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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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bethe surface. so this is no surprise that this was felt here in philadelphia. perhaps even as far north as new york and down to d.c. probable a ripple affect across the bay. this is going to continue to be a developing story as far as the final magnitude with this. but there may be some damage associated with it. there are some fault lines in delaware and going back h historically, a fault this size did cause damage. we'll have to see if there's damage on land, especially around the dover area. but right now at this point,s that 5.1 magnitude earthquake, 4:47 this afternoon is when it struck. about 8 kilometers or 4 miles beneath the surface. we'll continue to follow this story and bring more breaking news in the last 30 minutes. we learned the person killed by
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someone she met on social media was just 15 years old. it's a story we have been following for days. investigators say the girl was stabbed and then her body set on fire. >> what have you learned about this? >> reporter: police say the 23-year-old suspect who the teen online stabbed her more than 50 times and tried to hide the body. 10 was at that complex tuesday. police found 15-year-old's body in an alley way. detectives charged kohl heiring yesterday. investigators are working to find out what led to the murder. in the meantime, police have this message for young people using social media. >> to all the young people that want to run the streets with strangers, it's a dangerous role. it's definitely not safe. it's not recommended.
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and sometimes you have a tragic consequence. >> police say that the 15-year-old was reported missing by her parents. she's from new castle county, delaware. the suspect is has had an extensive criminal past. nbc 10 did research and found he was charged with robbery and simple assault in the past. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. are there crimes you will prosecute? >> yeah. >> the nbc 10 investigators take questions to philly da-elect in his first television swer view since winning the election. mitch blacher asked him about philly's high incarceration rate and meek mill's imprisonment. >> he responds to critics who say he's going to be soft on crime. >> we have created a system that
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is is causing there to be crime. that is causing crime. it's not simply failing to prevent it. it's causing crime. integral to that process. >> larry does not want to fill jails with rappers who pop wheelies like meek mill. >> you think meek mill belongs in jail? >> because i will be the district attorney in january and that case is is something that will remain in one way or another, i can't talk about that case. but what i can talk about is that a lot of the public outcry around that case relates to issues having to do with probation, parole and also having to do with race and discrimination in the criminal justice system. according to census records and. department of justice, philadelphia has the highest incarceration rate of the ten largest cities. 72% of those in jail are black in a city where only 54% of the population is. >> how will you address racial bias within the criminal justice
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system? >> there's a lot of ways to do it. one way is to stop picking on poor people. that has a disproportionate effect on people of color. >> reporter: his first days in office will start a cultural shift in how prosecutions happen. >> charge iing people should noe against poor people. companies commit crime. we have to be willing to go after them in the way other prosecutors have across the country. these prosecutors never have. >> are there crimes you will not prosecute? >> yeah. like any other prosecute, there are discretionary decisions you make. the only reason i hesitated there is we can all debate how serious these crimes are. i don't consider possession of marijuana frankly to be a crime in a traditional sense. >> he says charges will be case specific, but he will work to change a culture inside philly law enforcement. one where he says the addicted have been targeted. >> they have done that because
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there's a traditional way of doing things. >> he will have to overcome critics including prosecutors who say he doesn't have the experience to do the job he's been elected to. he spent a career as a civil rights lawyer and never been a prosecutor. >> when your critics would say you are soft on crime, that your policies are going to be soft on crime, what do you say to them? >> i would say some of them cause crime. they are not simply ineffective at. stopping crime. their approach to it causes crime. this whole process of overincourse rating does not make us favored. >> larry's experience kept coming up including his experience in suing the philadelphia police department. at 6:00 that's one of the main things we're going to talk about about how people now work with the department that e he is experienced. >> he's replacing seth williams who is now in prison for placing bribes. did he talk about ways to prevent corruption?
