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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 26, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this november 26th, i'm willie geist. i hope you're enjoying the long weekend. many of you will be taking to the roads. we're live at the busiest airport with a look at how your trip is going to look today. plus, president trump engaged in a war of words with both "time magazine" and cnn. all while trying to rally a vote in the senate on tax reform.
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and later a sunday sitdown with one of the biggest moguls in hollywood. tyler perry. writer, producer, director, actor, whose beloved characters and business savvy have taken him from a childhood poverty to media empire. >> work is a drug. i love it. i love every minute of it. i love every time i'm doing it. >> a sunday sitdown with tyler perry later in the show. let's begin with the mad dash home before the start of the work week. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. nearly 50 million people will be traveling by plane, train or automobile. nbc's kerry sanders is at the nation's busiest airport for us in atlanta. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. yes, it has begun. that chore that is associated with all thanksgiving holidays, travel. let's take a look at the flight aware map right now. these are the flights that are airborne over the united states.
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right now 49 flights delayed, one canceled and of course those numbers will fluctuate throughout the day. now if you think back just a few days ago, willie, when you were heading wherever you were going for thanksgiving, on a plane you might have complained that the seat felt a little uncomfortable, a little small. well, now add to the calculation too many plates of turkey, mashed potatoes and pie and add it all back up when you got on the plane you're likely to think you and everyone around you has a smaller seat now. this morning it's already busy, but with mostly good weather so far most flights are on time. if only you had left 12 hours earlier. this was fourth myers. >> la gaud yeah the same. >> with airfares their lowest in years and 4 million people flying this week, the airlines are encouraging passengers to check in online, check luggage
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even though it may cost extra and get to the airport two hours early. on wednesday that was critical. >> i got here with enough time. >> reporter: on the roads the earlier you leave, the lighter the traffic. some 45.5 million people will be on the roads and by noon in most parts of the country it will feel like rush hour. you might want to check if your flight is on time because i just got an e-mail that i have a flight later today and it is now delayed by five hours, willie. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: definitely check. >> that flight aware map is staggering. hard to believe all those planes can be in the sky at the same time. kerry, good luck. president trump will be among those heading home traveling back to washington where he has a busy week ahead of him. overnight the president got into another twitter fight with cnn. that comes on the eve of an anticipated vote on tax reform and a battle over who will control the consumer financial
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protection agency. kelly o'donnell is near the president's mar-a-lago estate in west palm beach, florida. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. president trump winds down his time in palm beach later this afternoon. this has been his first visit back to mar-a-lago in seven months. perhaps he's rested, recharged, ready for multiple fights heading back to washington where he has a very busy end of year to-do list. president trump is making use of twitter's new expanded message size to magnify his fight with a frequent media critic, cnn. the president expounded last night. fox news is much more important in the united states than cnn, but outside of the u.s. cnn international is still a major source of fake news and they represent our nation to the world very poorly. the outside world does not see the truth from them. cnn engaged. its public relations team fired
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back. it's not cnn's job to represent the u.s. to the world. that's yours. our job is to report the news. more than words, this comes days after the president's justice department filed suit to block the merger of cnn's parent company time warner and at&t. today president trump goes back to washington after a power play over who's in charge at the consumer financial protection bureau, an independent agency created during the obama years by elizabeth warren. >> this is a big test for donald trump. he said on the campaign trail that he would stand up to wall street. >> reporter: overnight the department of justice declared in an eight-page memo, we conclude that the president may designate an acting director. a sudden vacancy came when obama appointee richard cordre resigned and named his temporary
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predecessor as prescribed by law but the white house said the president gets to decide and named a fierce critic of the bureau, mick mulvaney. >> who knows better than how to protect the people of ohio. >> reporter: president trump trashed the cfpb. a total disaster claiming financial institutions have been devastated. republicans object to its regulation while democrats argue it's been good for consumers. the tug of war as the president continues to deliver on a promise. >> now we're working on tax cuts, big, fat beautiful tax cuts. >> reporter: and on tuesday president trump heads to capitol hill where he will meet with senate republicans just days in advance of their vote on those tax cuts and there's work to do. there are not enough votes yet to pass it and he needs to make some new in roads to sell this
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package to the american people as well. will he deliver on his promise? willie? >> kelly o'donnell traveling with the president as always. kelly, thank you very much. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." good morning. good to see you. i'm going back and starting with the twitter war if i can. today cnn, the other day it was "time magazine." he went back to the nfl. earlier in the week it was with lavar ball, the father of three basketball players who the president deemed not grateful enough for his work getting one of his sons out of china after he was arrested for shoplifting. we know the rhythm of these. they serve as a distraction. no substantive purpose. >> reporter: it's a distraction from everything. he's distracting from the focus possibly from back on the issue of this sexual harassment allegations that are basically impacting the politics of both political parties right now so it, of course, brings back those allegations against him.
