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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  November 26, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EST

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a live look from camel back mountain resort. we'll tell you what to expect in your neighborhood in the first alert forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us am i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark. we are getting ready today for a very blustery and somewhat windy day especially if you're going to the eagles game. over to krystal klei with a look at your first alert neighborhood weather. krystal? because the winds are picking up a little bit, it feels colder than it actually is out there. 39 degrees for the feels like temp in reading. 41 in philadelphia. chill in the air because the winds have cranked up. it cuts through the jacket when you're outside. as we go to the next few hours, a problem we continue to deal
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with. temperatures will not warm much today. from 46 right now to around 48 at 3:00 p.m. the warmest around 50 for the official high in philly. because of the winds, gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. what you're getting the rest of the day. on darr and satellite, stands for your sky condition. a lot of sunshine. i do expect that to continue through the rest of our sunday and actually a good bit of the workweek. how long a dry spell and the warm-up as well. it's all coming up in a few minutes. happening now people are heading home from the thanksgiving holiday making for a very busy day of travel around the region. at least the weather will cooperate. a live look over 30th street station. amtrak tells us avoid the rush get on an early train if possible because trains could
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get packed to capacity later on. the buses are certainly rolling. some travelers got the jump on their trips early this morning. we caught this bus from new york to d.c. making a stop in university city just a few hours ago. state police are expecting plenty of drivers on the turnpike and other major highways. drew smith is keeping an eye on the sky. one of the busiest travel days. drew? >> a lot of these folks have hours of travel ahead of them. right now it's a breeze to get through security here in this terminal though it was a lot busier earlier. the data analysis done bier found out that during thanksgiving weekend philadelphia has the 22nd busiest airport. a lot of folks are connecting through some of the even busier hubs like atlanta which is the busiest airport today.
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we have video around 5:00, that same website found out at 5:00 a.m. it was hectic in here and a lot of people were worried they were going to miss their flight. some families heading out on vacation after this thanksgiving and they said their timing may have been off. what do you think of the line? >> it's going pretty fast. we only got in ten minutes ago. we've traveled quite a ways. luckily they're keeping things pretty efficient. >> reporter: everybody is up early and happy. >> shockingly. it's a miracle. >> reporter: the flight board showing everything is on time. no major weather delays and that is a good thing for people trying to get home without any drama or waiting here in the
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airport. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. breaking news we're following. police tell us that a woman was shot during a home invasion here. this happened around 6:15 this morning near 21st street. officers rushed the woman to presbyterian hospital. we're hearing the intruder pistol-whipped a disabled man living at the home. looking for three or four men wearing masks who ran from the house. the location of a stabbing in center city gave police the upper hand responding to the crime. take a listen. >> two people that knew each other, one stabbed, the other incredibly this occurred in the shadow of a police district.
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>> two officers were gassing up their cars just before 1:00 this morning. one man yelled that he had been stabbed. the officers rushed over and arrested the 57-year-old attacker. a shooting in the city's logan neighborhood has left a man in critical condition. police say he was shot in his neck and arm. you so far police have not made any arrests. police in bucks county narrowed down a case, asking for hem in finding who killed a man and a woman. >> both victims are from philadelphia. police responded to i- 5. reports of a woman running on the road.
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a 60-year-old man and 32-year-old woman were found dead on the on ramp. police think they may have jump the barrier to get there after leaving the car. investigators tell us they found a gun at the scene. police are now calling on any witnesses to come forward and help them solve this case. this morning the police union is praising the quick action of two trenton officers when the union says they were faced with a live-or-death situation. one of them had a handgun in his waistband and started to run. right now he's in the hospital. no one else is hurt. in north jersey police are looking for who have vandalized five churches. they suffered breaken stained glass windows and damage to exterior signs. authorities say they're treating this incident as a possible hate
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crime. the person found burned on top of a septa rail train friday morning at jefferson station. the victim was apparently electrocuted and their clothes and belongings badly burned. police believe the victim is a man between 16 and 20. coming up this morning a grieving country. >> how the people of egypt are responding following the attack on a mosque that left more than 300 people dead. plus, al sharpton weighs in on why he says he wants to help jailed philadelphia rapper meek mill take on the justice system. we are counting down to kickoff. why carson wentz believes the birds are built to last.
