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tv   Today  NBC  December 26, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> you like to shovel? we'll have local updates throughout the morning and weather, traffic, and news you need to know before you head our the door. good morning. breaking overnight, a very messy christmas. snow, nasty winds and bone-chilling temperatures making holiday travel a nightmare. a jetblue plane, skidding off the tarmac in boston. that white christmas enjoyed by millions making the road home a lot tougher this morning. working holiday. >> melania and i am delighted to wish america and the entire world a very merry christmas. >> president trump's message to the country as he vows to get right back to work. what's next on the president's agenda? many happy returns. after a season of record
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breaking sales, get ready for a new round of bargains. what you need to know to make the process as painless as good morning. back at this tuesday december. possible. all that, plus a holiday fireworks display gone wrong. meghan markle turns heads what a fantastic crowd out here th >> a ftastic crd. with the royal family. thanks for coming by, guys. and a surprise proposal on >> they are troopers because it the rock center ring. is not warm out here. >> they get 20 points. that doesn't go as planned. it is >> nothing youith those giving new meaning to taking the points. they get 20 points. plunge. >> we should give extra points to our fan of the morning here. "today," de kwt" tuesday, decem, >> okay. >> it's so cold, my brain isn't 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. working. i can't even speak. i want to introduce someone. what's your name? >> being here. and welcome to "today." 80 years old today. thanks for joining us on this a round of applause for judy. tuesday morning. savannah and hoda have the morning off. [ applause ] that guy, swept her off her delray beach, florida. you came here with your husband feet. >> she was lost in the moment. and daughter, right? right there, she goes for a >> there's big al. kiss. and then -- weak in the knees. 59th anniversary in about a we're going to come up with all sorts of phrases to use.
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>> we will. week. >> 59. how was your christmas? you've been married to him for >> very, very nice. 60 years? >> yeah. >> it was very nice, as well. >> you wanted to come off to the we'll get to more of that in a plaza. we want to check it off of the moment. let's get to our top story. bucket list. there we go, judy. christmas wishes of snow came thanks for coming by. true for millions, from the >> that was nice. >> don't steal the marker. northwest to new england. that's the good news. the bad news, it's making travel >> you may want to take that back to delray beach. very tricky, with treacherous >> that was good. road conditions and flight sweet. coming up, prepare to be blown away. cancellations and delays. one of the original dylan is standing by. illusionists, he's bringing a we're going to get to her little magic to our plaza. forecast in a moment. plus, we're cooking up ron allen is at boston's logan easy post-christmas dinner, so airport. delicious, your guests may never good morning. >> reporter: happy holidays to leave. dylan, a check of the you. weather? >> you don't need me to tell you some 3,000 flight delays and 100 it's cold out here. cancellations. everyone knows it. here at logan airport, the conditions got so bad at one it's windy through the plains, point, they had to close the too. you factor in temperatures, in airport down. the single digits and teens, the no takeoffs or landings for windchills will feel like below abhoan zero. hour or so. in the northwest, temperatures and for jetblue passengers in the 20s and 30s. a couple of spotty showers on arriving last night, it was a rough landing. the gulf coast, with temps in a blanket of snow for much of the 50s. an the lake-effect snow will the nation's midsection.
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and a white christmas from continue, in new york and chicago, to seattle to boston. pennsylvania, where we could end up with t snow. the storm causing a disaster. tomorrow will be bitter cold, even colder than this morning, a jetblue plane, sliding off of as temperatures continue to tumble. we'll see mountain snow and gulf the taxiway, after landing late showers, temperatures through most of florida in the lower monday. the passengers aboard from 70s, all the way down to savannah, taken by bus to the southern florida, where we terminal. in a statement, jetblue said, no shouldop out t injuries have been reported at this time. logan closed runways earlier and and a good tuesday morning grounded flights temporarily to you. because of zero visibility. i'rt meteorologist crews unable to clear the falling snow. steve sosna. chance of light snow friday with highs in the upper 20s. winter storm was pounding the philadelphia suburbs sunshine region, with reports of thunder snow in the northeast, and rare today, tomorrow,  blizzard warnings in maine and is on friday as well. new hampshire. lehigh valley, get ready for 23 >> the roads are a luittle roug. today, 20 tomorrow, late snow on friday. new jersey and delaware. >> reporter: some of the sunshine today, cold, bundle up. roughest conditions on the we'll be looking out for potential snow by friday coast. winds up to 65 miles per hour on afternoon. have a great day. cape cod and the islands. >> nbc's hit show, "this is us," 6,000 homes left without power. has touched the hearts of fans in parts of pennsylvania, that and just picked up a golden globe nomination for best tv
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familiar winter wallop, series. it c it centers around the pearsons, a couple who lost one child, lake-effect snow, blanketing only to adopt another. erie county, making driving and it hits close to home for a family in tennessee. treacherous. scattered accidents and spinouts across the country, with some >> good morning, dewey. >> i heard it said, if you want vehicles sliding off the roads. >> i hope everybody is where to hear god laugh, you tell him your plans. they're supposed to be already. less people on the road, the >> reporter: in 2015, life handed josh and katie butler the unexpected, when their son dewy better. >> reporter: that jetblue plane did a 180, spinning all the way was born, with a rare around. no one was injured. chromosomal disorder. things are back to normal here >> some of his chromosomes were at logan airport here. flip flopped and that caused him only a few scattered delays to have difficulties breathing and eating. >> reporter: a big fight for a reported. traffic should be scattered little soul. >> he had deep, brown eyes like throughout the week ahead. that should make things better. the other problem, plunging josh. he was such a calm, sweet temperatures. here in boston, the temperature spir always from my kies is not going to break freezing until in the new year. yo he was 132 d >> ron allen, thank you. let's talk about the snow and ice. is it far from over? dylan is tracking what's next. dylan? >> the ice is going to be around for a while. losing your child is sad.
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it will get very, very cold. that's not the way it's supposed windchills are even colder. to go. are we doing the best we can? we have an arctic blast that's we are trying. we are trying to live happy pouring into the northeast. lives but we are sad. marquette, michigan, 29 below. ♪ happy birday to you pittsburgh, the windchill is 3. because of that cold air crossing over the great lakes, >> we met brax when he was 11 that's where we're seeing a lot of our snowy troubles right now. months old. we have steady streams of snow >> reporter: left behind at the coming off of lake ontario and same hospital where dewy lived out his life. and the nashville couple turned lakeer erie. their sadness into purpose. >> the moment i got the text six inches of snow fell in just one hour. message, the initial inquiry, we that makes things dangerous on were taking home a by decided t the roads. we're looking at lake-effect snow warns. the bands of snow continue to unseen. >> reporter: they adopted him, giving him the family he needed. set up. the areas like syracuse, erie, and then, a second chance at parenthood. >> people ask us about the show pennsylvania, buffalo, all "this is us." expected to see snowfall rates it was very similar in a sense of two inches per hour. we could see 18 inches in that, the dad saw the child several areas. that puts the storm total over through the glass and he just about three feet of snow. knew that was going to be his son. that's kind of what happened that's 36 inches of snow, due to with us.
