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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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new accusations tonight. a growing list of women are coming forward with claims that sexual misconduct against matt lauer. >> a bicyclist is hit and killed on her way to work. treasure found. why a woman's mission is to find whoever lost a gold wedding ring. tonight. new accusations against matt lauer. many woke up to the news that the long time anchor was fired. reports came out from women telling stories of sexual misconduct. good evening i'm jim rose. >> oim jacqueline london. a coworkers made a complaint
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monday night about inappropriate sexual behavior. she says began in 2014. >> it touch off other complaints against the anchor man. >> according to to the new york times. one is about the anchor having sex with a coworker in his office. and report from variety claims it is found three women who say he subjected them to inappropriate sexual behavior. as noticeable as his absence was this morning. it was magnified. a star was missing. fans talked about the missing matt lauer. >> half a million people gathered for the christmas tree lighting. no absence was noirsed more than one man. matt lauer. firing in some ways over shadowed this tree lighting.
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>> reporter: a morning family missing one. tonight, more light is shed on the allegations. according to to a former employee who spoke to the new york times, matt lauer summoned a coworker to his office and had sex with her. vaert magazine spoke to current and former employees and verified stories with friends and colleagues of accusers. he wasn't gave a colleague a sex toy. with an expolice the allegations are sending shock waves across the globe. >> the mass aif surprise. we don't get a will the of matt lauer. given the miranda warni given morning show comes on when we're aslep. >> there was condemnation. and skepticism.
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>> from my sper spective. it could go either way. i need more evidence and information. >> reporter: members of the morning family past sdp present grapple with his pyring. >> it's hard to reconcile what we are hearing with the man who we know. >> the story today the courage o a colleague who did come forward. and when and if she wants to tell her story publicly. i'm sure she will. it didn't take a will the hof courage. >> reporter: a spokesperson pressed tonight prior to monday night. management was never made aware of any complaints about his conduct. reporting here in new york city. >> they haven't confirmed the reporting. former colleagues tried to reach out. so far tonight he hasn't responded to the allegations. the chairman broke the news this morning. with a staff e-mail reading in part. on monday night we received a detailed complaint from a
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colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. by matt lauer. if represented after serious review a clear violation of the companies standards as a result we have decided to terminate his employment. we heard from the woman who filed the complaint through her attorney. my client detailed act of sexual harassment sp misconduct. is our hope that nbc will continue to do bha it can to repair the damage done to my client. and any other women who come forward. the morning team will have new developments starting at 4:00 a.m. hear how his longest running today show colleague is reacting. you can read full statements on the app. >> recovering after he slammed his suv into a utility pole. it happened around 5:30 tonight on state road.
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the fire company said the chief was heading to the fire station when he served to avoid a van and hit the pole. a night of reflection for the biking community. that came out in big numbers to honor a 24 year-old killed yesterday while riding her bike to work. many bloef it will lead to change for the thousands riding along city streets every day. live near the scene of the accident. where they gathered to say good-bye. >> right now we're along spruce street. this is where it all went down. she was riding down spruce here heading to work. as a pastry chef. when the accident happened on tuesday morning. over here you can see flowers some candles left behind. also a sign on the other side. saying protect the people. protect the lanes. tonight the biking community stood together. >> reporter: a ceremony bike ride down spruce. it's the area where frederick lost her life.
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the 24 year-old got into an accident with a garbage truck tuesday morning. >> she was our sister our best friend. and the most important thing is shefs fun. >> reporter: he friends telling nbc10 she was like the sun. one of the warmest people you could meet. >> she was born an angel. she was pure good. >> reporter: many left behind messages and flowers. the community demanded change in the city. they want updated bike lanes. all restriped. they're looking for the city to redesign interaktss wisections curbing. during the crowded action on city streets. >> it's just important they realize there are other people using the road. there are other people in the lanes. >> reporter: the city tells u spruce was scheduled to be restripe next month. and committed to expanding bike
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lanes. meanwhile fredericks best friend and roommate was in awe. of how many came out in her honor. some formed a human wall of protection for the those returning from the ceremony ride. >> this means so much. there's a whole community here that cares. >> the driver did stay behind after the accident. as for what exactly happened here on tuesday morning, police say the investigation continues. for now we're live in center city. turning to our weather. after a day in the 60s temperatures are tumbling tonight. you can see the wind blowing the flags. in center city. still we have a few more nice days ahead. >> first alert chief meteorologist tammie souza is here. >> we'll squeeze every last nice day out of the foe cast. that we can. look at the stunning sunset. we have enjoyed spectacular sunsets the last few nights. 64 the high today.