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a little cold out there today. not brutally cold during the morning and then chilly in the day but chilly throughout the whole day. you might think this is the and you'd be right. it's more like the 30s. you'll see we go from about 37 to 40 degrees and then we are going to see maybe a degree or two more at best for the feels like conditions in the
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afternoon. feels like 36 degrees right now. the same through 11:00 a.m. and you see through the lehigh valley. mostly clear conditions which is going to help a little bit. the wind are what's making it feel chilly but the sunshine will help out with the cool air. 11:00 a.m., feeling like 43 or so in the afternoon. in new jersey feels like 40 at 11:00 a.m. and 42 along the jersey shore. you see both at 12 miles an hour. we'll talk more about the winds and the feels like conditions coming up in a few. >> thank you, krystal. coming up, cover story controversy. governor ed rendell speaks out about president trump priority
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as "time" magazine disputes trump's person of the year claims. plus, hometown hero, how the eagles are honoring a local vet at today's game who is now on a mission to help others.
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overseas in egypt, three days of mourning following the terrorist attack on a mosque that killed more than 300 lives. authorities say up to 30 gunmen targeted the mosque firing through the windows and doors so there was no way out. isis has yet to claim responsibility but security experts say it's the only group capable of mobilizing so many gunmen. there were reports the militants
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carried the black isis banner. in the aftermath egyptian warplanes bombed vehicles involved in the attack. of the gunmen escaped. a sad day in cleveland. dozens gathered this weekend for a vigil to remember 12-year-old boy killed in a shooting friday night. the gunfire left five other teens hurt. police say the 12-year-old vimd lived in the suburbs and was visiting his father in the city when the gunfire erupted between two teens. the boy got caught in the melee. they called an end to the senseless violence. a border patrol agent who was killed while on the job earlier this month has been laid to rest. martinez and his partner were found in a culvert about 30 milesan border. his partner was seriously injured and can't remember what happened.
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they are trying to sort this out believing both men hit their heads on a culvert. >> a lot of unfinished business before the holiday deadline. tax reform, a possible government shutdown and spending billions. republicans and democrats are expected cooperate on another round of hurricane relief aid and efforts to reauthorize c.h.i.p., the health care program for children, are also on the agenda. just who is the boss? that's the question that needs to be answered tomorrow. the outgoing head named a person but president trump named the current head of the office of management and budget. mull veiny called the agency a joke. trump officials say the law is on their side in terms of the appointment. it's not clear what will happen
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tomorrow morning when both bosses report to work. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is weighing in on the controversy president trump is stirring up about being "time" magazine's person of the year. >> the american people don't give a hoot who is on the cover of "time" zen and wish deeply our president would concentrate on other things. >> the president said he passed on being "time" magazine's person of the year but "time" denies the presidentying on twi is incorrect about how we choose the person of the year. today all eyes will be on the eagles game and you'll also see an veteran from our area who will be honored as the hometown hero. matt delucia spoke to him this afternoon and how he's given back.
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>> reporter: when the birds take the field he will as well honored for his sacrifice. >> it's been ten years since i lost my legs in afghanistan. >> reporter: a roadside bomb changed the course of his life. >> there was some adversity that was dealt with. i never thought i would be doing stuff like this again. >> reporter: like running the philly half marathon last week, running for more than a good time. >> believe it or not, losing my leg was the easy part. i lost my brother to suicide who was on active duty. >> reporter: body and mind, is to be a counselor. the foundation is part of that. in military language it means on the move. >> it's not about me. it's about us maybe an aspect of running for those who can't anymore. >> reporter: with the support of friends and total strangers.