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>> reporter: and with a newfound this lake-effect snow that's passion to show their son that going to stick around to probably wednesday or thursday. dreaming big should be the rule >> three feet of snow. not the exception, josh applied president trump is avoiding that winter weather, spending for and was accepted tope on this season of "american the week at his mar-a-lago estate in florida, as he wraps e and joy.nd giving the sign ae up his first year in office. and the president says he's looking ahead to year number two. garrett haake is in west palm beach for us. for daddy.wahes, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good i wantim to know is it's okay morning. the president and the first to name your dreams and go after family had a pretty quiet christmas day. them. so quiet, in fact, the president daddy. i think that a to describe only tweeted three times, all of them about the holiday. but the last tweet suggesting our short journey so far, is today would be a pivot on this working vacation back towards taking what is sad and making the best of it and living with white house work. a silent night on christmas at hope. and choosing to see the joy. mar-a-lago, punctuated by a single tweet. i hope everyone is having a >> i love that smile. the butlers are in the process great christmas. tomorrow, it's back to work in of growing their family. order to make america great they've been fos adopt them. than anyone anticipated, the ter >> what a beautiful family. >> it is such a beautiful president wrote. family.
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the first couple out with a >> it's beautiful. name your dreams and go after video christmas message on them. >> inspiration. thank you. twitter. >> my fellow americans, melania >> "this is us" returns tuesday, january 9th, at 9:00, 8:00 and i are excited to wish the entire world a very merry cel just ahead, the magic of christmas. >> reporter: the president spoke with deployed service members on ad hes about to amaze our crowd. christmas eve. >> we want to thank you very and all of you, as well, at much. >> reporter: he and the first lady surprised nearly two dozen home. but first, this is "today" on nbc. children with phone calls. >> santa moves quickly. >> reporter: and now, he wants to move on the infrastructure bill next month. the white house has worked to reform immigration laws next year may have been made more complicated by a new report christmas weekend. two unnamed sources tell "the new york times," at a june meeting in the oval office, the president said 15,000 haitian refugees all have aids. the white house tells nbc news, cabinet member in that meeting
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deny the claims. while republicans work on selling the tax plan, steven mnuchin received an unwanted delivery. a los angeles man leaving a gift-wrapped package of horse manure. >> the new tax law that's going to kick millions of people off of health care, i think i needed to do something that was equally absu absurd. >> reporter: the president is up this morning and tweeting, putting new items on the agenda for 2018. a short time ago, he wrote, based on the fact that the very unfair and unpopular individual mandate has been determine nated that repeals over time obamacare, the democrats and the republicans will come together and develop a great, new health care plan. craig and sheinelle, one more before we start, i just want to say item on a very ambitious agenda if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag for the president in 2018. doesn't get us all killed, ben. >> garrett haake for us in what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network
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florida. thank you. there's more to get to this that makes your gaming system actually work awesel morning, including a money-saving move at the united hey. did you take out the trash? nations. the u.s. has negotiated a $285 that makes your gaming system actha, garbage boy!l dad, i already took out ben. million cut in the u.n.'s budget it's not funny. for the next two years. she didn't specify how that gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. would affect the u.s. contributions. but haley said inefficiency and overspending were well known. rescue teams are in a search ♪ for survivors of a deadly welcome back. as they magician adam trent is w christmas weekend typhoon in the philippines. 116 people are dead. that's a number expected to climb. heavy rainfall unleashed >> take itbrother.e mudslides and caused dams to burst in the southern part of the country. 100,000 people spent christmas day in evacuation shelters. >> i'm gng not be with me. forecasters expected the storm to hit vietnam overnight. but it failed to make landfall. it's been a working holiday i wanted to bring them along on my facebook, my for crews battling the historic wildfires in southern
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california. instagram. there's a lot of things you will 1,500 firefighters spent notice about my show. christmas on the front lines, i posted them. with much of their efforts everyone in the audience has a focused on the largest wildfire sheet of paper. numbers and colors on them. on record. we chose our colors and numbers. steve patterson has the latest. >> reporter: sheinelle, we have balls of paper. firefighters here are exhausted. as you mentioned, 1,500 men and this from my veterinarian. women on the front lines, battling this fire, away from the families, through the toss them in. how are we missing f holidays, for weeks. but this christmas, the close? how are we missing from this community came through in a big close, people? co on. way. ♪ rudolph the red-nosed coming through. coming back ts have reindeer ♪ anymore. second chances. >> reporter: this morning, a how am iing? little christmas comfort on the come on. front lines. don't miss. in southern california, don't miss. firefighters are engaged in okay. okay. okay. relentless battle, pushing back i'm not sure how some of them against the thomas fire for are missing this. weeks. now, away from their families okay. for the holidays. okay. >> first time working on all right. i think we're done. christmas. >> reporter: and on christmas >> okay. >> ladies and gentlemen, this right here represents our day, at base choices, our favorite colors and our favorite numbers, our ability to hit a moving target, coming together. >> they have to work. our ability to follow instructions properly. this is great.
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>> reporte meredith, come over here. >> it makes you feel better. >> reporter: also working the we have five clear cups here. holiday, therapy dogs from the i'm going to give a little shuffle like this. shuffle, shuffle. crisis response organization, helping spread a little holiday mix, mix. i'm going to dump them over the cheer to the tired and emoti cup. we got several i emotionally drained fire crews. we're going to clear this off. the thomas fire has killed 2 and we're going to remove the extras. we'll remove that one and that destroyed more than 1,000 homes one. only the first one that made it and businesses. it's the largest wildfire in in. and that one got about five in california history. it. hook at that. i think we're good. crews have been working around go ahead and call the numbers the clock. hundreds of hours through the out nice and loud, on the -- holidays to keep it contained. this photo of a few firefighters call them out. that's a green number 5. pushed past the point of exhaustion, now vile. next number. 3. next number. >> it's so great. 0. next number. the community cares for us. 4. and finally -- 5. we appreciate that. >> reporter: a tireless fight far from home. 53045. a number that's special to us. crews here are hoping they're in the beginning i told you my stagehands wouldn't be here. i posted a photo on social close to knocking out. the fire is 80% contained. media. there's a lot of things you'll but you're talking about
7:12 am
something that's 280,000 acres notice. the stagehands are one olook ai. large. fire officials don't think they that's five.e. will have full containment on this for at least another two i'm holding up zero. weeks. the battle here rages on. that's four. that's five, ladies and gentlemen. now, to the yearly >> that's really good. >> no. >> you want to tell us how you did that? >> what's crazy is that right now, this number. post-holiday rush to the halls. the numbers can be looked at one of two ways. here's jo ling kent. if i do this with the number. numbers can become letters. >> reporter: with the retail rush behind us and gifts they don't notice the letters exchanged -- spell shoes. >> this is the best christmas the stagehands are wearing ever. >> reporter: retailers are shoes. giving thanks for strong the shoes are colors. consumer spending this year. if i line them up perfectly like retail sales jumped 4% over last this. year, according to estimates. that's green, blue, red, yellow, green. and that's impossible. online shopping spiking 24% over >> that's amazing. the holiday season. >> i always wanted to know how >> people have gone out in you do it. droves and spent a lot of money >> you can verify it online. this holiday season. it's all there. >> reporter: now, tis the season >> amazing. >> how did you get into magic? for returns. if santa didn't check everything off of their list, you're not >> i started when i was 8 years alone. almost two-thirds made a return old. i saw david copperfield. last holiday season.
