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tv   Today  NBC  January 1, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> thanks for watching. "today" is next. ♪ good morning and happy new year. massive crowds in all corners of the world celebrating 2018's arrival. parties, fireworks and spectacular displays, bringing with them a new start, new hopes and new dreams for a great year ahead. today, monday, january 1st, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody! welcome to "today" on a special monday morning, new year's day, 2018. happy new year, everybody! >> yay! >> when you're writing your checks, remember to change it, 2018 starts right now. >> that's right. >> you write checks? >> a couple. >> you owe me five bucks.
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we should note we're spending today with our families, actually, so we've taped this show so we can also start the new year with all of you. >> yes. >> yeah, we do have a packed morning ahead, including a guide to the year ahead in politics, your money and your health. >> and then the movies, the music and tv shows we're all looking forward to in 2018. but let us begin with a check of the morning's top stories. nbc's peter alexander is in washington this morning with them. hi, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. sadly, we begin today with a deadly plane crash in costa rica. ten americans were on board a small private plane that went down shortly after takeoff. nbc's tammy lightner has the latest. >> reporter: aviation officials will be back at the crash site to determine what happened. all of this comes as the first victims are being identified. burning debris from the wreckage was discovered soon after the single engine plane went down in
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an area near costa rica's pacific coast, popular with international tourists. on board, two local crew members and ten americans. local officials say all of them died in the crash. among the victims, a family of five from scarsdale, new york. bruce and irene steinberg and their sons, matthew, william and zachary. authorities say the plane belonging to nature air took off from punta eastly to airport shortly after noon on sunday, heading to san jose, the capital city, when something went terribly wrong. according to witnesses, the plane suddenly flipped in the air, before slamming into a mountain near the airport. in september, a plane from the same company also crashed into a river in costa rica. two people died. one of them was an american. peter? >> all right, tammy, thank you very much for that. to colorado now, where a sheriff's deputy was killed and several others were injured during a shootout while responding to a domestic
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disturbance call. nbc's steve patterson is in littleton, colorado. steve, good morning. >> reporter: peter, the sheriff here is calling this an ambush, saying his deputies were responding to that disturbance call, and walked instead into a hail of gunfire. deputies in colorado unexpectedly coming under fire. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment. all of us have been hit at least once. >> reporter: sunday morning, sheriff deputies responding to a disturbance call in an apartment complex in suburban denver. within minutes, the suspect opening fire. police say the gunman, 37-year-old matthew reel, a former soldier and lawyer, used a long gun to fire more than 100 rounds. >> all of them were shot very, very quickly. >> reporter: reel was killed by responding officers, but not before shooting seven and killing 29-year-old deputy zachary parish. among the wounded authorities, deputy jeff pelley. >> this is a tragic day we'll be
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feeling for a long time. >> reporter: the community coming together to honor the officer lost in the line of duty. harris leaves behind a wife and two small daughters. investigators are trying to piece together a motive here, saying the shooter was growing more and more unhinged, posting angry rants against police online. peter? >> steve patterson in colorado today. steve, thank you. a quick check now on the weather. most of the country still in a deep freeze. you can look out the window in most places and see for yourselves. record lows expected in the northeast. it should be just a little bit warmer tomorrow and wednesday. lake-effect snow will bring another 2 to 4 inches for parts of the great lakes and upstate new york. expect more rain showers for florida for much of the day today and tomorrow. should be decent weathortbl gam expected in florida over the course of this day. we will get your loca ♪
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♪ volunteer at state farm. that's a look at today's top
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stories. savannah, let's send it back to you in new york. at the start of the year, we like to pull out our crystal ball and look ahead to the big topics we'll be talking about in the months ahead. and obviously, politics is right at the top of the list. who better to talk about the issues that are going to dominate the conversation than chuck todd and nicolle wallace. guys, good morning. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> so let's talk about the president, the white house, the agenda. this is a year in office now hamost had. everybody says the office changes you. has it changed him, or has he changed the office? >> oh, he's changed the office. he is in this war to see who is going to change who. i think he is among -- he might be the firstve that has changed the office more than the office has changed him, at least in my lifetime. >> and listen, to be blunt, hee presidency, not shrink the presidency. but i think by monitoring his twitter feed alone, he has used it for his smallness and his pettiness in a way that even his own staff wishes he wouldn't. >> what are the agenda items?
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obviously, there were some big legislative tickets, some were successful, some weren't in 2017. >> i think 2018 is about survival. i mean, i think the agenda item is about survival. if you're a republican incumbent in congress, what does it take to just give me something to campaign on? it may be trying to fix the holes that will be inevitable in the tax bill. but it really is more about political survival. this is an election year, right? now that we're in the even number, everybody in washington is thinking about their own political survival. so you're not going to get a lot done. it's more going to be trying to -- i think he's going to try to do infrastructure. he's going to try to do some things. but this is about political survival. >> speaking of political survival, the russia investigation looming large over everything. where do you think mueller goes from here? i know the areny told him that perhaps it would actually be a quick wrap-up. but doesn't really seem that way. >> so the three things that donald trump can't control are the mueller investigation and where it heads, the me too movement that's now knocking at
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1600 pennsylvania avenue, and the political destiny of people who aren't trump but run on trumpism. his best hope is to focus on the things he can control, which is to grow some affinity for governing, because bob mueller has shown so far he is undeterred by the attacks from the right wing media, and he is focused like a laser on his charge, which is investigating potential collusion with russia. >> well, there's a legal issue. that's mueller's brief. that's what he's got to do. he's investigating, going to determine whether or not any charges are warranted and what there are. obviously, he's had some indictments. then there's the picmifications legal investigation. does russia matter to voters? are they tuning it out? >> look, they're tuning out the incremental. but they tune in for the big moments. the mike flynn indictment and the flip, we just noticed it -- that was a moment everybody paid attention to. >> pleaded guilty, cooperating with prosecutors. >> okay. so it's sort of -- they pay attention in chunks. i think the most -- the biggest unknown that i'm curious about,
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like a year from now, what i'm going to be wondering is, did the russia probe morph into a referendum on impeachment? did it start that conversation? and did it sort of become -- i think it's possible, the idea of impeaching the president or not impeaching the president becomes one of the two or three most important issues of the campaign in 2018. and so that's how to me russia morphs into this question. >> and, of course, that all rises and falls on how republicans in congress view their own political fortunes, whether they stick with donald trump or decide it's too politically perilous for them any more. where do you think it's going to play out? i mean, we've got the 2018 mid terms upon us. >> listen, republicans have been terrified of the trump base, with good reason. the trump base loves donald trump on substance and on style. but that love doesn't transfer to republicans. so i think republicans should make the calculation that world leaders have made. the uk. some of the arab leaders have said, we will work with donald
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trump, when our interests are aligned. but when they're not, we'll distance ourselves. so far, very few republicans have taken that approach. but i think to survive 2018, they might need to consider it. >> it would be quite something if the balance of power were to shift and the democrats were to regain the house or the senate. is it in the realm of possibility? >> oh, it's very much in the realm. i think 2017, we saw -- the wave was a consistent build, it wasn't just something that happened. oh, alabama happened or virginia happened. it was a consistent build. and you saw the president's outrage firing up democrats. it almost cost him house races in april and almost cost him in june. and then the fall comes and it's accumulating. and democrats are more fired up. so the 2017 success means better candidates in 2018, more money for democrat. i think now it's an upset if republicans don't lose control. >> chuck and nicole, we'll have a lot to talk about around this table. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> and hoda, over to you. >> savannah, thank you. now to your bottom line. the economic picture in 2018.