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>> he's look agent institutional corruption. >> mitch blacher reporting for us for the nbc 10 investigators, thank you. . developing now, we're following the latest on matt lauer and the accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior. there could now be as many as eight akoouz accusers, all of whom decided to stay anonymous. for the first time, one more host of the "today" show is breaking his silence. >> reporter: one day after co-workers learned the host of "today" has been fired, lauer e released a statement expressing sorrow for the pain he's caused and writing in part shs to the people i have hurt, i'm truly sorry. while he says some of what's being said about him is untrue,
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lauer admit there is is enough truth to leave him feeling embarrassed and ashamed. he writes, repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and i'm committed to beginning that effort. it is now my full-time job. >> this is a sad morning here at "today" and nbc news. >> reporter: nbc news fired lauer about 24 hours after a female employee made an allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior against him. since then nbc news reports two more women have come forward to the company also accusing lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior. "the new york times" reports a former employee alleged the anchor sexually assaulted her in his office in 2001 and following a two-month investigation, variety magazine published a report describe iing a pattern alleged sexual misconduct by lauer where three women saying lauer sexually harassed them. that report also says several women said they complained to executives, but those complainted were ignored.
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. nbc news responded in a statement, quote, we can say une equivocally that prior to monday night, current nbc news management was never made aware of any complaints about matt lauer's conduct. >> we're going to continue to bring you the very latest developments on this story on the air and on the free nbc 10 app. music and entertainment producer russell simmons is stepping down from his company following a a new allegation of sexual assault. the music mogul assaulted a woman in 1991. simmons disputed her version of events, but apologized. previously a model accused simmons of sexual assault. john conyers is in a michigan hospital being treated for stress. a new wave of democrats including the party's. top three leaders are calling to resign immediately. he's accused of sexual misconduct. his attorney says he has no
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plans to resign and he will fight the claims against him. we're learning more about a drexel graduate who is accused of killing a man after witnessing a lover's choral on campus. they are shocked that the positive person they knew is now charged with murder. police say he came across a man and his girlfriend rg arguing near the campus. it's taking the former high school classmates by surprise. >> it's not really a big school. and everyone around here at least is is talking about it. >> coming up new at 5 6:00, we talked to a former roommate of the suspect who reveals why he was carry iing a gun at the tim of the shooting. another fraternity at penn state coming under fire. they are facing charges after police say a 19-year-old woman had to go to the hospital after drinking too much at a frat party. charges come months after
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timothy piazza died after a night of hazing. in delaware county, a former township commission er is headig to trial on child pornography charges. he will be arraigned in january. the former president of the board of commissioners az a i accused of having hundreds of pictures showing children involved in sex acts. the mayor turned himself into police after police raided his home. the race is on to a refrigerator for families across the area. >> how jeep and porsha owners are competing to gather food for a good cause. if you booked american airlines tr your holiday travel, don't panic yet. the new developments in the airline's scheduling glitch and the thousands of planes without crews. >> supporting immigrants. the new training available to a local community to help immigrants with an uncertain future. and we continue to follow
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breaking news. the usgs confirmed an earthquake struck just north of dover, delaware. >> people have been all over social media from here in philadelphia to as far away as d.c. saying they felt the tremors. we're going to hear from viewers who felt them as well. that's next at 5:00.
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breaking news. did you feel it? we're going to go off the cuff. a 4en pnlt 1 magnitude earthquake has struck near dover, delaware. it was knelt washington, d.c. >> on the phone is jamie goldman. thank you for being with us. did you feel it? >> caller: yes, we did. i live in montgomery county. and it was about 4:55, the house started to shake. and it lasted for about 30 seconds to 45 seconds. and it was pretty substantial because it was in the upstairs. my daughter has a room next to me. she felt it too. and i also belong to a neighborhood on facebook and asked if anybody felt it. i'm getting responses that other houses have telt it too.