7:13 am
before you take back offunwanted i'm going across the country to do what i want to do. >> does it make it hard in this gifts, experts say for age of google to keep the electronics, don't open the box. secrets in magic behind it? >> that's a got point. hang on to receipts. >> you cannot google that trick. many retailers won't allow i think people are more exchanges or returns without skeptical these days. them. magic is about entertainment. check store return policies that's what my life tour is all before taking items back. about. and make sure to bring your i.d. >> good to have you, adam. >> thanks for being here. >> next time, we'll let you for an extra hand, free apps inside. >> it's warm out here. like slice detect your online >> next time, we'll insist on it. be sure to look for the magic of purchases using the e-receipts. adam trent in a city near you. up next, the perfect recipe for dinner. and paribus goes a step further, apparently people, your guests, won't want to leave after you make this. tracking your orders and >> a simple salmon and salad. watching for any reduction in >> you're making it, craig. price after you buy. >> get upstairs and eat, ladies. if it detects a price drop, it >> that was fantastic. thank you so much. will request money back. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> the growth in ecommerce has >> we'll say it on the same ti been so rapid, that many don't michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help
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know the protections they have and the opportunity that i received. when they buy things online. darlene: i'm thankful to be able given that 2 billion packages to help people in crisis. are estimated to be shipped this vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. year, we estimate that 60 christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic million will be late in stores, responding because people are fueled by opioid painkillers. making the guarantees and do but if you or someone you love have policies and practices to is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. protect you. >> reporter: still have items on this holiday season, choose help. your wish list? call 844 reach nj or visit do not fear. this week and next are the best time to buy clothing or cash in the gift cards. and wait until january or the weekend before the super bowl, for the best price on a tv. more chances to find that perfect gift long after santa's gone. jo ling kent, nbc news, washington. now, to something we showed you at the top of the show. dozens of people are being treated for injuries after a fireworks accident in cuba. it happened at a festival, where rival neighborhoods hold a fireworks competition. it draws thousands of tourists. officials are investigating what
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went wrong. but some of the rockets shot off in the wrong direction, exploding too close to the crowds. dylan is back for a look at the rest of the country's forecast. it's cold all over america. >> it is. all of the snow and ice we had recently will stay put. let's look at the lake-effect snow. we have that expected to continue for the next several days because the air is very cold, crossing over the frozen lakes. water temperatures are about 35 degrees. there's the little bands of snow. we have snowy weather through nebraska and kansas. we are not looking at a whole lot of accumulation. but if you're driving through those areas, it will be windy ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ male announcer ] for tim and richard smucker, giving a gift of their family's delicious jam always made the holidays just a little bit sweeter.
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we forgot to put our names on them! richard, i think they'll know who it's from. ♪ thank you boys. we're back. you're welcome. you're welcome. 8:45 this morning on "today [ male announcer ] happy holidays from our family to yours. food" salmon in a snap. i love christmas! after a day of indulging, you might want to lighten things up. the executive chef of tupelo a good tuesday morning to honey. this is lighter than the ribs we you. i'm meteorologist steve sosna. made last time. >> 100% lighter than those ribs. staying cold in philadelphia through thursday. >> let's start with what we're chance of upper 20s friday. working with here. the suburbs, chance of sunshine >> the thought process, a really quick and easy healthyish meal today, tomorrow, thursday. your chance of light snow is friday, as well. lehigh valley, get ready for 23 to do after a busy holiday. today. 20 tomorrow. light snow on friday. new jersey and delaware, beautiful salmon. sunshine today, colds, bundle boston lettuce is grown in up. we'll have a potential of snow by friday afternoon. water. grain mustard for a nice have a great day. dressing. >> what kind of salmon do you >> and that's your latest recommend using? >> there's some good farm forecast. >> thank you. coming up, an inside look at salmon. one producer is called velaso. meghan markle's christmas debut
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with the royal family. look at that hat. if i had my choice, it would be >> love it. we both love it. >> we're live at kensington wild salmon. >> you can gauge how good the palace. why microsoft is pushing for dish is at "today" when the a pass word-free future. women are stuffing their faces. you can't even speak. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> the dressing is really good. michael: i'm thankful that it makes everything come together. >> the dressing is what we call. it has agave nectar. and it has tarragon, which i don't know a child that likes it. we will season the salmon. lay it in so the oil splashes away from you. >> skinside down. >> you want to get that skin crispy. two or three minutes on that side. depending on the thickness of the salmon, you can take it and pop it in the oven. or you can turn it over, turn the heat to low or finish it cooking on the flesh side. you have crispy salmon,
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beautiful skin. >> what's the rule with the i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help skin? >> salmon skin is one of the and the opportunity that i received. healthy, happy things in my darlene: i'm thankful to be able world. to help people in crisis. it's good fat. >> there's not a lot of fats vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. left. >> crispy skin salmon. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic we drop the heat down to low. is rare, another two fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love or three minutes on that side. is struggling with addiction, >> is there a general rule in i want you to know: terms of ggimon we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit it? >> everybody eats salmon differently. my wife eats it superrare. my in-laws eat it well done. >> let's get to the slat aalad dressing that dylan is raving about. >> it's beautiful. there's a couple of beautiful ingredients. the lettuce fans out and looks like its own head of lettuce again. we'll take some watermelonradis obsessi obsession. >> you have to be careful with the mandolin because i almost lost a finger. >> this guy can be worse. >> that's a beautiful knife.
