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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 2, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the dangerous cold has gone nowhere, still with us. the entire viewing area under a first alert until 8:00. temperatures will be climbing. we'll get sunshine today. right now the windchills, feels-like temperatures below 60s. wear multiple layers if you're heading out, and limit your time outside if at all possible. the feels-like temperatures now, dropping this morning. now 1 below 0 in philadelphia. it feels like 3 below in allentown. look at reading at 4 below. south jersey, you've got cold, too, along with delaware. it is a frigid morning. that temperature without the wind, you can find a sheltered area. you'll see 13 in new jersey and philadelphia, 9 in the suburbs. and 11 degrees in the lehigh valley. that 12 in delaware will warm into the upper 20s this afternoon. there's going to be a cold breeze blowing for each part of the area. feeling like teens for most of the day. i'll break to down hour by hour
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in ten minutes. first jessica boyington. >> thanks. 78 and lehigh street, looking good. both directions moving nicely. eastbound and westbound, not seeing a ton of traffic or volume. 95 looks good, it looks good moving toward center city and also through delaware. northbound now, 295 to 495, speeds into the 60s. we have a ten-minute trip. no big problems on 95. mass transit still doing well with septa, new jersey transit, and amtrak on time. back to you. >> thanks. 4:31. happening today, taking office and promising change. in hours, larry krasner will be sworn in as philadelphia's new district attorney. he's set to make reforms after his predecessor was convicted. nbc10's matt delucia joins us live at the kimmel center in center city with the impact the change could have. matt? >> reporter: you have some of the groups -- if you ask some of the groups that supported larry krasner, they wanted to see
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change coming from the d. acha. office, and that's the campaign he ran on. changing the office of district attorney, changes like keeping fewer people behind bars. he's also anti-death penalty and wants to end stop and frisk. he has butt eed heads with the police union, sued them in the past. he's been supported by the black lives matter movement and those who elected him want changes to happen quickly. his predecessor, seth williams, is serving time in a federal prison. that was the last straw for some folks. krasner says changes are coming. we sat down with the d.a.-elect a few weeks ago. >> charging -- rich people commit crimes, too. companies commit crimes. we have to be willing to go after them the way other prosecutors have across the
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country but prosecutors in philly never have. >> reporter: how quickly changes will happen remains to be seen. it's not just a big day for the d.a.-elect. rebecca hine ha rebecca rinehart will be the first city controller when she is sworn in. also to be sworn in, more than 20 common pleas and municipal court judges. the ceremony here begins later on this morning. for now, live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. a upenn student and family with ties to montgomery county are among those who died in a sightseeing tour that ended in this tragedy in costa rica. the death of penn freshman william steinberg has left students on the campus in shock. the student body government posted a statement yesterday calling steinberg a promising scholar and noting that a lot of students knew him well. williams was traveling with his family who also died in the crash. their housekeeper was emotional, talking about the family she
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served for a lifetime. >> intelligent, smart, beautiful kid. just sad. >> our whole family should meet with such a disaster, horrible. >> among the dead, mitchell and leslie weiss along with their two kids from tampa, florida. nbc10 has learned they had roots in montgomery county. a family member told us by phone they're still trying to register the loss. in montgomery county, firefighters had no help from mother nature while taking on this house fire. the home went up in flames yesterday afternoon in abington. you can see from the video it looks like the water is freezing as they doused the home. it took crews about an hour to put it under control. no one was hurt. the working vacation is over for president trump, and he is back in washington this morning. as nbc10 national correspondent tracie potts explains, the president starts 2018 with an
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ambitious agendas. >> a fantastic 2018. we're off to a great start. >> reporter: president trump and republican leaders meet at camp david next weekend to discuss this year's agenda, replacing the affordable care act, welfare reform, immigration, infrastructure, and national security including nuclear threats from north korea and iran. >> the iranians are watching us in north korea. north korea's watching us in iran. 2018 will be a year of opportunity and extreme danger. >> reporter: back home, democrats have their own agenda. >> got to worry about pensions, health care. >> also the dreamers, the daca issue. >> reporter: protection for young immigrants brought here illegally as children runs out in march. to keep them here, republicans want money for a border wall. >> we have to do this together. we have have smart solutions to border security. >> reporter: republicans may revisit tax reform. >> i think what we will see is a