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this has happened before everybody got home. and i also have some responses of people in center city around the parkway also felt the earthquake. >> when you say substantial, were things in your house shaking like bureaus or mirrors? >> it felt like the whole floor was shaking. it was more like a house that was major settlement or something is going on with the earth making the whole house shake. nothing fell off, but i did feel the house shaking. i felt it on the floors. i confirmed it with people in my neighborhood who also reported that friends that are at work in the parkway. >> social media is exploding. >> we didn't know what was going on in the newsroom.
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some shakes. you said it lasted 30 to 40 seconds. what are you thinking in those moments? >> the house was shaking. and i'm thinking i saw on the news that there was an earthquake in delaware and i did think earthquake and quickly googled the earthquake. there wasn't anything going on in the house so i ran to make sure there wasn't some sorlt of explosion or something going on. >> when i saw there was confirmation from social media in my neighborhood, then it did
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firm that there was an earthquake that hit here too. >> what floor of the house were you on when you felt it? >> it's on the second floor. we have a basement and the first floor and second floor. >> we're starting right now to tally whether there was any damage done as a result of this earthquake. folks at home, if if you're just joining us. we have confirmed through the usgs that a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck dover, delaware. thank you so much for your time. >> my pleasure. let's send it over to tammie souza. she said she's on the second floor of her house. >> they are going up and down with the magnitude. that's not going to be for some time. the reason i wanted to no i what floor she was on, which did not surprise me is as a child grow
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ing up, i felt a lot of earthquakes in southern california. if you're on the second or third floor of the house, it's going to move a lot more. you're going to feel more movement the higher up you are in a building. that's why i was thinking she felt it that strongly in montgomery county, i was suspicious she would be in the basement. but it's very possible. this is a fairly significant earthquake. this is what we're looking at in the last 12 hours as far as anything over a 4. that's the only one. right here. the one that hit in delaware. now this is about 10 to 11 miles northeast of dover. that's close to the dover air force base as well. it looks like it was over water. there's been about 58 earthquakes. in delaware, this is certainly not the hot bed you hear about like california or southwest, perhaps even oklahoma with all of their earthquakes. but again, this was situated
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about 7 to 8 kilometers below the surface of the earthquake. making it an extremely shallow earthquake. so you're going to feel it go out at a much further distance pap that's why you could feel it in connecticut and why it felt so strong around the philadelphia area and right here in pennsylvania. this is something that if anybody is down here in delaware, please send us your information. lelt us know what you felt. let us know if you have had any damage. that's fairly significant. if that shaking went on for more than 30 seconds, that's fairly significant. many earthquakes it's a quick jolt. that's why it was felt so far north in pennsylvania and connecticut. but again, about 10 to 11 miles northeast of dover, delaware, and it's likely that it was somewhere over the delaware bay.
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. there are fault lines in this region. it's not very common you see something go off in this region. they are going to be studying this and come up with a final magnitude. but it's somewhere that n that range. we'll bring you more as we have more information. if you're in this region, let us know what happened at your house. you can contact us at nbc 10. e let us know so we can actually get a handle on what's going on close to dover. >> the last known earthquake in delaware we're getting reports now was 2011. there was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. it is our effort right now at nbc 10 to create a picture of what went on. the job is to measure earthquakes among other things. thank you very much for your
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time here. >> just north of dover delawa, delaware. >> it was within the next few hours until we can get enough a data. this is a decently large earthquake for the area. they don't happen that frequently. in the past, the region has seen 3.3 in 1990 in new jersey and 3.8 in 1973 northeast of pensville. it's unusual to have them this big. >> talk to us about why people felt it so far away. we're getting reports of people feeling it as far north as connecticut, as far south as washington, d.c. and this was a 4.1 to 4.4. but why so large of an area.
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>> the earthquakes are shallow. the energy doesn't continue as quickly. it goes all up to us and it shakes the ground and you will feel it a lot farther out. >> let's talk about someone who grow up in new jersey, grew up like you. we're not used to hearing earthquakes in magnitude of 2.0 or higher. >> give us some perspective. this is unique to our area. >> yes, it doesn't happen very frequently. when i searched the catalog, i'm looking for magnitude 3.0 or bigger since 1900 until now. and i found these three.