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jim cramer, the host of cnbc's "mad money," is here. jim, happy new year. >> happy new year to you! >> all right. it's been a very, very good year with the dow up 20%, the 18%. i mean, would you call this in jim cramer words, a good year, great year, all-time year? >> one of the best? >> one of the best. >> a lot of people did well, because it was broad-based. it wasn't just a group of small stocks like just facebook and amazon. a lot of stocks went up. and if you had your retirement money in the market, wow, you're going to have a better, longer, better time. >> so what we are watching it go like this. is it going to keep going like this or level off? >> how about we go a little bit more like this? >> okay. >> we still go up but don't have that fantastic arc. >> corporations make money, yay, yay. but what about will this trickle down, do you think, to people who work in these corporations who are making more dough? >> i think in selected industries. but i do believe a lot of the excess capital is still going to return to shareholders. we all hope that what happens is
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that people start opening factories. but i do think that incrementally we'll get some hiring, and that's a positive. >> all right. so the unemployment rate is at 4%. i mean, and that seems like a low number to me. is that as low as it can go? >> we can go a little bit lower, and they'll continue to be hiring. but at a certain point, we are at full employment. it's a good time when it comes to looking for a job. >> okay. i like that you talk about good things. you seem like that's what you're about. what are you excited about for the next year? >> okay. i think that this is a year where america is actually going to regain its kind of psyche about how we're good again. we make things better. we make things cheaper. we're going to stop thinking that we're second-rate versus other countries. and that's because we have great natural resources. we've got low interest rates. and we've got ceos who are actually doing a good job. we should stop putting hate on g to realize that coming up in
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2018. >> it's finally ten years after the darn great recession. it took that long for grandparents, parents, whatever, the millennials, great, great grandparents. you know what i mean. >> i don't want to bring you down, but what are you pessimistic about, concerned about in 2018? >> i fear that the federal reserve, the keeper of low interest rates, will hear everything i just said and say, we've got to take rates up higher. there are people who are way too excited. and that shouldn't be the case. let's -- why don't we just have a good time where we let people get hired? >> all right. finally, you end on one big, bold prediction for 2018. what do you have for me, jim? >> okay. we are going to be in a space race to go to mars, to put a man on mars. and we're going to -- yes! and we're going to find out by the end of this fabulous year thatoeinis going to beat elon musk. that's my prediction. >> boeing is going to beat elon musk? >> yes, you can beat elon musk at one thing. >> we're going to cue that sound bite if it happens. savannah, over to you. >> on several hot spots across the
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globe on this new years day. and for that we turn to nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell. good morning. no shortage of crises for you to cover and for all of us to watch in 2018. but north korea has to be at the top of the list. >> absolutely. the top of the seeing now is for the first time, rex tillerson, the secretary of state, who has been kind of an endangered species in washington, but seeming to drill down and say, we want to meet with them, we will meet with them to talk about the weather. there are no preconditions. they don't have to get rid of their nuclear programs. and saying that the president is on board with this. this, after the president had back in october completely undercut his diplomacy by saying, don't waste your time, rex, in a tweet. >> like both kim jong-un and president trump were walking up to the rhetorical brink. do you think that changes this year? >> i think that general mattis, the secretary of defense, really wants to pull it back from the brink. so the question now is, will the north koreans stop firing off missiles? if they do stop firing off
7:15 am
missiles, there is a chance for real diplomacy. there is back-channel diplomacy. that's what we've learned. whether it is fruitful depends both on this unpredictable north korean dictator and unpredictable american president. >> yeah. >> is he going to lose his temper again and call him "rocket man" and give a speech like he gave to the united nations or talk about fire and fury or is he going to let diplomacy work? >> we'll find out about that. and, of course, the olympics in south korea, very close by. >> exactly. >> let's talk about russia. you know, we've already talked about the russian investigation with chuck and nicole a few minutes ago. let's talk about russia and what putin is doing on the world stage, and whether putin feels emboldened. >> totally emboldened. this is the first american president, democratic or republican, in generations ever that in my memory, because of the cold war and everything that came after the cold war, who has been praising the russian leader. never criticizing him. and that raises a lot of suspicions, as you've already discussed. so now he feels so emboldened,
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he doesn't feel pressure on ukraine. he doesn't feel pressure on syria. to the contrary, he now thinks he's ruling the roost. he's running middle east policy, he's running syrian policy, and there's no effective pushback from the united states. >> we'll see what happens this year with that. and you mentioned the middle east. big change at the end of the year when president trump said that the u.s. would recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. and, i mean, that is already having ramifications. how do you see it playing out? >> well, i don't think -- i don't see it playing out well. because, first of all, it means delaying for months, if not even longer any kind of middle east initiative. it would have been different if they had put on the table their middle east proposal and said, and here's the big, you know, prize. jerusalem, netanyahu, make some concessions. they basically gave away the biggest prize by the author supposedly of "art of the deal" without anything in return.
7:17 am
it has isolated the united states. we had before the end of the year the entire united nations security council, 14-1, lined up against nikki haley and the brits and the french and everyone else saying, this is isolating the united states. it is a terrible posture to take. you are rejecting u.n. resolutions. and the u.s. has nothing to say in response. >> we live in momentous times around the globe. andrea, glad you are with us this year, as always. have a peaceful new year. >> and a happy new year. >> happy new year to you. hoda, over to you. >> savannah, thanks. now to your health, from pain to fitness, there are all kinds of new breakthroughs on the horizon for 2018. so why don't we turn to our nbc medical correspondent, dr. john torres for more. hello. >> how are you doing? >> 2018 is hopeful. there are a lot of changes that are ahead. and one of the big categories that's been capturing a lot of headlines, especially this year, is how people are managing their pain. and that -- you think things are going to be different? >> you can see a huge change
7:18 am
because of the opioid epidemic. one of the things you'll notice is opioids last is the new mantra. when you go to the emergency room -- in the past, we knee-jerk react and had said let me give you percocet or vicodin. now that's the last thing we'll do. we'll try everything else first. >> so are doctors all on board with that? or is it something that's going to take time to work its way into the system? >> doctors are on board with it. patients, not yet. and so it's going to take time, because they're going to be asking for it. on top of that, you might notice also that you get a pain contract, whether you go to the emergency room or you go to your doctor. and you're going to sign a contract that's going to say essentially, i understand if i get opioids, percocet or vicodin, i'm only going to take what i get, only get it from you as my doctor. i'm not going to ask for refills unless i need them and might undergo urine drug screening. >> so you've got to be an honest broker. >> exactly. >> so another thing we're looking forward to is a new kind of modern health membership. so you're not talking about just going to the gym.