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they don't have a major accomplishment to tout. you throw all of these in there. every issue you just mentioned is just red meat for the base. he's throwing them something to do and to chew over over the holiday weekend so they don't chew over other things. that's what the president does. but, look, this is going to be a crazy last three or four weeks of this year. obviously to say that in this first year of this presidency is an understatement, but when you look at everything that's come in, they're trying to rush this tax bill. the roy moore distraction. i think the anvil of sexual harassment that is hanging over the head of many members of congress over the next three weeks where more allegations are likely to come out. i think we're headed for more chaos politically, willie. >> let's zero in on one of those. the tax bill. we stalk we talked about it last week. whether the senate can pass a bill like the house did. the president's going up to rally the troops and try to whip
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up some support. there will be some dissenters. ron johnson, susan collins said she's going to wait to see what's in the bill. two republicans. do you think at the end of the day he gets what he wants? if the president doesn't get through tax reform and he's standing there on new year's eve without any major legislative achievement to show for his first year in office, what does that mean to him? >> it's that last issue frankly that a whole bunch of republicans on capitol hill are worried about dealing with. ending this year going into next year with no major accomplishment for unified control of government. i think that urgency, willie, is why this bill is going to pass. i have to tell you, they still have a political problem even if they pass this bill. the perception of this bill is already in the negative, not the positive for them. people do not believe the benefits that the president is saying are going to come to them. they only believe the benefits that are going to the corporations. that in itself is politically a problem, never mind all of the other issues that make congress look inept at this point in time
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as well. >> this tax bill is not polling well. chuck, we'll be watching on "meet the press." if you beat clemson next week, you're still in. you're still in the playoff. we'll be watching "meet the press" when chuck is joined by house minority leader nancy pelosi, anita hill about sexual misconduct in the workplace and republican senator rob portman. some other headlines this morning, the terrorists who carried out the horrific attack on a mosque in egypt on friday have not been captured. more than 300 people, including 27 children were killed when terrorists opened the attack on worshippers inside the mosque and then others outside as they tried to flee. isis has not claimed responsibility technically, but the gunman flew the isis flag during the attack. some spectacular images this morning after a volcano erupted on bali spewing ash and sending thick black smoke into the sky. this is the second time this week the volcano has erupted. several flights were canceled
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but the airlines say operations are back to normal today. after a busy black friday and small business saturday, retailers are looking ahead to cyber monday. analysts say a record $5 billion was spent in online sales on black friday alone. that's on top of the nearly 3 billion spent on thanksgiving day. analysts are predicting cyber monday will be bigger with an estimated $6.5 billion in sales. it was another shakeup saturday in college football. auburn upset its top ranked rival alabama in the annual iron bowl knocking off the undefeated crimson tide, 26-14. alabama will now have to wait anxiously to see if it will make the four team college football playoff for a fourth consecutive year. meanwhile, the sec fined auburn $250,000 after the fans rushed the field to celebrate the team's victory. price i suspect auburn will pay gladly for beating the tide. dylan's here with a check of the holiday weekend travel weather.
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>> hello, willie. a lot of people still traveling today. most of the country like it's been most of the weekend looks okay although it will get a little tricky in the northeast and out west. let's start with the big storm out in the pacific northwest. heavy rain, mountain snow. about a foot or so. gusty winds. seattle and portland could see significant delays at the airports. you'll see probably some slowdowns on the roads because of the torrential slowdowns and could be affected by the wind. northeast, could get gusty. that could cause minor delays into new england. that lake effect snow will kick in. could see three to four good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. we're tracking temperatures that will feel cooler than they actually are due to the breezy to windy conditions. 50 in center city. 42 in the noon thanks to those winds. it's a chilly day as we progress through our afternoon. 46 in westchester and allentown.
