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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  November 26, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today the road home. tens of millions of people across the country are making their way back from the thanksgiving holiday. travelers are packing patience with their carry-ons. >> scene of the crime. the location of a brutal stabbing gives philadelphia police a leg up on solving this case. bring on the bears. the eagles take on chicago at the linc today. we'll preview the matchup. thanks for being with us. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm dray clark. it's 9:00 on this sunday morning.
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the eagles take on the bears and kick off at 1:00. the wind picking up today. meteorologist krystal klei has your first alert forecast. hi, krystal. and the winds are starting to kick up more than an hour ago. this is what temperatures feel like because of those winds. 36 degrees in len town and 37 in pottstown. 36 in lancaster and 40s further south. millville the same. atlantic city, the airport, feeling like 43 degrees. it's all because of the winds that are starting to crank up. breezy now in allentown and philly. 25 in wilmington and 21 inville. gusts around here are going to make temperatures that are actually in the mid-40s feel closer to the low 40s and upper 30s. not much of a change throughout
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the rest of our afternoon hours. they're going to fall off. so what you're getting as you step out the door now what you're going to get the rest of the day. let's look at your clouds and radar. a blank picture. we're not tracking any rain and some clouds that are increasing as we speak. sunny again and it's going to be pretty nice, long dry cell we're tracking. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, chris. millions across the country are traveling after spending the holiday weekend with loved ones. the most heavily traveled times to begin at noon. people will track the trains today. a look over 30th street station. advising passengers to arrive extra early.
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the lines have been long but moving, drew. >> they're moving right now, rosemary. passengers trying to get to the gates here. the tsa working on all sill ind trying to get people through as quickly as possible. we were here at 5:00. you can see the line wrapping through the building. some people didn't give themselves enough time, worried about making their boarding times. philadelphia is the 22nd busiest airport for thanksgiving travel. and 5:00 this evening should be the busiest time according to some of the analysis they've done. we've talked to passengers arriving and departing. >> my seat wouldn't go back so i couldn't fall asleep but it was over quickly. >> i think it's bigger than normal. hopefully all the planes wait for us. i think we'll be all right.
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>> reporter: and the weather is nice here and much of the country. you can see there's no red on there, no canses, just a couple of delays so not bad if you have to be out here with all the other people trying to make their way home. we're live. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. new overnight. a woman was sent to the hospital with a gunshot wound. it happened this morning in point breeze. responding officers rushed the woman to penn presbyterian hospital. investigators tell us the intruders also pistol-whipped a disabled man inside the house at the time. another woman was able to escape and run to a nearby police station to get help. detectives are looking for three or four men wearing masks who took off from the house. the location of a stabbing gave philadelphia lease the upper hand responding to the crime quickly.
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take a listen. >> two people that knew each other, one stabbed the other. incredibly this occurred right in the shadow of a police district. >> two officers were gassing up their patrol car at 21st street just before 1:00 this morning. they heard two men fighting and one yelled he's been stabbed. the officers ran over and arrested the attacker. the victim went to the hospital where he's listed in critical condition. a man is in critical condition after he was shot in the chest and arm in philadelphia's tcony neighborhood around 2:00 on wellington street. police are looking for a car with three people inside. and yet another man in critical condition after an overnight shooting. this one happened in the logan section. police say someone shot the31-y arm. the gunfire left a car riddled with bullets. the victim is in the hospital this morning. so far police have not made any
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arrests in that case. meanwhile, police in bucks county are releasing new information about the victim found shot to death on i-95. >> we now know both victims are from fill. police responded to i-95 last night for reports of a woman running on the road. when they got there they found a silver suv with the passenger door open and the hazard lights on. then they discovered a 32-year-old woman 60-year-old man dead on the on-ramp of the interstate. police believe they jumped the leaving their car. officers found a gun. investigators are asking for any witnesses to come forward. in new jersey the police union is praising the quick action of two trenton officers. when the union says the officers were faced with a life-or-death situation. here is what we know. the officers stopped a group of men on pennington avenue in trenton just after 5:00 last night. one of them had a handgun in his waistband and started to run. police tell us the man then
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grabbed the gun and turned back to police. two officers shot the gunmen. right now he is in the hospital. nobody else was hurt. this weekend the reverend al sharpton is voicing his support for the fight to free imprisoned rapper meek mill. he plans to meet with him at the chester prison. mill received a two to four-year prison sentence for repeatedly violating his probation in a nearly decades old gun and drug case. prosecutors recommended against prison time. the judge disagreed. sharpton called mill's sentence excessive. >> just because someone does something that is wrong does not give you the right to do wrong to them. the sentence must fit the violation. two wrongs don't make one civil right. >> and mill's legal team filed a motion to get the judge in the case to recuse herself arguing she's just been too unjust. 9:07 right now on this
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sunday. countdown to kickoff, carson wentz believes the birds are built to last. the team gets ready to take on the bears. chilly air making for a blustery sunday. how long does it last? a quick rebound. we'll track those temperatures and about what you can expect neighborhood by neighborhood here in cape may coming up.