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>> hometown hero. >> having crowd come out and cheer you on is an amazing feeling. >> reporter: something our armed forces rarely see on the battlefield. >> just to be honored by the philadelphia eagles, i'm humbled by that and very excited. i want to make the city of philadelphia proud out there. >> reporter: an eagles fan at heart flying high as a hometown hero. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> and we'll be watching that salute later on this afternoon. you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage before and after the game at 1:00 against the bears. we'll get you started this morning at 9:30 with "eagles gameday kickoff." we have interviews, coverage all right here on nbc 10, the official station of the philadelphia eagles. let's start off and look at your temperatures outside. in our new jersey neighborhood
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the feels like temps are in the low 40s. 41. mt. laurel at 40. we've got these low mid-40s for feels like conditions and really the rest of the day. this is about what it will feel like outside. temperatures will climb, say, five degrees or so. winds will pick up some. feels like conditions. this model is a little cool. those low to mid-40s, could even feel like upper 30s as a result of the winds strengthening. temperatures with windchill in allentown, doylestown and pottstown feel mid to upper 30s.
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then overnight and into the following days we'll see the temperature start to rise. if you're heading to the game, 48 kickoff. consistent. the feels like temps upper 30s to low 40s through the afternoon. you don't have to worry about any rain. it will be quite sunny and just a fun time. those wind speeds sustaining and notice where the winds are coming from, the northwest. that's just what happened. today northwest flow usually pushes in the cooler air. on your radar and satellite, the clear picture we are dealing with, a few scattered clouds
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linger to our west. plenty of sunshine in today's forecast. watch the hour hour model. you see there's no change for 3:00 p.m. no change into tomorrow morning. that trend just keeps going. we'll look at that with your ten day on 10 coming up in a few mince. also coming up a possible tipping point. there were more high profile misduct allegations out of washington. we'll check in and talk live to "meet the press" moderator on chuck todd on what it means moving forward. plus, star power. a young ak on a popular netflix show is helping police on the shore keep people safe on the road. why he's lending a hand in ocean county.
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i'm with chef david banks. >> we're going to make deviled eggs. cut them in half and you see this here, this is the borbon glaze. >> that's bubbling over. >> we've mixed it with mayonnaise and a little bit of mustard and a little bit of dill. >> i'll put it in the bag. the little star tip on so you don't get the same effect. >> so bacon and eggs. >> look at that sticky sauce. so you're going to start with the cast iron dish on top? >> correct. and then the bacon goes down and the eggs go down.
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so that's bacon and eggs. now the toast keeps the egg in place. >> mm-hmm. >> oh, man. a local fraternity is
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showing holiday spirit of young people in our area. >> the fraternity of which i'm a proud member hosted operation cold war for kids. dozens of children to pick out a coat at the burlington store in the kid has the help of a personal shopper to show what they wanted. >> philadelphia does experience a cold winter so being able to make sure that there are more kids warm this winter lets us know we've done our job as alpha men. >> and they raised more than $5,000 for this year's event. >> stranger things, so to speak, are happening. one is about distracted driving and the other when you're pulled over by police. they are still in production. they'll be shown schools throughout the county.
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7:26 on this sunday. if you thought we were going to have an easy sunday, the rush is on for people returning home. a look at how busy it is at the airport. >> reporter: a lot of people are getting on their flights trying to get where they're going and we talked to some people who didn't quite make it on time. make sure you get home on time. it's a clear picture radar satellite. winds are picking up and temperatures are not going to warm much as we go throughout the day. beautiful sun rise now and we're looking at sunny conditions to last your week.
