coma has worn off or almost. holiday shopping in full swing. today marks one of the most impactful shopping days of the year for local businesses and neighbors delivered. good evening i'm denise nakano. today is small business saturday. people poured on to main streets in downtown and across the area
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to support locally owned and operated businesses. nbc10's drew smith is live where the celebration is just getting started. good crowd out there. >> reporter: it's a party. they lit up the tree over here and singing some christmas carols in front of the fire trucks and still shoppers. and embraced the small business saturday and everybody around here said it's paying off for everyone. >> happy holidays. >> reporter: mayor jim kenny started this small business saturday at young fashions in west philadelphia an efficient shopper, he liked the first suit he tried on. >> watch him in the suit. >> reporter: it was one of the stops on the 52nd street corridor. >> these are the backbone of the economy. >> reporter: they're here for half a century. >> they toil day in and day out and hold this community together with their goods and services. >> reporter: these are locally
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owned shops that employ people who live here. >> this money circulates back into the neighborhood. >> reporter: balloon lined main street, owners handed out free freebees. >> it's welcoming new people in and having local people around too. >> it's my favorite day of the wholer eryear. i look forward to this. >> reporter: it's the connection that makes with shoppers to keeps them coming back. >> they're a family and they like to support this day, but also during the year as well. >> reporter: they make it easy for people to get out here. parking has been free here on the street and some lots and they're going to continue that free street parking through every saturday in the entire city after 11:00 in the morning. we're live on main street. drew smith. republic bank handed out $1,000 in gift cards to
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encourage small business saturday. a local running store. >> we love they're supporting their customers and they're supporting all of our customers and it really helps. any kind of promotion we can get. >> the bank also gave customers a $20 incentive to open an account with them. department stores say black friday delivered a huge boost to sales for the year. kohl's is claiming it had a record breaking thanksgiving both at stores and online. jcpenney received the most visits of any day this year and macy's on track to sell more than a million coats, sweaters and fleece jackets by the end of the weekend. some people get a jump on heading home hitting the road before sunday which is expected to be the busiest travel day. this is video from i-95 in delaware. you can see those long lines of cars and trucks heading northbound. here's a live look at i-95 at the gerard point bridge in philadelphia.
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check it out. a steady stream of headlights out there tonight. a live look at philadelphia international airport. tomorrow will be one of the busiest air travel days of the entire year. estimated 2.8 million people are expected at the airport. you can always use the nbc 10 app to check first alert traffic. turning now to first alert weather. light coats. no coats. some people even just wearing t-shirts at the river rink today. a great day to get out and skate at winterfest. add in roxboro, thanksgiving is over and now it's time to get ready for christmas. a nice sunny day to pick up a tree at gorgis park and the big steps of the museum is lit up for the season. looking festive in fairmount. first alert neighborhood forecast, meteorologist steve sasna. tomorrow a lot cooler? >> this is a story of ups and
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downs. we were up yesterday. 60 in many parts of the area and 61 in dover. almost 60 degrees there but the story is the change coming and you'll feel that overnight tonight through the day tomorrow. so let's take a look at what's happening here. it's a double barrel cold front. this is the cold front that comes through later this evening. this is the second cold front. that came through overnight, that brings the colder air in here, so as we look at our temperature trend through the evening hours and nosediving into the mid to upper 40s and then as we get into tomorrow morning, the breeze will kick up and you'll notice the breeze here by 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning as temperatures drop into the 30s. it's a wild ride with the temperatures over the next ten days. you may want a pen and paper to write it all down. i'll be back with that forecast coming up at 6:18. >> see you soon steve. reverend al sharpton meeting with meek mill. a judge sentenced to 2 to 4
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years for a repeated probation violations on drug and gun charges. the rapper's legal team getting the judge on the case to recuse herself. during a weekly meeting on al's network, talked about criminal justice reform. >> just because someone does something that is wrong does not give you the right to do wrong to them. the sentence must fit the violation. two wrongs don't make one civil right. >> sharpton said he hopes his visit will help meek mill get a new hearing in front of another judge. >> louder! erlouder. >> hundreds turned out for this one including jay and rick ross. saying his sentence is too harsh. two men in stable condition after they were shot in the middle of the day in north philadelphia.
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the two men were shot on north howard street just before noon. police rushed both men to the hospital before medics could have arrived and police have not made any arrests or released details on a motive. not many clues left behind in a shooting in the holmesburg neighborhood. a man shot in the chest. and now in critical condition. police investigating whether a 22-year-old man was driving under the influence before this deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard. near benner street in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood around 2:30 this morning. the car struck a tree. a 21-year-old woman in the passenger seat died. the driver has a broken leg. >> we also have an update to a story we first brought you yesterday. water has been restored to homes on this roxboro street but the road is still closed after a water main break. more like a river friday morning. the water department did not
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immediately seal the breaks so residents could have water over the holiday. using his star power to try to keep you safe on the roads. we'll show you which netflix star is helping out a south jersey prosecutor's office. president trump is taking a fight with a magazine. how time magazine fired back on twitter.