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getting ready for it, the eagles game. kickoff is at 1:00. if you're heading out here is what you can expect. temps at 48 degrees. it will not move much at all. upper 40s to some low 50s. i do think we will see between 1:00 and halftime temperatures that could peak near 50 degrees
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but that's about as good as it's going to get. here is the problem. gusts up to 25 miles an hour. that does mean it will feel cooler. upper 30s and low 40s. what feels like right now outside the same as it will feel the rest of the day so that does mean the game is chilly. just layer up. on radar and satellite, if you have family heading out today a few showers that are lingering along the pacific northwest. we do have snow falling over parts of new england up into maine but that will fizzle as well. let's go through the rest of the day here. from 9:00 a.m. right on through this afternoon notice those showers could get strength against that western coast so that might be a spot to watch but otherwise i don't think there will be any issues travel plans across the whole country. up, the sixers light up the scoreboard against the magic. highlights are on the way. also, onshoppers are hoping
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it's about 9:15 on this sunday. here are this morning's headlines. one man is under arrest and another in the hospital after a stabbing in center city.
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police were quick to respond because it happened right next to their station. two officers were outside filling the tank of their patrol car. it is one of the busiest of the year. tens of millions of people are heading home from their thanksgiving destination. plan for two hours to be there ahead of domestic flights. it is game day for the birds. here is a live look at lincoln financial field. the eagles are looking to stay on a roll as they take on the bears. philly is looking for their ninth straight win and should get it. she loves sports and learning and would make a great addition to any family. vai sikahema introduces us to a wonderful young lady.
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we met her a couple years ago and brought her here to the drexel women's basketball team. she prefers to go by dae and loves hoops though she couldn't play this year. >> tryouts. i couldn't go to tryouts because i didn't have my physical and tryouts were over so i can't play this year. >> even though she miss this had season. dae is here to brush up on her game. her favorite class is called human growth. >> how a baby develops from one month, two months. >> she is smart and spirited.
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>> she is a bright, sweet kid. she loves basketball and has loved it for a long, long time. she also loves music and loves to dance and she's a fabulous dancer. >> dae would prefer a family with siblings who are active. >> she would be a wonderful addition to any family. and bring a lot of fun and love and a lot of humor. >> this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to make her dream come true. go to you can call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. >> meteorologist krystal klei here. now this is not the worst it
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could be. these aren't bad temperatures to start in our philadelphia neighborhood. 43 degrees at the airport. we're at 45 graduate hospital and 41 in fox chase. look at park wood. 47 degrees. temperatures themselves will make their way through the upper and low 50s for highs today. that's cooler than yesterday but not terrible. those winds will factor in and feel cooler than yesterday. we do have some clouds from the west that will roll on through this morning so that gives us a mix of clouds and sun into the afternoon. i think some of those will burn off and we'll be left with postally sunny conditions. here are the forecast highs and then that number below is what it will feel like outside. so feeling like 43. that shows you the rest of the day there's not going much more of a warm-up.