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>> a lot, most people didn't feel it, but a few folks did. z maybe a handful. i guess you have to be standing still. it really didn't feel like a lot here, but other places i'm sure it felt like a real mor. talk about the variation and what people may have felt when this actually happened. >> it all depends the way the waves traveled from the earthquake. it depends on the direction, the way they go from the earthquake and it depends on what kind of a building you are in. for example, i heard in the past if you are higher up in the building, you have a better chance to feel it a lot stronger than if you are on the ground floor. if you are sitting in the car driving, you may not even notice it. it all depends on where you were
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at and which direction the fault moves. >> to give you a look for the folks at home, we're taking calls from people who are monitoring social media. we encourage you the at home. if you have experienced this, check surveillance video outside your home. >> any reports of damage? >> perhaps concrete driveways or something on that scale. i wouldn't expect exive damage. obviously, that would be closer to where the ep was. . >> that's correct. >> even the view we spoke with just five minutes ago talked about how maybe some foundational cracks, maybe china falling off the wall. >> and she was further away.
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>> she was in montgomery county. so at least 50 miles away. >> thank you very much for your time. the usgs, she's a geophysicist. thank you for your time. if you're just joining us at nbc 10, we have been following breaking news. a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck just north of dover, delaware. it's been felt as far north as connecticut and as far south as washington, d.c. >> the u.s. geological survey says it's going to take time to pinpoint what that magnitude was. >> this is rare for us. >> a 4 in southern california is is not that much excitement, but very unusual for the east coast. this is not.
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typically the hot bed. and the bottom line is that this was very shallow. so you're going to feel it going out a much longer distance. sometimes it can be. it's going to be a more abrupt jolt and not going to feel it. you felt this traveling, let's take a look. you felt it up past philadelphia. past where you see the map into the pennsylvania suburbs. past the off to the north of the map into connecticut. and all the way down south of the map into d.c. so that's pretty significant. a 4.1 and she exlained they are still trying to derive whether it was a 4.1 or 4.4. it may be a day or two until they figure this out. there could be aftershocks as well. some of these are not going to be as large as the initial earthquake. but we could get aftershocks in the range of a 2 or 3 that may be going on in this area.
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they will define which fault line it was. and sol of these fault lines have been inactive for decades and hundreds of years. and that's not very many. shallow as 4 miles down. if you felt this and you were on the second third floor of your house, that's going to make it and that's why we have had several viewers that said they were on the second tlofloor and
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felt it so intense. ly. anybody that's in delaware let us know. you can contact us on facebook, on our website, go to, and all the information is there. send your pictures, if you have damage as well. because we're going to be following up on this throughout the evening. and probably even the next several days. e we want to know what happened in your neighborhood. also we want to stress too as far as damage reports are concerned. very minimal damage reports. no reports of anyone injured. but social immediamedia, we hav looking through that. >> we'll be right back.