7:19 am
>> exactly. no, you're not talking about that. so instead of going to a health clinic, you're going to be a health member. and this means you're going to have something to do with your own health care itself. so these new offices -- ford is a big one on the west coast. what you do is, when you go in there, there is a lot of technology that gives you all of the results on the spot. and the doctor can plan with you what you do going forward. plus, you can take wearables home, can detect your blood pressure, glucose levels, get that information back to the doctor real-time, and they can go ahead and adjust what they need to. >> you think it's about time for that. often one doc doesn't know what the other is doing. >> takes two weeks to get your lab tests back. >> give us cutting-edge things we'll see in 2018. >> cryotherapy is going to be a big one. basically a nitrogen mist. subzero temperatures. it brings your body temperature down a little bit. it helps with your blood flow. >> it does? >> it helps with your blood flow, helps regenerate your muscles after you exercise, inflammation, joint pain. >> for the flu? >> not for the flu. >> but for the flu, you've got something. >> for the flu, as well.
7:20 am
universal flu vaccine is going to be tested next year and a micro needle patch, a band-aid you put on that doesn't hurt as much. that's the big thing people fear with the flu vaccine. and there might actually be a triquarter coming out, as well. a new competition called the qualcomm. they came out with this device that hopefully can detect things without touching you. >> 2018 looks hopeful. >> fantastic, it's going to be fun. >> thank you, hon. and speaking of your health, the new year means promises to get in shape. coming up, we'll tell you where to find the best workout deals. and it may not even be at a gym. and then after the workout, you've earned some couch time. what you can look forward to on tv shows, movies and music and so much more. first, this is "today" on nbc. ,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough.
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so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. coming up, what else? new years resolution. here are some of yourself. help us stick to them this year. >> do you remember what you were dancing to back in 1998? think about it.
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it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ good morning. i'm lauren mayk. it is 7:26 this morning. let's get right to tammie souza. we're in a first alert because of the dangerously low temperatures. it is frigid out there. >> and you don't want go out if you don't have to. take a look at your neighborhood. 7 in philadelphia. 6 in wilmington on. 8 in vineland. coatesville at 5. but it is the windchill that is really so fierce. it feels liking my milike my nu. and let's go out to mt. pocono. doing some skiing? the temperature is up to 7, but feels like minus -- oh, that is
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mt. holly. mt. pocono, much colder than that. we'll watch these temperatures all day long. we won't make it out of the teens to low 20s. and let's get a check on traffic with pamela osborne. we're watching an issue out in upper marion, this is route 422 westbound an accident at trooper road that is blocking a lane there. traffic is still getting by. toe 2ruk is w truck is in the a. average speeds are in the 50s and everything is in the green. mummers are getting ready to strutd do strut down broad street at 9:00. if you are heading out to watch, make sure that you are dressed warmly in layers. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "today." it is 7:30 now on a monday morning. new week, new year. january 1st, 2018. good morning, everybody! >> good morning. >> good morning. >> happy new year! >> yeah. to you and to all of you out there. happy new year. >> coming up, whether you like dinosaurs or superheroes, justin t timberlake or row sase ann, we k down what you want to watch and listen to in 2018. >> and we're talking resolutions. this morning we fess up about the good, the bad and so many we never caught. getting in shape is a top resolution. before you race to the gym, there are some things you should know about big changes in the workout world. traditional memberships and individual classes may not be the best bang for your buck.
7:31 am
so here is nbc's business corresponden correspondent, jo ling kent. >> reporter: with the new year upon us, it's cardio before coffee and barre class before bed. fewer people are signing up, and membership fees are increasing, climbing nearly 5%. >> if you want to take this class, you're going to have to pay for it! >> sorry, rodney! we're on a budget! >> reporter: instead, exercise fans are running to other options that better suit their individual tastes. >> you see a lot of people not actually thinking that it's too expensive until they actually look at how much am i using it, maybe they have their gym membership, and then they want to go do boutique classes on top of it and then realize i need a different solution. >> reporter: deal sites like class pass and groupon offer class bundles. class pass users can get 60% off boutique classes at over 8,500 studios and gyms across the u.s. exercise buffs are also turning
7:32 am
to new apps that help you find good, spready deals, like zenrez, getting discount rates on high-end classes the night before. a $25 spot at a boot camp could be marked down to just 14 bucks. social media is pulling fitness freaks out of gyms, too. influencers have amassed a huge following by posting their workouts on social media. her workout has more than 7 million followers and her sweat app goes for 20 bucks a month with yoga, too. and, of course, if you want to work out with real people or set some serious goals, there's an app for that, as well. nike training tracks your fitness goals and streams digital workouts for free. they can measure your progress and intensity. fitbit now has fitbit local, a site that connects anyone, even those without a fitbit, with trainers who lead free group workouts close to where you live. even some retailers are getting in on the fitness game.
7:33 am
there are free classes inside some of these stores. we're going to check one out. wish me luck. lululemon, nike, reebok, rei and athleta offering fitness classes for free. what did you think of the class today? >> it was amazing. i didn't expect that. it was very intense. it was fun. >> reporter: how much do you think you've saved in terms of money today, alone? >> oh. at least $25. being able to do it for free is really great. >> reporter: with so many on-demand workouts, experts say you can easily integrate these new trends into your routine. >> utilizing social media and looking at different trainers, you can take and put immediately into action and your daily workouts. >> reporter: but gyms are flexing new muscles, attempting to become lifestyle centers with outdoor hangout spaces, coffee shops and sense of community. new ways to break a sweat without breaking the bank. for today, jo ling kent, nbc news. there are a few more ways. your health care provider and employer may provide discounts or reimburse you for your gym
7:34 am
membership. don't be shy about negotiating lower rates. they say it never hurts to ask. and see if your local running store or bike shop offers free group runs and bike rides, as well. it's that time of year. >> the gyms are always packed for the next two weeks. are you guys going to do something different or no? >> just stop eating so much. i think. >> the usual. >> exactly. or try. >> what we always try to do. >> just going to watch the workouts on the apps. yeah. >> mr. roker, what have you got going on? >> oh, nothing, good morning. i'm tammie souza. and today is another dangerously cold day with the first alert in place for that cold weather. we'll see 19 in center city today, lansdale at 17. 16 in allentown. plenty of sunshine, but the windchill, feels like, will be about half of these numbers. voorhees at
7:35 am
smyrna, 21. bundle up and happy new year. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up, movies, shows and music that will be making us laugh, cry and dance this year. also ahead on "pop start," the music hits in one match-up you have got to see and hear. plus, we're catching up with henry winkler, william shatner, george foreman and terry bradshaw. the next better late than never adventure and i got to go on it. >> fun. and trainer bob harper is here with a new diet and fitness plan to help you take control in 2018. and guess what? you can eat carbs on it. >> yay! i love bob! so i got an offer on the business, and now i'm thinking... i'd like to retire early. oh, that's great sarah. let's talk about this when we meet next week.