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real push to make the tax cuts for individuals permanent. i think you'll see a society in the first 30 days of the new year. >> reporter: another year of big challenges clouded by the russia investigation and another budget deadline in less than three weeks. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. today minnesota senator al franken will officially resign from his senate seat. the democrat announced his plans to resign after sexual misconduct allegations from more than a half dozen women. minnesota's lieutenant governor will be sworn in as his replacement tomorrow. one day after an ominous warning about north korea's nuclear capability, kim jong-un says he's considering sending a delegation to next month's winter olympics. the leader said he wants the games to be a success and thinks north korean participation would "show unity of the people." a pair of north korean skaters have qualified for the games. south korea's president said he would welcome high-level talks with the north to better improve
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ties and help assure peace. police officers and members of a denver-area community spent the first day of 2018 in mourning, remembering a young officer killed in the line of duty. 29-year-old douglas county deputy zach parish was shot to death saturday in an ambush that wounded four colleagues and two civilians. fellow officers remembered him as someone who always served his community with respect. parish's wife tearfully talked about her husband who leaves behind two daughters. >> he will be glorifieglorified. i will do everything in my honor, zach parrish, to honor you. i will raise these girls to love you. >> the gunman was shot and killed by s.w.a.t. officers. nchlt a sign of hope. the miracle one mummer is hoping for and how his young son uses the parade to spread the
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message. lame and petty. that's what an eagles' player is calling fans. why he's lashing out. ,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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i'm meteorologist bill henley. 20 minutes before 5:00. another frigid morning. a clear view from here at the nbc10 studios. skies are clear, so the temperatures have really come down this morning. they're still falling. there's a breeze blowing. 13 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 1 below 0. 11 in allentown. feels like 3 below there and 4 below 0 the feels-like temperature for reading. not exactly warm in delaware or south jersey, 12 in millville, and dover enough wind to make it feel like 0 or below. the wind that's steady this morning is going to be steady this afternoon. a 12 mile-per-hour wind for philadelphia, allentown, 13 mile-per-hour wind for
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wilmington. you know what that means, it's going to feel cold all day long. for philadelphia, starting off in the teens. we'll still be in the teens at 10:00. this afternoon, the feels-like temperatures, 13 degrees. the temperature hits 24 at 2:00 this afternoon. the winds blowing in the suburbs will make it feel like 7 degrees at lunchtime. actual temperature, 19 at lunchtime. warming up to 21 degrees at 2:00. those feels-like temperatures will stay just above the single digits at 2:00 and at 4:00 this afternoon. lehigh valley, dry and clear this morning. 11 degrees right now. still could come down another degree or two before we get sunshine. 8:00, sunshine and 10 degrees. up by 5 degrees at 10:00 and 20 degrees is the temperature at noontime. look at those feels-like temperatures, 3 degrees at 10:00. 9 degrees at noon. feeling like 11 at 2:00 this afternoon. new jersey, sunshine, 12 now. 12 degrees at 8:00.
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by lunchtime, up to 20. the wind, steady wind out of the west at 12 miles per hour makes it feel like 9 degrees. at 2:00 this afternoon, 13 degrees the feels-like temperatures. that's new jersey. for the jersey shore, not exactly warm there either. 12 right now, 22 degrees at noontime. that wind will be steady. feels like 10 degrees at noontime today. for delaware, you'll see sunshine. not much of a warmup to start with at 8:00. actually not much of a warmup all day long. it will make it to the middle 20s at 2:00. with the wind, 12 degrees the feels-like temperature. feels like 12 at 4:00 this afternoon, as well. it will be dry today. if you've been watching the seven day at the bottom of the screen, there's snow on the way. and then another blast of cold. got the timing of it all with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in 10. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you now with a check on the roads.
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and just into the traffic system here, we head out northeast philadelphia, a water main break. it's in a neighborhood off of minden off mechanicsville. this is woodhaven here. it's in this general area here. not going to affect tons of people heading up and down 95 or moving through woodhaven road. again, a little bit off course there. it's on minden near mechanics road, an active water main break, especially in this cold it might be more of a problem than we are originally seeing. i'm watching the vine street expressway, as well. cameras at 8th street, both directions good. here is eastbound moving toward 95. here, moving toward the schuylkill expressway. so far, so good, no problems. back to you. >> all right. thank you. a star takes a spill. why singer carrie underwood says she might not look the same now. and guest of honor. the special moment as a teen gets to meet the flyers. why it meant so much to him.