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you got some radishes, onions here. >> the thing we miss cooking at home a lot, is to season everything, including the lettuce greens. >> you season the lettuce before you put vegetables on it. that's a chef trick? >> it's a chef trick. it's not just sitting on top. it's getting in there. you're working the seasoning straight through. >> a pro tip. >> i actually dress the salad, too, before the salmon goes on. still ahead, the surprising and then, i add more on top, as ways that some of your favorite you saw in the tease. celebrities celebrated but spread this out nice. christmas. and the best of "today." >> this is so good. >> i want to take that dressing. we're looking back at our favorite stories of the year, is really light. >> thehe whole starting with a dream come true fo thing is cooking the salmon. >> and that was supereasy. >> five minut and you're done. and you have a beautiful -- >> my goodness. >> this dressing here. >> we tkedgrown-up honey mustar. agave nectar, whole grain [♪ ] mustard, tarragon, a little apple cider vinegar. and we drizzle in the olive oil.
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it's emulsified with the agave nectar. it is stable. it's not a true vinaigrette, that's the new rockstar. that it's not going to separate. hurry in to old navy for up to >> it has such a unique flavor. seventy-five percent off storewide! it's something we haven't had. that's up to seventy-five percent off >> adults love honey mustard, and this tuesday only, they don't like to admit it. get fifty percent off all jeans at old navy. >> i will add more. >> you can make that in advance ♪ (christmas marching band music) and keep it. >> yeah. 100%. i have a quart of it in my fridge. you can put it on everything. >> you cook like my mother. just eye ball it. what's the verdict, ladies? >> this is delicious. our plates are almost clean. >> well, that's no shocker. >> you didn't eat on christmas day. >> i'm eating healthy now. >> this is delicious. >> i had mcdonald's yesterday. (drumsticks click) this is fantastic. this is good. >> you throw the salmon right on top of this, huh? lookin' at the new mcpick 2 for 5...... >> for me this, is a complete going for savory, juicy, and crispy... meal. if you want something extra, it's goooddddd! roasted potatoes, roasted
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choose two fan favorites on the mcpick 2 for 5 dollars menu. asparag asparagus. >> what kind of cheese? [crowd cheering] >> this is feta. you can use any crumbling cheese you like. >> this is guilt-free. >> it is guilt-free. >> there's one for you right er here. >> you have to try this. >> i am. >> yes. you actually get to. >> woo. >> i hope it's good. hey, guys. where are the cookies it's delicious. for the... bake sale? >> it is delicious. bake... bake sale? >> isn't that good? >> you're right. need to bake in a hurry? that's money. >> it can make or break a salad. use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. >> for more on this recipe and there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. more on other recipes, go to ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter) i apologize. >> really? ooh, cookies! right before you speak. >> my mother is watching at home. how the world treats and defeats childhood cancer... oh, my god. i can't believe he's talking and she ate ice cream, with his mouth full. oh but i'm not supposed to tell that part. sorry. not sure why i use visit or shop where you see the st. jude logo. ♪ i'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain ♪
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great grandkids and 6 great grandkids and a couple more. wonder what christmas was like there. and last but not least, happy 100th birthday to esther deets of kingsville, maryland. her spam rec her the grand prize at the state fair three times. if you know someone with a milestonebirthday, tell us at >> i would try that spam. >> i would, too. >> we are chomping away as dylan was talking. should i take this next li? are you good? ahead. firs y and weather. >> well done, >> now back to my. i was going to take it home for lunch. but it's gone. ♪ ♪ .
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good tuesday morning. i'm katy zachry. just a few minutes before 7:30. let's get right to first alert meteorologist steve sosna. he has your most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. very cold, steve. >> yeah. that's right, katy. we are looking at frigid weather in our forecast here for the next couple of days. 26 now in wilmington. the sun is up. it feels like 16 in that neighborhood. in other neighborhoods, feeling like the single digits now. 9 in reading is what it feels like. 8 in allentown. 14 philadelphia. and 18 in wildwood. for the day ahead, look for temperatures getting close to 30 degrees with a good deal of sunshine. with the biting breeze, it will feel like the teens. we have the ten-day forecast coming up. >> good info. thanks. now to the roads and first alert traffic reporter pamela
7:27 am
osborne in for jessica today. what are you seeing in philadelphia? >> those cold temperatures that steve was talking about is causing problems on the roadways. in philadelphia, there's a water main break right at rilitz road and home avenue. we have a crew on the scene to get a better look at what's going on there. also want to let you know about a problem spot in maple shade, new jersey, route 73 southbound good tuesday morning. approaching 295. there's an accident that has two it's 9:00 a.m. let get to lanes closed. steve sosna, most accurate katy? >> thanks. police in atlantic city say forecast. frigid outsz. a suspected drunk driver slammed >> not much changing. one place that embraces the cold a stolen truck into a building, and that started a fire. and loves it are the poconos. it happened yesterday morning on great conditions for skiing out atlantic avenue near boston there for today, the next avenue. witnesses reported seeing the several days. if you're out and about on the street today, especially in wind driving at a high rate of speed before crashing. prone area you stores and apartments are in the building. the red cross is trying to help nearly a dozen people who had 5 in poconos, 19 indover. find someplace else to spend christmas. the driver faces multiple charges. we'll be back in 25 minutes. we'll rebound today but not by much this. deep freeze continues through the week. welcome to another update at 11:0 , steve.
7:28 am
a check of the roadsith pamela osborne in for jessica, who is off today. >> yeah. frigid temperatures steve was talking about probably the cause of what y right here. this is east, north. there's actually a water main break that happened earlier this morning. if you can imagine all that water iced up. here is what you need to know. germantown pike closed in all lanes all directions between sweet road and dandridge. another water main break in philly, willis and holmes road. >> pamela, thanks. today marks the first day of kwanzaa, the week long celebration honors a different principle each day. today's principle is unity. other principles include collective economics, purpose and creativity. kwanzaa was first observed to celebrate african culture 50 years ago. it couple natures with a feast and gift giving. an opportunity for kids to learn about kwanzaa today.