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7:40 am
so what are the movies, music and tv shows that will have us talking this year? >> good morning, happy new year. >> happy new year! >> let's divin. we want to know what movies we'll need to see in 2018. so you'll break it down for us. >> really good ones. >> okay, good. "jurassic world" is the first. >> right, the sequel. brings back chris pratt and dinosaurs. i don't think i need to say anything else. this time he's saving the dinosaurs from the world. >> "incredibles 2" is coming out. >> that's right. it's been a really long time since the first came out, 14 years. >> oh, wow. >> but in the movie, in the sequel, it's going to pick up right with literally the second that the first one ended. >> okay. "oceans 8." i'm no mathematician, but that's before "oceans 11." is this a prequel? >> it's not. just a totally different spin on it, with an all-female cast. led by sandra bullock, kate
7:41 am
bla. >> we have this crazy, wide world. but if anybody can deliver, it's going to be steven spielberg. >> absolutely. >> and "avengers infinity war". >> there is been quite a few "avengers" movies. this brings together every marvel superhero. ironman, spiderman, thor, even root. something for everyone. >> mr. al roker. >> can we go over to the music world? take us to liam payne, one direction. >> he's stepping out on his own. what he's going to be doing will not be quite what you expect. it's more club jams. we've heard a few tracks and it his a hip-hop, r & b flavor. >> i'm tired about justin timberlake. he's got a new record, right? >> he does. he's being very quiet about it.
7:42 am
we do know he's performing at the super bowl halftime show. so we strongly suspect he'll use it as a chance to introduce his new music. >> u2 is doing a world tour. >> they're performing from their new album, "experiencing innocence." and that's one of the big shows for the next year. u2 and taylor swift are doing big arena tours. >> i'm glad you brought up taylor swift. that's going to be huge. they alreadiy added more dates. >> totally. she always gives a great live show. i think she'll be really good. >> thanks. so if we're going to veg out in front of the tv, nbc has a big one that's coming out and it's called "rise." tell us about that one. >> so this show is about the making of a high school musical. but it's kind of not what you expect at all. you don't have to be a theater geek to love this one. it's by jason cade ems. i saw the first episode and
7:43 am
absolutely melted. >> okay, good. how about "west world." season two? >> the sci-fi breakout of 2016. a puzzle show everybody was trying to figure out. fans have been waiting a while for the second season, finally coming out this year. they won't tell us a lot but we did have a reporter on the set. so we can tell you there are some really interesting things in the works. >> "rose ann" is back, hello. what's old is new. >> wouldn't be a new year without a reboot. and she's going to be back. the whole gang is going to be there. john goodman, both beckys, lori metcalf. >> "hand maid's tale," i watched season one. i know a lot of people wonder what's going to happen in season two. >> the first season ended where the novel ended. so we're really interested to see what they do with the stories and characters in season two. >> when i saw this, i thought -- people are going to watch it. the assassination of versace. that's one of those -- >> remember the story? >> sure.
7:44 am
>> so this is "american crime story," second season. the first season they did the trial of o.j. simpson. now they focus on the murder of fashion designer versace. but it's about the man who killed him and also about his sister, donatella versace, played by none other than p penelope cruz. >> great cast. >> thank you so much, honey. we head over to dylan dreyer. next, we share our new next, we share our new year's resolutions and megan's a lawyer. when it comes to presenting evidence, nobody does it better. she's also this close to finding bigfoot. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for megan, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
>> right? more than 40% of people make a new year's resolution. and that includes all of us. but the question is, do we keep them? >> i love a good new year's resolution. all right? it gives you something to look forward to. >> i think they set you up to fail. they're no fun. all year, you should try to make yourself a little better. >> i know myself and i know i won't keep them. so i don't make them so i don't have to be sad and mad at myself for not keeping them. >> they never last past the first couple days of january. >> i like the idea of having a goal, even if it only lasts from january 1st to january 5th. >> the worst job i've ever done keeping a resolution. have you seen pictures of me from my 20s, 30s and 40s when i was the size of a small planet, small moon? >> i'm going to get organized, okay? i've said it since the '70s. >> i make the same new year's resolution in a way every day, don't eat sugar all day. >> my stuff is a mess. no one can get into my office. >> i was so proud of my
7:50 am
resolution this year. it was to pick up the phone and call my family instead of just texting. i still just texted. >> a resolution i would like to make is to write in my journal every day. >> stop biting my nails. >> i've been trying to say be a little more analog and a little less digital. >> that is my resolution like my backup resolution every single year. and i can't do it. >> this year, i'm going to get organized, and i'm going to lose five pounds. >> my mom hates my hands, and i'm trying to improve myself, mom. i swear. >> i believe in change. i believe that we can all, like, be better. and i think it's -- i think it's hopeful to make a resolution. >> there's all this promise. and we have a whole year in front of us. >> i would say, set your sights really low. set your sights really low, and if you achieve that, then you're like, you feel good! hey! all right! i did it. >> make it a nice, small resolution? you know, like we can make
7:51 am
little changes to improve ourselves. >> look, of course, we're not keeping them. but so what? >> whether you make a resolution or not, there's something beautiful about beginnings. and that's what today is, new year's day. >> set the resolution, baby. you never know. this could be the year. >> you guys are so inspirational. so as you can see, we set goals for the new year. but we're a little skeptical. so for some motivation, we asked our viewers to share their resolution success stories. so here's dana. she says six years ago i made the resolution to become healthy and fit. i have worked out daily since and ran my first marathon at 50. good for her. and another says i give something up every year for my resolution. sodas, chocolate, french fries, and i haven't had pizza since december 31st, 2016. >> oh, my god, call domino's right now! >> you need a good slice of pizza. keep sharing your goals using the hash tag orange room. we would love to hear them.
7:52 am
>> i could not go a year without pizza. i would rather go a year without breathing, you know what i mean? >> well, that would literally take care of the other. >> i love that. >> that was inspiring. we are going to walk down memory lane in a little bit, including the beloved movies turning 20 this year. >> and the big surprise we gave a remarkable woman going through a lot but still makes it her mission to bring a smile to ♪ double, double lovin' is what i'm gonna give to you and you will get double the lovin' every time i do gonna double your lovin', double your fun you get two for the price of one double your lovin', double your fun you get two for the price of one ♪ i get how light bladder leaks can impact life. so does poise®. from pads and liners that keep you comfortably protected,
7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:56 am
i'm dray clark. 7:56. let's get right to first alert meteorologist tammie souza. >> happy new year. in philadelphia, clear skies, but only 7 degrees with a feels like of minus 5. let's go to the coldest place i could find in the area, that is mt. pocono, minus 2 with a feels like of minus 19. we have a first alert for the danger reduce coous cold. i don't think we'll get above freezing until early next week. so your 10 day on 10, 19 today with a feels like between 0 and 10. 24 tomorrow. 31 wednesday. a chance of snow on thursday. and back into the deep freeze to end our week. and now a check on traffic with pam osbourne. we'll start on the
7:57 am
schuylkill expressway at the curve. i got a report of an accident eastbound lanes, but that has cleared out. only problem vareally is sun glare. take a look at the majors, all are looking good. and everything good in new jersey and delaware as well. new this morning, a 16-year-old south jersey boy is accused of killing four family members. police were called to a house on wall street in long branch overnight. we've learned the 16-year-old boy used an assault rifle to kill his mother and grandmother along with two other family members. dangerous cold is complicating things for residents of a northeast philadelphia apartment complex that has been without power since midnight. it happened at the victoria woods apartment. crews are working to fix a problem with an a underground transformer that has left more than 30 with no power. we'll have another upghdaten 25 minutes.