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the death toll in the egypt mosque attack now tops 300 people including 27 children. we have some new video to show you and we do want to warn you, some of it might be disturbing. the attackers arrived at the mosque in five atvs and positioned themselves at the main doors and in windows before opening fire. egypt's military decided to strike back using war planes to
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take out some of the atvs used in the attack. no specific group claimed responsibility. it is the deadliest by islamic extremists in egypt's modern history. trump this weekend claimed he passed on being time magazine's person of the year. he said he was informed he would probably be chosen for a second straight year. trump said probably wasn't good enough and he took a pass. he went on to say he rejected the magazine's request for an interview and a major photo shoot ahead of the annual issue. >> the american people don't give a hoot who's on the cover of time magazine and we wish very deeply that our president was concentrate on other things. >> "time" responded on twitter, the president is incorrect about how we choose person of the year. ahead, a dominant north philadelphia football program sending multiple teams to compete in florida. the heartwarming story of who they're dedicating their winning season to.
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big changes just hours away. i'll walk you through them and what it means for the big eagles games for tomorrow and also, your ten day on ten coming up.
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young tv star ocean county native coming home to teach students a lesson. plays dustin on "stranger things" and helped ocean county police department and starred in two public safety videos about distracted driving. he's from tucker ton. ton, six teams from the north philadelphia aztec football and cheerleading program are heading to the pop warner national championship. they're going to orlando to try and earn the national championship title but they're also dedicating the season to the aztec's co-funder and wayne allen who died earlier this year at 44 years old.
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the 29th annual collingswood parade. best main street experience by south jersey magazine. marching bands, holiday characters and there you go the philly fanatic also there. and now, for the first alert weather, certainly does not feel like christmas thymetime. i don't know what to make of this weather. >> don't worry f.. worry. today was a great day to get outside and burn off calories. >> or go shopping. >> yes, feed the economy with money. always a good thing. and go outside, live a clear picture there on the center city sideline and good news for all the travelers out there. i saw many of you out on the roadway already this morning and looks cooler but still nice. the roadways and the skies should be friendly for you but
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that's this roller coaster with the temperatures the next couple of days. we were back down. temperatures not far from 60 degrees. tomorrow will be around 49 but with the wind feeling like 40 but it's a quick rebound. we go back up the roller coaster here by next week. temperatures around 60 degrees and then next storm system we are tracking with some rain coming in here on friday so dry weather all the way through next friday. very impressive around here. let's get right to the eagles forecast for tomorrow. they're playing the bears at 1:00 at the link and a breezy blustery day and a lot of sunshine. just dress for the wind but otherwise, looking at some good weather and it will be chilly out for the game so make sure you layer up especially on the shady side of the stadium. it will feel cooler. this is the change that will come in here later tonight. a few sprinkles right now upstate new york and pennsylvania but with the sprinkles comes the cooler air. that's up back in the upper great lakes states right now with temperatures in the teens right now up in northern
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minnesota. we're far from the teens here. a nice mild evening here in north delaware right now and 53 in marshalltown and northern new castle county further to the south. and dress for the wind and the chill. there's the 15 in international falls but i think the big story with the chill is how quickly it comes in and gets out of here. so we'll warm back up very quickly here during the workweek. so don't get used to the cool air that's coming and this is what you need to know in the fex next 24 hours. you don't feel it much this evening but wake up to the blustery wind and temperatures in the 30s but with abundant sunshine to recover nicely here tomorrow afternoon into the upper 40s but with the wind out of the northwest at about 15 to 20 miles per hour it won't feel like the 49 here in the afternoon hours. here's the temperature trend for tonight, cooling off here
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quickly. after midnight and then again by tomorrow morning, you'll be waking up to temperatures around 40 degrees with the wind out of the north and west. let's walk you through the day. a good amount of sunshine. skies look really nice tomorrow. good travel weather here and could be some wind issues at the airport and they cause some delays and otherwise, picture-perfect weather here with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and then we'll lose the temperatures here after about 4:00 or 5:00 with the sunset. so we'll cool down quite quickly tomorrow evening. travel weather across the area looks good. here for tomorrow with the exception of that wind that will be around here at the airport. that may cause some delays. ten-day forecast. let's get to that here because there's the 49. the cool day tomorrow but right back to 52 less wind on monday and near 60 degree weather. tuesday through thursday. the next storm system i'm tracking there sonis on friday and saturday chilly raw, wet, and windy. turn it over to john. i'm john clark.
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coming up, penn state and temple in action right now. carson wentz on a possible bear trap tomorrow and chip kelly has a new job. let's send simmons. won't play tonight for the sixers. is it just going to be one game or more in that is next. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope.