7:29 am
the day begins with learning seven basic principles of the holiday and story line outlining the history of the holiday. it will outline musical performances and more. megyn kelly starts now. michael: i'm thankful that i'm th
7:30 am
♪ 7:30, now, on this day after christmas, december 26th, 2017. the tree at rockefeller center shining bright. >> that was one of the most popular destinations yesterday, that rockefeller christmas tree. there's a lot going on today. we'll start with a check of the headlines, including weather worries for post-christmas travelers. >> holiday mess. >> the roads are a little rough. but i don't remember the last time we had a white christmas. >> that snowy christmas that americans hoped for, is turning into a nightmare for millions. many waking up to dangerous
7:31 am
roads, flight delays and consolations, including a measure in boston after a jetblue plane skids off of the tarmac. president trump's christmas message to troops. and surprising nearly two dozen children with phone calls along with first lady melania, during his vacation at mar-a-lago. analysts lower projections for iphone x because of lackluster demand during the holiday shopping season. farewell. heath heath heather mindy zurich passes away at 68. and falling in love. a marriage proposal on the rock center ice rink includes a small slip-up when the bride-to-be says yes and then falls on the ice. "today," tuesday, december 26th,
7:32 am
2017. she was weak in the knees. swept off her feet. we need a couple more. >> you know this, when you get engaged. you have to have a great story. they have a great story. >> it's captured on video for all to see. >> we are pleased to report that she said yes and did not break any bones. >> doing just fine this morning. now, to a holiday debut that the world is still buzzing about. her first christmas with the kelly cobiella is at kensington palaceith more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, he inell an exception so meghan markle can spend christmas with harry and the rest of the family. a far cry from christmas in l.a., freezing temperatures, fancy hats and royal protocol. it's a royal first. meghan markle spending christmas with the queen, an honor reserved f and spouses, not fiancees.
7:33 am
the presents already opened, all eyes were on prince harry and his bride-to-be, walking to church with william and pregnant kate. prince phillip leading the way. the big moment, the queen and the curtesy. meghan getting advice from harry. >> just as william helped kate in materially days, she will have the duchess of cambridge's help because she's the next woman who knows what it feels like to marry in from the outside. >> reporter: prince harry and meghan, said they wanted to hit the ground running. and they have. on the first royal work trip together, just days after sitting down for their first interview. eporter: their engagement photos, showing a modern couple in love. >> the queen is delighted that prince harry has found the one that she and her husband are around to witness a wedding. ♪ god save the queen
7:34 am
>> my family gather around to watch television, as they are at this moment. >> six decades on, the presenter has gone on somewhat. >> reporter: now in her 60th year, the queen talked about family. >> we enjoy spending time this christmas with our family and look forward to welcoming new members into it next year. >> reporter: william and kate will welcome baby number three in april. in may, wedding bells at windsor castle, where prince harry and meghan markle will tie the knot in front of a tv audience. the british public approves in their first royal christmas together. the first christmas of many to come for meghan markle, at sandringham, the queen's ed state. today, is boxing day in the u.k. another day to spend with
7:35 am
family. and harry and meghan will be spending their boxing day with william, kate and the kids. back to you. >> kelly cobiella at kensington palace. i have to say my instagram feed was exploding. they looked at her dresser, her hat, and her shoes. >> i am not into fashion and to see how she puts it together is fascinating. >> i don't know the queen personally. but she looks happy these days. >> there's the hat. i'm certain you can't buy that hat probably at target. dylan is standing by. she's in for al on this day after christmas. how are we looking out there? >> we have interesting video from the lake superior area. you see the fog coming off of the great lakes? this is lake-effect snow happening. the water temperature is 39, the air is 9 below. you have the water over the
7:36 am
clouds and that's what produces the lake-effect snow. it's a cool time-lapse watching that happen. and now, i'll show you in graphic form. look at the great lakes. you have the frigid air over the unfrozen great lakes. until they freeze, this is what we'll see. for most of january, we have lake-effect snow develop. it dumps that snow after it takes it up off the water. it dumps the heavy snow off of the great lakes. that's exactly what we're seeing, especially off of lake ontario and lake erie, where we will see some areas picking up close to three feet of snow. it's been snowing for the last several days. we're still looking at an additional 12 to 18 inches of snow likely. that's going to make roads very, very treacherous in this area. also a little slippery and windy back through parts of kansas and into northwestern missouri. if you have to travel through that area, keep in mind that the roads will be slippery,
7:37 am
a good tuesday morning to you. i'm first alert meteorologist steve sosna here with the three-day forecast. staying cold in philadelphia through thursday. chance of upper 20s friday. the suburbs, chance of sunshine today, tomorrow, thursday. your chance of light snow is friday, as well. lehigh valley, get ready for 23 today. 20 tomorrow. light snow on friday. new jersey and delaware, sunshine today, colds, bundle up. we'll have a potential of snow by friday afternoon. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you. coming up here on the day after christmas morning, an interesting post-holiday debate. is christmas eve actually better than christmas day? also ahead on "pop start," we have your roundup of how the stars spent the holidays. then, a real-life "this is us." the touching story of one family who connects to nbc's hit show in a special way.
7:38 am
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7:42 am
now you an talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at back, now,7:42, with one of the most annoying parts of our digital lives. the endless list of user names and passwords. >> stephanie gosk goes to microsoft to see what that tech giant is going to end this crisis of sorts. >> they're impossible to keep track of and impossible to keep up to date. imagine how nice it would be to live in a world without passwords. there's a big push to get there. passwords are the most vulnerable part of our computer systems. our computers are under attack. all across the world, 1 million victims a day. there's a lot of attacks. >> yeah, there are.
7:43 am
>> reporter: tech giant microsoft keeps track of cyber crime at its own internal lab. >> 81% of the data theft we saw was related to user name and password. that gives you the depth of the magnitude of the problem. >> reporter: brett arsenal is the chief information security officer. did you get any bad guys? without going into specifics? >> yes. the hacking community has grown in size and sophistication, the techniques they use. that goes back to why it was so important we solve this problem. >> reporter: microsoft is one of a handful of companies pushing hard to scrap passwords, the most vulnerable aspect of everyday digital life. >> people use simple passwords that are easy to guess or using sophisticated computers, are easy to crack. >> reporter: in 2016, the most popular password found among data breechers was 123456. with 80% of people using the
7:44 am
same password to 30% of accounts. half of tech users write their passwords down on paper. leaving $24 billion intelligent devices exposed. >> this is microsoft's envisioning center. >> reporter: julia white is the vice president of microsoft's cloud platform. what is biometrics? >> it is using you as your password. your face, your fingerprint, in some cases a heartbeat to say you are who you are. >> reporter: she and her team are working to make passwords a thing of the past. >> it's points and that's it. >> reporter: show me what happens when you try to get into my lob laptop. >> it's not logging me in. >> reporter: even with the same haircut. biometrics are being used on lab tops and cell phones, like t iphone x. but the goal, she says, is to
7:45 am
access everything, from banking to brooks brothers, without ever typing another password. >> it's better from a security password because it's just a better experience. rather than having to worry about forgetting my password, i am the password. >> reporter: can it be stolen? once my face is stolen, i can't get another face. >> security people will never say nothing is possible. but that's incredibly unlikely. >> reporter: experts say it won't be long until passwords are obsolete. but they caution cyber criminals are incredibly savvy. for the time being, they recommend two types of authentication. wouldinamazing? >> yes. i thought the thumbprint was good enough. >> productivity would go through the roof because we would have that hour or so that we spend every week, trying to recall our passwords. >> and who writes them down? do you write them down? >> i do. >> it says pos pathem.