7:58 am
,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost
7:59 am
will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, welcome to 2018. revellers around the world ring in the new year overnight, including more than 1 million people at times square. plus, new year, new year. the tips and tricks you need to make this year the one you need to see positive changes in your everyday life. and the best of the best. we're counting down some of our favorite videos of the past year as we celebrate the new one's arrival today, monday, january 1st, 2018. ♪ >> what's the best way to start off the new year? >> on the "today" show! >> happy new year! woo! >> from colorado to the plaza to celebrate the new year! >> who do you want to say happy
8:01 am
new year to? >> all my nieces and nephews back in missouri. >> and my grandkids! >> ringing in 2018 on the "today" show! >> happy new year from "today"! woo! happy, happy new year. welcome back to "today." new year's day. new year, new morning. it's monday. everything is starting fresh. how about that? >> it is starting fresh. people are probably just waking up now going, oh, my god. what a night. >> exactly. coming up, one of our favorite moments of last year, hoda loves surprises and she lined up a big one for an amazing woman fighting breast cancer with a remarkable spirit, with smiles. and a whole lot of hugs. >> wait. you're going to love you some dalia, like i do too. first, it's time for your news at 8:00. nbc's peter alexander in washington with a check of the morning's top stories. hey, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you. happy new year. revelers in new york city and around the country, frankly, braving frigid temperatures to ring in the new year. nbc's anne thompson live in
8:02 am
times square. fortunately, all bundled up today where the glittering crystal ball dropped a few hours ago. anne, happy new year. >> reporter: happy new year. they're cleaning up the debris, but warm memories remain after one of the coldest new year's eves ever. the freezing cold couldn't keep them away. thousands braving bone-chilling temperatures for hours, waiting for the clock to strike midnight. they came bundled up to watch that famous ball drop. >> we're freezing. and we had no idea it was going to be this cold. >> it's cold enough, that's for sure. i wouldn't want it any colder. >> reporter: the big chill blanketing other cities from boston and atlanta, all the way to dallas. >> i just hope it goes by fast. >> reporter: in boise, idaho, the city's beloved potato drop drawing a huge crowd in winter gear. he and chilly celebrations in san francisco, las vegas and seattle, adding a little sparkle
8:03 am
to the night sky. icy weather throughout the country setting records. but clearly, not even mother nature's worst could stop revelers from welcoming in 2018. >> i am cold. it's crazy. but it's nice. >> reporter: and that frigid trend continues into 2018, where in many places today is even colder than yesterday. peter? >> anne, stay warm out there. thanks very much. president trump welcoming 2018 with a lavish party at his private club in south florida. the president attended the gathering at mar-a-lago with the first lady, melania trump, and their son, barron. president trump offering some optimistic words about the year, predicting the stock market would keep gaining ground, and that companies would return to the u.s. at a record pace. as for his accomplishments in 2017, the president highlighted the republicans' tax overhaul and repealing obamacare's individual mandate. news overseas now.
8:04 am
north korean leader, kim jong-un, says the united states should be aware that his country's nuclear forces are now a reality. not a threat. the dictator made the remarks during his annual new year's day address. he said north korea's nuclear weapons will actually prevent a war with the u.s., because, quote, the entire area of the u.s. mainland is within our nuclear strike range. he would add, a nuclear button is always on my desk. now here's a look at your forecast. much of the central united states is being dominated by a large arctic air mass. take a look around the country right now. that's keeping conditions mostly dry from coast to coast. you can see the forecast, l.a. area, about 74 degrees. south florida, hitting 69. this arctic air record low temperatures are expected to move across the northern plains. also the northeast today. lake-effect snow will bring another 2 to 4 inches for a part of the great lakes and upstate new york. and expect more rain showers for florida much of the day today
8:05 am
and tomorrow. that's a look at your top stories. hoda, we send it back to you in new york! >> including the unforgettable musical hits turning 20 this year. i predict a sing-along. >> hopefully not. and a touching surprise hoda lined up for a wonderfully hard-working woman who won't let breast cancer slow her down. and would it fly in your
8:06 am
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8:10 am
all right. welcome back. special new year's edition of "today." first trending. >> first trending of 2018! >> yay! >> i know. we all know the saying, eat, drink and be merry. but as we rang in the new year and said cheers to 2018, did our drinks really make us merrier? well, a study published in the british medical journal looked into how certain types of alcohol actually do trigger different kinds of feelings. they say they surveyed people.
8:11 am
30,000 people about beer, wine and liquor. okay. so if you're looking to unwind, what is the most relaxing thing? >> i would say wine. >> yeah. beer and wine. 50% of people said beer relaxes them. what makes you the most tired? >> i think wine makes me tired. >> beer makes me tired. because i get bloated. >> oh, yeah. >> what is it? >> anything else? >> good to know. >> red wine. by far made you feel the most fatigued. >> yeah. >> okay. what did people say made them feel sexy? >> i know what it is. >> what? >> liquor. >> you know what it is too, i think. i would guess tequila. >> tequila. >> hard liquor. >> bourbon and scotch? >> so hard liquor. more than 40% said it makes them feel sexier. what drink makes you feel confident and energized? >> vodka. >> yeah. i would say tequila on that. >> that wires you. an hour after you drink it. >> and plus, i just like to get there. i don't like taking so long. >> you don't like the journey. you just want to get --
8:12 am
>> i like the sip. i like everything social about it. >> why don't you just drink grain alcohol and call it? >> dylan, you've got a super-sized pop start today. >> lots to go through. let's begin with 2017's greatest hits. can't decide what your favorite song of the year was? well, lucky for us, deejay robin compiled all of our favorites into one ultimate match-up. check it out ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ ♪ ♪ despacito ♪ ♪ i just want to touch you
8:13 am
♪ you don't want my heart >> that's awesome. >> yeah! >> how do we get the whole -- >> that is awesome. >> do we know how we can get it? >> we've got to get it. dylan, please get on that. >> make it happen. >> i will report back as soon as i get that information. okay. and speaking of hit music, are you ready to turn back the hands of time? here are some songs that we loved that are all turning 20 in 2018. >> okay. >> these are wild. "baby one more time" by britney spears. >> no way. >> her breakout hit. also turning 2-0, "believe" by cher. >> cher? >> wow. >> happy 20th also to "this kiss" by faith hill. >> oh, i love that song. >> wow! ♪ i'm sure looking back, she doesn't like that haircut. "fly away" by lenny kravitz. >> that's right!
