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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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vibrations. they were inside at the time around 4:45. just tell me what you felt here earlier tonight? >> i definitely felt it was shaking. everyone from came out and. everyone asked if you felt that. i thought it was going to be it. it was definitely an earthquake. i wasn't sure if it wasn't going to escalate, but definitely knew it was a an earthquake. >> let's bring you in. what did you feel and what was that moment.
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>> everybody is coming out of their offices and talking to each other just trying to figure out what's going on. >> i'm kind of isolated on my side. so i ran out to see if anyone was coming out. >> there was a lot of other people inside the building as well. i'm told there was a preschool downstairs. 25 kids were in the building. we're told everybody is safe and everything is okay. >> all the kids are safe. they are getting ready to go home now. no one is injured. >> i was definitely surprised. i thought maybe from the movies i watched that something was going to go down really intense. but we're just thankful nothing big. happened. >> thanks for your time and thanks for sharing. . no damage out here. and thankfully nobody was hurt.
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especially the 25 or so young children that were basically downstairs at the church. we're going to be covering this throughout the night. back to you in the studio. >> we want to go live to philadelphia international. a live look right now where some employees felt the earthquake too. everything is operating normally at this time. >> let's go to rosemary connors. you spoke with someone who felt the tremors there at the airport. >> reporter: i did just a short ago. i spoke to maria and paul. they are from immediate delaware county. in the last hour pfr you're heading out to catch a flight and making sure you have everything, all of a sudden they felt that shaking. here's how maria describes it. >> it was about 4:45. i was in the kitchen washing
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dishes and i felt the house starting to shake. and i thought it was our washing machine, which is is u right above me. i thought do i have it on? and i couldn't remember whether i did or not. it's too late. the clothes were finished. and the house was shaking. i had no idea what it was. i thought maybe the house was shaking. >> she was on the phone with her parents who live around the corner from her. they did not feel anything. her husband was stairs grap grabbing a quick shower. so certainly it depends on where you were if you felt that shudder, that shaking or rattling. back here at everything is moving smoothly as we have been talking to officials here at the
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airport. operations have not been affected by this earthquake. we're going to continue to follow this. reporting live, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> take a a look at this video from the security call ra at our studios here. you can see the pictures shake ever so slightly. >> we were on the air at the time. this is an earthquake map that shows how wide the tremors were felt. as far north as connecticut and as far south as the d.c. area. my sister-in-law lives in the baltimore area. she reports she could feel this. i felt this plexiglass vibrating. there's no subway running underneath here. >> a difference, your hands were on this desk so you felt this. >> it was very subtle. >> let's go to chief meteorologist tammie souza. >> i was sitting in the weather office on the chair. so usually i would feel something like that, but i did
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p (t&háhp &hc% let's take a look at this map. i want to show you where this happened. this was just about ten miles northeast of dover. there are three dots on many of the maps because they are trying to discern where the center was. but it could have been over the water or just slightly on land. about four miles beneath the earthquake's surface. it was a shallow earthquake. when you have an earthquake like that and you have a lot of sediment, you're going to feel it travel an a extreme distance. that's why it was able to go so far. had this been 80 miles deep, maybe you would have felt a jolt in the adjacent area and that's about it. so it was a very shallow earthquake. somewhere between 4.1 and 4.3. that's the range they are placing it in now. had it been truly a 5 like the one in 2011 that everybody in this region felt, that would have been a different situation. every time you go up in magnitude, you end up about a thousand times more powerful. so this was definitely not as
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powerful as that one. it was the strongest earthquake in the united states today. there were earthquakes in hawaii, alaska, oklahoma, southern california all hot beds for earthquakes. this was the strongest one so in the u.s. and there have been about 84 or so worldwide that were larger than a 1.5 mag any nude earthquake. let's go quickly to the shake map. what i want ed ed to show you w why you get so much distance. if we can put that up. maybe we'll come back to that later on. the reason you could feel so much distance was because this was such a shallow earthquake. the higher up in a building you were, you could really feel the shaking. it goes up in intensity the higher you are. guys, back over to you. >> a little history here. the area felt a similar earthquake in august of 2011. at that point, the epicenter was in virginia, but people could feel that quake from maine to georgia and as far west as illinois. that was a 5.8 magnitude quake. there was some aftershocks that
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followed that one as well. any video of shaking from your house or business. we'll bring you updates on the nbc 10 app. now to a new face of justice in philadelphia. since he was elected, he says he will put your people in jail and not prosecute certain crimes. >> plus he will try to get out of the shadow of the last district attorney seth williams, who is serving prison time for taking bribes. >> i don't think it's hard to stop. i don't intend to accept a a bribe. >> mitch blacher gets exclusive look at the future of philadelphia justice. >> reporter: larry plans to clean up the philly da's image.