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what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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check in with kate snow for what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." good evening, kate. >> militants attacked a mosque in egypt as the death toll there surpasses 300. plus a twisted tale as a florida teen under arrest after trying to enter canada. a person of interest in the death of his grandmother in florida. also the unusual treatment. more doctors prescribing for a variety of ailments. no pills involved and a great story about a man who adopts
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senior animals inspiring a lot of others to do the same when we see you in just a few minutes. nbc"nbc nightly news"." see you in a bit. >> look forward to it. thank you. now here's john clark with sports. >> this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. >> john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. sixers going for 30 straight wins tonight. going against the magic tonight. he's going to play through it tonight. ben simmons won't play. hurt left elbow wednesday night in the win over portland. started to swell. now, ben would love to face his friend lebron james on monday night but brett brown does not know yet if ben will be ready. tj mcconnell will start tonight in ben's place. >> can't worry about trying to fill benches up. probably not able to do but we'll be going out there and play hard like we always do.
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>> the sixers are 10-7 this season. they would be the fifth seed in the east right nowif the playoffs started today. they don't, a long way to go. but sixers increased expectations. >> on the court, and the win streak it would be nine straight but is this game a bear trap? no letdown, right wentz? >> the biggest thing for us is i think something we've done well all year is just staying in the moment winning every day winning the week. i know sometimes it sounds redundant and cliche but what we do and every practice every rep, guys go all out and locked in focused and i don't think we have the guys that are going to
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let any of that slip away. >> carson matching. eagles offense rolling. 30 or more and is this offense? played best game yet. >> really good passing game and another game a really good running game but not a truly complete game the 500 yard game. we're excited about it. i think that's why we are excited because we haven't played the best and really good football. >> how about former eagles coach chip kelly? he's back signed a five year deal with ucla over $3 million. eagles niners and ucla totaling almost $80 million even though he lost 19 of the last 23 nfl games. penn state wrapping up the season at maryland. penn state going for a second straight season with at least ten wins. trace mcsorley finds mike here.
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one handed catch. this is nice. up 28-0 at the half. second half saquon barkley, super saquon going to the air penn state leads 52-3 in the fourth quarter and get to ten wins again. temple needing a win to secure their bowl eligibility. this is going to show up as a 9 yard touchdown but he runs down a lot more for the play and the owls are leading 31-20 in the third quarter. flyers back at it monday night in pittsburgh against the penguins. they've lost seven straight with a point in four but seven straight. stop me if you've heard this before and a two goal lead. flyers have to learn to finish. it's crushing their hopes of making the playoffs. they're in last place. >> last four games, below 500. i don't know how many points out of 12.
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we've got to start winning some games. like i said three games out of seven. got to find a way. >> on the other hand have some great sixers highlights at 11:00 for you. back to you. >> thank you, john. look forward to it. dozens of young people in philadelphia are suited up for the winter weather. thanks to operation cold war for kids. nbc 10 at the burlington coat factory and the kids went to the store today and with the help of the personal shopper picked out exactly what they wanted. >> he does experience a cold winter, so being able to make sure that there are more kids who have coats staying warm this winter lets us know we've done our job in these communities. >> alpha phi alpha raised more than $5,000 for this year's event. a final check of the forecast, steve, they put the coats to good use probably tomorrow. not today. >> just for tomorrow though and then warm right back up though. we're all over the place here with the temperatures. so let's walk you through the forecast to show you what you need to know here.
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we do have a lot of changes in the next ten days. the temperatures fall overnight and wind increase overnight so when you wake up tomorrow morning and head out to your errands and the chill. make sure you dress for it because today near 60 and tomorrow morning waking up to the 30s. abundant sunshine in the factor for tomorrow. a nice looking day and dress for the wind. morning temperatures in the 30s and afternoon in the 40s. 8:00, there you go. wind speeds northwest, 10 to 15 miles per hour and want to be on the sunny side of the street here for tomorrow and not abnormally cold for around tomorrow but a change for today. mid to upper 40s and keep the sunshine all the way through the day tomorrow. and it should be a very nice evening tomorrow night, albeit chilly. birds game tomorrow looks fantastic. so let's walk you through the ten-day forecast and this is what i was joking about earlier. you almost need to write this down on a note pad. 49 tomorrow. feels like 40. 52 on monday so sunshine there,
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less wind. by tuesday, up to 58 degrees, abundant sunshine there. the next couple of days we don't have any major storms copping atcop coming at us and then wednesday, 60. that's looking good. this is a lot to keep up with here. and thursday, 66 degrees. the clouds roll in and our next storm system because it's been so quiet, we haven't had many storms around here will be friday to saturday. computer model showing the potential for rain and wind. we'll be tracking that for you. >> a lot about the car wash today. >> next few days great days to get your car wash there. >> dave thank you. that's nbc10 news for now. for steve, john and all of us here i'm denise nakano. we'll see you right back here tomorrow at 11:00. >> closed captioning on nbc10 is brought to you by the ford escape. life is a sport. we are the utility. be unstoppable, only at your local ford store.
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tonight, deadly mosque attack. the death toll exceeds 300 in egypt, as authorities hunt for the gunmen who looked for woreshippers from every window and door. a 15-year-old boy is detained at the canadian border after his grand moesch's body is found in a shallow grave in florida. person of the year. president trump says "time" magazine told him he was probably going to receive the honor for a second year in a row. the magazine says not so fast. doctors orders. the prescription for what ails you may surprise you. with no medication involved. and senior living but in this house, it's for the pets


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