7:46 am
>> there you go. >> it's very safe. >> thank you. let's head over to dylan to see what's happening in the orange room today. orange room today. >> guys, fun and traditions. the great emperor penguin migration. orange room today. >> guys, fun and traditions. trekking a hundred miles inland to their breeding grounds. except for these two fellows. this time next year, we're gonna be sitting on an egg. i think we're getting close! make a u-turn... u-turn? recalculating... man, we are never gonna breed. just give it a second. you will arrive in 92 days. you know who i'm gonna follow?g i' fifteen nun what's wrong? your scalp 's dry...
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7:50 am
welcome back. dylan has double-duty this morning, covering for al and carson. dylan, you're flashing all the way back to christmas. >> going way back, guys. we hope you had a very merry christmas and happy holidays. we thought we would share with you some of our favorite celebrations. let's go up to space. starting at the international space station, the astronauts kicked off festivities with a screening of "star wars: the last jedijedi," complete with d bags. looks like santa does deliver in space. back here on earth, we had a great time, too. savannah and company rocked the matching p.j.s. hoda was smiling by the christmas tree. and jenna bush hager with her family, taking that yearly selfie with her dad, former
7:51 am
president george w. bush in the here's al's delicious christmas eve dinner. and carson's bloody mary bar, open for business. carson is sleeping that one off. there's craig's family in matching p.j.s. and looks like she got a train for christmas. >> she did. we became the family that we used to mock, as well, in matching p.j.s. >> i love it, though. sheinelle, your family got into the holiday spirit. nice and dressed up for christmas. >> did you have another child? that's my godson. >> look at the smiles. they were so happy. >> it was a good day. >> here's calvin. >> oh, no. >> i g like being dressed up like santa. it was the end of a very long christmas eve. he did get some presents, too. >> he got cheerios, too? >> that's all that matters. happy holidays to everyone. >> we all enjoy christmas.
7:52 am
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good morning. katy za. to meteorologist steve sosna with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. a cold one, steve. >> that's right. you do want to prepare for a day like this. temperatures starting off in the teens and 20s. the feels-like temperatures are even colder than that. check it out. it feels like 5 below in mt. pocono. 20 in pottstown. 15 in wilmington. 19 in dover. looking ahead to the day today, temperatures will get up to around 30 degrees. factor in the wind. it will feel like the teens for most of the day today. we'll see numbing cold. another update in a half hour. >> thanks. now to the roads and pamela osborne in for jessica boyington. >> the cool temperatures that steve was talking about that are causing all these problems.
7:57 am
in philadelphia, a water main break at willets and home avenue. we're getting video of the situation. the thing you were talking about in east norriton, germantown pike closed all lanes between sweed road and stanbridgeso bec break that we're having. a salt truck there to clear things up, but it's still causing problems. katie? >> thank you. the eagles will be home for the holidays and for the playoffs. last night the eagles clinched home field advantage with a 19-10 win over the raiders at the linc. an interception and field goal in the final mint wute won it f the birds. count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of the eagles as they find more reaction on eek. players and fans on the nbc10 app. today we will have another update for you in about 25 minutes. i'm katy zachry. the "today" show continues in just a few minutes. have a great day. and we'll see you back here around 8:30. michael: i'm thankful that
7:58 am
i'm alive and have a second for the helpankful and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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8:00 am
coming up, winter weather warning. snow, ice and blistering cold winds across the country, creating treacherous road conditions and canceling flights nationwide. how will that white christmas impact your travel plans? we'll have the latest. plus, let the returns begin. what you need to know whenack t slacks that don't fit just right. and the postholiday deals you won't want to miss. and star-studded christmas. from miley cyrus to mariah carey. we have the scoop on how your favorite celebrities spent their
8:01 am
holiday, "today" tuesday, december 26th, 2017. it's your first time in new york city. who do you want to say hi to? >> hi, grandma and grandpa. >> from 432 to 212. >> hi. >> these guys are in new york for the first time to see iowa football. >> go, hawks. >> we found some clemson fans. >> today is a great day to be a tiger. >> what are you doing on the plaza today? >> we came all the way from atlanta to celebrate lauren's 18th birthday. ♪ welcome back to "today." i'm craig melvin, alongside sheinelle jones. savannah and hoda off today. we're going to be outside in a bit. >> my favorite moments of the show. there's a lot going on this morning. let's get right to your news at 8:00. a snowy christmas is giving way to plunging temperatures and
8:02 am
dangerous travel conditions on the way home. ron allen is at logan airport in boston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. terrifying moments for the passengers aboard a jetblue flight, arriving around 7:00 p.m. the flight landed safely. then, the passengers said the plane was skidding as it made its way to the terminal, fish tailing and doing a 180. the passengers were put on to buses and taken to the terminal. jetblue said there were no passengers injured in all this. a tough day at logan. at one point, they had to close the airport down, because of the zero visibility. no takeoffs or landings for about an hour or so. it was the first white christmas here in boston in nearly 14 years. a white christmas for much of the country's northern section, from the northwest to the northeast, feet of snow out west and inches of snow here in the
8:03 am
flights delayed a about 100 canceled. we're hoping that looking ahead things are going back to normal here at boston logan, things are back to normal. across the country, only scattered coscatter ed cancellations and delays reported. hopefully the week leading up to new year's will be easier than christmas day. >> ron, thank you. president trump is working on his political agenda for the new year while spending the holiday in florida. garrett haake joins us from west palm beach, traveling with the president. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the president's working vacation here in palm beach will tilt a little back toward work today, after spending most of the weekend at more of the ceremonial duties of president. he tookren on christmas eve. on christmas day, the president almost entirely off the grid, except for a tweet last night, saying he would be back to work today. and sure enough, this morning, another tweet from the president. essentially declaring victory
8:04 am
for having repealed the individual mandate in president obama's health care law in the tax cut bill that just passed. the obamacare law still stands. the president says there could be a bipartisan fix in the future. that adds to a laundry list of things that the white house and congress have to work on, including infrastructure and immigration and all of this taking place in the background of the russia investigation. the president targeted a few senior fbi officials over the weekend. that's the kind of thing that could give this white house headaches going into 2018. craig? >> garrett haake for us in florida. thank you. there's been no break for firefighters, battling the largest wildfire in california history. the thomas fire in ventura has been burning since early december. 1,500 firefighters worked around the clock to keep it in check. the fire has killed 2 people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes and businesses. it's 90% contained but can take
8:05 am
two weeks to fully extinguish. we usually have "hoda's morning boost" at this time. a mother in riverside, california, unwraps what she thought was her christmas gift. she seems confused. it turns out to be a merer. but the real penalty was in the reflection standing behind her. [ screams ] that's her daughter. she serves in the u.s. navy. she managed to make it home early for christmas. >> i just got chills. >> what a unique way to pull off a surprise. >> she was trying to be nice about the mirror. thanks for the mirror. and then, no. look in it. >> those videos never get old to me. >> that was sweet. much more ahead, including jean chatzky's guy to holiday returns. and the post-christmas sales you want to take advantage of. "this is us" storyline hits close to home for one tennessee couple. we'll share their touching story. and the wonderful and wild
8:06 am
ways that the stars spend christmas. as we prepare to say good-bye to 2017, we're looking back at some people who inspired us this year, starting with a family i'll never forget. first, these mes mother nature nothing smells greater than the great outdoors. especially when you're in accounts receivable. only one detergent can give you a sniff like this. the irresistable scent of new gain botanicals laundry detergent. bring the smell of nature wherever you are. hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter)
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apply understand fully, mortgage confidently. welcome back on this "today" after christmas. what's left? returns, of course. according to the annual commissions report, more than year.f us present an bon2017. ough theou're looking tofincialy sm to do that. while at the mall, why not hit up big after-christmas sales. let's dig in and start with the returns. a lot of people are going to go to the store today. >> absolutely. the folks at "consumer world" do a survey of returns to find out which policies have changed. two biggies. macy's cut their return window from a full year to half a year. that should be plenty of time. >> it makes difference for people like me. i sit around thinking, i have a year. this is good to know. >> it's good to know.