8:14 am
>> yes. >> yeah. >> that's pretty cool. and finally, "i don't want to miss a thing" by aerosmith. >> wow. none of those songs seem 20 years old. >> that's crazy. just when you thought that was weird enough, let's talk about the movies that are turning 20 in 2018. "armageddon." we just played aerosmith's song from the sound track. the thriller that start ben affleck, billy bob thorton and bruce willis. >> i never saw it. you all did? >> no, i think the earth survived, though. >> "shakespeare in love." turning 20. starring gwyneth paltrow, swept up academy awards. >> gwyneth for best actress and costume design. >> great movie. >> "saving private ryan." love this movie. it starred tom hanks and matt damon. >> i remember that opening scene in the theater. took your breath away.
8:15 am
>> i can watch that movie over and over. and "the big lebowski." cult hit sharg jeff bridges and john goodman. a case of mistaken identity that leads to a whirlwind adventure. >> every time i watch it, i want to learn russian. i don't know where that falls on the list of how that makes you feel. on the alcohol list. "the parent trap" starring lindsay lohan twice. >> that's lindsay lohan? oh, my gosh. >> both of those. >> wow! >> and that's your pop start. crazy, right? >> my god. >> it was cute. >> how do you pick the best viral video of the year? >> it was tough. >> it is. >> but this is like the ultimate daly click. it's the dilly dilly click. >> the dilly dilly click? >> yes. let's go back at some of the top five daly clicks of 2017. we're going to start with a gorilla whose got some moves. take a look.
8:16 am
♪ he's a maniac maniac on the floor ♪ ♪ and he's dancing like he never did before ♪ ♪ maniac maniac at your door >> did you know that, al? >> wow. >> i love it. okay. number two. we have found the dad who has the perfect way to multitask. he took some time to rest his legs and read a good book while his leaf-blower pushed his daughter around at the park. you can see it lodged in one of the seats there. if we have that video. >> roll it. >> there we go. >> just spinning around. >> so she just keeps going around and around and around. dad, get me off this thing. >> jane! jane! stop this crazy thing! >> okay. now let's move it on to a clip out of australia. it shows a guy riding a jet ski
8:17 am
dressed as a t-rex. and if that wasn't impressive enough, he does several back flips and tricks out of the water. >> i remember this. >> yeah. >> he's smiling so much. >> and another one of our favorites is this car wash employee, who was taken for a ride. he was using a hose and got the spinning brush and swept him up suddenly. he was part of the spin cycle. hangs on for dear life. the worker was not injured. that's why we can put this in one of the top five. >> can you imagine how you would feel after that? >> do you like going through the car wash? >> not like that. >> not like that. i mean, in the car, used to be my favorite thing going up. >> i liked going in those little windows. >> like a movie. >> mommy, can we please go to the car wash? >> and lastly, with this one we may have found the friendliest passenger in the sky. remember this kid, 2-year-old
8:18 am
guy boards the flight in style. the toddler fist-bumping everyone within reach, even the flight attendant. >> and his blankie. >> those are just some of our favorites from 2017. i'm sure we'll have many more. >> those are all great. thanks for that stroll down memory lane, dylan. also this morning, we are revisiting one of our favorite stories from last year. it was one of hoda's signature surprises. >> this is part of that pink power "today" series. dalia clark hanshaw is the manager at wendy's in nor walk, connecticut. because of dalia, they leave with so much more. so we just had to celebrate her. >> hi, welcome to wendy's. how can i help you? >> this is dalia clark hanshaw. named after a flower, a dalia means dignity. >> we have the best food. >> but in this dalia's case, it should also mean joy. >> it starts with motivation.
8:19 am
smile! >> because everything this dalia does -- >> barbecue, sweet and sour, onion, mustard. >> is joyful. even at work. managing a wendy's in norwalk, connecticut. >> she's a perfect example. i can keep going in life and smile. and i love her for that. oh, my gosh. >> watching dalia and her boundless energy, it would be hard to believe that she is in the fight of her life. >> all right. you're up and running, okay? >> okay. thank you. >> i'll come back and check on you later. >> all right. >> four months ago, dalia was diagnosed with breast cancer. every monday, she heads to the norma freeman breast cancer center at bridgeport hospital, where she receives chemo and an endless supply of hugs. >> i love you! >> what about me?
8:20 am
>> she is so beloved by the nurses and doctors here, they wrote us to say how much she inspires them. >> i might be having a bad day that day, and she just comes in and brightens my day. >> from the beginning, dalia was very special. but she also had this spirit that just overcame it all. >> i love just -- love being me, and what i can give back. i can't give a lot, so i give love. >> but even dalia admits, going to chemo and then being on her feet for eight hours is grueling. >> there's mondays where i don't want to come. and it's not that i don't want to do the chemo. it's just that i'm tired. >> dalia says on those days she find motivation from her favorite athlete, six-time olympic gold medalist track and field star, allyson felix. >> if you fall while running, i'm trying to get back up and keep going again. don't give up. fight. >> and on this day, we wanted to give dalia a little extra
8:21 am
inspiration to continue that fight. >> ah! >> hi, dalia! hi, dalia! hi, sweetie. hi! hi. how are you? i came to see you. and i have to tell you a few things, dalia. how are you? you're okay? you're better than okay. the nurses at bridgeport hospital wrote to us, and they told us how amazing you are. and they said that we had to somehow honor you, and it is our privilege to do that. >> thank you. >> so we heard that you love track and field. >> yes. >> well, allyson felix wanted to send you a little something. >> ah!
8:22 am
nice to meet you! >> so nice to meet you. so i brought you some of my custom spikes i wore in rio. >> oh, my god! >> she wore those in rio. >> she ran in rio for her tour. >> dalia, can you believe it's allyson felix? >> i watch you all of the time. >> what do you remember from watching alison? >> she never gives up. every year she trains for another goal. i've watched her all of the time. never give up. >> that is the lesson, the never give up. >> never give up. >> can we have a round of applause for dalia? i mean -- how about dalia! >> woo! >> dalia, you rock. >> thank you. >> you rock!
8:23 am
>> a special gift for a woman to who everyone she knows is a gift. >> team dalia! you've got to love dalia. and i also love, like, allyson felix made the journey, made the trip. and they -- she was so star-struck. i just totally dug that. >> and it's so cool for allyson, too. that's a super fan right there. >> she new her stats and everything about her. we loved her so much and touched base with dalia recently. she is about to wrap-up her chemo, you guys. she is feeling positive and good. and i have to tell you, if you're going through anything in your life and feeling blue, just take a look at that -- at dalia. look at her and get your back straight because she makes you feel better. >> i hope her 2018 is great. >> i bet it will be. coming up from food to fitness, bob harper's keys to a happy and healthy new year. but first, your local news and weather.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. it's 8:26. it is dangerously cold outside, which is why we've issued a first alert. >> it's still bitterly cold out there. we feel 7 in philadelphia last hour. we're up to 8 now. it's minus 2 in mount pocono, 11 in dover, 6 in atlantic city. coatesville, 5 degrees. the feels-like is about 5-10 degrees colder than that. we are going to be looking at 19 for our high today in philadelphia. in the suburbs, 18 out there under sunny skies. 17 in the lehigh valley.