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well, hitting the road, people are heading back home from the thanksgiving holiday. we are live with an update. >> bring on the bears. the eagles are looking to keep their winning streak alive as they take on chicago at the linc. a preview just ahead. >> and looking at a blustery sunday. chilly this morning. the winds will kick up across the area. will the sun be out? >> this is nbc 10 news. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news. i'm dray clark. >> i'm rosemary connors. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking those cool temperatures out there. good morning. we are tracking temperatures on
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the chilly side. here's the funny thing. look at the numbers now and the first will be showing us 20s the last couple of mornings and i was. but while we were starting the 40s, a big difference compared to yesterday we're not going to have a huge warm-up in the afternoon. yesterday a 20-degree warm-up. today may be a few degrees at best. we're at 46 degrees in philly. 4 in the pennsylvania suburbs and 41 in new jersey. we're at 44 in the lehigh valley. a look at the live cam. a good bit of sunshine, scattered clouds. that's going to continue the rest of the day. sunny conditions and 40s around the low 50s. look at the temperature trend here. i said not much of a warm-up. what's happened that cold front i was tracking yesterday is now past so the cold air is mixing down to the ground. that means it's fighting against the afternoon warm-up. so we only see temperatures rise to the upper 50s, upper 40s, rather, and low 50s, and then we
7:32 am
have that sharp drop as we go into tonight. coming up we'll talk more about the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. we'll look at the quick rebound we see during the workweek. things getting near 60 degrees. we'll look at that. all right, thank you, krystal. happening now people across the country are making their way back home. that means it will be a busy travel day around the region. state police expect the most heavily traveled time to begin at noon today. travelers are also expected to pack trains today. this is a live look at 30th street station. amtrak is warning passengers to make sure you get there early if you are, in fact, taking the train anytime today. nbc 10's drew smith is keeping an eye on the holiday travel and, drew, i apologize for calling you matt before the commercial break. fill us in on what's happening there. >> reporter: well, a lot of people are up early and trying to get out to where they need to go this morning and as you can see here in the airline lines are queueing up here. the amount of people traveling
7:33 am
by air this thanksgiving holiday has risen compared to last year. so tsa is asking people to make extra time if they're coming down to the airport. right now things are smooth. but earlier today we had some video of the long lines that queued up around 5:00 this morning. a lot of people had to wait a long time to get through the security checkpoints. they showed up early but apparently didn't leave enough time. we talked to one passenger who had to miss his flight. >> yeah, mine is in 15 minutes from now. >> reporter: you don't think you're going to make it? >> i most likely will not make my flight. i'll see if i can get a connecting later on. >> reporter: what do you think of this line? were you surprised to see it so long? >> it would be good if we could get extra notice to come here earlier or how to prepare for it. a lot of us are from out of state obviously so i didn't come prepared for this. >> reporter: so the airport
7:34 am
reminding people to give two hours if you're flying domestic. three hours international so you can get through the security lines on time. as we were watching people wait in line, the people had that tsa precheck. that seemed like a perk you might want to get to travel. we're live at the airport, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. new this morning a man in critical condition after police say he was shot in the chest and arm in philadelphia. it happened at around 2:00 this morning on wellington street. police are looking for a car with three people inside. police need your help after a deadly shooting on i-95. >> they are hoping witnesses will come forward with information about the death of a man and a woman. state police had a report of a woman running along the highway in woodhaven road in bensalem. they arrived to find a woman and a man dead on the on ramp. more than half a dozen evidence
7:35 am
markers outline the area where police found the victims. investigators also discovered a silver suv nearby on 95 with a passenger door open and hazard warning lights on. police believe the couple left the suv and jumped the barrier to get to the on ramp of the interstate. officers found a gun. they tell us both victims are from philadelphia. police say the man was 60 years old. the woman 32. >> reverend al sharpton and his support to free meek mill. sharpton said he plans to meet tomorrow with mill at the chester prison where he's being held. mill received a two to four year prison sentence for repeatedly violating probation in a nearly decades old gun and drug case. prosecutors recommended against prison time. the judge disagreed. sharpton called the sentence excessive. >> just because someone does something that is does not give you the right to do wrong to them. the sentence must fit the
7:36 am
violation. two wrongs don't make one civil right. >> and mill's legal team filed a motion to have the judge recuse herself arguing she's been unjust. >> the day season is off to a very strong start in philadelphia. small business saturday brought out thousands looking for deep discounts while shopping local. philadelphia mayor jim kenney put his money where his mouth is. he said he would go out on small business. he bought a new suit to promote community. it was a stop on a walking tour of the 52nd street corridor. free parking through the season to keep you shopping local. on saturdays from now until the new year you don't need to feed a meter on the street after 11 clock in the morning. department stores say black friday delivered huge sales boost. kohl's claims it had a record-breaking thanksgiving in stores and online.
7:37 am
jcpnney said its website received the most visits of any day this year. hoping to score some big deals on cyber monday. helping you find those bargains and tips on how to get the most bang for your buck. that is tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. coming up, a new home for the holidays. how you can ad a furry friend to your family today free of charge. plus, on a roll. highlights in your sunday morning sports.