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feeling closer to about 40 degrees. 42 for the feels like temp. mid-40s over the jersey shore and in delaware close to 50 for our highs. and that's your latest forecast. dylan, straight ahead your highs and lows of the week. the homeless man's jenner ross to a stranded driver is being repaid. the city bus that became an interneat meme this week by pulling up just in time to block the view of history. and later on this nfl sunday, the push by one active player to open the door for marijuana to be used as treatment for the league's aching bodies and minds. >> it's all about the medical uses of it. it's not about guys getting high. >> it's all coming up on "sunday today." as we head to break, our photo of the week. wish bone, the turkey, taking questions in the briefing room at the white house moments before being pardoned by president trump. ♪
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all right. dylan and i are ready to whip through the highs and the lows of the week. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> first high goes to a homeless man named johnny and to the woman rallying the world to repay his generosity. 27-year-old kate mcclure ran out of gas on interstate 95 outside of philadelphia. johnny said it wasn't safe to leave her car so he offered to do it. since kate didn't have a nickel with her, johnny also offered to pay have the very last of the money he had. kate stopped again later to see johnny several times in the days that followed giving him a jacket, hat, gloves, socks, food, a few bucks but she wanted to do more so kate set up a go fund me page and told the story trying to raise $10,000 for johnny to get an apartment and some living expenses as the cold winter rolls in. well, as of this morning, the page has raised, are you ready for this, dylan, $364,000.
8:19 am
>> goodness. >> with donations big and small coming from around the world. now johnny told kate he doesn't want to take advantage of all of that generosity and will take the amount he needs to find a place and then donate the rest to charity. >> wow. >> now i'm hearing that story. if i'm an employer and i hear that guy i want him to work for my company. now let's get him a job. >> the whole story is incredible that people watching this are saying, i also want to help this guy. everybody's generosity. >> a lot of good people doing the right thing. first logos to the atlanta city bus that pulls into the stop just in time to block the view of one camera blocking the live spectacular demolition of the georgia dome football stadium. [ bleep ]. >> bus. >> the 25-year-old stadium
8:20 am
that's hosted super bowls, final fours, the 1996 olympics collapsed into itself with the help of controlled explosives but you sure wouldn't have known it watching that angle on the weather channel. the stadium was there as the marta bus pulled up but after it pulled away 12 seconds later, just a giant dust cloud. the cameraman's audible frustration, where you heard the beeps, made it all the more amusing for the internet. the memes came early and often. here is the marta bus sliding in to block the moon landing and here's the marta bus rolling into the picture just as barry bonds breaks the all-time home run record in 2001. nicely done, internet. you never disappoint. >> ironic if that bus was never on time. our next high goes to the newfoundland spirit on display during an airport delay in toronto. the gate area is a tense, unpleasant place typically.
8:21 am
the good folks heading home to newfoundland were tense nor unpleasant, and they had instruments. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's during a delay. business traveller pulled out her camera, recorded the scene as musicians shawn sullivan and sheldon thornhill whipped out an accordion. they sang and danced through the delay. when the group finally got the boarding call the instruments were packed away. the passengers learned it would be 30 more minutes. they pulled out the instruments again and started dancing. that is the spirit of a great people in newfoundland. i mean, they -- >> i've been up there. >> -- happy, good people. >> very friendly. >> if you've never seen the broadway show "come from away" you know the spirit of these people. look it up. final low comes from the level of pressure at black friday sales outside the united states. here in america shoppers bolt
8:22 am
their shanks giving tables to get the right to stampede through department and electronics stores for black friday deals. this year the annual pushing, shoving all out mall brawl continues. every year we see footage of mild mannered canadians calmly strolling into a best buy. let's check in in great britain. here's the wild scene at a mall in manchester. well, the footage taken by a reporter for the bbc shows the utter pandemonium as a steel gate rolls up and runs under it to calmly buy a scented candle. that's how you do it. get there a couple minutes early. >> i like that he had to duck under. >> right. exactly. >> the gate there. >> didn't wait a few seconds. coming up next, a sunday sitdown with tyler perry. how oprah inspired a career that started in poverty and has turned into a multi-billion dollar media empire y.