8:10 am
some items it's quicker, like apple products and high-end clothing. be careful of that. best buy added a 15% restocking fee on high-end cameras, drones and big appliances like ovens and fridges and things like that. >> it makes sense. if we look at the big picture, let's look at the general guidelines for holiday returns. >> generally, you do not have to rush. you shouldn't wait as long as possible. you're going to get about 15 days on average. but some stores start that 15-day clock today. some don't start it until the 1st of january. different items have different rules. stores have sliced and diced theirpolicies. the high-end items, they want them back quicker to clear them out again. almost every big retailer has their policy on their website. look at it before you go so you're not surprised. bring receipts with you. there's a lot of things you can
8:11 am
buy at multiple stores and stores want to know, you actually got it there. if you don't have the receipt, ask your mom, ask aunt seuuzy. they want you to get the full value. you're not getting cash. you're going to get a gift card or a credit. >> can we talk about sales, now? if i return something, i end up shopping because of the big red signs. >> you're not alone. after christmas, we want to shop. and we want to shop for us. >> look at that. 42%. >> take advantage. we're buying things for us because we got gift cards. we want to put the gift cards to work. here's what you want to be looking for. first, clothing. you're going to get really, really good deals on coats, hats, gloves, scarves. >> i'm surprised the winter gear is on sale. it's cold. >> they need to move it out to bring the spring break stuff in. nordstrom's yearly sale starts today. holiday decorations. if you wanted one of the big inflatable things to put on your
8:12 am
lawn, today is the day to buy it, as well as the -- >> you have the family pajamas. go all-in. >> and fitness gear. if your new year's resolution is to amp up the workout routine, today is the day to buy it. games that were published in october, november, december, are going to be on sale. >> really? that's good to know. any last-minute advice? >> yeah. it really still pays to compare prices. go on your phone, do a little searching around before you decide where you're going to shop. >> good advice. happy shopping. do you shop, too? >> i shop often. and i shop fairly well. today, i'm not -- >> just eat healthy. >> i have to do my best. over to dylan for a check of the weather. >> let's looky. it's all about the cold. we have bitter cold with windchill warnings across the northern plains. windchills could reach 45 below
8:13 am
zero. we have the arctic air pouring down from the north. looking at some of our current temperatures. we have them below zero in fargo, at 16 below. but the windchill is 35 below. 3 below in chicago. it feels like 19 degrees below zero. tomorrow morning, not much better. 29 degrees below zero at international falls tomorrow morning. that's the actual air temperature. 5 in parts -- in binghamton, new york, where it will feel like it's 6 degrees below zero. and morning lows will be in the ngle sidi a good tuesday morning to you. i'm first alert meteorologist here with 3rk. staying cold thursday, highs in the upper 20s. philadelphia suburbs, your opportunity for late snow is on friday as well. lehigh valley, get ready for 23
8:14 am
today, 20 tomorrow, late snow on friday. new jersey and delaware, sunshine today, cold, bundle up and we'll be looking out for potential snow by friday afternoon. have a great day. >> and if you're heading out the door, be sure to look for us on our sirius/xm 108. it's time to "trend." here's what's trending on twitter this morning. it's been said many times, many ways. boxing day. #iwishwecouldall. look at this article that's getting a lot of buzz. from the bbc, titled, why i prefer christmas eve to christmas day. the writer shares his own family story, which inspired it. but it seems he's not alone in his preference. twitter couldn't agree more. shane from the u.k. tweeting, i'm more excited for the 24th because the hype for christmas is at its peak. and it feels more christmasy than actually christmas day.
8:15 am
another user agreeing, writing, log fire burning, candles lit, carols from kings on the radio, honey roast ham in the oven, waiting for the fam to arrive. kids on the ceiling with excitement, bliss. christmas day or christmas eve? >> i understand the importance of christmas day being the pinnacle of the holiday. but we always did our biggest celebration on christmas eve. all the family gets together. everyone is so excited about it. and we drove back from boston on christmas day. it certainly -- >> you're christmas eve. >> it's the anticipation of all of it, right? >> how about you? >> i still say christmas morning is pretty amazing. at least right now because the kids are excited. they get up like 4:00 in the morning. no. please, go back to sleep. they were giggling and up. the moon was high in the sky. that's sweet. >> i think it should be christmas eve. and now, i think it's christmas day. my boy was fully engaged.
8:16 am
>> craig was saying, he knows his name starts with a "d." >> he recognizes "d" on gifts. "d" for daal. that's "d" for daddy. >> oh, a tie again. >> he wanted to unwrap everything. we asked our viewers to chime on which they prefer. 56% say they like christmas eve better than christmas day. 44%, say christmas day. the debate rages on. >> it makes sense. should we pop? >> let's do some "pop start." we'll talk about how the stars spent christmas. we have your full roundup. serena williams showed this photo of her daughter alexis' first christmas. there it is. look at that. that's aright? or sono. she had those flowers. >> they chrissy teigen and john legend and their daughter, luna, spent christmas in the desert.