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without that annoying lactose. mmm. good, right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. and now, try our real sour cream. it's delicious. welcome back. meteorologist krystal klei here and we are talking the eagles forecast. head to the game, kick is at 1:00 this afternoon. now temperatures are going to rise just a few degrees as we go the next few hours. pushing us into the upper 40s and near 50 degrees. you see that's where we stay through the end of the game, 4:00. the problem is right here. winds are going to be gusting to 25 to 30 miles per hour and that will make it feel like the upper 30s and low 40s throughout the
7:41 am
game. layer up as you get out there and decide for yourself if you want to peel one of the layers off. those winds will slice through. here is the good news aside from a few snow showers passing through parts of new england, there's just some showers that are falling along the pacific northwest. the rest of the entire country dry and pretty quiet. if you're driving in slick spots in the northeast and possibly some minor delays in the northwest up through northern california. overall good travel weather and a warming trend coming up. nbc's chuck todd joins us live with a preview of this morning's "meet the press." and the challenges facing congress when lawmakers return to washington following the
7:42 am
thanksgiving recess. plus, what's next as more high-profile politicians face sexual misconduct accusations. and flying high, why carson wentz says this team will not let up as the eagles try to keep a winning streak alive and well, all that and more coming up.
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take a look at this morning's headlines, one man is under arrest and another is in the hospital after a stabbing in center city, philadelphia. police were quick to this one because it happened right next to their. it is one of the busiest travel days of the year, tens of millions are heading home from the thanksgiving destination. we've already seen long but moving lines as security at philadelphia international. you need to catch a plane, two hours for domestic flights, three hours for international. it is game day for the birds. the eagles are looking to stay on a roll as they take on the bears at lincoln financial field at 1:00 this morning looking good out there. it should be prettiy.
7:46 am
the eagles are a 14-point favorite chicago. after the win against the rival cowboys, the eagles need to avoid a letdown against the bears. quarterback carson wentz talked about how the birds are trying to stay sharp. >> stay in the moment and win every day, winning the week. it's really what we do. >> and count on nbc 10 for complete coverage before and after the game against the bears today. if other news, temple became bowl eligible after defeating tulsa on the road in oklahoma yesterday. temple dominated the golden hurricanes 43 to 22. in the fourth straight year the owls are bowl eligible. four games after dropping the orlando magic last night. j.j. redick knocked down and
7:47 am
joel embiid was sick in bed all day showed up for the game. ben simmons with a swollen left elbow. they cruise to an early win. >> how about our fans, are you kidding me? it's fantastic. >> the sixers take on lebron james and the cavaliers at the wells fargo center. going for the title, six teams from the north philadelphia aztecs football and cheerleading program are heading to the pop warner national championship in orlando, florida. wayne allen died earlier this year. if you've been thinking
7:48 am
about bringing a pet home for the holidays, today is the day to do it. you can give shelter animals a new home for. the animal care and control team of philadelphia is offering free pet adoptions at their main shelter. let's talk temperatures outside and what it feels like currently. they've been going through neighborhoods and many are feeling like upper 30s, the same in the suburbs. a lot of 40s on the map. feeling like 41. you're feeling like 42 and north wales at 41 degrees. you can handle -- and you might see this and think if it's anything like yesterday we have a big warm-up and we're starting mild.