8:23 am
then the young opera virtuoso who got to go to a school. you can go over to facebook live joining me and dylan for a facebook live chat. all coming up in two minutes on "sunday today." oats seem pretty simple, right? they're actually kind of extraordinary. see, oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. beta-what? stay with me here. this is where it gets interesting. this fiber really doesn't like cholesterol. so, it traps some of the bad cholesterol and shows it a thing or two. making quaker oats a delicious part of a heart-healthy diet. high-five, fiber. ♪ lips lose natural color lackluster lips? don't think so. over time. chapstick total hydration moisture + tint. our 100% natural moisturizing formulas
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good morning. i'm dray clark. at 8:27 this morning, first
8:27 am
alert meteorologist krystal klei with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. good morning, krystal. good morning, dray. tracking temperatures in the 40s. the problem is they don't warm up much more the rest of the day. we're at 46 in philadelphia. scattered clouds overhead. a more clear picture in the pennsylvania suburbs. 44 in the lehigh valley with partliy conditions. but i think the clouds will thin out as we get later into the day. looking mostly sunny, and there's a temperature trend. we'll pick the numbers to the upper 40s and low 50s for highs. all right. thank you, krystal. we're following breaking news in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood. a woman was shot. it happened 6:15 near 21st street. investigators tell us the intruders pistol-whipped a disabled man as well who lived at the home. they are looking for three or four men wearing masks who ran away from the house. tens of millions of people are heading home from their thanksgiving destinations. we've already seen long security lines at philly international.
8:28 am
if you need to catch a flight, give yourself plenty of time. and today the eagles are looking to stay on a roll. this is a live look at the field. game time set for 1:00 today. philly is looking for its ninth straight win. they are a 14-point favorite against the bears today. that's all for now. now back to the "today" show.
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hey, i've got to go out of town. i was wondering if you could come by and take care of tiffany. >> no, i can't do that. it's halloween night. i can't go away. >> i'll pay you. >> i'm on my way. >> that is media, creation of tyler perry. he plays her under that wig and dress. depending on the day, tyler perry is aen actor, writer, producer, director and an entrepreneur, often all in the same day. perry grew up in poverty. today his personal net worth is estimated at nearly half a billion dollars and he's earned it. tyler once worked as a shoe shine, bill collector and a used car salesman to earn the money he needed to put on his first stage production. over two decades he has built an empire to impress even his inspiration mentor and friend oprah winfrey.
8:31 am
tyler and i got together for a sunday sitdown at fish bowl, at the dream hotel mid down here in manhattan. >> i'm media, ma to the damn dea. >> media is a pistol packing, tough talking politically incorrect grandma. >> does santa work at the north pole? >> no, he doesn't work. he's trifle i have to pay all the bills. kind of like your mama, bye. >> under the wig and dress is a soft spoken gentleman who happens to be one of the most powerful people in hollywood. >> hello. >> tyler perry's creation first appeared on the big screen in the 2005 movie diary of a mad black woman. she became a favorite. >> i'm going to do it. >> is that a blast to play that character? >> no. >> it's not? >> no. are you kidding me? >> why? >> it's uncomfortable, hot. i hate the wig. the panty host are pulling the
8:32 am
hair off my legs. the shoes are too tight. all around not a good time but the great time i have is watching the audience reaction to it when it's done so i enjoy that. >> when the movie comes out, it's a big hit, oh, man, i have to do another one of these. >> i never want to be that guy. the minute the people stop coming, that broad is dead. she's dead. >> those panty hose may be uncomfortable, but media has been very good to perry. they've brought in $500 million at the box office. the character is a reflection, perry says, of the grandmothers he knew growing up in new orleans. he was born emmitt perry jr. he grew up in a home with an abusive father also named emmitt. at 16 perry jr. legally changed his name to tyler in an attempt to escape his father's name and legacy. >> the abuse you were suffering at the hands of your dad, the abuse your mother was suffering at the hands of your father, do
8:33 am
you think you knew as a kid this is bad and i've got to get out of here? >> oh, no, for sure. i clearly knew that the feeling of a -- kids carry the whole burden of their parents and i took on the burden of my mother and her pain and suffering and i felt very compelled to try and do all i could to make her happy and make her smile and make her laugh. i'm a great man of faith because of my mother. no matter how dark it was, no matter how difficult it was she would take me to church and there was always hope. >> perry's new book "higher is waiting" is a spiritual pep talk from people who feel hopeless. from a man who has been there. >> i have a vivid imagination. i could be in the middle of hell, screaming, yelling, go into a beautiful place where there's grass and trees and a park in my head. >> what tyler as a kid did you dream about being when you dpru up? what was possible from where you were sitting? >> i wanted to be an architect.