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following breaking news. it's what everyone is talking about. did you feel it. a 4 b.4 magnitude earthquake just north of dover, delaware between the new jersey and delaware. everyone is is talking about this one on social media. we have you covered here at nbc 10. >> it happened at 4:47. rosemary connors join us live from philadelphia international airport. we know that airport operations
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were not affected but some folks did hear. >> reporter: to reiterate, i have been in touch with officials and they say it's not affected operations. as you can see, terminal c, this area is doing just fine. people ychecking in at american. no problems at all. i talked to some of those employees at the executive offices here just above the terminals. so a little higher in terms of the elevation. some employees there described it as though it was a shudder. they say they felt it so across the region people felt some kind of a shudder or felt part of this earthquake. i stopped a few passengers at philadelphia international. they told me what earthquake. they had no idea. news to them. they are continuing about their business. as we mentioned, operations here
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at philadelphia international running smoothly. nothing affected by this earthquake. back to you. >> we want to reiterate. we received minor damage reports up to this point. nothing major. we have also as far as injuries concerned haven't heard anything. the viewer we spoke to about 20 minutes ago had talked about just that this lasted 30 to 40 seconds. maybe some china fell off the wall, some foundation issues, but that's the tops. >> on the phone is a viewer. you felt the earthquake at your office building. tell us what floor you're on and what did you feel? >> we are on the second floor and all of a sudden we saw the building move back and forth a few times. everyone from the office came out and they all asked did you feel that. so that's the -- there was definitely an earthquake. >> so you felt -- let me get
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this straight. you saw the building move next to you? >> no, inside the build. ing it was going back and forth. >> was there any sort of damage that you can see right where you are? i know tammie souza had mentioned before the higher up in a building you are, whether it's the second or third or a corporate building, you felt it more severe than the people on the ground. did you experience anything more severe than someone closer to the ground? >> no, there wasn't severe. like i said before, there was just a since we're on the second floor. and i thought it was going to goer and stronger, but it subsided. we were relieved. >> how long did that last? >> probably like 7 seconds at most. >> if you're just joining me,
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we're following breaking news. a 4.4 magnitude earthquake has struck just north of dover, delaware. it's been felt as far north as connecticut. and as far south as washington, d.c. social media, the images have been pouring in. viewers like joseph who felt it for 7 seconds, they have been calling us. giving their own reports here. >> 7 to 8 seconds there. in month gol ri county, we talked to a viewer who said she felt for 30 to 45 seconds. so really depended on where you were, how high you were in the building. you heard that from chief meteorologist tammie souza. we're saying the higher up you are up in a building, you're going to feel it more. >> the higher up and the stronger the shaking is going to feel to you. that's just with anything. you know what's interesting is the head of our engineering department came in and said what about a tsunami.
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typically something this size is is not going to trigger a tsunami. but it is right on the edge of the delaware bay. that's a fair question. we have had no reports of a tsunami center issuing anything. certainly we're not expect iing anything from an earthquake of this magnitude. despite the fact it was right on the water just on land. now there is still some discrepancy. regardless had, this is one of the larger earthquakes that's taken place on the planet today. we have had big ones on midatlantic ridge, but that's the middle of the ocean. other than that, nothing size across the nation has taken place. so this is going to quite big news and very unusual. some 5,000 people have reported feeling this earthquake already to the usgs, which is remarkable. so immediately people got on the horn and started report iing it. that's what we want to hear from you. again, it's a fairly shallow
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earthquake that took place. so it's going to actually radiate out much further. . you're going to feel it at a greater distance. it was about four miles beneat the earthquake's surface. and certain certainly in the 5 range, more in the way of damage. that was back down into the 4 range. let us know if you feel an aftershock as well. that's possible with any earthquake. back over to you. >> the last time our area felt an earthquake was back in august of 2011. that time the epicenter was in virginia, but people can feel the quake from maine to georgia. and as far west as illinois. that was a 5.8 magnitude quake. some aftershocks did follow. we're continuing to follow this breaking news. an earthquake off the coast of delaware in the bay there or on the coast. a 4.1 magnitude quake.
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we're getting reports as far as connecticut and also as far south as d.c. we're going to stay on top of this. don't go away. michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help.
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staying on top of breaking news. an earthquake confirmed 10 miles northeast of delaware. on the phone now is david wench, a delaware state geologist. thanks for being with us.
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we're getting reports far and wide from folks that have felt this earthquake. what can you tell us? >> well, i can tell you that we did have an earthquake. as you mentioned, the center just about ten miles northeast of dover. i'm looking at a map now from base washington, d.c. up to new york city. >> we're not hearing reports of damage, but if you were close to the epicenter, could you possibly have some damage in your home? >> it is possible. normally, that's kind of on the lower end of where you find damage, but it did occur in what's called a coastal plane of delaware, where we have softer sediments and clays and things. they can settle.