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5:45. millions of americans are in the grips of a deadly cold spell. the latest, a woman found froze tonight death in front of a detroit church. many are hoping and praying for some relief, even if we can just get above freezing. we'll have an update on when it could be coming ahead in weather. the mummers parade 2018 is in the history books. one mummer hopes his message at the parade will lead to a lifesaving donation. >> joe wizinger has a rare kidney disease and does at-home dialysis. he's been unsuccessful in a match for a new kidney. yesterday his 4-year-old son joey carried a sign at the parade with the riverfront mummers asking for a kidney for his dad. >> my son held that sign loud and proud. we told him, you're going to help daddy with that sign. i had a nephew with another son.
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my nephew, nat, held a sign, as well. people were saying "good luck, joe." >> read more about how to help joe and others in need of a kidney by going to or tap the app. to another heartfelt moment at the parade. there was a new face leading the duffy spring band this year. ♪ that's 11-year-old jake kudrick. the sixth grader took over as captain of the duffy string band from his father ted who died suddenly in october. at the end of the performance, emotions took over. he was handed a bunch of roses that he left on the square where his father had stood for 32 years. >> his dad taught him well because he did a fantastic job. the ncaa championship is set, but only after exciting games with outcomes you just
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couldn't predict before kickoff. how about this barn-burner of a game between georgia and oklahoma for the rose bowl. georgia was down by 17 points at the half, then went on a scoring tear in the third quarter to tie things up. in the fourth quarter, both teams trade scores to tie things came to an end. the bulldogs break off the 30-yard run to get the win after two overtimes. the score, 54-48. they are going to the national title game. in the sugar bowl, the defending champs, well, they get embarrassed. the crimson tide gets its revenge in the third meeting between the teams in as many years. alabama dominates clemson to advance to the national title game. the crimson tide rolls over the tigers 24-6. clemson beat alabama last year in the national title game. check this out from yesterday morning. the pennsbury marching band took
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time to smell the roses in pasadena, california. the long orange line was one of 16 bands from around the world that marched in the tournament of roses parade. suffolk county is drawing praise over a decision to allow workers to join a union. delaware allows for closed shops where union membership is necessary to get a job. the ordinance seeks to change it for sussex county. supporters argue mandatory membership scares off companies. opponents say the ordinance is designed to kill unions. you may want to make your reservation now for this year's restaurant week here in philadelphia. >> i'm already hungry. participating restaurants across the city will offer discounted three-course menu was january 14th through the 26th. a three-course lunch runs $20, and a three-course dinner is $35. we can all go together, and bill will pick up the bill. >> i like that idea.
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>> when is philadelphia's breakfast -- a lunch deal, too? >> yes. lunch and dinner. >> yeah. >> which one, take your pick. you make the reservations. we will go. how about that? >> for sure. the good news, it should be warmer. >> we'll be inside. >> it will take time to get the warmup going. today, frigid. a frigid morning. many neighborhoods feel like they're below 0. dry today, but i'm tracking light snow for wednesday night and thursday. another arctic blast at the end of the week. as cold as what we've been through, possibly colder. now it's cold enough, 9 in the suburbs. 12 in delaware. 12 now in south jersey. philadelphia, 13 at the airport. chestnut hill, januaandora, wes airy, 11 in summerton.
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cold start. society hill, 14 degrees. factor in the wind, it feels like 0 or just below. but we will see a lot of sunshine. you see the clouds, they're off shore. plenty of sunshine and warming into the 20s. tomorrow will be warmer, but tomorrow, i'll be watching to the south. there's a system that's coming together that is going to start spreading moisture into the deep south. and come wednesday evening, right along the coastline for delaware and south jersey, that's a rain/snow mix right on the coast. could cause icing conditions. by early thursday at 4:00, that snow spreads inland. this is very light snow. by the time it pulls away later on thursday, we're looking at maybe one, possibly three inches. along the coastline, higher totals along the coast. lighter amounts inland. but there's still lots of time for this to go a little farther west or farther east. then it will change. the expected snow totals over the coming days. we'll be watching that system
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closely. today, we'll be watching the temperatures slowly climb to 24 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, close to freezing. that's after another frigid morning. just not as windy tomorrow. 16 to start with. 31 in the afternoon. on thursday -- wednesday night and into thursday, the clouds will build wednesday night, and late wednesday night, thursday morning, we've got light snow, tapering off into the afternoon. 25 degrees after a morning low of 21. then in the wake of that snow, another blast of dangerously cold weather. look at the morning temperatures. 5 on friday. 6 on saturday morning. and afternoon temperatures for both days will be in the teens. then we'll climb, 20s on sunday. 40s on monday. how about that? that's a good lunch date time. that's the beginning of restaurant week. >> yeah, yeah. we're in, bill. >> still farther off. i'm dreaming. 40 on tuesday. chance of rain showers on tuesday. another blast of cold coming for wednesday and thursday.