8:34 am
a school teacher asked me what did we want to be? i want to be a teacher, i want to be a preacher. when it gets to me i said, i want to be a millionaire and he goes, well, you're never going to make it because you're poor and black. he said, the system is set up against you, it's never going to happen. >> luckily perry was not convinced by that argument. he worked odd jobs while he began to write plays. he was working as a janitor, in fact, when he had his first brush with a woman who later would change his wife. >> and is the story true, tyler, that you were working in a hotel and she was staying in a room. >> yeah. >> and you ran into her. >> i vacuumed that hallway all day long because i knew she had to get off that elevator to go to the room. >> did you get her autograph? >> i got her autograph the day she was leaving. i was vacuuming the floor. can i have your autograph please? she turns around and she puts an o on the page. it was a good moment. >> it was oprah, now the god mother to perry's 3-year-old son, who inspired him to begin
8:35 am
writing. >> i was watching the oprah show back in the early '90s when she said it was cathartic to write things down. so i started writing stories down. they were coming page by page, long form by hand, and in that whole situation all this was born. it's interesting how you fall into your destiny sometimes. >> tyler left home and moved to atlanta at 21 with the wild dream of putting on shows for a living. he financed his first play "i know i've been changed" with his life's savings of $12,000. on the first night only 30 people showed up. >> and things kept falling apart. i worked for seven, eight years to get this show up. nothing worked. >> homeless and living out of his car, perry was ready to give up, and then something happened. >> march 12th, 1998, when we played the house of blues when everything changed. i'll never forget that night, that line around the corner. >> where did the line around the corner come from? >> i did a few things different in that show.
8:36 am
i hired a bunch of local stars. >> perry was on to something. >> did you have to tear up her flowers? >> she owed me $20. >> soon he was performing 3 -- 300 shows a year. he toured along the south chitland circuit, a historic term used for black friendly venues where artists like ray charles, billy holiday and duke ellington got their starts. those big crowds followed perry into movie theaters. he's the maestro behind 19 movies, 20 plays and seven tv shows with more on the way. altogether his projects have grossed more than $2 billion and perry has a hand in every detail of production, from script writing, to directing, to acting. >> the work is a drug to me. i love it. i love it every -- i love every minute of it. >> in 2015 tyler's company, tyler perry studios, purchased a
8:37 am
330 acre former army base to house his empire. when it's completed, the new studios will be twice the size of the warner brothers lot in california. >> do you still get pinch me moments? >> every day. >> do you? >> every day, man. i drive into that studio down at fourth mcfear son realizing it was once a confederate army base and now i'm the steward over it. i've been given charge to make sure that it's taken care of. every day i go in there going, god, this is amazing. >> you have a young son of your own now. >> yeah. >> which by all accounts like any dad has changed you. do you remember all the things that happen in your childhood and go way the opposite? >> what i realized is i learned in reverse. if i just don't do the things that my father did, with the exception of supporting and taking care of, then i've got my answer on how to raise him. >> next month tyler begins a new project and it's a long way from madea. he's playing colin powell in an
8:38 am
upcoming film about former vice president dick cheney. >> i'm studying everything i can. i look at mannerisms, how he thinks, how he moves. i'm not going to be the guy that goes up, i'm colin powell, hello. you know what i mean? so i'm working on getting it right. >> you don't want to slip into the madea voice when you're part of the u.n. security council? >> god forbid. >> tyler may not like madea's panty hose but he'll be wearing them again in 2018. tyler's book "higher is waiting." despite the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, emmitt. he provides him with a home and food. those are the only two things emmitt gave him as a child. to hear more on that and more from all of our sunday sitdowns, check out our web extras at at home with one of the hottest acts in music. chris stapleton and his wife
8:39 am