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we should be at 51. well above average. didn't pick up any rainfall. it was beautiful and sunny. we're looking at 30 sz across the area. we have 40s in philadelphia and delaware. 46 philadelphia. 43 delaware. 39 in south jersey. and 43 along the shore. let's take a closer look. what's going on in the suburb. new hope 42. north whales at 40 degrees. blue bell 40. and oxford at 36. we're dropping very quickly. temperatures are. and in philadelphia right now it's 46 at the airport. 48 port richman. and fox chase. 45 for park wood. as far as tomorrow where are we going to be? not quite as warm as today. look at this in the morning. 38 if fill can he feel. huge changes on the way.
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that's something we'll talk about when i come back. >> all right. new at 11. with e know the name of the man police say is behind a murder that started with an on lean meet up. 23 year-old coal haring is charged with stabbing a woman and setting her body on fire. the two met on facebook and their first face to face meeting ended many murder. the body was found tuesday morning in an lee on south 49th street. investigators are working to identify the victim. we have new information about a love love lovers quarrel that ended with gunfire. charged with murder. he fired three shots at a man arguing with a woman late last night. the victim was not a student. the circumstances that led to the gunfire still unclear. people gathered at the scene where man was beaten to death earlier this week. candles and posters were placed on the street where police found 57 year-old unconscious sunday.
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police say he had been beaten badly and died the next day. >> he was a gentle soul. a harmless individual. he had his demons. drinking. but there was not a mean bone in his body. >> several teenagers are behind the death and believe robbery was the motive sfwl local and state officials broef the community on the future of the hospital. members from the pennsylvania department of human services hosted tonight's meeting. the forum is in response to a recent construction project that was shut down opt hospital grounds. officials say the work fts halted to cure concerns raised by members of the community. >> the state hospital grounds are big enough. so that development can happen in other portions of the state hospital grounds. and not necessarily on the area of land where we think is it can
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be better used. >> back in january the state officials announce the closure of the hospital forensic unit. still ahead. coworkers react. what members of the today show family are saying about the scandal surrounding fired anchor man matt lauer. >> i want to say here's your ring back. and there's good in the world. >> lost and found. a local woman's mission to bring joy to the bride or groom who lost a treasured piece of their love story. also the carson craze. sweeping the nation. how you can help the eagles quarterback beat out super bowl champions and add to the impressive resume. >> big changes are on the way. we'll be looking at some rain. i may have a little bit of the white stuff in my ten day forecast. come on back for that.
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mii'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit $1that's like a big yummy hug.? so hug it up! hug more. hug large. hug medium? hug that. live it a hug life with $1.99 medium or larger hot chocolate. america runs on dunkin'. we continue to follow the latest developments out of the new york. today show coanchor matt
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lauer has been fired over a complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior. his former coanchor savannah guthrie. and al roker reacted this morning. >> we are heartbroken. i'm heartbroken for mat. he's my dear friend and partner. he's loved by many people here. i'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story. >> a friend of 30 years and all trying to process it. we'll deal with it and alock with you folks as well. >> we reached out to matt lauer tonight. no response. you can read how celebrities are reacting to his firing. and the allegations against him on the app. where we will post any new developments on the story. a wedding band found after the thanksgiving shopping rush is now in the hands of police. she found the ring outside a lows on route 38 saturday. she reached out on social media
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to find the owner. her post was shared 2,000 times. so far no luck. she believes the ring could be a family heirloom. whoever it belongs to was married 55 years ago. >> you've seen it you love it. wentz has been dazzling fans all season long. we're not the only ones who noticedment the birds second year quarterback is baeing out brady and other big names on an important list. >> we break down the numbers to show you just how crowded the wentz wagon is getting. >> reporter: we drove to several places to ask fans a couple questions. people outside the center gave us creative answers. the true answer is wentsz leads both brady and brees in this
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years probowl voting. >> i didn't know that. i would expect it. >> as of this week. he has 422,000 probowl votes. it's enough to lead the league. if each vote counted at one person it's more than 3 times the capacity of the link, citizens bank park and the center combined. >> i voted. >> when did you vote? >> yesterday. >> reporter: she rocked her vote. we reminded some fans to do their part. including a lifelong supporter who dedicated space in his basement to the green and black. >> this is our time this year. we're going all the way. >> reporter: some eagles fans decorate their man cave. one fan took it next level. look at this thing. this field is all good. >> how many lights here? gl close to 10,000. >> steve isn't just spreading
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holiday cheer. he's all in on the birds and carson wentz. >> in two years what he's done for the city is unbelievable. >> have you voted yet? >> i have not. now i know it's open i'm going to vote. >> keep the votes coming. you can help wentz get to the probowl by visiting our web site. or the app. we have a link to the official voting site. >> the eagles are traveling to seattle to take on the sea hawks for sunday night football. right here on nbc10. our coverage begins at 9:30 sunday morning. game day kick off followed by eagles game plan. the game kicks off at 8:30. followed by more coverage of your first place birds. >> nbc10 and plymouth town hit for the tree lighting ceremony. hundreds flocked to the service. there was carolling for the kids and jlly old st. nick made a surprise appearance. to snap a few pictures.