8:17 am
their last as a family of three. and the queen of christmas, mari carey, she instagramed a photo of her kids and santa. and a photo of her dog and her wearing christmas jammys. kate hudson got in the holiday spirit by singing christmas carols. take a look. ♪ let your heart be light from now on our troubles will be out of sight ♪ >> did you know kate hudson could sing? >> she was on "glee" back in the day, i think. i think. >> she did a cameo one time, didn't she? >> she may be wasting her talents. >> christmas carols sound just the same in my house. >> nobody believes that. >> not at all. gwen stefani showed her kids on christmas morning. santa set up a wrapping paper
8:18 am
wall. >> that's genius. >> i love that idea. >> we see blake shelton there in the background. >> why were the kid s dressed a lions? >> i don't have the details on that part. the christmas wallpaper wall. >> just go oh. >> they were dressed as lions. you're acting like that's normal. >> everything is chaotic on christmas morning. that's one more thing on the list. kevin hart's family usually spends christmas in aspen. they couldn't this year and they love snow, he brought the snow to them. and gave them a white christmas in malibu. take a look. mode kicked in and decided to bring aspen to my kids. you see that right there. my brother, my daughter, my son. that's snow. that's a snowman over there. i'm missing the christmas music. put the christmas music on, please. >> there we go. music. >> i love that.
8:19 am
>> when you have as much money as you do creativity. >> he has the "today" show budget like we do in the plaza. finally, miley cyrus. miley, billy ray and noah and the cyrus family had a fun day at home, which included a christmas dance party. take a look at that. ♪ >> i love it. >> and miley also wrote the tree ain't the only thing getting lit this year. >> of course. >> a line from al roker there himself. that's your "pop start." do you have a "daly click"? >> yes. all of the holiday travel this year, one flight attendant decided to make the boarding process festive. take a look. ♪ i'll be home for christmas
8:20 am
if only in my dreams ♪ >> wow. >> everyone can sing. southwest flight attendant sherrice miles got applause from passengers after that amazing rendition of "i'll be home for christmas." she has a single on itunes. if you want to hear more of that soulful voice. >> you never know if quincy jones is on your flight. >> on christmas day. >> dylan, thank you so much. to a special series called "the best of today." this is where we share some of our favorite stories in 2017. >> in march, i teamed up with george olyphant. the struggle, was to have a family whose daughter's medical condition left them in a tight spot. it's been a tough year for this family. but 4-year-old audrey has defied
8:21 am
the odds. >> it's inspirational. we learned audrey had microcephaly. i was at a friend's house. she was sitting next to my friend's daughter. my friend's daughter head was quite a bit larger than audrey's. i called the appointment. he measured her in the bottom fifth percentile. >> reporter: a doctor diagnosed audrey with severe microcephaly. on a trip to puerto rico, tara was bitten by mosquitos carrying the zika virus. >> we were told she would never walk or talk or do what a normal 4-year-old would do. >> reporter: with hope and physical therapy, some of the predictions were proven wrong, thanks to audrey's therapist, amy. >> she said, i'll have her walking in ten sessions. >> reporter: off to a good start, there were more hurdles.
8:22 am
like tara losing her job, as well as their house not being conducive to audrey's needs. >> she's getting so big now and she's heavy. for me to carry her up and down stairs has been challenging. >> and she doesn't sleep in a normal bed. she sleeps in a crib. i feel bad. we look in on her and she's folded up in a little pretzel. >> reporter: after watching "george to the rescue," the couple was inspired to write the producers. what happened next was a dream come true. >> i was contacted by a producer. and the producer said, we have to meet. >> reporter: take me to the day when the doorbell rang and it was george. >> the doorbell didn't ring. he busted right in. he thought he lived here. opens up. and was like -- we were like -- it was s george got to making tir easier. beautul dn to check out the th
8:23 am
and we d't totally come in and tackle the whole home. we focus on areas of need. this bathroom from start, we had to gut. they had a little shower in here. it was very complicated. it didn't work well. we opened it up. we maximized the space we had. >> reporter: from new tile to count countertops to functional spaces, george went right to work on a brand-new play room for the girls. >> this is vivian and audrey's area. >> reporter: and a new bedroom, with a special new safe bed for audrey. >> she had a crib. it's time to make that next step to a big girl bed. we got a special bed for her, to make it easier for her to get in and out. >> reporter: a a weeks,to reveal the finished project.>> oh. oh goodness. look. it's beautiful. look at the little cubby. >> oh, wow, george.
8:24 am
>> look at it. >> you like your big bed? >> i do. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh. >> yay. >> you love it? >> george, from the bottom of my heart, you're officially a part of the family. you know that? >> oh, group hug. i can't take it anymore. [ applause ] >> audrey doesn't speak she does in my dreams. i know she will someday. she will be the best shegy can . and we're right there to support her. >> god picks your children to be with you for a reason. and she's the most beautiful child ever. >> the whole neighborhood was out there. it is one of the stories i will never forget. >> that's a good story. by the way, our friend, george, really great guy.
8:25 am
congrats to him. him and his wife just had another baby. four. >> in your mind, that's like 12. >> that is. you have more than 2, it's like 12. just ahead, looking for lighter fare after stuffing yourself on christmas day? we have the perfect thing for dinner tonight. your local news and
8:26 am
>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm katy zachry. it's almost 8:30. let's get to steve sos na with first alert forecast. that chill hits you when you take your first step outside. >> that's right, katy. a couple out on the beach -- nobody out there now. that's partly due to wind and cold. feels like temperatures right now, it's 20 in wildwood, 16 in philadelphia, 5 below 0 is what it feels like in mount pocono. despite sunshine, the westerly breeze will make these temperatures feel like the teens. you really need to be dressed for it. another update in a half hour. >> steve, thanks for that. let's get a check of the roads. pamela in for jessica boyington. >> we're watching an incident on route 422 right around trooper road. can you see a car spun out and
8:27 am
is in the median here. this is on ramp, trooper road on ramp. it's blocked off on the left-hand side. something to be aware of as we try to get that accident cleared up. also want to pass along a water main break. this one in philadelphia at willis road, slowing down the area. thanks, katy. >> the retail experts say second holiday shopping center begins today. some area malls begin early. the king of prussia, cherry hill, "good housekeeping"ster pd all opened in the last half hour. at 10:00 this morning, philadelphia mills opens. we'll have another live update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with nbc 10 app. we'll send you back to the "today show." z
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this morning on "megyn kelly today," a spectacular story of forgiveness. in our hopeful holiday series, he was sent, wrongly, to prison. but it did not stop him for forgiving the man who sent him are your feasts not going as need to fix yoils. pl, ring in the new year in style. how to work your wardrobe on t night. all that and more on "megyn kelly today," right now.
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