5:42 pm
it's hard to tell. right now it's dark. so most people probably can't see think external damage, but maybe tomorrow morning it might be more evident. >> we have some people that reported feeling tremors and really knew what was happening. other people had no idea. they were shock there was an earthquake. typical of one this size? >> yes, but it all depends on the geology below you. for example, as i mentioned, the coastal plane, which is the flat areas between philadelphia and going toward the beaches or the shore and the same thing for southern delaware. that's a very soft sediments that are basically sand and clay and the earthquake tends to travel more officially in the
5:43 pm
dense hard rocks, that you find along the piedmont. that's why we're seeing most of the reports from the d.c. area all the wi to new york city. that runs right along that fall line where you go up in elevation up into the uplands. that's where you probably will have most of the reports of it being felt. >> all right. thank you for your perspective on this earthquake. >> speaking of perspective, in the past 24 hours, think about this. 81 earthquakes struck across the world. this one 4.4 magnitude is the strongest in the world right now. millions of people have experienced this in our area. the gentleman just mentioned how great that scope was. here is what is showing up on the banjo app is ch is a collection on social media. so malik writes just had an earthquake up here.
5:44 pm
here we go. the great delaware earthquake of 2017. sorry, watering can. as you can see here, they have dropped down watering can on the ground. >> minimal damage is is what we're talking about here. but a unique event through our area. i grew. up in this area. didn't really see anything as strong as this one. 2011 was the last time delaware had it. let's go to the next one. 5.1 magnitude earthquake in philly and jersey. a picture from instagram. anybody else feel the earthquake a little bit ago? parentally was either a 4.4 or 5.1. when this thing first happened, there was a question as to what level or what magnitude this was. a lot of confusion out there too. let me see if there's one more we haven't mentioned. just experienced my second
5:45 pm
earthquak earthquake. thought jesus was coming back. some people talkied about the vibrations lasting to to 40 seconds. one guy said about 7 seconds. we are covering a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. minimal damage reported. no reports of injuries yet. . but count on nbc 10. we have you covered. we'll have the latest on the earthquake that struck and affected millions of people in our area, right after the break.
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just about an hour ago, almost exactly at 4:47 this it evening, a 4.b 1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of delaware.
5:48 pm
ten miles northeast of delaware. >> reporter: i'm dealing with two phones here. in delaware a lot of people felt this in the middletown, then odessa area. certainly in dover, it looks like the state is saying it was in the center of the bombay wildlife refugee, which is a pretty open area for an earthquake to happen. but you'd feel the ripple effects. i spoke to the operations special in dover. she tells me no calls of injuries or significant damage at this point. the city tree light ceremony is where she was going on as planned. i talked to dover police. they say the same thing. i did get reports from a couple people here on facebook a few minutes ago that they had heard a lot of sirens in the
5:49 pm
middletown area. for all you folks, i want you to know i checked with police and they don't know what that is. they haven't heard anything. so they don't know of any problems. certainly nothing earthquake related in middletown, which isn't far from that area of the bombay hook area. at this point, it appears that it was just a lot of shaking for about 20 seconds. i see all these people throwing some memes up across facebook. i'm not trying to be a buzz kill, but it's possible somebody did get hurt so we might. want to hold off on that until we really know the extent of what could have happened here. a scary incident. my phone keeps going on and on and on. facebook people telling me we heard it, we felt it, it felt like a major explosion near the dover air force base. i did try to call there. i have not heard back from the
5:50 pm
base. we're trying to get some information to e see if there's any damage to the runway. we're going to keep you posted. for now, we're live in south philly, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> i want to ask you. 2011 was the last time there was an earthquake in the state. do you remember covering that? >> reporter: i remember living through it. i was working the morning shift. i had had gone home and my kids were still little. they were playing and i was half. napping on the sofa. i felt like what felt like a truck go by. and i woke up kind of like the whole house was swaying. and a month later, we started having leaks in certain parts of our house. which to this day i say we had damage because the framing of the house, you can almost feel it. i was convinced we had some damage. so e we might be hearing reports of that over the the next couple weeks as people see the first rainfall and see what it might have done to your house. i remember feeling that. the difference that.