morgan. for years he was the guy who wrote the songs for the stars in nashville, now he's one of them. with a string of number one albums and the awards to go with them. we're on the farm with chris stapleton next week on "sunday today." dylan is back with the weather. >> hello, willie. record heat to make its way into the middle of the country. light snow into new england on monday. the storm that's making its way into western areas will begin to move through the rockies. on wednesday, sunny and mild across most of the country. rocky, stormy down south. by the end of the week we will see some pockets of heavier rain and higher elevation snow up and do good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. tracking temperatures that will feel cooler than they are due to the breezy to windy conditions. 50s the forecast high in center city. it will feel like 42 in the afternoon to those winds. so it's a chilly day as we
8:40 am
progress through our afternoon. 46 in westchester and allentown. feeling closer to about 40 degrees. 42 for the feels like temp. mid-40s at the shore. in delaware close to 50 our high. and that's your latest forecast. >> we'll see you in a couple of minutes. all we know about the physical beating taken by the bodies and minds of professional football players, there's a new idea about treating them. marijuana. we'll tell you how the league feels about that. "volatile markets." something we all think about as we head into retirement. it's why brighthouse financial is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial
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established by metlife. feel the power of thenew power...smax. fight back theraflu's powerful new formula to defeat 7 cold and flu symptoms... fast. so you can play on. theraflu expressmax. new power. when you watch your favorite nfl team later today, you'll see world class athletes engaging on every play in what amounts to a series of small car crashes. as research tells us the toll of big fast men colliding with each other at high speeds is devastating to their bodies and minds. nbc's dotty schwartz looks at
8:42 am
the growing movement to introduce a new controversial treatment for those injuries. >> reporter: tennessee titans derek morgan might seem like a man of contradictions. a vegan lineman who is fierce on the field and gentle family man at home. >> there you go. >> reporter: he's also the only active player openly advocating for the league to change on cannabis even though he doesn't use it. >> it's about medicine. it's not about guys getting high, it's guys trying to be helped with their ailments that come with playing football. >> to morgan it's the nfl stance on marijuana. >> we're sponsored by alcoholic beverage companies. >> prescribing opioid painkillers while the use of medical marijuana is banned. >> i think opioids are way more addictive than the cannabis plant. >> something evan brittain
8:43 am
knows. >> throughout my football career i've probably experienced a handful of concussions. >> after six seasons of playing in the nfl the gridiron grind has taken its toll. >> i've dislocated my shoulder, herniated my disks in my back. the way it's dealt with is prescription, anti-inflammatories and open it' opiates. he gravitate the towards cannabis. >> i used cannabis pretty much throughout my nfl career. cannabis was the only thing that i could really come home and it helped me relax and recover and it rejuvenated me not only physically but, you know, psychologically and emotionally for another day of the grind. >> while marijuana remains a band substance in the nfl, it wasn't difficult to get around testing. >> i stopped my consumption of cannabis in a timely manner to
8:44 am
make sure i was free of any canaboid. once i completed it i was able to consume it whenever i needed it. >> like britton, morgan's biggest concern is protecting his brain. cbd might have the ability to protect the brain by reducing inflammation without causing a high. >> that's really what sparked my interest in it. the neural protecting qualities of cbd. >> doctors like david cassaratz say there's still a lot of research to be done. >> i think we should loosen the restrictions, give players a chance to use in a way that's observed so we can learn what effect medical marijuana is having on them. >> but the nfl sees marijuana through a cloud of suspicion. players fined millions for failing drug tests. the league's commissioner, roger goodell, skeptical speaking to espn earlier this year. >> it does have addictive nature. there are a lot of compounds in
8:45 am
marijuana that may not be healthy for the players long term. >> he clearly doesn't understand the full picture. nfl players are four times more likely to abuse opioids than the average american and concussions and cte. they need to find a solution. >> in a sign of possible change, the league recently wrote a letter to the player's association offering to work together in studying marijuana in pain management, research that could see further acceptance of cannabis in football. the nfl did not respond to repeated interviews but morgan is hoping for progress. >> what do you want to see happen within the nfl when it comes to marijuana. >> more acceptance. as a league you have to look at alternatives for pain management. >> for "sunday today," goddi scharts. >> thank you. the young opera phenom getting support from his community to make sure his voice is heard. >> opera? >> yes, opera. >> your friends laugh?