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>> little warm for him in the suit. >> it really is. he wasn't expecting it to be this warm. >> he was probably sweaty and couldn't wait to get back to the north pole. don't worry christmas time it will be good and cold for him. outside a beautiful night. we were out earlier at the blue cross river rink. and i have to tell you it was spectacular. so many out there. you have a chance to get out and enjoy it. look at the highs. 64 philadelphia. 63 allen town. in atlantic city 66 degrees. 67 in dover. what's next. 70s. no. not going to get that carried away. we are fwoing to be looking at a comfortable stretch of weather. it will be mild with 50s to start december. into early next week. and a cold pattern late next week. it's a very fierce cold pattern. we'll have rain early friday
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morning. and maybe next tuesday and wednesday will be seasonal. as far as temperatures. for the weekend it's going to be sunny and pleasant. get the tree do all things you want to do. outside not picking up anything. in fact the skies are clear across pennsylvania. we have to go further to the west sdp we can see the next front that will be moving in. that's going to bring the chance of rain for early friday. hour by hour in your neighborhood. tomorrow morning you'll wake up to the midand lower 30s. 38 in mill ville. we'll see high thin clouds. plenty of sunshine tomorrow as well. we'll make it into the mid-50s. five to ten degrees cooler than today. it will be pleasant. and then here comes the rain. this will be tomorrow night. the timing moved up a bit. it could be sometime close to 10:30 we see that. clearing out before the morning commute. we'll see clouds to follow. and on friday we'll wake up in
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the 40s. near 50 on friday. look at the weather that is off to the west. it is nice and clear. that boeds well for something going on friday night. the winter fest tree lighting down at the blue cross river rink. we'll have the morning crew down there. jessica and bill. you'll be looking at the midto low 40s under mainly clear skies. we're watching this cold air plunge. all the cold air is in canada. here it comes next tuesday. and then it moves in here next thursday. it will be bitter cold and we're looking at a major pattern change. that is late next week. coldest weekend yet. we could see winter weather out there. 55 tomorrow. 48 in the lee high valley. 55 on the jersey shore. ten day on ten. 55 tomorrow. 52 friday. showers early. 51 saturday. 54 sunday.
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55 monday. 60 tuesday. and then the end of next week there it is. 30s with perhaps a rain snow mix. reality sets in. >> all right the sixers move the training facility. >> working to build up another local city. where the sports complex is going up and how it will help teenagers score on and off the court.
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a being boost to delaware's economy. 76ers and wilmington teaming up to build a facility on the east side of the river. and athletic training facilities. it will be the home to the sixers developmental team. >> coming up we'll hear from r carson wentz and there's a horse named after wentz. joel embiid doing it all. why fans were upset with what
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the wizards were going to simmons. record were set. that's next.
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i'm john clark. bizarre end to the sixers gapt tonight against the wizards. records were set tonight. ben simmons most double doubles among rookies. and look at this. joel's mom loving it. sixers up 18 at the half. they foul simmons intentionally. he wound up making six of the last eight free throws. 24 attempts in the fourth quarter. a record. it stalls the game. they foul him repeatedly. even without the ball.
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strategy works. the wizards come back and get within three. but seals it for the sixers. they win 118-113. ben what was going through your mind? >> making the free throw. i'm not trying to miss. >> it will be part of his evolution. he'll have a long career. he'll have to learn to navigate through this. >> like to hear that. probowl voting once again is out. carson wentz the leading man still. the birds practice for the sea hawks today. had says the eagles haven't played their best yet. sea hawks will be a big test. >> they're great team. offensively. defensively. special teams. they're coached well. they have been in the play offs five years. so a will the of respect for them. they will present a challenge especially into their stadium out there. it's loud and quite the
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atmosphere that is. >> as you know we're in a horse named after carson wentz. won his second race monday. he's a big eagles fan. he named him wentz right after the eagles drafted carson. >> right after the draft. carson wentz was still unknown. and wentz the horse his father is a horse by the name of super saber. it looked like the second pick in the draft wentz frs going tor the super saver in philadelphia. >> wentz breeds winning. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able
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to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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we'll be impressively mild again tomorrow. through early nec week. maybe a shower early thursday. nice weekend ahead. let's skip ahead passed next tuesday we're at 60. reality sets in with the 30s. we could see our first snow flakes mix with rain. >> that's serious cold coming. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks so much for watching. the tonight show is next. have great night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john boyega, kevin nealon, fallonventions,


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