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we are feeling like mid and upper 30s. 50 stone harbor and feeling like low to mid-40s outside later this afternoon. winds 15 miles an hour sustained. that pools in northern air which is cooler. the winds slice through you so that factors into the wind chills. through the rest of the morning and in the afternoon aside from a few scattered clouds, no rain or wind in the forecast. the commute getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend should be fine and the rest of the day looks sunny, too. monday will kick off almost an
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entire workweek. dry warming conditions. we have chilly air that has dipped over us. more mild air pushes in and that's when our temperatures start to climb. tomorrow breezy, look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday, though. the next chance of rain not until friday. i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. ben simmons missed his first sixers game of the season last night. he has a sore elbow. not sure yet if he's going to be able to play tomorrow night against his buddy, lebron james, and the cavs. take a look against the magic. gabe kapler ringing the bell or slamming it.
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he didn't crack it. his parents picking a good night to see him play. he is starting. joel embiid in bed all day, had a cold. second quarter gets well real quick. 14 points in the quarter. 18 points for joel. third quarter joel with the rebound to t.j. mcconnell to j.j. redick. eight threes. 13 assists. mcconnell also scoring 15 points. sixers win 130-111, the most scored in regulation in 23 years. they're four games over .500 for the first time in the brett brown era. i asked joel, hey, was there any chance you weren't playing? >> i want to play. i missed three years of basketball and i don't want to be in a setting where i'm sick, i'm not able to play or whatever. i don't ever want to take any days off. >> how about our fans, are you kidding me? i can't even at times talk to my coaching staff. and they're a foot from me. what a great thing for our city.
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>> it is loud at sixers games and h their best win streak in franchise history if they win. it would be nine straight ws. now is this game a bear trap? no letdown, right, carson wentz? >> the biggest thing for us, something we've done so well all year is staying in the moment. staying in the moment, winning the day, winning the week. it sounds redundant and cliche, but it's what we do, the mind-set we have every practice, every rep. guys are going all out, locked in and focused. i don't think we have the guys that are going to let any of that slip away. >> the eagles offense is rolling. they've scored 30 or more points in four straight games, the longest streak in forever. they have the best scoring differential. they're scoring the most points per game. carson wentz leads in touchdowns. zach ertz, has this defense played its best game yet? >> no. i think one game we've had a really good passing game.
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we haven't had a truly complete game, a 500-yard game. we're excited about it. that's why we are excited. we're still playing really good football. >> wow, that's scary. chip kelly is back, signs a five-year deal with ucla for over $23 million. so over the last four years he signed deals totaling almost $80 million. even though he's lost 19 of his last 23 nfl games. i wish we could all get that. penn state ends with back-to-back 50-point games and penn state has two straight seasons with ten or more wins for the first time in nine years. they mauled maryland. trace mcsorley. look at this one-handed grab. that is sick. nittany lions up at the half. second half saquon barkley going to the air. the nittany lions cruise 66-3. maybe a new year's day bowl game for them. temple needs a win to be bowl against tulsa.
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armstead taking the handoff. he's going to go a lot more than nine yards right here. temple wins, 43-22. they are bowl eligible for a school record fourth straight season. in college basketball penn wins in four overtimes, drexel lost. i'm hn clark with nbc sports philadelphia.
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plans for the eagles game?
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>> i'll sit on the couch and watch like everyone else. hopefully they'll win. >> and stay warm. more warm than out at the game. windy conditions and cool air in place. it will be packed. energy will be high in just a few hours. kickoff is at 1:00. it will be windy so it will feel more so like the 40s. look at that warming trend on. still at 56 thursday. plenty of sunshine right on through thursday. the next chance of rain is friday into saturday and sunday looks like it dries out again. this is a quiet ten-day forecast. >> that's going to do it for us on this sunday morning. thanks for being with us. and have a great day. go eagles. "eagles gameday kickoff" is next.
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lincoln financial field is the place to be today as the eagles bring their nfc best 9-1 record home to face the bears. this is "eagles gameday kickoff." >> you're the best team in football but we have a long way to go. >> the hype is real. >> they can't deal with us. >> we are build somewhat of a super bowl favorite. >> but the eagles are living up to the hype. >> he's at the 30, the 40, the 50 -- >> and the birds run away from competitors. no player wants a win more than


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