7:49 am
today we are behind the cold front. so things are clear. any moisture broadened with clouds yesterday afternoon has been flaked on out of here. because the cold front has passed, the winds are kicking up a bit. gusts with 15 miles an hour sustained winds in the. and the winds have changed direction. they're now coming from the northwest. and we know the drill. southwest brings warmer air. northwest winds, they bring the cooler air, and that's what will happen today. yesterday a high of 58 degrees in philadelphia. today forecast high, 50. winds will actually feel even ki cooler. a jacket this morning you'll keep on this afternoon. low 40s through 50. upper 30s and low 40s in the subur suburbs. although actual temperatures will make their way into the mid-40s and we will see sunny to mostly sunny conditions. it's dry, it's sunny, it's just
7:50 am
chilly out there and windy in the afternoon. 48 is the temperature. feels like the mid-40s in the jersey shore this afternoon. and about the same throughout parts of delaware, the forecast high officially at 48. your hour by hour model. we go from morning to afternoon and then it's a clear picture from afternoon to the overnight. tomorrow morning for your morning commute also going to be dry. check this out. we go through the rest of unsunday, plenty of sunshine. this is not just a little fluke, we're talking a big warm-up and sunshine as we go throughout your workweek. track that out with a trend on your ten day on 10 in a few minutes. all right, thank you, krystal. this week we saw more sexual misconduct accusations including one against the longest serving democrat in congress. it's just one of the topics on this week's "meet the press." live from washington is "meet the press" modor chuck todd. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> chuck, this morning you'll be
7:51 am
talking to minority leader nancy pelosi. she is calling for an ethics investigation to john conyers of michigan. here is the deal, are we reaching a tipping point when it comes to this flood of sexual harassment allegations. is there going to be change here? >> i think change is coming but i already when you look at the slow response frankly from democrats calling for john conyers' resignation only one sitting member has done that the democratic side of the aisle. you have people not even only one has called for him to be removed from his committee post on the judiciary committee. one of the accusers worked. so, look, i think we still have elected political leaders who view accusations differently depending on the party i.d. of the person accused. you still see democrats being lighter on democrats who are accused and republicans being lighter on republicans accused. until that changes, we're not at a tipping point in the world of
7:52 am
politics on this issue. >> chuck, the other big deal on capitol hill is tax reform. we know members of congress will be getting back to work after the thanksgiving recess. the house has passed its version. the senate has work to do. where do we stand with the future of the bill? >> look, i think the few is bright but politically it may not be a bill that serve the purposes they hope it will serve. the messaging behind the bill has been a mess. analysis has not shown this idea everybody gets a tax cut. right now most analysis shows a big chunk of the middle class may see their tax bill go up if you combine state and local tax bill together, and that is going to have an impact. i think the larger issue, in fact, is going to be the outside forces. the issue the alabama senate race. possibly more accusations of more members of congress and
7:53 am
sexual misconduct, the issue of the settlements that took place that were quiet and settled privately with taxpayer money. i think that entire issue will have an impact. the point is we're heading to a mess before congress goes home for the holiday. >> that means you'll be a busy man as we wind up the year. >> i'd like to think that. >> we have full employment. >> "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. thank you for being with us. minority leader nancy pelosi will all join chuck todd on this morning's "meet the press" coming your way at 10:30 on nbc 10.
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that music usually means eagles, and we're just a few hours away from kickoff at lincoln financial field. the birds are taking on the bum bears at 1:00. the eagles are riding an eight-game win streak and they are a big favorite against the 3-7 chicago bears. >> so i realize that none of us is wearing eagles green this morning. however, our floor director is. she has her eagles shirt on, eagles green sweater so we're covered. >> can i be fair? i've worn one three weeks in a row. i'm out of green. i swear i'm going to the dry cleaner's soon. this is a look on broad street
7:57 am
in center city. dry roads active already. some people are in the shopping mood. it will be fine to be outside but it's a little cool. 46 right now in philly. 43 in the suburbs. you see 40s through new jersey, the lehigh valley, delaware. some clouds over the lehigh valley but otherwise plenty of sunshine out there. now the rest of the day we really don't warm much. it might seem mild to start but we only get up to 50 in philly and it will be windy which at the game means it will feel more like the low 40s about game time. so do prep for the chilly weather. still breezy tomorrow at 52. look at the warm-up. 58 tuesday. 59 wednesday. 56 thursday. sunshine galore. we don't have a chance of rain until friday into saturday so this is a dry and for this time of year kind of warm forecast. >> yeah, hovering near 60. >> i'm not sure if i'm excited about that. now in december i think i want it to be colder. >> krystal -- >> did i say that?
7:58 am
>> february 1 you'll be excited for that. we'll see you back here at 9:00. >> have a great sunday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this november 26th, i'm willie geist. i hope you're enjoying the long weekend. many of you will be taking to the roads. we're live at the busiest airport with a look at how your trip is going to look today. plus, president trump engaged in a war of words with both "time magazine" and cnn. all while trying to rally a vote in t


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