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>> thanks. download the free nbc10 app to track the bitter cold temperatures in your neighborhood, and get instant alerts sent right to your phone. we'll check traffic now. back to work which means back to being busy on the roads perhaps. first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington, and a look at route 1. >> watching the boulevard now, our cameras at 17th street. i think today might still be a little bit of a slow morning drive. here's hoping. both directions look good. we can see southbound here moving toward the schuylkill. no problems right now. we're watching up in northeast philly, a water main break on minden near mechanicsville road. that's up in northeast philly to give you an idea where you are. this is woodhaven. it's in this general area here in one of the smaller developments off the more major, more heavily traveled roads, too. we'll make sure to watch that for you, and also watching the p.a. turnpike for drive times. westbound and eastbound, route 1 to valley forge, 22 minutes
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there. and speeds still into the 60s. lauren and dray, back to you. >> thanks. terrifying tumble. singer carrie underwood is opening up about an injury and why she might not look the same. fans or foes? an eagles player lashing out about what he calls negative energi.
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singer carrie underwood is revealing that she's recovering from significant surgery to her face after a fall in november. she wrote in a blog yesterday that she needed 40 to 50 stitches after the facial injury. she says she is "not quite looking the same." the country star says she is grateful the injuries aren't worse. she also broke ribs in the fall on the steps outside her nashville home:the eagle. eagles have two weeks to
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prepare before the playoff games. >> there's doubt and concern in eagles name. yesterday la garrett blunt found himself questioning fan loyalty, posting, "we don't need negative energy to start out 2018. we def do have lame and petty fans, though. sucks to have fans who don't believe in you. no confidence in us? we all we got. all we need." reminders about what could have been with now-injured quarterback carson wentz are still everywhere you look. and fill-in fbi nick foles didn't inspire confidence the last two games. fans still have confidence in the birds. >> first off, we've got a first-round bye, so we already won one in my opinion. the beginning of the season, nobody thought we'd be over 500, and here we are. >> defense is going to carry us. foles will do what he has to do. >> we don't need no negativity. you're either the eagles or not the eating.
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that's how we're coming honestly. >> either you're with us or against us. the next two weeks will be interesting, for sure. you can see the game here on nbc10. the eagles will play their first playoff game on saturday, january 13th, at 4:35 p.m. here on nbc10. a smaller version of hockey's outdoor winter classic played o at huntington valley yesterday. the 10-year-old tradition started with members of the bucks county eagles hockey club hitting the ice on new year's day. now that the kids are older, parents and coaches play with them every new year. after the games, the families come together for a party off the ice. the flyers had a special guest at their practice yesterday. nathan howser, a 15-year-old member of the flyers youth hockey program. he lost an eye in a hunting accident a few months ago. however, heats vow -- he vows to keep playing the game he loves. howser plays on a team with the son of fliers' assistant coach. the coach got him in to meet
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players and get autographs and inspiration. probably some tips. >> who better to do that than the flyers? good for him. more on the stories we're following now at 5:00. >> bitter beginning. an arctic blast is bringing below 0 feels-like temperatures in parts of our yay farea for t start of 2018. taking cover. philadelphia's new district attorney swears in today. leadership locked in. miss america taps women to take charge after an e-mail controversy shook the organization. a cold start to the new year. taking a live look at boathouse row and cape may, new jersey. the dangerous spell continues across our area. our team of meteorologists has issued a first alert. good morning and welcome to
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"nbc10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm dray clark. let's get you started with meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> good morning. first alert for dangerous cold in effect for the entire area until 8:00 this morning. we'll get sunshine today. the temperatures will be climbing after the 8:00 hour. it's going to feel cold for most of the day. the windchills this morning feel like they're below 0. limit time outside if you can. the feels-like temperatures now are below 0 for many neighborhoods. philadelphia, northeast philly, pottstown, right now 4 degrees below 0 in reading. feels like 7 below 0 in lancaster. 2 below in millville and dover. right now feeling like 1. these are temperatures without the wind factored in. 8 in the suburbs. 13 and holding in philadelphia. 12 degrees in delaware. we'll see suns


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