8:27 am
delaware, 21. 18 in new jersey and 20 along the jersey shore. let's check on traffic. >> the good news is all the majors are looking a lot like this right now. this is the schuylkill expressway right at 676. now that the fireworks are over, we're talking about the mummers day parade. the mummers will march as planned today despite the dangerous cold. they step off in about 30 minutes. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with our nbc 10 app. happy new year. have a great day.
8:28 am
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8:30, monday, january 1st, 2018. i don't know when you takeou ta tree down, but this one is staying up for a few days longer. >> i like to keep mine up until it's a pile of needles. >> are you saying you keep it up until the next year? >> we used to keep the fake ones up until the next year and we thought it was hysterical and it became an annual christmas tradition in the kotb house. >> the feast of the epiphany, there is a reason behind it. coming up, say it saint so.
8:31 am
carbs. our trainer bob harper is here and will share his all-new fitness plan. and some of the all-time great guys getting back together. the better late than never guys during their newest globe-trotti globe-trotting adventure. and when is the right age to get your kids a smartphone and turn them loose on on the world of social media. one mom has three words, wait til today is it dangerously cold day with a first alert in place for that cold weather. we're going to see 19 in center city today, 16 in allentown. plenty of sunshine, but the windchill will be about half of what these numbers are. voorhees at 20, ocean city at 22. bundle up, special care for your
8:32 am
pets and happy new year. 2017 was a difficult year in many ways for fitness trainer bob harper. last february he suffered a massive heart attack and spent the rest of the year recovering and making big changes to his lifestyle. and the result is out. a brand-new book called "the super carb diet" to help you shed pounds and build strength. bob, good morning. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> i'm always happy when i see you. >> i'm happy to see you. you look fantastic, savannah. >> so do you, my friend! and how are you feeling, most importantly? >> i'm feeling really good. it's been a year, and a rocky year. and i felt like i have such a connection with you, because you and i -- we had that nice little bonding time. >> yeah. you came back and talked about your heart attack, and i know that was a big moment for you. >> yeah, i get choked up just talking about it with you right now. that's why i'm stuttering. >> because it's like your whole life was fitness and then this
8:33 am
was such a shock. >> it was such a shock. >> but you have changed so many things. >> i've had to change a lot. i've had to change my diet, the way i work out. and it's taken me a long time but i'm feeling a lot better now and really happy about that. >> this book is about some life stale changes you've made, the super carb diet. love the sound of it. carbs. >> we're putting carbs back on your plate, savannah. >> talk to me. >> i think it's important for people to know that it's about balance now. i want you to know we have three mat row nutrients, protein, fat and carbs, and they all serve a strong benefit to maintaining weight, losing weight and keeping strength up. >> we kind of have some sample meals here. this would be breakfast. >> what i like is no snacking. i want you to have three meals a day. >> no snacking? >> not at all. a floater meal can be eaten any time you want. >> so kind of like your snack, but that's it. >> yeah. we're calling it a floater,
8:34 am
though, not a snack. >> it's a floater. >> i want you to think, where is my protein, if the and carbs. so we've got three eggs with a whole egg thrown in there. that's going to be my protein and my fat. vegetables with every single meal also. and then the characters. i also like to eat off smaller plates, because it makes me look like i'm eating more food. >> yes. >> so that would be a good substantial breakfast for you. >> this is a nice portion, but not too much. what if you're not a breakfast eater? >> as long as you're hitting those three meals in and one floater a day. i like to work out on an empty stomach. sometimes i won't eat until 11:00 in the morning. >> that's okay. but used got to get these meals in. >> got to get these in. we've got brown rice and avocado -- >> that's our good fat. >> and a side salad. >> what's the dressing
8:35 am
situation? >> wthis is how much i'll i'm using, about a tablespoon. and balsam milk vinegar. when in doubt, i say go balsamic vinegar, because there are so many calories in the dressings out there. >> you would be shocked if you knew. you might as well have a burger. >> might as well. hundreds and hundreds of calories. so be careful. >> when in doubt, balsamic vin kbar. >> this is a meal i would eat all of the time. you could even add a salad, too. >> that looks like a skimpy piece of fish. >> look how thick it is! >> i guess so. how many ounces is that? >> probably around 4 ounces. >> and the floater meal, not a snack. >> this is a time where i would say stay away from the carb for that floater, if you're having more protein and fat. this is a tuna with cucumbers, pickles, toe mate. but i like to have my floater
8:36 am
meal at night, because i tend to want to eat more at night. >> so you just have to know yourself. there is some flexibility in the plan. >> that's right. >> except for no snacking. thank you. the book is called "the super carb diet." find out more about it on coming up next, al hangs with henry winkler, william shatner and the rest of the better late than never boys. first,his is "today" on nbc. t
8:37 am
all hail...those who flail. everybody stumbles, but some of us do it well. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. el: broke, homeless, selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now.
8:38 am
i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help. call 844 reachnj or visit welcome back. so how would you like to take a trip with this cast of characters? henry winkler, william shatner, george foreman, terry bradshaw and comedian jeff dye? >> nbc two of "better late than never" kicks off tonight with the guys traveling in europe and north africa.
8:39 am
this time around, al, you lucky dog, you caught up with those guys? >> i had the greatest time with these fellas. when you hear those names, you think, what could possibly go wrong? well, i got to meet up with them in berlin where another big name showed up. that's right. the hoff. david hasselhoff. we had a good time. >> last season, four living legends took the trip of a lifetime. >> whoa! >> they experienced everything asia had to offer. >> and now they're at it again. oh, my god. >> i bumped into them at berlin's brandenburg gate, taping a cameo for their show. good news is, it's keeping the heat down. >> oh, my goodness, it's al roker. >> what is al doing her in berlin? >> and pretty much where the script went out the window. >> it's going to rain, al! >> stole your pants! wow! it's a bear! >> guess who is in there? >> of course, it's mr. bradshaw. >> whoa!