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>> that's a pretty low bar. that's kind of like having a football player who runs the wrong direction. >> reporter: in his first television interview since being elected, he said he's going to change what justice looks like in philadelphia. >> it's a culture that has been based upon maximizing charges, maximizing convictions and maximizing jail. that's a failed, broken flossty. >> that's how you measure success this a district attorney's office. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: some of the most powerful law enforcement organizations opposed krazer in. >> are you going to work with the police department. >> we have several meetings. >> reporter: he spent his career as a civil rights lawyer representing members of the black lives matter movement and suing police in the process. >> knows my way in and out of determining what a case is worth. >> does it impact your
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relationship with those to work with? >> does it impact? in my opinion, in terms of people with good will, not at all. there's an awful lot of officers who have the best intentions who work really hard. >> those in the da's office should be ready for an approach that targets crime. >> the right leadership, begins with having a moral compass that is missing at this time in that office. >> should the adas be worried about their jobs? >> some of them. the vast majority, no. >> when he take office in january, it will be larry's first day as a prosecutor. >> when i come back and talk to you a year from now, how are we going to know you have a h a successful year? >> they will be real numbers and includes things like levels of incarceration, how much money is being saved if that level has been reduced. >> larry said that he will keep
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an eye on philadelphia's incarceration rate. philadelphia has the highest incarceration rate of america's ten largest cities. he plans to change that by redefining what crimes his office prosecutes. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. to the latest on former "today" show host matt lauer and the accusation ises of inappropriate sexual behavior. there could now be as many as eight accusers all of whom have decided to remain anonymous. lauer was fired yesterday after a female employee made an allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior against him. nbc news say it is began at the 2014 olympics in sochi and continued after that. today for the first time the former host is break his silence. he released a statement saying, there are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain i have caused others by words and actions. to the people i have hurt, i'm truly sorry. as i am writing this, i realize the depth of the damage and disappointment i have left behind at home and at nbc.
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coverage of the matt lauer allegations continueses on "nbc nightly news." they have new details on the accusations and new reaction tonight at 6:30 right after this newscast. now back to the breaking news. the earthquake that rattled our region this afternoon. our coverage continues. it was the 4.1 magnitude quake near dover, delaware. people from philadelphia to south jersey and all over the suburbs felt the tremendous morse. the great news there are no reports of injuries or any significant damage. we are continuing to follow this it breaking news. >
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breaking news, we have been telling you about the earthquake. >> our coverage continues with tim furlong. he's live in south tld. i know tim you have been hearing from folks in your usual home in delaware who felt it. >> the i'm not there now. but i can tell you thanks to my loyal facebook viewers and nbc 10 viewers for hitting me up as soon as it happened. the good news is there's not a lot of dalk. i did hear about a guy a cracked dor in bahhers beach. the quake was in the wildlife refugee east of the area. but it's an open area.
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and again, no damage reported. no injuries reported in the city of dover. the emergency operations said they didn't get any calls about it. right now they are lighting the christmas tree. everything going on as planned. everybody talking about what they felt. in delaware it depends on where you were. i heard from people in lewis that didn't feel. they said what happened. we didn't feel it. it does not fall short of the cracked door. it's all good news. we're live in south philly, nbc 10 news. let's bring in chief
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meteorologist tammie souza. this is not unusual for the east coast, but it's hardly common. >> it's not common. 58 earthquakes in the stit of delaware since 1871. this one happens to be the largest in the united states today. which is quite impressive when you consider all the states that have such big and violent earthquakes out west. this is the shake map. i'm not sure if you can make out all the squiggly lines. we're going to put this up online. but this is the shake map and this is actually based on reports they get. they get reports they have had upwards of 7,000 reports as of half hour ago. that's probably doubled by now. they lock at how far out it could have gone. right here, where you see this star, about ten miles northeast of dover is where the earthquake struck. somewhere between 4.1 and 4.4 in magnitu magnitude. that's yet to be determined. what's known is it was shallow about 4 miles or less down. which is you could really feel it spread out through all of
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this looser soil. this is not hard bedrock like you'd find in the mountain regions out west. you can feel it all the way out here in new york and connecticut and all the way down into parts of washington, maryland and all the way to d.c. and all the way past hagerstown. people could feel it past harrisburg, state college, reports from there. what really is dependent on whether or not you could feel this or not is hiow high you wee in a building and what you were standing on. a bridge with a lot of sway or give or fill underneath it, l e likely, you could feel it. we're going to be bringing you more about this over the days ahead as they finally analyze it and get down to what was going on. but again, the most powerful earthquake in the last 24 hours
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right here to the northeast. harrisburg, we have showers that are showing up on the radar. and you can see this line is moving very quickly in our direction. it will through quickly and it will be gone behind it clearing going to break out overnight tonight and into tomorrow. so by 8:00 tonight in berks county, we could be looking at showers. temperatures will drop into the 40s. by 10:00 or so, perhaps in tld, these are light, scattered showers. watch what happens after 10:00. the whole thing breaks apart. it really kind of bumping into dry air. clearing skies to follow. when you wake up in the morning, low to mid-40s. you're k look at sunshine. you'll pop out in the low 50s tomorrow. 40s in the outlying areas. we're setting ourselves up for a magnificent weekend. here's your ten-day.