8:46 am
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some artists are just born with a gift, to paint, to write, to play, to sing, but the gift is only the beginning of a success story. the hunger to perfect the gift and the support of others along that road are just as important. in our sunday closer, kerry sanders introduces us to a young man with a gift of a world class voice and the community that's making sure the world hears it. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: anthony anderson considers himself lucky. he snagged a part-time job assembling furniture at his old middle school, but truth be told, anthony's life has never been lucky. the youngest of seven, he grew up without a father. >> here's a picture of my father. i keep it on my mirror to remind me of him. >> reporter: when anthony was 3 his dad was killed in a drive-by shooting. last year anthony was so proud he was leaving washington's inner city headed off to college, but after just one
8:50 am
semester at virginia commonwealth university he was forced out. just couldn't afford the tuition bill, this from a kid who in high school learned to speak german and italian stretching his jaw all part of a most unusual dream. like his friends who listened to rap and hip-hop, anthony had never heard of la traviata but something inside him drew anthony to opera. ♪ ♪ >> opera? >> yes, opera. >> your friends laugh? >> yeah, they did, but not anymore. >> but after four years at duke ellington high school for the arts and countless hours working with private tutor michael crandall to be a college dropout
8:51 am
was painful. >> i wanted to continue on at vcu but i just didn't have that money. >> so the dream came to an end? >> or so i thought. >> this is where anthony's story takes another turn. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: here at saint luke's, the second oldest african-american church in d.c. the choral director invited anthony to sing. >> i felt like i had something i had to sing for. >> recorded on a cell phone, it may be anthony's greatest performance ever. the audience so engaged they didn't raise enough money to pay off his college debt but another $40,000 on go fund me to pay for the next year of college. >> for a young african-american man in this society who has chosen not only higher education but in an area that not too many
8:52 am
young african-american males choose. >> opera? >> opera. >> reporter: the story could end there, but like an opera, there's an encore that will bring you to your feet. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: several universities heard about anthony's story. >> julliard, over land conservato conservatory. duquesne. >> reporter: humble from anthony. >> i honestly am thankful of everything. my dream is to be a professional opera singer worldwide so i want to travel the world with my voice and share it with the people. >> reporter: so when i say the name balarate or domingo, will i one day be saying anderson? >> i hope so. >> reporter: for "sunday today," kerry sanders, washington, d.c. >> remember that name, anthony anderson. kerry, thank you very much.
8:53 am
this week we highlight another life well lived. poncho sigura was born prematurely in a bus on a way to the hospital in ecuador. his small size and bowed legs kept him out of the popular sport of soccer. instead he taught himself to play tennis. raised in poverty as the oldest of ten children he got al boy i country club where he learned the game. he was such a phenom in ecuador that he was recruited to the university of miami where he won the ncaa singles championship from 1943 to 1945. by 1950 the 5'6" sigura had become the number one player. he starred as a barnstorming pro when a.m. mo amateurs could pla tournaments like wimbledon. he became a teaching pro at
8:54 am
beverly hills tennis club. he later became a coach mentoring a young player named jimmy connors and guiding him to eight major singles titles. he was inducted into the international hall of fame. he became a citizen of the united states in 1991. pancho segura died last week at home in casb in the water, in the water you ready for this? she doesn't like it... you gotta get in there okay, okay careful not to get it in her eyes i know what a bath is... smile honey this thing is like... first kid here we go second kid you coming in mommy? ahh not a chance! by their second kid, every rent is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time parents. luvs with nightlockplus absorbs wetness faster than huggies snug and dry. for outstanding overnight protection at a fraction of the cost. live, learn and get luvs as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why we're declaring it
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all right. we close this morning with a look at what's next this week. as we mentioned earlier, president trump returns today from his long holiday weekend at mar-a-lago and he will meet on tuesday with congressional leaders mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. as well as chuck schumer and
8:58 am
nancy pelosi. they'll talk about a deal to avoid a government shutdown and about the big tax plan the president and republicans hope to pass before the end of the year. on wednesday the world will be happening as we flip the switch on the rockefeller christmas tree. tradition for over eight decades. this year's tree is a norway spruce from pennsylvania. it will be aglow in 45,000 lights. performances include agagwen s n stefani and matt eldridge. it will happen at 7:00 central, 8:00 eastern. >> thanksgiving was earlier. >> i feel like we get more christmas. >> thank you, dylan. we'll see
8:59 am
9:00 am
right now on nbc 10 news today the road home. tens of millions of people across the country are making their way back from the thanksgiving holiday. travelers are packing patience with their carry-ons. >> scene of the crime. the location of a brutal stabbing gives philadelphia police a leg up on solving this case. bring on the bears. the eagles take on chicago at the linc today. we'll preview the matchup. thanks for being with us. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark. it's 9:00 on this sunday morning.


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