5:51 pm
i want to point out when that happened, i called my wife. you cannot make a phone call that day. the phones were jammed. today everything worked. so whatever they did after that last one to make things improve, to make sure we could stay connected, it worked. today i haven't had any problems. >> tim furlong down there for us south philadelphia. thank you. >> interesting because you don't have damage now, you may down the road. chief meteorologist tammie souza is standing by with more on this earthquake. >> and as tim pointed out, when it was that large, everybody felt the phones were jammed. this was considerably weaker. when you go down a whole number. you're talking about something nearly as strong. you probably would have had so much more trouble reaching people. one thing we want to point out with this earthquake, they are not sure. it's been just over an hour now. they are not sure if this is a 4en.1 or 4.4. they will sort that out and have some aftershocks.
5:52 pm
there's probably some structural damage that people don't know about. you get the shaking if it shook for a good 30 seconds. there's some things loosened up. be careful when you're out walking around your house. chimneys are notorious. that's just from the shaking. the higher up, the more shaking you get 3 this was somewhere just shy of 4 miles down in depth. so a a very shallow earthquake. that's why you felt it going through the ground. sort of a wave feel is what it would be. again, this is something that's fairly significant for this area. they have not had this since 1871. it's very unusual with the earthquakes they get in oklahoma and southern california and in alaska. we'll continue our coverage and be right back with the rest of the day's news. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic
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fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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welcome back. lester holt joins us from the studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on nbc nbc. you're going to be talking about what we felt right here. the earthquake off the coast of delaware. >> we are. we didn't feel it here. i didn't feel it here. it was on the usgs map and reports are there are people north in new york city that felt
5:56 pm
it. did you feel it? >> some people in the newsroom felt it. we were sitting down in our chairs preparing for the 5:00 news. is that seems to be the case. >> i'm a native californian so it has to be a 6 before it gets my attention. we will be reporting on that. strong rumblings of a shake up on the trump cabinet. what the white house is is saying about the secretary of state rex tillerson and the pentagon has a secret. weapon for north korean missiles. it's coming up on "nbc nightly news." back to you in philly. >> we'll see you at 6:30. thanks, lester. we continue to cover this 4.4 magnitude earthquake. who better to turn to than chief meteorologist tammie souza. you have been all over this. >> it was 4.7. we're going to be act about this.
5:57 pm
there is some discrepancy on the closer map. much more on this coming up throughout the evening. back over to you. >> nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> up next at 6:00, our breaking news coverage of the earthquake that rattled the area. >> we're live at a church where everyone felt that shaking as we're hearing more stories from all over the region that people experienced tremors.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a 4.1 magnitude quake hit near %#e'+er, delaware. people from philadelphia to south jersey ovall over the philadelphia suburbs felt the tremors. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. we are getting dozens of calls into the nbc 10 newsroom and lots of people on social media sharing their stories and feeling that shaking. so far no reports of any serious damage or injuries though. >> we're bringing you live coverage tonight. let's go first to nbc 10 live in a church where a lot of people, not everyone inside, felt that quake. >> so many people felt the
6:00 pm
vibrations. they were inside at the time around 4:45. just tell me what you felt here earlier tonight? >> i definitely felt it was shaking. everyone from came out and. everyone asked if you felt that. i thought it was going to be it. it was definitely an earthquake. i wasn't sure if it wasn't going to escalate, but definitely knew it was a an earthquake. >> let's bring you in. what did you feel and what was that moment.


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