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. 54 for tomorrow in philadelphia. a little cooler in the outlying areas. certainly. up in the upper pennsylvania suburbs. you'll probably be in the upper 40s. 50 on saturday with sunshine. 53 on sunday. the eagles up there because you can watch it here on nbc 10. we are going to be looking at 54 on monday. 59 on tuesday. 53 on wednesday. we'll have rain both of those days. behind that, really cold air comes into the area. look at this. 47 on thursday. as we start to clear out. we drop to the 30s. 42 on friday. that's our daytime high. then we hit 39 on saturday. and we are going to be looking at possibly saturday and sunday rain with a rain/snow mix. places like the poconos talking about. we're going to be busy for the second half of december with extremely cold air in place and possibly kind of a series of storm systems coming through. so my advice is locate your snow shovel and that snow blower and make sure they are ready to go
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in case. it could be a busy december. you leave us with snow. the eagles can clinch the n fc east without lifting a a finger tonight. that's one step toward their goal. that story next in sports.
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good to see you again. the eagles can clinch the nfc east from the comfort of their own couches tonight. relax, they win the division if washington beats the cowboys. >> we want it and we.
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want to try to get as close to home-field advantage as possible. >> the cowboys right here on nbc 10. coverage begins at 7:30. sixers in the bean town tonight. embiid will not play following last night's 118-1 113 win over the wizards. that game a bit closer than it needed to be. washington started fouling ben. simmons every chance they could. simmons entered the game. shooting under 60% the foul line. one of the worst in the league. he went to the line 24 times in the fourth, an nba record that allowed the wizards to get back in the game. >> what was your reaction when you started to figure out this is becoming a thing? >> just got to make them. >> what can you learn from going through the whatever we're going to start call iing it? >> it's not going to happen.
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>> fliers are off until saturday. a chance to snap a nine-game lose iing skid. they held a players only meeting after the loss to the sharks. they say they remain unified. >> we have each other's backs. obviously, we are in this together. we're going to get out of it together. it's just a matter of us sticking together and getting back to simple hockey. >> we all have our responsibility to be better. that's what we're trying to do. >> tiger woods, look at him. playing his first. tournament at the hero world challenge. ten months following his fourth back surgery. making a 20th worldwide start since having the first surgery in 2014. not so bad. under 69, 3 shots off the lead. that's your look at sports. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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our breaking news coverage continues. the 4.1 earthquake that shook near dover, delaware around 4:45 this afternoon. people all around the region talking about feeling the tremors. >> rosemary connors just spoke with a man from delaware who says he felt the ground shake. >> it was pretty mild. never been in an earthquake before. i had anything like that, but it seemed pretty mild. it just kind of shook the table a little bit and lasted maybe ten seconds, if that. >> so this was a 4.1 on the richter scale. >> if this was over a 5, there would have been bricks flying and damage reports. there still could be minor damage reports. we're going to wait to see if there's aftershocks. this was a a shallow earthquake about four miles beneath the
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earth's surface. >> we'll gather reports. "nbc nightly news" is next. see you back here at 11:00. tonight, your taxes. senate republicans on the brink of passing their sweeping plan as a new nonpartisan report finds the plan would add a trillion dollars to the deficit. a closer look at the potential hard hit for families with big medical bills. >> i can't see us taking away care for him, so most likely it would be, you know, putting ourselves into debt to be ableo care for him. we're also following breaking news. a rare earthquake shakes the northeast. rattled from new york to philly to baltimore. high drama swirling around secretary of state rex tillerson and whether the white house is hatching a secret plan to push him out. we're learning more tonight about the allegations against matt lauer. as many as six women accusing the fired "today" host of sexual misconduct as lauer issues an


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