8:40 am
>> ta-da! >> and here's what's happening in your neck of the woods! >> oh, i'll give you a bear hug! after the scene was done, we went for a drink and a chat to check in with this fab five. >> roker. >> welcome, al! ♪ >> this show, as soon as people talk about the five of you together, it brings a smile to people's faces. >> we made it and didn't know what we were doing. we were just traveling together. we had the most incredible time. ♪ >> what did you learn about each other that you -- that surprised you? >> what i think is the special part of the show is that you see who they are as humans. >> which is really the most important thing. and it's fun. lots of fun. >> and you're going to places you probably wouldn't have gone to. >> that's exactly right. >> never. >> and somebody else is paying
8:41 am
for it! this season, the group travels together to countries where each has a familial connection. >> what a journey. >> this is henry's trip to berlin. we're going to go to sweden for his. we're going to go to spain for his. we're on our way to lithuania for me. and george is a mystery. ♪ >> as if this could not get any better, we have david hasselhoff. how are you, sir? >> i'm fantastic, man. >> you're like the king of berlin. >> in 1989, i had a number-one single for eight weeks called "looking for freedom." because a wall had just come down. so i sang on the wall to 1 million people. ♪ i've been looking for freedom ♪ >> so what are you going to do here tonight? >> i'm going to surprise henry. >> this is going to be the meeting of icons. >> a good old fashioned family
8:42 am
european holiday! >> the adventure begins. >> i'm ready. ♪ >> guys, the interesting thing, the hoff and carson daly, i don't know what's between the two of them. but while we were getting ready to tape, he goes, tell carson, i'm coming for him. >> oh. >> why! >> whoa, whoa. and carson doesn't know exactly why. but there is something going on. something between the hoff and cars. so season two of "better late than never" kicks off tonight at 9:00, 8:00 scentral on nbc. and you can watch my cameo later in the month. >> do you think the cars is going to catch on like dilly dilly? >> dilly dilly is not catching on. >> how many people like dilly dilly? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's working. >> yes, it is. next, one mom's effort to get kids to wait until eighth grade before they get a smartphone. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back, everybody, to this special new year's day edition of "today." if one of your resolutions is to slow down on social media this year, you're not alone. >> yeah. >> and from time to time, we all feel like we spend more time looking down than up. so one texas mom decided to draw a line, starting a movement in the process. it's a question every modern parent dreads. "mom, can i have a phone?" and the big worry is, what's the right age? here's a reality check. according to one survey, the average age american children get a smartphone now is 10 years old. and the average tween spends about six hours a day using media. for teens, that number jumps to nine hours a day, and that's not including screen time used for homework. so what's a parent to do? jim steyer runs common sense media. >> addiction, distraction, sleep issues. all of those can be involved
8:46 am
with having a cell phone today for youngsters. each parent and each family has to make a judgment about their kid's maturity. >> austin, texas, mom, brook shannon, decided eighth grade makes sense. now she's created a movement with a pledge called wait until 8. >> our idea was to link arms and support one another in this and just hold off until at least eighth grade before we give our children smartphones. >> the movement is now in all 50 states, 6,200 families have signed the pledge. the pledge is activated once ten families in one grade in a school sign on. so the kids without phones have company. some of brook's friends have jumped on board. >> my children really appreciated knowing that some of their friends are also making this same decision, and they won't be the only ones without one. >> extra time for the kids to play, and i would say that's a huge benefit. and just be -- spend time with family and friends and speak, you know, with eye contact and just learning basic social skills that seem to be lost with
8:47 am
some of the older kids. >> i think asking how addicting our phones have become, even for adults, and i don't want that for my children. >> if your child has a fear of missing out and is feeling excluded from a group of friends, it will only be magnified with the smartphone in their hand, showing them what they are actually missing, and not invited to. >> and probably no child is going to get older and wish they had more screen time. >> delay is a good strategy. because it gives you the time to have conversations with your kid about the safe and responsible use of cell phones. >> what should you talk to your kids about before they get a smartphone? >> will they observe the time limits you want? will they use it responsibly? will they not use a phone for bullying? or other inappropriate behavior? the single-most important thing you can do as a parent when it comes to cell phones and your kids is to be a good role model. >> i want my daughters to grow up in an environment where
8:48 am
they're exploring and creating and fostering relationships. and they're not worried about how to capture the moment on instagram. or how to respond to the latest snapchat with a group of friends. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! come alive! >> brook says if you feel you need to keep in touch with your kids, you can get a simple flip phone and still sign her wait until eighth pledge. she says she's not anti technology, she just wants to relieve the pressure on younger kids. >> she probably makes a great point. you know what i mean? >> kids are started too early. it's so hard, because all their friends are on it. and that's their social life. >> they say that. and half the time, they're not. >> oh, really? >> we notice even with our young kids, they're gravitating toward the phone so we have to be careful. >> i know! >> about keeping it way away from them. >> you know what that means. we all have to stay off of it. >> all right. we're going to be back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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you know how we can start this new year off right? >> how? >> smucker's birthdays. you got any? >> ooh, that's right. we've got some new year's babies to talk to. firing up them smucker's jars for the first time in 2018! first up, happy 100th first birthday to loretta ann henderson. a busy grandma from little rock, arkansas. she's got 13 grandkids, 7 great grandkids and 4 great, great grandkids. wow zeros. henrietta vander pool of sunny side, washington, is 100. one of her favorite hobbies is making quilts. happy 100th birthday to henry jones senior, a proud veteran from baltimore, maryland. we salute your service, sir. he also says the secret to longevity, you eat a large bowl of oatmeal every morning.
8:52 am
yum! thelma blair of apple valley, california, celebrating 101 years. she loves spending time with her four grandsons. teresa palianai is an accomplished bowler from rochester, new york. she earned a trophy for bowling a 220. dog gone, you go, teresa! and last but certainly not least, happy 100 birthday to wendell patterson, a farmer from ogden, utah, serving in the submarine service during world war ii. we thank you for your service, sir. if you know somebody celebrating a milestone or birthday this year, tell us about them at >> happy birthday. al, thank you. and as we wish all of you the best health and happiness in the new year, we want to share with you the names of all the people who make this show possible all year long and pour their hearts in it every single morning. we say thank you and happy new year, everybody. >> happy new year!
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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8:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. it is dangerously cold outside, which is why we've issued a first alert. >> happy new year. we're up to 10 degrees in philadelphia now, 11 in wilmington, 8 in coatesville, 7 in trenton, 14 in wildwood, 10 in atlantic city and 11 in
8:57 am
dover. the feels like is minus 2 in philadelphia, minus 18 in mount pocono, minus 5 in coatesville. you need to cover up all of your skin today so you avoid any kind of frostbite. 19 for your high today, 24 tomorrow, 31 on wednesday. we could see some accumulating snow on thursday. we're watching a coastal storm closely to see how close it will come to us. then we go back into the deep freeze friday and saturday. it's next week that we finally make it above the freezing mark. let's get a check on traffic. >> things are very quiet on the schuylkill expressway this morning. you can see just a few cars on the roadway this morning. i do want to pass along an alert about the turnpike, the westbound lanes, there's an
8:58 am
accident that has that side blocked. happening today in center city, the performing arts center says if you're looking for family fun, look no further than the free event they're holding today. the entire community can pitch in and help package food for the needy. there are performances scheduled through 5:00 p.m. ,000 deaths in america last year.
8:59 am
we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain.
9:00 am
addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. this morning on "megyn kelly today," a very happy new year. we're hoping you help yourself with sure-fire ways to keep your new year's resolutions on track. and know your numbers. all the facts and figures you need to make your plan for a healthier body come true. plus, how one man's commitment to keep one promise started to change the world. and how yours could too. all that and more on "megyn kelly today" right now. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to the show, everybody. and happy new year! i'm megyn kelly, and i promise by the end of the show, you will have lost five pounds. but first up, what a year it has been, and what a year we have to look forward to. and for a first look at all of it, here to talk ce


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